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Sherwood High School

300 Olney-Sandy Spring Road, Sandy Spring, MD 20860

38th Year, Issue No.2

November 24, 2015


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pg. 6

Ineligibility and the

Achievement Gap:
The Schools Plan To
Address the Issue

pg. 3

AP Central:

College Board, AP
Exams, and More
pg. 4
The Pumpkin
Spice Epidemic:

Everything You Need

to Know to Avoid
the Deadly Virus

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Disney Pixar:
Favorite Childhood
Movies at a Glance

pg. 12

State Law To Prepare

Students for College

by Megan Werden 17
A law passed in 2013 now
requires all high school students
in Maryland to be assessed to determine whether they are college
or career ready by the end of their
junior year. There will then be additional coursework required in
senior year for those who did not
meet the target. In addition to this,
students in the current sophomore
class and subsequent classes will
be required to take four years of
high school math.
This law, called the College
and Career Readiness and College
Completion Act is a comprehensive legislation to ensure that
Marylands students are ready for
college and the workforce and
really, life after high school,
stated House of Delegates Majority Leader Anne R. Kaiser, one of
the sponsors of the bill, in a jointly prepared statement. Whether
a students goal is to enter the
work force directly, attend a community college, go to a four year
institution, or complete postsecondary training to prepare for a
hands-on technical career, there
are certain skills and knowledge
that every student must learn in
high school to be successful.
If a student does not attain
the required scores, he/she will
have to complete some type of remediation or transitional class in
his/her senior year. The new cutline scores for the SAT and ACT

are 500 and 21, respectively. The

Accuplacer cutline score has not
yet been determined.
The remediation classes
would be the same thing as if a
student did not have their tech
credit, and they would fit it in as
needed, said Assistant Secondary
Administrator Sapna Chaudhry.
[The remediation classes] would
also, hopefully, be customized to
the students needs.
The school administration is
unclear on how the classes will be
scheduled and what the nature of
the classes will be.
A lot of this has not been defined as it has been rolled out. We
have no idea what the transitional class will look like, because
the county doesnt know what it
looks like, explained Principal
Bill Gregory. As to the intent of
the law, Gregory believes taking
additional math classes after Algebra II and taking college preparation tests will get students out
of their comfort zones, and allow
multiple opportunities for students to prepare for their futures.
Students, on the other hand,
are unsure of the new requirements. I think it will help a lot
because seniors will be prepared
for college, but I dont think its
entirely fair. My brother who
went to this school didnt have
to do that, so since students in
the past didnt have to do it we
shouldnt have to, said sophomore Robert Sanchez.

Montgomery County Automated Traffic Enforcement Unit

This map shows how much revenue speed cameras generate in Montgomery County. The county has received the most revenue from Olney.

Olney Association Questions

Number of Speed Cameras
by Tyler Ruth 16
Olney, with a population of
34,000, has 12 speed cameras. Of
all the 49 speed cameras in Montgomery County, Olney has more
per capita than any other city. Of
the top 10 most profitable cameras, three are located in Olney.
Comparatively, Bethesda has
no speed cameras in the top 10
and Silver Spring has two in the
top 10. The Greater Olney Civic Association (GOCA) is won-

dering why Olney, a small unincorporated city in the suburbs of

D.C., not only has the most speed
cameras, but also more profitable
cameras than much larger cities
located in Montgomery County.
The GOCA has been investigating the issue of speed cameras in Olney since mid-May.
The group has conducted many
reports and analyses and especially focused on one camera in

see SPEED, pg. 2

Pippin: A New Twist on a Classic


The Actors, Powers

and Publisher That
Students Prefer
pg. 15
RnR Documentary:
Details on How the
Infamous Show is
Being Captured

pg. 17

Girls Soccer:
Successful Season
Ends in Tough Loss
pg. 18

Kayla Cohen 17

The picture above

features senior Spencer
Matthews as King Charlemagne the Great and
senior Joseph Hunt as

young Prince Pippin. Pippin is the heir to the Frankish throne, searching for
true happiness and fulfillment. The play shows Pip-

pin seeking glories of the

battlefield, pursuing women and the intrigues of political power after disposing
his father.

In the end, Pippin

finds happiness not in
extraordinary endeavors,
but rather in the unextraordinary moments that
happen every day.
Sherwoods fall production of Pippin took
center stage last week on
November 13, 14, 20 and
21 in the Ertzman Theater. The cast of Pippin
worked tirelessly to put
on a fantastic show that
also featured senior Lizzie
Boscolo and junior Sarah
Lesho as leading players,
junior Simone Hicks as
Fastrada, junior Lindsay
Tagliere as Catherine, junior Gregory Lin as Theo
and an ensemble of many
other students.

The WarriorNews

November 24, 2015

MCPS Drops Final Exams

by Kayla Cohen 17
In an unanimous vote on November 10, the MCPS Board of
Education voted to drop final exams starting in the 2016-2017
school year. To replace final exams, a unit test or project, designed by MCPS, will be given to students during each of the
four marking periods.
In a survey of high school teachers, many voted in opposition to the proposal, concerned that dropping final exams would
hinder students ability to take other standardized tests in the future. Despite the teachers opinions, the Board eliminated final
exams in an effort to close the achievement gap between white
and minority students, give students more classroom instruction
time, and allow for shorter tests to monitor students success.
By getting rid of final exams, there must be designated days
for students to take shorter tests for their classes per marking period. The Board released a possible test schedule indicating that
tests will take place in the months of October, January, March
and June. Additionally, the state-mandated PARCC tests will not
be removed, and students must still take them in May.

SGA Organizes Charity Events

by Bryse Thornwell 16
The SGA program looks to fill the excitement gap between
Homecoming and second semester with a series of charity projects. The SGA has started Sherwood Gives Back, a program
involving different local charity events spanning over the next
three months. The SGA specifically chose the holiday season to
start this tradition as it is a time when people think more about
giving back.
SGA sponsor Christine McKeldin stresses a great mentoring opportunity between the different grade levels. Hoping to
encourage a little friendly competition, juniors will work with
freshmen for their charity ideas and seniors will work with sophomores. The SGA hopes a rivalry between the different grade
levels will encourage more school spirit and participation. Traditionally, the Sherwood community has been pretty generous;
were hoping that a majority of the school can get behind [this
program], said McKeldin.
Based on the charity participation and results, each grade
level will receive a certain number of points. These points will
be added together over the course of the next three months and
the winner will be announced at the pep rally on January 29.
Ultimately, Its a way for Sherwood to give back to the Olney community said senior Helena Zagami, who is also SGA
Secretary. Students with ideas about possible charity events can
contact the SGA team by email at or
by their Twitter page @SherwoodSGA.

Protests at Local High Schools

by Kira Yates 16
Recently, some members of the Westboro Baptist Church
protested at two schools in Montgomery County. On Tuesday,
November 10, two members of the controversial church briefly
appeared at Rockville High School but were disappointed when
they didnt receive the attention they were hoping for. Following
this, several other members appeared at Churchill High School,
where many students and other member of the community were
ready to counter-protest the Westboro Baptists.
Members of the Westboro Baptist Church are known for
their attacks on the Jewish community and homosexuality and
have also protested at high-profile events such as military funerals. Although it was somewhat unclear why the protesters chose
these two schools, they announced that they were concerned
with depression, anxiety, suicide gestures, promiscuity, drug
and alcohol abuse, etc being routine. Picketers displayed their
views at the schools by carrying signs saying Bloody Obama
with photos of fetuses, America is doomed and Thou shalt
not kill.
The principal of Rockville High School, Billie-Jean Bensen,
alerted the community of the churchs plan to protest outside
of the school and suggested that everyone go about their normal business without engaging with the protesters. She stated
that responding would only give them the attention they were
seeking. Instead, Rockville students wore orange to celebrate
their unity and the schools LGBTQA group provided information about their community, while a nearby church hung rainbow
flags in their windows. At Churchill, students and community
members held signs supporting students and were satisfied when
the picketers left before their scheduled departure.

New School Security Policy Raises

Questions about Student Privacy
by Ketki Chauhan 16
Privacy concerns in the
school system have escalated
due to a new police policy. In accordance with the Montgomery
County police department, officers responding to an incident in
a school may be equipped with
body-worn cameras (BWCs). The
pilot program was initiated during
the summer where 76 Montgomery County police officers were
enlisted to use BWCs. Three of
the officers in the program are
School Resource Officers (SROs)
at Northwest, Seneca Valley and
Walt Whitman, respectively.
SROs are uniformed police officers that have been placed into
schools across the county to ensure a safe environment.
Interim Superintendent Larry Bowers posted a letter on the
MCPS website ensuring that
school officials collaborated with
the police department to clear
concerns of students privacy. Attached to the letter is a memo by
Police Chief Tom Manger, who
assures that the police department
will monitor the use of the cameras, which are to be activated
only for law enforcement-related
encounters and activities.
However, county council
members and some parents continue to express their uneasiness
about the program and the privacy of the students, especially
those who may not be involved in
an incident but are still captured
on footage. The largest concern
among county council members
is the accessibility of the camera footage, which unlike footage from a school surveillance
system, is accessible under the
Maryland Public Information Act
through a request. Brian Acken,
the police departments Custodian of Records, defends the policy

County police officers will have the camera attached to their chests.
Earlier models of the camera had it mounted on an eyeglass frame.
by explaining that unless directed
by a court order, the department
will resist releasing footage from
the BWCs. Acken adds that those
not involved in an incident will
have their faces blurred out of the
The police department continues to encourage the program
by recognizing its benefits. Manger, in his memo, describes the
policies regarding the BWCs in
schools. According to him, the
officers have been told to use discretion and to turn the cameras off
in private areas, like locker rooms
and restrooms. Research findings
provided in the memo indicate
that the BWCs strengthen community relationships, de-escalate
confrontations and provide better documentation of evidence.
However, the police department
recognizes the flaws with the

cameras as footage is sometimes

disrupted by other noises, such as
the sounds from a police officers
radio. Nonetheless, the program
is expected to continue into the
summer of 2017 with the department also planning to expand the
program so that eventually all police officers will be equipped with
a camera.
BWCs has become a national debate fueled by shootings in places
like Ferguson and North Charleston. Other states have begun testing the BWCs program despite
opponents arguments that the
camera violates peoples privacy.
With controversial topics like police brutality and gun control influencing the debate over whether
or not police officers should be
equipped with BWCs, concern
over privacy grow in intensity.

GOCA Doubts Fairness of Cameras

from SPEED, pg. 1
Olney that has gained much notoriety. That is the camera in front
of St. Peters Catholic School on
Route 108. This camera specifically has generated more than
$1.1 million in revenue, issued
27,000 citations, and is the most
profitable in the county. The
camera produced 20 percent
more citations than Bethesdas 10
speed cameras combined (Greater
Olney Civic Association, 2015).
The disproportionate share of
revenue generated by this one
camera has caused many residents in the area to attribute it to
unfair placement of cameras by
the county, according to a recent
article by, a
driving politics website.
The camera in front of St.
Peters was placed there after
the speed limit on Route 108
was lowered from 40 mph to 30
mph through that area. Note, the
placement was after the lawfully

required six months in which no

speed cameras can be placed after a speed limit change. Many
residents in the area believe that
this is unfair because the speed
limit changes in the same location
where the cameras are located,
so drivers must apply the brakes
rapidly to avoid the ticket. But
police explain that the cameras
give a 12 mph cushion before a
$40 ticket is issued, so if the driver is already going 12 mph over
the speed limit, the individual deserves the ticket.
According to the GOCA,
in comparison to its population,
Olney has 5.7 times more speed
cameras than similar cities in
Maryland. Drivers in Olney are
also 3.4 times more likely to be
tracked by a speed camera. The
county argues that the large number of cameras is for the safety
of drivers, but when one out of
863 accidents in Olney are actually because of excessive speed,
thats brought into question.

Especially when the police department, the organization that

decides where and how many
cameras get placed, profit directly
by the tickets.
Speed camera tickets make
up 37 percent of the revenue
generated by the Montgomery
County Police Department. The
ombudsman in charge of camera
complaints also works for the
police department. The GOCA
argues that this practice is unfair as the ombudsman would
not feel compelled to respond to
any complaints because it would
negatively affect the budget of
the department that employs
him. The GOCA argues that the
ombudsman should be employed
by an independent organization
to ensure the fair practice and
placement of cameras. In spite
of such potential conflicts of interest, the GOCA has successfully
negotiated the number of cameras
in Olney down from 13 to 12 this
previous summer.

