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FRN-My Liberal Education Web

I consider my Fortune Record Notebook as a key to the door of knowledge, not just
about English but also about life and its teachings. In every page I turn, new facts
and ideas may be acquired that serves as my guide to college writing. Writing paper
works such as essays and research papers is not an easy task, so it would a great
help to have a friend, the FRN, in teaching me strategies to enhance my
comprehension and writing style. Lastly, the FRN works as a reminder to me that
without writing, learning and communication would be impossible.

What to me are the outstanding brain folds of a Remollo brand in UPLB

Young minds are molded, new ideas will spark
There is fun in learning, and each word is like a melody played by a guitar
Because in every lecture he gave, he gave it by heart
The door of knowledge is opened for essential teachings on how to cope up with life
Of the plays and films that mirrors the society we live in
Of the Fortune Record Notebook where strategies are found for better writing
Of the nametags we wear that distinguishes us from one another
Of the randomizer that we dread we will called never
Learning to think at once, or else youll be dead
Learning the attitude of not being late, NOW is tomorrow as he said
Activate your Mirror Neurons, think on things academically reasonable
Since through learning, all would be possible
Those unforgettable experiences that occurs so fast
The second semester will end soon, but youll always be a Remollo Brand

Freshman year in English class

Its all worth it
I believe that experiences are the best teachers that my life could offer. My
life is like cooking a new recipe without a cookbook that I am not familiar of for the
first time. The ingredients are my experiences and skills, that when cooked well, will
give a delicious taste that will never be forgotten. However, if it produces an
unpleasant taste, I will be full of regrets and think of not cooking it again . I
consider English 1 and 2 as few of my memorable subjects in my first year
in college, in a way that they taught me essential things not just about the
basics of English writing but also how to think critically and be a better
Ever since I learned that I will be studying in UP Los Banos, I know that many
aspects of my life would change to develop as more mature and rational individual.
And yes, I was right. Honestly, I was culture shocked in my first two months in this
university because some of the concepts I learned from high school were taught

differently here in college. Fortunately, my English 1 professor, Maam Maria Shiela

Simat, was kind and considerate while teaching me. On the other hand, my
recitation instructor, Maam Reya Veloso, may be strict sometimes but excellent in
providing me exercises and quizzes to enhance my skills in grammar and
paraphrasing. All in all, I feel thankful of learning many things from them especially
assisting me build a good foundation on my College English.
English 2, however, is completely different from English 1 though they are
both informative and challenging. Unlike my previous English class wherein I just
correct errors in sentences and create thesis statements and topic outline, English 2
is the application of all my grammar and writing skills. English 2 is harder as I start
working on my own and do things independently. My most memorable experience in
this subject was when I am one of the randomized people whose faces are flashed
on the wide screen and required to answer Prof. Remollos question. English 2 is
composed of writing academic papers, mainly the Library Research Process (LRP).
The whole research process is a tedious task for I have to balance my time on doing
this mini-thesis with other requirements on my other subjects. However, it is
interesting because I like my topic and I want to learn more about it through
accomplishing this project.
There are many changes that happened to me ever since I studied here in UP,
especially regarding my reading and writing skills. I became more knowledgeable to
understand contexts and rational in making my own judgments on issues about the
society. I learned to develop my ideas faster through reading books, articles, and
journals that also widen my awareness on new things. Lastly, I am slowly turning to
be a person who has principles and willing to stand on my beliefs.
Learning in English classes in not only for communication majors but also for all
students since the fact that reading and writing about facts is science itself. I feel
grateful that I was given an opportunity to learn essential things during my English
classes and I dont regret anything about it. My life as a student of English 1 and 2
may be full struggles, but after the end of the day, it was worth it.