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Trust Bank Limited

Customer's l.D. No.

Account Number

Branch Code


The Chief Manager/Manager

Trust Bank Limited
........ Branch



(n Single/!Joint)

l/We, hereby, apply to open the following account in your branch. l/We furnish detailed information below


Name of the account


Type of account (Mark Tick)


Savings nCurrent

Currency (Mark Tick)

n tata

[Sfo IFixed nfC nRFCD INFCD[Others(Mention)

US Oottar

I Euro n

Mode of Account operation

! Singly I Jointly !


Others (Mention)


one !

Others (Mention)

Other Bank Accounts of the customer (if any)

Name of the Bank


Type of the account (Mark Tick)



Loan account



n Depositaccount n Loan account nOtners (Mention)

n Depositaccount n Loan account nOthers (Mention)



Introducer's Information




Account Number


Name of the branch


Signature (with date)


Initial Deposit


Information related to

: Amount:


FDR : Amount:



Interest Rate

Date of Maturity ,


In case of Renewal (Mark



Renew PrinciPal & Interest


Information related to special schemes

Renew PrincipalonlY
Renew Principal only & credit the interest to account number
To be renewed on maturitY

Not applicable

Name of the Scheme

Tenor of the Scheme

One time DeposiUsize of the Installment

Number of Installments (YearlY)

Amount payable uPon maturitY

Amount payable (Monthly)

10. Information about Nominee (s)

l/We, hereby, nominate the following person (s) to receive the balance/money of this account to be paid by the
bank in case of my/our death/physical inability in the following manner. l/We do reserve the right to cancel or
change this nomination at any time. l/We are also giving consent to this effect that the bank shall not be held
liable for any transaction in accordance with my/our instructions/directives.
Name of the Nominee (s)
Date of Birth/Age
Father's Name
Mother's Name

Spouse Name
Permanent Address
Relationship with the account holder

National lD Number

Specimen Signatures of the Nominees

Share of the Nominee


Please use separate sheet, if there are more nominees.

To be attested by the account holder

" (Being a nominee any non-resident person can be the recipient of money of the concerned account and in that
case the provisions of Foreign Exchange Regulation Act, 1947 shall be applicable while remitting the money so

received abroad.)

Terms & Conditions (For issuance of FDR)

a. Original/Duplicate Receipt (duly discharged by the applicant) is required to receive the amount against FDR.
No cheques or drafts can be drawn on the account.
b. The deposit receipt is not transferable except to

this bank.

c. The interest will cease at the end of the period for which the money was deposited unless otherwise instructed
for renewal.

d. The bank is not responsible for any loss or damage to funds deposited with them due to any government
order, law, levy, tax, embargo, restriction or any other cause beyond its control.

e. Funds covered by this deposit receipt are payable in accordance with the laws and regulations prevailing at
the time of maturity/withdrawal or repayment.
11. For Minor Accounts (one or more)

l, the undersigned, as legal guardian of the following account holder, hereby declare that the account holder
is a minor. Necessary information about him have been furnished in this account opening form. Until the account
holder attains adulthood or I declare subsequently, the account shall continue to be operated by my signature as
legal guardian.


Name of the account holder (Minor)


Name of the guardian


Relationship with the Minor

(The Form related to 'information of the person' has to be filled in by the minor as well as his/her guardian

separately and the guardian has to sign on both forms).

12. Source of Fund

13. Declaration & Signature

l/We, hereby assure you that l/We have gone through the rules/terms & conditions as mentioned in relation to
my/our account and declare solemnly to abide by the same. l/We, also declare that the information furnished by
meius as above are true. l/we would also furnish additional information/documents as per your demand and

Name of the applicant

Name of the appicant

Name of the applicant

Signature with Date

Signature with Date

Signature with Date

For Bank's use only


Signature of Account Opening Officer

With Name, Seal& Date

Signature of Approving Officer (Chief Manager/Manager)

With Name, Seal& Date

GeneralTerms & Gonditions

1) Account Opening requirements

Account Opening Form to be filled in and signed by each account holder. Latest passport size photograh- (2 copies) for
each account holder attested by the introducer, copy of passporVnational ldentity Card/Driving License & Transaction
profile have to be submitted by the account holder. Details of introduction of the account holder have to be furnished. 1
(one) copy of nominee's photograph attested by the account holder and signature of the nominee have to be in place.