The WarriorNews

November 24, 2015

Students Continue To School Plan Addresses Achievement Gap

Leave During Lunch
by Morgan Hill 16
Despite the absence of an
open lunch policy at Sherwood,
students are still capable of finding ways to sneak out during the
lunch period. Security has tried to
stop students from leaving during
lunch by monitoring the parking
lot for a majority of the period,
but students still attempt to sneak
out daily.
While most students are not
permitted to leave school grounds
during lunch, there is the exception of students with internships,
jobs, or half-day schedules. We
stop everyone that tries to leave,
said head of security Patrick
Rooney. Then from there, we
check the students schedules.
Security is provided with a
list of students who have off-campus internships and those who are
caught leaving for reasons besides an internship will face consequences. The first time a student is caught, security will issue
a lunch detention. Any student
repeatedly caught leaving school
during the lunch period is at risk
of losing the privilege of driving
to school.
The adoption of open lunch
can be brought to a school
through a petition from the SGA.
The SGA must provide the principal with evidence of the schools
proximity to food establishments,
proof that there is sufficient time
in the lunch period for travel to
these food establishments, and
indication of safe traffic movement and reasonable access to
and from the food establishments.

The principal then evaluates the

evidence brought forward by the
SGA and makes the final decision. All MCPS high school students are required to remain on
campus at lunchtime unless the
principal approves the petition.
Although an open lunch
arrangement has not been established at Sherwood, many
students believe that the opportunity to leave school during lunch
presents itself well. Whenever I
leave school for lunch I always
have time to eat and then get
back to school before sixth period
starts, said a 12th grade student.

Security believes that an open
lunch petition would fail because
the lunch period does not allow
enough time for students to go to
and from school. With 36 minutes
allotted for lunch and limited establishments within a quarter of
a mile, Security has voiced concerns about students rushing back
to school after being off campus
for a lunch period. People dont
organize time efficiently, and I
can foresee accidents happening
because of it, Rooney said. Its
a tragedy waiting to happen.
In his 12 years at Sherwood,
Principal William Gregory has
not been presented with an official petition for open lunch, but
believes that an open lunch would
not be in the best interest of the
school nor the community. The
biggest reason that it wouldnt
work is that there is just nowhere
to go, Gregory said. People
would have to go down to Olney,
which involves getting in cars,
and getting in cars is dangerous.

At the start of the school

year, MCPS called on all schools
to create literacy, math and cultural proficiency goals to narrow
the achievement gap between
white and non-white students.
In its School Improvement Plan
(SIP), Sherwood opted to focus
on lowering ineligibility, specifically among African-American
and Hispanic students, as well as
raising the percentage of students
from these groups who pass English 9 and Algebra II with a C or
Principal Bill Gregory acknowledges the need to provide
additional help for underperforming students. In addition to intensified efforts in the classroom,
administrators have identified
struggling students who will be
in a Focus Group to receive extra
monitoring and supports.
Several years ago we realized that most of the students who
were coming down to the office
with referrals also had low grades,
so what we decided to do is to create a focus group, said Gregory.
Part of the mentoring is talking
with the student, having a relationship with the parent, working
with the counselor, working with
other teachers, to try and help that
student improve. Recently, the
administration gathered a group
of successful African-American
and Hispanic students to gain insight into their academic achievement and learn what they think
should be done to help their underperforming peers.
According to Gregory, Sherwood has one of the lowest ineligibility rates in the county.
However, ineligibility is still an
issue, especially when a dispro-

portionate number of ineligible

students at Sherwood are African-American and Hispanic students. In 2015, Sherwoods ineligibility rates showed 6.5 percent
for Asian students, 7.3 percent for
white students, 15.4 percent for
African-American students and
19.6 percent for Hispanic students.
To decrease ineligibility
across the board, teachers are
targeting underperforming students with their individual Student Learning Objectives (SLOs).
There is an emphasis to improve
in English 9 and Algebra II since
those are considered milestone
courses by MCPS.
English department resource
teacher Shelley Jackson, who
also teaches an on-level English 9
class, wants to focus on the students who are not meeting academic goals. The aim is to raise
the percentage of African-American and Hispanic students who
complete English 9 with a C or
better; the current percentages
must jump from 75 percent and
83 percent, respectively, to 90
percent in three years. The English department has been able to
assign a Special Education professional and a composition assistant in on-level English 9 classes
and some English 10 classes.
Jackson created her SLO to
target all underperforming students. One of the challenges
in an on-level class is you see a
broader range unlike anywhere
else, she explained. For major
assignments, Jackson has divided
the process into multiple steps,
and her students must turn in one
step before they can move onto
the next one. Jackson believes

this will decrease the numbers of

Es and zeroes in the gradebook.
Algebra II Teacher Emily
Prenatt also targets all underperforming students through
her SLO. The majority of the
students in my SLO are African
American or Hispanic, but there
are other students included in that
plan, said Prenatt.
Sherwoods math goal is to
increase the percentage of African-American and Hispanic students who complete Algebra II
with a C or better from 71 percent
and 66 percent, respectively, in
2015, to 85 percent within three
years. Prenatts personal goal is
to improve the grades of struggling students by one letter grade,
through lunch or after school
help. She also reaches out to math
honors society tutors to assist her
I did see improvements in
a few students; I did see their
grades jump from either an E to
a D or from a low D to a high D,
she said. Prenatt will continue to
measure her data until the end of
the second quarter.
Gregory has high hopes for
the plan, but he cautions that
improvement is a process that
requires time. Whenever you
begin something new, its always
a little rocky, he said about the
new additions to the SIP. Gregory explained that the school plan
is open to further modification, if
necessary, to decrease the number
of struggling students.

Article reported and written

by the students in Journalism,
the prerequisite course to
being on the Newspaper.

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November 24, 2015

AP and IB Courses Have Considerable Differences

by Christopher Sung 17

modern politics and economics.

For years, AP classes have
been considered the go-to option
for many talented high school
students looking for a challenging
and rigorous course. However, an
increasing number of American
high schools are beginning to
offer a new, demanding program
known as the International Baccalaureate (IB).
In Montgomery County, eight
of the countys 25 high schools
offer the IB program along with
AP courses. Although both programs offer students credits toward college, the International
Baccalaureate utilizes a different
approach towards preparing students for college.

Different Objectives
Whereas AP courses tend to
focus intensively on a particular
subject, the IB program aims to
provide a more holistic education
for students.
Take a subject like history, for
example. In AP courses, students
study the different historical perspectives and events of an issue
and are assessed based on their
knowledge of these facts. In comparison, the IB program expects
students to understand the global
and historical implications of an
event and how the event relates to

A Rigorous Course

Another key difference between AP courses and the IB program is that IB offers students the
opportunity to have their college
credits recognized internationally. In a course called the Diploma Programme, high school
juniors enter a rigorous, two-year
curriculum in order to obtain an
IB Diploma for international recognition of college level courses
and credits.
In simpler terms, this means
that a student in the United States
could go to a foreign university and easily receive full credit
for the IB courses received in an
American high school.
Although this benefit may
make the IB program seem better
than the AP courses, obtaining an
IB Diploma requires serious planning and hard work. For example,
one of the requirements for obtaining an IB Diploma includes a
150 community service hour obligation.

College Credit

Both the IB program and AP

courses provide students with
opportunities to gain credits for
college. In most cases, earning
top scores on either programs

exam will allow a student to obtain college credit for a particular

However, it is important to
note that because IB program
classes are offered in two different levelshigher level and standard levelonly certain level IB
classes are accepted for credit. In
contrast, colleges will not make
large distinctions between different AP courses for credits.
Therefore, a student taking
six IB level courses could actually receive less credits than another student taking six AP classes.

The Better Program

Taking either AP or IB courses will look great on any college

application. Generally speaking,
colleges do not have a strong
preference for one program over
the other and look favorably upon
both courses for their rigor.
Although many educators debate which program offers stronger results or better benefits for
students, the general consensus is
that both programs have unique
strengths and goals. While the
IB program emphasizes strong
writing skills and certain goals
for college preparation, the AP
courses have a stronger emphasis
on students learning and memorizing college-level information
on a particular subject.

At a Glance:

The AP Program v. The IB Program

AP courses are
designed to be handson experiential
learning opportunities. Whether students are analyzing
primary source documents in a history
class or monitoring
the respiration rate
of peas in a biology
lab, the delivery of
content extends far
beyond memorization.
Students are expected
to manage their time
and workload independently, just as
they will in college.
Students with strong
scores may be granted credit or advanced
placement by colleges. Every college
accepts these exams
differently, offering
credit and placement
based on different
Optional AP exams
cost $89.

The IB Program seeks

to develop students
as creative and
analytical thinkers
and communicators;
coursework relies on
class discussions
and frequent written
response or research
The full IB Diploma
Program for juniors
and seniors requires
that all students
take collegelevel coursework in
six core academic
IB exams
generally emphasize
essays, response
questions, case
studies, and field
work or oral
presentations as
One-time exam registration fee is
around $150 and every exam taken costs
an additional $100.

AP Classes Are Beneficial AP Lang Class Dissolves, Honors

by Sara Casareto 16

The definition of advanced

placement according to is as follows:
the placement of a student in a
high school course that offers college credit if successfully completed. As a student who will
have completed ten AP courses by
graduation, Ive realized that APs
are worth more than the credit
awarded. Its important for students to take the most challenging
classes offered to them so they
can maximize their learning and
An AP class is recognized
as the most challenging level at
which a course can be offered at
Sherwood. For example, there is
on-level Biology, Honors Biology
and AP Biology. AP classes are
overall more rigorous and simply
harder than on-level or honors
classes. However, it is absolutely
worth the extra work. Students
often complain about seemingly pointless busy work, but in
AP classes, there is little time for
busy work, as the classes are fastpaced and there is a lot to absorb
by AP exam-time in May. The
classes are generally more productive and more academically
stimulating. School is meant for
learning, and if students are not
pushing themselves, then they
cannot expect to learn. AP courses are mentally challenging and
push students to focus and put
forth their best effort.
Students not only acquire

knowledge on the course topics,

but also useful college skills.
When I considered signing up for
AP Language and Composition,
my 10th grade English teacher,
Mrs. Lock, said the course was
going to be an incredible amount
of work and would be the most
challenging course students
would take their junior year, but
ultimately, it would be worth it.
She was correct. That course and
other AP courses taught me how
to develop college-level skills.
AP Language taught me how
to write at a college level and how
to formulate my thoughts in various writing styles. AP World History then utilized those skills to
teach me how to use documents
and outside sources to support
an idea and develop an analysis.
AP Statistics this year has been
incredibly helpful in the sense
that the math I learned in the
classroom is applicable to other
classes such as biology, sociology, psychology and economics.
Also, if I were to plan on doing
research of any sort in the future,
or if I planned on having a business or working in business, I
must understand basic principles
of statistics as well as know how
to properly write a research paper
or a business plan.
Ultimately, it is important for
students to take courses that they
will thrive in. However, if one can
take an AP class, he or she should
not opt out just because it is too
much work. In the long run, that
work will pay off.

English Class Created in Its Place

by Danielle Tobb 17
Five weeks into the 20152016 school year, the school administrative team made the decision to dissolve Lynnette Evans
AP English Language and Composition class and create an Honors English 11 class in its place.
AP Lang can prove to be
a very difficult class after just
a few days. The class involves
written essays, rhetorical examination and analytical thinking.
This school year specifically, a
handful of students struggled
with the class immensely. As a
result, these students grades suffered and their desire to transfer
into the Honors English 11 class
became apparent after only a few
Since the Honors English 11
classes were already maxed to capacity, the school had no choice
but to create another class, according to the head of the Counseling Department Elizabeth
One female junior that
dropped AP Lang this year described how she believed AP
Lang was going to be difficult, but
not to the high degree that she experienced during her first weeks
in the course. Her counselor explained that the Honors English
11 classes were filled to capacity,
thus giving her no choice but to

stay in the class. After much persistence on behalf of parents and

students, the additional Honors 11
class was created. Samantha Ager
teaches this new class, while Evans is now teaching an English
9 course to replace the AP Lang
Al-Atrash explains how
approximately 15-20 students
were able to switch into the new
Honors course after its creation.
These students are spread out in
different classes, but a majority
are in Agers class.
As for those originally in the
AP Lang class that was dissolved,
students had to change their
schedules more than a month into
the school year and scrambled to
catch up in the new classes they
were put in.
Of [Evans] class of 16,
I received six students. Even
though they have been here for a
few weeks now, I still find them
getting confused at references
I make, said AP Lang teacher
Beth Dibler. Because English
teachers did not do class recommendations last year, I believe
many students signed up without
a clear concept of what the class
would be like. Also, many students sign[ed] up believing they
can try the class for a week or
two and then move to Honors 11
if need be. That move was not an
option this year.

