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1. Basic information on the institution

Name of institution:
Village Ventures

Registration number:
8602 Assosiation de Village Ventures ..Andaluzia Spain

Name of contact person:

Pam Young

Address and contact details, e-mail:

Profile of the institution:

Village Ventures is a programme set up to assist in the poverty alleviation
programme of Mali West Africa. This is a self help programme encouraging
individuals, both adults and children to stretch themselves, learning new skills
allowing them opportunties to serve and develop in their own community.
We support schools, clinics, hospital, as well as the very poorest in society through
donations of equipment, and basic foods.
We have also been priviledged to donate 6 laptops to local schools giving opportunity
for the youth to learn more of world knowledge.
We intend to set up a link programme via internet for a youth exchange programme
once students have become proficient with computer skills.
We also are working on a programme of recreation for the youth, to have an area
where they can come and play a variety of games after school.

Number of workers:
4 plus a guardian

Number of beneficiaries:
Diema’s population consists of 179,000 inhabitants, most are very poor and we try to
serve them in the best way. By either giving a donation of clothing, food, teaching
basic skills, and encouraging them to help themselves.

Did the institution recieve volunteers before or does it host any volunteers actually?
If yes, how many volunteers work in the institution?

Afrikai-Magyar Egyesület
1139 Budapest, Visegrádi u. 9.
We have had several volunteers come and work on site over the past 5 years. We
dont have permenant volunteers all come for a few days up to 2/3 months depending
on their own programme.

2. Please list field of duties/activities and language or other skills the

volunteer should have.

Mali is a french country and therefore to speak french would be an advantage, but not
essential as many people are learning and want to learn the english language.
Therefore to have skills such as teaching English would be wonderful.
Computer skills
Sports training skills
Building skills

3. For what period do you need a volunteer? What would be the conditions?

Volunteers are welcome to come and stay any time from 2 weeks upwards.

4. Can the institution provide food and accomodation for the vounteer? What
would be the conditions?
Basic food and acommodation are provided, but this is not luxury. It is possible for
volunteers to sleep in a tent or in the centre on our bamboo beds, or even sleep outside
under the stars.. all this depends on the indivual choice. Food again is basic could be
rice and sauce as a main meal.
Luxury costs have to be covered by the volunteer and toilet paper is a luxury ...we cant
buy here!
Toilet is a long drop..a hole in the ground. If you can mange these our basic conditions
we need you on board.

5. Can the institution provide transport facilities for the volunteer from the
nearest airport/bus/train/public transport station? Would you please also
write the name of the point of station and describe the means how to get
to your institution?

We can provide transport from the airport but there will need to be a cost for this as Diema
350 kilometres approximately from the airport in Bamako. The alternative is to have a taxi

Afrikai-Magyar Egyesület
1139 Budapest, Visegrádi u. 9.
from the airport into the bamako coach station. The cost for the bus journey is
approximately 5,000cfa. And takes around 5 hours.

6. Is there any special equipment, drugs etc. The volunteer should take with
him/herself? ( water-resistant boots; special medicines etc.)

Yes! Maleria tablets are vital, and if you are coming during the rainy season which is june
through to september you will also need water restistant boots. Remember that during the
rainy season mosquitos are rampant.

7. Do you have any other recommendations or special needs concerning the

Bring sleeping bags and any other personal equipment that a volunteer may need to make
their stay more comfortable.

Afrikai-Magyar Egyesület
1139 Budapest, Visegrádi u. 9.

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