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Vehicle system analysis

FSA 560.
Better Bosch.

The universal measuring station for the workshop

For all your measuring, diagnosing, documenting, and training needs.

Our knowledge Your advantage!

Electronic service information ESI[tronic]

ESI[tronic] will give you the information you require about:

Electronic control unit

Repair instructions

diagnostics (OBD)
Error diagnostics

Bosch test technology offers every

Specification of spare parts

workshop a tailor-made solution

Vehicle circuit diagrams

safe, cost-effective and suitable

Test specifications

for all makes of vehicle

Electronic control unit diagnostics system: quick, problem-free fault

diagnostics for most car systems
Selection of possible test procedures

Serial communication with

Instructions on electronic control unit

the ECU:

diagnostic plug with detailed pin

Less time required thanks to the

assignment and possible adapter

automated ECU search

Very thorough testing

Actual values displayed graphically.

cables without a time-consuming


List of all installed ECUs

Information system provides information systematically

Selection of possible test procedures

Installation position of the components Component testing

Electrical terminal diagram

Engine test to check and display the operating status

of the engine and its units

For motor-vehicle technology

Motor vehicle engines

Diesel and gasoline engines

up to 12 cylinders

Ignition systems

Rotating distribution
Stationary high-voltage distribution

Mixture formation

Fuel-injection system
Diesel fuel injection, (DFI)

Motor-vehicle adaptations

Gasoline vehicles with rotating distribution and stationary

high-voltage distribution ignition systems
ECU diagnostics

engine test

Target engine test data for all existing motor-vehicle makes

(via CD-ROM)

Measuring functions and ranges

Measuring functions (selection)
Secondary voltage
Primary voltage
Closing angle

Measuring ranges
100 12000 min1
50 50 kV
20 500 V
0 100 %

10 min1
1 kV

Moment of ignition
Injection period t/T
Duty cycle
Pulse duration
Start of delivery / injection timing

20 80 CS
0 40 V
0 999 K
0 1000 A
0 60 CS
0 25 ms
0 100 %
0 1000 ms
2 5000 Hz
1 999 s
179 180 CS
800 1,500 mbar
0 10 bar

0.1 CS
0.01 V
0.01 10
0.01 0.1 A
0.1 CS
0.01 ms
0.1 %
0.01 0.1 ms
0.1 10 Hz
0.1 CS
1 mbar
0.01 bar

Oil temperature
Air temperature

20 150 C
20 150 C

0.1 C
0.1 C

0,1 %

Vehicle system analysis

Fault detection and elimination

Selection of possible test procedures Measurement via FSA 560

Easy and clear selection via the target

Rapid fault localisation in secondary

Accurate analysis of the scope

motor-vehicle data (CD CompacSoft

screen via menu-led (automatic) test

screens using the 2-channel digital

engine test), all existing motor-vehicle

procedures with target/actual value

oscilloscope with search mode and

makes available.


detail function, legend storage

(8 seconds), real-time operation with
up to 20 screens per second.

Clearly designed for maximum


Large, coloured, and accurate

display on the 17" colour monitor

Bosch quality in hardware and soft- Wide range of special accessories,

e. g. for the engine speed measureware as required by your workshop
Time savings thanks to relevant
information about target motor-

Possible applications:

Easy-to-use help functions based

vehicle data and target/actual value

Emission system analysis (ESA)

on test steps, with instructions in

comparison during engine test

Electronic service information


plain language.
Easy to use in the engine test, multi-

can be integrated into asanetwork

meter, and oscilloscope-function

(AWN) (link to a customer order


processing system)

Clearly arranged, various motorvehicle adaptations possible

Emission system analysis (ESA) Innovative,

guaranteed-to-last exhaust-gas measuring techniques

Selection of possible test procedures

Gasoline vehicles

Diesel vehicles

Possible diagnostics functions, e. g.

Gas values are displayed as values

Continuous smoke-opacity testing

engine speed display, opacity during

and bar diagram:

with engine speed and start-of-de-

CO, CO2, O2, Lambda,

livery testing incl. calculation of

NO (optional)

injection advance angle, reference

gas impact measurements

angle and reference engine speed

Smoke-opacity testing during free


RTM 430

measuring module
ETT 8.71 or BEA 050

Smoke-opacity module
Long-term stability thanks to a special procedure to protect the measuring windows

4-gas exhaust-gas measuring module with

optional NO
Gas detectors with high measuring accuracy
and long-term stability
Easy-to-replace filter and low maintenance
costs thanks to use of low-cost standard filters

Very rapid response time thanks to

optimised flow performance
Split-second cleaning of measuring heads
without re-adjustment, easy adaptation
with magnetic locks
Easy-to-adapt exhaust-sample probe
whatever the exhaust geometry

asanetwork (AWN) connects the workshop test

technology with all other car dealership divisions.
Bosch test technology has developed the Bosch workshop network. asanetwork gmbh has been further developing and
marketing the Bosch workshop network under the name AWN since Automechanika 1998. AWN is now the standard
network for motor vehicle workshops.
Bosch test technology and asanetwork gmbh were awarded the Automechanika 1998 innovation prize for this standard

How AWN can benefit you

Networking of all working cycles

Complete documentation of work procedures

Access to all available information from any test point

(ISO 9000)

Consistent use of available resources

Customer and vehicle data need only be entered once

(e.g. computers, printers, storage units)

Power test


Acceptance system
(test bay)

Engine test and

electronic test

Lighting test

emission test


Data storage

Brake test

Job acceptance
(DP system)

Exhaust emission test

Further information, e.g. technical data or special accessories, is available from your Bosch distribution partner.

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