In order to switch out of an

AP class, a student must show
that he or she has tried to get help
from a teacher or tutor. After the
student proves that he/she sincerely tried in the class, a meeting with the students counselor,
teacher and parent ensues. The
students struggling in AP Lang
showed sufficient evidence of
trying their best.
Assistant Principal Karen Rose, the schools Master
Scheduler, uses an online system
that puts students in classes. She
explains that the school switched
to use My MCPS Scheduler
instead of having students select
classes on a paper form. The process of putting students schedules together online is much more
efficient than doing so manually,
according to Rose.
Schedule changes are much
more flexible in the spring and
Principal Bill Gregory soon after decides, based on the initial
number of students signed up for
a class, how many teachers and
classes need to be created in order to accommodate each student.
When students decide they want
to switch a class a month into the
school year, they are often unable
to do so since there may be only
a certain number of classes created for the students that already
signed up in the beginning of the

The WarriorAP Central

November 24, 2015

Teacher Recommendation System Returns Choosing Not To Take the Class

Students will receive recommendations from their teachers for next years classes.

by Maddie Peloff 16

by Lexi Paidas 17

As students file into their respective classrooms on AP testing

day, few are thinking about the
questions College Board will ask
them in the survey before they
take the test. They worry about
the test material, not about any
personal information or questions
regarding their actual class.
However, to a select few students, these questions require answers slightly different from their
other test-taking peers. Instead
of checking off the box that tells
College Board they took the class
in a traditional classroom setting,
these students check a box that
explains their unique situation:
rather than taking the actual AP
class, these students are only taking the AP exam.
This option makes the AP
program unique. In other college
credit programs, such as the International Baccalaureate Program,
students are required to take the
class before they may take the
exam. In the AP program, a student may decide that he or she
knows enough about a particular
topic to take the exam. Just like
any other student that takes the
exam, these students, depending
on their scores, may receive college credit.
In order to sign up for the
exam, students first should talk
to their counselor or either counselors Jamii Avery or Elizabeth
Al-Atrash, the two AP coordinators, and explain why they feel
they are proficient enough to take

The school has decided to

bring back the teacher-recommendation system as part of the
process in which students choose
their courses for next year. As
students again use the computer-based registration system introduced last year, they will be
able to consider whether their
current teachers recommend them
for on-level, honors or AP classes.
[The recommendation system] is a huge value; it helps
students know what is really appropriate [for them to take] with
their teachers guidance, said
Elizabeth Al-Atrash, the head
of the Counseling Department.
A second benefit of providing a
reference for counselors is that
they are able to consider whether
or not to allow students to switch
out of a class next school year. If
a student was recommended for
the lower-level class, the counselor will be more willing to permit
that student to transfer to the less
rigorous class.
Last year, a MCPS-wide
switch mandated that all schools
use the new electronic registering
system. This system did not have
an element to it that allowed students to view or consider teacher
recommendations. According to
Al-Atrash, although in previous
years students had the benefit of
a teacher recommendation system, Sherwoods leadership team

Maya Koeppen 17

Paper cards previously used for registration included recommendations from teachers for classes they believe the students should take.
thought that students would be
able to consider their grades in
their current classes and be able
to self-select their courses for the
following year.
This year Sherwood will be
supplementing the electronic system with a paper form that will
be given to all students before the
registration process takes place.
The form will have teacher recommendations with the formal class
titles. This will allow students to
avoid some of the mistakes made

last year, such as choosing incorrect classes by accident, and will

allow them to take into consideration which courses their teachers
think are best for them.
Although teachers make
recommendations based on how
students have performed in their
classes and how much effort they
have observed students put into
their studies, ultimately it is students and their familys choice as
to what classes they are taking,
said Al-Atrash.

the exam. We generally wouldnt

allow somebody to take an exam
unless we felt that they could do
well on it, because there is no
reason for a student to take an AP
exam if they are not going to do
pretty well on it, said Al-Atrash.
In fact, not only does a students poor AP score reflect poorly on him or herself, it reflects
poorly on the school, even if he
or she did not take the class. Even
though the student did not spend
his or her year learning the specifics of the curriculum with a teacher, his or her score is reported
along with the rest of the students
who did, reflecting on the teachers average scores as well as the
Generally, the students who
take AP exams take exams of languages they are fluent in such as
Spanish, French or even English.
AP Spanish teacher Maria Peterson explained that she sees this
happen every once in a while.
Sometimes, she helps students
prepare for the exam, but occasionally, she is surprised when a
name she doesnt know appears
on the list of students who took
the test. Despite this, AP scores
are not Petersons priority. AP
scores dont affect me. I dont let
that bother me, I just want them to
try their best, said Peterson.
While students have the option of taking an AP exam without taking the class, they are often urged to take the class instead,
because an AP class offers unique
education that has more to offer
than just college credit.

A look at the College Boards growing infuence on secondary education

College Board is a nonprofit organization that provides standardized
testing and college-level courses to high school students. The organization was founded in 1899 to analyze and publish guidelines for subjects
high school students should be taught before entering college. The College
Board has since expanded to run the SAT and AP classes.

The organization now spends hundreds of thousands of dollars lobbying

federal and state governments to continue incorporating SAT and AP exams as part of secondary education. Last year, the CEO of College Board,
Gaston Capperton, made $1.3 million in salary, and the organizations
executives each made over $300,000.

AP classes are courses designed by the College

Board in a variety of subjects, ranging from
Physics to Japanese. The courses are constructed
to be college-level and students have the option
of taking an exam in May. If a student scores
high enough, that student can get credit for introductory courses at colleges. Students must pay
$86 per test, and many top colleges expect that
students will have taken them. Each year, over a million students around
the world take AP exams. The College Board makes more money from
AP than SAT, PSAT, and SAT Subject Tests combined.
Some people argue that AP classes do less to prepare students for
college-level courses and instead prepare students just to score high on
the AP exam. Predictably, as AP enrollment increases, fewer students
are taking introductory college courses because they place out of them.
Dartmouth, for example, made the decision to not give students credit
for AP courses.

The SAT is a standardized test for high school students planning on applying for college. The College Board has administered the SAT every year
since 1926. Currently, the
students must pay $51 per
test. The SAT is very popular choice of standardized
test to take for college admission, and all colleges accept SAT scores for test requirement. 1.7 million high
school students of the class
of 2015 took the test. To
help improve scores for the
SAT, the College Board offers The Official College Board SAT Study Guide
for $22 and The Official Online SAT Course for $34. Some colleges also
require applicants to submit SAT Subject Tests, which College Board offers
for $43 per test.

The current College Board president David Coleman previously played a leading role in developing the Common Core Standards, a controversial
standardized K-12 educational initiative. The new
SAT, compared by some to how the ACT works, is

intended by Coleman to align with Common Core Standards. As Common

Core has expanded to 42 states, the new SAT is structured to be relevant
to the skills most students are learning in school. College Board also has
the SpringBoard Program to integrate Common Core teaching strategies in
students education.
by Jacob Golomb 16

The WarriorFeatures

November 24, 2015

Self-Piercing Puts Parents on Edge

by Elizabeth Kronlage 18
and Sammie Spillman 16

A common trend among

teenage girls is having multiple piercings in various
places such as their ears,
nose and navel. Some girls
choose to get their piercings
done professionally while
others prefer to do it themselves or have a friend do
it for them. There are different ways to self-pierce.
Some who pierce themselves choose to use a needle
while others use an earring.
The benefits of self-piercing
are that there is no cost, and
it does not require parental
consent. Since it is easy for
piercings to get infected,
not many parents approve
of the self-piercing method
even though, in some cases,
self-piercings have proven
as effective as getting piercings done professionally.

I made sure my earrings and ear

were clean with rubbing alcohol,
and then I just popped those suckers
in. I had wanted to get my cartilage
and seconds for a while, but because
of my religion my mom wouldnt let
me so, being stubborn, I did it myself. ~ Haleigh Chester 16

Chase Wilson 17

Chase Wilson 17

I got my first holes professionally, and it didnt hurt as

much since they used a gun
and it wasnt on my cartilage.
For my other piercings, my
friends numbed my ear with
ice and stuck the earring itself in. ~ Amanda Berkley 17

My mom used to care about

some of my piercings, but she
ultimately got over it. When
she first found out about my
bellybutton piercing she called
me unsanitary and trashy,
but now she doesnt care about
them. ~ Carley Tedesco 16
Elizabeth Kronlage 18

Young Entrepreneur Creates Business

Alleigh Keyes 16
Some students might watch
TV or play video games in their
spare time after school. Others
may hold part-time jobs. Instead
of scooping ice cream or waiting
tables, Zachary Weisenthal has a
thriving business in which he creates and maintains custom Wordpress websites for others.
After attending a networking event about youth entrepreneurship, freshman Weisenthal
decided to start his own business,
Zachs Web Designs. When he
met an entrepreneur who had a
web design business, Weisenthal
discovered a way to combine his
interests of web design and technology.
With his father, who is an entrepreneur, as inspiration, Weisenthal gained the skills necessary
and Zachs Web Designs was
born. My father has taught me to
think for myself. He has definitely
helped me start my business and
will also be there for guidance,
but he likes me to problem solve.
Whenever I ask him a question,
he always replies with what do
you think? The biggest part of
entrepreneurship is problem solving, Weisenthal says.
He is currently designing a
website for Lauren Giraldo, a
VineStar with 3.3 million followers. Notable works from Weisenthal include designing websites
for professional racecar driver
Emilee Tominovich and for Rys
Ruffery, a healthy dog food company that was featured on the
hit TV show Shark Tank. The
scope of the websites he created
includes: local restaurant Sister

Kayla Cohen 17

Zach Weisenthal is a freshman with a promising future in web design.

Sandwiches & Such, a jeweler,
a brain cancer organization and
various e-commerce sites. An
extensive portfolio can be found
on his website, zachswebdesigns.
In a client testimonial on
his website, Tominovich says
that [Weisenthal] is incredibly
talented and mature for his age.
Working with [him] ensures a
great product completed in a reasonable amount of time.
Being a full-time student
while running a successful business is certainly no simple task.
As an honors student, he deals
with the demands of not only getting an education while having a
social life, but also growing his
own business at the same time.
For Weisenthal, this is a learning
experience as he is able to converse with and connect with others while gaining new skills.

Its definitely hard. I sometimes prioritize my business over

school, but I need to remember
that school is my first priority,
he said.

accomplishments have not gone unnoticed.
So far, he has been featured in
numerous online articles from a
variety of prominent sources including CNBC, Entrepreneur and
Devoted to his business,
Weisenthal already has plans for
the future. In fact, he intends to
expand his knowledge by majoring in business management and
entrepreneurship. He aims to expand his skills and services into
app development and plans on
hiring other web developers as
his business grows. Although he
is 14, Weisenthal has a promising
future as the founder and CEO of
Zachs Web Designs.

The WarriorFeatures
November 24, 2015

Seniors Encounter Issues When

Finishing College Applications
Chase Wilson 17



As senior year comes around

and college application deadlines
approach rapidly, student anxiety
also is quickly rising, and for an
understanbable reason. Perhaps
unrealistically, seniors want the
college application process to go
perfectly. Any snag or delay has
the potential to put a tense senior
over the edge.

Take senior Ade Adeolas situation this year, for example. She
was being proactive and requested that her SAT test scores be sent
to her desired college on October
4, almost a full month before her
schools priority deadline of November 1 and yet College Board
did not send Adeolas scores until
October 31.
I dont understand why
[College Board] waits so long.
Right before I saw my scores
were sent, I was literally in tears
because I thought all the work I

put into my application was for

nothing, said Adeola.
The counseling office tries
to organize the college application process to minimize student
stress. Every year, counselors
host an informational meeting
for the purpose of educating students on the college application
process. They provide handouts
with the details of how and when
to apply. One such handout states
that students must turn in all required forms at least three weeks
before their colleges deadline.
The head of counseling, Elizabeth Al-Atrash, deals with the
applicants directly and says that
in the cases where the counseling
or registrars office do not get the
application to the desired school
on time, it is usually because the
applicants turn in their request
forms extremely late.
In spite of this, seniors frequently turn their pent-up anxiety towards the counseling de-

partment and registrars office. A

common complaint is that forms
are not sent to schools more
quickly after enough students
turn them to the registrar. Students must understand that counselors write recommendations for
almost every student, in addition
to their daily work activities, so
on some days they will have more
time to complete forms for students than on other days.
Juniors looking to ease the
stress of various college applications should try attending the
workshops sponsored by the
counselors on the subject held
every summer. Counselors give
many tips about applications and
help students prepare. The workshops are an important service
Sherwood is providing to students
and should be taken advantage of.
Seniors should remember to monitor the status of their requests and
their documents reviewed as their
application deadlines approach.

