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Indonesia on the verge of an energy crisis. Indonesia's oil reserves are expected to run out
within 11 years. The problem is, this issue has not become conscious of Indonesia, especially the
government. As a result, there has been no concrete breakthroughs, systematic and structured,
both to save fossil energy and develop alternative energy. According Subroto (Minister of Mines
and Energy the period 1978-1988), Indonesia's oil reserves of about 3.7 billion barrels.
Production of fuel oil in the country is currently an average of 800,000 barrels per day. Thus,
without the discovery of new oil reserves, estimated reserves will be exhausted long 11 years. In
the 1970s, Indonesia became the state oil producer with a production volume of 1.7 million
barrels per day. However, in 2014, production is only 700000-800000 barrels per day. if we
continue to use fossil fuels as an energy source for a variety of purposes from household up to
companies then humans are faced with a shortage of energy sources
Alternative fuels are fuels that can be used as a substitute for conventional fuels are sourced
from fuel terutana fosil.Secara easy, alternative fuels identical to any fuel other than those
derived from oil bumi.Sebagian car manufacturers have started producing hybrid cars to reduce
full dependence on fossil fuels.
The following will describe the various types of alternative fuels.
Electrical potential to become an alternative energy source for the future depan.Hanya course, in
most parts of the world, electricity is still a scarce resource that has not spread merata.Namun in
the future, electric-powered cars remain a menjanjikan.Ini solution that is supported by many car
manufacturers are have started producing electric cars.
2. Ethanol or Methanol
This fuel is a variant of the alcohol and can be produced from natural gas or other natural
resources that contain alcohol karbon.Masa front as a promising alternative fuel that is supported

by the low level of pollution so that more friendly lingkungan.Etanol or methanol is also
relatively cheaper manufactured although most still depend on natural gas reserves.
3. Hydrogen
Hydrogen is produced by breaking down natural gas and other resources sejenis.Namun, the
biggest source of hydrogen is water. When the technology to synthesize hydrogen from water has
an economical, hydrogen has great potential into the mainstream of the fuel in the future.Many
research remains to be done, but the potential of hydrogen as an alternative fuel is definitely not
to be underestimated.
4. E85
E85 is a type of fuel that can be used as an alternative to gasoline. E85 is a mixture of 85 percent
ethanol and 15 percent bensin.Kelemahannya, E85 is less efficient than gasoline. It takes two
times more than gasoline E85 to travel the same distance.
5.Biomass Energi.
Biomass is organic material produced by photosynthetic processes, either the product or the form
of the waste. Source for biomass is very abundant it is also an environmentally friendly fuel with
biomass rendah.Contoh emissions include plants, trees, grass, potatoes, agricultural waste, forest
waste, excreta and cattle dung. Biomass is also often used for food, animal feed, vegetable oil,
building materials and so on, biomass is also used as a source of energy or fuel. Sources of
biomass energy has several advantages, such as a renewable energy source (renewable) so that it
can provide a source of sustainable energy (suistainable).
Energy can be produced from natural energy resources which will not be exhausted even
sustainable if managed properly. Besides being able to be restored, alternative energy is believed
to be clean (environmentally), safe, and affordable to the public. The use of renewable energy is
more environmentally friendly because it can reduce environmental pollution and environmental
damage in the appeal of fossil energy. Types of renewable energy sources (renewable energy)
that Indonesia has quite a lot. If utilized properly managed and is believed to be able to replace
fossil energy.