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1. Agent - means any person who acts as a representative for a client in the
managing the overall construction work.

2. Addendum - A supplement to documents, issued prior to taking receipt of

bids, for the purpose of clarifying, correcting, or otherwise changing bid
documents previously issued.

3. As-Built Drawings - Drawings (plans) that show the work, as actually

installed. Also known as Record Drawings.

4. Bond - A pledge from a surety guaranteeing the performance of the obligation

defined in the bond, including the completion of work or payment of the bond
amount to the obligee (owner or contractor) in the event of a default, or nonpayment by a principal (contractor or subcontractor), as with bid,
performance and labor and material bonds.

5. Client - means any person for whom construction work is performed.

6. CM Fee - A form of contractual payment for services, where the CM is paid a

fee for services performed.

7. construction vehicle - means a vehicle used for means of conveyance for

transporting persons or material or both such persons and material, as the
case may be, both on and off the construction site for the purposes of
performing construction work.

8. Contract Documents - The documents which collectively form the contract

between the contractor and the owner. They consist of the bidding
documents less bidding information plus pre-award addenda and post-award
Change Orders.

9. Contractor - means an employer, as defined in section 1 of the Act, who

performs construction work and includes principal contractor.

10.Drawings - Graphic representations showing location, geometry, and

dimensions of a project or its elements in sufficient detail to facilitate
11.Ergonomics - means the application of scientific information concerning humans to the
design of objects, systems and the environment for human use in order to optimise
human well-being and overall system performance.
12.excavation work - means the making of any man-made cavity, trench, pit or depression
formed by cutting, digging or scooping.
13.Facilitator - person who leads by logic, suggestion and example more so than
by direction.
14.Fast Track - The process of dividing the design of a project into phases in such a
manner as to permit construction to start before the entire design phase is complete.
The overlapping of the construction phase with the design phase.
15.Field Management - The coordination and management of owner-contracted
resources on-site during construction.
16.Field Order - An order issued to a contractor by an authorized team member
to perform work not included in the contract for construction. The work will
become a Change Order. It is an expedient used in an emergency or need
17.Joint Venture Partner - A party that contracts with another similar party on a
project basis to provide greater financial strength, improved services or more
acceptable performance qualifications as a combined organization to design,
bid, and/or construct a specific project.
18.Liquidated Damages - An amount of money usually set on a per-day basis, which the
contractor agrees to pay the owner for delay in completing the Work in accordance with
the contract documents.
19.Lump Sum Fee - A fixed dollar amount which includes all costs of services
including overhead and profit.

20.Master Schedule - An executive level summary schedule identifying the major

components of a project, their sequence and durations. The schedule can be in the form
of a network, Milestone Schedule, or bar chart.