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We believe that the vision of learning is
to help develop professional skills of all
employees, by creating an environment
of Professional Excellence that
engages in best practice and enables us
to deliver excellence

LVSA Faculty Development Program

Supporting LVSA Colleges and employees through innovative, engaging and
educational learning events. Our exciting programs of face to face delivery, online and
e-learning modules, cover a multitude of motivational teaching techniques, facilitation
of teaching, learning and assessment, cultural and behavioral challenges, IELTS
support sessions and a suite of Laureate accredited courses, all opening up endless
personal development opportunities for all faculty, support staff and management

LVSA Staff Development Program

An exciting tailor made program to suit the needs of all Laureate support staff,
involving team building and motivation, stress and time management, coaching and
feedback and communication excellence and a blend of role specific courses.

LVSA Management Development Program

A variety of interventions, consisting of communication, leadership, teamwork,
motivation, time management, effective presentations, conflict management and
coaching and feedback.

LVSA Employee Induction Program - Forthcoming

An attractive and welcoming employee induction program, comprising of a new
mentor scheme for all new employees joining LVSA. Each employee will receive a
warm welcome, College/SP tour, corresponding e-learning modules for their own
learning and bespoke essential information based on their location.
Our LVSA learning and development team expects a high performance culture to
assist in achieving international excellence, continuous improvement through selfevaluation and external review and transparency in decision-making and
accountability, all leading to providing professional excellence.


Delivery Format
Our programs are delivered in a variety of formats to meet your needs.

Instructor-led workshops or seminars: are interactive classrooms, led by one of our

proficient facilitators and are designed to keep learners engaged, motivated and keen to
learn more. This type of learning is our most popular as it fosters relationship building
among peers and real-time feedback from the facilitator.

E-learning: is just-in-time learning, available 24/7 via the Internet, and allows users to learn
at their own pace.

Virtual delivery: (also known as webinars) are online and interactive sessions, led by one
of our proficient facilitators, and are designed to keep learners engaged. Virtual classrooms
are ideal for LVSA as our staff work in remote locations and are therefore unable to attend
seminars and workshops in person.
Based on the needs of your organization you can choose a mixture of the above modalities
to ensure the maximum retention and transfer of knowledge to your people.


To allow for the effective organisation of facilitators, materials, dates etc. please adopt the
following training request process:
1 Upon initial contact for an L&D event to take place, stakeholder completes a training request
form and sends it back to the L&D department head at their earliest convenience.
2 Upon the training request form being completed a needs analysis consultation can take place,
to plan the number of learners, venue, dates, resources, costs and design timescales (if applicable).
3 Once all agreed, a design and training delivery contract will be created, the training will be
organised and delivered and once completed it will be evaluated for effectiveness.
For more information to book a module or a suite of modules please contact:

+966 54 308 3589