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written by: Badr Hadidoine
Since I was a little boy, I was a bit curious about everything, I bet that all people were as kids,
weve all closed the fridge slowly so we can see the light turn off, we balanced the ON/OFF switch so we
can see what will happen, weve all wondered whats the inside of our toy looks like, I can go on and on but
I want to make a point: we wonder about everything and we try to explore why, and usually if we cant find
answers we turn to our parents. To sum up, we have never given up.
But as we grew up Ive observed that many people dont have that instinct anymore; well at least
not as powerful as before; theres always questions you should never ask, because thats the limit of
human thinking. I am glad that I can dare and ask why do I need a creator? because I still have that little
child in me, and I am not afraid to ask.
Humans are naturally curious, and it actually terrifies us to not know an answer, so why not create
one? I remember, not so long ago, my grandmother believed that the clocks and watches have ghosts
inside them and make them move, and also believed that the motorcycles are powered by a blind demon,
and that all the black cats are demons in flesh, those were common thoughts in the 40s and 50s of the
Moroccan society (and some people still believe in those in the 21st century), people didnt know that clock
was moved by a small motor and gears and that the motorcycle is moved by the combustion inside the 2cycle explosive motor, people didnt have enough logical evidence to explain the situation so they showed
an act of either fear and arrogance to just come up with an answer. Same things applied on the whole
human history, God or Gods created everything, from the sun to the thunder to the sea and the oceans,
basically they (he) run everything and govern it, the issue is that throughout the history we see different
explanation of how the creation was started, let me remember some version:

The version that I grew up with and its the most common in the world is the Islamic - also the
Christian and Jewish with some differences - version, as known as the Genesis Creation, God
created the universe and all the creatures (to serve humans) in 6 days and rested on a Saturday,
and then sat on his big throne carried by 8 angles. He made the first human out of dust and called
him Adam, he deliberately made Adam like himself, after that he called all the angels, including
Satan (Satan was an angel), to bliss Adam and bow for him, all the angels did except for Satan, he

obeyed, God got pissed and fired him (what about his wife and kids). God moved Adam to a
garden called Eden or (Adn in Arabic or )where he was allowed to eat whatever he likes with
only one exception. This forbidden tree was the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil (which was
shaped as Satans face since Satan planted it). God then realized that Adam might feel lonely (why
create a thing with bad feelings in the first place? I call that a manufacturer flaw) and wanted to do
something, he gave Adam a general anesthetic, took one rib, and stitched him up again. Then he
grew a woman from the rib, rather as you grew a flower from a cutting. He named her Eve and
presented her to Adam as his wife (Great update, huh?). Unfortunately, Satan came and whispered
to Eve to give Adam the forbidden fruit, hence, god was furious and kicked them out of the garden
to planet earth (Bummer, we would be living in a garden if it wasnt for that stupid mistake).

The Mayan mythology (if I remember well) had 2 gods included Kukulkan and Tepu. The two were
referred to as the Creators. According to the myth, the two gods decided to preserve their legacy
by creating an Earth-bound species looking like them. The first attempt was man made from mud,
but Tepu and Kukulkan found that the mud crumbled (Again, manufacturer flaw). The two gods
summoned the other gods, and together they decided to make man from wood (Human 2.0).
However, since these men had no soul and soon lost loyalty to the creators, the gods destroyed
them by rain. Finally, man was constructed from maize, the Mayans staple and sacred food
(Human 2.0.1 final version).

The Aztec tribes believed in the myth of The Five Suns, the myth held that there had been four
worlds before ours, each one with its own sun, they were all destroyed by catastrophes, often
caused by gods. The first sun was the god black something complicated; he fought with his brother
something even more complicated, who knocked him out of the sky. And took over the second
world, as a revenge the god black something turned all people to monkeys, the second god got
pissed and quitted the god job and resigned the post. The god Tlaloc (the only Aztec god that I
remember) took over the third world, hes been pissed because some god stole his wife, and he
didnt allow any rain to fall, people begged and begged but no use, the world ended in drought. The
fourth sun was Tlalocs new wife, she started well but during a fight with her husband she got upset
and cried tears of blood for 52 years (Wow exactly 52 years, no more, no less) and as a result
the world flooded and the gods had to start from scratch. The fifth sun (the present one) is hold by
a god called Tonsomething who had 399 brothers (the myth is really long and can alone be
written in a book).

