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We create

that helps your
paint differentiate.

A can of paint opens up endless possibilities for individual expression,

creativity, and change. With so many options, how can your formulation
stand out from the crowd? BASF offers not only a comprehensive
portfolio for the can of paint, but also formulation expertise customized
to create innovative solutions for your architectural coatings. Whether
through our products or our people, we can help your paint differentiate.
At BASF, we create chemistry.
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Table of Contents February 2015 Vol. 20, No. 2



Cover and above photo courtesy of Thompsons WaterSeal.

Wood Coatings Market

Corrosion Control
Mixing Equipment Directory
2015 Company Capabilties: A Special Yearly Supplement


iPaint..................................................................... 16
Going to Court: Hard Spots and Rocks!

Business Corner.................................................... 18
GrowthRemains the Keystone to Sustainable Profitability

International Coatings Scene................................ 19

Latin America Brazilian Economy Dims Coatings Outlook
Europe EUs New CLP Regulation on Labeling Cause
China Automotive Coatings Stays On Fast Growing Track


Editorial.................................................................. 6
As We Go to Press.................................................. 7
Fresh Paint.............................................................. 8
New Products....................................................... 13
Market Reports..................................................... 14
Industry News....................................................... 32
Suppliers Corner................................................... 34
People.................................................................. 35
Meetings............................................................... 36
Final Coat.............................................................. 82


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February 2015

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Editors Page

Wood Coatings and

Corrosion Control

his months issue of Coatings World covers two key markets wood
coatings and corrosion control.
Associate Editor, Catherine Diamond takes a look at the Wood
Coatings Market (page 24) in this months cover article. As a result of
a rise in the housing market, the wood coatings market has seen steady
gains in recent years. According to Phil Phillips, president of CHEMARK
Consulting, a growth of about 3.1 percent over the next 15 years is expected for the aggregate of wood protective and preservatives from $3100
million in 2013 to $4900 million by 2028.
Currently wood coatings represent 84 percent, while wood preservatives
hold a 16 percent SOM, Phillips said. By 2023, the shares will shift three percentage points to 81 percent for coatings and 19 percent for preservatives.
The key segments for this market include siding and decking, furniture
and cabinets. In 2013, sliding and decking made up $698 and $673 million
(22.5 percent & 21.7 percent) of the market, while furniture made up at
$304 million and cabinets $332 million (9.8 percent & 10.7 percent).
Corrosion Control (page 27) covers the market for high-performing
corrosion control technologies. These coatings are used on a number of high
value structures such as offshore oil rigs, bridges and stadiums. These coatings must withstand harsh environments and offer long-lasting protection.
According to Neil Wilds, technical manager, Protective Coatings at
AkzoNobel, customers are asking now for guarantees up 20-30 years for offshore assets. Unlike the marine market, the offshore asset does not come back
to dock every five years for inspection, he said. A fixed-platform of FPSO
(floating production, storage and offloading facility) can be offshore easily for
more than 25 years. In the North Sea, for example, there is a lot of extension of
the lifetime of platforms and therefore a lot of maintenance painting.
In high value infrastructure such as stadiums, airports and bridges, the
focus is also on low-maintenance systems, as they are constantly in use by
the public and are often very hard to access, he added. There is a large
focus on aesthetics in this market so chemistries such polysiloxanes and
fluoropolymers are being utilized.
Another factor is what added value a corrosion control coating brings
to the table. A good coating should add value to the customers business,
whether this is a reduction in long-term maintenance, increased production
speeds, lower VOCs, reduced energy use or improved hygiene, said Andreu
Tarve, Hempel Group Assortment Manager. This value-add should be one
of the main considerations, as it often leads to a higher long-term return
on investment.

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February 2015

PPG Industries has submitted an offer to

acquire a majority interest in the aerospace and automotive sealants businesses
of Le Joint Franais (LJF). LJF is a supplier of sealants and adhesives products
for the aerospace and automotive industries and has been a long-term licensee of
PPGs aerospace sealant technology.
LJFs aerospace and automotive sealants businesses would be spun-off to
form a new, separate entity, of which
PPG would be the majority owner.
PPG anticipates closing the transaction
in the second half of 2015, following

completion of the French works council

consultation process, receipt of regulatory approvals and satisfaction of other
customary closing conditions. Financial
terms were not disclosed.
LJF is headquartered in France and is
part of the Hutchinson Group, a world
leader in sealing systems, vibration, acoustic and thermal insulation, fluid transfer
systems, transmission and mobility. LJFs
aerospace and automotive sealants businesses employ more than 200 people, and
the new entity would continue operations
in Bezons, France, at the facility where

Index to Companies
This index gives the starting page for a department or feature with a significant reference to a manufacturer of paint, coatings, adhesives and sealants
Subsidiaries are indexed under their own names.
AkzoNobel................................................................................................... 8, 27
Axalta Coating Systems.......................................................................7, 8, 27, 35
BASF................................................................................................................ 13
Benjamin Moore.............................................................................................. 24
Kelly-Moore..................................................................................................... 13
Hardide Coatings............................................................................................... 8
Hempel...................................................................................................8, 13, 27
Henkel............................................................................................................... 8
Minwax........................................................................................................... 24
Nippon Paint...................................................................................................... 8
Thompsons Waterseal...................................................................................... 24
PPG...............................................................................................7, 8, 27, 35, 82
Sherwin-Williams......................................................................................... 8, 13

February 2015

As We Go To Press

PPG Makes Offers to Acquire Le Joint Francais

these businesses are currently based.

This venture is a natural progression
for the two companies, as LJF has been a
licensee of PPG technology for more than
60 years. This would allow us to serve
our aerospace and automotive customers
with greater geographic reach and with
a wider array of automotive products,
said Michael McGarry, PPG chief operating officer.

Axalta and Kinlita Form

JV to Provide Coatings to
Chinas Commercial Truck
Axalta Coating Systems and Shanghai
Kinlita Chemical have signed an agreement to form a joint venture in China.
Aimed at driving deep into Chinas
burgeoning commercial truck market, the agreement leverages Axaltas
position in coating technologies with
Kinlitas position in Chinas commercial truck market to create a powerful and compelling new presence in
Chinas commercial truck market. The
commercial truck industry plays a vital
role, from facilitating the transport of
goods to supporting the expansion of
the nations infrastructure, in supporting
Chinas economic development.
We are very pleased to be signing this joint venture agreement for
deeper cooperation with Kinlita, said
Michael Cash, senior vice president of
Axalta Coating Systems and president
of Axaltas Industrial Coatings business.
Our agreement brings together our
leadership position in supplying the commercial vehicle market globally with advanced coating technologies, such as our
environmentally responsible waterborne
primer and basecoats that can help commercial truck manufacturers reduce their
overall environmental footprint, and
Kinlitas rich history and strong market
position. This is a win-win development
for our customers and for both of our
companies in China. CW
Coatings World | 7

Fresh Paint

Axalta Opens New

U.S. Product Development Center

Axalta Coating Systems is strengthening its performance testing capability by

opening a new product development center at its facility in Lionville, PA. The center is equipped with a Global Finishing
Solutions professional spraybooth and
advanced HVAC infrastructure designed
to enable specialists to simulate a variety
of North American climate conditions.
The simulation will help to assess refinish
automotive paint application.
Now application specialists can
evaluate products in extreme environmental conditions and fine-tune a
products application characteristics, if
necessary. This should help us make a
more robust product and get it to the
customer faster, said Stefan Reinartz,
Axalta National Refinish product manager. Opening this facility is a testament
to Axaltas commitment to be the leader
in product innovation and technology.
Axaltas refinish coatings range from
surface preparation to undercoats,
basecoats and high gloss clearcoats
across a portfolio of brands that include
Cromax, Standox, Spies Hecker, Nason,
and Imron PowerTint. Each product is
formulated to be effective in different
climates and when coating various substrates such as metals, plastics and composite materials.
The facility is engineered to enable a
quick turnaround from product development to launch. A more refined prototype helps to eliminate some of the
iterative processes in field testing and
should ultimately shorten the time to get
a finished product to market, said Burt
Palmer, Axalta product manager.

strategy, One Hempel One Ambition,

and supports its goal of becoming one of
the worlds top 10 largest coatings suppliers by the end of 2015.
Hempels group president and CEO
Pierre-Yves Jullien said, We are focused
on developing or acquiring new solutions that add real benefits to our customers. Schaepman represents what we
were looking for. It has a solid position
on the local market, a strong brand, innovative R&D and specialist products
that will enrich our global assortment.
In addition, Schaepmans expertise in
the industrial coatings segment will
help open new business possibilities for
Hempel in this market.
Schaepmans management said it is
excited about the acquisition. With
Hempel we have found the perfect match.
Like Schaepman, Hempel, has many
years of experience and a strong focus
on R&D. Furthermore, Hempels solid
global presence will allow us to broaden
our customer, geographical and technological base, said Berend ten Doeschate,
Schaepmans CEO.
Hempel acquired the U.S.-based protective coatings manufacturer Blome
International Inc. in 2012. Hempel has
seen significant growth in the Americas
as a result and many Blome products
are now available to Hempels global
customers. Hempel said it expects to
continue increasing its market presence
through strategic acquisitions within its
key segments.

Hempel Acquires Dutch

Coatings Manufacturer

PPG Industries coatings manufacturing facility in Bangplee was recently

recognized with a Zero Accident
Award by Thailands Department
of Labor Protection and Welfare,
Ministry of Labor.
The Zero Accident Award honors
companies that demonstrate excellence in

Hempel has acquired Schaepmans

Lakfabrieken B.V, a leading Dutch supplier of specialized industrial, protective
and decorative coatings. The acquisition is part of Hempels five-year growth

PPG Plant in Bangplee,

Thailand Recognized for
Zero Workplace Accidents

8 | Coatings World

prevention of workplace accidents. It is a

benchmark for environment, health and
safety programs (EHS) in Thailand.
The plant received a bronze-level
award from Permanent Secretary of the
Ministry of Labor Jirasuk Sugandhajati
for achieving between 1 million and
2.99 million personnel hours worked
from January 2012 through July 2014
with no occupational accidents causing
workday loss.
We are proud to be recognized for
our commitment to safety within PPG
Thailand, said Kiat Wisanrakkit, plant
manager, Bangplee. We aim to engage
all of our employees in creating a safe
work environment, and we operate and
invest in equipment to provide a high
level of safety.
The plant uses a near-miss accident
reporting system, employs a management
intervention program and recognizes
employees for strong safety practices.
Wisanrakkit said these practices help the
plant run smoothly and promote a culture of safety there.

PPG Offers Paper Color

Samples for Select Duranar
PPG Industries coil and building products group is now offering 10-by-10-inch
paper color samples of 10 Duranar coatings through, its
on-demand sample- and literature-ordering portal.
Sharon Bird, PPG marketing communications manager, industrial coatings, said
the new paper cards are designed to satisfy
requests from architects and designers for
large color samples that more closely approximate actual metal panel sizes.
We are always seeking new ways to
make it easier for building professionals and their customers to visualize how
coatings will look on a finished project,
Bird explained. The new 10-by-10-inch
color samples provide a cost-effective
way to do so.
February 2015

AkzoNobel Signs Global

Supply Agreement with
Daimler AG
Daimler AG has signed an agreement
with AkzoNobel Performance Coatings
making the company one of the approved suppliers of vehicle refinishes
to Daimler dealerships and approved
bodyshops worldwide.
The contract covers the supply and
support of AkzoNobels Sikkens brand to
the companys dealership network including Mercedes-Benz, Smart and MercedesBenz commercial vehicles.
We are delighted to have been approved as a global supplier for one of
the worlds leading automotive companies, said Jrg Anders, a key account manager in AkzoNobels Vehicle
Refinishes business. The deal reflects
the industrys trust in our products and
services, our strength in product innovation and color matching, and in particular the range of services and support
that we offer our customers.

February 2015

Fresh Paint

PPG currently offers 10 of the most

popular Duranar coatings colors in the
10-by-10-inch paper format. They are
Black, Bone White, Bright White, Colonial
White, Champagne Gold, Pewter, Silver,
Silversmith, Silver Storm and Steel-City
Silver. Architects and designers may also
select from 90 color samples on 3-by-3inch metal panels.
PPG also publishes the Building
Products Coil Coatings Color Guide, an
eight-page booklet with 100 coatings
color chips categorized by product brand,
including Duranar, Duranar Ultra-Cool,
Duranar Vari-Cool, DuraForm, DuraStar,
Environ and Plasticron coatings.
Duranar coatings are formulated
with a proprietary combination of resins, pigments and solvents. As one of
the industrys best-known and most
trusted brands, Duranar coatings have
provided exceptional beauty, color and
long-term protection of metal components on buildings around the world for
nearly 50 years.

The approval was achieved

after extensive analysis and
tests of Sikkens products and
a thorough investigation of industrial and business processes run at
AkzoNobel, which demonstrated compliance with the highest automotive industry standards.
Daimler said the partnership with
AkzoNobel will support the companys growth plans in the worldwide
body and paint business. It added that
AkzoNobels product range and product
quality is greatly respected by the industry and is delivered with a high level of
service and support.
Simon Parker, managing director of
AkzoNobels Vehicle Refinishes business added: This is a very significant
partnership with a leading global manufacturer. We were able to achieve this
because of our truly global supply position, along with our strength and depth
in innovation, color and peerless customer service.

Coatings World | 9

Fresh Paint

PPG Enters
Into Exclusive
Negotiations to
Acquire Revocoat

PPG Industries has announced that it has

entered into exclusive negotiations with
the Axson Group to acquire Revocoat,
a global supplier of sealants, adhesives
and damper products for the automotive
industry. PPG expects the transaction to
close in the first quarter 2015, following
the French works council consultation
process, regulatory approvals and other
customary closing conditions. Financial
terms were not disclosed.
Revocoat, headquartered in France, is
part of the Axson Group, a world leader
in high-performance operational polymer
formulation. Revocoat employs more
than 500 people and operates seven manufacturing facilities and one research and
development center.
Acquiring Revocoat will enable PPG
to continue to strengthen its specialty
materials offerings to global automotive
customers, said Cynthia Niekamp, PPG
senior vice president, automotive coatings. The business represents a true adjacency with our core automotive original
equipment manufacturer (OEM) coatings
business, strengthening PPGs existing offering of sealant and adhesive products
for this industry.
Combining the expertise of the
Revocoat team with PPGs footprint will
enable us to serve our customers around
the world with an enhanced product
portfolio, said Jean-Marie Greindl, president, PPG Europe, and vice president of
PPGs automotive OEM coatings business
in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.
During the last six years, the
management team and employees of
Revocoat have driven the business to become a strong global competitor in the
automotive OEM adhesives and sealants
market, said Charles Churet, Axson
president. PPGs automotive OEM
coatings business is the best possible
vehicle to bring Revocoat to the next
level of performance, providing customers with a broader and stronger product
offering and Revocoat employees with
more opportunities for growth and personal development.

Nippon Paint Launches

Society Care Programs
to Boost CSR Program in
Nippon Paint China boosted its Corporate
Social Responsibility (CSR) program
in 2014, with the launch of its Society
Care programs in nine big cities around
China. These charitable programs drew
the participation of over 1,000 voluntary
staff members from seven different business sectors of Nippon Paint China, who
embodied the companys spirit in their
selfless work.
As one of Asias leading paint
manufacturers, Nippon Paint China
began their steps towards developing a social public welfare program
back in 2009, when they initiated the
Color, Way of Love program, which
renovates and improves the learning
environment of schools in rural desolated areas in China. They have also
developed several social interest activities, which included establishing
a special fund together with China
Youth Development Foundation and
Shanghai United Foundation, for
Color, Way of Love; donating the
establishment of Nippon Paint China
Happy Art Class; launching training
programs for school teachers and providing teaching opportunities for college students.
Nippon Paint Chinas constant commitment to social interests has gained
positive feedback from the public. Over
200 teachers and volunteers have participated in their social interests program
and the company has received up to 350
million hits on their online community
platform. Most importantly, over 60,000
students from rural areas have received
benefits from the companys help and
support programs.
As one of the five CSR programs
of Nippon Paint China, the companys
Society Care program provides help
for the vulnerable groups of society,
which include lonely elders, and disabled and poor students. The company
has so far launched 15 activities under
the Society Care program in nine cities, which help repair schools, renovate
residences for elders, offering care to the

10 | Coatings World

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) patients, and building houses for the poor
villagers in Sichuan Province. They have
achieved this with the support of China
Youth Development Foundation, China
Foundation for Poverty Alleviation,
Shanghai United Foundation, Habitat
for Humanity China and China Next
Generation Education Foundation.
Social interest activities are also a major focus of Nippon Paint Chinas CSR
program, with the company organizing activities like the Shanghai United
Walkathon- a long distance walking
activity for collecting funds for children,
and spending the Mid-Autumn Festival
with children suffering from autism.
These activities have not only helped
the vulnerable groups, but also given the
volunteers touching memories and the
chance for growth.
Liu Wei, the general manager of
Nippon Paint Chinas LangFang office,
has participated in visiting visual-impaired children in a local nursery center
for disabled children in Beijing, emphasizing the importance of everyone taking part.
Compared with last year, the Society
Care has seen a considerable growth in
the increasing numbers of cities and people that are involved. Ariel Wu, CSR, PR
and brand communications director of
Nippon Paint China, once interpreted the
companys social interest activities in the
following way: One act of kindness is
not difficult, what is difficult is to keep on
doing it and spreading it. Having everyone from Nippon Paint China carry out
the social interest activities, to contribute
whatever they can and learn from each
other, to bring colorful lives and dreams
to vulnerable groups, for them to become
a person of responsibility and kindness is
never too hard, said Wu.

Henkel Opens Asias first

Loctite Impregnation
Service Center in China
Henkel opened its first Asia-Pacific
Loctite Impregnation Service Center
in Suzhou, China. With this new service center, Henkel brings its leading
and innovative impregnation technology from Europe into Asian and other
February 2015

cylinder heads, water pumps and

Since its establishment, Henkel has
hosted experts from foundries, automobile manufacturers, and machining industries. Henkel plans to further expand the
Loctite Impregnation Service Center in
the coming years in order to accommodate an increasing need for quality and
innovative technologies from the Asian
automotive market.

PPG Industries Foundation

Donates More than $55,000
to Educational Programs in
Pittsburgh Area
The PPG Industries Foundation recently
donated more than $55,000 to seven
organizations for education-related initiatives in the Greater Pittsburgh area,
where the company maintains its global
headquarters and several facilities. The
grants highlight PPG Industries commitment to supporting its local communities and align with the PPG Industries
Foundations priority of enhancing educational opportunities.
The recent grants funded:
The Pittsburgh Section of the
American Chemical Society for support of National Chemistry Week
Carnegie Science Center for STEM
Center support and sponsorship

February 2015

Fresh Paint

emerging markets.
The Suzhou Loctite Impregnation
Service Center (LIS) is a modern 1,000
square meter workshop located in the
center of Suzhou Industrial Park which
is 50 km from Shanghai. This service
center, located in the vicinity of major
automotive manufacturers and their
suppliers, means reduced transportation distances equating to time and
cost savings.
Staffed with in-house technical service engineers, LIS offers a world class
level of quality and service with maximum flexibility to increase efficiency in
customers processes.
Loctite is a standardized process flow,
quality system, fully automated computer controlled impregnation system,
and high-tech resins deliver consistent
quality and sealing performance. Once
parts are returned, customers can expect
maximum sealing rates, zero damage,
and zero distortion, clean and ready to
use parts for the subsequent processing
steps, the company stated. The highly
efficient design of Loctite impregnation
service enables customers to achieve
greater levels of sustainability by minimizing wasted resin and shortening the
processing time.
Loctite Impregnation solutions
reliably seal all forms of porosity
in many automotive parts, such as

of SciTech Days, where

middle- and high-school
students connect with scientists and technologists
at the center;
Childrens Museum of Pittsburgh for
PPG Color Weeks, which introduce
children to the science behind color
through hands-on activities;
Support for pre-K to 8th-grade
students through the Extra Mile
Education Foundation;
Pirates Charities for the Pittsburgh
Pirates Education Days program;
Operating support for Reading Is
FUNdamental Pittsburgh to help
foster a lifelong love of reading in
children from low-income families;
Support with the Rooney Foundation
to make the national Academics in
Motion program available in two
Pittsburgh-area high schools.
The PPG Industries Foundation is
proud to support many great education programs that operate close to our
home, said Sue Sloan, executive director,
PPG Industries Foundation. These initiatives all encourage students to explore
their world, and many emphasize the science, technology, engineering and math
disciplines that are so important to the
future success of advanced manufacturing companies.

Coatings World | 11

Fresh Paint

Opens 4,000th
Retail Location in
U.S., Canada and
Sherwin-Williams has opened its 4,000th
retail location in the U.S., Canada and
Caribbean. The nations largest specialty retailer of paint and painting supplies has opened its newest location in
Sewickley, Pennsylvania.
The opening of Sherwin-Williams
4,000th store is a landmark occasion
for our company, said Chris Connor,
chairman and chief executive officer,
Sherwin-Williams. Sherwin-Williams
is committed to delivering an exceptional painting experience to homeowners
and professionals alike. We also believe
in making a positive difference in the
communities we serve and look forward
to showing our support for Sewickley
and the surrounding boroughs in the
coming years.
In honor of the 4,000th store opening, Sherwin-Williams will donate
$40,000 to Austins Playroom Project,
an initiative of the Mario Lemieux
Foundation. The funds will furnish interactive iPad tables in 10 hospital playrooms in the Pittsburgh area and across
the country. Austins Playroom Project
seeks to benefit families and improve
the quality of a childs hospital experience whether as a visitor or patient
by furnishing cheerful playrooms
that are safe, calming and comfortable. The playrooms feature SherwinWilliams paints, such as Optimistic

Yellow (SW 6900), Sundance (SW

6897) and Exciting Orange (SW 6647).
Sherwin-Williams will also donate
$4,000 to the Sewickley Civic Garden
Council for the construction of a new
gazebo in Wolcott Park. The current gazebo is a celebrated cornerstone of the
Sewickley community.

H.B. Fuller Company Agrees

to Acquire Continental
Products Limited
H.B. Fuller Company has announced that
it has signed an agreement to purchase
Continental Products Limited, a provider of industrial adhesives in East and
Central Africa. This business will generate approximately 2.3 million in revenue
for the 2014 fiscal year. Based in Nairobi,
Kenya, Continental will be included in
H.B. Fullers Europe, India, Middle East,
Africa (EIMEA) operating segment.
With this acquisition, we will take
a significant step forward in our plan
to grow in Africa, said Steve Kenny,
senior vice president, EIMEA, H.B.
Fuller. H.B. Fuller has a strategic focus on growth in emerging markets,
and the Continental business will
enable us to deliver specialty adhesive products to key customers in the
East and Central African regions. The
Continental team has developed extensive market knowledge and exceptionally strong customer relationships,
and coupled with their local manufacturing capabilities, H.B. Fuller will be
able to further enhance partnerships
with its customers to develop and

12 | Coatings World

produce new and better products for

their customers.

