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Minggu, 08 Februari 2009

Silent Hill Homecoming

Neeeh, versi terbaru dari seri Silent Hill, Silent Hill Homecoming ini punya graphic yang
cukup WAHHH!!!, game ini msi punya plot cerita yang mirip sama seri2 silent hill
sebelumnya.. Yaitu sekitar tradisi aneh di sebuah kota yang berada di silent hill..
Silent Hill Homecoming bercerita tentang sebuah kota bernama Sheperd's Glen, yang
mempunyai tradisi melakukan ritual pengorbanan anak kecil tiap kali kota itu merakan hari
ultah'nya.. Cara2 mereka melakukan pengorbanan itu pun cukup mengerikan, seperti
Mengubur hidup2, mutilasi, dll.. Karena disia-siakan itulah anak2 ini menuntut balas kepada
orang2 di kota itu..
Tokoh utamanya, Alex, pergi dari Sheperd's Glen untuk mengikuti training militer, dan
setelah beberapa lama, akhirnya dia memutuskan untuk kembali ke kota asalnya, betapa
kaget'nya dia saat menemui kota itu berada dalam keadaan yang "tidak biasa".. Setelah itu,
petualangan'nya di dunia Silent Hill pun dimulai, untuk menemukan sang adik yang
Hemm, saya sendiri sudah memainkan game ini lho..
Dan ini Walkthrough bagi kamu yang butuh tuntunan untuk menamatkan game horor ini..
Maaf karena cuman ada dalam bahasa inggris..
Walkthrough ini dikutip dari
This walkthrough was written while playing on Hard mode. The only notable
difference between Hard and Normal is that enemies are tougher, deal more
damage, and firearms carry less ammo. Puzzle solutions and strategy remain
unchanged. All directions given (north, south, etc.) are given in relation to
the map, but left and right are used in relation to Alex's position.

Nightmare [ntm]
After the awesome opening scene, get ready to mash A to get out of your
restraints. Check your inventory: all you've got is a flashlight and a radio.
Good luck, soldier. Check the memo to the left of the double doors and head
through. Follow the blood through the next set of doors, and check the memo to
your right. Approach the barred gate to see Josh and initiate a creepy looping
sound clip. Note the keypad next to the door.
The only open door is right next to the keypad. Open it and check out the Xray to your right. This is the first half to the code we need. A memo on the
desk across the room explains what you need to do to get the rest, and the
HOSPITAL MAP is to your left. Exit using the nearby door.
The only open door in this hall is 203. Just listen for the crying baby, and
examine the middle incubator to get it to stop. There's a HEALTH DRINK and
another memo on the desk behind you. Hop over the broken window to room 204.
In here is the X-RAY FILE for the code we need. On the center table is a
pamphlet laying out melee combat.
Head back to the Nurse Center and stick your X-ray up on the board for the code
624872. Exit out the other side of this room and push that into the keypad.
Like a good little sibling, Josh will run off. Pick up the CHILD'S DRAWING and
follow him.
Feel free to take a peek in the bathroom stalls, but make note of the glowing
red save point in the next room. This game uses a continue point feature, so
saving is not a top priority anymore, but it wouldn't hurt. The next room is
another restroom and a dead end. Grab the COMBAT KNIFE sticking out of the
mirror and enjoy the show. A nurse will then attack you. Use this time to get
the hang of dodging. Wait until she makes a move or else you might walk right
into her attack. Learn to love the knife as it is the most highly recommended
melee weapon because of its speed.
Slip through the crack in the stall the nurse popped out of. Grab the FIRST
AID KIT by the door and exit. Enter the door to your immediate left, the
stairwell. Watch out for falling debris but take a look at the memo on the
opposite wall before giving chase. This one is the hint that the flashlight
should be off and you should walk, not run, if you want to avoid confrontation.
You should hear static upstairs. Use your knife to break open the window and
dispatch the nurses inside. Only one will be visible in front of the TV.
Attack her and another will appear. With the knife, you should be able to
continuously slash the first nurse without dodging and be okay. The second one
will not attack you right away, and you can take her out any way you want when
she's all alone. You can also retreat over the window frame and use it to get
them to funnel towards you. It is recommended that you kill both because you
need to cut open the fleshy film on the west wall to progress, and you are not
immune to damage during this.
Room 303 has a save point and a note on the bed. Head to your right down this
hall to face your first batch of Swarm enemies. Just hit A to step on them or

slash them. If one latches onto you, press B until Alex tears it away. If you
hit the correct button prompt after this, he will crush and kill it for you.
Grab the HEALTH DRINK in the linen room and enter the hall.
Go right, towards the restrooms on your map, and grab the PHOTO on the
stretcher. Now double back and enter the operating theatre. There's a patient
chart on a shelf to your right as you walk around. When you drop down, three
nurses will attack. Just hold the left trigger and perform your knife combos,
focusing on the one closest to you. I promise that as long as you keep
slashing with your knife, you will stay one step ahead of the nurses' attacks
and can come out unscathed. Check out the half body on the table and cut open
the way to the stairwell.
Check the wall opposite for a CHILD'S DRAWING and climb. Up here is the other
half of that body, and he's holding the OPERATING THEATRE KEY. Use it
downstairs. There's a memo in the operating room but not much else. Exit to
your right to the hall where we first saw Josh. In fact, he's still here.
Talk to him however you want; either way, we're going to have to find his
stuffed Robbie the Rabbit. Enter the Nurse Center for a HEALTH DRINK, a save
point, and another memo. Exit to the 200-block of rooms.
Enter room 203 again. There's a CHILD'S DRAWING on the wall to your right, but
more importantly, we've found Robbie. Be a man and stick your hand in to save
your brother's precious toy. Just be prepared to mash a face button to get
your arm and the ROBBIE TOY back. A Swarm will attack afterwards.
Backtrack to Josh and give him back Robbie. Once you can get through, pick up
the CHILD'S DRAWING and give chase once again. All the doors in this hall are
locked, but make note of room 206. There is a CHILD'S DRAWING on the door and
interesting sounds emanating from it. Open the elevator doors using the panel
on the wall, head down, and...
Shepherd's Glen [sg1]
Welcome home. There are absolutely no items to be picked up in the streets of
Shepherd's Glen, so just work on getting to your house on the north side of
town. Also, note that if you try to go west down Main Street, you will get
lost in the fog. Look to your right on Main street for a brick building with
arches; this is Dr. Fitch's office, and there's a poster advertising the town's
150th anniversary on one of the pillars. You'll run into Judge Holloway
outside Town Hall. She tells you to go home, but you can check out the Town
Hall and chat if you want. Why not? We're already there.
Through the large double doors is nothing much. There's a PHOTO as well as a
book on the town towards the back of the room. You can also examine all the
paintings around here to get info on the town founders. Exit south according
to your map. Through the door here, look to your left for some tables. On one
of these is a medical case with SERUM inside. There's also a newspaper article
framed on the wall about a bus accident involving an 8-year old Alex Shepherd.
Now head to the east hall for two doors. Judge Holloway's in the room on the
right. Talk to her and check the room next door. In here is a HEALTH DRINK
and a save point. There's nothing else to do here now. You might have noticed

