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Check your Enrollment Appointment for Spring in UDSIS. This is the time when
you can go online in UDSIS to register for your Spring classes. You cannot register
for your courses before the date & time of your registration appointment. This is
also true if you need registration help from Mrs. Licinski. She cannot register you
Schedule an appointment with your Advisor prior to the date of your Enrollment
Appointment so you are prepared when it is time to register.
Your Advisors name is listed in the box under Enrollment Appointment in UDSIS.
If you click on details under your Advisors name, it will take you to a page that
will allow you to click on the Advisors name. This will enable you to send the
Advisor an email to request an advisement appointment.
Before you meet with your Advisor, you will need the following documents from the
AA Program Office:
1) Associate in Arts Check Sheet (freshmen received this form during New Student
Orientation). Use the AA Check Sheet to list the courses you are currently
registered for & to determine what courses you still need for your degree then
choose 4 or 5 courses from the 2015 Spring Class Schedule.
2) Georgetown Spring Semester 2016 Class Schedule
3) Student Schedule Worksheet Use this to fill in your chosen courses in the
appropriate time slots to prevent time conflicts.
4) Advisement Worksheet. Fill in your selected courses in pencil to discuss with
your Advisor. Once your Advisor approves your course selections, get his/her
signature on this form. Keep a copy of the form, give one copy to your Advisor &
drop the other copy off in the AA Program Office.
Review the following important information about registering for specific courses:
BISC 208 Students who have not completed BISC 207 may register for this course.
However, you must send an email with your name & UD ID Number to Mrs. Licinski
to ask her to register you for the course.
CHEM 104 requires completion of CHEM 103.
ECON 103 requires completion of ECON 101
Only ETE-AA majors may register for EDUC 210, 240 & 258.
All English courses require completion of ENGL 110.
ENGL 101 This is a required course for English majors. If English is one of the
majors you are considering, you should take this course and not ENGL 280 as a
Group A course.
ENGL 280 This is a course for non-English majors. It is a Group A course plus it
will count as a Second Writing Requirement for students who have completed 60
GEOL 113 & SCEN 101 are restricted courses for ETE-AA majors. However, we are
keeping a wait list for both courses. Once ETE-AA students are registered, Mrs.

Licinski will add students from the wait list. If you want to be placed on the wait list,
send an email to Mrs. Licinski ( The Subject line of your email
should state: GEOL 113 or SCEN 101 Wait List. Ask to be added to the wait list &
be sure to include your name and UD ID Number.
MATH 201 requires completion of MATH 114 or MATH 115.
MATH 210 requires completion of MATH 115 or a score of 5 on the Math Placement
MATH 221 requires completion of MATH 115 or a score of 5 on the Math Placement
Test. (NOTE: If you have an A in MATH 114 or other questions about your
eligibility to enroll in MATH 221, please contact Dr. Nancy Hall.)
MATH 242 requires completion of MATH 241.
MATH 302 requires completion of MATH 243.
MUSC 102 requires registration assistance from Mrs. Licinski, so send her an email
to request that she register you for MUSC 102. Include your name & UD ID number
in the email.
UNIV 104 Sophomore Seminar is a one-credit elective course for sophomores who
are interested in learning more about majors, careers and other information
regarding the transition to Newark. It is not required for the AA degree.

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