Why You Dont Step in:

The Bystander Effect

Samantha Schwartz 16
On a daily basis a bully
preys on an innocent peer in the
crowded school hallways, picking on his or her glasses or the
way he or she walks or some
other outrageously unfair reason.
And everyday students stand by,
hesitating to act. As the bullying
continues, they walk by and pretend nothing is happening.
This occurrence is called
the bystander effect, which happens when the presence of others
discourages an individual from
intervening in an emergency situation. There is a bystander in
everyone, and here is the science
behind it.
Social psychologists Bibb
Latan and John Darley popularized the concept in 1964 following the brutal murder of a woman, Kitty Genovese, in New York
City. Genovese was stabbed to
death while bystanders observed
the crime and didnt contact the
police or get help.
Though many people would
proudly claim that they would
never simply stand by as a murder occurrs, this, unfortunately,
is not the case.
Latan and Darley attributed
the effect to pluralistic ignorance.
One of the first steps in any persons decision to help another is
the recognition that someone is
actually in need of help. To do
this, the bystander must realize
that they are witnessing an emergency situation and that a victim
is in need of assistance. Consequently, a major reason why eyewitnesses fail to intervene is that
they do not even realize they are
witnessing a crime. Though this

seems outrageous, in ambiguous

and urgent situations people often look towards others to see
how they are reacting and how
they should react. They assume
that others may know something
that they do not, so they gauge
their reactions before they decide
how they should respond.
The social psychologists
also attributed the bystander effect to the perceived diffusion
of responsibility, such as how
onlookers are more likely to intervene if there are few or no
other witnesses. Even if people
recognize that they are witnessing a crime, they may still fail
to intervene because they do not
take personal responsibility for
helping the victim. The problem is that the more bystanders
there are, the less responsible
each individual feels. When you
are the only eyewitness present,
100 percent of the responsibility
for providing help rests on your
shoulders. But if there are five
eyewitnesses, only 20 percent of
the responsibility is your own.
The larger the group, the less
likely you are to act. In these situations, people may assume that
someone else will help. But if
everyone assumes this, then no
one will intervene.
In Genoveses case, each
onlooker concluded from their
neighbors inaction that their
own personal help was not needed. In the case of a school bully
in a hallway, observers may debate whether or not to intervene
based on if they believe it is an
act of bullying or playfulness.
Assuming the latter, students all
too often neglect to act because
no one else around them is.

Kayla Cohen 17

Treasurer Taylor Nettleford, secretary Alyssa Moran, vice president Shyaka Gahima and co-presidents
Ashley Nnabue and Naahmie Charleston (from left to right) hope to raise awareness of racial problems.

Black Student Union Makes a Comeback

Bryse Thornwell 16
After three years of inactivity, the Black Student Union
(BSU) is back. By their mission
statement, the BSU is a club organization dedicated to implementing a bond among one another and fostering a passion for
success within the schools African American community. They
strive to support one another in
academic endeavors, mentor each
other and stretch beyond solely
the schools community.
Co-presidents Ashley Nnabue and Naahmie Charleston made
the decision to reinstate the union
after noticing an unacceptable academic achievement gap between
blacks and other races. Nnabues
first intention was to bring the Minority Scholar Program, similar to
the program at Walter Johnson, to
Sherwood. However, after talking
to Charleston, the two decided to
combine the scholarship program
under the Black Student Union
umbrella. After speaking with
guidance counselor Jamii Avery,
administrator Sandi Williams, ad-

ministrator Kathlyn Carroll, and

their sponsor English teacher Peter Huck, Nnabue and Charleston
officially reestablished the BSU
The club has seen consistent
participation numbers since its
reestablishment and meets every
other Monday. We have 40 to
50 people coming consistently
to the meetings, and thats pretty
impressive considering the meetings are during lunch and people
have other commitments, said
In addition to the Minority
Scholar Program, the club plans
to hold tutoring and mentoring
sessions, participate in the International Show, and organize a
dance for Black History Month
which incorporates Afro-centric
expression including African, Jamaican, Hispanic, Latin and other
influences. The club also holds
debates and discussions about
issues facing the African American community in todays society.
The discussion topics range anywhere from cultural appropriation
to how black women are treated

by black men.
Outside of school, the BSU
plans to participate in multiple
community service projects including a Thanksgiving food
drive, visits to colleges, including
many Historically Black Colleges
and Universities, and even reaching out to similar organizations
in colleges for advice and further
Nnabue and Charlestons ultimate goal for the club is to both
bring awareness to people inside
and outside of the club, which includes both students and teachers,
and move away from stereotypes
in all ways.

This is such an important
club to let students in the African
American community know that
they are not alone, said Nnabue.
We really want the club to continue for years after we leave.
Nnabue and Charleston specifically want to emphasize that
although the Black Student Union
stresses issues in the African
American community, the club is
open to all students regardless of
race or national background.

The WarriorFeatures

November 24, 2015

The WarriorHumor
November 24, 2015

The infectious pumpkin spice peeps plan to lower your IQ and take your faith in humanity.

Pumpkin Spice Virus Starts

To Mutate Out of Control
by Meghan Proctor 16

A disease is sweeping the nation with

no clear signs of relief. What was once
an innocent twist on everyones favorite
seasonal fruit has become a threatening
culinary epidemic. It infects the foods in
grocery stores everywhere, and it has even
mutated to thrive in many other products.
This disease is of course none other than
the infamous pumpkin spice.
Pumpkin spice has been around for
decades, being a popular ingredient in recipes such as pies and cakes. However, its
more recent outbreak traces back to a popular coffee chain: Starbucks. In 2004, Starbucks released the Pumpkin Spice Latte,
which slowly grew in popularity. The beverages popularity allowed the pumpkin
spice virus to thrive, causing a mutation
which allowed it to infect other foods from
Oreos to Peeps. We only wanted to create
a fun, nostalgic treat based off of some of
our favorite fall recipes, said Starbucks
barista Bailey Night. We never wanted to
cause any major health risks outside of the
tons of sugar added in the drink.
The symptoms of pumpkin spice can
be devastating to both the products and
the people that consume them. When a
food item is infected with pumpkin spice,
it suffers from an unnatural, occasionally

disgusting taste that overrides the original

flavor of the food. When pumpkin spice
enters a humans system, symptoms range
from a drop in IQ to temporarily losing
faith in all of humanity. An individuals
vulnerability to pumpkin spice is a case by
case basis. However, scientists have determined that one may be more likely to catch
the virus if they are also at risk for some
other illnesses, including Ugg boots and
posting gratuitous amounts of food-related
pictures on the Internet.
The key to this diseases survival is
most likely its marketability. With seasonal
and inviting packaging, many major companies, including Starbucks, easily make a
profit by enticing consumers to buy their
products and allow the public health hazard to enter their systems. Scientists are
fearful of how the disease will affect the
public next. If not contained soon, the virus
may grow to uncontrollable proportions.
With no definite way to contain this virus,
I fear it may take us months if not years to
reduce it back to safe levels, said doctor
William Johnson. Especially now that its
so ingrained in todays pop culture.
While a cure for this illness is yet to
be confirmed, recent studies have shown
a possible link in the relief of symptoms
to the consumption of peppermint, a traditional sweet most popular in early winter.

The country has fixated

for months on the close race
for its next president, but Sherwood students have a race more exciting,
more important, and just a few months away to
focus onSGA President 2016. Following the model of the national race, several candidates, including some
eighth graders, have already declared their intent with lunchtime
speeches. Three debates have been scheduled for assemblies during
third and fourth quarter, with social studies teacher Christine McKeldin as moderator. The May election is right around the corner, and this years race is already certain to be dominated by unregulated campaign donations, sensationalism, and quite a bit of socialism. Here is a preview of the leading candidates
and their platforms for the future of Sherwood.

Ethan Lavern
Currently leading the polls with well under half of
the popular vote, Junior Ethan Lavern plans to put
an end to students sneaking out for lunch by building a wall around the parking lot. When asked
how he would fund the construction project, he
hinted at a plan to, cut some of the less important classes, namely, all foreign languages and
Piano 2. Although Lavern has failed to disclose his
stances on several important issues, such as pep-rally reform and pizza legalization, he
has maintained a steady popularity by handing out cookies at lunch and occasionally
insulting large populations of students. Despite his platform being the most developed
of the field, Lavern is best known among the constituents for his early jab at Allen Lees
appearance, saying that his face would look about as good in this office as the freshmens homecoming hall.

Miranda Jones Jones, a freshman, started off her campaign with the

bold promise of Free high school for everybody by

2017. This immediately attracted a good portion
of Good Counsel students, and several freshman
who dont understand how taxes work. She has since
broadened her appeal by emphasizing her complete
lack of experience in student government, as well as
her 4.0 GPA, which was last achieved second quarter
of eighth grade. After a few questionable poll numbers in the first quarter, the Jones campaign released
a plan to ban all GMO and non-organic foods served
in the cafeteria, although the plan doesnt mention what will be served instead.

Allen Lee

Lee, a sophomore, has been rallying the support

of the senior class since day one with promises of
subsidized college application and transcript fees.
What he isnt making public is that his plan would
increase underclassmen class dues by 500 to 600
percent. He stands out as the only candidate who
has offered to stop the corrupt way parking permit
money goes almost entirely to athletics by making it
absolutely illegal to park at school. Altogether, Lee
has done an exceptional job of irritating almost every student in the school. He still stays
confident in his run, and is excited for the debates, where he plans to, make sure the
conversation revolves around the least important topics.

Noah Moore

The cousin of SGA legend Hunter Moore, Noah has

expressed a claim to the position. However, the actual process of campaigning seems to be an issue, as
he was recorded saying, I never thought it would be
this much work. Cant I just be voted in already? He
has been able to stay relevant in the recent weeks by
saying everything Ethan Lavern says, but in a slightly different way. Moore has gained some popularity
by announcing a comprehensive plan to achieve the
long-awaited goal of replacing the schools water
fountains with Kool-Aid fountains. However, voters are
unsure whether he is fit for the job, as he ended his one
and only campaign speech with, thanks for the support, but if this president thing gets
in the way of making varsity lacrosse this year, Im out.

Lincoln Chafee
Ever since he dropped out of the main
race, the former Democratic candidate
has been blazing a campaign trail aimed
directly at Sandy Spring by repeatedly
calling himself a block of granite.
**some or all of the candidates may or may not have paid The Warrior for their inclusion in this feature

cartoon by Sidney Brown 17

compiled by Steven Witkin 16

Former Pixar Artist Posts Tips for

Telling Stories
by Meghan Proctor 16

Through The Years

Late 1980s-late
1990s: The Classics

Disney experienced a first

golden era with its first burst of princess movies after Snow White (1937) and
Cinderella (1950). A wave of princess movies
in the 90s, including The Little Mermaid (1989)
and Mulan (1998) revived a second golden era.
The diverse nature of these new movies appealed
to young audiences, with the theatrical songs
and memorable lines becoming a staple in
American culture.

Late 2000s-2010:
Start of Marvel Movies

3-D movies like WALL-E

(2008) and Up (2009) continued
to shape the millennial generation. Movies like Iron Man (2008) started a new
chapter of comic book-to-movie adaptations
for Marvel Studios. Millennials paid equal
attention to animated movies like Toy Story
3 (2010) and Tangled (2010), but began
to look for more mature movies in the
transition to young adulthood.

by Milan Polk 16

Early 2000s : 3-D Movies,

Partnering with Pixar
The turn of the century
brought a new partnership between
Disney and Pixar. 3-D movies sparked
another wave of popularity in animation.
Finding Nemo (2003) and The Incredibles (2004) drew audiences once again and
amazed everyone with effects that jumped
off of the screen. Films like The Emperors
New Groove (2000) and Lilo and Stitch
(2002) also proved successful.

2010-Present: The
Return of Princesses
Brave (2012), Frozen
(2013) and a revamped Cinderella (2015) provide nostalgia for
Millennials and makes way for female
role-models for young children to admire.
Eye-catching visuals, interesting characters
and the continuation of Disneys musical
tradition grace the screens with a second
golden era for Disney in the midst.