The Vikings have an interesting story themselves, they dont exactly say how the universe was
created but they know how the humans were created. One day Odin (a Norse god) was walking
along the shore and he came upon two tree trunks. One of them he turned into a first man, and he

turned another into a first woman, and gave them the breath of life, consciousness, faces, and the
gift of speech.
Thats all I remember in detail, I know something about the ancient Egyptian myth, it includes a god
called Nu who created the earth along with R, the sun god, assisted by Memphis, Thebes, Heliopolis
and Thermopolis. The Greek myth is a whole story with Theogonys guitar and some complicated gods
family tree.
And many more myths which people believed or still believe in at some point. Theres almost 30
different versions, from all the cultures: East Asian, Middle Eastern, European, Oceanic, African, South
American, Indian subcontinent, and with different concepts: From nothing, chaos, emergence., and
all with the same logical equivalence, and all artistic. Isnt it fascinating to wonder who made such
stories up, and why? Because obviously in each belief we can find a limitless number of
contradictories, its so obvious that those mesuments of time and actions are only related to the human
being, yet they all reclaim that theirs is the ultimate one, so which one I have to believe in?
Simple, I believe in the laws of nature. What are the laws of nature you ask? Allow me to simplify.
Theres two sets of laws: Human laws and Nature laws, per example in a game of basketball, humans
put the laws of the game: the faults, the dribbles, when it counts a 3-pointer.and humans can change
those laws if they want to. Nature laws are the one controlling everything, and I mean everything, from
the bouncing of the ball, to the resistance of the board if someone made a dunk, to sounds of
squeaking made by the friction between the shoes and the hardwood floor. Those rules can never
change and no one ever can break them, not even Gods, like Newtons laws of motion, Maxwells
equations of the electromagnetic force, Einsteins law of relativity, to Bohrs laws of quantum
mechanics and many moreall those laws follow a logical method and all proven right, and we owe it
to those laws. Everything that we use every day is because of those laws: cars, trains, airplanes,
computers, microwavesjust look around you and tell me one thing thats not governed by the laws of
Unfortunately, those laws threat peoples beliefs and the history testifies that, back in the 16 th
century there was a common believe that the earth was the center of the universe, followed by the orbit
of the sun, then the moons, then mars and Jupiters and Venus, and by the end a layer of stars,
leaving plenty of space to Hell and Heaven. That model was adopted by the church in Europe, but one
man, - the most remarkable scientist in my opinion -, Galileo Galilei, made a dare. He developed new
focals that can zoom the night sky 20 times, and watched Jupiter more closely, he had seen 3 small
dots close to it, and appeared like stars, and night after night he had seen those dots move, and at one
time a 4th dot appeared, and the dots kept on moving, sometimes a dot would disappear then appear

again, means that those dots must be orbiting Jupiter. That was enough proof that at least some things
do not orbit earth, but the church charged him with heresy and he nearly avoided execution.
Making a universe is not that hard, you need only 3 things: Space, lots and lots of space, you can
call the universe anything: Beautiful, stunning, colorfulbasically anything, except for narrow. Second
thing we need is matter: rocks, trees, cups, cells that makes life like you and me, basically anything
with a weight. The third thing we need is energy: every movement or action needs energy. But an
astonishing law was discovered by the pioneer of modern science, be hold forAlbert Einstein!!!; in his
famous equation E = mc, he reveals that the two main things we need for our universe, matter and
energy, are basically the same; matter is only a very condensed form of energy, eventually we only
need two things to create our universe, but it turns out that theres another thing that has been
discovered lately : the anti-matter, were not sure of what it is yet but we do know that is a negative
form of energy, and that gives us a hit of how the universe is created: lets take a man in a farm who
wants to build a hill, while making the hill he also makes a hole and use its soil to make the hill. By the
time hes done he wouldve been created 2 things: a hill, and a hole, which we can think of as the
negative imprint of the hill. Applying that on our universe we see that it all sums to nothing so it needs
nothing to be created, but as always you may say: so god played the role of that man to make us the
hill out of nothing, the answer to that particular question is in one word: Entropy.
What is entropy? Its actually the main concept of thermodynamics and my favorite one personally,
to demonstrate that to you I need a glass full of water to demonstrate and a table, got them? Good. So
put the cup on the table, the glass is in a stable position now, but when you will move it a bit it will fall
out of the table and broke and the water will spill, which is also a stable position too that happened after
the fall. The difference between the two states is not the stability but the order or the stability: the first
state is stable and organized, the second one is just as stable too since it also has the same matter,
but its disorganized. That right there is the simple definition of entropy, everything in the universe tends
to a disorder proved by the equation S>0, that explains why the universe is always expanding and
stars die and appear sometimes form black holes. That clearly proves that the creation was just an
arbitrary thing and not caused by something, unless it wouldve been always in order.
The next question will be: where did all this energy and space and anti-matter can come from?,
well it can simply appear from nowhere, and thats possible and happens every day. Looking down in
the any matter, in any cell, in any molecule, right to the subatomic level, a particle called the Quartz
can never be predicted, you can never know where or when its going to appear, it actually appears out
of nowhere, so the universe is not different than a quartz since they are both governed by the same
laws of nature, concluding that appearing from nowhere is possible.
Okay, saying there was god, how much did he take to create a universe? Supposing a black hole:
a super massive star that has the opposite direction of gravity. And a clock thats about to enter the