a boarded up door in the north hall of the building; we'll get back to that.
Head home.
If you want insight into the Shepherd family, take the time to examine
everything. Alex will talk about his relationship with his family, as well as
note that he is absent from every family picture. Head upstairs and enter the
double doors. This looks to be his parents' room. There's a letter from his
mum to her husband and some pictures of her and Josh around. Check out the
bathroom for a CASSETTE TAPE.
Back out in the hall, the attic door will close and lock before you. Check the
nearby door to enter Alex and Joshua's room. There's a FLASHLIGHT on the bed;
pick it up for a flashback. (FYI, if this is a replay game, you can find a
LASER PISTOL with infinite ammo on the toy chest by the bed.) Take note of the
bug collection by the broken-looking bookshelf and then examine the shelf. It
is hiding a secret switch. Move all the junk to the left twice to uncover it.
You get a MAP OF OUR HOUSE for your trouble. Head back downstairs to see your
She just came out of the basement and is trailing water. Follow the trail
downstairs. A Lurker is waiting for you beneath the water. For these guys,
enter combat stance ASAP so Alex locks on to their position. Wait until it
comes close to you, dodge its initial attack, and then counter repeatedly with
a heavy attack (X) with the knife. Alex will jab forward, right into the
Lurker's head. Continue until it falls. Check the generator towards the back
of the basement for the GARAGE REMOTE and a gasoline fetch quest to get the
generator running. Head towards the stairs but look to your left for a
multicolored, thin sheet blocking a side room. Cut it open and examine the
only door here for a scene. Go back upstairs and outside.
Use the remote to open the garage. A Lurker will attack. Repeat the jabbing
strategy from earlier. It's easier to fight them when they are not in water
since you can see when they swing their claws. There's a STEEL PIPE in the
garage as well as another pamphlet on melee fighting. Use your new pipe to pry
open the cabinet to get the EMPTY GAS CAN. (FYI, if this is a replay game, you
can find the CIRCULAR SAW on the tool bench.) Another Lurker will come out of
the hole in the brick wall by the garage. Kill it and crawl through. You'll
want to kill it because we'll be coming back here shortly.
In the park area, look to your right for a CHILD'S DRAWING. Look by the slide
for a PHOTO. There's also a newspaper on one of the benches. On the southern
wall should be a wire fence door. Pry it open with your pipe and examine the
semi to your left, but not before killing the Lurker underneath it. Use your
empty gas can here and you can get the FULL GAS CAN with what's left in the
truck's tank. Head back home to the basement and use your full gas can to run
the generator. Now you can unlock the door to your immediate right.
Enter the back door to the house and use your cassette tape in the answering
machine. Open the fridge for a HEALTH DRINK. Through the only open door is a
living room of sorts. Nothing in here except a note next to the phone. Go out
back to the yard again. Look to your left behind the tree for a CHILD'S
DRAWING. There's a HEALTH DRINK hiding in the dead plants to the north. On
the west fence is a door with Josh's backpack and a PHOTO. Go through.

Missing Persons [msp]
So the Shepherd house has easy access to the cemetery. Nothing weird there.
Follow the path, grabbing the ROSE HEIGHTS CEMETERY MAP on your way. Alex can
comment on any and all tombs here if you want to read them; he will also note
the extreme number of deaths for such a small town. There's a guy digging up
graves in the Bartlett plot, but we can't reach him. Drop down into the East
Garden, prepared for a Feral attack. All you need for these guys is the knife.
Do a combo. Wait and dodge. Enter another combo. Rinse. Repeat. Check the
fountain in the center of the garden for an OLD STONE PLATE. Then climb up to
your right.
There's a HEALTH DRINK by the gazebo, and the Bartlett Family Mausoleum is
locked. Enter the family crypts to the west. In the north block, the second
crypt on your right (second gate) has a save point. The third crypt on your
left (second gate) has a hole in the wall you can squeeze through to get to the
middle block. Here, the first crypt on your left (second gate) has a HEALTH
DRINK in it. Right across from you in the crypt opposite, there is another
hole to squeeze through to your left. Still in the middle block, make your way
as far east as you can and look in the last crypt on the right (second gate) to
find a hole to crawl through to Founders Row.
A Feral will jump you as you head south. Take care of it or run past it as far
south as you can. Look to your left for a gate to run through and a hole to
jump into. Follow the spiders until you are on the outer ring of the Founders
Garden. There is a Feral chowing down in the center of this area, but you can
completely avoid it by walking around the outside to the northeast corner of
the garden. However, Ferals are good at sensing Alex's presence, so it may see
you regardless when you try to leave. Check to the left of the exit in the
north for a HEALTH DRINK; the exit is on the ground floor, but the drink is up
the stairs to the left.
The path splits up to the West Garden, but both stairs lead to the same place.
On the landing of either staircase is a plaque with a hint that something needs
to be made whole. Perhaps it has to do with our stone plate? Check the
fountain in this garden for a STRANGE STONE PLATE, just what we need. Use both
plates at the gate on the north side of the West Garden to unlock it.
You'll emerge into what used to pass for civilization. Head west towards the
police station. Go to the front of the S.G.P.D. and head to your right for a
FIRST AID KIT. Continue west to run into Elle posting missing persons flyers.
She'll give you a WALKIE TALKIE. Check behind her billboard for a CHILD'S
DRAWING. Head down to the southwest corner of your map. Look to your right
for a covered bridge. Follow the path to a door. Once inside, head right and
look for a hole to crawl through. There are no items in the junk yard, so head
around the heaps of scrap to the back of the house to squeeze through a hole in
the shed. You should be able to get into the house on this side.
Try talking to Curtis. Alex will trade the broken revolver he got from his
mother for information, but we'll also get the MK 23 HANDGUN. You can talk to
Curtis again if you want. Beware: he's a dick. But he also gives us a hot tip
about the clocks in town. 206 is an important, recurring number. Remember it.
Check behind Curtis for a brochure on ranged combat and PISTOL AMMUNITION.

by the fridges, a save point, and the exit. Leave the junkyard the way you
came in, but beware of a Feral attack. You can kill it or run past it to get
to the streets.
Alex will get a call on the radio and then come under a coughing spell. Meet
the Smog, a nasty looking creature but easily dispatched. Run away from it and
break out the pistol. Let it get close to you and wait for it to growl and
reveal its glowing lungs. Shoot the lungs once and wait for it to expose them
again. Two or three pistol shots should be enough. If you want to fight up
close, it's a little harder since they can lunge, but just dodge your way
around to its blind spot and combo. Or you can just run right past the thing.
It's too slow to give chase.
Make your way all the way back to the cemetery. Go east down main street and
enter by way of the parking lot which will be on your left. You can run past
any Smogs you might see, but kill any Ferals after you, just in case. In the
cemetery, you need to backtrack all the way to the Bartlett Mausoleum, which
means going through the West Garden, Founders Garden, Founders Row, and the
family crypts. Smogs will appear along the way, but as long as you run and
follow the arrows on your map from your previous run, you can avoid fighting.
Military training has done Alex well: he never tires while running.
Mayor Bartlett is gone, but his family tomb is open. Examine the middle casket
for a lock puzzle.
Unlocking the Bartlett Family Tomb
The purpose here is to pull out the locking piece in the upper left. Use
the right analog stick to select pieces to move and use the left analog
stick to actually move them. It's basically a sliding puzzle, so just move
the pieces around until the spaces underneath the locking piece are free.
If you haven't touched the puzzle yet and want a straightforward answer,
here it is. To make this easy, I'm going to refer to the pieces as if they
were on a table. For example, the uppermost square piece would be at row 1,
column 3. Basically, you need to make sure column 2 is empty. To do this,
move these pieces in these directions:

1, col 3: move left twice

3/4, col 4: move up twice
3/4, col 3: move up twice
3, col 1/2: move right twice, then down once
2, col 1/2: move down once, then right twice

That should do it. Select the locking piece and pull it down.
Alex will pull out a watch which gives him a headache.
Hotel [htl]

We've finally landed in Silent Hill. At the end of the street ahead of you is
a broken down fire truck and a Smog in an alley. Go down that alley, climb
down and under the truck, and snatch the FIRE AXE. This doesn't hold a candle
to the knife for regular combat, but it's perfect for hacking down boarded up
doors. Go across the street to the Grand Hotel and do just that to get inside.
Go down the first hallway to your right for a HEALTH DRINK. Go into the foyer
after Joshua now. He'll escape through some rubble and up the stairs. Check
the reception desk for a letter, the GRAND HOTEL MAP, and a memo. Jump across
the elevator shaft and look to your right for a MAINTENANCE KEY. We need to
rewire the hotel to get the elevator to run, so head back outside.
There will likely be a Smog or two on the way outside. I recommend killing the
one outside since we need breathing room to rewire this place. Use your key to
open the gate to your right outside. There's a HEALTH DRINK back here and a
panel with wires.
Rewiring the Hotel
Check the clipboard behind you on the dumpster to see a note about a game
and the number XXI. Now check out the power box. Use the left analog stick
to pick a wire, A to put it in place, and X to test the power. The XXI in
the note is actually the pattern in which the wires should be connected.
Pretend the wires (connected at the top) are numbered 1-5 from left to
right, and so are the connectors at the bottom. Match them up in this


(yellow) to Connector 2
(white) to Connector 1
(red) to Connector 4
(blue) to Connector 3
(green) to Connector 5

