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Adventure :Norway [mountain climbing]

Climb the famous big wall Trollveggen or try reaching the top of Romsdalshorn. The Romsdal area, in Fjord
Norway, is regarded as a Mecca for climbing throughout the year. The small town of ndalsnes is the place
to stay when climbing here. Read more about climbing in Fjord Norway.

The Lofoten Islands

The Lofoten Islands offer a wealth of rock climbing and bouldering, as well as both summer and winter
mountaineering. During the summer you have unlimited climbing time thanks to the midnight sun.

During the summer season this area offers bouldering, rock climbing and big wall climbing. Try your skills at
Kjerag next to the beautiful Lysefjord.


This island west of Troms offers excellent granite crack climbing during summer. There is also good winter
climbing, especially around the Grtfjord.

Climb up Hgerfjell Mountain or go bouldering on the stones underneath it. You can pitch your tent beside
Lake Nisser very idyllic and a dream place for many climbers. Nissedal lies in the county of Telemark.

The Bergen area

Lots of different climbing routes at ygaarden, Laksevg and Sotra nearBergen. There is also a 600-metres
high wall at Vetletind in Uskedalen.

The capital of Norway tempts with superb climbing during summer. Hauktjern, east of the city centre, offers
cool and beautiful climbing. Tokerud, also east of Oslo city centre, gives you athletic bouldering in the shade.

At Bergfldt, on the outskirts of Drammen, you will find a high and hard wall for advanced climbers.

In recent years Rjukan has become northern Europe's number one place for ice climbers from all over the


During summer Hemsedal is a traditional rock climbing area, with numerous routes located on good quality
gneisses. In winter Hemsedal offers good ice climbing.

Hawaii :
SEA: An Aquarium Without the Glass
Water, water everywhere and any number of ways to enjoy it: Surf where the sport began, snorkel and dive among
the reefs, or paddle the Na Pali Coast on the "Everest of sea kayaking expeditions."
Surf: Maui's Holy Rollers
One of surfing's holiest seats, Maui has some of the archipelago's most gratifying breaks. What it doesn't have are
the local turf warriors and wave snakes who can shake your confidence on Oahu's cutthroat coast. . With consistent
swells and long white-water rollers, the gently ruffled coast from Lahaina on down is favored by longboarders and
ideal for beginners. Meanwhile, on Maui's North Shore, even the hard core get macked at Hookipa Beach, which is
also a renowned windsurfing mecca.
Dive: A Deep-Ocean Safari
Manta rays can eat 180 to 310 pounds (82 to 140 kilograms) of plankton daily, and they do so by executing octuple
backflips with their three-foot-wide (one-meter) mouths gaping. Given their up to 23-foot (7-meter) wingspans, that's a
maneuver worth witnessing. At the Big Island's Garden Eel Cove, a horde of hungry mantas is known to congregate
regularly. In the beam of your light, on any given night dive, you'll find a half dozen or more loop-d-looping.

Earth:Eye Level With the Clouds

Hike: Molokai High Country
For centuries, Molokai served as a refuge for kahunas (priests, healers, and sorcerers) and kapu (taboo) breakers
seeking absolution. Here you'll find more than 200 species of native flora blooming and a vast montane bog traversed
by muddy, narrow boardwalks. December through April, look seaward and you might spot the spumes of migrating
humpback whales.

LAVA: Out of the Heat Into the Fire

Your burning desires will be more than satisfied on an otherworldly trek across black basalt fields, past volcanic
craters and towering cones to where lava drips hissing into the sea.
Trek: Big Island Lava Land
Magma junkies can feed their jones at the seismic wonderland known as Hawaii Volcanoes National Park ($10
entry fee; The terrain ranges from isolated tropical beaches to snowy mountain summits to lush
rain forestkapuka (oases spared from lava flows) that teem with rare bird life, including a rainbow of Hawaiian
honeycreepers, whose feathers once adorned the headdresses of kings.
Mountain Bike: Volcanic Maui
At Haleakala National Park ($5; mountain bikers surrender to the gods of gravity and bomb
down the epic Skyline Trail6,000 vertical feet (1,829 vertical meters) over 18 miles (29 kilometers) along the dozing
volcano's spine. Haleakala Bike Company ($44 a day; rents bikes. Starting from the Haikubased shop it's a day-long, 40-mile (64-kilometer) round-trip pedal including the trail.


A True
breathtaking birds eye views of this island paradise. Float on a tropical
breeze as one of our state-of-the-art, 12 passenger, parasailing
boatsglides you past amazing panoramic sights of the southernmost city and Air
that can only be seen from the air. As you parasail, you may even spot
Soar above the emerald blue waters of Key West while enjoying

dolphins playing in the surf or colorful tropical birds flying past.

With gentle dry takeoffs and landings, you will find this Key West
parasailing excursion to be an exhilarating yet safe way to have a true

Key West Water and Air Adventure.

The Maldives - clear and translucent waters, coral reefs and white sand. What could be
better than cruising on a dhoni to experience island hopping far from the crowds, learn
about the local way of life and snorkel the spectacular reefs of the Indian Ocean. During
the day there is ample time to swim and snorkel and every evening is spent moored off
a different island - meeting the locals of small settlements or enjoying a fresh seafood
barbecue on a pristine uninhabited beach.