Hardide Coatings
Boosts UK Facility for
Nanostructured Tungsten
Carbide Coatings
Hardide Coatings has invested a sixfigure sum in its UK manufacturing facility increasing its installed capacity by
nearly 50 percent to deal with growing
demand for its range of nanostructured
tungsten carbide coatings.
The installation of a third large capacity reactor is part of an investment
program which will also recruit up to
three additional operations staff to
meet increasing demand from existing and new customers at its plant in
Bicester, Oxfordshire.

PPG Foundation Supports

Elementary School Program
in Illinois
Chris Campbell, facility manager at PPG
Industries industrial coatings manufacturing facility in Mount Vernon, Illinois,
has presented PPG Industries Foundation
checks totaling nearly $4,000 to North Side
Elementary School Teachers Brenda Slover,
Kerri Meritt, Zack Holtz and April Smith.
These checks supported programs to
teach third-grade students about robotics,
to provide phonetic readers to kindergarten students, to introduce a color-coded
approach to enhancing oral and written
language, and to provide math journals
and guidance for students in kindergarten
through third grade. CW

February 2015

Kelly-Moore Paints has released its

newest paint finish for its super premium interior paint line, DuraPoxy.
A flat matte finish will be available in
DuraPoxy in April.
Just asthe entire DuraPoxy family, the
new Matte is a 100 percent acrylic formulation,low VOC with easy water cleanup
and contains an anti-microbial agent
to ensure very low odor. The DuraPoxy
Matte Interior Paint also is stain and mildew resistantand was crafted to provide
outstanding adhesion.
Available at Kelly-Moore retailers beginning April 1st, DuraPoxy Matte isoffered in four bases, in gallons, quarts and
fives, and is designed for bothresidential
land commercial applications.

BASF Launches
MasterProtect C 350, a
Hydrophobic Wall Coating
BASF launched a new wall coating in
the U.S. and Canada, engineered for
enhanced protection of vertical concrete, concrete masonry units (CMU)
and masonry.
MasterProtect C 350 hydrophobic coating is the latest addition to the
MasterProtect line of protective coatings,
part of BASFs Master Builders Solutions
brand. The hydrophobic properties of
MasterProtect C 350 provide an attractive finish which resists dirt pick-up, and
requires only rainfall or rinsing with
water to remove any dirt which does accumulate, helping reduce exterior maintenance costs, according to the company.
MasterProtect C 350 can be applied
as a restoration topcoat or to new vertical construction. It is designed to withstand wind driven rain as well as heavy
UV exposure, resulting in long-lasting
color retention.
MasterProtect C 350 is available in four tintbases, with formulations to match the 50 colors in the
MasterProtect Color Portfolio. Custom
colors are also available.

Sherwin-Williams Adds
Three Finishes to KEM
Aqua Building Products Line
Sherwin-Williams recently added Kem
Aqua SoPro, Kem Aqua Wood Grain and
KEM Aqua Earth Tones exterior siding
topcoats to its Kem Aqua family of finishes. Along with Sherwin-Williams KEM
Aqua BP Siding Plus, these finishes provide quality and value in a broad range
of colors to professional prefinishers, according to the firm.
Kem Aqua SoPro, Kem Aqua Wood
Grain and Kem Aqua Earth Tones were
formerly offered as the Duckbackbranded products SoPro, Wood Grain
Natural Toners, and Wood Grain Earth
Tones, which Sherwin-Williams acquired
in September 2013.
Products available to siding and trim
manufacturers include:
KEM Aqua BP Siding Plus a self
cross-linking monochromatic system that
provides consistent performance across
all substrates, eliminating the need to
stock different coatings for each substrate. Production time is saved and color
consistency enhanced through one-coat
application, including dark, bold shades
that are available in solar reflective tints.
Fast cure times allow fast slip-sheeting
and packaging. Enhanced adhesion properties increase durability and reduce onsite installation issues.
KEM Aqua SoProTopcoat a 100
percent acrylic latex finish that provides
excellent adhesion to primed fiber cement, composite wood and hardboard
siding and trim. It offers exceptional hiding and color retention. The finish also
provides outstanding color matching.
SoPro provides an eggshell sheen that is
hard, yet flexible, for enhanced durability. KEM Aqua SoPro is available in 145
colors as well as custom matched colors.
KEM Aqua Wood Grain a twopart system for fiber cement and composite siding and trim, comprised of a base
coat that reduces efflorescence and adds

February 2015

New Products

Kelly-Moore Unveils
Super Premium Matte Finish

protection against UV rays and moisture.

The top coat provides a uniform woodlike finish, accentuating the natural grain
patterns of the siding and trim. Six colors
are available.
KEM Aqua Earth Tones a blend of
two tones that creates a multi-hued, natural look rather than a flat painted surface.
Designed for application on composite
and fiber cement siding and trim, it is
available in 21 colors.

Hempel Launches Two New

Pure Epoxy Coatings
Hempel has announced the launch of
two new pure epoxy coatings, Hempadur
15600 and Easy 47700.
An addition to the HEMPADUR
range, HEMPADUR 15600 is a IMO
PSPC cargo oil tank compliant, pure epoxy tank coating resistant to continuous
immersion in a range of chemicals, including crude oil up to 80 C/176 F, according to Henkel.
In addition, this new pure epoxy coating incorporates high cross-link density
technology on level with a phenolic epoxy coating, which gives added chemical and corrosion resistance and a hard,
smooth and glossy surface for easy cleaning.HEMPADUR 15600 is also suitable
for grey and black water tanks, mud and
brine tanks, refrigerated seawater fish
tanks and other vessel tanks.
HEMPADUR EASY 47700 is a new
pure epoxy all seasons primer designed
for the marine maintenance market. It
was developed in response to demands
for a reliable, user friendly and flexible
coating for use in dry-dock under all climate conditions. This new coating can
be used on almost all vessel surfaces and
was designed to deliver high surface tolerance and reliability across the temperature scale. HEMPADUR EASY 47700
can be applied at temperatures as low as
-10C/50 F and up to +40 C/104 F which
allows it to be used in most dry docks and
at most times of the year. CW
Coatings World | 13

Market Reports

IRL Publishes Profile of the

Eastern European Paint Industry

IRL has launched a new edition of its

regional title, A Profile of the Eastern
European Paint Industry. This fully updated report provides market data for
2013 and forecasts for 2018, and gives
an overview of the paint industry trends
across ten countries in the region.
The total market for paints and coatings in Eastern Europe was more than
2.8 million tons in 2013, and is forecast
to rise to more than 3.3 million tons by
2018. This is equivalent to an average annual growth rate of 2.7 percent.
On a country-by-country basis,
Russia is by far the largest national market, accounting for approximately 54
percent of total demand. The Russian
paints and coatings market is forecast to
grow at a modest rate due to the slowdown of the Russian economy caused by
a drop in oil prices, high interest rates
and Western sanctions.
The second largest paint market of
Turkey will enjoy the highest growth rate
over the next few years, underpinned by
increasing domestic demand for locallymanufactured goods and increasing income of the Turkish population.
Architectural and decorative coatings
for consumer and professional uses account for around 59 percent of the total
market, although this proportion varies from country to country. Growth is
forecast to be the highest in the industrial
wood and powder coatings segments. The
growth in the demand for industrial wood
coatings is influenced by the dominant
market of Turkey, the furniture production of which is currently booming due to
high domestic and international demand
for Turkish-made furniture. The most attractive opportunities for the supply of
powder coatings to the East European
region exist, predictably, in Russia and
Turkey, where the demand for them is,
firstly, driven by their product advantages
over their liquid analogs.
A Profile of the Eastern European
Paint Industry gives an insight into the

market changes in the past few years, as

well as outlining the key trends affecting the decorative and industrial coatings segments for each individual country
covered. The scope of the study covers Armenia, Belarus, Estonia, Georgia,
Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Russia,
Turkey and the Ukraine. It provides 2013
market data on nine mainstream paints
and coatings segments: architectural/
decorative, industrial wood coatings,
protective coatings, marine coatings,
automotive OEM coatings, automotive
refinishes, powder coatings, general industrial coatings and plastic coatings.
Forecasts on these are also presented for
the year 2018. The cost of the full report
is 3,950.

14 | Coatings World

Sections of the report, priced individually, are available to purchase online at

Kusumgar, Nerlfi &

Growney Announce Fifth
U.S. Paint & Coatings
Industry Study
Kusumgar, Nerlfi & Growney has announced the commencement of its fifth
U.S. Paint & Coatings Industry study.
According to the firm, the industry is
continuing its recovery from the global
recession of 2008-2009. Consumption
is projected to be 8.8 billion dry pounds
(excluding water and solvent) in 2015
valued at some $28 billion. Despite being a mature industry, coatings continue
February 2015

Study on World Demand

for Decorative Laminates
Global demand for decorative laminates
is expected to rise 5.6 percent per
year to 10.7 billion square meters in
2018, valued at $40.8 billion.Demand
will benefit from expected increases
in the manufacture of products such
as cabinets, ready-to-assemble (RTA)
furniture, and flooring, which are
often made from engineered wood and
laminated. Gains will also be driven
by increased market penetration at the
expense of other surfacing materials
(wood veneer and paint) due to cost and
performance benefits. Furniture and
cabinets were the largest markets for
decorative laminates in 2013, accounting
for nearly 70 percent of total demand.
These and other trends are presented
in World Decorative Laminates, a
new study from The Freedonia Group,
Inc., a Cleveland-based industry market
research firm.
The Asia/Pacific region was the largest
market for decorative laminates in 2013,
with nearly 50 percent of the global total. Analyst Pam Safarek notes that, the
region benefits from its leading position
in engineered wood production, particularly particleboard and medium density
fiberboard (MDF), which are often given
a laminate layer at the point of production. Advances for laminates will be
propelled by the continuing development of the large Chinese market, which
alone accounted for 31 percent of global
demand in 2013. China is the worlds
largest producer of RTA furniture and
laminate flooring. Manufacturing capacity for laminated boards continues
to expand in China. India is expected
to post the most rapid gains in laminate
demand worldwide through 2018. The
country continues to rapidly develop its
manufacturing sector, including cabinets
and RTA furniture, and to increase its
capacity to produce particleboard and
MDF as a way to more efficiently use local wood resources.
Well-established decorative laminate
industries are found in Western Europe
and the U.S., where engineered wood and
paper industries are highly developed.
Despite an ongoing shift in production

February 2015

Market Reports

to evolve to meet the challenges of regulations, growing consumer demands,

increased emphasis on sustainable products, globalization, cost pressures, etc.
The recent sharp drop in oil prices could
force coating prices lower if continued.
Architectural coatings are projected to
capture just over one-half of the pounds
in 2015. Volume is still somewhat below
the peak level of 2006 but has grown
modestly in recent years. Pricing is up as
material costs have increased and products have become more sophisticated.
Original equipment manufacturer
(OEM) coatings are forecast to take
one-quarter of the volume in 2015.
OEM coating growth varies among the
end uses with automotive and aerospace
growing strongly in recent years. Special
purpose coatings are expected to be 24
percent of the 2015 volume. Industrial
maintenance and specialty roof coatings
are end uses which have grown with the
economic recovery and increased construction spending.
Water-based technology is forecast
to be 58 percent of the volume in 2015,
up from a 48 percent share in 1996.
Architectural paints are 71 percent of
the WB pounds and industrial coatings,
which includes both OEM and special
purpose, represent 29 percent. Solventbased technology is projected to capture 30 percent of the 2015 pounds
which is down from a 42 percent share
in 1996. Just over 70 percent of the solvent-based coating in 2015 will be used
in industrial applications.
Powder, radcure and other 100 percent solids technologies are nearly exclusively confined to the industrial coatings
segment. They are projected to garner 11
percent of the coating pounds in 2015.
These technologies represent roughly 40
percent of the OEM volume and 5 perce
nt of special purpose coatings. Powder
has grown from 14 percent of the OEM
coating volume in 1996 to just over a 20
percent share in 2015.
The U.S. Paint & Coatings Industry,
2015-2020 will be published in 2016
and is available through subscription.
Interested parties are invited to contact
the company by calling 201-773-0785 or
by e-mail at

of many laminated engineered

wood products toward China,
India, and other developing areas, demand for laminates in
Western Europe is still significant, as the
region maintains large RTA furniture and
laminate flooring industries. Germany,
France, and Sweden are regional leaders
in the production of RTA furniture. The
U.S. also maintains significant production
capacity for RTA furniture, cabinets, and
laminate flooring.

Smart Coatings Market to

Reach $5.8 Billion by 2020
NanoMarkets has announced the release
of a new report titled, Smart Coatings
Markets 2015-2022, a report that continues the firms coverage of the smart
coatings market dating back to 2010.
The report shows that the smart coatings
market will grow from around $610 million in 2015 to $5.8 billion in 2020.
The report analyzes the markets for
smart coatings in key sectors of the
economy including construction, energy, automotive, healthcare, consumer
electronics, textiles and the military.
Coverage includes relatively mature
smart coatings (e.g., self-cleaning coatings), along with latest materials such as
smart multi-layer coatings.
The report also provides detailed
eight-year forecasts in both volume and
value terms and for each end-user sector
and includes separate forecasts for all the
main classes of smart coatings as well as
for the underlying oxides, polymers, etc.,
from which they are fabricated.
Firms addressed in the report include:
3M, AK Coatings, AkzoNobel, Axalta,
BASF, Clariant, Corning, Debiotech, Dow
Chemical, Dow Corning, DSM, Dunmore,
Duco, DuPont, GE, Gentex, Hempel,
Hypho Technology, Industrial Nanotech,
IngeniaTouch, Jotun, Lonza Industrial
Solutions, Lubrizol, Nanovations, Nano
Lab, nGimat, NSG, P2i, Pilkington,
Pleotint, PPG, Research Frontiers, Ross
Technology, Sage Electrochromics, SaintGobain, SeePoint Technology, Seagate,
Senseg, Silco Tek, Sherwin-Williams,
Specialty Coating Systems, SRI, Svaya,
SWITCH Materials, Tesla Nanocoatings,
Toyota and Valspar. CW
Coatings World | 15

IPaint Protecting the P&C Industrys Intellectual Assets

Going to Court: Hard Spots and Rocks!

by Steve McDaniel and Jon Hurt
Technology Litigators

ivil court is a double-edged sword

that can cut you pretty badly
when trying to keep your trade
secrets actually Secret. You can go to
court specifically to stop use or disclosure
of your proprietary information, or even
for some reason not related to trade secret misappropriation. But, if you are not
very careful, the generally noble-minded
tendency of courts to be open forums
can lead to the destructive release of your
trade secrets into the public domain.
There are several legal maneuvers generally available to help protect you from
unintentionally disemboweling yourself
on the blade of justice.
The overall goal of your efforts is to
establish that you took reasonable measures to maintain the secrecy of your
trade secrets. This includes reasonable
efforts to do so during court proceedings. It allows you the best chance of persuasively arguing that the court records
should be sealed after trial is complete.
And, subsequently, to show that you have
not lost your trade secrets property rights
during a court proceeding. Failure to do
so may (assume will) result in the loss of
your trade secrets.
The first thing you should seek is a
protective order where any proprietary
information is filed with the court under
seal. Typically, you negotiate a confidentiality agreement with your adversary as
early as possible during discovery stating
that certain information should remain
confidential, and then you ask the court
to issue a protective order modeled on the
A protective order may stipulate, for
instance, that only the counsel (and possibly the parties and/or experts) may have
access to proprietary information in the
discovery process, what documents are
filed under seal, and how the documents

are to be handled after trial to maintain

confidentiality. This path avoids asking
the court for protection to keep under
seal each separate filing having proprietary information. But, it may be hard to
implement a protective order if both parties and the court cant achieve agreement
regarding the bounds of the order.
One party may want information to
be fully available to witnesses during
trial, or may just not want to make life
easy for the other guy by acknowledging information to be confidential (Do
you really want to pursue this court case
and possibly exposure your trade secrets,
pal?). And some courts may be less than
enthused by the extra work in segregating
unsealed and sealed records, in addition
to undermining the tradition of transparent court proceedings. Be prepared to
demonstrate the necessity of these actions,
including arguing that alternatives such
as redacting documents would not be effective in maintaining the necessary level
of secrecy. And, of course, follow all the
guidelines we have discussed concerning
reasonable efforts to maintain your trade
secrets OUTSIDE the courtroom (http://
Even with a protective order in place
regarding public access to documents,
what about members of the public (i.e.,
competitors seeking the trade secrets)
simply attending the trial and paying
close attention? A lot can be said during
live oral testimony, and key information
can be displayed using giant flash cards
or other audio visual memory aids called
exhibits. What is heard cannot be unheard, what is seen cannot be unseen.
And your less than friendly opposition
will likely be keenly aware of this issue.
For example, in The Gates Rubber Co. v.
Bando Chemical Industries Ltd. (9 F.3d
823, 28 USPQ2d 1503), the defendant
argued that a permanent injunction was
inappropriate to protect the plaintiffs

16 | Coatings World

trade secrets as they were no longer trade

secrets after disclosure during the permanent injunction hearing. Wow, talk about
a damned if you do damned if you dont
argument! Fortunately, as the attorney
for the plaintiff monitored the presence
of observers in the courtroom during the
hearing, and sought that the record of the

hearing was subsequently placed under

seal, it was deemed to be reasonable efforts to maintain the trade secrets secrecy. Do not forget that anywhere sworn
testimony is given (i.e., a deposition of
your CEO at your own lawyers fancy
Ming-vase bedecked conference room),
there is substantial risk of inadvertent
disclosure of your trade secrets.
But to really cover this issue, you may
consider getting a court order to close the
proceedings to the public before words
February 2015

Protecting the P&C Industrys Intellectual Assets IPaint

start to fly. Good luck with that. You
will need to convince the court something
along the lines that no reasonable alternative exists to protect the trade secret
holder from the harm that would occur
due to disclosure in a public court setting.
It is not unheard of to get a closed court
proceeding, but the existence of trade secrets in the case does not get an automatic
grant to close the court. It may be wise
to sharpen your arguments as to the existence and value of your trade secrets far
in advance of any potential legal action to
convince the court to do what is needed

to protect your property. And, if you have

paid attention to our admonishments in
iPaint (, you will have
a ready list and valuation that you have
frequently updated (of course you have!).
If you are slow to parry your opponents slight of legal hand in keeping
court proceedings tightly under wraps,
then the bleeding out of your trade secrets
starts. In Littlejohn v. Bic Corp. (697

F.Supp. 192 (1988)), a product liability

case about Littlejohn accidentally getting
burned by a Bic lighter, a protective order
was in place to protect Bic Corps trade
secrets. Unfortunately, Bic Corps counsel
did not object to exhibits introduced at
trial that disclosed trade secrets covered
by the order. A post-trial attempt by Bic
to get the Court to seal the trial record
was not granted, and it was found that
failure to raise the issue of confidentiality regarding the exhibits and seeking an
order sealing the record during the trial
constituted a waiver of rights granted by
the protective order. Oops!
You can learn a lot on what you
should do based on the reasoning courts
use to deny a request for sealing the case
record. In Carnegie Mellon University v.
Marvell Technology Group, Civ. Action
No. 09-290 (W.D. Pa. Mar. 29, 2013),
the court found that a partys confidentiality interest in its trade secrets were
waived by failing to take the following
actions during trial: seek a protective
order, request a closed proceeding after
the courts warning, make submissions
regarding confidential information in
the judges chambers before introduction
into the public record, and moving to seal
the records. The court also noted that
evidence of harm by public disclosure at
trial was not presented. The point being,
if you wind up in court, be prepared for
the eventuality that despite your good but
not perfect efforts, you still may wind up
having your trade secrets exposed.
Even if you succeed in having the court
records sealed, that does not mean they
cant be unsealed during appeal. Apple
Inc. found this out as public sources were
cited as disclosing the trade secrets subject
to seal, leading the U.S. Court of Appeals in
San Francisco (9th Cir.) to state that Apple
cannot have this court seal information
merely to avoid confirming that the publicly available sources got it right. So, if
there was a question in the minds of your
competitors as to whether your trade secret
was even partly reversed engineered, you
can put that issue to rest to their advantage
by disclosing the trade secret in court, even
when you thought you were protected.
Well, what recourse do you have after loss of your trade secrets due to

February 2015

litigation? Can you recover financial

losses from the state or Federal government? Probably not, but the idea is
something to keep an eye on as case law
progresses over time. The federal Takings
Clause states that nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just
compensation, and as trade secrets have
been held to qualify for this protection
by the Supreme Court in Ruckelshaus
v. Monsanto Co. The Courts position
was that a government agencys disclosure of a trade secret that interferes with
reasonable investment-backed expectations could qualify as a taking, and
thus make governmental compensation
possible. And it has been speculated in
legal circles that a courts refusal to order protective measures could amount to
a taking when trade secrets are lost by
disclosures at trial.
But given various courts view from
the decisions discussed above that the
burden is on you to take reasonable
measures to protect your trade secrets,
trying to switch that attitude 180 while
blazing new legal trails will likely be an
uphill battle.
Is there an alternative to the court
process that is any better? Well, there
is state-run arbitration, which was supposed to be a more confidential way
to resolve business disputes, but the
Supreme Court recently let stand a ruling that Delawares arbitration system
must be open to the public like civil
trials. Ok, what about private arbitration? The Supreme Court has described private arbitration as able to
be designed by the parties so that proceedings be kept confidential to protect
trade secrets. So, if you are on good
enough terms with the opposition to
reach a mutual agreement to a confidential arbitration proceeding, it is an
avenue to be considered.
Ok, lets face it: this whole situation
is rife with peril! But, sometimes you
gotta do what you gotta do. Failure to
aggressively protect against theft of your
trade secrets is a death knell for their continued existence. Failure to keep up the
hard work of protecting them in a court
proceeding is just as much a requirement.
Hard spots and rocks. CW
Coatings World | 17

Business Corner Strategies & Analysis

Growth . . . . Remains the Keystone

to Sustainable Profitability
by Phil Phillips, PhD
Contributing Editor

n 2007 & 2008, our industry was negatively affected by a severe general economic recession. We all know the symptoms .
. . major multi-industry wide job losses in concert with significant budget cuts. In these very bad times, basically to satisfy the
oft-times abstract thinking stakeholders, personnel cuts are made
on the short-term that are either the wrong ones or they are too
deep or . . . . many times . . . both. In the present relatively good
times, we need to remember some of the practices that kept us
in positive positions as well. In a recent article by Dr. Rosabeth
Moss Kanter, she stated that in a recession, put everyone in
marketing. Dr. Kanter delineates five suggestions:
1. Increase customer contact & communications: Customers
cannot play second fiddle to support elements
2. Start looking for new markets now: All companies need the
flexibility to move quickly into promising markets. Adjacent
markets where technologies can match and growth is greater
than the incumbent segments.
3. Invest in employee morale: When morale is down, fear sits
in and worries reduce productivity
4. Emphasize & reward small wins: Everyone should be involved in undertaking small improvement that can become
large positive impacts taken together
5. Stick with our values: Cutting corners with customers
doesnt work. Marginal ethical tactics such as gifts to a
purchasing agent are short-lived tactics that many times
have a reverse impact on the relationship.(1)

Loyalty & Growth

What is loyalty? Loyalty is the willingness of someone (customer, employee, or friend) to make an investment or personal
sacrifice in order to strengthen a relationship. For a customer, it
can mean staying with a supplier who treats him well and gives
him good value over the long term even if the supplier does not
offer the best price in a particular deal.
True loyalty undoubtedly affects profitability. While regular
customers arent always profitable, their choice to stay with a
product/service typically reduces the customers acquisition
costs. Loyalty also drives top line growth. Customers who are
truly loyal tend to buy more over time, as their company incomes grow or they devote a larger share of their wallets to a
supplier they feel good about.
Loyal customers spread the word about their supplier.
Word-of-mouth recommendations are one of the best indicators of loyalty because of the customers sacrifice in making the

recommendation. That is, in making a voluntary positive statement about a supplier is figuratively the equivalent to giving a
part of the recommenders heart and soul to another part of the
value chain. They put their reputations at risk in acting in this
manner. So, the important question is, when will a loyal customer
place their reputations at risk? They will do so only when they
feel intense loyalty. Intense loyalty by a customer can provide the
supplier with the opportunity to gain new customers which is
particularly beneficial as a supplier grows.
Because loyalty is so important to profitable growth, measuring and managing it makes good sense. It is, however, unfortunate existing approaches miss the mark and fail to accurately
account for the true measure of loyalty, therefore, leading to
unsound results. Conventional customer-satisfaction measures
lack a consistently viable connection to actual customer behavior and growth. It is difficult to determine a strong correlation
between high customer satisfaction scores and outstanding sales
growth. In fact, in some cases, the reverse is true. K-Mart is an
outstanding example of high satisfaction scores simultaneous
with its sales revenue going into free-fall. The auto industry
dealership surveys are replete with these same results.
If one buys into the concept that intense loyalty by a customer provides a supplier with extraordinary competitive advantages leading to greater profitable growth, then keeping it simple,
is the key rule of engagement in customer-satisfaction surveys.
A guideline stating that you must ask the right questions in a
Customer-Satisfaction-Survey, seems like a dah, thats so understood! Well, it just hasnt been understood so well in the past.
According to F.F. Reichheld of Bain & Company, Here are
the top-ranked RIGHT questions which provide the most accurate measure of loyalty:
How likely is it that you would recommend (company x)
to others?
How strongly do you agree that (company x) deserves
your loyalty?
How likely is it that you will continue to purchase products/services from (company x)?
In challenging times, dont just rely on your marketing department to market but instead, bring into play your company
and especially, use the top executives as market-facing selling
tools.When contemplating customer-satisfaction surveys, keep
it simple . . . . you just might be better off by employing only
three questions Reichheld depicts as the most important . . . . all
else may be unnecessary. CW
1. Dr. R. Moss Kanter, In a Recession, Put Everyone in Marketing,
HBR, April, 2009
2. Mr. Frederick F. Reichheld, The One Number You Need to
Grow, HBR, December, 2003

18 | Coatings World

February 2015

Latin America International Coatings Scene

Brazilian Economy Dims Coatings Outlook

by Charles W. Thurston
Latin America Correspondent

host of negative factors in Brazils economy are pointing to a barely positive

growth rate during 2015, an outlook
that has been scaled back several times over
the past year. While many sectors are flat or in
decline, there is some positive news in the tea
leaves for general manufacturing, suggesting
the demand for powder coatings could improve.