Press X when you've got it to bring the power back. (Thanks to syn6661,
Bob, and an anonymous e-mailer for pointing out the memo on the dumpster.)
Go back in, call the elevator, and hop in. Get the PISTOL AMMUNITION inside
and hit the only working floor button. A new type of monster will attack on
the way up. These are Needlers, and they are going to tear the sides off the
elevator and reach in to attack with their claws. Equip a weapon and attack
through the holes. The knife is great for this not only because it is fast,
but because of its heavy attack. It's a forward jab, so Alex can stab neatly
through the hole and right into the Needler's face. Try not to stand too close
to the elevator's sides or you may just end up stabbing the elevator and
missing the Needler. All you need to do to dodge an attack is duck. Climb up
out of the elevator when it stops.
Check out the painting of the woman to cut it open and reveal a locked door.
Examine the door for a PHOTO, but go left and duck under the wall to see a
save point. Head towards the hall and Alex will automatically start talking
with the woman in 301. We have to find three of her memories before she will

help us. There's a message on the wall in 303 and a letter in 304. Go through
the hole in the wall in the middle of this hall to emerge in 307. Room 308
holds another letter detailing the subplot of this area, as well as another
message written on the wall. Go to the east end of the hall and look towards
room 309 to see some boards for you to hack away. Climb up the rubble here to
the fourth floor.
Enter 406 by way of the hole in the wall. A letter is in here and Swarms will
attack once you try to enter the hall. There's a memo on the little table on
the left side of the center of the hall out here. You should be hearing white
noise as well; there's a nurse in 402 waiting for you. Look through the hole
in the wall in front of room 403 for the last cryptic, bloody message. Enter
402 to find a bookshelf that needs pushing. Duck in to room 404 and enter the
bathroom to find the first of the three memories we promised to help find, the
We've reached a bit of a dead end, so let's backtrack. Out in the hall, notice
the spiders moving towards the east. Also take note of the strange red glow...
Approach the hall for a scene. We are introduced to Pyramid Head, heretofore
known as the Bogeyman. ("Pyramid Head" was the name James Sunderland gave him
in Silent Hill 2. James is not here, so I will stick with the Homecoming
name.) He clearly sees us but does not seem to give a damn. Swarms will break
open room 405 and attack. Get them out of the way and head through.
Go in and through 407 using the hole in the wall. Follow the Bogeyman by
hacking away the boards blocking the way to the stairwell. On the fifth floor,
the Needlers make their official appearance. With Needlers, it is vital that
you wait for them to make the first move. They will chirp and raise one of
their front claws. Dodge to one side and attack their blind spot. You can get
in one or two combos before they turn around. Head-on attacks will only be
blocked by their front legs, so don't bother. They still do damage, but not as
much. The steel pipe is a good weapon against Needlers: do a light attack
followed by a heavy one and Alex will do an upward swipe, hitting the Needler
in the stomach and knocking it to the floor, ready for you to heavy attack it
to death. The axe is not so good, as it is slow.
Jump across to the southern end of this hall to get a HEALTH DRINK. This is
also a good spot to retreat to if you want to attempt a head shot on a Needler.
I always thought it was too hard, but you might want to try it. Swarms are in
508 along with a letter. Hack away the boards in front of 505 and push the
shelf away to gain access to 507. On the bed is the second memory, the
LAKESIDE AMUSEMENT PARK POSTCARD. There's also a letter on the shelf here and
a HEALTH DRINK in the bathroom. Look in 504 for a shelf you can push to reveal
Backtrack to the hall. Once you reach the center, a Needler will appear but it
may not see you right away if your flashlight is off and you are quiet. Use
this time to try shooting it if you want. You can't completely sneak past it
since we need to go down to that end of the hall. Hack away the boards at 504
to get PISTOL AMMUNITION on the bed. Duck into 503 before more Needlers attack
and climb down into 403. In the tub is the last memory, the TOLUCA LAKE
POSTCARD. It's ultra mega backtrack time.
Needlers will attack, but you can run past them. Head to the east and go down
the stairs. A nurse will attack you down here. Take her out and look for

boards blocking the wall of the bathroom outside 408. Hack them away and look
inside for the SERUM. Now jump down the hole in 406. Wind your way through
the third floor rooms (mindful of Smogs) to get back to 301. The woman will
give us the STRANGE KEY, which will open the mysterious room 306 behind the
painting. Jump across the hole to be reunited with Josh.
Or not. In this new room, check one of the northwest tables for PISTOL
AMMUNITION and a HEALTH DRINK. There's a save point to the southeast. Head
towards the atrium (the big round room) to find it locked. Head back to see a
peculiar sight. Inside the now-open atrium, we find Mayor Bartlett and our
first boss fight.
Don't bother rushing up to Sepulcher to fight him. The trick to damaging
him in this stage is to destroy the hanging flesh sacks surrounding him.
Sepulcher will lash out with his long arms and slam them down to rain glass
on you. Dodge in any direction to avoid the glass, but hide behind one of
the bookshelves around Sepulcher to make him lash out and hurt himself.
While he is reeling, run out and start slashing away at a flesh sack. Do
this for each one until all are gone. If you are adventurous, you can hide
behind the flesh sack instead of the bookshelf. This will cause Sepulcher
to hit himself, but it's risky. He will also catch on to your game and have
the flesh sacks raise up slightly to avoid getting hit. You can use any
weapon for this stage since you can take cover when needed.
Once all are gone, Sepulcher will drop to the floor. His only attacks now
are lashing out with his long arms and grabbing you. Be prepared for a
button prompt when this happens. Fighting back is easy as pie. Wait for
Sepulcher to make a downward swipe; he will get his hand caught in the dirt
floor. Slash his hand/arm and he will collapse. Slash his head until he
gets back up. Rinse. Repeat. Don't attack until Sepulcher is stuck. Just
be patient and dodge to the side when he raises his hand. When he's had
enough and is collapsed, you will see the X button appear in the upper
right. Alex will deliver the finishing blow. Even though the finisher is
with the axe, you can use any weapon to kill this monster.
Alex's victory will be in vain, as he falls down a hole...

Sheriff's Station [shs]
...and into a jail cell. Check your inventory; everything is gone. There is
nothing you can do in this cell so just hang tight for now. There's a poem on
the back wall if you want some reading material. Deputy Wheeler will come by
after a bit and interrogate you. Tell him the truth to learn that he can see
the monsters around town too. He'll let you out. Just follow him around for
now; all the doors are locked anyway. When he tells you to run for the chief's
office, run down the hall but stop when a Schism bursts open a door. There's a
PHOTO in this room. Don't worry about Wheeler: he's got your back with that

shotgun and he can't be killed here. Enter the door to your left at the end of
the hall and then the second door on your left in this new hall will be the
chief's office.
Wheeler will give us a 12 GAUGE SHOTGUN. Save your shots; this is important.
The STATION MAP is to the left of the door. Head for the green-lit exit and
hack away the boards. Schisms are going to break in and attack. Their attacks
involve them swinging their bladed head and slicing you. Schisms are pushed
back easily with even the knife, so you should combo, back up, wait for them to
attack, and then go in swinging. You can also use the doorway to get them to
funnel in towards you and take them out with a firearm. Shotgun blasts make
quick work of Schisms, but you should save them and you will see why in a bit.
The doorway is a good way to make knifing them one at a time easy. The first
two can be taken on one at a time; after them, two attack at once. Carefully
lure them to you through the green-lit doorway and take them on in that small
space. Sounds crazy, but you can get them up against a wall easily, making it
hard for them to turn around and attack. The second will not attack while you
are fighting the first one. You can also just run past them since we will not
be coming back through this area, and Schisms are kind of slow.
Enter the men's restroom for a HEALTH DRINK. Jump over the broken window pane
for another HEALTH DRINK. Another Schism will likely attack you in the lobby.
Down the east lobby hall, you will be forced to crawl into a room with two
Schisms. This is one time where you might consider taking one out with a
shotgun blast (Hard mode players might need to use two or all three of their
shells) and finishing the other normally. There is more SHOTGUN AMMUNITION on
a filing cabinet in this room, which is good because you need it. Hack away
the boards and enter the garage.
There's a Schism hiding back by the police car here. Take it out with your
weapon of choice. Read the memo on the trunk of the car and enter the little
office. There's a keypad-locked safe here. The memo said "Only time will tell
who has the will to live." Well, what time is it? It is and forever will be
2:06. Enter 206 to unlock the safe for SHOTGUN AMMUNITION, PISTOL AMMUNITION,
and a HEALTH DRINK. Pull the lever on the other wall to open the garage doors.
Equip the shotgun before heading out.
Now do you see why I wanted you to save those shells? This beast is called
Siam and the only safe way to take it out is with a ranged weapon. When you
gain control, run away from Siam. Once you feel you've got enough room, open
fire. Unfortunately, shotgun blasts do not slow it down, so if Siam catches up
to you, you need to drop what you're doing and run. When you run out of
shells, switch to the pistol. Close range combat is possible but not advised
when it comes to Siam. Nothing you have will stop it from swinging those
massive arms to knock you on your back. Almost every punch it throws will
knock you to the floor. If this happens, it will continue to pummel you while
you're down. Keep your distance.