2) Eligibility for opening of the Account :

An adult individual having sound mind can open an Account singly/jointly. Guardian can open mtnor account. But a
minor of 12 years of age can open SB fuC in his/her name provided he/she can understand, read and write
independently. An illiterate person can open SB A/C as per applicable laws of the bank by left hand thumb impression
and physical attendance.

3) Initial deposit and minimum balance :

The initial minimum deposit of Tk. 10001 is required to open the Savings Bank account and Tk.5000/- is required to
open the Current Deposit Account and the account holder shall have to maintain minimum balance of Tk. 10001 in
case of SB A/C and CD A/C. Tk. 5000/- is required as the initial amount for opening the Short Term Deposit (STD)
Account and the account holder shall have to maintain the minimum balance of Tk. 5000/- in the STD A,/C or as
otherwise decided by the Management.

4) Deposits, withdrawals

A depositor can withdraw from his Savings Bank account twice in a week, 25% of his balance or Tk. 25000/- whichever rs
lower. lf any depositor wants to withdraw more than 25% of the balance or more than Tk. 250OOl-,7 days notice is
required to be served upon the bank for information, othenrvise the customer will not be entitled to get interest for that
month. lf any depositor repeatedly withdraws more than 25% ol the balance or more than Tk. 25000i-br more than twice
in a week, service charge as applicable for Current Account will be applicable to that SB Account. A depositor can
deposit and withdraw from the Current Account as many times as required and cheques, Drafts, pay orders are to be
crossed at the time of deposit. The Bank acts only as the collecting agent and assumes no responsibility for the
realization of any items deposited with the Bank for collection. Thus, proceeds of cheque (s) or oiher instrument(s)
deposited are not available for withdrawal until collected by the Bank. Deposit in STD form will bear interest as applicable
from time to time. For withdrawal of any amount from the STD account, 7 (seven)/30 (Thirty) days notice, as per option
will be required. Othenruise, interest for the month will be forfeited. No interest will be given to Current account. The
instructions regarding deposits, withdrawals and payment of interest thereof are subject to change as decided by the
Management from time to time.

5) ldentification of the Account :

Each account will be given one account number. This number is to be properly quoted for each deposit and for any
correspondence to the Bank. The Bank will not be responsible for any loss or damage occurring as a result of wrong

quotation of account number.

6) lssue and safety of cheques :

Cheque will only be issued to a customer when all documentation considered necessary by the Bank has been
obtained. lt is the responsibility of the account holder to ensure that cheques in their possession are kept safely. The

customer must all time exercise due care to prevent cheque, payment order and other order or instruments from
altered or forged in a manner which may facilitate fraud. In such events, the bank is not responsible for
any toss

suffered by the customer or any other person.

7) Signing of cheque :
Cheque leaf is to be signed by the account holder/account operator as per specimen signature
recorded with the bank

and any alteration and cutting should be confirmed by full signature. No cheque will be honored
if the same is post dated,
anti-dated or mutilated' Bank reserves the right to impose fine for bounce of cheque for insufficient
fund in the account.

8) Order to stop payment or amend instructions :

A customer may place a stop payment order for a cheqe in writing. The Bank will not make
the payment if it


opportunity to act on such order. Any change/alieration of address/constitution

of the clients must be intimated
to the bank forthwith. In the matters relating to mailing and remittances, Bank shall consider
the post office and other
courier agencies as representatives and responsibility for any delay in the matter
shall not be attributed to the Bank.