Former Pixar employee Emma Coats is well

known for her work as a storyboard artist on animated films such as Brave and Monsters University, as well as directing some independent
short films. However, some may also know her
from another project: the creation of Pixars 22
Rules for Storytelling.
Back in 2012, a few months before the release
of Brave, Coats released on Twitter a series of
posts, sharing tips for telling stories. Some examples of her tips include You admire a character for trying more than for their successes, and
Coincidences to get characters into trouble are
great; coincidences to get them out of it are cheating.
Coats came up with the idea for these rules
from her own experiences and what she has
learned from working with the company. I built
my own curriculum for learning the skills relevant to storyboarding. The list is part of that as
a continuing process, said Coats. Im passionate about developing as a storyteller, so its all
about discovering processes that work, challenging things and making more films. Coatss rules
have since been compiled into a single list and
shared across the Internet, known now as Pixars
22 Rules of Storytelling.
In an interview with the Washington Post,

Coats explains some of her rules in further detail. Regarding the rule that the audience admires
a character for trying rather than for succeeding,
Coats states, [Many famous] characters move
forward when theres no hope of success, miles
after any one of us in the audience would have
given up. Success without trials is meaningless,
as you probably know if youve ever got something easy and then tried to share your triumph.
Coats then continues to explain how telling a story where someone had to work for their successes
will more likely receive a more positive reaction
from an audience as opposed to a story where
someone finds an easy way to achieving his or
her goal.
Coats did not post her rules with the intention of them becoming a definitive strategy for
telling storytelling, or a set of concrete rules that
must be followed in order to make a successful
story. Rather, people should view these rules as a
set of soft guidelines and advice to help them get
on the right track. Writers and storytellers are not
obliged to follow these rules, though they may
find use in them as they write and improve their
The same year she posted her rules for storytelling on Twitter, Coats left Pixar and is currently a freelance artist in New York City.

The Official Continuation of Star Wars

by Emily Gilburt 16

New Disney Movie Sequels Bring Nostalgia

by Nicole Reich 17
Thanks to Disney, our childhoods were enriched by the movies we
grew up watching. Every story was entertaining, ranging from the classics to
more recent films. Disney films have the
power to teach and inspire their viewers. Even after the credits roll, we continue to cherish the unforgettable stories
and memorable characters that exist in
Disney films. Now within the next two
years, seven sequels, remakes and live
adaptations will be released based on the
previous Disney classics.
People currently in their 20s are the
lucky ones, as they first witnessed beloved films such as Toy Story from
1995. However, many teens also saw
such movies on DVD. Even adolescents

will experience nostalgia when they see

Nemo in Finding Dory, the sequel to
2003s Finding Nemo, or Woody who
will return in Toy Story 4. For a sequel like Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead
Men Tell No Tales, coming out in the
summer of 2017, teens can see how characters such as Jack Sparrow aged over
time. Those who see these films get the
chance to relive that giddy feeling they
first got when they watched the original

A large reason for the timeless quality
of Disney films is that they find a way to
appeal both parents and kids regardless of
their age. Disney brilliantly incorporates
jokes appropriate for children as well as
humor that older people will find entertaining. Although some adults and little
kids of this generation did not witness
the premieres of Tim Burtons Alice in

Wonderland or animated The Beauty

and the Beast when they were children,
they have watched them at some point in
their lives. Other adults will also fall for
the new movies like the live adaption of
The Jungle Book and Petes Dragon
because they know the stories of these
older films from their own childhoods.
Also, the multiple international Disney
theme-parks have successfully continued to keep the stories alive through
rides, characters and shows every time
multi-generational families visit.
Almost every single one of Disneys
original movies were blockbuster hits
and have made the list of Highest Grossing Movies. The probability is that these
new movies will be extremely successful
and that the current generation of young
children will join the legions of Disney

In extensive efforts to broadcast the news as

much as possible, Disney is using all its resources
to promote its new movie, Star Wars: The Force
Awakens, which kicks off the revival of their Star
Wars series.
The movie takes place 30 years after the events
of 1983s Return of the Jedi. New lead characters
Finn, Rey and Poe Dameron fight alongside Han
Solo as they attempt to defeat the new villainous
leader, Kylo Ren, and his army of stormtroopers.
The movie will be officially released in theaters on
December 18 in 2D, 3D and IMAX 3D. With advance ticket sales beginning on October 19th, the
rush of IMAX purchases not only resulted in numerous ticket websites crashing but a record breaking
amount of IMAX tickets pre-sold in a single day.
Its been roughly a decade since the release of
their last Star Wars film in 2005, Episode III, Revenge of the Sith. Therefore, Disney is sparing no
cost in order to make this movie absolutely perfect,
with a whopping budget of $200 million for the production of the film and an additional $423 million
spent in marketing, printing and advertising. Marvel

comics, Del Rey and Disney Publishing Worldwide

are working together to publish new Star Wars comic books and novels featuring the new plot of The
Force Awakens.
In celebration of the movie release, Disneys
Hollywood Studios will be featuring a brand new
Star Warsthemed festival during winter called The
Season of the Force. Disney is also changing numerous Disney Park attractions and rides in attempt
to better publicize the new film and attract die-hard
Star Wars fans awaiting the release of the movie. Erin
Glover, Social Media Director of Disneyland Resort
announced that by January 8, park guests will have
the chance to jump to lightspeed with Season of the
Force, featuring an exciting twist on a favorite attraction and more.
Popular rides, food, merchandise and attractions
guests know and love are being remodeled to fit the
theme of the new Star Wars movie, such as Space
Mountain, a well-known roller coaster in Magic
Kingdom, soon to be Hyperspace Mountain. In addition, Disneys renowned Star Tours ride is being tailored to depict a scene from The Force Awakens.
Disney is truly putting all faith and its money into
the new Star Wars film.

The WarriorOpinions

November 24, 2015

Staff Editorial:

In Our Opinion

Students Responses Suggest Uncertainty

Are students following current events?

ent body
Is the schools stud
or liberal?
more conservative

Is our country in da
nger of
having an uninform
ed electorate?

Recently, The Warrior conducted a survey

exploring Sherwood students political views,
which can be seen in the The Pulse on page
14. The survey showed a great variety of political opinions at Sherwood, but that generally, students have liberal opinions about current
controversial issues. Students demonstrated liberal views on both domestic and social issues,
while they were divided on education issues and
showed conservative views regarding immigration issues.
Overall, responses to The Pulse survey
varied greatly on many political topics that are
currently creating controversy in the United
States and the world. The questions from the
survey that gained the most decisive results included the topics of denying service to a customer based on a business religious beliefs,
same-sex marriage, global warming, federally
enforced vaccinations and minimum wage. Students were most split on issues like whether or
not immigrants should be forced to learn English, if the United States should declare war on
ISIS and if the U.S. government should allow
the death penalty.
A possibly alarming occurrence was that
many students provided contradictory responses
to the survey. For example, although one student selected primarily conservative responses,
such as indicating the he was against same-sex
marriage, he wrote that he would vote for Hil

lary Clinton for President. Similarly, although

one student wrote that he was democratic, he
said he would vote for Marco Rubio for President. In both instances, which were not isolated occurrences, students selected a Presidential
candidate whose political stances contradicted
their own.
This mirrors what is happening with some of
the voters in America. Many people feel strongly about one or more political issues but support a candidate and/ or party that opposes their
views. For instance, Kentucky voters recently
elected a governor whose campaign included an
initiative to eliminate Medicaid, which is ironic
because Kentucky has very high Medicaid rates.
In other words, many Kentuckians picked the
candidate who vows to do away with the very
healthcare supports that they need.
It was also worrying how many unsure
responses were given on The Pulse survey.
While it is understandable that a student might
not have a strong opinion on a couple of current
issues, the number of unsure responses indicated that many students were most likely unaware of many of the current political and social
debates. Not having knowledge of these issues
is a growing problem in the United Sates, particularly with younger people. This can be seen in
the survey, which is alarming considering that
some students who answered are seniors and
will be voting in the next Presidential election.



ublished six times a year, The Warrior serves
as Sherwood High Schools premier news source.
Over the years, it has received numerous state and
national honors. With a staff of 35
students and one advisor, The Warrior keeps
the Sherwood community
apprised of local and national events.
All opinion articles represent the
viewpoint of the writer. The unsigned staff
editorials solely represent the opinions of the
newspaper staff. These articles do not necessarily
represent the views of
Sherwood High School.
The Warrior welcomes Letters to the
Editor of 250 words or less. They may be
submitted to room C268 or emailed to Letters must be
signed, and all content received by the newspaper
is subject to editing.
The Warrior staff invites feedback and
corrections to printed inaccuracies.
The Warrior reserves the right to
refuse advertisements.

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Pollster ............................................................. Emily Gilburt 16
Staff Reporters ............................................... Jacob Golomb 16

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Elizabeth Kronlage 18
Tyler Ruth 16
Bryse Thornwell 16

Business and Publicity Directors.................... Danielle Tobb 17

Will Van Gelder 16

cartoon by Sidney Brown 17

Advisor........................................................................... Peter Huck

The WarriorOpinions


November 24, 2015

Dont Let Campus Sex Offenders Off Easy

by Maya Koeppen 17

As sexual assault remains

a continuing issue on campuses across the country, a lack of
defined punishments and inadequate policies have resulted in
many schools deservedly receiving public backlash. It is simply
not enough to assign perpetrators
mere educational sanctions with
the hopes that it will be enough
to prevent them from committing any further assaults. Sexual
assault is a criminal act and the
consequences should parallel that
level of severity.
According to a Huffington
Post analysis, less than a third of
college students accused of sexual assault face expulsion. Perpetraors are left to roam around
campus, similar to their accuser,
all the while surrounded by new
potential victims. Most universities agree that these perpetrators
should not remain on campus, yet
they continue to allow it.
It is this lack of action by college and university administrators
that pushed California lawmakers
to press legislation that would
require mandatory minimum
punishment in such cases. This
bill, AB 967, would require state
colleges to give at least two-year
suspension to students found
guilty of assault. In addition, the
bill would require that all schools
implement and enforce a consistent process in the handling of
these cases. What would have
been a unique bill and the driving
force for future related legislation
was vetoed by California Governor Jerry Brown, under the claim
the state should have no interference with campus punishments.
If schools are not doing enough
on their own, states have every
right and should work towards a

Plus Size Distinction

Is No Longer Needed
Women are inherently discriminated against by the concept of Plus Size clothing and models. This raises the
question of why society still uses this offensive term.

by Alleigh Keyes 16

California Governor Jerry Brown (D) vetoed a bill that would require
state colleges to give harsher punishments to student sex offenders.
change in policies.
Some argue, that mandating
sanctions discourages the reporting of cases. Additional research
by David Lasik, formerly of the
University of Massachusetts-Boston, has found that a startling six
percent of accused rapist surveyed, were repeat offenders
who have gone undetected. Still,
the solution seems simple; if the
source of the problem is removed,
the chances of it occurring again
are eliminated. The victim would
likely be put at ease if she knew
for sure that her assaulter would
have to leave campus, even if
only for a brief period of time. It
is not the concept of punishment
that deters reports, it is the accompanying uncertainty of their
victims unknown fate.

Also, deciding whether to implement mandatory punishments
should not be left to question. In
an incident at James Madison, a
student whose assault was caught
on video received expulsion af-

ter graduation. What good does

this do? In this length of time,
the same student could commit
multiple other assaults. To let
the perpetrator off easy is doing
the victim a great injustice after
all she has suffered through. It is
moral and just that administrators
do everything in their power to
prevent similar cases from occurring. The victim deserves, for
his or her perpetrator, due justice.
Even more so, it downplays the
victims case as not being serious
enough for strict punishments to
be enacted. Universities, in doing
so, lose the trust of their students,
faculty and parents and in many
cases their administrative reputation suffers as a result.
At the end of the day, sexual
assault is not a matter to be treated with vagueness and uncertainty. Sexual assault should be handled at the same level of severity
as the incident itself to ensure the
safety and overall well-being of
all students.

Whether you have been

dubbed a prep, jock, or
geek, lets face it we have
all been judged. We love to use
labels but loathe being labeled.
These labels need to go, especially the term plus size.
Nowadays, theres an increasing diversity on the runway
and in magazines. Even though
there has been progress in showing different body types and diversity has been made in the fashion industry, problems still exist.
When ones favorite store
includes plus clothes, one may
think that it is great to have more
diversity regarding sizes. In reality, plus size implies a second-rate or substandard category.
Initially it was good to indicate
that stores carry larger sizes, but
nowadays this is expected. Why
do stores still have this label? It
is not revolutionary to carry larger sizes, so this label is irrelevant
and outdated. Instead of having
normal clothes and plus size
clothes as two separate categories, womens clothes should
have a wide variety of sizes in the
same section. Logically, it does
not make sense to have larger
women shop in a separate section
because of size. In fact, it is offensive because this discriminates
against larger women.
The issue regarding the plus
size label is amplified by the fact
that plus size models on runways and magazines tend to wear

sizes that are not labeled plus.

