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A Thankful Heart Series

The Ten Lepers - Lesson 2

(C)Rev. Jeanne McIntosh September 2011
Warm up: Say: Every time you hear me say the word leprosy, you call out Unclean!
Unclean!" Let us practice this. (Practice this several times with the kids). Every time I say the
word ten say Jesus, heal us!. Lets practice this. (Practice this several times).
Read the Memory Verse: Luke 17: 15 One of them, when he saw he was healed, came back,
praising God in a loud voice. (NIV)
Object Lesson: Leprosy is a skin infection caused by bacteria (mycobacterium) it causes great
damage to a persons skin which results in deformities around certain parts of the body. Years
ago, there was no treatment for this disease so people had to go away from society and live in a
place secluded from others. Today, there are antibiotics that are very effective to help with this
disease. Here is a picture of someones feet that had leprosy. (Show picture on this cover page).
Many times, when someone had leprosy, they had to ring a bell to let others know to stay away
from them. Some would call out, unclean, unclean. Today when someone has leprosy, the
medical field may refer to it as Hansens Disease (

Bible Sermon Based on Luke 17:11-19

One day, Jesus decided to travel to Jerusalem. On his way, He would pass between the two
places of Samaria and Galilee. As Jesus arrived closer to the city, he saw a pitiful sight. There
were ten (pause) lepers who were standing outside the city all alone with no family or friends
nearby. How sad! Jesus felt sorry for them and he wanted to help them, but He wanted them to
ask for His help. You see, Jesus will not push his own way on us. He waits for us to come to Him
and ask for His help. Do you have a friend who tries to give you advice all the time even when
you do not ask for it? How does it make you feel? How does it make you feel when someone
tries to get you to do what they want all time? Maybe, they want to be the leader all the time or
the one who it IT. Maybe they want to be the first in line or get the first piece of pizza all the
Because of their leprosy (pause) these lepers were not allowed to live in the community around
other people. They had an infection that made them unclean.
I volunteer in a hospital once a week and see many sick people. Some of these people have
infections. When I go into their rooms I may have to wear a gown, mask, and gloves. I cannot let
my clothes touch anything in the room or near their bed. Sometimes, they want me to hold their
hand when I pray with them. I do this sometimes. When I leave, I need to take my gown, gloves,
and mask off a special way in order that I do not touch anything part that could be contaminated.

Then, I go wash my hands with soup and water or a special solution that the hospital provides. I
am very careful, because I do not want to get an infection.
These ten (pause) lepers were isolated from others in society. They could not live in the
neighborhood such as where you may live or go shopping to the grocery store like you do. They
had to go away far from the people. Some of the people that I work with in the hospital are
placed in isolation. They are all alone in the room with no other patients. All the workers that go
into the room including family members need to put on a glow and gloves and sometimes a
mask. Sometimes, these people feel bad and will tell me they do not like being treated that way.
How do you think the lepers must have felt? No one wanted to touch them, or be near them. How
Sad! Even if I do not like being around patients who have a serious contagious infection, I will
put on a gown and go into these rooms at the hospital. Sometimes, I am tempted to pass them by
and have at times, but it makes me feel bad because I feel that they need to be ministered to as
well as anyone else and maybe more so.
The ten (pause) lepers cried, Jesus, have mercy on us. Jesus heard their cry, and it made him
feel happy that the lepers trusted in him to heal them. The lepers had heard Jesus was coming
and acknowledged his authority and power.
Jesus did not heal them of their leprosy (pause) until they came to Him to be healed. He did not
push himself on them or require them to be cleansed of the leprosy. Jesus wants us to trust him
when we ask for things in prayer. He wants us to exhibit faith by our words and actions.
Jesus told the ten (pause) lepers, to go show themselves to the priest. It was not until they
obeyed, turned around, and started walking in obedience that they noticed a difference. God will
not answer our prayers if we are disobedient to him. We must obey Jesus and He will help us
with any problem no matter how big or small it may seem to us or others. God is powerful.
So the lepers left Jesus. Look! Do you see any spots on me? No, I cannot find one spot on you.
What happened?
They examined themselves and not one spot was on them. They became so excited and forgot all
about what Jesus had done for them as they went to show themselves to the priest. One leper
stopped and thought, I want to thank Jesus for what He has done for me. He turned and ran
back as fast as he could and fell at Jesus feet thanking him over and over. He was so grateful for
his healing.
Have you ever given a gift to someone and they did not act like they liked it? Maybe, they did
not even say thank you. How did that make you feel? Jesus wants us to be thankful people.
Jesus asked the man who was helped. Where are all the other nine men? Didnt I heal ten (pause)
lepers? Go your way for your faith has made you clean.
We need to be t thankful for everything that God does for us. Even when things do not go the
way we want them to, we need to count our blessings. When we pray and God does not heal our

family member like we asked, we need to praise Him. We do not deserve anything from God. It
is only in His mercy and great love that he responds to our prayers.
Once the lepers showed themselves to the priest, the priest would examine them to see if all the
leprosy was gone. Then, they would be free to enter back into society and go home with their

