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Thickness of cores are mostly of

(a) 0.005 mm
(b) 0.5 mm*
(c) 0.05 mm
(d) 5 mm
Armature is made of no of laminated cores to reduce
(a) Eddy current*
(b) Back e.m.f.
(c) Armature reaction
(d) All are correct
In commutator copper and mica is used among this which one is harder
(a) Mica*
(b) Copper
(c) Both (a) and (b)
(d) None
D.C. generator pole shoes are fastened to the pole core by
(a) Nut or bolt
(b) Screw of mashroom head
(c) Screw of counter sunk*
(d) Any thin can be used, all correct
Insulating material used between commutator segment is
(a) PVC
(b) Mica*
(c) Teflon
(d) Porcelene
To achieve less voltage and high current the generator will have
(a) Lap winding*
(b) Wave winding
(c) Compound winding
(d) None
D.C. generator may be of
(a) Series wound type
(b) Shunt wound type
(c) Compound wound type
(d) All are correct*
Series wound generator when load is more in start the output will be
(a) Maximum output at start *
(b) Minimum output at start
(c) Constant voltage at all time
(d) None
No load speed of which of the following motor will be highest
(a) Series wound*
(b) Shunt wound
(c) Compound wound
(d) All are correct
The direction of rotation of a D.C. motor can be changed by
(a) Reversing the connection supply
(b) Interchanging the field terminals*
(c) Shorting the brushes
(d) None
Which motor will be preferred for machine tool
(a) Series wound
(b) Shunt wound *
(c) Conlative compound
(d) None
Starter are used in D.C. motor because
(a) To restrict armature current as there is no back e.m.f.*
(b) To reduce noise
(c) To get more speed
(d) To increase field current
When 2 D.C. motor of series wound are connected in parallel the resultant speed
(a) Double speed
(b) Normal speed*
(c) Half speed
(d) None
If the speed of D.C. shunt motor is increased the back e.m.f. will
(a) No effect
(b) Decrease
(c) Increase*
(d) None
Sparking at the commutator of a D.C. motor may result in
(a) Damage commutator segment
(b) Damage commutator insulation
(c) Increase the power consumption
(d) All are correct *
When speed of D.C. motor increases
(a) Back e.m.f. increases
(b) Current drawn decreases
(c) Current drawn increases
(d) Both (a) and (b) are correct*
What is the purpose of commutator in D.C. Generator
(a) To change induced AC into DC*
(b) To change induced DC into AC
(c) For input supply
(d) All are correct
What is the purpose of commutator in D.C. motor
(a) To provide undirectional torque
(b) To provide D.C. power to machine
(c) For long life
(d) Both (a) and (b) are correct*

Q. 19 The smallest particle of a substance that still posses its identity, is called

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(a) Atom
(b) Element
(c) Mollecule*
(d) None of above
The loosely attached electrons in a atom are called
(a) Valence electron
(b) Free electron*
(c) Both (a) and (b)
(d) None of above
The atomic weight of an atom is determined by
(a) Number of proton + number of neutron in nucleus*
(b) Number of electron + number of proton
(c) Number of neutrons only
(d) None of above
The electricity, which cannot be regulated easily and discharges quickly, is known as
(a) Static electricity*
(b) Current electricity
(c) Dynamic electricity
(d) None of above
The electricity, which can be generated and controlled easity, is known as
(a) Dynamic electricity
(b) Current electricity
(c) Both (a) and (b)*
(d) None of above
Semiconductor has temperature coefficient of resistance(a) Negative*
(b) Positive
(c) Zero
When potential difference is applied across conductor, pattern of electron flow is known as
(a) Shift
(b) Drift*
(c) Cross over
(d) None
The force that causes electrons to flow in a material is called
(a) Electromotive force
(b) Pottential difference
(c) Electrical pressure
(d) All of above*
The charge distribution in a hollow sphere is as such that full charge is distributed on outer
surface and inner surface is
(a) Neutral*
(b) Positively charged
(c) Negatively charged
(d) None of above
Formation of hydrogen bubbles on positive plates of primary cell is known as
(a) Charging
(b) Polarization *
(c) Sulphation
(d) Sedimentation
In case lead-acid battery is fully discharge, positive plate will become (a) Pure lead
(b) Lead peroxide
(c) Lead sulphate*
(d) Liquid lead
If obtain a greater current flow than one cell is able to supply, the cells are connected in
(a) Parellal*
(b) Series
(c) Series parellal
(d) None of above
Thermocouple meter is used to measure
(a) HF A.C. value*
(b) VHF A.C. value
(c) Low frequency A.C. value
(d) None of above
A battery's internal resistance always becomes greater as the battery is
(a) Discharged*
(b) Charged
(c) Kept in storage for a long time
(d) None of above
If fourth colour band is gold, then the total value will be given tolerance of
(a) 5%*
(b) 10%
(c) 20%
(d) None of above
A certain amount of current is drawn by voltage divider circuit called
(a) Bleeder current *
(b) Load current
(c) Both (a) and (b)
(d) None of the above
A good capacitor blocks
(a) D.C.*
(b) Pulsating D.C.
(c) A.C.
(d) None of above
The voltage rating of a capacitor is
(a) Directly propotional to the frequency*
(b) Inverssely propotional to the frequency
(c) No effect
(d) None of above
Bus bar is made of usually (a) Nickel
(b) Cobalt
(c) Iron
(d) Copper*
Main property of busbar, it should has ____