Industrial Grown Down

Perhaps the
hardest hit sector
in the Brazilian
economy is
industrial growth.
Industrial growth
dropped by
2.7 percent in

Perhaps the hardest hit sector in the Brazilian

economy is industrial growth. Industrial production dropped by 2.7 percent in December, with
a full year retraction in many major states: Sao
Paulo, for example, finished the year with a 6.1
percent contraction, according to the Instituto
Brasileiro de Geografia e Estatstica IBGE), the
Brazilian institute of geography and statistics.
Among the greatest negative impacts recorded
were in the production of motor vehicles, trailers
and trucks, an industry centered in Sao Paulo.
LatinFocus Consensus Forecast participants
see industrial production increasing 0.7 percent
in 2015In 2016, industrial output is expected to
expand 2.3 percent, the analysts recently reported.
Scandals in the oil and gas sector led rating
agency Fitch in November 2014, to place all rated
Brazilian construction companies on Rating Watch
Negative. A possible reduction in (state oil company) Petrobras investment plans and an environment of lower oil prices may put an additional
burden on some construction companies (and) oil
service-related companies, Fitch warned.

Higher Taxes Hit Coatings

In an attempt to control the economy, the government has tightened credit and raised taxes, a
counter-movement to falling prices in commodities, which strongly affect the economy. The tax
increase on imports, which moved up from 9.25
percent to 11.75 percent as of February, has a burdensome impact on the paint and coatings industry,
which estimates that imported materials account
for 60 percent of the cost of formulation in Brazil.
February 2015

The more sophisticated the product, the higher

the imported component, noted Dilson Ferreira
the executive director of the Associao Brasileira
dos Fabricantes de Tintas (Abrafati), the national
coatings manufacturers association, in Sao Paulo.
The higher taxes this year will pressure
already thin margins at a time when we are
facing weak demand, commented Ferreira recently. During the Abrafati Forum, 95 percent
of the attendees projected a 2015 GDP growth
rate between zero and two percent. The first
half of 2015 will be a tough time, reckoned
Abrafati management board chairman Antonio
Carlos Lacerda.

2015 Outlook
Final coatings industry numbers have not been
released by Abrafati yet, but the expectation is
that volumes were down two percent in 2014,
and that they will climb by one percent this year.
Efforts to keep the currency weak may
help boost Brazilian exports, nonetheless, and
China is growing in its importance for Brazilian
products, slowly expanding beyond raw materials and food. London-based HSBC indicates
that Brazils currency, the Real, has weakened
against the dollar for five months in a row, also
increasing the cost of imported goods.
The good news included a note in February,
that the HSBC Purchasing Managers Index for
the Brazilian manufacturing sector was reported to
have risen to a seasonally adjusted 50.7 in January
from 50.2 in December, keeping the index positive
by a fraction. The output index rose to its highest
since December 2013, mostly driven by consumer
and intermediate goods, the bank indicated. CW
Coatings World | 19

International Coatings Scene Europe

EUs New CLP Regulation

on Labeling Cause Concern

By mid-2017
all coatings
products on sale
in the EU will
have to bear the
CLP labels with
hazard symbols
or pictograms
different in
and scope to
those required
by previous

by Sean Milmo
European Correspondent

he European coatings industry entered

this year in the final stages of a big exercise in the relabeling of its products to
comply with a new European Union regulation
on hazard warnings for mixtures of chemicals
and other formulations.
Although several years have elapsed since
the regulation were first drafted, the industry still has a number of worries about their
By mid-2015 all new coatings products and
other mixtures like detergents and household
and industrial cleaners will have to carry specific labels complying with the EUs Classification,
Labelling and Packaging (CLP) Regulation
By mid-2017 all coatings products on sale

20 | Coatings World

in the EU will have to bear the CLP labels with

hazard symbols or pictograms different in appearance and in scope to those required by previous legislation.
The CLP regulation was approved by the
European Parliament and the EU Council, representing the Unions member states, in 2008 so
that it could start to come into force in 2009.
In its first stage of implementation, only
individual substances or chemicals had to be
classified and labelled according to their hazards by a deadline of December 2010, which
is followed by a second stage deadline of June
1 this year for the classification and labeling
of mixtures.
A major concern for the coatings industry is
ignorance among coatings users about the CLP
scheme, particularly about changes to hazard
classification and symbols. There are coatings
which will be labelled hazardous which have
not been labelled that way before, said Wayne
February 2015

Europe International Coatings Scene

Smith, regulatory affairs director at the
British Coatings Federation (BCF).
Classifying of the hazards of mixtures
is mainly done on the basis of the dangers posed by their individual substances,
whose safety profile can change.
The EUs REACH legislation, on the
registration, evaluation and authorization of around 30,000 substances over
11 years to 2018, is triggering changes in
CLP classifications. At the same time the
scope of what is categorized as a hazard
has been extended.
The CLP regulation has not only introduced new hazard pictograms but altered their design from black symbols on
an orange background to ones on a white
background with a red border. Among the
new symbols is one for respiratory hazards
showing the dark outline of a man with
what looks like an exploding chest.
Mixtures containing solvents now
have to carry a pictogram with a flames
symbol to show the danger of flammability. The application of a symbol of a
skull and crossbones has been extended
to cover a broader range of danger.
Customers and their staff working
in manufacturing, as well as professional decorative painters, will know these
symbols because they are already known
in industry and transport, explained
Michael Bross, director of the German
Paint and Printing Ink Association (VdL).
But it will be different with consumers.
They will be confused and could be asking a lot of questions.
Also customers, both in industry
and the DIY sector, may be surprised
to see hazard pictograms on coatings
products that previously did not carry
them. Some are quite dramatic looking, said Jo Lloyd, technical director at
ReachReady, a London-based consultancy. There will be purchasers of coatings
and other mixtures who may switch to
another product even though the actual
information in the safety data sheet will
be unchanged.
Some people in the coatings industry are annoyed that neither the EU nor
national governments and agencies have
launched publicity campaigns to inform
users of coatings and other mixtures
about CLP.

Compliance with CLP is costing the

coatings industry a lot of money because
companies have had to invest, for example, in new software, assistance from
consultants and training, said Smith.
Many end-users will not fully understand what CLP is all about and with
them all the work put into implementation of the regulation could turn out to be
a waste of money.

If the national
language of each
country has to come
first a different label
will have to be
provided for each
Parts of the regulation, which has already been subject to a number of corrections and additions since it was approved,
now looks likely to be changed after the
European Commission decided to ask
representatives of national health and
safety agencies to sort out certain problems with the CLP rules.
A major difficulty has been a lack
of clarity in the text of the regulation
on the question of multi-lingual folded
labels used on small packs and containers of speciality coatings and other
products. There are also claimed to be
ambiguities on the subject in the guidance on the regulation issued by the
European Chemicals Agency (ECHA),
the EU body based in Helsinki, Finland,
which administers the CLP, as well as
the REACH legislation.
EU member states have taken advantage of the uncertainties to impose restrictions on the use on small packs of
multi-lingual folded labels language, including a provision that a warning in the
language of each domestic market must
be listed first.

February 2015

With a folded multi-lingual label

manufacturers of speciality coatings
products have been able to use a single
label for the whole of Europe, explained
Bross. If the national language of each
country has to come first a different label
will have to be provided for each country.
That will be expensive and a barrier to
free trade.
The labeling of coatings with biocides could also be an issue because the
implementation the EUs new Biocides
Products Regulation (BPR) has yet to be
completed. Safety assessments of biocides under the BPR are still being carried out particularly at the national level.
There are also still uncertainties
whether the hazard classification of
a biocide under the BPR should be
incorporated into the CLP scheme
or should be carried as a separate
warning on the label, said Janice
Robinson, director product regulations at the European Council of the
Paint, Printing Inks and Artists Colour
Industry (CEPE), Brussels.
The CLP rules are closely aligned to
those laid down in the United Nations
Globally Harmonised System (GHS) of
classification and labelling of chemicals.
So any GHS changes will have to be included in the CLP regulation.
To keep up with research into the safety features of substances and mixtures,
the CLP regulation was drawn up so that
alterations to classifications can be made
to allow for what is called adaptation to
technical progress (ATPs).
Mixtures, particularly the interaction
between substances within them, are a
relatively new area of safety research.
The Commission has recently set up a
working group to investigate technological aspects of the safety of mixtures.
We are in the early days of these sort
of research initiatives so it is uncertain
what will be their impacts on CLP classifications, said Robinson.
For coatings producers CLP compliance will not just be a matter of meeting deadlines. It will be a continuous
process of ensuring that the hazards
classification and labelling of their
products remains consistent with the
latest safety studies. CW
Coatings World | 21

International Coatings Scene China

Automotive Coatings
Stays On Fast Growing Track
by Arnold Wang
China Correspondent

The continuous
growth in the
industry has
momentum to
the expansion of
the automotive
coatings industry
in China, although
growth will be
slowing down in

ince 2009 the automobile industry of China has surpassed

that of America to become the
largest in the world. In 2013, China
produced 22.1 million automobiles,
12.1 million out of which are passenger cars. The continuous economy growth leads to fast disposable
income increase in China, resulting
in more car purchases by Chinese
consumers year by year. The continuous growth in the automobile
industry also brought momentum to the expansion of the automotive coatings industry
in China, although the growing pace will be
slowing down in 2015.
It is estimated by the Institute of Coatings
& Painting of the Chemical Industry and
Engineering Society of China that the market of the OEM coatings for the passenger
vehicles (including car, SUV and MPV, etc) is
about 360 thousand tons in 2013, growing
by around 15 percent over 2012 and which is
about 50 percent of the whole passenger vehicle coatings market in China. And the OEM
coatings market will grow by 7-8 percent annually in the future.
The Walking out Policy of the Chinese
central government encourages domestic
car producers to invest in other developing
countries such as Brazil and Russia to build
overseas manufacturing bases. The fierce competition in the local automobile market is
another reason that Chinese automobile producers speed up their outbound investments.
Those companies leading this trend include
Geely, Chery and Great Wall Motor. And this
trend has ripple influence on their coatings
suppliers investment strategy as well. For example, BASF expanded their coatings capacity
in Brazil in order to provide water-based coatings and electrophoresis coatings to Cherys
new local car factory there.

22 | Coatings World

Car refinishes market will grow

even faster
By the end of 2013 China has already 110 million passenger vehicles, 71.3 million out of
which are cars. The big size of the existing car
market will lead to fast growth of market demand for car refinishes in the following years.
Some foreign companies such as AkzoNobel
have already noticed the huge market potentials in China. Just two months ago, AkzoNobel
started operations at its new invested vehicle refinishes plant in Changzhou, Jiangsu province,
the companys 30th manufacturing facility in
the country. The new factory adds around 25
million liters of capacity for Sikkens, Lesonal
and Prime vehicle refinishes products. It will
strengthen the companys position as one of the
leading players in Chinas vehicle refinishes and
commercial vehicle OEM markets, building on
its acquisition of Changzhou Prime Automotive
Ltd. in 2010. Right now, the car refinishes market in China is controlled by foreign brands
such as Dupont, PPG, AkzoNobel, Top Wave
(joint venture), Sherwin Williams, Nippon and
Noroo(Korea). The local brands are mainly located in Guangdong province and competing in
price with relatively lower quality.
And the relatively high profitable refinishes
market attracts new investments even when the
economy is not growing as quickly as before.
PPG, another major automotive coatings player
February 2015

China International Coatings Scene

in China, put also into production its resin plant in the middle of 2014 to provide
high quality raw materials to its plants in
Tianjin and Anhui. With a new production base under construction in Shanghai,
Axalta Coating Systems announced recently that it will establish a joint venture
with Shanghai KLT to produce automotive coatings in the future.
With the local municipal governments
under huge public pressure to improvie
air quality, the automotive coatings industry has been required to reduce VOC
to a new level in recent two years. Chinas
first painting line for water-based coatings was put into operation in 2005. By
the end of 2010, there were ten painting
lines of water-based coatings. In 2015, it
is estimated there will be over 50 painting lines to use water-based coatings in
China. Although the water-based varieties have been increasingly applied in intermediate coatings and color coatings,
the percentage is only around 30 percent,

and it is estimated the percentage will

double in four years.
The central government requires waterborne varieties to be used in the new
paining lines build after 2012, a regulation which has speeded up the water-based
coatings development in recent two years.
And more pressure originated from public
demand to improve the air quality in municipal cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and
Guangzhou and Shenzhen has been felt by
all the industries, and automotive industry
is no exception. Guangdong has put into effect the limitation of VOC for the new build
or existing painting lines no less than 20g
per square meters. Tianjin has announced
on July 31st that the since January 1, 2016
the VOC limitation for the painting line
of the existing car producers should be
less than 45g per square meters, and the
VOC limitation for new build painting
line should be less than 35g per square meters. Other car production centers such as
Choangqing, Beijing and Shenzhen all have

similar new regulations published or to be

published recently.
But the VOC of the car body painting
lines of most of the automotive producers
in China is above 100g per square meters, and these painting lines were built
at a time where there wasno strict regulation to limit VOC, so eliminating VOC
can not happen overnight in China. And
the Western automotive manufacturers
are leading the way in the painting line
transfer from solvent-based coatings to
water-based coatings. Huachen BMW
painting workshop, which was constructed by German Durr, has a VOC level at
2.3grams per square meters after putting
into operation. These best practices and
experience will be learned and shared by
other companies and push the automotive coatings application to a new level in
the future. With the efforts of the public,
government and producers together, the
automotive coatings market will soon become greener, and thats for sure. CW

Protection of Trade SecretsIt's Elemental

Youve spent years developing your products. Where
would your business be if someone walked off with your
secret formula? Your client lists? Your confidential
business strategy?
At McDaniel and Associates, not only are we skilled in
protecting your trade secrets, but at the core of our business
are scientists who have long been involved in the specialty
chemicals industry. We understand the challenges specific to
our industry and can assist you in safeguarding and
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Let us help you protect your intellectual property

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February 2015

Coatings World | 23


Catherine Diamond, Associate Editor

hanks to a rise in the housing market, the wood coatings market has seen steady gains in recent years. In
fact, according to Phil Phillips, president of CHEMARK
Consulting, a growth of about 3.1 percent over the next 15 years
is expected for the aggregate of wood protective and preservatives from $3100 million in 2013 to $4900 million by 2028.
Currently wood coatings represent 84 percent, while wood
preservatives hold a 16 percent SOM, Phillips said. By 2023,
the shares will shift three percentage points to 81 percent for
coatings and 19 percent for preservatives.
The key segments for this market include siding and decking, furniture and cabinets. In 2013, sliding and decking made
up $698 and $673 million (22.5 percent & 21.7 percent) of the
market, while furniture made up at $304 million and cabinets
$332 million (9.8 percent & 10.7 percent).
However, Phillips said, in 15 years we project the following: siding will grow at below 2 percent to $852 (17.4 percent);
decking will grow aggressively at 4.3 percent to $1288 million
(26.3 percent); furniture will go from 9.8 to 9.2 percent in 2028;
and cabinets will go up from 10.7 to 11.8 percent in 2028. Those
classified as other will remain the same at 35percent SOM at a
3.1 percent AGR.
According to Jacquelyn Ferrara, director of marketing at
Minwax, improvements in the housing market have lifted sales
in many related categories.
Homeowners are once again investing in their homes, whether
to make improvements or to ready them for sale. Do-It-Yourselfers
and pros are refinishing floors, updating doors, molding and trim
which contributed to the increased sales of stains and clear protective finishes in 2014, said Ferrara. We expect to see this growth
continue in both the housing and coatings market in 2015.
Chris Connelly, director of Brand Management at Benjamin
Moore, said that the nature of the U.S. housing market is responsible for the upswing seen in 2014.
Growth of the wood coatings market is directly related to

Benjamin Moores Arborcoat Exterior Stain in Oxford Brown (house) and

Chelsea Gray (deck).

an improved housing market, Connelly said. Traditionally,

homes in the U.S. are built with wood, from exterior siding,
decks, and fences to interior cabinetry, furniture and flooring.
An improved housing market has had a positive impact on the
wood coating market. Although we do not have the numbers in
yet for 2014, we expect positive growth when compared to the
previous five years.
While the entire wood coatings market saw growth in the
past year, Mike Kozlowski, director of marketing at Thompsons
WaterSeal Brand said that one area in particular has seen growth
because of heightened competition.
The deck stain segment of the market definitely saw growth in
2014, and its clear that retailers and consumers are feeling more
confident. But a stronger economy isnt the only driver for growth
in this segment, Kozlowski said. This category is very responsive
to product innovation, which we delivered in the form of a brandnew line of waterproofing stains. That innovation drove a strong,
robust year for Thompsons WaterSeal exterior stains.

24 | Coatings World

February 2015

Wood Coatings Market FEATURE

This line of stains, he said, is a response to the markets need for more sustainable and greener products.
The demand for waterproofing deck stains continues to grow, while formulas have evolved to meet
changing VOC regulations. For decks, real wood continues to make up more than 80 percent of surfaces,
and you can extend the life of the wood by years with
regular maintenance, consisting of cleaning and reapplying a waterproofing deck stain. During the recession, demand for composite lumber actually fell.
The good news for consumers is that we are
able to provide more environmentally friendly deck
stains without sacrificing performance, Kozlowski.
In the spring of 2014, we launched a new line of
deck stains, Thompsons WaterSeal Waterprofing
Stain, that is our best performing deck stain to date,
and it meets all VOC laws nationally.
Ferrara, of Minwax, said that the need for sustainable products is underscored by architectural
coatings regulations, which continue to limit volatile
organic compounds.
The interest in reclaimed and recycled wood
continues to grow, as DIYers and professional contractors both value this natural, sustainable resource
that often becomes more interesting and beautiful
with age, she said. Minwax offers a variety of superior quality stain and clear finish formulas that
meet these regulatory criteria.
Pat Bennett, brand manager at Benjamin Moore, said
that customer demand for sustainable, high-performing
products has spurred competition and advancements.
Consumer demand for greener products have
had a significant impact on the product quality and
innovation of the wood coating market, Bennett
said. Consumers want water-based products that are
easy to clean, environmentally friendly, and just as durable as traditional high performance alkyd coating.
This demand has sparked a flurry of innovation throughout the
last several years to not only meet this consumer demand, but
also to exceed consumer expectations. At Benjamin Moore, we
consistently provide innovative wood coating solutions that last
longer, protect wood better, and are easier to apply.
Of course, it is not only sustainable products that are expected to perform. Consumers continually demand faster, better
solutions to problems, and wood coatings manufacturers aim to
meet their needs.
According to Kozlowski, effective waterproofing to protect
exterior wood like a deck or fence from water damage continues
to be critical.
Water is woods number one enemy, and it can ultimately
destroy the structure, which can be very unsightly, unsafe and
costly, he said. From there, people want a variety of color
options, in terms of the ability to get a transparent finish that
lets you see the most wood grain, a semi-transparent finish that
provides more color and shows medium wood grain, or a solid

color for maximum color and the least visible wood grain. Ease
of use is also very important.
Our new Thompsons WaterSeal Waterproofing Stain line
offers not only a new formula, but for the first time, exterior
stains are in a square can vs. a round paint can, and consumers
love that simple switch. They told us that the square cans are
easier to carry, easier to store and easier to use. They also liked
the new layout on the labels, which makes it easy to tell at a
glance the differences in transparent, semi-transparent or solid
stains. We call it easy to choose, easy to use, and that really
resonates with consumers. After all, the goal is to minimize the
time you spend on maintenance so you can maximize the time
spent enjoying the deck with friends and family.
Ferrara added, Different product attributes resonate with
different consumers a wide range of color choices, one-step
products, fast recoat and dry times, no sanding between coats
of clear finish, soap and water clean-up, etc., - but the ultimate
deliverables are the same across all projects. DIYers and pros