Comprehension Activity
1. Draw the outline of a person on a poster board. You can add some clothes to
prevent the kids from laughing where cottons balls are placed if you wish.
2. Divide the kids into teams, or they can play as a group.
3. Call on one kid at a time to answer a comprehension question correctly. Allow them
to go to the board and glue a cotton ball on the body that represents their team.
Continue until all the questions have been answered. See which body has the most
cotton balls - leper spots. If the glue is too messy or does not work, they can scotch
tape the cotton balls to the poster board. Take the cotton balls and pull them slightly
Questions for Comprehension Activity
1. What is leprosy? Ans. skin infection caused by bacteria
2. What two things did a person do to let people know they had leprosy? Ans. Cry out
Unclean or ring a bell
3. Today when someone has leprosy, the medical field will call it what disease? (Hint:
Begins with the letter H and is two syllables) Ans. Hansens Disease
4. One day, Jesus decided to travel to what place? Ans. Jerusalem
5. What pitiful sight did He see? Ans. Ten lepers all alone.
6. 6. Why were these lepers were not allowed to live in the community around other
people? Ans. They had an infection that made them unclean.
7. Although Jesus saw their sad condition, he wanted to _________ for His help? Ans.
Ask for His help
8. How do we protect ourselves from others who may have bacteria today in the
hospital? Ans. Wear gloves, wash our hands, wear mask, wear gown to cover our clothes
9. How do you think the lepers must have felt when no one wanted to touch them, or
be near them? Ans. Sad
10. The lepers heard Jesus was coming and acknowledged his authority and his great
_____? Ans. Hint: Begins with letter P power.
11. What did the lepers cry out to Jesus? Ans.Jesus, have mercy on us.
12. What did Jesus tell the lepers to go and do? Ans. To go show themselves to the priest.
13. What happened when they turned and walked away in obedience to Jesus? Ans.
Their leprosy disappeared.

14. Before God will answer our prayers we must be willing to _________ Him? Ans.
15. What did one leper decided to do? Ans. He turned around and came back falling at
Jesus feet and thanked Him.
16. What did Jesus say to the one leper who returned to thank Him? Ans. Where are all
the other nine men? Didnt I heal ten lepers? Go your way for your faith has made you
17. Who did the lepers need to show themselves to in order to be declared clean? Ans.
The Priest
18. Jesus wants to make us clean; how does he do this? Ans. Forgive us of our sins and
cleanse us with his blood.

The Ten Lepers

Treasures from the Word
Teaching the Memory Verse: Luke 17: 15 One of them, when he saw he was healed, came
back, praising God in a loud voice. (NIV)
In our lesson today, there were ten lepers that Jesus healed. However, in our memory verse
today, only one came back to thank God for healing him. (Lay out ten sticks and take away one).
Let us count together how many lepers did NOT come back to thank God for healing them. 1-23-4-5-6-7-8-9. Wow! Nine people did not come back to thank God. Our memory verse says that
one leper praised God. He bowed down and worshipped Jesus honoring who He was. This was
his way to express his thanks for such great and mighty power. He was not ashamed, but praised
God in a LOUD voice. Let us say the memory verse together as if we are praising God. (Say the
Let us say the memory verse again, and this time when we say the word LOUD let us be loud.
Do you think you can do that? (Say the verse)
Now, we are going to do something different. Let us go around the room and each person say
only one word of the verse. For example: The first person will say the first word of the verse and
the next person will say the first word and add another word. Each person will keep adding on
until the last person says the whole verse.
Demonstrate a few words on the board see example below - to get them started. If you have
room, write out the whole verse this way and then erase and do it without the words on the board
for a second game.

One of
One of them
One of them, when

Teacher: Worksheets are provided for extra activity. You can do these together, let the kids to
do alone, or let them work with a partner. Some children will need help with spelling words and
you may want to write some suggestions on the board for them. Use your own discretion on how
much help to give them.

Memory Verse: Luke 17: 15

Word Bank: Saw, loud, one, back, God, 15

_______________ of them, when he __________________

he was healed, came _______________________,
praising _________________in a __________________
voice. (NIV) Luke 17: ________

What are some things in which you can praise God?

Think of 1-2 words of things that you are thankful for that begin with the letters below and write
these words on the lines provided.

P ___________________________________________
R ___________________________________________
A ___________________________________________
I ____________________________________________
S ____________________________________________
E ____________________________________________

G _____________________________________________
D ______________________________________________

One Leper Give Thanks

NOTE: See The Thankful Series Overview for ideas for music, snacks, and crafts.