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Book Report

Title :

Throne of Glass

Author :

Sarah J. Maas

Publisher :
Genre :



Brief Introduction : Throne of Glass is a young adult fantasy novel by

Sarah J. Maas. It is the first novel of the Throne of Glass novel series
( Throne of Glass, Crown of Midnight, Heir of Fire ).
What is the story about :
The story is about an 18 years old assassin girl, Celaena Sardothien. She was
an orphan who was raised and trained by Arobynn Hamel, the King of the
Assassins. At 17, she was captured and sent to the Salt Mines of Endovier to
work as a slave. After a year spent serving out being a slave, the Crown
Prince offers her a deal. His father, the King of Adarlan plans to hold a
competition to find a new Royal Assassin. If she wins the competition she will
become the Royal Assassin and after 4 years, the King will grant her her
freedom. But, if she lose she will be sent back to Endovier.
Settings :

The salt mines of Endovier, a place where criminals or rebels works as

slaves. It is in the north part of Adarlan, near the City of Endovier.
The glass castle of Rifthold. It was gargantuan, a vertical city of
shimmering, crystalline towers and bridges, chambers and turrets,
domed ballrooms and long, endless hallways. It had been built above
the original stone castle, and cost a kingdoms wealth to construct. The
castle have 600 rooms, military and servants quarters, 3 gardens, a
game park, and stables on either sides.

Characters list :

Celaena Sardothien, an 18 years old assassin girl. She was once

particularly beautiful. She have long blonde hair and blue eyes ringed
with gold. She was arrogant, bold, and she likes reading books.
Dorian Havilliard, the Crown Prince of Adarlan, he was 19 years old. He
was tall and handsome with short black hair and blue eyes. He likes
reading books.
Chaol Westfall, the Captain of the Royal Guard, he was 22 years old. He
have short, auburn hair and brown eyes. He was a strong and cold
Nehemia Ytger, the Crown Princess of Eyllwe, she was 19 years old.
She was beautiful and stunning with creamy brown skin and brown
eyes. She was bold, brave, and clever.
King of Adarlan, Dorians father and husband of Queen Georgina.
Queen Georgina Havilliard, Dorians mother.
Holin Havilliard, Dorians little brother.
Duke Perrington, the Kings right hand and cousin.
Kaltain Rompier, a lady from Bellhaven, a city at Fenharrow.
Theodus Brullo, the Weapons Master and the judge of the competition.
Cain, one of the competitors, a soldier from the Kings army, and Duke
Perringtons Champion.
Xavier Forul, one of the competitors, a thief from Melisande.
Nox Owen, one of the competitors, a thief from Perranth, Terrasens
second largest city.
Pelor, one of the competitors, the youngest assassin.
Bill Chastain, one of the competitors, he was called the Eye Eater
because he ate the eye of his victims.
Ned Clement, one of the competitors, a murderer.
Grave, one of the competitors, an assassin, and Councilman Mullisons
Verin, one of the competitors.
Renault, one of the competitors, and Councilman Garnels Champion
Sven, one of the competitors.
Philippa Spindlehead, Celaenas personal servant.
Queen Elena Galanthynius, the first Queen of Adarlan, King Gavin
Havilliards wife.
King Gavin Havilliard, the first King of Adarlan, Queen Elenas husband,
Dorians ancestor.

Plot :
Celaena Sardothien was the best assassin of Adarlan, but she was caught
and sent to the Salt Mines of Endovier to work as a slave. After a year, the

Crown Prince offers her a way out by fighting in a competition to be the

Kings Champion, and after 4 years, shell be free.
Celaena accept and together with Prince Dorian and Chaol she went to
the Glass Castle at Rifthold. The Prince gave her rooms in the stone castle. It
was much bigger than she anticipated. Her chambers consisted of a bedroom
with an attached bathing chamber and a dressing room, a small dining room,
and a music and gaming room.
The Prince thought that its better not to reveal Celaenas true identity, so
the Prince introduce Celaena to everyone as Lilian Gordaina, a daughter of a
wealthy merchant from Bellhaven and also a jewel thief.
While Celaena was walking around the castle, she found the Royal Library.
The Library was so huge and full of books, but without permissions from
either the King or the Crown Prince, she cannot read the books, so she wrote
a letter to the Crown Prince, asking for permission to borrow books from the
library. The Crown Prince grant her permission to read all the books that she
wants to read.
Celaena met Lady Kaltain Rompier. Kaltain was engaged to Duke
Perrington but she secretly wants Dorian because she wants to be Queen.
Then, she met the King and the other competitors at the official meeting to
mark the beginning of the competition.
The training starts with a running test. Cain, the arrogant soldier wins
easily while Celaena vomits after the test because she hadnt train for one
year because she was in Endovier. Chaol saw her vomits but he didnt say
Celaena and Chaol met Nehemia, the Princess of Eyllwe who came to
learn about their language and their customs. Celaena can speaks Eyllwe
language that she learned at Endovier. Celaena get along perfectly with the
Princess and they become best friends.
Then, things get weird when one of the champion was found dead with
their body missing their organs.
The first test was archery. Celaena pass easily because archery was one
of the first skills Arobynn had taught her.

Ten days since her arrival at Rifthold, one of the champion tried to flee
from the palace but before he could reach the glass door, the guards killed
Meanwhile, the Queen has decided that Dorian needs to marry a girl and
she already list potential brides for Dorian, but Dorian didnt like the idea so
he just said to his mother that he will think about it and leave her mother.
Dorian visits Celaena in her chambers and found her playing piano
beautifully. They talk, but Celaena eventually sends him away. When Dorian
asks Celaena about her piece, Celaena told her about Sam, a boy that she
loved but dies a year ago.
The second test is climbing a very high wall to get a flag. While getting to
the top, Nox, Celaenas friend is thrown off the wall, but Celaena saves him.
After the test, Philipa, Celaenas servant brought a news that a champion
had been found dead in a servants stairwell, brutally mauled and