February 2015

Coatings World | 25

FEATURE Wood Coatings Market

want rich, beautiful stain color and long-lasting durable protection from their clear finishes.
As with any other home-related product, the wood coatings
market is influenced by color trends.
Michael Price, associate brand manager at Benjamin Moore,
said that in terms of color, the color and design experts at
Benjamin Moore have identified a consumer shift from traditional cedar-tone colors to modern silver-tone colors such as
Benjamin Moores Arborcoat Translucent Stain in Silver Gray.
Kozlowski said that he is seeing more interest in darker, more
elegant colors in deck stains.
In our Thompsons WaterSeal Waterproofing Stain line,
the most popular color is Acorn Brown, which is a rich,
chocolate brown, he said. This interest in deep colors
seems to be mirrored by Pantones 2015 Color of the Year,
Marsala. Its a brown-wine blend that would actually look
beautiful on a deck.
Ferrara said that Minwaxs research indicates that consumers want a wide variety of color choices. We are continuously monitoring the trends within the marketplace to ensure
that we are on the cutting edge and satisfying the needs of
DIYers and professionals by offering them a color for every
project, she said. Minwax offers over 100 colors of stains
to choose from. We also offer a wide range of one step products, such as Minwax PolyShades, which is a rich stain color and long lasting polyurethane protection in one, so that
DIYers can complete their wood finishing project quickly and
move on to their next project. PolyShades is available in
13 colors, which range from a light honey pine to a dark
espresso or classic black look.
Wood coatings manufacturers have released several new
products to meet various consumer demands. Thompsons has
focused on its WaterSeal Waterproofing Stain line, which the
company said offers multiple features that make it easier to
choose and use the right deck stain.
To that end, Kozlowski said that the line offers elastomeric properties, which helps the stain expand and contract with
the wood during temperature fluctuations over time, reducing
cracking and peeling. Additionally, advanced acrylic polymers
greatly improve resistance to scuffing and marring; waterproofing protection exceeds industry standards, while the coating resists mildew and UV damage.
On horizontal surfaces like decks, Kozlowski said, the
Transparent Stain is guaranteed for three years, the SemiTransparent Stain is guaranteed for four years and the Solid
Stain is guaranteed for five years.
To offer consumers time-saving options, Kozlowski added
that the formula can be applied to damp wood so the project
can begin soon after cleaning and be finished faster (most
deck stains require a 48-hour wait between cleaning and
staining the wood.)
WaterSeal Waterproofing Stain is available in the companys
five most popular colors: Acorn Brown, Harvest Gold, Maple
Brown, Sequoia Red and Woodland Cedar. Each color is available in three opacities: transparent, semi-transparent and solid;

and the packages feature a sliding meter graphic with a marker

that indicates if that particular formula will show Most Wood
Grain (transparent), Medium Grain (semi-transparent) or
Least Grain (solid.)
To complement this line, Kozlowski said, we are also
rolling out the new Thompsons WaterSeal Waterproofing
Stain Aerosol, putting powerful protection and matching colors into a convenient 11.75-ounce aerosol can that is ideal
for smaller projects.
Thompsons WaterSeal Waterproofing Stain Aerosol
combines exterior wood stain and sealer all in one, creating a formula that prevents water damage with a push of
a button. The coating resists mildew, and delivers UV protection against color fading. The line offers the same five
popular colors that correspond to the one, two and onehalf gallon and five gallon sizes in the waterproofing stain
line. Thompsons WaterSeal Waterproofing Wood Protector
Clear Aerosol delivers the same formula consumers have
trusted for decades in a modern, convenient aerosol.
Connelly, of Benjamin Moore, said that his companys
Arborcoat Premium Exterior Stains have been Benjamin
Moores flagship wood coatings brand since 2010 and continues to outperform the market year after year. It was originally
launched with a full line-up of exterior waterborne stains, ranging from clear to solid color stain for siding, decks, fences, and
furniture, he said.
In 2014, as part of our commitment to innovation,
Benjamin Moore added four oil-based products to the
Arborcoat portfolio that meet most OTC requirements and
have significantly outperformed expectations in year one. We
will continue to provide innovative coating solutions and in
2015, we are launching an Ultra Flat Solid Siding Stain that
reduces imperfections, flashing, and retains color longer than
traditional exterior solid stains.
Minwaxs Ferrara said that Minwax Wood Finishing Cloths,
recently launched in 2014, were designed to be the perfect product for someone that is new to wood finishing.
Its a cloth, pre-moistened with water-based wood stain
and clear protective finish in a variety of rich wood tones,
the new cloths package contains all the product you need
to stain and protect unfinished wood and each package
contains a pair of gloves to wear during application. After
sanding the wood smooth and removing any sanding dust,
simply wipe on the stain, and then wipe off the excess with
a clean cloth. The stain dries in just one hour, and cleanup
is soap-and-water easy.
Another new product launched last year, which is positioned more towards the seasoned DIYer, is Minwax Ultimate
Floor Finish. Minwax Ultimate Floor Finish is a technologically advanced topcoat for floors that provides a crystal clear
finish with superior durability. The self-cross linking technology ensures a tough floor finish, like that of traditional
polyurethane, without ambering or the need to sand between
coats. The product dries quickly, so floors can be recoated in
only two hours. CW

26 | Coatings World

February 2015


Corrosion Control

Kerry Pianoforte, Editor

rotecting a substrate from corrosion is one of the most important functions of a coating. Corrosion control is especially important when dealing with high value substrates
such as offshore oil rigs and other industrial structures meant to
withstand harsh environments.
Axalta Coating Systems provides both liquid and powder
coatings. Its liquid portfolio includes both waterborne and solventborne products that vary by resin chemistry and inhibitive
and barrier pigmentation packages to meet corrosion protection goals. Last year we relaunched globally all of our E-Coat
products under the AquaEC name, which continues to include
a range of products designed for both OEM and a range of industrial applications. Customers can choose electrodeposition

or optimized sprayable formulations that are made out of alkyd, urethane, acrylic, or epoxy systems, said Axaltas research
manager, Brian Priore.
Hempel is a world-leading supplier of protective coatings to
the decorative, protective, marine, container and yacht markets.
In all these segments, we offer a broad product portfolio and
a range of specialist coatings for specific sub-segments, corrosive conditions, substrates and applications, said Andreu Tarve,
Hempel Group Assortment manager.
Wherever we work, we aim to provide products that add
value to a customers business, whether it is through long-term
maintenance savings, energy savings or some other benefit, and
we have a number of products and technologies that achieve

February 2015

Coatings World | 27

FEATURE Corrosion Control

this. All these products and technologies are always coupled
with expert technical service.
PPG Protective & Marine Coatings is widely recognized as
a world leader in protective and marine coatings, developing
innovative products that are designed to deliver value and protection of its customers assets. PPG offers coatings solutions
in all three key categories including Barrier Coatings, Sacrificial
Coatings and Inhibitive Coatings, said a spokesperson at PPG.
When choosing a corrosion control stytem, customers need
to consider their specific requirements.
There are many anticorrosive systems employed to afford
the protection against corrosion it really does depend upon
the lifetime requirements of the asset owner, said Neil Wilds,
technical manager, Protective Coatings at AkzoNobel. Many
major oil companies now ask for coatings to be prequalified.
This process involves the testing of coating systems to stringent
international anticorrosion standards such as ISO 20340, for
example. Only when they pass these tests will they be allowed
on certain assets. Typical coating systems could be inorganic
zinc-rich primers as part of a coating system, organic zinc-rich
primers as part of a coating system, aluminium pure epoxies,
zinc phosphate pigmented primers as part of a coating system,
high-builds epoxies and glass flake pigmented coatings i.e.
There are also lots of other criteria, not just corrosion
protection that form part of the process, Wilds added. In
some cases, abrasion resistance or resistance to chemicals is
also required.
Choosing the correct corrosion protection technology for
high value assets is not an easy task. There are several factors
that must be taken into account to select the appropriate corrosion protection coating.
First, factors related to the substrate itself must be considered, said Axaltas Priore. These include the type of metallic
substrate and its inherent susceptibility to corrosion, shape complexity curved surfaces, edges, corners, crevices, surface preparation roughness and cleanliness dirt, oil, grease, rust. Next,
environmental and operating conditions must be taken into account. In manufacturing, regulatory and emission requirements
can vary between jurisdictions necessitating the selection of
compliant systems. In use, exposure to harsh conditions such as
temperature, corrosive liquids and gases and mechanical wear
and their duration will guide the coating choice.
Finally, customer specific attributes play a critical role,
he concluded. These can include cost, color, and ease of
application. The related durability requirements/warranties
with respect to structural integrity and color/gloss retention
are also a factor.
Another key consideration is the added value the corrosion
sytem brings to the table. Any good coating should add value
to the customers business, whether this is a reduction in longterm maintenance, increased production speeds, lower VOCs,
reduced energy use or improved hygiene, said Tarve. This
value-add should be one of the main considerations, as it often
leads to a higher long-term return on investment.

In general, Tarve said, the main factors to consider are the

external or internal environment in which the structure or
equipment is operating in, as this environment is what causes
corrosion; the substrate that needs to be protected; the surface
preparation that is possible; the desired life expectancy and
maintenance requirements of the system; the required application techniques, temperatures and equipment; and health &
safety and legislation on the application site as well as the site
where the structure or equipment will be used.
Our sales teams guide customers through the selection
process to ensure they choose the best coating for the project,
Tarve explained. Also, as application is so important, we have
more than 600 NACE/FROSIO certified coating advisors on
hand to help and advise customers during application.

Substrate Preparation is Key

Surface preparation and application are crucial to getting the
best performance from a paint system and should be performed
correctly. A higher-end coating will not perform as expected if
these two are not in place, said Tarve. However, a low performance system will deliver higher than average performance with
a high standard of surface preparation and application.
It is extremely important for the coatings to last the lifetimes
that are being asked by customers. There is little point spending a lot of money on a coating system if the surface preparation is substandard it will just lead to early failure and then
costly maintenance, said Wilds. The cost to re-apply a coating
system offshore can be 10-15 times that of the cost in a painting
shop onshore.
For optimal performance, both the liquid coating system selection and the surface preparation must work hand in hand.
However, in some cases, a customers processes may not result
in optimal substrate cleanliness and profile, said Axaltas product director for its liquid coatings business, Marko Strukelj. In
these instances, appropriate coating system selection can help
to offset the non-ideal conditions as much as possible. The cost
of the entire coating system and the expected durability can be
negatively affected by substrate surface preparation. There are,
however, other options to be considered that may help improve
performance, like applying thicker layers of coating and/or using high quality paint products such as Corlar undercoat and
Imron topcoat.
When selecting a coatings solution for corrosion protection,
priority is placed on the substrate and its environment. PPG
is highly skilled at crafting product solutions to provide protection in the harshest environments which may require chemical
or moisture protection, a spokersperson for PPG said. Our
highly trained and dedicated team of sales and technical representatives will evaluate these needs and create a customized
coatings solution that will exceed the customers expectations.
Customers expect productive and user-friendly coating
systems. Many are sensitive to the environmental impact
of their operations and prefer reduced volatiles and minimal
waste from the products that they use, said Strukelj. They
also expect efficient surface coverage, good coating thickness,

28 | Coatings World

February 2015

Corrosion Control FEATURE

and film density. Finally, they look for superior long-term corrosion protection from various environmental factors such as
chemical, ultraviolet radiation, abrasion and scratch & mar
performance, and seek robust film properties such as excellent
adhesion and chip resistance to various properly prepared substrates. Overall, they want a brand name that they can depend
on and a durable coating.
According to Wilds, customers are now asking for guarantees up 20-30 years for offshore assets. Unlike the marine market, the offshore asset does not come back to dock every five
years for inspection, he said. A fixed-platform of FPSO (floating production, storage and offloading facility) can be offshore
easily for more than 25 years. In the North Sea, for example,
there is a lot of extension of the lifetime of platforms and therefore a lot of maintenance painting.
In high value infrastructure such as stadiums, airports and
bridges, the focus is also on low-maintenance systems, as they
are constantly in use by the public and are often very hard to
access, he added. There is a large focus on aesthetics in this
market so chemistries such polysiloxanes and fluoropolymers
are being utilized.
Tarve said that Hempels customers expect a long-life and
reduced maintenance. The main reason for having a coating
system is to ensure the equipment or structure can remain
in operation for long as possible, with maintenance only required during planned stops, he added. Many of our anticorrosive coatings systems, for windmills and storage tanks
for example, last for 20-30 years with only small repair work
required during the assets lifecycle. The goal, however, is to
create coatings that perform for 25+ years before requiring
maintenance. AvantGuard technology is a big step towards
reaching this goal.
Hempel is focusing on all new technologies that can help
increase the lifetime of the system and/or help customers achieve
additional benefits. Much of our work is focused on hybrid
technologies, such as using the long UV durability of polisiloxanes to boost the effect of epoxies. We are also working with the
newest polymer hybrid technologies, said Tarve.
A consideration for health, safety and the environment is
also a natural part of our work and we develop products that
meet or exceed both technical specifications and environmental legislation, Tarve continued. We are committed to phasing
out lead, for example. Our decorative assortment is already lead
free worldwide and we are implementing a new lead-free tinting system for industrial and marine products, which will be
introduced in the second quarter of 2015. We will keep investing in R&D to improve our assortment, taking into account
the environment without compromising the performance of our
coatings. Our success is based on high performance, environmentally friendly and efficient coatings.
Axalta continues to conduct and sponsor research to expand
the understanding of mechanism and detection of corrosion.
We focus on accelerated methods that aim to result in excellent
correlation to field performance, said Priore. Axalta is focusing on enhanced product service life through improved barrier

coatings as well as next generation anti-corrosion pigment packages. We are excited about the direction the protective coatings
industry is going with regards to the use of new materials and
additives that have novel chemical, electrical, mechanical, and
thermal properties that impede reaction mechanisms and slow
down corrosion rates.

New Products
A number of Axaltas powder products are specifically designed
for corrosion protection applications. Nap-Gard fusion-bonded
epoxy (FBE) powder coatings are widely used to help protect
pipeline structures from corrosion. They are formulated to offer enhanced physical and chemical stability, resistance to soil
stress, adhesion to metal, and resistance to abrasion and corrosion mitigation.
Alesta ZeroZinc powder coatings are also designed to protect against corrosion. ZeroZinc meets the standards for
corrosion protection of steel structures by paint systems according to ISO 12944-6 and also fulfills ISO 12944-6 requirements for corrosivity category C5-I, said Bill Sante, director
of marketing and business development for Axaltas powder
business. In combination with an adequate pretreatment, the
primers are designed to provide durable, best-in-class corrosion protection under very aggressive atmosphere, high humidity, and extreme climate conditions. Alesta ZeroZinc Steel
Prime is designed to protect ferrous metals from corrosion.
Thermoplastic powder coatings also meet corrosion protection objectives. Finally, our Abcite line of powder coatings is
formulated for toughness and chip resistance without a primer
undercoat and is designed to provide excellent corrosion and
UV protection on exterior surfaces exposed to tough environmental conditions.
Among Hempels latest offerings is AvantGuard technology
(activated zinc), a new zinc technology that increases zinc activation to significantly improve the anti-corrosive performance
and mechanical strength of the coating without increasing zinc
content. AvantGuard-enabled products ensure lower long-term
maintenance costs and high application productivity. Hempel
currently produces three AvantGuard-enabled zinc primers:
HEMPADUR AvantGuard 550, HEMPADUR AvantGuard 750
and HEMPADUR AvantGuard 770.
Hempels Galvosil (zinc silicate) coatings are heavy-duty
zinc-rich anti-corrosives that provide excellent galvanic protection in moderate to severe corrosive environments. Some of
these are reinforced with the companys proprietary micro-fiber
technology, which improves crack and impact resistance to reduce long-term maintenance costs.
Some of the key corrosion protection coatings offered by
PPG Industries include the Novaguard Tank Lining Series, twocomponent, solvent-free, amine-cured novolac phenolic epoxy
coating; apatented, value-added product PSX 700, a twocomponent epoxy polysiloxane; AMERLOCK 2, a fast dry, selfpriming epoxy and a newly released ONE Series of products
providing industrial level performance in the convenience of a
single can. CW

February 2015

Coatings World | 29


Mixing Equipment

Here is a look at the latest offerings from select mixing equipment suppliers.
For more information on the products listed, please contact the company directly.

Buhler Inc.
Mahwah, NJ
Dispernator: The new Inline Disperser is versatile and flexible in use. The all-in-one device enables mixing, homogenizing and pre-dispersing for a wide range of applications
such as chemicals, paints, coatings or other suspensions.
Efficient and cost-effective with a dust free powder intake.
It is an optimized solution for downstream fine grinding
with a MicroMediaX.

Charles Ross & Son Company

Hauppauge, NY
2,000-gal Triple-Shaft Mixer: Shown is a 2000-gal Ross
Triple-Shaft Mixer featuring a three-wing anchor, high speed
saw-tooth disperser and a rotor/stator emulsifier. This fixedtank design mixer
is rated for full
vacuum operation
up to 29.5 Hg.
The domed cover
includes flanged
ports, spray balls,
an RTD thermoprobe and a 24
manway. A pneumatically-operated
30 | Coatings World

and rotary vane vacuum pump are supplied as well. The mixer
is controlled from a 15 color touch screen connected to a preprogrammed PLC.
Bow Tie Disperser: Ross Bow Tie Dispersers, also called High
Viscosity Dispersers, are designed for mixing heavy pastes
and viscous liquids up to several
hundred thousand centipoise.
Driven by an explosion-proof
inverter-duty motor, the bow tie
agitator quickly wets out solids and incorporates them into
a liquid vehicle, creating a very
uniform consistency without
running at high speeds. This
mixer is also ideal for resuspending dense materials that
tend to pack into layers during
storage or transit.

Hockmeyer Equipment Corp.

Elizabeth City, NC
Fax: 252-338-6540
Hockmeyer Equipment Corporation has been providing process solutions for over 70 years. It is a leader in the wet grinding and dispersion industry and offers custom designed process
equipment for mixing, blending, dispersing and particle size
reduction as fi ne as 25 nano-meters.

HERO Products Group

Delta, Canada

February 2015

Mixing Equipment FEATURE

S2160M - 5 Gallon Vortex Mixer: The S2160M 5 Gallon
Heavy Duty Vortrx Mixer it is tough, reliable, maintenance free,
durable, and easy to operate. It has a reliable no slip drive and a
slide in loading automatic bail retainer.
S2180P - Ergonomic 5 Gallon Vortex Mixer: The Ergo 5 by
HERO is the first vortex 5 gallon paint blender to present an
enhanced ergonomic design that is normally attributed to gyroscopic mixers. Whether it is mixing latex or elastomeric, the
vortex motion of the Ergo 5 can blend them completely in much
shorter time.

Norstone Inc.
Bridgeport, PA
Polyblade HS: Designed to handle the most aggressive applications requiring
deagglomeration, cutting and
high shear still
with excellent
pumping to ensure the product
meets the blade
more frequently. Never gets
sharp; outlasts a steel blade and can be turned over when one
side is worn.
MCL Polybeads: Newest formulation for copolymer beads,
longer lasting, minimal shredding, tight particle size distribution. Excellent for low viscosity high shear waterbased applications. Other polymers available as well.

Red Devil Equipment Co.

Plymouth, MN
763-533-2969, 800-221-1083
1025-X1 Red D Mix: Certain products and applications
may require different mixing motions to achieve optimal
mixing results or explosion-proof capabilities for safety
reasons. The 1025-X1 offers both by utilizing a gyroscopic mixing action where containers are mixed end-over-end
while simultaneously spinning. The 1025-X1 has an explosion-proof motor rated for use in Class I, Group D, Class II,
Groups E, F, & G hazardous applications. It mixes gallons
and containers ranging from 7 to 8.25 inches in height and a
maximum diameter of 8.5 inches. Includes adapter for mixing quarts and containers ranging from 4.75 to 6.25 inches
in height and a maximum diameter of 5.75 inches for the
bottom plate and a maximum of 8.5 inches in diameter for
the top plate.

Sunin Machine Co., Ltd.

New Taipei City, Taiwan
Dispersion Mixer: Dispersion mixer is a machine suitable for
work in narrow spaces in laboratories, with a handy and practical design. The double-purpose mixing cup can be cooled and
heated through a pipe connector according to different formulas. The innovative working structure can realize both mixing
and dispersion, and reduce material loss and environmental pollution during the transfer by the peripheral pump.

Wilhelm Niemann GmbH & Co.

Melle, Germany
Kreis-Dissolver: Laboratory and production dissolvers with
driving powers from 2.2 to 315 kW for batches of up to 15,000
liters, available in different designs.
Laboratory and production
mills with driving powers from
2.2 to 132 kW for batches of
up to 3,000 liters, available in
different designs.
Production butterfly dissolvers
for ultra high-viscous products
with driving powers from 15
to 90 kW for batches of up to
1,500 liters, available in different designs.CW

February 2015

Coatings World | 31

Industry News

DSM Announces Investment in U.S.

Manufacturing Facility for Sustainable Resins

Royal DSM has announced a substantial investment in its Wilmington,

Massachusetts manufacturing facility.
The company will upgrade its facilities to
produce state-of-the-art waterborne resins for inks and coatings.
Patrick Niels, president of DSM
Resins & Functional Materials, said: We
believe that, together with our industry
partners, we can transform the coatings
market towards healthy and environmentally-friendly technologies and solutions.
Introducing waterborne products that deliver on sustainability as well as improved
performance, creates significant growth
opportunities for our customers.
This substantial investment in our
full range of waterborne urethane capabilities in Wilmington shows our commitment to the success of our customers
and our belief in the North American
market, saidRijoyPutatunda, president
DSM Coating Resins, at the groundbreaking ceremony in Wilmington.

of our two companies will allow us to

provide our customers with more comprehensive solutions in both the global
and regional markets.
In addition, Lubrizol recently purchased land adjacent to the EcoQuimica
facility to support future expansion.
With the combined property situated in
a prime location in So Paulo, Lubrizol
plans to expand with the addition of a
warehousing facility as well an applications and technical services lab, said
Gilson Santos, Lubrizol vice president,
Latin America.
EcoQuimica is now part of Lubrizol
Advanced Materials, reporting into
Lubrizols Performance Coatings business. This transaction includes all intellectual property, trademarks and customer
lists of EcoQuimica. Financial terms of
the agreement were not disclosed.