9) Record Keeping of Transactions and Bank's Statement :

Bank shall take maximum care and remain record exacfly
all the transactions of both credit & debit in the
ledger with no fault' However, in case of any mistake/lapse bank
shlll reserve the right to rectify the same and recover
the money from the client without any reference/notice to the client.
Bank siall not be made liable for any
loss/inconvenience caused

to the client due to such error/mistake/lapse. The statement

of account as furnished by the
Bank to the client shall be presumed as correct, if no
objection to the same is raised by the client within a week
of the
receipt of the statement by him/her/them. After that Bank
will not take any responsibility.

10) Money Laundering Prevention Ordinance,2008 :

l/we declare that l/we are fully aware of the Money Laundering Prevention Ordinance, 2008 and l/we shall not commit
any acVtransaction in contravention of the provisions of the said ordinance. l/we also commit to provide necessary
information/documents under the provisions of the Ordinance, which may be required by the bank from time to time.

11) Foreign ExchangeTransactions :

Foreign Exchange Regulations Act, 1947, 'Guidelines for Foreign Exchange Transactions and the circulars/letters
issued by Bangladesh Bank shall have to be complied while opening FC accounts and doing FOREX transactions.
12) Bank's Right :
The Bank reserves the right to enquire the customer for source of fund as per Money Laundering Prevention
Ordinance, 2008 and ask for nominee as per Bank Companies Act-1991. The Bank reserves the rightlo close any
account if found unsatisfactoy or decline to issue fresh cheque book without assigning any reason. The Bank will
realize a fixed charge for closing of any account, and is also authorized to realize excise dutyA/at etc. as per
government instructions. The bank reserves the right to debit the account that may have been inadvertently credited

with an item subsequently unpaid on collection. The bank also reserves the right to freeze operations in the account if
the court of law/regulatory authorities issue such orders to do so.

l/we have gone through the terms and conditions mentioned above and understood them entirely, and undertake to
abide by those terms and conditions relating to the account. l/we also agree to be bound by such terms & conditions
as may be amended or supplemented from time to time.

Signature of the Joint Account Holder

Signature of the Account Holder

Trust Bank Limited



Account Opening Form : Information related to persons

(Having been filled this form has to be annexed
to personal and impersonal account opening forms)
Account Number

Branch Code

Customer's l.D. No.


Name of the Customer


Relationship with the account (Mark Tick where applicable)

! 1st Applicant ! ZnO Applicant n erO Applicant

! Guardians n Attorney Holder n Signatory

Father's Name


Mother's Name


Name of Spouse




Date of Birth


Gender (Mark Tick)


Occu pation/P rofession

(with rank/designation)
10. National lD Card no.

11. Passport No. (lf any)

12. TIN No (lf any)
13. Driving License No.

14. Present Address (Residential)

15. Permanent Address



! Director I


Otners (Mention) : ....................


16. Occupational/ProfessionalAddress





| Fax

E-mail :[

18. lnformation about Credit Card :


lssuing institution & Card number (if the person is a card user)


Residence status (MarkTick)


I Resident n Non-Resident

(lf required please go through guidelines for Foreign Exchange Transactions)

Signature with Date

more than
N: B: This form has to be filled in separately for each individual in the event there are
one applicanVoperator/Director/Attorney holder/Signatory of

Trust Bank Limited

....... Branch

(To be filled in by the Account Holder)
1. Name of the Account

| 2.Type ofAccount:
3. Branch Code-Account Number:

Number of
Transactions (monthly)

Amount (For each

Total Estimated



th roug h



Payment of lmport liabilities

Others (specifically)

4. Source of Transacted Money/Fund

l/ We, the undersigned do hereby give assurance to the effect that the estimated transaction profile as
above of my/our institution/account is real and normal. lAlVe, also assure yur that in case of necessity l/VVe will
amend/update the estimated transaction profile







N: B: In case of necessity estimated transaction profile has to be amended/updated.