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What ever happened to ‘yes we can’?

A post by James McAllister

March 28, 1010

Part one: Powers delegated to the States

There are approximately one thousand eight hundred separate agencies under the
umbrella of the United States federal government. This does not include any perirephial
departments that are considered quasi-agencies/departments that receive funding directly
from the United States department of Treasurery or from legitimately/congressionally
funded departments. The federal government has, in fact, grown by a multiple of three
since the last term of President G.W. Bush into the first year of President Obama.
Indications are that the current rate of growth/expansion shows no signs of contraction
what so ever…only more growth. With the passage of the highly controversial Health
Care legislation this government will again expand beyond constitutional limits.

Where indeed do the funds originate for the federal government to function? From the
States and the people, of course.

With a growing and inconceivable deficit in excess of 12.5 trillion dollars it is apparent
that the federal government is, at this time, incapable of managing the bloated condition
as it exist. There are clear signs of criminal misuse of the people’s money yet the balance
of powers and checks built into the system to stem fraud and misappropriation of funds
seem to have utterly failed. Several years ago the Pentagon auditors were miffed at the
staggering ‘loss’ of over three trillion dollars and where is the shock and concern now as
the missing money ‘issue’ has slipped quietly away into a remote office? In the public
eye for a brief time and then hushed away into the past!

As the American people go about their daily lives, it really confounds my mind at the
number of citizens that are truly clueless of the 1.25 billion dollars that they are obligated
to pay on behalf of the federal government just for the interest on our ‘governments
debts’. This is more than a billion dollars each and every day we must pay for the lack of
oversight on decisions that were not made by the people but the government that is
supposed to protect ‘us’ from exactly what is now the status quo!

It has been proven time and again through out history that governments are inherently
incapable of micro-managing the affairs of all of the people all of the time. Over and over
again the elected give rainbow promises of …”how wonderful this will be for the people”
and the costly programs inevitably fail causing more damage than good. With the passage
of Socialistic Medicine laws the people are now faced with an even greater tax burden
that the government hasn’t the funds for yet the IRS will be employed at an even greater
expense to enforce the new laws! All the newest departments created are also endowed
policing agencies given authority to arrest, harass, attach wages and seize other assets
deemed valuable to collect fees, taxes and other penalties if any citizen fall short of the
mandated obligation. This can all be done with out warrant or due process of the law.

Nearly 80% of the American population did not wish for the H.R.3200, a 2700page
health care reform act to be imposed on the nation but the elected officials acted in a way
unconstitutional and ignored the voice of the people and approved the act irregardless, by
a narrow margin! When the vast majority stands up and says no and the government tells
them to shut up and sit down…that is tyranny! The federal government is incapable of
managing this nations health care system and the mandates heaved on the States cannot
be constitutional! It has been proven in every program that the federal government tries to
control they fail! The people are saying “no” and the federal government must not
continue to ignore the fact that it is the federal government that capitulates to the States,
not the other way around! You are there because we put you there!

We must claim sovereignty and our rights as Americans and demand the federal
government to stand down, down size and stop this grievous misappropriation of
American’s assets immediately! The current administration must confine themselves to
only that which is commanded of them by the constitution and what they swore a solemn
oath and nothing more. No more political bribes and trickery that continue to erode the
sovereignty of the States!

The federal government bribes the States with the States money…what really amazes me
is we continue to fall for it! The federal government needs to stay the hell out of our
lives! The power of the government is of the people and of the States not the federal

James D McAllister
For the Republic
Of the United States of America