Lubrizol Acquires

BASF is expanding its production footprint in Asia Pacific with the start-up of
its first production plant for polymer dispersions in Pasir Gudang, Malaysia. This
production plant is built at the existing
BASF production site, located in the Pasir
Gudang Industrial Park of the Johor Free
Trade Zone. The plant is BASFs third
polymer dispersions plant in ASEAN,
complementing the existing dispersions
plants in Jakarta and Merak, Indonesia.
This wholly-owned BASF production
plant will benefit from close proximity to raw materials such as the acrylic
monomer complex at BASF PETRONAS
Chemicals in Gebeng, Kuantan. Local
production in Malaysia will enable BASF
to better respond to the fast-changing
market situation in Asia Pacific.
The plant is built with BASFs advanced production technology, which
can accommodate a broad spectrum of
acrylic products that are being developed
in our Asia Technical Center in Shanghai,

The Lubrizol Corporation has acquired

EcoQuimica Industria e Comercio
Produtos Quimica Ltda., a manufacturer and supplier of coatings technology
for products sold into decorative paints,
textiles, cement, elastomeric coatings
and paper coatings. Headquartered in
Paulnia, a municipality in the state of
So Paulo, EcoQuimica (formerly under common ownership with Mercia
Industria e Comercio Produtos Quimica
Ltda.) will expand Lubrizols performance coatings footprint in the Latin
America marketplace.
The acquisition of EcoQuimica will
enable Lubrizol to broaden our already
comprehensive portfolio on a global
basis and provide us a stronger local
presence in this market, said Tesh Gor,
vice president and general manager of
Lubrizol Performance Coatings. The
combined technologies and knowledge

BASF Starts Up New

Polymer Dispersions Plant
in Malaysia

32 | Coatings World

China. These cutting edge products with

tailored properties can be made in this
versatile production facility, addressing
the increased customers requirement,
said Jeff Knight, senior vice president,
Dispersions and Pigments, Asia Pacific.
This new highly automated facility
will provide flexibility for new product
introduction and increase our production capacities for the next generation
innovative polymer dispersions, meeting
the growing demands in ASEAN. We are
confident that this production plant will
further strengthen our competitive edge
and help customers for future success,
said Daniel Loh, managing director, BASF
(Malaysia) Sdn Bhd.
The new plant will focus on the
production of a variety of acrylic base
polymer dispersions for decorative
coatings, construction and adhesive industries, serving the entire Asia Pacific
region, especially for South East Asia.
Commercial production started at the
beginning of 2015.
This investment represents another
milestone in the implementation of BASFs
Asia Pacific strategy. By 2020, BASF aims
for local production of approximately
75% of the products it sells in the Asia
Pacific region in order to intensify its collaboration with and strengthen its supply
position to customers in Asia Pacific. To
achieve this, BASF is investing 10 billion
together with its partners from 2013 to
2020 to further develop its local production footprint in Asia Pacific.

Michelman Acquires
Sales Partner Supack
International; Names Pankaj
Shah Co-Director
Michelman has acquired its longtime sales and service partner, Supack
International P/L, making it an integral
part of Michelman India. Michelman
India is dedicated to the development
of the Indian market, with an immediate focus on the growing printing and
February 2015

Dow Partners with

American Chemical Society
The Dow Chemical Company and the
American Association of Chemistry
Teachers (AACT) are partnering to invigorate chemistry education and support
STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) education in the nations
Dow and AACT will work together to
convene a series of teacher summits and
create more than 750 lesson plans, multimedia resources, demonstrations and
other high-quality chemistry teaching
materials for use in K12 classrooms. The
work will be supported by a $1 million
contribution from Dow to AACT spread
over a four year period.
AACT was launched in 2014 by the
American Chemical Society (ACS), the
worlds largest scientific society. The partnership with Dow promotes the main goal
of AACTto provide its members with
resources that foster top-notch chemistry
instruction grounded in everyday life.
We are thrilled to be working together with Dow to support teachers
of chemistry across the country and develop the workforce of the tomorrow,

said Madeleine Jacobs, ACS executive

director and chief executive officer. We
hope that this partnership can serve as a
model that will catalyze greater engagement between chemical industries and
local communities.
A skilled STEM workforce fuels innovation and economic prosperity and
creates solutions that improve the quality of life for people across the globe.
At Dow, we value teachers critical role,
both in inspiring chemistry excitement
and in helping students to gain the key
skills they need to be successful in STEM
careers, said Andrew N. Liveris, Dows
chairman and chief executive officer. As
the founding partner of this program,
we are proud to collaborate with ACS
on this first of its kind community to
empower chemistry teachers inside and
outside of the classroom as they work to
inspire the next generation of innovators
and entrepreneurs.
Dows STEM mission is to build the
workforce of tomorrow by supporting
teachers, motivating student achievement, developing careers, and collaborating with communities to transform STEM
education into a driver for innovation,
manufacturing, and economic prosperity. Through its STEMtheGAP initiatives, including the AACT partnership,
Dow strives to provide more resources to
teachers, drive excitement in young people around STEM topics and increase the
number of students who choose STEM
majors, ultimately preparing these students to be successful in STEM careers.
This new partnership comes at a critical time, said Adam Boyd, AACT program director. Enrollment in high school
chemistry classes is on the rise. Yet, only
35 percent of high school chemistry
teachers have both a bachelors degree
in chemistry and are actually certified to
teach it.
In order to prepare these teachers for
the challenges they face in the chemistry
classroom, Dow and AACT will host a
series of teacher summits in cities around
the country, with the first summit occurring this summer in Midland, Michigan.
Approximately 30 chemistry teachers
from surrounding communities will attend the weeklong summit. They will work

February 2015

Industry News

packaging sector. The company also has

expansion plans to service other coatings and manufacturing industries that
Michelman supports worldwide.
Michelman India are Pankaj Shah,
Supacks founder, and Steven Wong,
Michelmans VP/managing director, Asia
Pacific. With the Supack acquisition, the
Mumbai, India based Michelman India
hosts a business center, laboratory, and an
experienced team of sales, technical service and business operations personnel.
By keeping the existing team intact, customers will experience a seamless continuation of business and technical services.
The facilitys laboratory has been
equipped recently with several industry
accepted product testing capabilities for
packaging, printing, and coating applications. With this direct and increased
physical presence in India, customers can
expect Michelman to quickly develop
innovative technologies for the Indian

with Dow volunteers, known as

Dow STEM Ambassadors, to
identify improvement opportunities in K12 classroom resources
and develop lesson plans, multimedia
presentations and other materials that
better meet teachers needs. As part of
this effort, Dow STEM Ambassadors will
help teachers incorporate career-based
examples into their teaching resources,
educating students on future potential career opportunities.
Lesson plans and other classroom
materials developed at the Dow-AACT
teacher summits will be available to
AACT members via the associations

BASF to Increase Capacity

for Butanediol
BASF will increase its production capacities for the chemical intermediate 1,4-butanediol (BDO) by 10 percent at its site
in Geismar, Louisiana, as of 2016. The
company will then have a global capacity
of BDO of 670,000 metric tons per year.
BASF will also examine further measures to strengthen and to expand its
BDO value chain at the Geismar site. To
increase the capacities of BDO according to the steadily growing customer
demand, BASF continuously implements
measures to boost efficiency and improve
infrastructure at all of its sites.Besides its
Geismar site, BASF is producing BDO
at its sites in Ludwigshafen, Germany;
Kuantan, Malaysia; Caojing, China and
Chiba, Japan. In addition, a new BDO
site, a joint venture of BASF and the
Chinese company Xinjiang Markor, is
expected to begin production of 100,000
metric tons BDO per year in 2015.
Being the leading producer of BDO
globally, we continue to expand our production capacity step wise to support the
growth of our customers as a reliable
partner, said Stefan Blank, President,
BASF Intermediates division.
BDO is used for producing plastics,
solvents, electronic chemicals and elastic fibers. Depending on the production
technology, the starting materials for
the production of conventional BDO
are natural gas, coal, butane, butadiene
and propylene. CW
Coatings World | 33

Suppliers Corner

Charles Ross & Son Introduces New

Horizontal Storage Tanks, Pressure Vessels

Charles Ross & Son Co. has introduced

new horizontal storage tanks and pressure vessels, designed for long service
life and flexible customization. The
company recently completed a 96 OD
x 162 straight wall horizontal tank
with saddles designed, fabricated and
stamped for full vacuum to 60psig at
300F in accordance with ASME Section
VIII, Div. 1. Approximate holding volume is 6017 gallons. Interior surfaces
of this carbon steel tank were abrasive blasted to SSPC-SP 10 (near white
metal) and thoroughly cleaned prior to
purging with nitrogen to minimize rusting during shipment. The exterior was
blasted, primed and coated with a customer-specified paint. The tank includes
lifting lugs, four 2 3000# couplings
with 3000# screwed plugs and a 24
150# FFSO manway with hinge, gauge
and ball valve.
In addition to ASME, other industry
code requirements can be met including
and UL42. Ross has extensive experience
fabricating tanks and vessels in carbon
steel, stainless steel, Monel, Hastelloy, titanium, Inconel, and aluminum.

AGC Offers Fluon ETFE

Coatings for Tanks
Fluon ETFE powders from AGC
Chemicals Americas Inc. are designed
for seamless rotolining and electrostatic
coatings of industrial equipment used in
chemical processing applications in the in
the food, petroleum and potable water/
wastewater industries.
Fluon ETFE, a melt-processable copolymer of tetrafluoroethylene and ethylene, possesses outstanding physical
toughness and high resistance to heat,
chemical attack and aging. According to
Fluon, rotolining tanks with ETFE is superior to traditional sheet lining methods
because the free-flowing ETFE powder
naturally conforms to interiors and does
not typically require welding and sealing.

The powders feature excellent bonding to

metal; seamless interior lining of intricate
and complex objects with a uniform desired thickness; ability to conform to the
interior of virtually any size and shape
tank; ability for post machining of critical
surfaces; lining thickness up to 0.250;
and mold-free process for reduced mold
and tooling costs.
When applied as an electrostatic
coating, ETFE can reach a thickness of
0.060. In addition to providing interior protection, one coat of ETFE can
be electrostatically applied at the same
time to the exterior of the vessel to guard
against chemical drips and environmental

Michelman Introduces New

Fiber Sizings
Michelman is introducing a number of
new fiber sizings to support advanced
generations of engineered resin composites increasingly being used in automotive
design and manufacturing applications.
New fiber sizing solutions from
Michelman that meet these challenges
include Hydrosize U2-04, a waterbased polyurethane dispersion that
is compatible with polyamide resins, Hydrosize PA846, a water-based
polyamide dispersion that is highly
stable and offers excellent thermal
resistance, FGLASS X91 EMA dispersion, a new film former that is compliant with the Commission Regulation
(EU) n10/2011 repealing directive
2002/72/EC, and Hydrosize U9-01, a
water-based, blocked isocyanate that
enhances the reactivity of the interface
between the fiber and the resin.
Michelman offers a full line of fiber sizings and lubricants that optimize glass, carbon and natural fibers
used in PE, PP, Thermosets, PPS, PA,
PC and PET/PBT resin composites by
tailoring the surface chemistry of reinforcement fibers to the chemistry of
the matrix resin.

34 | Coatings World

Troy Introduces Troysperse

ZWD1 Wetting and
Dispersing Additive
Troy Corp. has introduced Troysperse
ZWD1, which the company described
as an advanced wetting and dispersing
additive. Troy is currently introducing
this 100 percent active, liquid pigment
wetting and dispersing additive for aqueous coating and printing ink applications.
Advanced Troysperse ZWD1 is especially
effective for the preparation of aqueous
color pigment concentrates utilizing organic color pigments. According to the
company, the performance additive is formulated for excellent color development,
fast dispersion time, high gloss, and high
pigment loading, and is effective at low
use levels, resulting in optimal cost performance. Troysperse ZWD1 contributes
zero VOCs to finished products, allowing more latitude in the formulation of
green products.
Formulators demand highly effective
performance additives that offer functional advantages, full regulatory compliance, and low cost-in-use, said Ron
Lee, Director, Performance Additives.
Troysperse ZWD1 represents the latest
technology for wetting and dispersing of
aqueous systems, in one highly capable
and compatible performance additive,
continued Lee.

Alberdingk Boley Adds

VANORA Products to its
Alberdingk Boley, Inc. - a global manufacturer of waterborne emulsions, polyurethane dispersions, water-based UV
dispersions, castor oil and modified
polyols and linseed oil - has announced
the addition of the Vanora product line
to its product portfolio. With Vanora
products, the company says it will be
able to service added markets and extend its reach further into specialties,
industrial and architectural North
American markets. CW
February 2015


PPG Senior Vice President Navikas to Retire

PPG IndustriesDavid B. Navikas, senior
vice president, strategic planning and corporate development, will retire effective
March 1.
PPG has benefited greatly from
Davids deep knowledge of our companys strategic priorities and financial
framework, said Charles E. Bunch, PPG
chairman and chief executive officer.
He has been a key leader in driving the
growth and transformation of our coatings business portfolio through his functional leadership and as a member of our
executive and operating committees.
Navikas joined PPG as controller in
1995 and was elected vice president in
2000. In June 2011 he was appointed senior
vice president, finance, and chief financial
officer, and he has held his current senior
leadership role since August 2013. Navikas
came to PPG after a 22-year career with
accounting firm Deloitte & Touche LLP,
where he was a partner and professional
practice director of the Pittsburgh office.

Phoseon Technology
Appoints New VP of
Worldwide Sales
Phoseon Technology has announced the
appointment of John North as vice president of Worldwide Sales.
North brings a wealth of experience
in worldwide sales and business development to Phoseon. He has developed
profitable sales and marketing programs worldwide and has built teams in
China, Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore
and Malaysia. He has a deep understanding of Asian culture and business
practices. He is fluent in Mandarin,
holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering
from Syracuse University, and an MBA
in Marketing and International Business
from Drexel University.
We are excited and privileged to have
John North join our expanding team
here at Phoseon, said Bill Cortelyou,
President and CEO. With UV LED curing technology continuing to move to the

forefront, he comes at a perfect time to

guide Phoseon on its upward trajectory.

Michelmans Cushing
Appointed to AIMCAL
Board of Directors
Ginger Cushing, global sales manager
Packaging at Michelman, has been appointed to the board of directors at the
Association of International Metallizers,
Coaters and Laminators (AIMCAL), by
AIMCAL President Dan Bemi. Active
with AIMCAL in the United States and
Europe, she has written and delivered
numerous technical papers for conferences, short courses and symposia
around the world.
Cushing joined Michelman in 2007,
and is responsible for growing worldwide business for water based coatings
for food packaging. She began her career as a research chemist, and has held
management positions in R&D, technical support and sales. She holds a Master
of Science in polymer chemistry from
NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering,
Brooklyn, NY, and a Master of Business
Administration from the University of
Connecticut, Storrs, CT.
Cushing is also active with TAPPI,
where she has served as a division chair
and was honored with the organizations
Division Leadership and Service Award.
In addition to her professional duties,
Cushing volunteers with hospice patients
and enjoys playing golf.

Axalta Coating Systems

Appoints Weis Vice
President and Chief
Information Officer
Aaron Weis has joined Axalta Coating
Systems as vice president and chief information officer. Weis will report to Axalta
chairman and CEO Charlie Shaver and
be responsible for all the companys global information technology infrastructure.
Information technology is a backbone of our organization, explained

February 2015

Shaver. Superior
technology enables us to
provide our customers with the latest
information about
our products and
ensures we can support their businesses
as efficiently as possible. Information technology also makes
our business run more effectively which
improves our own productivity and speed
to market.
Weis joins Axalta from Sensata
Technologies, the worlds leading supplier
of sensors and controls, where he served
as vice president & general manager of the
companys Magnetic Speed and Position
business. Weis had also been Sensatas first
chief information officer and created the
strategic plan for information technology
integration during the companys separation from Texas Instruments and subsequent IPO. From 2003 through 2006, he
was vice president, Business Applications
and Enabling Technologies at Tyco
International in Princeton, NJ. Previously,
he held a number of positions of increasing responsibility associated with managing information technology at Siemens
between 1998 and 2003.

CNX Distribution Appoints

Southeast Business
Development Manager
CNX Distribution, a specialty chemical
supplier of additives, resins, pigments and
equipment has appointed Derek Herald
as business development manager. Based
in Atlanta, GA, Herald will be responsible for expanding the companys customer and supplier base in the Southeast.
Herald has 25 years experience in the
specialty chemicals industry, serving in
various technical, marketing, sales and
management roles. He joined CNX after
serving in a marketing and business development role with Lintech. CW
Coatings World | 35


ACAs CoatingsTech Conference to be Held

March 9-11 in Louisville, KY

March 4 - 6, 2015
Spray Finishing Training

Location:Toledo, Ohio
Venue:Owens Community College
Contact:Jaime Wineland

April 12 - 15, 2015

Southern Society for Coatings
Technology 2015 Annual Technical

March 9 - 11, 2015

2015 CoatingsTech Conference

Location:West Palm Beach Marriott,

West Palm Beach, FL

Location:Louisville, Ky
Venue:Marriott Louisville Downtown
Contact:Starsha Valentine

March 10 - 12, 2015

Middle East Coatings Show 2015
Location:Cairo International
Convention & Exhibition Centre, Egypt

March 10 - 11, 2015

uv.eb West 2015
Location:Redondo Beach, California

March 15 - 19, 2015

Location:Dallas Convention Center
Dallas, TX, U.S.
Contact:CaLae McDermott
Phone:+1 281-228-6263

March 18 - 19, 2015

2015 Minnesota Paint & Powder
Coating Expo
Location:White Bear Lake, MN
Venue:Century College

April 6 - 9, 2015
Gulf Coating Show 2015
Location:Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Venue:Riyadh International Convention
& Exhibition Center
Phone:(202) 2270 3584

April 20 - 22, 2015

ACA Spring Committee Meetings
Location:Cleveland, OH
Venue:Marriott Downtown

April 21 - 23, 2015

European Coatings Show 2015

May 19 - 20, 2015

ACA Coatings Regulations &
Analytical Methods Conference
Location:Cleveland, OH

June 1 - 4, 2015
Eastern Coatings Show
Location:Atlantic City Convention,
Atlantic City, NJ
Contact:Ann Fody

June 1 - 3, 2015
35th Annual International Operating
Conference & Trade Show

Location:Nuremberg, Germany
Venue:Exhibition Centre Nuremberg

Location:George R. Brown Convention

Center Houston, TX, U.S.
Phone:+1 703-875-2018

May 2 - 6, 2015
ET Seminar & Expo

July 15 - 16, 2015

Latin America Coatings Show

Location:Chicago, Illinois
Venue:Hyatt Regency Chicago
Contact: Suzanne Spohr

Location:World Trade Center, Mexico

City, Mexico
Contact:Latin America Coatings Show

May 12 - 13, 2015

Asia Coatings Congress
Location:Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Venue:Windsor Plaza Hotel
Contact:Fan Landers
Phone:+ 44 (0) 1737 855078

May 13 - 15, 2015

Spray Finishing Training
Location:Toledo, Ohio
Venue:Owens Community College
Contact:Jamie Wineland
Phone:800-466-9367, ext. 7320

36 | Coatings World

August 2 - 6, 2015
2015 Department of DefenseAllied
Nations Corrosion Conference
Location:Wyndham Grand Pittsburgh
Downtown Pittsburgh, PA, U.S.
Contact:CaLae McDermott
Phone:+1 281-228-6263

September 20 - 24, 2015

Corrosion Technology Week 2015
Location: Austin, TX
Venue: JW Marriott Austin
Contact: Lesley Williams
Phone: 281-228-6413
Website: CW
February 2015



A Special Yearly Supplement to Coatings World

Partnering with the Right Suppliers

Can Make a Major Difference
The past few years have been challenging for the paint and coatings
industry, as higher raw material costs as well as concerns over availability of some key ingredients have become serious concerns. This has
made the selection of the best suppliers to partner with essential for
paint and coatings manufacturers, as these companies can help paint
and coatings makers develop new products for the market as well as
improve their manufacturing efficiency.
If you are looking for suppliers who can help your company reach
its potential, Coatings Worlds 2015 Company Capabilities is a great
place to start. This special advertising supplement to Coatings World
offers paint and coatings manufacturers a select list of raw material
and equipment suppliers who have the products and expertise that
can help you reach your goals, whether it is new technologies for your
customers or improving efficiency. Good luck!
- Kerry Pianoforte Editor

Ashland Inc. ....................................................... 38-39

Micro Powders, Inc. .......................................... 56-57

BASF Corporation ............................................. 40-41

MNZING ......................................................... 58-59

Brilliant Group, Inc. ................................................ 42

Sartomer Americas ........................................... 60-61

Chromaflo Technologies ........................................ 43

Shamrock Technologies, Inc. ............................. 62-63

DuPont Titanium Technologies ......................... 44-45

Sower Corporation ........................................... 64-65

Eastman Chemical Company ................................. 46

Specialty Polymers, Inc. ................................... 66-67

EMImills - Engineered Mills, Inc. ........................... 47

TIGER Drylac U.S.A., Inc. ................................. 68-69

Engineered Polymer Solutions (EPS) ................ 48-49

Troy Corporation ............................................... 70-71

Everlight Chemical Industrial Corp. ....................... 50

Trust Chem USA, LLC........................................ 72-73

Hoover Color Corporation..................................... 51

Union Colours .................................................. 74-75

Hockmeyer ........................................................ 52-53

Wanhua Chemical Group Co., Ltd. ................... 76-77

Lonza ................................................................. 54-55

Yeun Liang Industrial & Co Ltd ............................. 78

Company Capabilities 2015

Coatings World | 37

Company Capabilities 2015

Ashland Inc.
Major Products:
Natrosol and Aquaflow Rheology Modifiers, Drewplus and
Advantage Defoamers, Dextrol and Strodex Surfactants,
Nuosept and Fungitrol Biocides, Jaypol Dispersants,
Natrosol Performax

Ashland Inc.
8145 Blazer Drive
Wilmington, DE 19808
Tel. +1 302 594 5000
Date Founded:
Company Description:
Ashland Specialty Ingredients offers industry-leading
products, technologies and resources for solving formulation
and product-performance challenges. The Coatings Specialties
business is a recognized leader in rheology solutions for
waterborne architectural paint and coatings. Products include
hydroxyethylcellulose (HEC), which provides thickening and
application properties for interior and exterior paints, and
nonionic synthetic associative thickeners (NSATs), which are
APEO-free liquid synthetics for high-performance paint and
industrial coatings. Specialty Ingredients complements its
rheology offering with a broad portfolio of performance foam
control agents, surfactants and wetting agents, dispersants, and
pH neutralizers. In addition, the Coating Specialties business offers a comprehensive line of biocides and preservatives
for paint, coatings and wood care.
Markets Served:
Waterborne Architectural Coatings and Emulsion Polymerization
Application Areas:
Flat coatings, Non-flat coatings, Waterborne interior paint,
Waterborne exterior paint, Clear wood finishes (lacquers), Clear
wood finishes (varnishes), Primers, Sealers, Undercoaters,
Quick-dry primers, sealers, and undercoaters, Specialty primers, Stains, Traffic coatings, Waterproofing sealers

Global Capabilities (production facility locations):

North America
Huntsville, Alabama
Wilmington, Delaware
Dalton, Georgia
Macon, Georgia
Calvert City, Kentucky
Columbia, Maryland
Freetown, Massachusetts
Chatham, New Jersey
Parlin, New Jersey
Columbus, Ohio
Lima, Ohio
Kenedy, Texas
Texas City, Texas
Hopewell, Virginia
Latin America
Cabreuva, Brazil
Doel-Beveren, Belgium
Alizay, France
Sophia Antipolis, France
Marl, Germany
Horhausen, Germany
Memmingen, Germany
Zwijndrecht, Netherlands
Newton Aycliffe, United Kingdom
Poole, United Kingdom
Asia Pacific
Jiangmen, China
Nanjing, China
Luzhou, China (Joint Venture)
Suzhou, China (Joint Venture)

38 | Coatings World

Company Capabilities 2015

Imagination and practicality

create Ashlands innovative
coatings additives

Ashland Specialty Ingredients offers industry-leading

products in its Coatings product line. Ashland is a complete
additive provider of innovative solutions for waterborne architectural coatings,
including rheology modifiers, defoamers, surfactants, dispersants and biocides.
Have more questions on your mind? Call our Ashland representatives
at 800 345 0447 / 302 594 5000 or visit
Aquaflow, Dextrol, Fungitrol, Jaypol, Natrosol, Nuosept, Strodex are trademarks of Ashland.