It is perplexing how these socalled plus size models generally wear size eight or ten, which
happen to be common sizes. The
fashion industry needs to stop
being deceptive, because it has
plus size models who would
never wear plus size clothing
in real life. What is the point in
differentiating between models
who are considered normal by
default, and plus size models?
Instead, it makes sense for models to represent different sizes,
but to still be considered models
regardless of size. At the end of
the day, both are models.
By using the word plus,
people are contributing to the
fashion industrys problem of unwittingly discriminating against
different peoples body sizes and
natural physique. The term plus
size does more than hurt the
impressionable and insecure, as
it is offensive to establish a second-rate category for larger women. Men generally do not have a
separate category with larger sizes, so women should not be subject to this. When we were children, we were taught that beauty
comes in all shapes and sizes.
Now is time that we reflect this in
our culture. By getting rid of the
word plus and keeping womens clothing in the same section,
regardless of size, we will be one
step closer to changing the way
our culture perceives different
body types and the way the fashion industry views different sizes.

To The Point
Theyre Just Cups

Recognize All Our Teams

Meat Might Be Murder

by Jacob Golomb 16

by Steven Witkin 16

by Milan Polk 16

Its that time of year; stores are decorated for the season and shoppers are wished happy holidays. Recently,
the shockingly controversial Starbucks holiday cup design has been trending. During the holidays, Starbucks
has a tradition of changing its cups to have Christmas
colors and seasonal designs ranging from snowflakes to
ornaments. This year, the company made the surprisingly sacrilegious decision to simply make the cups red and
green with no other Christmas references.
Despite the clear intention of Starbucks to be inclusive regarding the religious backgrounds of its customers, some have declared that the new cup design means
Starbucks is launching a War on Christmas. One former
pastor, Joshua Feuerstein, has gone viral, proclaiming that
Starbucks hates Jesus.
The vocal opponents of the new cup design ignore the
joyous aspects of the holidays and cry oppression instead
of appreciating inclusion. Starbucks has no obligation to
gear its cup design toward the majority religious group. In
fact, Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz is Jewish.

Nobody is really sure what the purpose of our occasional pep-rallies are. Some say they are to recognize
the achievements of our varsity athletic teams, since that
is what takes up most of each rally. The sports teams get
the recognition they deserve, but our school is made up
of more than just sports. Sherwood has several non-athletic teams that have competitions and rivalries where the
schools reputation is on the line as much as varsity teams,
yet get very little recognition.
Why should the Model United Nations team, which
competes for awards in a national conference each year,
be relegated to a short announcement in the morning,
while some varsity teams that never make it to regional
playoffs get announced every pep-rally? The Forensics, Its
Academic, Debate and Mock Trial teams all have rosters,
schedules, and results to share, yet do not even get a page
on the school website. Even if there is not enough time
to acknowledge the achievements of these teams during
pep-rallies, it goes against school spirit to give them zero
appreciation on morning announcements and online.

Recently, a report from the World Health Organization

(WHO) announced that red and processed meats, such as
beef, bacon and sausages, are now linked with an 18-percent higher risk of cancer. Although the information that
meat is unhealthy was not surprising to most people, there
may be the need to rethink ones dietary choices. The decision to lessen ones meat intake or give it up all together
can also be backed by the strain that eating meat has on
the environment, as well as the moral aspect of consuming
other sentient animals. This wake-up call from the WHO is
something people should seriously consider.
The United States is a country that generally has
meals planned around meat, and really only sees fruits and
vegetables as side dishes, even though they have many
more health benefits than meat. If nothing else, Americans should realize what they are putting into their bodies.
Cancer is something people actively try to prevent, and diets should reflect that. Meat may be a staple in American
culture, but cultures can change, especially if it means a
healthier world.

The WarriorOpinions

November 24, 2015


Hillary Clinton (D) Bernie Sanders (D)


Ben Carson (R)


Donald Trump (R)





Sherwood is liberal on domestic issues.

Sherwood is conservative on immigration issues.

Should the U.S. Government allow the death penalty?

Yes: 39% No: 36% Unsure: 25%

Do you support stronger measures to increase our

border security?
Yes: 49% No: 25% Unsure: 26%

Should the U.S. Government raise the federal

minimum wage?
Yes: 68% No: 16% Unsure: 16%

Should immigrants to the United States be required to learn

Yes: 41% No: 39% Unsure: 20%

Do you support increased gun control?

Yes: 56% No: 29% Unsure: 15%



Sherwood is liberal on social issues.

Sherwood is divided on education issues.

Should a business, based on religious beliefs, be able to

deny service to a customer?
Yes: 16% No: 71% Unsure: 13%

Would you support increasing taxes on the rich in order to

reduce interest rates on college loans for students?
Yes: 55% No: 23% Unsure: 22%

Should the U.S. Government remove references to God from

currency, federal buildings, etc.?

Do you support the adoption of Common Core national

education standards?

Yes: 20% No: 59% Unsure: 21%

Yes: 17% No: 42% Unsure: 41%

Do you support same-sex marriage?

Yes: 69% No: 18% Unsure: 13%



Lets Make Dating a Key Part of Modern Relationships

by Ashley Nnabue 16
Relationships. Many yearn for the feeling of commitment with a significant other. Why? For many, it is due to the longing
of affection and companionship. However,
there is a growing lack of trust among this
generation that pushes individuals to avoid
official relationships. Instead, people tend
to talk with a potential boyfriend or girlfriend for an extended period of time. This
talking phase, with its no strings attached
nature, has become more common in recent years.
Talking still comes with the rollercoaster of emotions associated with being in a real relationship. It becomes even
more confusing when teenagers attempt

to explain their relationship with a person to others because they want to be cautious not to overstep any boundaries that
may or may not exist. Yet, there is a lack
of clarification regarding what the boundaries of the talking stage consist of. Are
they allowed to get jealous if the person is
harmlessly flirting with someone else? If
they post a picture on social media with
the person, what should the caption be? Is
the person capable of cheating on them
if it is not a real relationship? The answers
to these questions are rarely clear and the
ambiguity of the relationship makes it difficult, if not impossible, for the people to
express the extent of their true feelings.
The talking stage is like a game to
learn everything possible about the person

without falling too hard or getting too serious. Spending time getting to know one
another before making an official bond is
crucial, but now this phase is being extended for months. This defeats the purpose of
dating because if one develops feelings for
someone, then why wait to make it official?
Whether in a relationship or talking, it
will lead all to something serious or nothing at all. If they are practicing the actions
of a real couple, then the steps should be
made to advance into a relationship. This
way, he or she will not have to worry about
whether or not it is okay for them to question why the other person overstepped an
obvious boundary.
While talking, there are so many
thoughts that one may feel uncomfort-

able addressing because he or she does not

want to seem too clingy before anything
is concrete. Thinking about a future with
someone that technically is not his or hers
can create a lot of uncertainty. People use
talking to avoid official commitment, yet
loyalty is often questioned. If the person
should be loyal, then he or she is in a relationship. After about two months, both
people should be comfortable enough to
transition into the dating stage. Lingering
in the talking phase just creates unnecessary havoc and confusion. Some people
may be content with the talking stage because they are not fully committed to anyone, but if there is a future in the relationship, then there is no need to dwindle upon
a stagnant transitional state.

The Warrior Wonders...






Who is your favorite actor/actress that

plays a superhero?
Scarlett Johansson because shes a
good actress and so pretty
~Gloria Rexhepi 17
Christian Bale because his chin
portrays strength
~Monica Keilsohn 16
Chris Evans as Captain America
because hes so hot
~Joan Kim 16




If you could create a superhero, what would be

his/her name and super power?
Super student: the superhero that gets a 5
on all AP exams and 2400 on the SATs
~Anthony Jones 17
Spyware, who would be able to manipulate
technology to his advantage
~Aaron Cooper 16
Super Spice Boy: he can turn any normal or
mild salsa into spicy salsa
~Thomas Baker 16

Who is your real-life superhero?

Dan Howell and Phil Lester because they
make me smile on the darkest days
~ Sydney Abramowitz 17
My mom because she would do anything to
save us from the world and its problems
~Katie Rowan 17
The Pizza Delivery Guy; not all superheroes
wear capes
~Amy ONeill 16


No Idea
Who is your favorite superhero?
Black Widow: although shes just a human,
she uses her strength and intelligence to fight
alongside the Avengers
~Sarah Lesho 17
The Power Rangers because they
always transform and help people in
~Angela Chang 17
The Doctor from Doctor Who because hes
caring, amazing and a trend-setter
~Cecilia Lamancasa 16

What is the best superpower?

Mind Reading: 32% Speed: 8% Strength: 3% Invisibility: 21% Invincibility: 18% Flight: 18%
*73 students surveyed
compiled by Lexi Paidas 17

The WarriorEntertainment

November 24, 2015

Bieber Shows Purpose

Comeback Album
by Amanda Allen 17

Macbeth - December 4


The Ridiculous 6 - December 11

Star Wars: The Force Awakens December 18
Concussion - December 24



Mac Miller - December 13


The White Panda - December 28



The Hateful Eight December 25

T.I. - December 4


Purpose allows fans to take

Justin Bieber seriously. Surprisingly to most, Biebers newest
album, Purpose, released at
number one on November 13.
Biebers album also received four
out of five stars from Billboard
and has garnered mostly praise
from music critics.
A couple months ago, no
one would have guessed a Bieber
comeback album would be a success. After running into trouble
with the law and having public
meltdowns, the child star gone
wrong has claimed that he has
learned from his mistakes. Biebers PR people have been mostly
successful in recreating his image
as grown up. This album is a successful apology to the public for
his poor behavior.
Since the beginning of the
summer, Bieber has teased listeners with catchy, upbeat electronic tunes that show his growth
musically since his absence. The
collaboration with Jack on
Where Are U Now was the first
smash hit signifying his comeback that is winning over many
non-beliebers. The singer also received his first number one on the
Billboard Hot 100 with this second beachy single entitled, What
Do You Mean?
Purpose, his second R&B
record after 2013s Journals,
has an electronic and hip-hop
vibe to it along with his smooth
vocals. Bieber starts off with the

calm and compelling Mark My

Words, with whiny background
vocals that are overridden by his
spot-on presence in the song. He
hints at his spiritual side throughout the album by mentioning,
only God can judge me, while
asking for forgiveness in the soft
Life is Worth Living. His allusions to God may seem a bit repetitive at times, but listeners will
view his apology as sincere.
Bieber collaborated with
many artists on Purpose, including Big Sean and Travis
Scott. The Feeling, featuring
Halsey is a catchy, soul-searching tune similar to his previous
singles from the album. Bieber
slowed things down on the track
co-written by Ed Sheeran entitled
Love Yourself, which has an
acoustic vibe and is the least electronic of all the songs. His harsh
lyrics, My Momma dont like
you and she likes everyone, may
shock listeners with its unfiltered
honesty. It is as if we are reading
Biebers personal diary.
Although all the songs seem
to have a similar theme, they succeed in sending a positive message. Many may avoid this album
just because it has Biebers name
on it, but Purpose proves that
he has more to offer than scandalous headlines.

N Shindigs

Deerhunter - December 5

The Arcs - December 14

Grade of:


Graphic by Ryan Deal 16 and Tate Harrop 17

Supergirl Brings Action and Hope

by Milan Polk 16
CBS Supergirl premiered
on October 26 with fairly positive reviews, and since then the
show has definitely shown promise. Amid the current wave of
superhero movies and television
shows, Supergirl gives viewers
the fresh feminine face that television needed.

In the show, Melissa Benoist
plays Kara Zor-El, or Supergirl,
Supermans cousin. At age 13,
she was sent to protect him in his
infancy, but a mishap in her space
travel caused her to get sucked
into a vortex and land on Earth
approximately 20 years later, still
at 13 years old. With Supermans
help, she is adopted by a family
who raises her into the optimistic
24 year old audiences meet at the
beginning of the show. However,
instead of shooting up into the
sky and saving innocent civilians from all sorts of peril, Kara
is instead the dutiful assistant to
a media mogul and decides to act
normal, refusing to use her powers. Of course, this plan does not
work out for her.

After saving her adopted sister from a suspicious plane malfunction, Kara realizes her true
potential. She faces both internal
and external forces that get in her
way, but she keeps a hopeful face

the whole time. Her resilience

and kindness makes her instantly
Unfortunately, she is constantly being compared to her
masculine counterpart despite
living in a completely different
city that harbors a much more
negative attitude towards superheroes. Although the second episode shifts focus away from the
recognizable man, it continues to
reference him and almost overshadows everything Kara accomplishes. Because she is held to
the same standard as Superman,
Kara is expected to know exactly what to do and do it without
casualties or lasting damage but
she does make mistakes, because
of the fact that she is a superhero
in training. The repeated refer-

ences and comparisons make the

show seem more like a spin-off
to the beloved series Smallville
(2001), which depicted a young
Clark Kent in similar situations
as Supergirl.

