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COGS/ Deferred COGS common problems (Doc ID 1314335.


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Troubleshooting Steps
1] No Accounting for COGS Recognition Transaction
2] Subledger Period close Exception report
3] COGS Recognition Transaction with 0 quantity
4] RMA Accounting
5] Duplicate accounting
6] DCOGS account is not zero
7] COGS Revenue Matching Report
Oracle Cost Management - Version 12.0.0 and later
Information in this document applies to any platform.
The following explains the problems encountered in Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) and
Deferred Cost of Goods Sold ( DCOGS)
1] No Accounting for COGS Recognition Transaction

Symptom:COGS Recognition Transaction does not have accounting in MTA table. (costed_flag is NULL)
Explanation:If quantity or cost of the item is zero, then COGS Recognition transaction does not have any
According to the standard functionality,
When the transaction value is zero no accounting will be created.
COGS recognition is like redistributing expense across DCOGS and COGS. If there is no
expense to be distributed at all (zero cost), creating zero dummy accounting entries among two
expense accounts would be a waste and hurting performance unnecessarily as well.

So if the item is having zero cost then COGS journals will not be populated.
Use below queries for verification:
Select *
from cst_revenue_cogs_match_lines
Where cogs_om_line_id=&om_line_id;
check: Column = Unit_cost

Select *
from cst_cogs_events
Where cogs_om_line_id=&om_line_id;

Here refer cogs lines (i.e., event_type = 3 ) quantity i.e., event_quantity.

To get sales order line id use below query
Select trx_source_line_id "om_line_id"
from mtl_material_transactions
Where transaction_id=&transaction_id;

/* Use COGS Recognition or SO Issue transaction */

2] Subledger Period close Exception report

Symptom:Subledger Period close exception report shows unprocessed COGS recognition events.
Explanation:If COGS Recognition transaction has zero quantity or zero cost, MTA does not exists but
XLA_events data exists.
This issue is fixed in COGs code, but if ct. has older version then ct. has to apply datafix.
Review Note 738529.1 for more detail
For root cause fix, apply latest patch on CSTRCMVB.pls file.
3] COGS Recognition Transaction with 0 quantity

Symptom:Sales Order Line has non-zero quantity but COGS is showing zero quantity.
Explanation:If RMA exists before COGS Recognition then
COGS Recognition transaction quantity = Sales Order issue quantity - RMA quantity.
Verify the data in CST_COGS_EVENTS table
Select *
from cst_cogs_events
Where cogs_om_line_id= &om_line_id;

Note:Event_type = 1 (Sales Order Issue)

= 3 (COGs Recognition)
= 2 & 6 (RMA)
4] RMA Accounting

Symptom:RMA accounting hits COGS some times and hits DCOGS sometimes.
Explanation:This depends on when RMA is created i.e., before COGS Recognition or
after COGS Recognition.
If RMA is created before COGS Recognition then RMA hits DCOGS account.
If RMA is created after complete COGS Recognition then RMA hits COGS account.
Partial COGS Recognition then RMA hits both COGS & DCOGs accounts based on COGs
recognition percentage.
Refer to
Oracle Cost Manager User Guide - Revenue and COGS Matching chapter - Supported Business
Scenarios of DCOGS account:
Case 1:
Transaction Type

Sales Order Issue DCOGS INV

COGS Recognition
DCOGS balance will be cleared after COGS Recognition.
Case 2:
Transaction Type
Sales Order Issue DCOGS INV
DCOGS balance will be cleared after RMA.
Case 3:
Transaction Type
Sales Order Issue DCOGS INV
COGS Recognition
DCOGS balance will be cleared after COGS Recognition.

select trx_source_line_id "rma_line_id"
from mtl_material_transactions
where transaction_id=&transaction_id;

/* Use RMA Receipt */

select reference_line_id "om_line_id"
from oe_order_lines_all
where line_id=&rma_line_id;

select * from cst_cogs_events

where cogs_om_line_id=&om_line_id;

Note:If RMA is not referring to any Sales Order, then RMA accounting hits only COGS account.
5] Duplicate accounting

Symptom:Duplicate accounting for COGS Recognition transactions.