Registered trademark, Ashland or its subsidiaries, registered in various countries

Trademark, Ashland or its subsidiaries, registered in various countries
2013, Ashland
Registered trademark, Ashland or its subsidiaries, registered in various countries
Trademark, Ashland or its subsidiaries, registered in various countries
2013, Ashland

We create
that makes
wood love
fast drying.

Introducing our newest addition to the Laromer oligomer line of UV

curable, water-based polyurethane acrylate dispersions, Laromer UA
9064 and Laromer UA 9095. For excellent warmth of wood, excellent
adhesion to wood and PVC, combined with low yellowing and quick drying
properties, your furniture, flooring, and cabinet coating applications will be
loving their enhanced appearance. At BASF, we create chemistry.
= registered trademark of BASF Group

150 years

BASF Corporation

We create chemistry for a sustainable future.

Company Description:
As the worlds leading chemical company, BASF helps formulators of
architectural, industrial and transportation coatings deliver sustainable, innovative
solutions that meet or exceed performance requirements.

11051 Steele Creek Road
Charlotte, NC 28273 USA
Tel: 800-962-7829
Fax: 800-971-1123

We provide virtually every ingredient that coating manufacturers need. Among our
priorities is a focus on sustainable solutions e.g. low and zero VOC products,
APEO-free and formaldehyde-free materials, low energy curing, replacement of
heavy metal pigments and latex with minimal environmental impact.

Technical Services:
BASF provides a depth and breadth of technologies and crossfunctional teams with expertise in chemistry, applications and
formulations. We offer local support capabilities from sites in
Charlotte, NC and Southfield, MI.


Distributor of BASF Products:

EW Kaufmann
Chidley & Peto

MF Cachat

PT Hutchins

Major Brand Names:

Resins, Binders, Latex, Crosslinkers
Acronal acrylic emulsions for waterborne systems.
Acronal PRO and Joncryl PRO low VOC waterborne acrylic emulsions for
corrosion protection.
Acronal ECO acrylic emulsions for highly sustainable paints.
Acronal PLUS next generation, low VOC acrylic emulsions for waterborne
Basonat aliphatic isocyanates for high quality, two-part polyurethane coating
Genamid amidoamine epoxy curing agents for protective industrial coatings.
Joncryl acrylic emulsions for waterborne systems and high solids acrylic
polyols for industrial coatings.
Joncryl RPD polyols for rapid property development of transportation coatings.
Laromer oligomers and reactive diluents for energy curable systems.
Sovermol bio-based polyols for two-pack polyurethane coatings.
Versamid polyamide epoxy curing agents for protective industrial coatings.
Versamine modified-amine epoxy curing agents for faster cure times, lower
reaction temperatures.
Waterpoxy waterborne epoxy resins and curing agents for protective coatings.

Effect Pigments
Black Olive pearlescent pigment with champagne undertones.
Firemist patented borosilicate-based pigments offering a spectrum
of optical effects.
Firemist Velvet subtle and sparkling effect pigments.
Glacier white effect pigments.
Graphitan special effect graphite black pigments with excellent
coloristic properties.
Lumina mica-based effect pigments.
Lumina Royal high chroma effect pigments with maximum
interference effect.
Magnapearl effect pigments that deliver excellent whiteness
and brilliance.
Mearlin pigments that have a smooth satin to bold sparkle effect.
Mearlite pigments with a liquid metal look.
Metasheen vacuum metalized effect pigments.
Paliocrom and Paliocrom Brilliant effect pigments offering excellent
chroma, brilliance and hiding.

Pigments & Colorants

Aurasperse colorants ideally suited for waterborne and emulsion systems.
Cinquasia high performance quinacridone pigments.
Cromophtal high performance pigments.
Heliogen phthalocyanine blue and green pigments.
Irgalite mid to high performance pigments.
Irgasperse dyes for waterborne and solventborne wood finishes.
Irgazin DPP high performance red and magenta pigments.
Luconyl transparent iron oxide in-plant colorants.
Lumogen heat management pigments.
Meteor complex inorganic color pigments.
Neptun solvent dyes with high purity and very low unsolubles.
Orasol metal complex dyes in powder forms for solventborne systems.
Paliogen black near-infrared (NIR) transparent pigments for heat management
Paliotol high performance organic yellow pigments.
Paliotan pigments, combinations of high grade organic and inorganic
PureOptions low VOC, eco-colorants for point-of-sale operations.
Sicoflush transparent iron oxide red and yellow dispersions.
Sicopal inorganic yellow and orange pigments.
Sicotan inorganic mixed-phase yellow and brown pigments.
Sicotrans transparent iron oxide pigments.
Xfast zero VOC, stir-in dry pigments for machine and in-plant applications.

Antioxidants, Light Stabilizers, Formulation Additives, Photoinitiators

Chimassorb, Lignostab and Tinuvin light stabilizers.
Dispex and Dispex Ultra dispersants for inorganic minerals and
Efka additives for solvent-based coating solutions.
Foamaster and FoamStar defoamers.
Hydropalat wetting agents and surface modifiers.
Irgacure photoinitiators for energy curable systems.
Irganox and Irgafos antioxidants.
Loxanol film-forming agents.
Rheovis rheology modifiers.

Company Capabilities 2015

Brilliant Group, Inc.

pigments for water and solvent-based coatings, as well as plastic
colorants. Wherever there is an application of fluorescent color, it
is highly likely that our experts are familiar with the technology.
Major Products:
BGP: general purpose grade for paper coating, textiles, tempera
paints, etc.

750 National Court, Suite 100
Richmond, CA 94804
Tel.: +1-415-771-4757
Fax #: +1-415-789-4150
Company Description:
Brilliant was founded to serve the needs of industrial users of
fluorescent pigment around the globe. We offer a world-class
range of fluorescent pigments, soluble toners, and paint and
ink concentrates.

BSR: solvent resistant grade for nail polish, aerosol paints, etc.
BMS: non-migrating pigment for vinyl plastisol and to eliminate
plateout in masterbatch
BNF: completely non-formaldehyde pigment for masterbatch
and crayons
BSTS: solvent soluble toner for solvent flexo and UV flexo
BSTW: water soluble toner for water flexo
BFE: water-based emulsions for water flexo, textile printing, etc.

Our goal is to offer best of breed fluorescent technology, provide

local inventory and technical support through our international
distribution network, all the while bringing exceptional value.

BIBX: extra strength lithographic ink base

BIB2: extra strength ink base for UV (EPDM rollers)

Markets Served:
Brilliant Fluorescent Pigments are used in a wide range of applications:
Paints/Coatings: Aerosol Paints, Aircraft Finish, Clay Target
Coatings, Craft Paints, Industrial Coatings, Nail Polish, Paper
Coatings, Powder Coatings, etc.
Inks: Flexo, Gravure, Litho, Screen, UV, Industrial Ink Jet, etc.
Plastics: Masterbatch, Liquid Color, Rotomolding and Casting applications for Olefins, PVC, EVA, Polyurethanes, etc.
Miscellaneous: Crayons, Paint Balls, Seed Coatings
Our team is steeped in fluorescent pigment technology. We
create specialty polymeric pigments that give the brightest fluorescence while also performing in a vast array of applications,
whether it be standing up to strong solvents, minimizing swelling and thixotropy, or eliminating plateout. Its what our key
employees have been doing since the 1980s.
Technical Services:
Our team is comprised of technical experts, each with over
twenty years experience in the world of fluorescent pigments.
Our capabilities range from developing fluorescent pigments for
all manner of printing inks: flexo, gravure, and screen inks; to

BVC: liquid vinyl colorant for traffic cones

Global Capabilities:
Our global headquarters, with corporate offices, R&D and manufacturing, is located in the San Francisco Bay Area of Northern
California, USA.
Brilliant is supported by an extensive global distribution network. To be connected to a local distributor in your area, please
direct your inquiry to:
Sales Contact:
Darren Bianchi
Technical Contact:
Ray Peria
+1-415-771-4757 x210

42 | Coatings World

Company Capabilities 2015

Company Capabilities 2015

Chromaflo Technologies Corp.

demanding requests. Other colorant brands include MONICOLOR

AND NOVAPINT. Color systems offered under COLORTREND

Chromaflo Technologies
Company Description
Chromaflo Technologies is among the largest independent global
suppliers of colorant systems, chemical and pigment dispersions
serving customers in architectural and industrial as well as
thermoset composites industries. Headquartered in Ashtabula,
Ohio, USA, Chromaflo has production facilities in the USA,
Canada, The Netherlands, Finland, Australia, China and North
Africa. Sales and technical support is also provided throughout
North and South America, Europe, Australia, China, India and
Southeast Asia. At Chromaflo, each colorant and dispersion are
a solution to our customers most complex color and appearance challenges, created by applying the right blend of skill and
craftsmanship. This application is a fine-tuned process, involving
the development of superior quality formulations that result in
a final product that is unique, consistent and controlled; a color
that gives aesthetic power and longevity to our customers products. Commitment to excellence is driven by three core values;
quality, speed and service. When the art and science of color is
mixed with diverse technical skills and customer manufacturing
capabilities, the possibilities are endless. This is
Where Art Meets Technology.
Major Coatings End Applications


Interior, Exterior & Decorative Coatings

Customer Color Matching

Industrial Maintenance

Analytical Support


Customer Packaging

Concrete Protective

Private Labeling

Automotive OEM

Toll Manufacturing

Automotive Renishing

Technical Services


Software - (Innovatint)

Architectural Market
Chromaflo Technologies offers a broad range of universal and
water based colorants for point-of-sale and in-plant tinting, as
well as specialty architectural coatings, sold under the COLORTREND brand. Based on our experience with thousands of
customers in hundreds of countries, we can meet the most

Detailed Chemistries
Amine-dispersed acrylic Monomer
Thermosetting polyol
Thermoplastic acrylic
(Phthalate-free, phthalate-containing)
Unsaturated polyester
Cellulose acetate butyrate
Alkyd (long oil, medium oil) IR-reflective systems
Industrial Market
Chromaflo Technologies is the leading supplier of additives and
pigment dispersions for the industrial coatings market, offering
a wide range of high-performance colorants in liquid resin based
100% solids, solvent borne, waterborne, plasticizers and chip
dispersions, sold under the CHROMA-CHEM brand. Products are made with sophisticated equipment for batch-to-batch
consistency. To ensure the highest quality possible, products are
also rigorously tested in our state-of-the-art laboratory to meet
each customers unique specifications. Color Systems include
Detailed Chemistries


Analytical Services
Color and Appearance Analysis
Xenon Arc and QUV
Particle Size
High Resolution Microscopy Digital Imaging System
Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy and Microscopy (FTIR)
UV-Vis Spectroscopy
Gel Permeation Chromatography
Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry Analysis
Thermal Analysis
Differential Scanning Calorimetry
Thermagravimetric Analysis
Company Capabilities 2015

Coatings World | 43

Company Capabilities 2015

DuPont Titanium Technologies

High quality coatings start with high quality raw materials.
Coatings formulated with TiO2 produced by the chloride process provide white, bright, consistent colors. They also create
a durable core for maximum coatings life. Consumers benefit
from reduced lifetime maintenance of their valuable assets and
the beauty provided by the widest range of color possibilities.

1007 Market St.
DuPont Building
Wilmington DE 19898
974 Centre Road
Chestnut Run 709
Wilmington, DE 19805
Coatings NA: 800-441-9437
EMEA: +32 3 730 22 11
Date Founded:
DuPonts Titanium Technologies business was founded in 1931.
Business Description:
DuPont Titanium Technologies has been an innovator with regards to titanium dioxide since the implementation of the Chloride Process in the 1950s. This process delivers bright white
pigments through a continuous, energy efficient process that secures a more consistent product quality, while using less energy,
and producing less waste and co-products that must be managed. Consistent advances in pigment design have expanded the
quality and utility of pigment across coatings, paper and plastics
applications through the history of the TiO2 business
Markets Served:
DuPont is committed to serving our customers where ever they
are based. Currently, Titanium Technologies sells TiO2 into 90
countries and has sales and marketing resources in 32 countries
around the world.

Technical Services:
Building on science-powered innovations and collaborating with
our customers has been the cornerstone to uncovering better and
higher value applications. We achieve this with our chloridebased technology and set the benchmark for quality and innovative solution delivery.
Major Products:
Today, DuPont is the worlds leading producer of titanium dioxide, serving the global market with rutile chloride pigment
exclusively. We recently launched Ti-Pure One Coat, a collaborative approach that combines unique technology, market
insight, innovative Ti-Pure products, and formulation expertise
to expand the limits of paint hiding power beyond what was
previously possible.
Visit to learn more.
Global Capabilities:
Largest TiO2 Producer and Technology Leader
Employees: ~2500
Technology Centers: 9
DuPont Titanium Technologies is the worlds largest manufacturer of titanium dioxide, serving customers globally in the coatings, paper and plastics industries. The company operates plants
at DeLisle, Miss.; New Johnsonville, Tenn.; Edge Moor, Del.;
Altamira, Mexico; and Kuan Yin, Taiwan; all of which use the
chloride manufacturing process. The company also operates
a mine in Starke, Fla. Technical service centers are located in
Paulinia, Brazil; Mexico City, Mexico; Mechelen, Belgium; Dzerzhinskiy, Russia; Kuan Yin, Taiwan; Ichon, Korea; Shanghai,
China; Hyderabad, India; and Wilmington, Del., to serve the
Latin American, European, Middle Eastern, Asian and North
American markets.

44 | Coatings World

Company Capabilities 2015

One coat conquers all.

Sometimes you need an edge to defeat old layers of paint. That

advantage is here: Ti-Pure Select TS-6300. Our Ti-Pure experts
will work with you to create the ideal formula, giving you the flexibility
to achieve superior hiding and optimal TiO2 efficiency in flat and lowsheen coatings. So stop the sparring match with just one coat.

One Coat

Visit to learn more.

Come visit our booth at the European Coatings Show at Hall 7 Stand 7-736.
Copyright 2015 DuPont. All rights reserved. Ti-Pure is a registered trademark of The Chemours Company TT, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of DuPont.

Company Capabilities 2015

Eastman Chemical Company

200 South Wilcox Drive
Kingsport, TN 37662

Many more additives and solutions at

Taminco is now a subsidiary of Eastman Chemical Company.

Company Description
Eastman is a global specialty chemical company that produces
a broad range of products found in items people use every day.
With a portfolio of specialty businesses, Eastman works with
customers to deliver innovative products and solutions while
maintaining a commitment to safety and sustainability.

Technical Services
Formulation and application expertise in coatings, adhesives,
inks, textiles and more.
Chemistry/chemical transformation and engineering/process
design & modeling excellence.

Markets Served
Eastmans market-driven approaches take advantage of worldclass technology platforms and leading positions in end-markets.
The company is divided into five business segments including
additives & functional products, adhesives and plasticizers, advanced materials, fibers and specialty fluids & intermediates. Its
major end markets are transportation, building & construction,
consumables, industrials & chemicals processing, durables, and
health & wellness.

Major Products
Eastman Texanol ester alcohol, the premier coalescent for latex
paints, provides the highest level of film integrity at low levels of
coalescent. Eastman Texanol is suitable for all types of latex
paints and maintains good performance regardless of varying
weather conditions and substrate porosity. Eastman Optifilm
enhancer 400 is a very low VOC, low odor coalescent that is
compatible with a variety of latex types, and maintains a good
balance of performance properties.

Cellulose esters: rheology modification, defect control, color
Coalescing aides: maximum film formation.
Adhesion promoters: adhesion to modified polypropylene substrates, other plastics.
Solvents: for desired application/performance characteristics.
Resin intermediates: unique structural options for coating resins
to meet performance properties.
Additives: faster dry-to-touch time, excellent anti-sag behavior,
ease of sanding.
Functional and specialty amines: pH buffers, multifunctional
neutralizing amines, controlling pH, pigment dispersion

Global Capabilities
As a globally diverse company, Eastman serves customers in approximately 100 countries. The company has over 40 production facilities in North America, China, Japan, Korea, Malaysia,
Singapore, Taiwan, Belgium, Estonia, France, Germany, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Brazil, Mexico, and the United States.

46 | Coatings World

Sales Contacts
Europe = Gunes Celik -
Asia = LiYa Wang -
Latin America = Fernando de Vincenzo -
North America = Tom Newsom -

Company Capabilities 2015


Company Capabilities 2015

Engineered Mills, Inc.

888 E. Belvidere Road U214
Grayslake, Illinois 60030

EMImills Engineered Mills, Inc.



888 E. Belvidere Road U-214
Grayslake, Illinois 60030 USA
Tel.: +1+847-548-0044
Fax: +1+847-548-0099
Date founded
Originally founded in 1979 as Eiger Machinery, Inc. the name
was changed to Engineered Mills, Inc. in 2012 to better define
its product expertise and expand its technology.
Company Description:
EMImills - Engineered Mills, Inc., Grayslake, Illinois, USA manufactures laboratory bead mills, mixers and dispersers as well as
production bead mills for wet milling, fine grinding and dispersing of liquid and paste products. There is a strong emphasis on
bead mills for product research, quality controls and technical
service applications. Included are horizontal bead mills, mixers,
dispersers, homogenizers, chillers and grinding media. Testing
laboratory and demonstration equipment are available at its
USA site.
Made in America sold throughout the world.
Markets Served:
EMI started in the paint,
colorants and coatings
industry providing bead
mills for the production of
high quality products. The
same technology was then
sold into other industries
that benefited from the
fine grinding technology.
These have included inks,
dyes, catalysts, conductive coatings, fuel cell, agrochemicals, food
products, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and advanced nano dispersions. Laboratory research companies in all markets was addressed
with bead mills that can process samples as little as 50 mls.

Bead mills for laboratory research, quality control and technical
service applications have be advanced to allow the development
of nano dispersions below 100 nanometers. Small sample, pilot
scale, small batch production or full scale production can be
achieved using the data generated from the use of the equipment line.
Technical Services:
Over 40 years of experience
in wet milling and dispersion technology is available
to assist customers with
their dispersion processing.
Knowledgeable sales and
technical support staff are
available as well as the corporate based R&D laboratory to process and evaluate customer
dispersion samples to see what process might work best for their
Major Products:
Laboratory Mini Series Mills for product research using minimum amounts of raw materials
Pilot Scale Mill for small batch production and to assist in
scale up to production.
Horizontal Bead Mill for full scale paint and colorant manufacture.
Microtron Mill for nano processing high energy milling using
fine media
Laboratory and Pilot Scale dispersers and mixers
Laboratory Stirrers
Laboratory and Pilot Plant Chillers
Grinding Media quality beads as well as technical support
Global Capabilities:
Corporate headquarters is located in
Grayslake, Illinois USA which is close to
Chicago OHare International airport.
Sales and Technical Contacts:
Technical Sales: Dave L. Peterson
Engineering Support: Robert Radcliff

Company Capabilities 2015

Coatings World | 47

Company Capabilities 2015

Engineered Polymer Solutions (EPS)

1400 N. State Street
Marengo, IL 60152 USA
Tel.: +1-800-654-4242
Fax: +1-815-568-4145
Company Description
EPS/CCA is a leading supplier of coating resins and colorants to serve
the Architectural, Industrial, Construction, Adhesives and Sealants markets. With more than 20 years in the industry, EPS/CCA continues to
deliver products backed by unmatched technical and customer support.
Headquartered in Marengo, IL, USA, EPS/CCA maintains operations in
the US, Europe and China providing quality products with exceptional
R&D resources.
Technical Mission
With decades of experience, we are committed to understanding the needs of our customers and helping them succeed with
innovative technology and superior service. With a personalized
approach, innovative technology and exceptional technical service we make doing business easy.
Markets Served
EPS/CCA offers a comprehensive selection of innovative emulsion technologies, conventional resins and colorants to serve the
Architectural, Industrial, Construction, Adhesives, and Wood
EPS acrylic and styrene acrylic emulsions utilize proprietary adhesion technology with value-added features, including superior
adhesion to multiple substrates, early water resistance, block
resistance and abrasion resistance.
The exterior exposure test fence program ensures that durability properties such as grain-crack resistance, chalk adhesion and
dirt pickup resistance are achieved.
Additional resin choices include alkyds, water dispersible alkyds,
PUDs, polyesters and solution acrylics.

Major Products
EPS acrylic and styrene acrylic emulsions offer superior performance properties at very low VOC and are designed for direct
application to challenging substrates such as concrete, chalky
surfaces, glossy surfaces, and ferrous and non-ferrous metals.
CCA Colorants product lines NovoColor IP, ExacTint, Universal Colorants, OptiColor IP, OptiColor PE, and OptiColor XP provide a full colorant offering for water based and
solvent based applications.
Global Capabilities
EPS Headquarters
1400 N. State St.
Marengo, Illinois 60152
Sales: 800-654-4242
Technical Service: 800-601-8111
CCA Colorants
1630 West Hill Street
Louisville, Kentucky 40210
Sales: 800-654-4242
Technical Service: 800-729-3311
Manufacturing Locations
Los Angeles, California
Rockford, Illinois
Marengo, Illinois
Kankakee, Illinois
Louisville, Kentucky
Williamsport, Maryland
Garland, Texas
Nijverheidsweg 35
3341 LJ H.I. Ambacht
The Netherlands
Sales: +31 78 683 3250
Technical service: +31 78 683 3250
Lot 3 Xintang
District Dalinshan
Dongguan Guangdong 523822

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Company Capabilities 2015

Company Capabilities
Capabilities 2015

Everlight Chemical Industrial Corporation

5~6F., No.77, Sec. 2, DunHua S. Rd., Taipei 106, Taiwan
Tel.: +886-2-27066006
Fax #: +886-2-27081254
Company Description
largest UV Absorber and Light Stabilizer manufactures in the world, and
the product series: Eversorb .
With Eversorb, we help to prevent the UV Rays damage when
and also enhances the product durability on weathering and
extends the product life.
Management System
ISO 9001 (1994)
ISO 14001 (1996)
6-SIGMA (1999)
OHSAS 18001 (2001)
TIPS (2010)
BCMS ISO22301 (2012)
TS16949 (2013)



Major Products
Everlight Chemical - Manufacture and sell UV Absorbers and
Light Stabilizers under trademark Eversorb through global
sales channels and professional technical service team to offer
outstanding products all over the world.
We provide all kinds of products which include standardized
hancing their product shelf life and product durability.



Markets Served
Everlight Chemical insists on the highest ethic standards while
conducting businesses. The mutual trusts established between
Everlight and valuable customers have made us growing stronger over the years. Through the joint efforts of our subsidiaries
in the USA, Europe, Turkey, and China, Everlight has established a marketing network of agents and distributors of more
than 80 countries around the world.


We own professional manufacture and R&D capacities. Focus

in product innovation and process improvement to provide consistent and high quality UV absorbers and light stabilizers.
UV Absorber: Benzophenone / Benzotriazole / Triazine
Hindered Amine Light Stabilizers (HALS)
UV Masterbatch
Textile UV absorber
Performance Products
Other Applications
We also offer solutions to meet your weathering requirements
for Waterborne Coatings / Wood Pre-Treatment / Epoxy / UV
Curing / Fluorescent Pigment applications.

