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Caroline Jones

Religion 70
3 December 2014
The Paralyzed Man is healed by Jesus
The days of a cripple are long and hard. A man is designed by God to be the
breadwinners and take care of their family, and now my poor wife and sons must care for me in
my bedridden state. My sons fish for me instead of me teaching them, and my wife changes my
clothes as well as bathes me. A man should not be this way! Men are prideful, as sinful as this
can be, my pride is large. A man should not be so helpless. The ability of walking is something
that I have forgotten, as it was years ago that I lost the feeling in my legs. I was sailing on the
Sea of Galilee, fishing as usual considering it is my livelihood, when a storm arose out of
nothing. One moment it was just a few clouds and the next the waves were overtaking my boat. I
frantically tried to take a bucket and remove the collecting water from the bow of my boat. After
a few minutes, a giant wave overtook my boat from behind me and slammed me into the sail post
of my boat, breaking my back. Afterward, I laid in the middle of my boat just flopping like a
caught fish. How ironic, a fisherman acting like a fish.
I laid there for hours until the storm cleared and another fisherman discovered me and my
boat and towed my boat back toward shore. I have been carried around in blankets ever since that
day by my four sons. They are all such strong men, so dedicated to their father as the Lord of
God commands. They are righteous. Now ever since that day, I lay in this bed in our one room
home, and think about what I can do and pray God will heal me one day. I know this bad thing

has happened to me because of my pride as such a righteous man. I needed to be humbled, so I

was brought to where I have to look up at the rest of the world so I can see what good God has
given me. That doesnt mean that it is easy, but I know one day I will be rewarded, in either this
life or in the Kingdom.
My wife, Dina, then entered the room, as I gathered my continuous thoughts of the return
of my legs one day. She came and brought me a wineskin to drink from, I was parched from the
dryness of the air. The boys should be coming home soon, considering the sun was beginning to
set. I live my days through the stories the boys tell, so I can pretend to live outside the four walls
of my home and the claws of my bed.
Time continued to pass, and the sun had set hours ago. I began to worry about the boys,
but had to remind myself that they are all grown men, soon to marry off, whom could handle a
little darkness. Once the Earth grows dark for the evening, it is so hard to keep my eyes open
when there is nothing to see. Dina was cooking by the fire outside, so I could not even see her
face or her smile that exudes light even in the darkness.
My eyes fluttered I awoke to the boys shaking me awake and all speaking to me at one
time. My oldest son, Eliz, silenced the other three so I could understand what was going on. Eliz
said to me, Father, we must not fish tomorrow but go into the city of Capernaum. A man named
Jesus will be there tomorrow and he is said to do great miracles! He could heal you! My heart
stopped at the words and my mind filled with questions. I replied, How do we know that this
man can do such things? People talk, prophets scream, if you do not fish tomorrow and this is for
nothing then that is a day wasted! Nonetheless, all four chimed in urging me to go, like I had a
chose, I couldnt run away from them.

The next morning, Dina fixed a larger breakfast than normal because she said we were
welcoming a blessing, by setting the day right with a good meal. I thought she sounded crazy, but
what can you expect. After we all finished breakfast, the boys wrapped me up in my mat and
blankets that they used to carry me around. The five of us began our trip to the middle of the city
to see Jesus. It was so difficult to even more through the streets because of the immense crowds
of people. Apparently, Jesus really is someone to pay attention to considering this many people
are following him! Eliz asked me what to do because the house that Jesus entered was full of
people and there was no room for the five of us, especially because I am laying down and take up
more space. I noticed what resembled a staircase on the side of the building that led to the roof of
the house that Jesus was in. It appeared that Jesus began speaking considering that the chatter of
the crowd decreased significantly. I told the boys to carry me on the rough and maybe we could
make enough noise to where he would be intrigued as to if something was wrong. The boys
carried me up to the stair case (maybe elaborate) so they could lower me through the ceiling to
where Jesus was. The boys began jumping up and down and banging their walking sticks on the
rough in no particular rhythm. After continuing this for several minutes, no one came to wonder
what our noise was about. Eliz found a blade alongside the fishing nets, fruit, and grain that was
laid to dry on top of the roof; Father, what if we lowered you into the room? We could cut an
opening and lower you down with it for Jesus to see you! You will be in front of a large crowd so
Jesus will use you as an opportunity to conduct another miracle! I nodded in agreeance. Eliz
and the boys took turns cutting a large rectangle out of the roof material; the debris feel through
into the room and apparently hit some people on the head. Gasps were heard from the room, and
even a few screams thinking we were thieves or even an angel.

When the opening was big enough, the boys used the fishnet on the roof as a type of
basket to lower me down to Jesus. As I was lowered, I began to feel self-conscious and nervous,
until I saw the man, Jesus. Something about his eyes, it was like the moment my eyes were
visible, he found them to let me know that everything was okay. I felt a warmth inside like I
never had before, like part of my soul was being freed. My back pressed up against the flooring
of the home, and the crowd began to adjust to circle around me. Jesus stood over top of me and
kept eye contact with me as he walked toward me. It was as if he wanted me to feel as though it
was just the two of us in the room.
When Jesus stood over top of me, it was like I heard him speak to me, telling me not to
be afraid and to hold on one moment, but he didnt physically say anything. Instead, he broke our
eye contact for the first time and addressed the crowd whom I forgot was watching. I even forgot
that my sons were still watching from the gaping hole in the ceiling above me. Jesus looked at
the crowd for a long moment, as if he was reading their minds. He then said, What is easier to
say? Youre sins are forgiven or Get up, take you mat and walk? But I want you all to know
that the Son of Man has authority on Earth to forgive sins. Then my heart stopped. Could this be
true? Could all the guilt I have carried over my pride be taken away? I have made no sacrifices
because I am bedridden! How can my sins be forgiven? Then as if he sensed the moment I
needed his calming eye contact, he looked at me once more. He said with a smile, I tell you, get
up, take your mat and go home. Before I even knew what was happening, I was standing,
holding my mat. It was as if an angel lifted me up before my brain could even register that it
could have control of my legs once more. I looked at Jesus, and smiled a smile that I didnt know
could exist upon my face.

I took a moment to stare at my feet pressed against the dirt floor of the home we were in.
When I looked up I saw a pathway that the crowd had made for me to leave. I felt like Moses
parting the Red Sea by some miracle he parted them and I am walking! I took one last look at
Jesus whom stood behind me with his hand outstretched and a smile on his face leading me to
walk through the parted crowd. I then moved my right foot, then left, and right again, slowly to
trust that my body not to fall over. Jesus entered Capernaum
people gathered in large numbers that there was no room left, not even outside the
door, and he preached the word to them
Since they could not get him to Jesus due to the crowd, they amde an opening in
the roof
lowered mat man was laying on
Jesus knew in his spirit what people were thinking
What is easier to say, "You're sins are forgiven or get up, take your mat and walk?
But I want you to know that the Son of Man has authority on earth to forgive sins.
So he said "I tell you, get up, take your mat and go home.
The man got up, took his mat, and walked out in full view of all of them.
Everyone praised God and said that they had never seen anything like this

Notes for what happened in Mark 2:1-12

Jesus knew in his spirit what people were thinking

What is easier to say, "You're sins are forgiven or get up, take your mat and
walk? But I want you to know that the Son of Man has authority on earth to
forgive sins. So he said "I tell you, get up, take your mat and go home.

The man got up, took his mat, and walked out in full view of all of them.

Everyone praised God and said that they had never seen anything like this