Explanation:This happens when Cost manager and Generate COGS Recognition events programs run in
Issue has been fixed and latest patch is recommended for root cause fix.
For old data, ct. has to do manual GL adjustments.
QueriesSELECT 3/4*SUM(NVL(ln.accounted_dr,0)-NVL(ln.accounted_cr,0)) ,
ln.accounting_class_code ,
(SELECT mmt.transaction_id ,
COUNT(mta.inv_sub_ledger_id) ,
FROM apps.mtl_material_transactions mmt ,
apps.mtl_transaction_accounts mta
WHERE mmt.organization_id = &org_id
AND mmt.transaction_type_id = 10008
AND mmt.transaction_date BETWEEN to_date('&from_date','DD-MM-YYYY') AND
to_date('&to_date','DD-MM-YYYY') + .99999
AND mmt.transaction_id = mta.transaction_id
AND mta.accounting_line_type = 36
AND mta.cost_element_id =1
GROUP BY mmt.transaction_id
HAVING COUNT(mta.inv_sub_ledger_id) > 1
) list ,
xla_transaction_entities_upg xte ,
xla_events xe ,
xla_ae_headers hr ,
xla_ae_lines ln
WHERE xte.ledger_id = &ledger_id
AND xte.application_id = 707
AND xte.entity_code = 'MTL_ACCOUNTING_EVENTS'
AND NVL(xte.source_id_int_1, -9999) = list.transaction_id
AND xe.application_id = 707
AND xte.entity_id = xe.entity_id
AND hr.application_id = 707
AND ln.application_id = 707
AND hr.event_id = xe.event_id
AND hr.ledger_id = xte.ledger_id
AND hr.ae_header_id = ln.ae_header_id
GROUP BY ln.accounting_class_code ,

Note:Accounting is duplicated 2 times in MTA and 4 times in XLA tables.

6] DCOGS account is not zero

Symptom:Amount exists in DCOGS.

Explanation:Get the output of COGS queries (Use COGSDIAG.sql ) and also output of COGS Revenue
Matching Report.
Take sample Sales Order/Sales Order Line.
Check whether COGS is not recognized. If COGS event/transaction is not created, please check
whether revenue information exists in CRRL table or not.
If CRRL data does not exist, verify revenue recognition. If not done, do revenue recognition and
then run Collect Revenue Recognition Information & Generate COGS Recognition Events
If COGS event/transaction exists but still having balance then check whether COGS is
recognized fully or not. Also verify whether cogs event/transaction is costed or not

7] COGS Revenue Matching Report

Symptom:a. COGS Revenue Matching Report Performance issue.

b. Displaying rows even though cogs & revenue are matching.
c. Not displaying quantity correctly.
d. RMA accounting does not have credit lines.
Explanation:Apply latest patch.
R12 = Patch 13437574:R12.BOM.A to update file to latest version CSTRCMVB.pls
120.37.12000000.51 or higher
12.1 = Patch 13948107:R12.BOM.C file version CSTRCMVB.pls 120.45.12010000.63 or higher

8. In order to recognize revenue for the Cost of Goods Sold and Deferred Cost of Goods Sold,
the following steps need to be performed:
Run these AR steps:
Run autoinvoice and generate the invoice transaction.
Run Revenue Recognition Master Program and generate the AR revenue recognition
Then the remaining steps:
Record Order Management Transactions
Collect Revenue Recognition Information
Generate COGS Recognition Events
---------------------A) Once Invoice is created,
Recognize the revenue in AR >
Navigate to : Accounts Receivables>Control>Run Revenue Recognition request
B) After recognizing the revenue, accept it.
Navigate to : Accounts Receivables>Control>Revenue Accounting>Enter reference number:
SO (ie.SO Number)Manage Revenue>Schedule Revenue

C) Run a set of concurrent processes to record sales order and revenue recognition transactions
and to create and cost COGS recognition transactions.
These COGS recognition transactions adjust deferred and earned COGS in an amount that
synchronizes the % of earned COGS to earned revenue on sales
order shipment lines.
1. Record Order Management Transactions: records new sales order transaction
activity such as shipments and RMA returns in Oracle Order Management.
2. Collect Revenue Recognition Information: determines the percentage of recognized or
earned revenue related to invoiced sales order shipment lines
in Oracle Receivables. Make sure the Collect Revenue Recognition program "Date
Parameters" include and show the Timestamp.
3. Generate COGS Recognition Events: creates and costs COGS recognition events for new
sales order shipments/returns and changes in revenue
recognition and credits for invoiced sales order shipment lines.
4. When querying for COGS Recognition Transactions :
a. Navigate to Inventory > Transactions > Material Transactions
b. Select the 'Include Logical Transactions' checkbox in the Find Material Transactions
Form when running your query and the query will return 3 transaction types:
1) Sales Order Pick
2) Sales Order Issue
3) COGS Recognition
c. While on the Sales Order Issue transaction line, select the Distributions button.
Distributions are shown for Inventory Valuation and Deferred Cost of Goods Sold.
d. While on the COGS Recognition transaction line, select the Distributions button.
Distributions are shown for Deferred COGS and COGS. - Cost > View Transactions > Material
-- Please ensure all the steps are performed and check to see whether COGS Recognition
transactions are generated. If you forgot to run COGS Recognition processes and INV and GL
periods are closed, the COGS Recognition would go to the next open period .