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Guidlines for MATH 470 Application Assignment

Fall 2015

The application assignment is a team assignment. Each team should consist of no

more than three students. The assignment asks you to find a science or engineering
application that is modeled by one or more partial differential equations and describe
the connection between the mathematical model and the application. Each group
turns in only one copy of work.


There should be a title and at least the following five sections:

1. Introduction
Description of the phenomenon that is modeled by the partial differential
2. Description of the PDE as the governing equation of a physical or scientific
the definitions and the physical meaning of the variables
the domain of the variables
the derivation of the PDE, physical laws used in the derivation
3. Properties of the solution of the PDE
(optional) the derivation of the solution of the PDE
(optional) the analytical/numerical solution of the PDE
description of the properties of the solution of the PDE
4. Discussion of the PDE as a model for the phenomenon
relate the solution and/or properties of the PDE to the phenomenon
5. References
give a complete list of citations to the work you used in this assignment


The assignment should be typed up. The following are some typesetting and length
Cover page: Cover page is not required.
Names of team members: Please include names of team members at the beginning of the assignment.
Font size: Please use font size that has the same size of the Times New Roman
12 pt font.
Length: The assignment should be 3 to 4 pages long including the references
but excluding the cover page.
Margin: Please leave 1 inch on each side of the paper.
Figures: Please write captions to explain the figures included in the assignment.
Citations: Please cite sources of the information at the place you use it in the
main text.

Grading criteria

The grade of the work turned in by each team is based on the following components:
Content 70%
Format 15%
Citations 15%
Individual team members grade of the application assignment will depend on the
contribution of the individual. The contribution will be determined by a survey to
the whole team.

The content of the assignment should be significantly beyond what is discussed
in class.
Please use complete sentences through out the assignment.
Use figures to illustrate your points.
Cite your information source, and give credit to the figures you copy from
Pay attention to the flow of the whole article.