Sewers [swr]
Time for a sewer level! Head forward and Elle will point out a valve by gate
3. Turn it and let her under, and she'll return the favor. The path here is

pretty linear. When you drop down into the water, watch for Lurkers. They
will target Elle as well as Alex, but I'm fairly sure Elle cannot die here.
She sure as hell won't help you fight though. Out of the water, you'll find
PISTOL AMMUNITION x2 on the blue tank.
After dropping down, look to your left for a raised area with a wire fence.
Pry it open with your steel pipe and turn the valve back here to drain some
water up ahead. Ignore the area with the ladder you just drained and go past
it for a save point and a small room with the SEWER MAP and SHOTGUN AMMUNITION.
Drop down into the small pool you drained and climb up the other side.
Continue along the linear path. Look for a raised area to your left when
heading south; there's a HEALTH DRINK up there. Turn the valve at the end of
this path to let Elle under the gate. She can't do the same this time, so you
have to backtrack all the way to where you first dropped into the sewers.
Needlers are going to attack you on the way, too. Either fight or run; it
doesn't matter. Just know that Needlers can climb ledges after you. Stand by
gate number 4 and Elle will raise it for you.
A Needler will attack first thing through. Use Elle as bait if you want. It's
a good way to get behind the monster to attack its weak side. Along this path,
look for an alcove to your right with SHOTGUN AMMUNITION. You will need it.
Another Needler will attack from an alcove. Kill it and drop down the ladder
it was guarding. In the spillway, two Lurkers are lurking. Elle will cower in
fear until they are gone, meaning you must kill them to progress. Climb up on
the other side once they're gone. Kill the Needler here and go to the far end
of the hall for SHOTGUN AMMUNITION and PISTOL AMMUNITION. Pull the lever by
the light to open the gate to your left. Make the long drop and look to the
right for a room with a save point.
Head right for the main drain chamber. There is a gate here that you must let
Elle through. After this, you are stranded and three Needlers will attack. It
is highly recommended that you run back to where the save point is. That way,
you can take them on almost one at a time since they will be slow in following
you. I don't know what it is about Needlers in the sewers, but they have a
habit of attacking you and then inexplicably running away, only to turn right
around and come back. Save your ammo though. You'll see why.
When all three are dead, you should hear some interesting sounds coming from
Elle's location. Head back to the main drain chamber with your shotgun out.
Turn around as soon as you hit the gate because a Siam is barreling up right
behind you. The gate opens once it's dead. Be sure to check the alcove to
your left in this hall for a PHOTO. Oh, and there's copious amounts of blood
on the ground ahead. Follow it out into the fresh air.
You'll emerge outside your house, but the front door is inaccessible. Head
down the street to get a call on the radio. Two Ferals are up ahead on either
side of the street. Go to one side and then the other to confront them one at
a time. You destination is the doctor's office, circled on your map. Just
look for a trail of blood outside and follow it in.
Check behind reception for a HEALTH DRINK. The only open door here is the last
one on your right. There's a PHOTO on the counter, lots of creepy dolls, and a
small locked box on the dresser. When you go back out into the hall, a horde
of nurses will attack. And I mean a horde. Don't be afraid to pull out the
shotgun here. They all came out of the room next door. There's SERUM on the

counter and a SMALL KEY and a note on the medical table. Use that key to
unlock the box in the previous room. Alex will faint yet again.
Hell Descent [hld]
SCARLET'S DOLL in hand, take a look around to learn you don't have much of a
choice in where to go. This area is the only one in the game without a map, so
please bear with me as I try to lead us through in a coherent manner.
Go straight until you see Josh, but don't follow him as it's a dead end. Go
left instead. Follow this path and look for a stairway to your right that
leads down. Jump across and button mash A to climb up safely. Go left now and
look to your right for a place where you can jump across. Jump over the fan
and look to your right. There is a doll at the end of this short hallway.
Examine it for a cheap scare or bypass it and jump down the fan shaft.
Kill the Swarms down here and grab the PISTOL AMMUNITION. Keep going, going,
going until you hit a dead end marked by an "Exit" sign. Back up and look to
the side to see a place where you can drop down. Head up those stairs and get
the HEALTH DRINK there. Turn around and go down those stairs. Keep on ever
downward until you see Josh. Get out the pistol and look to your left because
there's a Smog for you and a CHILD'S DRAWING to your right.
Up ahead, jump across and go left. Drop down, turn left, climb down, keep
going left, and the next time you drop down, keep going forward. After you
climb down a ladder, go over to where the two cages are and look right for a
spot where you can squeeze through. Behind the fan awaits a CROWBAR.
Backtrack. When you see a red "Biohazard" sign, you know you're back to where
you need to be.
Hit the switch on the wall to stop the fan ahead. When you drop down and see
Josh run away, look in front of the nearby fan for a CHILD'S DRAWING. In the
room with three fans, duck under the one not working, cut open the fleshy wall,
kill the Swarms, pull the switch, duck under the nearby fan, and then drop
through the hole in the floor.
The next big room has six fans you can manipulate. Before you do anything,
duck under fan numbers 3 and 2 to get the SERUM. Go back out. Time for a
switch puzzle.
Manipulating the Fans
There are five switches here to control the fans, located on the walls
between the fans they affect. One switch is connected to two fans, and
they work by turning one off and the other on. They will not work if both
fans they are connected to are either on or off. For instance, the switch
between fans 3 and 4 will not operate since they are both off. We want to
go through fans 4, 5, and 6 to get out.
Flip the 4/5 switch to turn on number 4. Then flip the 3/4 switch to turn
on number 3. Now flip the 2/3 switch to turn on number 2. Go back and flip

the 5/6 switch, then the 4/5 switch, and finally the 3/4 switch. You should
now be able to safely duck under fans 4, 5, and 6.
Continue on and you should see a save point at the base of the ladder if you
need it. We're almost home free. After dropping down another ladder, you
should see Josh. Follow him to a brick wall, where a new hallway will appear.
At the end is Dr. Fitch. Talk to him and give him Scarlet's doll.
Three cheers for awesome, creepy-as-hell boss music! Scarlet looks
intimidating, but don't be fooled. Her only attacks are swiping with her
arms and slamming them down for a shockwave-like attack. Scarlet makes
really wide motions with her arms before she swings, so there is no reason
why you shouldn't be able to dodge in time. The only thing that might trip
you up is when she swipes twice: first in one direction and then the other.
Do a rolling dodge when she raises an arm high and slams it down. To damage
Scarlet, you need to hack away at her porcelain body. The fire axe is
perfect for this. Dodge a swipe then hack away until she starts collapsing.
After a while, you should get a button prompt for a finishing move.
Scarlet's second form is faster, and she's going to hop around the area for
a bit. Stay in combat stance and get ready to hit B when she comes your
way. The only way to really damage her is to wait for her to crawl on the
ceiling. Get ready to hit B when it appears on the screen to dodge her
attack. She will crash to the floor, inviting Alex to finish her. Try it
and she will push him away and continue the assault. Don't try to attack
her normally; just wait for her to knock herself silly from falling down.
The only buttons you need for this stage are the left trigger, B, and X.
Afterwards, you'll awake in Dr. Fitch's office, no better for your ordeal.
Except now we have the FOUNDERS KEY. Alex will clue you in as to where to use
this. To the Town Hall!
Shepherd's Glen [sg2]
Now that we have an axe, go to the north hall (through the door to your left
when you first enter) and hack away the boards there. P.S. - there are Smogs
in the building now. Push the bookshelf on the left wall to reveal a CHILD'S
DRAWING. There's a painting here of Alex's ancestor, one of the founders of
Shepherd's Glen. However, it's been taken off the wall. Enter the central
room and look for a pedestal at the eastern end of the room. There is a
keyhole here, prefect for our newest key.
Go down the gaping hole in the floor and look on the ground ahead for a FIRST
AID KIT. Go left or right, doesn't matter, until you hear white noise and see
a narrow doorway in the wall. There are three nurses in here, but if you turn
off your flashlight and walk, you can avoid fighting them. If you want to
clear them out, get their attention and use the doorway to get them to funnel