However, the show is its own
separate entity in how it rightfully deals with feminism and the
somewhat demeaning moniker of
Supergirl instead of Superwoman, and has Kara notably face her
battles with the aid of friends and
family instead of on her own, unlike Superman. Because she was
older when she left her now destroyed home planet of Krypton,
Karas memories also play a key
role in her heroism, whether it
means remembering the history
of an alien species or just reflecting on the time she spent with her
biological parents and family.
With constant action and interesting plot twists, surprising
appearances, and even a cameo
from the famed hero himself,
Supergirl is an enticing watch
for all audiences interested in a
well-made superhero show that
contains a strong, relatable and
empowering woman as the primary character.

Grade of:


The WarriorEntertainment
November 24, 2015


Rock n Roll Documentary Seeks To Capture Shows Magic

by Lauren MacFadden 17

Each year students eagerly

sign up for auditions to be in the
spring showcase, Rock n Roll
Revival (RnR), which features
students performing songs from
previous decades. The audition
process usually begins in early
December, when students must
prepare a song to either sing or
play on an instrument. The auditions take about three days, and
more than two hundred kids pile
in front of the judges to be in the
anticipated show. The students
chosen to be in the show practice
almost every day for two months
to rehearse for the upcoming
show. The dedication pays off
when all the seats are filled opening night of the electric show.
For every kid that dreams of
being a rock star, this is the opportunity for them to live that fantasy. Its kind of impossible to not
get swept up in the show, said
Tyler Golsen, one of the students
who participates in RnR.
The excitement that surrounds RnR inspired Edwin Santiago to film a documentary on
this years show. Santiago is a

Maya Koeppen 17

Documentarian Edwin Santiago films music teacher Bill Evans for the upcoming documentary. Over 125 interviews of students and volunteers will be conducted for the film, which is scheduled to be released next year.
documentary feature film producer/editor who worked in Hollywood for over twenty years. Santiago was exposed to the show
when his son, senior Danny Santiago, performed in it. Along with
Santiago, Tim Murray and Theresa Mezebish will assist him in the
filming process. Murray has been
a director of photography and has
filmed presidential inaugurations,

and Mezebish is a graphic artist

and photographer.
I was totally blown away at
the scope of Rock n Roll Revival, the hundreds of students
that participate, the faculty involvement and the 50 or so parent
volunteers. From my first show,
I was literally figuring out how
to produce a film about Rock n
Roll Revival, said Santiago.

The many different aspects

of RnR are the lead singers, the
background singers, the band, the
dancers, the tech crew, the painters/set design and, of course, the
adult instructors. Santiago plans
to film all of it, and not only this
upcoming show. He has access to
previous shows so the documentary can dive deeply into the history of RnR.

ger and swagger. This is Craigs

fourth time as 007. With Casino
Royale, Craigs first try, he reinvented Bond for the 21st century.
After that came the disappointing
Quantum of Solace, which he
then followed with Skyfall.
Spectre, which cost approximately $250 million to
make, carries on Craigs reinvention of Bond by managing to stay
personal. Skyfall director Sam
Mendes is back at the helm and,
like that previous Bond film, is
a 2 and hour movie filled with
many beautiful sequences.

The series has never had a

more stunning opener than this
one, which is set in Mexico City
on the Day of the Dead. With
Bond leaping across rooftops to
take out the evil Sciarra (Alessandro Cremona) and winding up in
a dizzying helicopter battle over
the crowds, the scene adds to the
resume of acclaimed cinematographer Hoyte van Hoytema of
Interstellar and Her.
Then Bond is off to Rome,
chasing bad guys in an Aston
Martin DB10 and seducing Sciarras widow (Monica Bellucci).

The widow is Bonds intro to

Spectre, a secret society of terrorists led by Franz Oberhauser
(Christoph Waltz), a mystery man
from Bonds past.
Back at MI6, Bond and the
new M (Ralph Fiennes) face Max
Denbigh, (Andrew Scott), a bureaucrat who wants to bring British Intelligence into the digital
era, which would include the end
of the 00 program. So its Bond,
M, Ms assistant Moneypenny
(Naomie Harris) and gadget-master Q (Ben Whisaw) against the
government on one side, Spectre

I hope to capture the excitement of auditioning and being

selected. To date we have conducted 25 interviews. I have a list
of over 100 people to interview,
said Santiago.
Along with the glamour of
the show, there is an additional reason for the filming of this
years RnR. Music teacher Bill
Evans, the main director of the
show and chorus teacher for over
twenty years, is retiring this year.
I cant even imagine the
show without him When he
leaves, the show will be in good
hands with everyone who stays,
but I just dont know if the show
will be the same without him,
said Golsen, who already has
been interviewed for the documentary.
Despite the bittersweet nature of Evans retirement, the
documentary is bound to capture
the positive vibes RnR releases
as hundreds of students participate in a memorable, sometimes
life-changing, opportunity. Given
a more than qualified team, the
creation of the RnR #45 documentary promises to encompass
all aspects the show.

Spectre Provides Electrifying Conclusion to Craigs Bond Era

by Will Van Gelder 16

While Spectre isnt a great
movie, it sure is fun. The 24th
film about the British M16 spy
is a ferocious, funny, gorgeously
produced love letter to the longest-running franchise in film.
Bond fanatics will be ecstatic to
see all of the references to early
movies in the series that began in
1962 with Dr. No.
Daniel Craig, who should
be considered the best Bond, is
electrifying in Spectre. Hes a
blunt instrument filled with dan-

W h a t N o t t o We a r
Ta c k l i n g W h i t e P a n t s

by Morgan Hill 16
and Samantha Schwartz 16

After 17 years of never

matching navy blue with black
or polka dots and plaid, we, as
lovers of fashion, are here to
share our opinions with the students of Sherwood. In each issue
of The Warrior, we will choose
a different fashion faux pas to
critique. This time we tackle the
sinful act of wearing white pants
all year long.
In the fashion community,
white pants are viewed as a sacred wardrobe piece. They make
a statement but they are easy to
stain and clash with other articles
of clothing. The effervescence of
white pants strictly condemns
their appearance to the summer
months, by fashion law. Seems
like common sense, right? We
think so.
The rule that prohibits white
pants in an outfit after Labor Day
is not the end all be all. White
pants can be included in an outfit
for the month of September, but
once October rolls around, they

have to go. Summer does not officially end until September 22,
so feel free to sneak in a couple
white-pant outfits after Labor
Despite such allowances,
we still have seen far too many
white pant wearers these past
eight weeks. As we get into the
winter months, this summery
fashion trend needs to be eradicated. If the snow matches the
color of your pants, something is
not right.
After four years at Sherwood, we have seen our share of
sins. The white pants and oversized sweaters. The white pants
and Uggs. And worst of all, the
white pants and riding boots.
This has got to go.
While white pants are a winter no no, winter white is here
to stay. Winter white is more of
a crme color that is appropriate for the offseason of October
through March.
Eliminate this injustice; put
away your white pants and get a
pair of winter white.

on the other.

Craig puts heart into Spectre, but it seems hes taken Bond
as far he can. An exhausted Craig
has said hed rather slash my
wrists than play Bond again.
Theres still one more film in his
contract, but to quote Sam Smiths
Bond song, The writings on the
wall. If so, Spectre is a stirring
ending. Craig does himself proud.

Grade of:


The WarriorSports

November 24, 2015

Simms Takes His Game D1

by Tate Harrop 17

Varsity footballs starting

wide receiver is about to take a
huge leap towards a promising
career. Senior Marcus Simms will
be graduating early, in January,
to get an advantageous head start
with a division 1 college football
team. He committed to West Virginia University back in March
of 2015, receiving a full scholarship. Playing for West Virginia
is another step towards Simms
long-time dream of being an NFL
player and playing the game he
Since Ive been playing
football [for nine years] I have
wanted to play at the highest level possible and I am very close to
achieving that with hard work and
focus I will be there in no time,
said Simms.
Simms, who came to Sherwood near the end of his sophomore year, has been a key player
in leading Sherwoods football
team to an undefeated season.
He had 14 receiving touchdowns
and a 27-yard passing touchdown through the regular season.

Simms has stood out amongst

other players in the state. ESPN
ranked him number 12 of the
top Maryland football recruits of
Simms received eight offers
from colleges including the University of Maryland, Pittsburgh,
Boston College, Eastern Michigan, Rutgers and Toledo. While
visiting the different colleges he
focused on which football team
was going to support his position.
He decided on West Virginia because of the football environment
and the way that the play style fits
West Virginia is a high tempo offense that throws the ball a
lot and have produced four NFL
wide receivers in the last four
years, Simms explained. Their
head coach has a history with other teams producing big-name pro
receivers so I dont think theres
any better fit for me.
To get every credit he needed to be able to graduate early, he
had to take two summer classes
including English 12B and a Stat
class. He is looking forward to
training with the West Virginia

Chase Wilson 17

Marcus Simms will graduate in January to get an early advantage in training at West Virginia University.
football team so that he will be
ready for next season. Division
I college football is a huge jump
for a high school football player
and Simms hopes to do all that he
can do in order to be ready to play
his best when the football season

Simms is dedicated to his career and once at West Virginia, he
plans to focus on his grades while
working extremely hard to be the
best that he can be. It has been
a long time since Sherwood has

seen a division I football player

and although he will be greatly
missed on the football field next
season, his dedication to his college career will make Sherwood
proud to have Marcus Simms as
an alumni.

Girls Soccer Reaches the Semifinals Girls Basketball Plans

by Elizabeth Kronlage 18
To Play Up-tempo Style
The girls varsity soccer team
played on Saturday, November
14 at Richard Montgomery in the
4A State Semifinal game. Unable to put away scoring opportunities, they lost to an undefeated
Leonardtown team 2-0.
As a team, we worked really hard and had the determination and right mind set to win the
game. We had the majority of the
possession and were the superior
team but we just couldnt finish,
explained senior captain Barbara
The Warriors played well for
most of the game by controlling
the midfield, creating opportunities by passing the ball wide
and sending crosses to the middle. However, into the first half,
Leonardtown senior Lizzy Wolfe
tucked a goal in the back of the
net, putting Leonardtown ahead.
After this, Sherwood continued
to control the game, but failed
to score and allowed their opponents a late goal.
The loss does not negate the
three victories in previous playoff
rounds that got the Warriors to the
State Semifinal game of the 4A
Conference. As a result of their
stellar performance throughout
the season as a whole, Sherwood
earned the 4A North #1 seed for
the playoffs and hosted Blair on
November 2 where they emerged
victorious, scoring a pair of goals
in each half to defeat the Blazers
4-0. Senior Danielle Rohrman
led the scoring by notching two
goals and seniors Ariella Amaguana and Ashley Webb followed, each scoring one goal.

by Nicole Reich 17

Chase Wilson 17

Senior forward Ashley Webb creates one of many scoring opportunities Sherwood had in their 2-0 loss to Leonardtown on November 14.
The Warriors then moved on to
play Paint Branch on November
5 and won 3-1. Rohrman led the
team with two goals, while Amaguana also scored.
The Warriors hosted Catonsville on Wednesday November 11
for the 4A North Regional Championship. The team entered overtime tied 0-0 and Webb scored in
sudden death with four minutes
left in the first overtime period,
propelling the Warriors to the
State Semi-final game.
It is a rare instance that a
team makes multiple trips to a
regional championship and this
is Sherwoods third trip in four
years. To be able to host shows
the level of play our girls competed at throughout the season, said
Coach Danielle Rosanova.

The girls finished 12-4-0 and

scored a total of 64 goals. The
last regular season game took
place on Monday, October 26.
Sherwood played at Churchill
and lost a painstaking 6-0 after
holding them off for the majority
of the first half. The Warriors had
a very strong season with many
key players contributing to their
success. Ariella Amaguana was
named to the Maryland All-State
Honorable Mention team while
Webb, Rohrman and sophomore
Michella Amaguana were nominated for the All-State selection
process and were recognized as
some of the top players in Montgomery County. Also, Pizarro has
committed to DeSales University
to pursue a collegiate soccer career.