black hole (supposing that the clack can resist the huge gravitational pull), as the clock get closer and
closer it starts to slow down, and as soon as it enters the black hole it stops, not because it doesnt
have energy or its broken, but because theres no TIME, the notion of time does not exist in a black
hole. Once you got that clear now lets go back in time: I drank water earlier, where did it came from? It
rained, what made it rain? The clouds, what gave the energy to the clouds to rise? the sun, what gave
the sun its energy? The universe, exactly at the moment of the event we all call The Big Bang. The
big bang is the moment where everything in the universe was in one dot, infinitesimally small,
infinitesimally dense. Every energy that we know goes back to that time, and we still catch waves from
the big bang moment in our radios and TVs that sounds like a constant shhh.
Another great discovery by the pioneer of the modern science, at the moment of the big bang, time
actually began, so just like in a black hole time didnt exist before so a creator can never be because
simply there is no Before the big bang. And weve finally arrived to the origin of everything, a moment
thats not preceded by any event so if there was a god he couldnt exist, because simply there was no
time for him to have existed in the first place.
Once we settle that down we still have one issue: how can complicated life appear like that?, well
its all a calculation of probability. Humans throughout the history thought that our race and out planet is
unique and special, after Darwins theory of evolution some people got disturbed by the fact that we are
just one simple specie on the planet, and cosmologists clearly proves that our planet is just a like any
other planet in the solar system, and our sun is just a star in the galaxy, and our galaxy is just a normal
sized galaxy in the universe.
So in a universe that we have counted over 100 billion galaxies, and some galaxies that has between
200 billion and 300 trillion stars, each one of them have planets that orbits them, there must be like one
planet thats not too hot, not too cold, with a magnetic field and a hard rock layer, and water. If we
assumed that the probability of that to happen is 1/ it would still be like 500
civilizations in 10 different galaxies, just 10. That can be simplified by the simple Poisson distribution
that states:

lim ( = ) =

in other terms that distribution clears that if the probability of an event X to happen is nearly 0 and it
was distributed in an infinity of tries, it becomes possible (another law of nature), giving possibility for
our planet to appear.
One last game, people always confuse the arbitrary evolution with the real evolution: evolution is a
very slow process but what are we seeing now of complexity is the result of over than 1.5 billion years
of evolution. Supposing I give you one dollar per year, in 1.5 billion years you would be a billionaire

(assuming you lived that long) if I was with you for just about 100.000 years you wont seem any richer
but in 1.5 billion years it would appear: thats how complex life is developed. But whats the difference
between what people think it is and what it is for real? For that lets play some chessthree players,
God, Brian, and a monkeylets whip all the cases and ask for each one to fill them with the correct

Player 1: God: since he knows what hes doing he would fill all the cases in 64 shots (more like the
theory of intelligent creation) so it wouldnt take much time to do everything correctly.
Player 2: Monkey: a monkey just hits randomly the cases and roll around trying to be correct (what
people think of evolution) and to get things right he would at least need (by a simple probability
calculation) over 20.480.384.200 tries to succeed and that almost in trillions of years.
Player 3: Brian: he will play a bit randomly at first but as he tries he wont roll around he would try
to correct what hes doing until he gets it right, and it will need less or more than 5388 tries. (the
real concept of evolution) it will need a little bit of time; it will take more tries than the intelligent
creation, but 5388>>>20.480.384.200 so it seems reasonable that evolution took that long.

To sum up, I can establish that the universe or humans needs a special one or a special recipe to
make. It can all be simplified logically with no myths or what so ever. Even so some may ask questions
that the science cant answer, but just like with the clocks and motorcycles the scientific explanation will
appear, sooner or later, and I am not afraid to say that I dont know the answer better than making one
Science is the closest approach to the reality, and its not just a bunch of information, its a way of
thinking, and its objective is to figure out how does our universe works in this disordered harmony and
exploring all its particles, starting from the subatomic level, to the living creatures, then the human
societies, finishing with the whole universe. Its not immuned against error or failure, but its a way we
use our noble organ in, and we follow our instinct.

Badr Hadidoine