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Assalamualaikum wr.

First of all, there is no the most beautiful world to say in this bright morning except to
thanks unto Allah SWT because of his mercies and bleasing everything can be
performed without any troubels and obticels. And we never forget to convey shalawat
and salam to our greates prophet Nabi Muhammad SAW who has change the bad
culture to be better in other to be able to enjoy god paradise. I say thank you very
much to the master of veremony having given me time to speak in fron of audience.
Ladies and gentlemen, dear brother and sister, in this good change i would like to give
my speak under the tittle UHO BISA JAGAD KITA to build indonesian young
generation character.
Indonesian independence was proclaimed on 1945 august 17 is a result of thinking
and the struggle of the youth who was urged ir.soekarno and drs.mohammad, To
immediately declare independence. The Indonesian youths vow countries one
homeland, homeland Indonesia,One nation, the Indonesian nation, one language,
Indonesian. This is the first milestone of the history of Indonesian nation that will
determine the role of Indonesian youth towards indonesia nation-building strugle.
Youth is the individual who is seen physically is undergoing development and
psychologically is experiencing emotional development, so that youth is the
development of human resources in the construction of both current and future. While
understanding the characters are good values in themselves and applied in behavior,
so these characters become part or identity of a nation. We as youth or students have
always been a part of the journey of a nation. the wheel of history of democracy
always include students as pioneers, movers, even as decision makers. It has
happened in many countries in the world, either both East and West. critical thinking,
democratic and constructive always born out of the mindset of the students. these
things are part of the character of a young Indonesian students.
in general these students bear the character of three strategic functions
1. submission of the truth (agent of social control)
2. change agents (agent of change)
3. the next generation of the future (iron stock)
discuss about the student's character certainly is not detached from the learning
container or campus where the student studied, like a motor and gasoline.
This is regardless as I mean is the role of the campus Earth tridarma halu an oleo
kendari fields struggle ' OUR ' UNIVERSE UHO
UHO ' OUR ' UNIVERSE is an acronym that UHO Universites Halu is an Oleo, J
(honest), A (Fair), G (mutual), A (Adaptive), D (Discipline), K (creative), I
(innovative), T (tolerant), A (amanah).
UHO ever encountered gloomy times full of pressure and heavy challenges, past the

University, thuggery, anarchism, practical political polarization,

primodial narrow, far from the impression of a clean campus and intellectual, so by
UHO ' OUR ' UNIVERSE can change the negative impressions that began with the
construction and improvement of students ' campus characters and elements
associated with the provision of programs in it through character education training.
as well as supported as well with a better education system, the bureaucracy is good
anyway and a beautiful campus environment.
at the end of this speech I conclude three things namely
1. youth of the struggle and the construction of the Indonesian nation.
2. a youth character determines the character of the nation, what if the characters
young man was good then the future of the nation will be good anyway.
3. the University is now an oleo halu abbreviated with the UHO ' COULD OUR
UNIVERSE ' is expected to revamp and enhance the character of the student as a
youth in indonesia, especially in South East sulawesi in indonesia and in General so
that it can play an active role in realizing a better SO.