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Bishop of Kuwait States:

"True and Lasting Peace Is Still Far

From Being Firmly Established"
His Excellency Francis Micallef

We print here a copy of a Fax just received at press time from His Excellency
Francis Micallef, the Bishop of Kuwait. We, in the Western world, must work
hard and do all we can to bring about the fulfillment of Our Lady of Fatima's
requests. That is what we must do to help this Holy Bishop and his flock. The
complete text follows. Emphasis is added by the editor.
To The International Fatima Rosary Crusade:
I have come to understand that the latest Book of Frre Michel on "The Whole
Truth about Fatima" is going to be circulated to all the Bishops of the Catholic
From the information at hand this book deals with what is known of the Third
Secret of Our Lady at Her Fatima Apparitions, yet to be fully known,
understood and acted upon. The author proposes to show that Fatima's last
prophecy, yet to be fulfilled, refers to the situation of the Church in our times,
which is in the 1990s.
Shouldn't we as Bishops take this matter seriously and strive to
discover what message it contains and conveys for us as Pastors of the
It will be up to us to see how to fit it in the framework and perspective of the
"New Evangelization" for the year 2000 in response to the call of Pope John Paul
II, now underway during this last decade of the Century.
I for one will receive this Book with the firm hope and expectation that it will
help me in this task as Pastor of the small portion of the Church in this Muslim
We have recently experienced the horror of War which followed the Gulf Crisis
with its sad aftermath.
True and lasting peace is still far from being firmly established in our region.

"What contribution and what kind of witness our Ecclesial Community should
give, as builders and participants in the reconstruction of a better society to
which we belong, so that a World of Brotherhood may not be a mere dream?
"For each of the Catholic Communities it is the time for conversion and
authenticity: to live the Gospel without fear or complexes and 'account for the
hope which is in us'." (cf. 1 Pt. 3:15) (Pope John Paul II to Patriarchs of the
Oriental Churches and Bishops of countries involved in the Gulf War. 4-6 March,
The Holy Father insistently commends to the Blessed Virgin Mary all He does as
Supreme Pastor of the Universal Church. We, like him, as bishops of local
churches do the same when we entrust our pastoral endeavors to Mary, Mother
of the Church.
Suffice to refer to the Pope's speeches to the Bishops on the occasion of their
"ad limina visits" when he stresses the pastoral action of the Bishops according
to the particular situation of the Church in the country or region from where the
visiting bishops go to Rome.

Another Middle East victim is carried

to his burial. How long will Our Lady of
Fatima's request go unheeded? How
many more innocent victims of the
Middle East and elsewhere will die due
to this delay? Let us all do our part to
make the Fatima Message known,
understood and obeyed.

The prophecies and related promises made by Our Lady at Her Fatima
Apparitions deal mainly with the salvation of mankind and with lasting
Peace in the World.
Our Blessed Mother indicates what should be the Church's role in God's
Universal plan of Salvation in Christ and enduring Peace. In Her apparitions
elsewhere in the world the same Gospel Message has been reminded for all to
transform in the practice of our Christian living.
May the whole Church heed Our Blessed Mother so that these results may be
obtained through the Grace contained in Her Third and Last Secret.
Bishop in Kuwait,
Francis Micallef