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In modern time, where the situation rolling quickly, its very important to be able to
mastering English fluently, especially in the field of business. Why? Because English is
language that has been determined to be international language for everyone in this world.
English has a big power to unite all the different countries and help each other to be
more easily in conversation. So, english must be understood and studied regardless of the
indonesian language as an unity language. Besides to facilitate communication in every
country, English also has the important role in the field of social, political, economic and
industry. Such as will face Indonesia in 2015. Thats AEC or ASEAN Economic Community,
it will be followed by ten countries, including Indonesia.
AEC is a cooperation between the countries of ASEAN to run a free market system to
improve economic stability in the ASEAN region. Therefore, English is very necessary to
successed this international program, because this competition is related to the foreign
workers in ASEAN, not only of Indonesia. The other countries also competing race to prepare
all things that are required to deal with free market, such as mastering of language.
Many people think that to learn English is difficult because different with language
who they used every day. In fact, many companies are demanding them for good at foreign
languages in order to develop their businesses to exporting abroad. In Indonesia not a few
that have already established an international school which more focus on English as a
conversation every day. But it could be seen only some really well to communicate with
The relationship between AEC and English is very closely related, because it be
influential each other. Its hoped that with the establishment of AEC this can give a good
affect in improving the quality standards of learning English language to be more systematic.
Although it takes time and proper planning, such as how to evaluate the obstacles that make
someone is difficult to understand this language.
No missed, the socialization of the importance of English is needed to carry out
cooperation that existed in AEC. Its impossible if we have to hire a interpreter to help this
cooperation. Because, this way can inhibit competition. So, people can prepare theirself and
knowledge which they had to deal with this free market. In the end, because the progress of
time and technology was growing, English become the main focus in doing all activity,
including this AEC.