in towards you single-file. You can use this to try and take out all three
with a well-placed shotgun blast, too. There are four books to be read in this
room. Check the right wall to see a cross by the little lamp. You will get
the CEREMONIAL DAGGER, a combination melee weapon/key that will replace your
combat knife for the rest of the game. The wall opposite of the way you came
in, between the two books, is the first opportunity to use your new key. It
doesn't look like a door, but stand in front of it for the Unlock prompt, equip
the dagger, and Alex will use it.
This next series of hallways only gives you one way to go, but there's lots of
dead ends. Go right, right, left, right, right, left, and climb up and out.
We're back in the Founders Garden in Rose Heights Cemetery and our destination
is the Shepherd home. Let's take a quick detour first though. Exit the
cemetery north. In front of the S.G.P.D., there should be PISTOL AMMUNITION
where the first aid kit was before. Check near the billboard where Elle was
hanging flyers. There's PISTOL AMMUNITION and a PHOTO here. Dodge the Smogs
all the way back to Curtis' place to find SHOTGUN AMMUNITION x2, a HEALTH
DRINK, and the realization that Curtis finally skipped town. (Thanks to Hari
and Mr. Trenchy for pointing out this side trip!) Go back to the cemetery now.
To get home, we need to go all the way through Founders Row, the family crypts,
the East Garden, and the old crypts to Barker street. There are lots of Smogs
about, but it's not worth it to kill them since this is our last trip through
this cemetery.
Look to your left for a CHILD'S DRAWING. Use your dagger to unlock the Fitch
and Holloway mausoleums. There is SERUM in the Holloway tomb. After Founders
Garden, run past or kill the two Smogs when you drop down into the next area
because they are guarding a FIRST AID KIT and SHOTGUN AMMUNITION. When you
reach the north block of family crypts, hack away the boards covering the
second gate of the third from the left. There's a "CHROME HAMMER" PISTOL in
here. Two Ferals will attack in the East Garden, one in front and one from
above. Stand your ground after jumping down and slash away in front of you.
As long as you have your back to the wall, you're okay. Continue on and enter
the gate with the "Beware of DOG" sign.
Go in the back door; we've got boards to hack. Clear the only blocked door in
the kitchen and enter the dining room for a FIRST AID KIT. Go back outside and
head downstairs via the cellar door. Unlock the secret side room with your
dagger. There's a "BLUESTEEL" SHOTGUN in the cabinet and the ATTIC KEY on the
table. Use it upstairs.
This is dad's room. Through the door here is the attic. Look to one side of
the room for a PHOTO on some boxes. Not a very flattering picture of Alex. Go
back a bit and look for a bookcase. Push it to reveal a door. After the
flashback, look to your right to read something on Alex's dad's desk. Adam was
a pretty decorated soldier. Now, look to the other desk for an annoying
sliding puzzle.
The Shepherd's Glen Seal
Now is a good time to mention that you cannot reset puzzles once started,

so if you start sliding pieces around, they're stuck like that unless you
reload a game. The idea here is to slide the pieces to recreate the town
seal. If you need to know what that looks like, back out of the puzzle and
take a look at the flag above the desk. The sliding pieces are not all
square, so this puzzle is harder than it looks. This is yet another trial
and error ordeal. Use the right analog stick to select pieces and the left
stick to move them.
If you haven't touched the pieces, here is a list of steps to finish the
puzzle. To make this easy, I'm going to reference the pieces as if they
were on a table. For example, the upper left piece is in row 1, column 1.
Ready? Here we go:

1, col 3/4: move left

2/3, col 4: move up
3, col 2: move down
3, col 3: move left
4, col 3/4: move up
4, col 2: move right twice
4, col 1: move right twice
3, col 2: move down
3, col 3/4: move left
2/3, col 1: move down
1/2, col 4: move down
1, col 1: move down

Go downstairs to share this with mum.
The Attic [att]
Read the writing on the wall to your right and check out the switch on the
left. There're four lights, one for each member of the family. I have to tell
you now that if you want to really analyze what's going on with the Shepherds,
you need look no further than this hellish house. Analyzing puzzle solutions
for this section of the game is hard without spoiling some plot, but I will try
my best to leave it out. Bear with me, as I get carried away when it comes to
reading between the lines.
Leave the switch alone, we'll tackle the first light first. Look in the living
room (where your mother was until recently) for a save point and an ANGRY MASK.
Now enter the only open door downstairs to get into the kitchen. Swarms are in
here, setting off your radio. Get the HEALTH DRINK and FROWNING MASK off the
counter. Pay attention to what Alex says when he picks it up. Through the
only open door in the kitchen are two corpses on a cross of some kind. This is
the purpose of the masks, but we don't have all of them yet, so head upstairs.
Look right and get the CLEAVER from under the window. Go through the nearby
double doors and jump across to what used to be mum's bathroom. Get the
INDIFFERENT MASK. Turn around and look in the tub for a STUFFED RABBIT. Go
back down and through the kitchen to the two bodies.

The Two Masks
Read both sides of the cross. The first side says, "To hide her pain, this
face she did wear." The back side says, "Behind this mask her heart was
laid bare." This is obviously talking about Alex's mother, if not for the
comments Alex has made about the masks, then for the reference to the person
as a "she". Mother Shepherd is the only female Shepherd we know.
When you picked up the angry mask, Alex said it sort of reminded him of his
mother, meaning she got angry sometimes (who doesn't?) but not enough to
make that look perpetual. When you picked up the frowning mask, Alex said
he never remembered his mother being so sad. When you picked up the
indifferent mask, Alex said, "Just like mom."
The corpse in front, the one hiding her pain, should wear the indifferent
mask because it's the face she always wore. (She definitely looked that way
whenever we saw her.) The corpse in back should be wearing the frowning
mask because something is definitely troubling Alex's mother, but she never
let it show. It's not something that would make her angry but incredibly
sad and depressed, enough to make her practically dead to the world around
her. She did a good job of hiding it because Alex never noticed.
Place these two masks and a corner of the front door will light up.
We're done here, so go back to the main hall, but watch for a Schism attack.
Flip the switch to open what used to be the attic door upstairs. Look to your
right for a generator-like machine on a track. Push it to reveal a HEART OF
DARKNESS MEDAL. In the attic, there's a Schism to your right. You can try to
avoid it by turning your light off and staying away. He's just kinda tucked in
the corner. Across from him, behind you, is an area in the pipes you can
Look to the left of the entrance for a pipe you can duck under. There's a
mannequin here wearing the VILE ACTS MEDAL. A Schism will attack, but you can
just duck back under the pipe. Now go left and squeeze past the big pipe here.
That's a Schism on the floor. Traverse the pipes to your right until you reach
the attic room. Another medal, the FALLEN STAR MEDAL, lies here. Check out
the military jacket for another puzzle.
Medals of Dishonor
Did you notice the box for the medals when you picked up the last one? (If
you missed it, enter first person view to take a good look.) The Fallen
Star medal was in the leftmost slot. The middle slot, if you look closely,
is fitted for the Heart of Darkness medal, and the rightmost slot is
pointed, perfect for the Vile Acts medal.
Mirror this set-up on the jacket, and another corner of the front door will
light up afterwards.

