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Term Paper InstructionInstruction by: Md.

Tapan Mahmud

Overall alignment of the Term Paper:

Title Fly page: This is the front page of the report. This page should only contain the title of the work
and nothing else. Artistic presentation would be appreciated here.
Title Page: This phase should contain the title of the work, details of submitted by / prepared by /
supervised and details of submitted to / prepared for / supervisor. Name of the university, department
name, and Faculty name may be pointed out here. Extra care should be taken to correctly mention the
ID of the student and the name along with the designation of the supervisor.
Letter of Transmittal: A humble note of submission.
Acknowledgement: Gratefulness of the writer to various entities.
Executive Summary / Abstract: The chronology of works / incidents and the ways by which the works
have been done and / or the summary of the whole write-up/ study should be provided here.
Table of Contents: Table of contents should follow the exact page number put in the whole assignment.
A separate table of contents should be placed for the illustrations, figures and tables. Content of
appendix may be put in the table of contents (for appendix you may not follow detail description of all
the contents, only the head contents may be declared).
The body of the work
Any Major topic that you want to emphasize / any major findings
Recommendation, if you have any
* Appendix / Appendices: In this portion, any sort of details may be put in the form of schedules,
tables, illustration, figures, and flowchart. Appendix should have distinctive page number starting with a
fresh 01and should be mentioned in the table of contents (though detail content description is not
required, suggested page numbering style A-01, A-02; so on and so forth).
**References: You should put all the sources from where you quoted/ referred/ noted/ paraphrased
information. You must follow the Harvard Style of referencing (this style is being described at the
end of this guideline).

Referencing (Harvard Style):

When citing a source, put the author's last name, publication year, in parentheses directly in the text.
Example: Women are not getting enough social focus in England (Momsen, 2004).
When Harvard style is preferred footnotes of referring source should not be used. Yet, footnotes to
acknowledge / amplify/ exemplify/ notify may be used.
Looks up citation in the bibliography at the back.

Term Paper InstructionInstruction by: Md. Tapan Mahmud

1. Books (with named authors): Author's last name, initials, year published, title, publisher, place of
Momsen, J. H. 2004, Gender and Development, Routledge, London.
When there would be more than one writer then you should use comma to separate the authors.
Momsen, J. H., Mahmud, M.T. 2004, Gender and Development, Routledge, London.
2. Books (by editors): Author's last name, initials, year published, title, publisher, place of publication.
Momsen, J. H. (ed.) 2004, Gender and Development, Routledge, London.
3. Chapter (in a book): Author's last name, initials, year published, "Chapter title," author or editor's last
name, initials, book title, publisher, place of publication.
Wilson, B., 2004, "Gender and Urbanization, in Momsen, J. H. (Ed.) Gender and Development,
Routledge, London.
When the book author and chapter are the same, then mentioning the second author name / editor name is
not required.
Wilson, B., 2004, "Gender and Urbanization, Gender and Development, Routledge, London.
4. Article (in a periodical): Author's last name, initials, year published, "Article title,"
periodical/journal/magazine title, volume, number, pages.
Wilson, B., 1995, "Good Citations," Style Quarterly, Volume IX, Number 3, page 102-130.
5. Web page: Author's last name, initials, year of publication, "page title," URL, date and time of site visit.
Wilson, B. 1995, "Good Citations",, March 4, 2009, 10:00 am.
If no trace of the write is available, then just mention the title of the web page and link:
Good Citations,, March 4, 2009, 10:00 am.

Anybody failing to maintain the format given here will be penalized by deduction of
Writing pros & cons of the Term Paper:
3.1 Margin:
In Microsoft word use the following settings to make sure that the margins are correct. Top: 1.25, Right: 1.00,
Bottom: 1.00, Left: 1.25.
3.2 Spacing:
Line spacing gap between every line should be 1.5 lines. The referencing and Table of Contents part may
be numbered on a single-line basis.
3.3 Pagination:
Title fly page and title page should not be numbered. The pages after that (like letter of transmittal, Abstract /
Executive Summary, Table of contents) should be numbered with a Roman numerical format ( i, ii etc). The
whole body after that (along with appendices; yet, appendices should have a fresh numbering) should be
numbered on Arabic numerical format (1, 2, 3 etc). Important thing to note is; the reference page should be also
numbered on a roman numerical format, which will start after the Table of contents part. All the page
numbers should be put at the Right bottom portion of the page.
3.4 Font:

Term Paper InstructionInstruction by: Md. Tapan Mahmud

Preferable font is Times New Roman, size: 12. This font should be used through the body of the whole report
with some exceptions. At best 14 and bold may be used to highlight any title / subtitle. Italics may be used for
quotations and words in foreign language. Fonts used for appendices, charts, drawing, graphs, tables and for
title / title fly page may be different contrasting the font used in the body.
3.5 Photographs and other illustrative materials:
Make sure that all the photographs and illustrative materials are within the specified margin. You may crop or
resize any picture to improve the visualization. Dont forget to number all the photographs and illustrative
materials and to tag those numbers in a sequential manner at the table for figures. Be reminded: A separate
table for the illustrative materials should be prepared.
3.5 Footnotes & Referencing:
Footnotes: There are two types of footnotes; Reference and "Content". Reference footnotes refer to the
sources from which particular information has been taken and content footnotes make incidental comments,
amplify and/or state acknowledgements. You can either go for the regular (traditional) or scientific method of
footnoting. In Regular method, you should give asterisk for each of the footnotes. If one page contains two set
of information you should give (*) for the first information and (**) for the second information. For each single
page, there should be fresh set of asterisks. If you follow scientific method of footnoting, you should number
each footnote of every page. Here continuity should be maintained. If the first page contains three footnotes
the next footnotes should start from four. Scientific method of footnoting is preferable.

Presentation Details:
There must be PowerPoint Slides to facilitate the understanding of the audience,
All the groups, before the presentation, should store their slides at the desktop of the given computer,
Everybody of a given group should be present at the stage, while the other member/s is/are presenting,
Every group would have 15 Minutes available for the presentation. No group should make prolonged
presentation, which may hinder other groups time-slots,
There would be a Question-Answer session; questions from both the audience and the faculty should be
Audiences would be rewarded for smart questioning, yet nobody should ask a question to bother the
presenter or to hinder the presentation flow,
Anybody reading from the slide would be marked by a "0" (Zero)
Students may carry small notes at their hands to facilitate their title recollection
Everybody should wear formal dress for the presentation session
Should not use undue color and animation at the presentation slides
All the slides should be in a single design or theme