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The Girls should not deviate from Indian culture"....

"Ladkiyon ko lakshman rekha nahi paar karni

chaiye" " Co-education should be banned in India"...Girls should not ape the west and should stop
wearing jeans and the king of all "bhaiya aap mujhe maaf kardo...main ek abla naari hun...aapki
behan hun...reham khao mujhpe".
Comments like these dominated the national media after the December Reincarnation of Durga : A
Reincarnation of the forgotten pride of women.
The losers who for time long has suppressed the durga present in every women of this ancient
land were completely startled by the renaissance. So was the fear instilled in them that to bolster
their suppression efforts they started taking the support of Indian culture and taking on to moral
The Indian culture and the status of women in it about which this uneducated clan is preaching is
not even an inch closer to the reality.
Much to surprise of every Indian who has been born and environment where majority of the women
have been suppressed by the male chauvinists , the women in ancient India has been respected
and treated at par with males or even one step ahead of them.
If these Maheshasurs can take come out of their Sick mentalities and look into the Rich Vedic
Heritage of India they will soon realise that such is the status of women in our heritage that even
west will fall in appreciation and love.
For Instance in RIG VEDA the women has been described as equal to men, has been given every
freedom to select their partners, to decide their attain equal education.

An unmarried young learned daughter should be married to a bridegroom who like her is learned.
Never think of giving in marriage a daughter of very young age (RV 3.55.16).

"The women selects her loved one as her husband. The term for the bridegroom was vara, the
chosen one. The happy and beautiful bride chooses (vanute) by herself (svayam) her own
husband" (RV 27.12).

Young girls had the freedom to go out to attend fairs, festivals and assemblies

"The home has, verily, its foundation in the wife, The wife and husband, being the equal halves
of one substance, are equal in every respect; therefore both should join and take equal parts in all
work, religious and secular." (RV 5, 61. 8).

The ATTHARVA VEDA too echoes the respect of women.

"Parents should gift their daughter intellectuality and power of knowledge when she leaves for
husbands home. They should give her a dowry of knowledge".
(AV 14.1.6)
"Girls should train themselves to become complete scholars and youthful through Brahmcharya
and then enter married life."
Oh woman! You are the keeper of knowledge of all types of karma (AV 7.47.1)
Women should take part in the legislative chambers and put their views on forefront
(Source: Mera Dharma, by Priyavrat Vedavachaspati )
These are just few of the references depicting the respect for women that one will find in our
ancient culture.
YES our Sexist leaders we should not ape the west and instead of following your suppressed
version of Indian culture , embrace the rich Indian culture which will even put the liberal west in a
second thought about the respect of women in their society.
Now durga has come into another avatar : An avatar of Nirbhaya to bring an awakening about the
respect of women and put an end to these Maheshasur Mindsets who for centuries have been
suppressing them to camouflage their weaknesses.