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Students need to master many subjects in sufficiently short time.

So, without
the proper time management, students will not be able to complete all their tasks and not
capable to learn something well within the stipulated time. Time is the most precious of
human possessions. People who waste their time with useless actually cruelly themselves.
Students ambitious to achieve success in their lives both in this world and hereafter must
wisely manage the time they have. Time management is important because we can get a
high quality work, reduce stress and create discipline. According to American
Psychological Association (APA, 2013), Time management is especially important for
graduate students because they have so many concurrent projects, and that is likely to
continue throughout their careers. (APA, 2013, p.26)
First of all, students must make a study timetable and study calendar. A
study calendar is usually used to plan for a trimester or the whole academic year. A study
timetable is usually used to plan for a week. Choose or create timetable that are seem best
for you. Make sure timetable is very comfortable for you. When you have a timetable, you
can dominance the much better time because it is assist to know where ever period of time
is going. According to Peter Trula, n.d Figuring out what we need to do is not the
challenge. The challenge is figuring out when to do it. After you make a timetable, you
must follow the schedule that have been make. On your calendar, start by fill the important
date such as exam date, due date for assignment and quiz. It is for easy to you to prepare
yourself the examination that around the corner. When you have a timetable and study
calender, you will not burn oil the midnight to study.
Next, you must set your priorities to achieve the goal. In the same way, to
be a top student you must have a good idea of the skill to study. You should be aware of
how you are usually spending your period of time. According to Elisabeth Hasselbeck your
priorities must be chosen every day to aware a settlement because all peoples life is not
ever all in good proportions. According American Psychological Association (APA, 2002),
I don't have a specific time frame for these things as yet, but I would like to start on them
as soon as possible. If we can accomplish these priorities, I would view my tenure as a

success. (APA, 2002, p.23). You can examine how you spend your time with decide how
to complete all required tasks. This advance planning will increase your awareness, making
it less likely for you to wasteful time away.
Moreover, organize your time wisely. You must divide your activity time like
playing game, spend time with family and another activity that can rest your mind. You can
do that activity with one or two hours. Other that that, the revision must do with long time
with doing a exercise, read a revision book and study group. This may help you to
understand the subject clearly. According to Napoleon Hill whether you are prepared or
not, you must put the plan into work to make a exact plan for carrying out your wish. You
can take a break to clear your mind and refresh yourself to refocus. Make sure you get
enough sleep for 7-8 hours at night. Keep the proper amount of sleep will help you
energetic and able to study focusly.
Last but not least, do not postpone work that are given by lecturer. If the work
are given early but the work must send in another 4-5 weeks, you must make a plan and
research the work that are related. According to Benjamin Franklin Remember that time is
money. Other than that, we must focus when study. It is easier because when we focus, we
do not to revise so much. If you do not focus and try to think about many things at one
time, your effectiveness in doing something will be lost. You will feel that your time has
become more and more and you can do more things in your life.
The conclusion the time should be kept not as an enemy, but as a companion
towards your destined paths. Theres a time to relax, and a time to catch up with the running
moments. But what is important is to be in control of time, no matter how pressured or tight
any situation might be. We have different perceptions regarding this temporal aspect we
call time. But in the end, what is important is to be on time for everything, under the natural
conditions of things, on a normal flow of moments. We should lead our lives with ways to
manage our resources, energy, and time efficiently.

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