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At the Beach
On a regular day at the beach, Fernando
leads three other children on an adventure
he knows they shouldnt take. Little Javi
unexpectedly gets hurt by a sea urchin.
Fernando lies to his parents at first. He
eventually confesses, and his mother
praises him for telling the truth.

To Tell or Not to Tell Imagine that

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you did something you shouldnt have.

Would you lie if you thought you could
get away with it? Talk over this problem
with members of your family. List your
reasons for telling the truth.

Comprehension Skill

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Compare and Contrast


When writers compare and contrast

things, they tell how things are alike or
different. Words such as same, also, before,
although, and however are clues that things
are being compared or contrasted.

Yours and Mine With a family

member, find two pairs of shoes from
different people in your house and put
them side by side. Compare and contrast
the size, color, style, and how much wear
they show. Try comparing and contrasting
other household items by using a
Venn Diagram.
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Lesson Vocabulary


Words to Know

Regular and Irregular

Plural Nouns

Knowing the meanings of these words

is important to reading At the Beach.
Practice using these words.

Regular plural nouns name more

algae a group of related living things,

mostly living in water
concealed put out of sight; hidden
driftwood wood carried along by
water or washed ashore from the water
hammocks hanging beds or couches
made of canvas, cord, etc.

than one and are formed by adding

-s or -es. Irregular plural nouns
are formed in unusual ways such as
changing a final f or fe to v before
adding -es. For example, the plural of
leaf is leaves. Other nouns are made
intoplurals by changing their spellings.
An example of this is man and men.
Theplural form of brother-in-law is
brothers-in-law. Study and remember
irregular plural forms of nouns.

lamented felt or showed grief

sea urchins small, round sea animals


Vocabulary Words

Irregular Plural Nouns Have a

with spiny shells

sternly strictly, firmly
tweezers small pincers for picking up
small objects


Practice Tested Spelling Words

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family member help you think of how

to spell the irregular plurals of the
following nouns. Use a dictionary for
help. How many others can you list?

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