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Technique is the way concrete is used during the learning process takes place. Learning
techniques can be performed as a teacher how to implement a specific method.
In generally, there are some learning techniques to improve the effectiveness of learning,
among others:

Describes Techniques
Explaining is one important part in teaching and learning. Because of that this technique
is very necessary to be mastered by the teachers, but teachers should be able to limit their
selves so that they not to get stuck into a pure lecture that eliminates the role of students
except to listen or even just to hear what the teachers said. The important things in describe

techniques are:
Use simple language, clear and easy to understand and communicative
The pronunciation should clear, complete, specific, and good intonation.
Prepare the material by systematically that leading to the goal.
The appearance should be interesting, interspersed with movement and healthy humor.
Make a variation or distraction by other methods, such as asking question.
In some ways, teacher must explain something that raises the question. This is one way to
get students ready to develop themselves through the pass that made a teacher.



Questioning Techniques
Questioning techniques are useful to improve the quality and quantity of students'

responses. The purpose of questioning techniques are:

Motivating students
Refreshing the appreciation of students
Start a discussion
Encourage students to think
Directing students' attention
Promote inquiry
Diagnose / check student responses
Attract students' attention
Inviting students to question
Below the kind of questioning techniques:
Wait Technique (giving sufficient time for students to think)
Give moment of time, 1-5 seconds for the students to think in order to find the answer.

There are positive effects, when give time for the students to think, for example:
Students can give longer answer and complete
Students answer more analytical and creative

Students will feel more sure of the answer
Increasing student participation.
Reinforcement Technique
Proper usage of this technique will lead to a positive attitude for students and increase
student participation in learning activities thus enabling achievement of high learning

Prompting and Probing Technique
Prompting and probing questions can be used as a technique to improve the quality and
quantity of students' responses. probing question is a question that is digging to get
further answers from students who intend to develop the quality of the answers, so the
next answer is more clear, accurate and more reasonable.
Teachers can keep changing techniques even in the corridors of the same method. One
method can be applied through a variety of learning techniques. For example, use the lecture
method in a class with a relatively large number of students who require its own technique,
which of course would technically different from the use of methods of class lectures on the
number of students is limited. Similarly, by using the method of discussion, it is necessary to use
different techniques in class that students classified as active with a class that students classified
as passive. In this case, the teacher can keep changing techniques even in the corridors of the
same method.