Go downstairs. Pull the lever and go back upstairs to where Alex and Josh's
room was. Another puzzle, but this one is easy. Inside, to the right of the
door is a memo about patient 206. Go ahead and cut open the way to the side
room to get the BUTCHER KNIFE and CHILD'S DRAWING. Now about that puzzle...
Light and Time
Look at the lit spot on the wall for a poem. If you are having trouble
reading it because of the text, open up the journal and read it from there,
or just read it here:
Nobody saw when you were crying on your bed.
I wanted to help you, but I hid myself instead.
The ticking of a clock, then suddenly not.
Fate left me here, in shadow I will rot.
Under my covers the darkness kept me in.
Only the daylight can save me from my sin.
Note the line referring to "the ticking of a clock, then suddenly not".
We've been told the clocks in town have all stopped at 2:06. Every
reference to time up to this point has pointed to 2:06. Also, the memo by
the door was placed there almost as if to remind you of this very important,
recurring number.
Look behind you for a clock-like dial on the wall. Move the left analog
stick left and right to select a hand of the clock, then move it up and down
to set the time. Set it to 2:06 and the panels on the wall will open. One
window is lit; remember the line in the poem about how "only the daylight
can save me from my sin". Investigate it and place Robbie there since he is
the only thing in our inventory that looks appropriate. Another corner of
the door is lit.
Pull the lever one last time to open the way to the basement. The path down
here is linear, but there are Lurkers. Make your way to dad's secret room.
Pull the BOGEYMAN KNIFE from the Schism's body and take a look at the work
bench. Don't break a sweat over this "puzzle". You should have three knives
now; just place them in their appropriate spots on the rack: the butcher knife
up top, the cleaver to the right, and the big knife in the Schism's head.
Go upstairs and open the front door.

Dark Times [dkt]
Climb up the wooden dock and through the hole in the wall to emerge on the city
streets. See the storm drain up ahead? Lurkers are going to spawn

intermittently from those things, so listen for the tell-tale signs. After the
call on the radio, look right for a narrow entrance into Dargento Cemetery.
This is a completely optional side trip, but you must make it if you want all
the 360 achievements and the rifle.
Follow the path and look to your left for a SAPPHIRE on the bench. In the area
ahead is a statue of the mythological figure Janus, guarded by a Smog. Examine
the statue to find that it's a puzzle.
Dargento's Hidden Treasure
There are two holes in the side of Janus' marker, one marked "1 The New" and
another marked "12 The Old". What does this mean? That sapphire we picked
up must have something to do with it. Examine it in your inventory to see
that Alex notes that the sapphire is the birthstone for September. Why
would he note that unless it were important?
From this hint alone, we can discern that the holes in the Janus statue
require the birthstones for the first and last months of the year: January
and December, "new" being a reference to the new year and "old" to a year
about to end. We've solved the puzzle already and we don't even have the
pieces yet. Remember this place; we'll be back shortly.
Go back out to the street and head all the way south to the bait shop. Go
around to the back for a save point, a CHILD'S DRAWING, and PISTOL AMMUNITION.
There's another entrance to the cemetery across the hole in the street. This
one puts you in the Sun Garden. As soon as you exit the wide area, look to
your right to see a section of the wall that can be torn down with the axe.
You'll find the GARNET to your right, on a bench. This is the January
birthstone needed for our puzzle. You can use the gate behind you to access
the Janus statue to put the garnet in the "1 The New" hole. Go back the way
you came. The gate to the Moon Garden is locked, so we're done here for now.
Alex will call Wheeler outside the prison gate. Keep going west down the road
and through a door to a new section of town. Go to the circled area on your
map, and Alex will call again. Our new destination is the Water and Power
Plant, but you must go through the boiler room to the south to get there. Kill
or run past any Lurkers hiding in the water here, and be sure to grab the
HEALTH DRINK on the machinery before leaving.
Outside, head right to the barricade in front of the boiler room. There's some
RIFLE AMMUNITION on the window sill. Go over to Alchemilla Hospital's
easternmost side to find a BLOODSTONE, which we actually won't be needing
because we've already solved that puzzle and red herrings mean nothing to us.
Now head to the front gate in the middle of the front of the building. There's
SERUM on the bench to your left. Toluca Lake and Power is sealed shut, so you
need to enter from the Toluca Lake Offices next door. The entrance is across
from the church.
There's a newspaper on the desk on your left and PISTOL AMMUNITION to your
right. Go through the lower landing and head west to the office. Nab the
HEALTH DRINK and the TURQUOISE in the sink. This is the December birthstone we

need for the Janus statue. Jump across the gaping hole to a room with a save
point. Hack your way into the kitchen area. The TOLUCA LAKE AND POWER KEY is
on a desk. Backtrack to the lower landing area and use your key in the door to
the east.
Ignore the noise and look right for a whiteboard with some writing on it.
There are three valves in this area, marked A, B, and C which need to be turned
in a certain order. Hold off on that for now. There are Order members
patrolling the wide area. Pipe wielders are especially annoying because of
their dodging ability, but they aren't as bad as the guys with rifles. They
deal lots of damage with a simple melee attack, so use your pistol on them and
something quick like the knife on the pipe guys. Your radio will not go off
when they are near, but they will yell out at you, which is just as good.
There's two for now, one up top and another on your level.
Look in the southeast corner of your map for some PISTOL AMMUNITION. Up on the
second level, look to the northwest for a FIRST AID KIT on the wall. Outside
the foreman's office is RIFLE AMMUNITION x2. To the left of the office door is
a notice. Time to tackle this brainteaser.
Cut the Power
Read the foreman's notice to learn that the boiler must be shut down first.
The whiteboard downstairs said the boiler was valve B, so turn it first.
It's right next to you. Now, the other two valves control the water (A) and
the steam (C). Let's think for a minute. If we turn off the steam valve
first, then that would mean the steam generated by the already-boiled water
would have no way to escape and could spell major problems. Therefore, if
you try to turn valve C before A, the fail-safe system will kick in. Turn
off the water after the boiler, and then turn off the steam.
In other words, turn the valves in this order: B, A, C. Then pull the lever
behind you, overlooking the area. The power will go out.
Two Order members will attack after this; they're downstairs. Stay on the
second level and let them come to you. The pipe guy will climb up and you can
knife him up here. The rifle guy will attempt to snipe you, but he is a bad
shot. Pull out your pistol and snipe him back.
Backtrack all the way to the prison gates. Toluca Lake and Power apparently
powered the sun in Silent Hill because it's dark out now, too. Run past any
monsters on the street to and through the boiler room. Pull out your shotgun
as you approach the prison because a Siam is going to greet you. DO NOT ENTER
THE PRISON YET! It's time for us to get our rifle. If you don't want it, then
skip the next paragraph.
Go past the prison to the previous map of Silent Hill, the one with the two
cemetery entrances. Go back to the Janus statue and put the turquoise in the
"12 The Old" slot and you can grab the MOON GARDEN KEY. Based on its name, you
should know where to use this. Kill the Smog in here, as he is guarding the
M14 ASSAULT RIFLE. Lock 'n load. Head back to the prison now.

There's a HEALTH DRINK on the dumpster by the front door and a PULASKI AXE in
the back of the broken-down truck in the yard. Look for a corridor/alley to
the left of the entrance to get in using a side door.
Prison [pri]
Save if you need to. When you come to a locked gate, look in the office next
to it for a lever to open it. Hack open the first doorway you see for a FIRST
AID KIT. Go around and use your dagger to break open the glass to access the
other side of this room. A prisoner's note is here. Go through the door here
and then through the double doors to your right for some PISTOL AMMUNITION.
The PRISON MAP is on the wall of the large area. Behind you is a note on a
table from a disgruntled electrician. Open the door near where you found the
map for a HEALTH DRINK, then climb up the stairs.
Jump across to the office on this level. Examine the TV monitors, check out
the gate panel controls, and pull the lever to open cell block B. Two Order
members are ahead. B5 has a newspaper. Pull the lever to open the stairwell.
B2 has a prisoner's letter. Across from there is some RIFLE AMMUNITION.
Through the double doors into the next cell block, two Order members attack.
Pull the lever on the wall to free Wheeler, and let him handle the Siam that
attacks. Follow him, and when you pass a hole in the wall of the upper guard
room, enter and get the CHILD'S DRAWING. Wheeler will lead you back to the
office with the gate panel, which he will miraculously get to work.
Jump over to cell block A. Check cell A6's toilet for a HEALTH DRINK. Go
through the double doors here only to find the electric gate won't work. Go
back and Wheeler will unlock the gate to the stairs. A Needler is going to
come out of A1. Kill it and the door across from the cell will open. Head
into the shower area. Two Needlers will attack. Unfortunately, you must kill
them because the way out of here demands you break down a wall with your axe.
Your crowbar will make short work of them using the light, heavy attack combo.
Head through the power room and up the stairs to a save point. Go through the
only open doors and follow the hall to a jammed door. Wheeler will come back.
Go back to the stairs and he will open the gate at the base of them. In A
block, go ahead and go straight through the double doors opposite to find a
broken keypad. Crawl into cell A11 and check the vehicle in A10 for a LOOSE
WIRE. Go upstairs, grab the HEALTH DRINK, and jump across to the upper guard
room to see why the keypad won't work. We need three more wires. Luckily,
they're in close proximity. A RADIO WIRE is for the taking in cell A20. Go
through the double doors and check the station here for a SCRAP OF WIRE left by
that cranky electrician. Go back to the guard room and stick all your wires
in the box on the wall.
Rewiring the Prison Keypad
This rewiring puzzle is exactly like the one at the hotel, only somehow more
frustrating. Trial and error seems to be the name of the game for this one.
Try numbering the wires and connectors and trying different number patterns.
If you get tired of guessing, here's the answer:

