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Guide to upgrade U2000 Client to

I. Hardware Requirement

Hardware Configuration

Windows Minimal configuration

requirements: Intel E2140:
(dual-core) (1.6 GHz or
greater); memory (2 GB or

Software Configuration


Recommended OS:

Windows 7 Professional (64-bit


Windows 7 Professional (32-bit

Compatible OS:

Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard

(64-bit version)

IE11(32bit version)
IE10(32bit version)
IE9(32bit version

II. Installation Planning

Before installing the U2000 client, plan required information such as the host name, IP address,
installation path, and OS user.
Before installing the U2000 client, make the installation planning according to table below
Planning Item



Client host name

The host name can contain only

U2000Clientn, where n indicates
letters and digits. It must start with the sequence number.
a letter and cannot contain any

Client IP address

The client must communicate with

the server properly.

Client installation path

The disk where the client

installation path is located must
have at least 2 GB available

Client OS user

The Windows OS user

must have administrator

D:\oss (Windows OS)

/opt/oss (Solaris OS)

In Windows OS, a client can be
installed in the C:\program files

Planning Item



The Solaris OS user must

have all rights for the client

III. Installing the U2000 Client in CAU (Client Auto Upgrade) Mode
This topic describes the method of installing the U2000 client in Client Auto Update (CAU) mode.


The server must be started successfully.

The Web service and port on the server where the client in the network mode will be installed
must be enabled, the port number: 80 (used for http) or 443 (used for https, which is more secure).

The server must communicate with the clients normally.

CAU website must be the trusted site.

The disk where the client installation path is located must have at least 2 GB available space. The
free space on the system volume for the data cache must be equal to or greater than 900 MB.

The figure below shows the procedure for installing the client.


Log in to the Windows operating system as a user with administrator rights.


Double-click the Internet Explorer icon to start the Web browser.

If the OS includes a 32-bit version and a 64-bit version of Microsoft Internet Explorer, use the 32-bit
version of Internet Explorer. The U2000 does not support the 64-bit version of Internet Explorer.


In the address bar, enter (more secure, recommended) or Press Enter to enter the Web installation page.


Optional: Select I have read the instructions mentioned above and executed the steps
before launching the setup and Enter the verification code and click Setup in the Web installation

If the JRE is not installed on the operating system, a dialog box is displayed, prompting
you to install the JRE. Follow the steps below to install it.


Click OK.


Enter the verification code in the Web installation page, and click Download JRE. The
File Download - Security Warning dialog box is displayed.


Click Run. The Internet Explorer - Security Warning dialog box is displayed.


Click Run. The Java Setup - Welcome dialog box is displayed.


Click Install. The Java Setup - Progress dialog box is displayed. Wait until the Java
Setup - Complete dialog box is displayed.


Click Close to complete the JRE installation.

If Java Runtime Environment (JRE) is already installed on the operating system, go to 5.

If a JRE has been installed, run the java -version command in the CLI to view the JRE
version. If a JRE has not been installed, running the command fails.
If the version of the installed JRE is not 1.7.0_79, downloading and installing JRE
1.7.0_79 is recommended. You can uninstall the existing JRE in Control Panel.
If a message is displayed asking you to enter a user name and a password. Enter the
user name administrator and the user password.
2 Based on the displayed information and select I have read the instructions mentioned above
and executed the steps before launching the setup.

The certificate must be imported before client installation. For steps of importing the
certificate, see the link in the Web installation window.
Before client installation, select I have read the instructions mentioned above and
executed the steps before launching the setup; otherwise, installation fails.
Before installing the client, you are advised to click Download JRE on the left to
download and install JRE first. Otherwise, after you click Install, a dialog box may be
displayed, asking you to install the JRE component.
3 Enter the verification code and click Setup in the Web installation page.

During the installation, if a security alert dialog box is displayed, click Run.

Downloading software in Web mode does not affect the security of the server. After a
client is installed, you can log in to the server from the client to verify the user name and
password. Therefore, using the CAU to install a U2000 client does not require authentication.
You can use randomly assigned identification code to identify normal operations and restrict
the number of downloaded items in order to protect the server from overload.
If you consecutively enter incorrect verification code three times, the IP address of the PC
on which the Web installation page is opened will be locked by the U2000. The U2000 will
unlock this IP address 5 minutes later.

If clicking Install shows a prompt for downloading the web_nms.jnlp file, click Open.

4 Select I accept these terms and click Next. The Select Installation Directory dialog box is
During the installation, if a prompt box about changing the JWS cache location is
displayed, click OK.

To select another installation directory, click Browse.

Make sure that the name of the directory where the installation packages are stored can
contain only letters, digits, spaces, and underscores (_). The directory name cannot contain
brackets, or Chinese characters; otherwise, the installation fails.
The selected installation directory must be empty. Otherwise, an installation error
message is displayed.
5 Click Next. If the installation directory does not exist, the confirm dialog box is displayed.
6 Click Yes. The Configure Shortcut Mode dialog box is displayed.
7 Click Yes. The Confirm Installation dialog box is displayed.
8 Click Next to install the client. Wait until the Installation Completed dialog box is displayed.
9 Click Finish. The client installation in network mode is complete.

IV. Checking the Installation of U2000 Client

This topic describes how to check the installation of the U2000 client after the U2000 client is installed on

The U2000 server and client must be installed.


Verify that the directory and files for the U2000 client are generated successfully.


Verify that the shortcut icon for the U2000 client is generated successfully.

Verify that the U2000 System Monitor, U2000 Client, NE Software Management, and
U2000 NMS Maintenance Suite shortcut icons are displayed on the desktop.

Choose Start>All Programs>Network Management System to check whether the

shortcut icons exist.

U2000 System Monitor

U2000 Client

U2000 NMS Maintenance Suite

NE Software Management

U2000 Help


Uninstall U2000 Client

Optional: If the server is started, start the U2000 client by double-clicking the client shortcut icon
on the desktop (The initial password of the admin user is Changeme_123 (It is Admin_123 for a
U2000 that comes preinstalled). The password must be changed during the first login to ensure
system security. Keep the password confidential and change it regularly.). Log in to the U2000
server and verify that you can successfully log in to the U2000 client.