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Company Capabilities
Capabilities 2015

Company Capabilities 2015

Hoover Color Corporation

P.O. Box 218
2170 Julia Simpkins Rd.
Hiwassee, VA 24347
Tel.: (540) 980-7233
Fax #: (540) 980-8781

Company Description
Hoover Color was established and incorporated in 1923 in New
York. Now located in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains
of Virginia, Hoover Color is adjacent to two major interstate
highwaysI-77 and I-81putting it within a one-day drive of
the majority of the U.S. population. Hoover Color also has easy
access to the ports of Norfolk and Richmond, Virginia, and
Charleston, SC.
The company owns 3,000 acres of land in and around
Hiwassee, where it maintains its mine sites, production facilities,
laboratories and corporate offices. The main complex comprises
66,000 sq. ft. of production and warehouse facilities, 4,000 sq.
ft. of lab space, and 3,600 sq. ft. of office area. The original
plant was built on this site in the early 1920s, with the last
major renovation and expansion completed in 1991.

Color also acquired mineral deposits, which made it fully integrated in the mining and manufacturing of Siennas, Umbers, and
Ochres. These rich earth tones are the hallmark products for
Hoover Color, especially Raw and Burnt Siennas. Our product
range includes Natural and Synthetic Iron Oxides, Blended Iron
Oxides, Chromium Green Oxides, Van Dyke Browns, Tuscan
Blends and Complex Inorganic Pigments.
Distribution of Pigments (under the manufacturers label and manufactured to Hoover Colors Specification in toll production agreements) - In
order to offer our customers a wider range of colors, Hoover Color has
reached agreements to distribute certain pigments and has contracted the
toll manufacturing of others. Various Synthetic and Natural Iron Oxide
pigments, Mixed Metal Oxides and Van Dyke Brown pigments are all
distributed in order to give our customers a complete range of inorganic
colored pigments.
Pigments for Colored Concrete Products - Hoover Color provides oxides of iron to produce yellows, reds, blacks and browns;
chromium oxides to produce greens and titanium dioxides
produce whites. Oxides of cobalt and/or copper can produce
various greens and blues. All of these pigments are produced
by Hoover Color and comply with ASTM test method C979,
Pigments for Integrally Colored Concrete. Hoover Color uses
a computerized color measuring system to measure these color
variations and publishes this information to its customers in a
Certificate of Analysis. This helps to ensure that the color
variation is within previously stated specifications.
Manufacture & Sale of the Hoover Automatic Muller - Since
the 1940s, Hoover Color has always been in the forefront of
color control, developing the Hoover Automatic Muller. The
Hoover Muller has since become the standard piece of testing
equipment for the pigment industry. It is also widely used in
the ink and cosmetic industries. The Hoover Muller has been
recognized by ASTM and ISO as an approved way to prepare
samples for color evaluations.

Technologies, Products & Services

Hoover Colors business includes the following areas:
Mining, Production, and Sales of Natural and Blended Iron
Oxide Pigments - From its inception, Hoover Color has been
blending pigments to rigid color specifications for their customers. With the purchase of the Hiwassee facility in 1970, Hoover
Company Capabilities 2015

The Hoover Automatic Muller

provides a quick and easy
method for preparing a small
sample of pigment-resin dispersion. Glass plates that shear the
pigment into the resin are easily
cleaned by the solvent used in
solubilizing the resin. This piece
of equipment continues to find
new uses wherever incoming
pigment quality is a concern.
Coatings World | 51

Company Capabilities 2015

Hockmeyer offers an array of technologies in which to produce
quality, competitive products. It is Hockmeyers goal to continue to lead the way in the development of new technology for
the mixing and milling industry.

610 Supor Blvd., Harrison, NJ 07029
Tel: 973-482-0225
Fax: 973-484-6114
Manufacturing and Parts & Service
6 Kitty Hawk Lane, Elizabeth City, NC 27909
Tel: 252-338-4705
Fax: 252-338-6540
Sales Contact: Shawnacy McManus, Director of Marketing
Technical Contact: Mike Villardi, VP of Production
and Customer Service

Hockmeyers HCPS Immersion Mill is able to process products
up to 2 million centipoise. This revolution in media milling technology can drastically reduce grind time and increase product
HOCKMEYERs North Carolina location not only houses our
manufacturing facility but also includes our on-site, state of the
art Customer Testing Facility. Potential customers, as well as
long time customers are welcome to visit our laboratory or send
in product samples so that we can determine the best equipment
for your needs. This allows you to achieve the highest product
standards possible. Call to set up a free lab trial today!

Hockmeyer Equipment Corporation has been providing process
solutions for over 70 years. It is a leader in the wet grinding and
dispersion industry and offers custom designed process equipment for mixing, blending, dispersing, and particle size reduction. The Hockmeyer Team is dedicated to producing processing
equipment that is of the highest quality available.
Hockmeyers broad range of products can provide process solutions to the Paint, Ink, Coatings, Adhesives, Ceramics, Agricultural, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic and Food Industries.
HCP Series Immersion Mills: The HCP Series, including HCP
(micro grinding) HCPS (high viscosity grinding) and HCPN
(Nano grinding) provide excellent particle distributions and
high quality products.
Dispersers: Mechanical and inverter drives with horse power
ranges from 2 to 400 hp.
High Viscosity Mixing Systems: Multi-Shaft, Double Planetary
and Horizontal Units.
Presses: Portable, Lift to Discharge and Platform Presses.

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Company Capabilities 2015

Company Capabilities 2015

Customer Focus
Because we work so closely with our customers, we are able to
continuously introduce new products, technical developments,
and marketing innovations to meet our customers microbial
control needs.

1200 Bluegrass Lakes Parkway
Alpharetta GA 30004
Tel.: 678 624 5800
About Lonza
Lonza is one of the worlds leading and most-trusted suppliers
to the pharmaceutical, biotech and specialty ingredients markets. We harness science and technology to create products that
support safer and healthier living and that enhance the overall
quality of life.
Not only are we a custom manufacturer and developer, Lonza
also offers services and products ranging from active pharmaceutical ingredients and stem-cell therapies to drinking water
sanitizers, from the vitamin B compounds and organic personal
care ingredients to agricultural products, and from industrial
preservatives to microbial control solutions that combat dangerous viruses, bacteria and other pathogens.
Founded in 1897 in the Swiss Alps, Lonza today is a well-respected global company with more than 40 major manufacturing and R&D facilities and approximately 9,800 full-time
employees worldwide. The company generated sales of about
CHF 3.64 billion in 2014 and is organized into two marketfocused segments: Pharma&Biotech and Specialty Ingredients.
Company Description
Lonza is the global leader in microbial control with the broadest portfolio of active ingredients and registered formulated products. We have
market-leadership positions in water treatment, materials protection,
hygiene, personal care and wood treatment with strong offerings in
performance products. We offer unmatched expertise in navigating the
complex global regulatory environments.
Strong Global Infrastructure
Lonza has 26 major production and R&D facilities, more than
3,000 employees, and operates in every region of the world.
Wherever our customers do business, we are there.

Lonza is committed to investing in innovative solutions that
meet our customers current and future needs. Our global network of R&D resources includes a 65,000 sq. ft. innovation
and Technology center in Alpharetta, GA, USA - an unmatched
investment which will provide solutions to our customers today,
and for years to come.
Additional technology and customer support facilities are located in the U.S., Brazil, the EU, Japan, Singapore, China, South
Africa, Australia, India and New Zealand.
We offer global formulations capabilities which are tailored for
our customers unique local market needs.
Lonza is committed to being a good corporate citizen and to operating in a safe and environmentally sound manner. In addition
to the strong foundation created by our Environmental, Health,
Safety & Security (EHS) policy and our commitment to Product
Stewardship, Lonza is pursuing a broad Sustainability Initiative,
aimed at optimizing the environmental, health and social impacts and benefits of our products and processes throughout the
entire value chain.
With our broad global regulatory expertise and world-class
toxicology and analytical chemistry skills, we offer our customers solutions that contribute to the sustainability of their own
products and services.
About Lonzas Materials Protection Business
Lonzas Materials Protection business supplies antimicrobial
actives and additives for paints, coatings, building materials,
plastics, marine antifouling paints, emulsions, textiles and metalworking. This business offers unmatched regulatory and toxicology expertise, and its extensive global infrastructure enables it to
ensure continuity of supply, technical support and expert service
to customers wherever they do business around the world.
For more information, visit

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Company Capabilities 2015

Company Capabilities 2015

Micro Powders, Inc.

580 White Plains Rd.
Tarrytown, NY 10591 USA
Tel: 914-793-4058
Fax: 914-472-7098
Company Description
Micro Powders, Inc. is the worldwide leader in wax technology,
manufacturing specialized micronized waxes, wax dispersions
and emulsions for the paint, ink and coatings industries. Micro
Powders has an extensive and innovative product range and is
committed to providing consistent quality products, excellent
customer service, and superior technical support to its customers.
Advanced Wax Technology
Since 1971, Micro Powders, Inc. has been supplying high performance wax additives to printing ink, paint and industrial coating
manufacturers worldwide through a network of highly trained sales
representatives and distributors. All MPI sales personnel offer superior technical assistance and quick delivery from local stocks.
Micro Powders products provide a wide range of surface effects
to your products including:
Slip and Lubricity
Abrasion Resistance
Heat Resistance
Water Repellency
Tape Release
Gloss Control/Matting
Texturizing Effects
Tactile (soft feel) Effects
Innovative Technology/Quality Assurance
Micro Powders specializes in developing innovative micronized
wax technologies to meet the formulators needs. In addition to
innovative chemistry, the particle size of our micronized waxes
is carefully controlled using laser diffraction analysis in order to
ensure consistent particle size uniformity from batch to batch.
Some of our newer products, including PropylMatte 31HD and
AquaMatte 26HD, are formulated with higher density polymers,
designed to resist flotation in waterborne systems and provide
optimal in-can stability. Our quality system has been awarded
worldwide recognition under the ISO 9001 standard. A dedicated
and experienced technical staff, backed by the technical service
laboratory, is ready to assist customers. The customer service
department will direct all inquiries to the appropriate technical
expert for assistance. A worldwide network of customer service
representatives is available to respond to all global inquiries.

Specialty Products
Micro Powders offers specialty, high-performance micronized
wax additives that are easily dispersed without prior melting or
grinding. A variety of emulsions and dispersions are also available for ease of use in waterborne applications.
MP Waxes for lubricity and economy
MPP Waxes for rub and mar resistance
Fluo Waxes micronized PTFE for slip and heat resistance
Polyfluo/Synfluo Waxes unique wax combinations pro
viding slip and abrasion resistance
Aqua Waxes stir in additives for waterborne applications
AquaBead Waxes and Wax Emulsions for water repel
lency and moisture resistance
AquaKlean Wax Emulsions for scrubbability and burnish
resistance for Architectural Coatings
Micropro/MicroMatte/PropylMatte/AquaMatte Waxes
for uniform matting and scratch resistance
PropylTex Waxes for texture and gloss control
Polysilk Waxes softer wax polymers for improved slip, tape
release and a smooth surface
Microspersion Aqueous
Dispersions stir-in wax
NyloTex Waxes for high
temperature texture
AquaTex Waxes for tex-
ture and gloss control in
water borne systems
Waxes for slip and abra
sion resistance without PTFE
MicroTouch soft touch for industrial coatings
Propylfluo Waxes gloss control and anti-blocking with in
creased slip
Visit to find a product and a solution ideal
for your needs.
Global Capabilities
President: Gary Strauss
CEO & Executive Vice President: Deena Strauss Kornblau
Domestic Sales & Canada Contact: John McAllister
International Sales Contact: Thomas Laakso
Technical Contacts: Rich Czarnecki, David Gittleman

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Company Capabilities 2015

Company Capabilities 2015


North America

1455 Broad St., Bloomfield, NJ 07003

Tel.: 973-279-1306
Fax: 973-338-0420
Company Description
Munzing, a family owned business with headquarters in Heilbronn, Germany, is a global specialty additive supplier with
highly experienced R&D and technical service personnel in
Europe, the Americas and Asia. Our manufacturing plants in
Europe and America have broad synthesis and formulation capabilities to best serve our global customer base.
Markets Served
Munzings defoamers are industry standards for reducing the
problems associated with foam formation in the production
and application of water-based systems, including: Architectural Coatings, Adhesives, Industrial Coatings, Printing Industry, Wood Coatings and Grinding Pigments.
Munzing has state-of-the-art R&D labs in the United States
and Europe. Seasoned scientists in these labs continually develop new additives that create value for the paint and coatings
industry. Furthermore, Munzing has unique and proprietary
technology available solely through its organization.
Technical Services
Munzing offers technical service testing to focus on solving customer issues by duplicating the customer process and not by the
generalization of formulation characteristics. We employ a wide
range of test methods to reproduce the conditions that a coating
experiences during manufacturing, packaging and application.

Major Products
CERETAN and LUBA-print- micronized and coated waxes
and wax dispersions
DEE FO and AGITAN defoamers for printing inks, coatings and adhesives
EDAPLAN leveling and universal dispersing agents
METOLAT wetting agents and dispersants for specific pigment groups
TAFIGEL rheology modifiers for printing ink and coatings
*To download a PDF of the latest Paint & Coatings brochure
Global Capabilities/production facilities
975 Ultra Avenue, Clover, SC 29710 USA
Munzing Chemie Gmbh, Salzstrabe 174, D-74076
Heilbronn Germany
Munzing Shanghai Co. Ltd., Building 12, No. 128 Xiangyin
Rd., Shanghai, 2006433 China
Sales Contact: Greg Orange,
Technical Contact: Roy Meyer,
European Contact: Mike Riggs,
Asian Contact: Matthew Chen,

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Company Capabilities 2015

Company Capabilities 2015

Sartomer Americas

Technical Services:
With two domestic manufacturing sites (PA and VA) and
locally-based technical and application centers, Sartomer can
develop new products to meet your special needs.

502 Thomas Jones Way
Exton, PA 19341
Tel.: 610.363.4100
Fax: 610.363.4140

Major Products:
Acrylate/methacrylate functional monomers
Epoxy, urethane and specialty oligomers
Water-indicating paste

Date Founded:
Company Description:
Sartomer is the premier global supplier of specialty chemicals
for ultraviolet and electron beam (UV/EB), peroxide and twopart epoxy/amine systems. For more than 50 years, Sartomer has
worked closely with customers to co-develop solutions so they
can, in turn, develop the most innovative products.
Today, backed by the financial resources and technical services
of Arkema, Sartomer provides a strong global approach to
R&D, manufacturing and customer support.
Markets Served:
Sartomer is the premier global supplier of acrylate/methacrylate
monomers, oligomers, and other specialty chemicals used in the
following applications:
Graphic Arts
Adhesives and Sealants

Advanced Materials
Chemical Intermediates

Our products are an integral part of end uses as diverse as hardwood flooring, printing plates, compact disks, package coatings,
furniture, printed circuit boards and eyeglasses.

Global Manufacturing Plants:

The Americas
West Chester, PA
Chatham, VA
Nansha, China
Villers-Saint-Paul, France
Exton, PA
Sales Contact: Christian Petrangeli
(610) 363-4100
Colombes, France
420, rue dEstienne dOrves
Colombes Cedex, F-92705 FR
+33(0)1 49 00 80 80
Hong Kong
Unit 4112-4116, Tower 1
Metroplaza 223 Hing Fong Road
Kwai Fong, Hong Kong
+852 2629 1047

Sartomer has the broadest range of monomers and oligomers
in the world, as well as the most experienced technical staff in
the field. As part of Arkema, Sartomer has even more resources
behind its already global reach in Asia, Europe and the US.

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Company Capabilities 2015

Company Capabilities 2015

Shamrock Technologies,Inc.

Shamrock Technologies, Inc.
Foot of Pacific Street
Newark, NJ 07114-2888
Tel.: 800-349-1822 / 973-242-2999
Fax: 973-242-8074
Company Description
Shamrock creates the innovative products our customers need to
grow their businesses. For nearly 75 years, Shamrock advances
have driven the use of PTFE and wax additives in a wide range
of applications including inks, coatings, lubricants, thermoplastics, and personal care products. Shamrock is the global leader
in PTFE additives, pioneering their use for inks and coatings
and offering an extensive product line including PTFE powders,
specialty waxes, compounds, and premium dispersions. These
problem solvers enhance our customers products by controlling slip, rub/abrasion resistance, texture, water repellency,
gloss/matting and feel.
Technical Mission
Our in-depth technical knowledge and production experience
gives ink and coatings formulators the edge they need. Shamrock serves our customers needs with extensive application and
R&D laboratories, custom production equipment, and industry
experienced professionals. Our chemists, scientists, and engineers are highly trained experts in the major applications and
industries and bring valuable first-hand knowledge to customers
through our Product Marketing Center (PMC). All of our facilities are ISO 9001:2008 Certified.
Commitment to Service
We strive to make buying and using Shamrock products as
easy and efficient as possible. Shamrocks international Sales
Network ensures that each of our customers receives optimal
attention, support, and service, while our Customer Service
Group offers assistance with scheduling, normal and special
deliveries, warehousing, and many other details, before, during, and after the sale.

Product Lines
SST Series: full range of micronized PTFE products
AquaFLON Series:ultra fine water based PTFE dispersions
S Series: wide variety of micronized waxes and alloys
Texture Series: texturing agents for all liquid coatings
PowderTEX Series: texturing agents for powder coatings
EverGLIDE & UltraGLIDE: wax and PTFE emulsions &
dispersions in UV monomer
Hydrocer Series: pre-dispersed and emulsified additives for
water based systems
VersaFLOW EV: liquid PE surfactant for solvent based coatings
FluoroSLIP Series: micronized PTFE/wax blends for optimal
slip and abrasion resistance
FluoroTEX: macro PTFE powders provide texturing while
improving slip and abrasion resistance for liquid baked and
air-dry coatings
Neptune Series: micronized PTFE and waxes for water
based systems
NanoFLON Series: sub-micron PTFE powders
Global Capabilities
U.S. Production Facilities:
Foot of Pacific Street
Newark, NJ 07114-2888
109 N. McKinley Street
Henderson, KY 42420
301 Community Drive
Henderson, KY 42420
Shamrock Technologies bvba
Heersterveldweg 21
3700 Tongeren, Belgium
Tel: +32 1245 8330; Fax: +32 1245 8340
Shamrock Technologies (Tianjin) Co., LTF.
Factory No. 5, 9th Avenue, Fenghua Industrial Park
TEDA, Tianjin, China 300457
Tel: 86 22 59813085; Fax: 86 22 59813099

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Company Capabilities 2015

Company Capabilities 2015

Sower Corporation
27F Centro Mansion, No. 568 Hengfeng Road,
Shanghai China 200070
Tel.: 0086 21 32201032 (From Monday to Friday)
0086 21 63538710 (Saturday and Sunday)
Fax #: 0086 21 63178868
Sower Group Company Description:
Shanghai Sower Mechanical & Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Sower Mechanical & Electrical Equipment Co Ltd,
headquarters of Sower Group, provides clients from China and
over 80 other countries and regions with single machines, complete equipment, production lines and turnkey solutions of a
whole plant in the chemical industry. It plays an important role
in overseas project construction and investment partnership. The
company also offers clients with dispersers, wet grinding equipment, high shear emulsifiers and emulsification pumps, mixers,
filling and packing equipment, powder conveying systems, reacting vessels, atmospheric pressure vessels and pressure vessels.
Sower Baoshan Engineering and Project Center
Baoshan Engineering and Project Center is a high-end production plant. It provides clients with single machines, complete
equipment, production lines as well as full services including
manufacture, installation, commissioning and maintenance of
a whole plant. It substantially supports Sower with technologies of equipment manufacture, installation and customization.
Shanghai Sower Construction & Engineering Co., Ltd.
(Shanghai Sower Chemical Design Institute)
Shanghai Sower Construction & Engineering Co., Ltd. (Shanghai Sower Chemical Design Institute), is one of the pioneers
successfully transform itself from an equipment manufacturer
into a Chemical Project Contractor, an Engineering Procurement
Construction (EPC) company in China. Sower Chemical Design
Institute has earned the certificates of Chemical Engineering Design Qualification, Design License of Special Equipment (Pressure Vessel and Pressure Pipeline), Electrical and Mechanical
Equipment Installation Qualification.
With over a decade of experience in manufacturing complete
equipment, Sower is competent to optimize production line
design and offer the best option of key equipment for clients.
Therefore Sower is able to aide clients to effectively cut production cost and minimize various risks. Sowers staff is composed
of registered engineers and technical experts. The company targets projects of 30 to 50 million RMB in fine chemical, pharmaceutical and light industries and provides services including
engineering design and EPC.

Major Products:
Automatic Feeding
Systems &
Filling Equipment

Vessels & Tanks
Powder Equipment & Systems
Complete & Customized Sets

Markets Served:

Sower specialized in R&D and manufacturing coatings equipment at its early stage. After investing heavily in R&D, Sower
has successfully earned a number of patents. Consequently, the
company has gradually expanded its business sectors. For over
the past ten years, Sower has provided clients with comprehensive equipment and technology solutions mainly for fine chemical industry. The company also offers services including
Fine chemical equipment design,
Fine chemical equipment manufacturing,
Fine chemical equipment customization
Fine chemical equipment production line solution
Fine chemical project EPC
For years of development, Sower has been competent to provides
full equipment and production plants solutions for various industries, such as coatings, ink & dye, adhesive, resin, lubricant, chemical additives, flavors & fragrances and electronic chemical, etc.
This year Sower has achieved a good result as the company has
made good strategic plans and keep investing R&D. Sower has
its own design institute with chemical engineering design courses
and therefore Sower is a leading EPC contractor in the area of
chemical engineering design. Sower takes it as a competitive advantage in the market. The company also continues to improve
its design and technologies. In addition, Sower has accumulated
rich on-site experience and therefore the company is able to
provide clients with the best solutions upon factory floor plan,
equipment arrangement and equipment options, etc. Sower also
offers them most reasonable prices. Clients can enjoy price discount of factory floor plan design, equipment arrangement and
construction renderings before signing the contract! It is hard for
any other company to serve clients in such a similar way.
This year Sower successfully undertakes a number of fine chemical EPC projects, including some large-scaled coatings EPC projects, because the company is leading in the EPC sector.
Apart from large-scale EPC production lines, Sower continues to
specialize in R&D of single machines. Sowers design involves
functionality, usability and aesthetic. In the future, we will invest
more on R&D of single machines and complete production lines
to keep ahead of the competition.
Trade Show Information:
Middle East Coatings Show 2015-Visit Us At Stand E12
EuropeanCoatingsShow2015-Visit Us At Stand 6-449 in Hall 6

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Company Capabilities 2015

Company Capabilities 2015

Specialty Polymers, Inc.

Specialty Polymers, Inc., 2765 National Way,
PO Box 299, Woodburn OR 97071
East Coast:
869 Old Richburg Road, Chester, SC 26706


With manufacturing sites on both the west and east coast, Specialty
Polymers is ideally suited to meet each customers needs.
Our companys Oregon facility has 60,000 square feet of production
space on five acres. In South Carolina, our production facility sits on
more than 25 acres with 83,000 square feet of production space.
Specialty Polymers is a dynamic, privately held manufacturer of
water-based polymers and adhesives. Our products are designed
to meet the most demanding needs from customers around the
world, and our employees are committed to providing the best
customer service in the industry. We pride ourselves on being
an innovative, responsive and flexible supplier of high quality

Our strength is the development of innovative polymers. For more than
45 years, we have been on the forefront of polymer development. Our
highly skilled polymer and application chemists work in research and
development facilities located in Oregon and South Carolina.