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(a) High resistance

(b) Low impedance*
(c) Insulator's property
(d) None
Subsidiary busbars are made of (a) Solid copper
(b) Braided copper wire*
(c) Solid aluminum
(d) Braided aluminum
Essential busbar is supplied from (a) Battery only
(b) Generator only
(c) Battery and Generator *
(d) None
Pure inductive circuit in AC supply, current will (a) be in phase with voltage
(b) lag by 900*
(c) lead by 90
(d) None
Formula for frequency (a) rev per minute x pairs of poles/60
(b) RPM x P/120
(c) RPM x Pairs of poles/60
(d) All are correct*
Static inverter's out put (a) DC
(b) AC*
(c) DC and AC both
(d) None
Out put of static invertor is utilized for
(a) In emergency to AC essential busbur
(b) Normal source of AC power in some cases
(c) DC vital Busbar
(d) a & b are correct*
Hot battery bus is also known as
(a) Essential bus bar
(b) Non essential bus bar
(c) Subsidiary busbar
(d) Vital bus bar*
In case of any generator failure first load to be disconnected is
(a) Inverter
(b) Radio system
(c) Instrument systems
(d) Galley*
In rotary inverter control of ac voltage and frequency by
(a) Carbon pile voltage regulator *
(b) Rheostat
(c) Potentiometer
In rotary inverter dc and ac system shares (a) Common field only
(b) Common armature only
(c) Common field and armature both *
In transformer condition of flux formation in primary (a) As per load across secondary
(b) Primary flux is always constant *
(c) Type of load
Transformation ratio -

N 2 E2

(c) r
(a) r

(b) r


Q. 51 Core of transformer are laminated to minimize (a) Eddy current loss*

(b) DC current loss
(c) Hystersis loss
Q. 52 Thickness of lamination in transformer depends upon (a) Voltage
(b) Current
(c) Frequency *
(d) None of the above
Q. 53 Static converting equipment in electrical system are
(a) Rectifiers
(b) Transformer
(c) Rectifier, transformer
(d) Rectifier, transformer, static invertors *
Q. 54 Solid state having majority carrier as electrons (a) P-type
(b) N-type*
(c) Intrinsic
(d) None of the above
Q. 55 Small current flow in reverse direction in P-type semi-conductor due to
(a) Free holes
(b) Resistivity
(c) Free electrons *
(d) None of the above
Q. 56 Slug relay works on the Principle of -

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(a) Lenz's law*

(b) Ohm's law
(c) KVL
(d) KCL
Non-thermal device(a) Fuse
(b) Current limiter
(c) Limiting resistors*
(d) CB
Electrical circuit control protection is done by
(a) Switch
(b) Relay
(c) As in (a) & (b) and some time by CB*
(d) None of the above
Toggle switch is also known as
(a) Push switch
(b) Button switch
(c) Tumbler switch*
(d) Rotary switch
Switch less prone to accidental operation manually operated for multi ckt. control (a) Toggle s/w
(b) Push s/w
(c) Rotary s/w*
(d) Micro s/w
Requirement for external power system for aircraft purpose are for (a) Servicing
(b) Testing
(c) As in (a) & (b) and starting of aircraft on ground*
(d) As in (c) and in case internal power system of aircraft fails
Size of prongs in aircraft AC receptacle
(a) 2 large 4 small
(b) 4 large 2 small*
(c) 3 large 3 small
(d) All 6 large
Caution lights are indicated by
(a) Green
(b) Blue
(c) Amber*
In case of fire in engine, colour of master warning light will be (a) Blue
(b) Green
(c) Amber
(d) Red*
Priority wise indicating lights are (a) Amber, red and green
(b) Green, red and amber
(c) Amber, green and red
(d) Red, amber and green*
Generator of APU is driven from
(a) Main engine
(b) Small gas turbine engine of APU*
(c) Hydraulic system
Necessity of APU in today's aircraft is for providing
(a) Hydraulic supply
(b) Oxygen to crew
(c) Independenancy of ground support equipment*
Engine of APU is started by (a) Internal battery
(b) External power supply
(c) Main engine
(d) Both (a) & (b) are correct*
In aircraft auxiliary power unit is utilized for (a) Engine starting
(b) ground airconditioning
(c) Electrical Servicing
(d) All the above are correct*
As per FAA resistance of bonding must not be less than (a) 0.01
(b) 0.02
(c) 0.03
(d) 0.003 *
For measuring unknown current selection in Ammeter should be set at (a) Highest range*
(b) lowest range
(c) Any range
(d) In voltage range
Range of voltmeter can be extended by connecting
(a) Low resistance in parallel
(b) Low resistance in series parallel
(c) High resistance in series*
(d) None
Unit of reactive power
(a) KVAR*
(b) KW
(c) Watt
(d) None
Power factor is defined as
(a) Apparent power/True power
(b) True Power/Apparent power*
(c) True power x apparent power
(d) None
Bonding system is incorporated in aircraft to provide(a) High resistance path
(b) Low resistance path*
(c) It is not necessary
(d) None
The resistance of bonding jumper should-

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Q. 80

(a) Be more than 0.003 ohm

(b) Not be more than 0.003 ohm*
(c) Either (a) or (b)
(d) None
The methods employed for screening include(a) Enclosing the equipment and circuit in metal cases
(b) Enclosure of cables in metal braided sheath
(c) Connection of suppressors and metal screens to main earth of an aircraft
(d) All are correct*
HT Ignition cable is screened to minimize(a) Radio interference *
(b) Gives mechanical strength
(c) Use for controlling the magneto sparks
(d) None of the above
Bonding wire should be(a) Sufficient length
(b) As short as possible and practicable
(c) Jumpers are made of aluminum alloy in most cases*
(d) Made of copper
Methods employed for screening include(a) Enclosure or equipment and circuit in metal cases
(b) Enclosure of cables in metal branded sheath
(c) Connection of suppressor and metal screens to main earth of aircraft
(d) All of above*