Girls varsity basketball is

heading into their 2015-2016 season with their first game on December 4 against Good Counsel.
The Warriors had a record last
year of 16-8, and were regional
semifinalists. The teams main
goal this season is to surpass the
wins from last season.
The biggest factor of whether or not we achieve this goal will
be how well we defend and rebound the ball, said Coach Tim
Sherwoods toughest competition will be on January 8 when
they face Paint Branch, who have
been a perennially top team in
Maryland in recent years. They
face their biggest rivals Magruder and Blake, in late January and
early February.
A challenge for the Warriors
this season will be its comparative lack of height. Overall, we
are a pretty short team with few
post players, so our focus has to
be on speed and good court sense
this season, explained junior
shooting guard Sammy Sundell.
We lost three important starters
from last year so we are all going
to need to contribute more points.
I think we have the potential to be
successful this season as long as
we play like a team and do what
we are capable of doing. Sundell added that of the height differences is a bit intimidating but
their intelligent play will be one
of their advantages.
The key players returning
this season include junior point

guard Amanda Allen and senior

forward Delaney McMenamin,
who both averaged more than 10
points per game as the top leading
scorers last season. The team will
need Allen and McMenamin even
more this year to control the tempo of the game while also pouring
in buckets.
We will use our speed and
quickness in order to succeed. We
want to play fast, but under control, said Allen, planning to, get
others involved by pushing the
ball up the court. McMenamin
will help by distributing the ball
and scoring.
Senior center Bryse Thornwell, Sundell, and senior forward
Allie Thron are important members to the team and will play bigger roles this year. Senior guard
Taylor Andrews will miss this upcoming season with a torn ACL.
The Warriors are looking
forward to a fun season, but they
will work hard during practice in
order to improve their skills. The
mindset of the team is to just play
the best we can and leave it all
on the court, McMenamin explained.
Overall, they will be a successful and solid team this season
if they are willing to put in the
work to move beyond lats seasons successes.
Pre-season workouts and
regular season practices will be
important so that the team has the
fitness and stamina to play their
style of basketball. The teams
athleticism and ability to run the
floor should enable us to play an
up-tempo style, said Hobbs.

The WarriorSports
November 24, 2015


Float Like a Butterfly,

Sting Like a Satchell
NFL Lacks Flexibility in Adjusting Rules
by Ben Cooper 16
The NFL annually dedicates the month of October to
Breast Cancer Awareness and
allows players to wear pink
gloves, cleats, wristbands and
other gear to raise money for the
DeAngelo Williams, a running back for the Pittsburgh
Steelers, lost his mother to cancer in 2014. This year, Williams
wanted to do more than just raise
awareness in October; he wanted
to wear pink gear all season long
to honor his mother. However,
the NFL shot him down and rejected his request to do so. Similarly, Pittsburgh Steelers defensive end Cam Heyward had the
words Iron Head written on
his eye black to honor his late
father who passed away from
cancer. The next week, Heyward
was fined and told he could only
use the NFL provided eye black
that says Tackle Cancer. Most
recently, Josh Norman of the
Carolina Panthers was fined for
wearing patriotic cleats during a
Salute to Service game.

These instances demonstrate
the NFLs unreasonableness and
hypocrisy. How can the NFL

be so indifferent to their players

personal lives just to uphold a
uniform policy? The fact that the
NFL only condones supporting
breast cancer in the month of October seems to be fueled by money rather than trying to cure cancer. After the players have worn
the pink gear, the NFL auctions it
off. A portion of the money goes
to cancer research, but the other
portion is kept by the NFL. These
players are trying to do their part
in raising awareness, but because
the NFL wants to maximize their
profit, they cant. It should be
apparent that shedding light on
cancer for more than one month
is beneficial, whether it brings in
money or not.
The NFL seems to lag behind other major sports leagues
in giving their players freedom
to customize their gear (to an extent). Baseball players can alter
their bats, gloves and wristbands.
Yet, Heyward isnt allowed to
customize his eye black to commemorate his father. He isnt purposefully trying to show the NFL
up by doing so, he just wants to
appropriately honor a loved one.
The decisions to fine Heyward, as
well as tell Williams that he cant
wear pink after October are truly

New Athletics Webpage Opens

Doors for Endless Opportunities
by Ryan Deal 16
For any Sherwood student
who was interested in reading
up on the schools various teams,
their first visit to Sherwoods new
Athletics webpage must have
been quite a pleasant surprise.
The site, which was recently renovated using Press Box, a website which stems from the locally
active Monumental Sports Network, has been updated to include
links to the teams Twitter and
Facebook page, as well as a larger
quantity of photographs from the
For years the athletics page
was not very interactive, with the
site providing only mere stats and
rosters. However, with the recent
closing of the local newspaper,
The Gazette, Sherwood went into
action, devising an interesting
way to draw attention to the program.
I wanted a website with
more versatility in terms of exposure for the athletic program,
said Athletics Director Kathy
Green. Versatility is just what
she got. With all the game recaps
from The Washington Post and
Baltimore Sun being collected
into one central sports news outlet, student have easier access
than ever to all the information
about their favorite Sherwood
teams. Additionally, as recaps are
sent in, the Twitter account for
that specific team is also gifted
with a link to post. These qualities, many hope, will help offer
colleges the proper statistics they

need to recruit students.

With all the flashy technological elements of the site, many
coaches believe that students will
be more enticed to become athletes. I think the site will promote our program and motivate
our players as well as younger
players to want to be a part of athletics, said field hockey Coach
Amy Morse. For many coaches,
it is easier than ever to find necessary exposure for their players,
because a helpful link is just a
click away. For the athletes themselves, time will only tell if the
sleek new site is truly a draw, but
it certainly cannot hurt to have
athletes who yearn for their picture on the homepage of a neat,
fancy site.
While the advanced site is
still in its infancy, the early reviews have been extremely promising. I had a college recruiter
from North Dakota reach out to
me for contact info for a coach
and player because he saw a
PressBox post and read the recap
mentioned on the Twitter feed; so,
I know its working for the coaches, said Green, who believes that
the sites inception could bring
forth more technological enhancements to the school.
In this era when recruiting
is so often done online, any little improvement that a school
can make to improve a students
chances of getting noticed is
hugely important. With PressBox
and Sherwood working together,
the possibilities for student athletes are endless.

confusing in this sense. The NFL

may enforce this because they
dont want to set a precedent for
other players to customize their
gear in other ways. The easy solution to this is to enforce the rule
individually, rather than generally
apply the rule to a large number
of players. The inability to make
this change and sympathize with
a players desire to bring awareness to cancer epitomizes the
NFLs lack of common sense.
After the horrifying terrorist
attacks in Paris on November 13,
the NFL announced that it would
not fine players for honoring the
victims for the following Sunday.
It shouldnt take an awful tragedy for the NFL to decide that it
shouldnt punish those who just
want to show support for a cause.
Clearly, if the NFL had still
fined players for honoring Paris
victims, there would have been
even more backlash than there
is now. Moreover, the fact they
even had to announce this is a
troubling sign that there is something wrong with how current situations of showing support for a
cause are being handled. If a tragedy has to occur for there to be
no fines, then the NFLs policies
have some very major flaws.

by Sammie Spillman 16
The sport of boxing, formerly known as pugilism (literally
meaning fist fight), has been included in the Olympic games
since 1904. Women have boxed
for almost as long as the sport has
existed; however, theyve been
effectively outlawed for most of
history. Athletic commissioners
regularly refuse to sanction or
issue licenses to women boxers
and most nations have officially
banned the sport. Although boxing is seen as a manly sport,
sophomore Jada Satchell defies
these boundaries.
Satchell started boxing five
years ago at Champions Boxing and Fitness in Rockville.
She had been playing basketball
and volleyball but wanted to try
something new. My favorite
part about boxing is it let me get
out all the anger, and I dont feel
judged when boxing, explained
Satchell. I also have made a
whole bunch of new friends.
When Satchell was younger,
her older brother and her didnt
get along, so her mother would
make them go out once a week
and spend time together. Both
were uninterested and her brother
found somewhere that was open
24 hours so he could drop Satchell off and pick her up later. He

Sammie Spillman 16

found the Champions Boxing

Center and its just been a second
home, said Satchell.
Satchell wasnt welcomed
with open arms when she first
walked into the ring, [My trainer] was unsteady, very sexist,
and believed girls shouldnt be
here but over time he got used to
me, and used to me coming, explained Satchell. As time went on,
her skill and relationships with
everyone in the gym improved.
Her coach and her friend Brandon
help her the most with confidence
and boxing technique.
Satchells matches are like
any other boxing match with the
same rules. Shes boxed people
from all around Maryland and
occasionally even people from
different states such as Texas.
Satchell has not yet traveled far
but hopes to do so in the future as
she continues with her boxing.
Satchell is undefeated this
season, despite the fact that she is
one of the few females in a sport
that predominantly caters to boys.


The WarriorSports
November 24, 2015

The Williams Brothers Carry Fathers NBA

Legacy onto Sherwoods Basketball Court
by Amanda Allen 17
Former professional basketball player Walt Williams was a
68 guard at the University of
Maryland during his college career from 1988-1992, when he
was viewed as a savior. During
his time, the University of Maryland program was on probation
and lost television broadcasts.
Surprisingly to most, Williams
stuck with the program through
hard times and was the 7th overall pick for the Sacramento Kings
in the 1992 NBA draft, which was
just six picks behind Shaquille
ONeal. He went on to play professionally with the Miami Heat,
Toronto Raptors, Portland Trailblazers, Houston Rockets and
Dallas Mavericks. Williams is
now a sideline broadcaster for the
Terrapin Sports Radio Network
and financial advisor for UBS financial.
Williams has three sons, two
of which play basketball at Sherwood. He has heavily influenced
senior guard Tyrese Williams
and sophomore forward Kamari
Williams from an early age. A
basketball was the first toy I ever
received as a toddler. Ive been
playing as long as I can remember, Tyrese recalled.

Both play for AAU travel

basketball teams; Tyrese for the
Maryland Hurricanes and Kamari for Sixth Man Warriors and
Maryland ATTAC. My AAU
basketball teams play in a lot
of tournaments where college
coaches watch us play. It is very
competitive but also extremely
fun, Kamari said. Looking towards the future, I want to play
at a professional level, he said.
Williams has been highly
involved in his sons basketball
careers thus far. His determination and accomplishments have
inspired his sons to continue
those traits. In his own career, he
proved to be resilient after not
making the varsity high school
team his freshman year and by
sticking with the Terrapins. The
Williams brothers have taken
note. My dads influence on me
has been skill and his work ethic.
Watching him made me want to
get better. He has taught me that
hard work and practice pays off,
said Tyrese.
The brothers father has been
an assistant coach for the varsity
boys basketball team for the past
two seasons. They finished the
season 12-12 and were division
champs. Both plan to contribute
to the team this upcoming season.

Maya Koppen 17

Walt Williams sons, Tyrese and Kamari, plan to strengthen Sherwoods varsity basketball team this season.

Football Advances to Second Round of Playoffs

by John Sutherland 16

The Warriors have their

sights set on winning it all after
their extremely successful regular

season. The team finished the regular season undefeated but will
technically be 9-1 after having to
forfeit their opening day victory.
They defeated Bel Air 27-22 on

November 13 and faced Howard

on November 18.
*Note: The Warrior went
to print before the result of the
Howard game.

Chase Wilson 17

Slot receiver, junior Leo Hanrahan, sprints down the field to score a touchdown in 42-7 victory over Einstein.

The forfeit cost the Warriors

the number one seed in the 4a
North region. The team was understandably upset and tried to
appeal the forfeit as they won
the game 47-6 and the ineligible
player came in the fourth quarter and had no real effect on the
game. The appeal was to no avail,
though, and this led the Warriors
to have only one home playoff
game. They had the chance to
prove they should have been the
number one seed Friday against
undefeated Howard.
The game against Bel Air
was no walk in the park. After the
Warriors looked as if they were
going to dominate after getting
two quick easy touchdowns, Bel
Air responded right back with
two touchdowns of their own.
The game was nervy until the
end, especially when Senior QB
Shawn Bliss threw an interception to Bel Air late in the fourth
quarter with only a five-point
lead. Luckily, the Bel Air player tripped and fell; otherwise, he
could have taken it back for a
touchdown. Bel Air was in great
position on Sherwoods 30-yard
line after the interception. It
looked like the Warriors might
suffer a heartbreaking defeat, but
then the man who looked unstoppable all throughout the game
had one final act. Senior WR/CB
Marcus Simms intercepted Bel
Air to seal the win.
Simms single-handedly car-

ried the team to victory with 181

receiving yards and three touchdowns on top of the game-winning interception. Bel Air made
the mistake of not double-teaming Simms, and he made them
pay dearly for it. If Simms continues to dominate, the Warriors
will be a very hard team to beat.
The Warriors biggest concern
is star Junior RB Travis Levys
ankle. Levy originally suffered
the injury during their win over
Paint Branch. He has played
every game since and has not
missed a beat yet. There was a
scary moment in the Bel Air game
where Levy stayed down after the
play late in the fourth quarter. He
fortunately did not further injure
himself and played against Howard. The ankle isnt 100 percent,
but I will be playing at a 100 percent, Levy said.
The team knows the road to
States will not be easy and will
need guys to step up. Look for
sophomore DL Everett Stubblefield to step up and become a big
contributor in the playoffs. Hes
a sophomore with great heart and
potential, Levy said. [Theres
a] lot of weight on his back but he
should prevail.
The Warriors returned to the
playoffs after missing it last year.
Their win over Bel Air is the first
time they have reached the quarterfinals since 2012. They ultimately hope to win their first state
title since 2008.