Our roots date back to 1969, when Ray Southwell started
Specialty Polymers with a goal to provide high quality, innovative
products to the coatings industry. Since then, Specialty Polymers
has grown to have multiple manufacturing sites and more that
300 active products.


Specialty Polymers innovative technology provides products
that meet the strictest environmental standards. Working
directly with many of our customers, we have developed emulsions that allow them to replace a traditional coating with a
more environmentally friendly version.


We are a key supplier of water-based emulsion polymers for a
wide variety of applications:
Architectural paints
Graphic arts and inks
Industrial coatings
Concrete coatings
Paper coatings
Concrete sealers and ad-mixes
Textile coatings
Roof coatings
Custom designed emulsions

Dave Carnahan
West Coast Sales Manager
(800) 770-7523
Dave Hartmann
East Coast Sales Manager
(800) 671-2842
Mike Beland
Midwest Sales Manager
(800) 671-2842

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Company Capabilities 2015


We have the right polymer for your needs!

latest water-based technologies
multiple industries
45 years of product development

customer service on both coasts
manufacturing on both coasts
laboratories on both coasts
North American sales coverage

products tailored to your application
multiple technologies utilized to solve problems
individual customer focus
Let Specialty Polymers
find your solution

Company Capabilities 2015

TIGER Drylac U.S.A., Inc.

Surface Finishing Solutions

3855 Swenson Avenue,
St Charles, IL 60174
Tel.: 1-800-243-8148
Fax: 1-877-926-8148
Company Description:
TIGER Drylac U.S.A., Inc. develops, manufactures and supplies
environmentally friendly high quality powder coatings that meet
state of the art industry standards. TIGER is the leader in metallic and special effects with its 2nd generation bonded metallic finishes manufactured using in-house advanced proprietary
technology that imparts advanced quality and a high degree of
color consistency during the application process.
Markets Served:
Automotive, architecture, contract, office and patio furniture,
domestic, commercial and architectural lighting fixtures, store
fixtures, shopping carts, gaming machines, appliances, communication and electronic devices, leisure and sport equipment,
agriculture and construction machinery, military equipment and
parts, general industry and job shops.

Major Products:
TIGER Drylac Series 38 polyester super durable for architectural applications
TIGER Drylac Series 75 fluoropolymer hyper durable for architectural applications
TIGER Drylac Series 58 polyester TGIC-free super durable for
architectural applications
TIGER Drylac Series 61 anodized effects for architectural applications
TIGER Drylac Series 200 wheel line for automotive applications
TIGER Drylac Series 250 clear acrylic for automotive applications
TIGER Drylac Series 69 CARC for military applications
TIGER Drylac Series 44 CARC for military applications
TIGER Drylac Series 49 polyester TGIC for general outdoor
Global Capabilities:
TIGER Coatings GmbH & Co. KG has 10 manufacturing facilities around the world; 1 in Austria, 3 in China, 1 in Vietnam, 1
in Egypt, 1 in Mexico, 1 in Canada and 2 in the United States.
Canada |
Mexico |
Austria |
China |
Japan |
Vietnam |


Powder coatings based on TGIC and TGIC-free polyester for indoor and outdoor applications, polyester super durable for high
performance architectural applications, fluoropolymer hyper
durable for monumental architectural applications, acrylic for
automotive applications, epoxy for outdoor industrial applications, epoxy primers, polyester-epoxy hybrid for indoor applications and polyurethane for rugged outdoor applications.
Technical Services:
TIGER Drylac U.S.A. Inc. has a team of experienced Application
Field Service specialists that provide line audits, troubleshooting
and technical support to OEMs, approved applicators and job
shops as required.




environmentally friendly
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Company Capabilities 2015


2nd generation bonded metallic powder coatings

Inspired by Mother Natures endless effects!

Suitable for all in-store furniture and fixtures as well as store fronts.
Powder coatings based on polyester, hybrid, epoxy and polyester super durable.
Batch-to-batch consistency.
Advanced quality and high degree of color consistency.
For additional information or to order a catalog, contact a TIGER sales manager.

Visit us at GLOBALSHOP
Mandalay Bay | Las Vegas, NV
Mar 24-26, 2015 | Booth 1429

T 1-800-243-8148 | F 877-926-8148
proud member of

Company Capabilities 2015

Troy Corporation

8 Vreeland Road
P.O. Box 955
Florham Park, NJ 07932 USA
Tel: +1 (973) 443-4200 Fax: +1 (973) 443-0843
Company Description
Troy Corporation is a global leader in performance materials principally preservatives and additives used in the manufacture
of paint and coatings, building products, adhesives and sealants,
textiles, metalworking fluids, cosmetics, and personal care products. Troy has served these industries with innovative, valueadded products for over sixty years. The companys success in
introducing new materials in anticipation of industry needs has
fueled expansion into new markets worldwide.
Troy invests significant resources in research and development to address emerging needs and is dedicated to providing
customers with continually improved products. Troy is positioned to offer service to customers through a global network of
technical support, complemented by local sales staff.
Troy operates modern manufacturing facilities in North America, Europe, and Asia. Troy is recognized for providing a wide
range of high quality preservatives, additives, and specialty performance products to customers in over 100 countries.
Troy manufacturing facilities are ISO 9001:2008 Certified,
indicating commitment to high quality. Troy also achieved ISO
14001:2004 certification of its Newark, New Jersey, USA manufacturing facility, recognition of the companys environmentally
sound manufacturing process. As a global manufacturer, Troy
has reached important milestones in extending its presence to
markets around the world with product recognition for quality,
reliability, and value.

against marring and premature failure due to microbial attack. Additionally, Troy recently launched a new line of highly efficient defoamers for
aqueous systems and provided a series of high performance substrate
wetting agents capable of coating many difficult hydrophobic surfaces.
Troy remains committed to the ongoing pursuit of product innovation
and the advance of technology in the markets the company serves.
Troys experienced Technical Service staff provides customers with expert assistance to meet a diversity of challenges. Troy
utilizes the latest advances in performance materials research to
create unique solutions for customers from Technical Service
Centers in North America, Europe, and Asia.
Major Products







Dry-Film Preservatives
Dry-Film Preservatives
Wet-State Preservatives
Rheology Modifiers
Pigment/Substrate Wetting
Flow & Leveling Additives
Driers, Metal Carboxylates,
& Anti-Skinning Agents
Powder Coating Additives
Personal Care Antimicrobials
Household, Industrial,
& Institutional Preservatives

Global Capabilities
Troy Chemie GmbH
Tel: +49 511 899 8830 Fax: +49 511 899 88309
Troy BV
Tel: +31 10 592 7494 Fax: +31 10 592 8877
Troy Asia Company Ltd.
Tel: +66 2 705 7500 Fax: +66 2 705 7599

Troy products improve coating properties, protect against product
spoilage in package, and resisting fungal and algal attack on the applied
coating surface. In the USA, Troy is the leading producer of zero VOC
(volatile organic compound) dry film preservatives offering protection
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Company Capabilities 2015

Company Capabilities 2015

Trust Chem USA, LLC

REACH. We specialize in problem solving for our wide customer base. Our labs in Hangzhou China offer testing capabilities for all industries. They include many different types of
lab equipment, including an automated and air-controlled spray
booth for automotive applications, and a Plastic Twin Screw
Extruder, Film Blowing Line, and Plastic Mold Injection Machine for plastics applications. Trust Chem is able to control the
quality for all of our manufactured organic pigments in most
customer systems.

Trust Chem USA, LLC
1050 Main Street, Suite 22,
East Greenwich, RI 02818 USA
Tel: (401) 398-7301
Fax: (401) 398-7321
Company Description
Trust Chem is an independent, privately owned company and the
biggest producer and exporter of organic pigment from China to
the world market. Trust Chem is the 4th largest manufacturer
and supplier of organic pigment in the world, with headquarters located in Hangzhou China. Subsidiaries in Europe, North
America, Australia, India and South Africa make Trust Chem a
true global supplier to the color industry.
Markets Served:
As a manufacturer of organic pigments, Trust Chem serves the
Coatings, Plastic and Ink markets around the world. For Coatings, we offer many color indexes ranging from low to high performance to serve the OEM and Refinish Automotive Industries,
Industrial and Architectural markets, as well as Powder Coatings and Traffic Paint Industries. For Plastics, Trust Chem offers
pigments to the Masterbatch, Processor and Film Industries.

Major products:
Trust Chem offers a large variety of color indexes. Major products are in the high performance yellow, orange and red area.
We offer a full range of HP Azo, Isoindolinone and Benzimidazolone pigments tailored for the Coatings and Plastic markets.
Our latest products are Disazo Condensation pigments including PY93, PY95 and PY128. More recently, we started offering
PY110 for the coatings industry.
Sales, Technical, European and Asian Contacts:
Europe: Trust Chem Europe BV
Verlengde Kazernestraat 9
7417 ZA Deventer
The Netherlands
Tel: +31 (0) 570 662699
Fax: +31 (0) 570 662698
Asia: Trust Chem Co., Ltd. (Headquarters)
#4 Building, No. 208 Zhenzhong Road, Westlake
Economics Zone, Hangzhou, China 310030
Tel: + 86-571-8195 7777 ( 8 lines)
Fax: +86-571-8195 7500

In Trust Chems four manufacturing plants in Asia, we produce
a wide range of pigment technologies including Phthalocyanine
Pigments, Classical Azo, HPP Azo, Benzimidazolone, Disazo
Condensation, Anthraquinone, Isoindolinone, Isoindoline and
Quinacridone pigments.
Technical Services:
Trust Chem has the largest independent laboratories in China,
where over forty full-time employees are responsible for quality control, product development and research. Trust Chem is
committed to fully register their manufactured pigments for
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Company Capabilities 2015

Company Capabilities 2015

Union Colours
Our product development team work closely with our regulatory team to deliver the latest application requirements of
our customers whilst ensuring new products meet regulatory
requirements now and in the future.
In all the sectors we work, we have engineered some of the
nest products available today.

Union Colours
Union House
Hempshaw Lane, Stockport SK1 4LG
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 161 475 7200
Fax: +44 161 475 7219
Regional Technical Centres
Stockport, United Kingdom
Nanjing, China
Vapi, Gujarat, India
Johannesburg, South Africa
Company Description:
Union Colours is an international division of Longyu Pigments
and Chemicals Corporation, the largest organic pigment producer in China.
We serve our customers from our regional technical centres and
we are supported globally through a network of technically enabled agents and distributors.
Our development capabilities are substantial, we are replacing
traditional pigments with often technically superior products
manufactured at our facilities in China and South Africa.
Along with the support of Sincol China and our sister company
Sincol USA, our market reach is truly global.

Technical Services:
To ensure high quality technical service globally we have established
strategically positioned application laboratories in Europe, China,
India and Africa, these Technical Centres house experienced pigment chemists focused only on our product support to customers.
These Technical Centres are further strengthened by the application laboratories of our regional technical distributors.
Main Product Areas:
Naphthol and Quinacridone Reds, Arylides, Diarylides and
Isoindoline Yellows.
Naphthol and Benzimidazolone Oranges, Quinacridone and Dioxazin Violets.
Classical and high performance grades for all coating, ink and
plastics applications.
Union Colours strength is based on our experience and our
understanding of the critical quality parameters of our clients
businesses. We consider the regulatory and environmental issues ahead, in particular our Chinese plant is one of the most
sophisticated and sustainable pigment production facilities in
the world. Further investment in our South African facilities will
ensure we are a primary supplier to increasingly highly sensitive
application areas such as food packaging.

Markets Served:
Due to the scale of our China facility and the flexibility of our South
African facility we are able to produce a wider range of products
than other companies. We are a supplier to all coating systems as
well as the plastic and ink markets. In particular our understanding
of environmentally exacting applications has earned us a status as
the technology leader for some pigment types.

First Sales Contact: Tony Gill,
First Regulatory Contact: Caroline Simpson,
First Technical Service Contact: Mark Vallely,
First Contact Sincol USA: Andrew Gray,

Our Chinese production facilities are environmentally compliant
and focus on producing a wide range of quality consistent pigments, from classic Azos to high performance pigments.
Our South African production facilities focus on managing
trace contaminates for high end applications such as food
packaging and plastics.
Union Colours technical team work closely with several
major customers in each technology sector, this allows us
to develop new grades of pigments that perform in increasingly stringent applications.

Union Colours Technical Centre in UK

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Company Capabilities 2015

Company Capabilities 2015

Wanhua Chemical Group Co., Ltd.

No.7 South Xingfu Road, Yantai, Shandong
Province, P.R. China
Tel.: +86-535-6698378
Fax #: +86-535-6875686
Wanhua Chemical Group Co., Ltd.:
Wanhua Chemical is a market leader in the polyurethane industry. The company owns advanced technology and world-scale
production facilities that provide a wide variety of high-quality
products including MDI series, ADI series, TPUs and polyols etc.
A new integrated chemical complex is being constructed in the
Yantai area, which significantly broadens the product portfolio
to waterborne coatings, specialty chemicals and petrochemicals
(eg. propylene, acrylic acid and the associated esters). Wanhua
Chemical is continuing its transformation from a polyurethanes
supplier to a fully integrated chemical company.
As a responsible supplier of customized solutions with worldscale facilities, our products are used in numerous industries:
from the appliance, furniture and automotive industry to construction and fashion, etc.. Wanhua Chemical takes great satisfaction in continuously improving our capability to provide
customer solutions, particularly when solutions require the most
demanding applications.
Wanhua Chemical Sticks to the strategy of operating globally
and has successfully positioned itself as a global supplier. The
company has five manufacturing bases including BorsodChem,
the biggest chemical company in Hungary. Subsidiaries and
branches were established in Europe, United State, Middle-east,
Brazil, Japan, Russia and India, etc., and products are marketed
worldwide. Further, the company will continue seeking additional assets and operations outside of China.
With a passion for excellence, Wanhua Chemical is the partner
of choice for customers throughout the Europe and the world.
Wanhua Chemical ADI Strategic Business Unit:
The ADI Strategic Business Unit specializes in research, manufacturing, sales and marketing of ADI (Aliphatic Diisocyanate)
products. After more than ten years of diligent R&D, Wanhua
Chemical secured intellectual property rights for the integrated
ADI manufacturing process, and now we are the first and only
Chinese ADI manufacturer. Our portfolio includes WANNATE
HMDI, HDI, HT (HDI trimer series) and HB (HDI biuret series).
WANNATE IPDI will be available soon. Customized solutions,
high-quality products, solid supply chain and professional technical service are the hallmarks of the ADI Strategic Business Unit.

Wanhua Chemical Surface Materials Business Unit:

The Surface Materials Business Unit develops and manufactures
environmentally friendly products that never sacrifice quality
or performance. These products are based on well-established
technology platforms, including: waterborne polyurethane dispersion (PUD), acrylic emulsion (PA), waterborne PU/PA hybrid
dispersion (PUA), waterborne UV-cure PUD, hydroxyl-functionalized acrylic dispersion, hydrophilically modified crosslinker
and rheology modifier (HEUR and ASE/HASE). The many industry applications for these products include coatings, adhesives, textile printings and coatings, waterborne PU leathers, and
personal care. The Surface Materials Business Unit provides our
customers not only with environmentally friendly products, but
also comprehensive solutions and customized services.
Wanhua Chemical Specialty Amines Strategic
Business Unit:
The Specialty Amines Strategic Business Unit provides highquality specialty amine products and innovative solutions for
our polyurethane, epoxy and polyamide customers. Our portfolio includes WANAMINE MDA, WANAMINE H12MDA,
WANAMINE IPDA, and WANALINK 6200. These products
are used in polyurethane, epoxy, nylon, paints and coatings,
and other applications. Backed by Wanhuas exceptional R&D
platform, production management, and sales and service teams,
Specialty Amines SBU fulfills our customers diverse needs.
Wanhua Chemical Petrochemicals Project Team:
Wanhua is building a new 10.6 sq. km chemical complex in
Yantai, China, ideally located at Bajiao Port. The complex will
cover petrochemical products, coal chemical products and chloralkali products. Construction will progress in phases. CNY 30
billion have been invested in phase 1, which mainly includes PU
series products and petrochemicals, as well as a comprehensive
logistics system involving ship, road and railway transport. The
petrochemical project, stemming from LPG and propane, will
build an integrated industrial chain of C3 and C4. The commissioning is scheduled for the first half of 2015. Capacity will be
as follows: Propylene 750kt, AA 300kt, MA30kt, EA 30kt, BA
360kt, 2-EHA 20kt, NPG 40kt, NBA 260kt, and MTBE/TBA
With the production of acrylic acid and acrylates, Wanhua provides comprehensive solutions to our customers for coating, adhesive, ink, textile and paper chemicals, and more.

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Company Capabilities 2015

Company Capabilities 2015


Yuen Liang
Inc. Co., Ltd.
Arochem Corporation.

No.922, Zhongxing Rd., Yanchao Dist., 82447 Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Tel.: +886-7-6161234 Fax #: +886-7-6160000
E-mail: Web:
Company Introduction
Yuen Liang Industrial & Co Ltd. (a.k.a. YL), established in
1975, is a privately owned manufacturer of petroleum resins for
a wide range of industrial applications in Taiwan.
For the past thirty-seven years, YL has acquired the ability to
manufacture different kinds of C9 resin products to help
customers to their products better. To achieve this goal, YL
keeps investing in their research and development, enriching
employee training, broadening their after-sales services and
enhancing cooperation with various customers. YL's vision is to
grow with their precious customers everyday.
Product Application
YLs manufacturing and raw material flexibility allows them to
provide and supply products for various applications including
lithographic printing ink, gravure Ink, paint, hot melt adhesive,
contact adhesive, rubber compound, Color Asphalt, Wetter in
Plastics & Filler.
YLs research and development team is responsible for new
product development to meet the needs of customers and to
respond to market demands.
They also work with the technical service and manufacturing
teams to assist the customer and help them achieve optimum
application performance as well as helping the customer solve
technical problem. Together, research and development,
technical service and the manufacturing team provide material
qualification, feed blend qualification and assist in process
improvement and problem solving.
YL's market representatives are not only salespeople, each has
laboratory experience and is fully trained to know and
understand the complete line of YL products and their
YLs products are global and are sold in such diverse places as
Europe, North and South America, the Middle and Far East,
Africa, and Asia.
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Printing Ink




Color Asphalt
Company Capabilities 2015



Products & Services


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units in stock
for fast delivery.
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Equipment for Sale


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March 2015
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BASF Corporation


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Double Bond Chemical Ind., Co., Ltd.


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Evonik Industries

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Hoover Color Corp

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McDaniel and Associates, PC



Ross, Charles & Son


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Shamrock Technologies Inc.

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38-39 800-345-0447

BASF Corporation



Brilliant Group, Inc.



Chromaflo Technologies



DuPont Titanium Technologies

Eastman Chemical Company



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Engineered Polymer Solutions (EPS)

Everlight Chemical Industrial Corporation 50

Hockmeyer Equipment Corporation






Lonza Inc.


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Micro Powders Inc.




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Sartomer Americas


Shamrock Technologies Inc.



Sower Corporation


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Specialty Polymers, Inc.




68-69 800-243-8148

Troy Corporation



Trust Chem USA



Union Colours Ltd.


+44(0)161 475 7200

Wanhua Chemical Group Co., Ltd.





Hoover Color Corp

Yuen Liang Industrial & Co, Ltd.

February 2015

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Final Coat

PPGs Protective and Marine Coatings

Business Receives Award from SSPC

PPG Industries protective and marine

coatings (PMC) business received The
Society of Protective Coatings (SSPC)
2015 Military Coatings Project Award
of Excellence for the performance of
AMERCOAT 235 primer, PSX 700SG
polysiloxane topcoat and ABC 3 antifouling topcoat on the USS Dwight D.
Eisenhower, a 102,000-ton aircraft carrier that was refurbished in Norfolk,
Virginia, last year.
The award is given annually by SSPC
to recognize exceptional coatings work
performed on U.S. military ships, structures or facilities.
Launched in 1975 and commissioned in 1977, the USS Eisenhower was
stripped, recoated and returned to service
during a 10-month project that began
in November 2013. After removing the
existing coating, general contractor and
coatings applicator General Dynamics
NASSCO-Earl Industries applied a twocoat epoxy-polysiloxane paint system
consisting of Amercoat 235 primer and
PSX 700SG coating to the freeboard
and island surfaces of the vessel. The underwater hull, which totaled more than
200,000 square feet of surface area, was
treated with Amercoat 235 primer and
ABC 3 coating, a self-polishing, high-performance anti-fouling agent.
PPG and the general contractor
also were recognized by SSPC for their
ability to work through complications
caused by bad weather and the scope
of work required to return the USS
Eisenhower to service.
After the ship was docked, the
Norfolk area experienced an abnormally
cold winter with several snowstorms and
freezing temperatures, which impeded the
contractors ability to prepare the surface
area of the ship and apply the coatings.
Also, significant structural repairs, upgrades and system modernizations took
precedence over the preservation work
being completed on the hull and island.
Integrating the restoration activities with

PPG Industries protective

and marine coatings business
received The Society of Protective Coatings 2015 Military
Coatings Project Award for
Excellence for the performance
of several of its marine coating
products on the USS Dwight D.
Eisenhower aircraft carrier.

tradespeoples work on
other parts of the ship
created challenges that
forced PPG and the contractor to accelerate the schedule without
sacrificing quality and safety standards.
PSX 700SG coating, which was
specified to replace the original silicone-alkyd-based coating on the USS
Eisenhower, offers unlimited recoatability for easy touch-up and maintenance in
a color-stable LSA (low solar-absorbing),
low-VOC (volatile organic compound)
formulation, according to the company.
The coating is isocyanate-free and combines superior abrasion resistance with
wide cure-temperature flexibility and
unique surface tension to minimize rust
and dirt streaking.
Amercoat 235 multi-purpose epoxy
coating provides exceptional corrosion

82 | Coatings World

protection when immersed in freshwater,

saltwater and other corrosive environments. In addition to being surface-tolerant, self-priming and fast-to-recoat,
Amercoat 235 coating reduces the cost of
surface preparation by curing at temperatures as low as 0 F and by adhering to
tight rust and damp surfaces.
With its tin-free formulation, ABC
3 anti-fouling coating by PPG features
a binder formulation for controlled
ablation rates and a smoothing action
to help reduce drag. It is suitable for a
wide range of operating environments
and capable of maintaining its antifouling characteristics for up to 60
months. CW
February 2015

Adding Advantages
s at the

it u
Please vis

European how 2015

Coatings ermany
rg, G
Nurembe oth 323
Hall 7A, B 3


Consumer demand is one of the strongest drivers behind new product development in the wood
coatings market today. With more than 30 years of experience in the coating additives industry,
the TEGO brand of Evonik has the technical expertise and the products to help our customers
meet their formulation needs. Our TEGO Foamex and TEGO Airex defoamers/deaerators,
TEGO Wet substrate wetting agents, and Nanoresins line, which improve scratch resistance
without affecting the coatings clarity, all offer a system-specific solution within the product range
while delivering the excellent performance coating manufacturers and their customers demand.
TEGO Adding Advantages.