Pretend the wires (connected at the top) are numbered 1-5 from left to
right, and so are the connectors at the bottom. Match them up in this


(white) to Connector 2
(green) to Connector 3
(yellow) to Connector 5
(blue) to Connector 4
(red) to Connector 1

Press X to turn on power not only to the keypad but also three switches.
Pull the lever to your left. This opens A15. Jump across and get the SERUM.
Now drop down and flip the two switches here. The leftmost one opens A12.
Read the note here for a number which will help with the gateway to our
freedom: 110391. It's our keypad code. The other switch opens A14, but there
is nothing in there. Go out and punch in our number in the keypad.
Welcome to solitary confinement. Someone is here for you, and you have a
choice to make. It will directly affect which ending you receive. Make your
choice, watch the consequences, and backtrack. In the room where we went on
the wire hunt, a contraption will rise from the floor and something will
retract into it. Trying to reach your hand in now will result in you steadily
losing health until you pull it out again.
Three Little Riddles
How are you at riddles? Check the wall to your left (the south) for this
I stand beside the holy man
The monarchs fear my wrath
None may move the way I can
Ever the crooked path
Look behind you for a dial on the monster contraption. These are all the
possible answers to the riddle, and they're all chess pieces. Two chess
pieces can be considered "holy men": the bishop and the king. The back row
set-up on a chess board is rook, knight, bishop, king/queen. However, only
one of these moves in a "crooked" path when no other piece can, not even the
queen. It's the knight, which moves in an L shape. Turn the dial so the
horse head points up.
Check the west wall for this riddle:
The man who devised it
Does not want it
The man who bought it
Does not use it
The man who used it
Does not realize it

Check the dial behind you for some guesses. There are only three that I can
actually make out: a skull and crossbones, a coffin, and a sword. (The boxlike one might be a cage now that I think about it.) The skull represents
death and does not fit. The sword and cage do not fit the riddle either; I
would think one would know if they were using a sword. The only answer that
fits is a coffin since no one really wants to use one, you don't really buy
one for yourself, and you don't realize when you do use it.
The last riddle is one that may trip you up:
What man loves more than life
Fears more than death or mortal strife
What poor men have, the rich acquire
And all contented men desire
What misers spend and the wastrels save
And each man carries to his grave?
If you want to split hairs, any one of these (except omega and money) may be
a possible answer. (I thought it was time, myself.) However, notice that
one of the sides of the dial is blank. Nothing is a guess, and it fits.
Poor men have nothing. Misers spend nothing. Contented men desire nothing.
Turn the dial so the blank slot is up. Now go to the other side of the
contraption and reach in. Drop down the hole.
Save if you need to. Look for a hole in the wall you can squeeze through on
the other side of this area. The path here is linear. Let Wheeler handle the
Needlers that will eventually attack. Right before you hit the circular room
on your map, look left for a room with a save point, a FIRST AID KIT, and a
HEALTH DRINK. Now open the sealed door.
You'll find that Asphyxia fights an awful lot like Scarlet. Watch for her
to swipe with her main pair of arms. She likes to do three swipes at once:
two side-to-side and then she'll thrust upwards to knock you down. For this
last one, try backing away instead of going to the side or she may still
clip you. When her tail shakes, roll away because she's going to swing it
in a circle around her. She will shake and screech before she attempts a
grapple. Be ready to mash a button to get away. One last attack of hers is
to spit up a black substance not unlike what a Smog does. It doesn't choke
Alex but will still damage him and possibly knock him down.
Equip a fast weapon (you can never go wrong with the knife) and slash her
a couple times after you've avoided one of her combos. Her tail is her
weak point, and the best way to get in position to attack it is by avoiding
her grapple move. Once you get the pattern of her attacks down, dodging is
easy. After enough swipes to her backside, you will get a prompt for the
finisher. All it takes is one finishing move to end this fight.
Follow Josh out the window to come upon the church.

Church [chr]
Look to the left of this area before you reach Josh and you should find PISTOL
AMMUNITION x2. Run past the Smog ahead and turn the wheel to open the gate.
Go to your immediate right for a HEALTH DRINK. Avoid the Smog up ahead and
look to the right of the stairs for RIFLE AMMUNITION. Go inside.
The CHURCH MAP is on a pew ahead to your right. Some hymn lines are further up
on the right as well. There's some SHOTGUN AMMUNITION in front of the pews,

still to your right. Examine

organ-looking device ahead and use your

dagger. Note the Halo of the Sun as well; that design will be used for a
puzzle later, but it's solvable without studying the symbol. Head back to the
entrance and watch for a Schism.
Go to the east wing. Look in the basin on the desk to get the last PHOTO.
Ignore the white noise and turn the valve behind the baptismal font to grab the
CHALICE PLATE. Turn around and look for some stairs to your left. An excerpt
from a psalm is on the table to your left and a save point is ahead. Check out
the confessional to learn that someone is inside. You have another choice to
make here, one that will affect your ending. No matter what you decide to do,
you can get the KNEELING MAN PLATE from the other confessional afterwards.
Go past the save point for a HEALTH DRINK and, to your left, an UNLIT CANDLE.
Go back to the main hall, but watch for two Schisms to attack. If you have the
ammo for it, duck back behind the boards and shoot them safely from there.
Be warned that they take a lot of shots to kill. At least shoot one and tackle
the other normally if you can. Head across to the west wing. Examine the
statue in this first room and place the unlit candle there to get the CANDLE
PLATE. There's PISTOL AMMUNITION to the left of the statue.
Up the stairs to the other part of the wing, you'll see a triptych. Get the
HEALTH DRINK from the table and examine the paintings. You can cut through
each of them but you really only need to slice the one of the man to find the
TREE PLATE. As soon as you do, a Schism will come through the gate to your
left. Before you go through that gate, look to your left behind the pews for
There's RIFLE AMMUNITION to your right and a FIRST AID KIT further down on a
desk in front of the stained glass window. Equip your rifle and reload all
your firearms before examining the middle pane. You'll get the SWORD PLATE,
but a Siam will force you back to the main hall the hard way. Even worse, a
second one will come up behind you. Run to the far end of the main hall. It's
blocked by barbed wire so you can't escape, but you just need to make room
between you and the Siams. Open fire when possible and when they close the
gap, drop everything and run to the other end of the hall. Repeat as needed,

switching firearms if you have to. We have all the plates for the five slots
on the organ; time to open up a way out.

The Five Tenets
Let's tackle this in a clockwise motion, starting from the top. The first
slot is labeled Vengeance. Think back to the circumstances under which we
collected our plates. Which one would most call for an act of vengeance?
How about the knight getting executed? When looking at it, Alex asked what
the knight did to deserve such a death; such thoughts inspire vengeance.
Stick the sword plate at the top.
The next one is Desire. This one was best represented by the man chasing
after the woman in the painting. Put the tree plate in this slot.
Sorrow is next. Think back to the statue where we placed the unlit candle.
After she uncovered her face, Alex noted that she bore a look of sadness.
Put the candle plate in the third slot.
Next is Sacrifice. The body in the baptismal font instantly comes to mind,
especially since it's the only one that fits out of the remaining two. The
sword plate might have been a candidate here, but the knight wasn't exactly
being sacrificed, just executed. Put the chalice plate in the fourth slot.
Penitence is the last one, a perfect fit for our friend in the confessional.
Put the kneeling man plate in the last slot.
The organ should open up, revealing something interesting.

After the scene, you get the SHEPHERD FAMILY RING. Walk ... through your
father and look to the left behind the wooden structure for a CHILD'S DRAWING.
Get the HEALTH DRINK here and chase after the Bogeyman.
Pressurized steam will shoot out of the pipes to your right, making it
impossible to pass, as it will steadily drain your health. Go left to find
some special mining clothing to put on to progress. Call the elevator and
watch the scenes.

Underground [udg]
After the scene, be prepared to mash A and then X to free yourself. Look
around for two FIRST AID KITS, the LAIR MAP, a HEALTH DRINK, and your

CEREMONIAL DAGGER. That's going to be your only weapon for a while, but you're
a pro at it by this point, right?
Head towards the area in sector 2 with rooms 211 and 212. There's an Order
member in 212 and another one in the adjoining room, but he won't attack until
you break the glass in-between. Relieve the corpse in 212 of his STEEL PIPE.
There's SHOTGUN AMMUNITION in the little shelves, a book on the table, the
SECTOR 3 KEY on the key rack, and your MK 23 HANDGUN by the monitors. Exit out
the door of this room and check to your left by the machinery for a CHILD'S
Two Order members of the pipe variety will jump you as you backtrack. Focus on
one at a time, continuously slashing, and you will be fine. Head towards
sector 3. After using your key, you should see another Order member patrolling
this area. Hang outside the hall opposite 302 to hear some guys talking. Pry
it open to fight them. It's possible to get them one at a time. Inch forward
with your light off until you see the outline of one of them. Quickly flash
him with your light and he'll attack you while his buddy stays back. Follow
this hallway and listen for a scream. Head to room 320 to initiate a scene.
When it's over, climb over the gate to your left, push the shelf out of the
way, and pry open the door. Curtis will attack you. Equip the knife, get him
in your sights, and slash away. That saw is so slow that Curtis can't even
lift it up before you do a whole knife combo on him. He wasn't even worthy of
having to press X to finish him.
Go back into 320 to get a FIRST AID KIT, a HEALTH DRINK, and a book on the
cult. There's a ROOM 301 KEY on the wall in the area where you fought Curtis.
Rejoin Elle and do the gate trick to get out. Watch out when you reenter
sector 3: two Order members will attack, one of which as a rifle. Focus on the
one with the pipe. Rifle guy is a really bad shot; he will even shoot his
buddy instead of you, he's so bad. Empty your pistol on him and finish up with
the knife.
Unlock 301 for lots of goodies. To your immediate left is a memo about
Shepherd's Glen. Keep right, and look for PISTOL AMMUNITION in the shelves
here. Through the stretchers and dividers is all your stuff in a bag and more
PISTOL AMMUNITION to your left. The last SERUM lies back behind all the
shelves, as well as a HEALTH DRINK.
Go back to the glass separating the two rooms. Look left for a flyer (Coffee
and donuts?! Those monsters!) and right for a letter. Break the glass and
raid this room for a FIRST AID KIT and a list of names of people who've been
brought to this hellhole.
Our destination is sector 1. Head to sector 2 and go north through the door
here. Do the gate trick one last time after getting rid of the Order member.

113 is the only open door. Look left upon entering for the POLICE MARKSMAN
RIFLE. Check the shelves for SHOTGUN AMMUNITION, and by the glass for a FIRST
AID KIT and a book to read. Break the glass to see Wheeler. He's not dead
yet, and whether or not you save him is the last decision you'll make that
affects your endings (though Wheeler does not actually affect two of them).
Exit out the only open door. In sector 1 proper, note the sound effects.
We've heard this once before... There's a memo on the left wall as you head
east. There's only one way to go here. In the circular room is our last big

The Founding Families
Look at the pillars around this area and use your dagger to "unlock" four of
them, making the text on the red windows legible. Make special note of the
symbols on both the pillars and the top of the windows, two for each family.
Now check the set-up on the floor: three inner circles and an outer ring,
very much like the Halo of the Sun we saw earlier. The prescription pad on
the floor is the only clue we have as to how the symbols should be set:
that's Dr. Fitch's place.
The symbols on the pillar represent the inner ring and the stained glass
windows, the outer. Dr. Fitch's inner ring symbol is a stick figure.
However, there are two stick figures on the inner ring. Make note of the
Bartlett and Holloway inner pillar symbols, the mountains and the air, and
check the machine in this room that controls the floor rings. There's only
one way to get the stick figure in Dr. Fitch's spot while getting the
mountains and air in the other two rings. Turn the inner dial twice using
Now for the outer dial. Check the Fitch's stained glass to see that their
symbol is an eye. Holloway's is a scale and Bartlett's is I'm not sure
what. Looks like a triangle with some squiggly lines. Turn the outer ring
8 times to match the family symbols in the inner and outer circles.
How come there was no Shepherd family emblem in that puzzle? Well, because
we need that to open this new door. Use the left analog stick up and down
to rotate a ring, and push it left or right to switch between rings. The
Shepherd family inner ring picture is a drop of water. The outer ring image
looks like a trident of sorts. The door should open when the two are

Examine all the tombs here until you get to the Shepherd family's.

Amnion's legs give him great reach, so break out all of your ranged weapons
and shoot until your ammo is gone. Like with Siam, you need to get distance
between you two before you can safely fire because Amnion will knock you to
the floor and continue to pummel you if you don't get back up quickly.
Along with swiping with his legs, Amnion can spew putrid sea water to knock
you down, too. Unless you went crazy and used up all your ammo before this
fight, you should have enough to knock Amnion into his second form. If not,
you need to play the dodging game to get close. I would recommend the knife
for this because Amnion is fast and will not give you much time to take a
swing with anything else.
The second stage is more dangerous because Amnion's front legs are now
completely free to grab you and throw you around like a rag doll, which
means no going near his main body. This stage is easier though because
Amnion will get his front legs caught in the floor when he goes to grab you
and misses, leaving you with the perfect opportunity to get close. Don't go
in to attack him until he's got his legs stuck. This form will still spew
sea water and swipe like crazy, so just hang back until you see the telltale rear and lunge. If you're having problems getting him to make himself
vulnerable, try getting close to him. He won't try to attack if you're not
in his range; rather, he'll just follow you around and try to spit water on
you. It shouldn't be too long before you see him collapse on his back legs,
belly perfectly exposed for a finishing move.

Enjoy your ending afterwards. If you happened to get all of Josh's photos, you
get a cute scene after the credits, regardless of what ending you received.

Extras [ext]
When you finish the game once, you get the chance to save, but you don't reload
a finished game to access extras; select New Game to reap all the benefits.
There isn't too much bonus content, but it's enough to add to the replay

There are a total of five different endings. Which ending you get is

directly affected by three tough decisions Alex must make in the latter part
of the game:
1. Kill his mother out of mercy or no?
2. Forgive his father for years of mistreatment?
3. Save Wheeler or not?
Different combinations of yes and no will yield a different ending each
Ending 1 (The Good Ending):
Forgive your father and kill your mother; what you do to Wheeler does not
matter. This is your typical survival horror ending.
Ending 2 (The In Water Ending):
Don't forgive your father but do kill your mother; what you do to Wheeler
does not matter. This ending takes place before the fiasco on the lake
and shows what would have happened otherwise.
Ending 3 (The Bogeyman Ending):
Don't forgive your father, don't kill your mother, and don't save Wheeler.
Alex's unforgivable acts will catch up to him, turning him into a literal
Ending 4 (The Hospital Ending):
Forgive your father and don't kill your mother. Probably the most
realistic ending based on the story and all those memos scattered
Ending 5 (The UFO Ending):
Don't forgive your father, don't kill your mother, but do save Wheeler.
Homecoming's ode to Silent Hill's sense of humor.
If you would rather not play through the game five different times to get
all the endings, make a separate save file in the prison before you meet
your mother and again before you get the chance to forgive your father, get
one ending, save your final progress in another slot, then reload one of
your two saved games in the prison and church and play for another. As long
as you save in a new slot after beating the final boss, you will keep your
unlocked goodies for finishing. You get achievements regardless of whether
or not you saved.
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