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One's own urine is a gift of Nature given to man for his well being and

preservation of his health. The urine of each one of us is a specific

remedy for our particular disorders.



'An Experienced Physician'

The articles you present on auspicious occasions like birthdays,
marriage, achievements, etc., to your friends, relatives and wellwishers are of transient value and existence. By presenting them
with this book you are giving them health and longevity, which
will be of lasting benefit. This is present that will impart
meaning to your good wishes, and will be instrumental in
making them fruithful.


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We feel great pleasure in placing before the discriminating public
this book on 'auto-urine therapy', a subject that has assumed great
importance in connection with the maintenance of health, and that has
recently occasioned widespread discussions.
The human body possesses a structure that is perfect in all
respects and wonderfully well-organized. Its internal processes are on
the other hand so intricately interconnected as to virtually defy
analysis. The body is constantly engaged all the twenty-four hours of
the day in producing chemical substances and in carrying out
chemical reactions which are beyond the capabilities of even the
largest and most well-equipped laboratories in the world. Each organ
is incessantly carrying out a number of essential activities. None of the
computers of even the latest designs can equal or approach the
capability of the human brain. One can say the same thing about each
of the organs of the body. No laboratory in the world has so far
managed to produce even a single drop of blood! Truly, it is not
possible that in the foreseeable future, man will be able to understand
completely the wonderfully intricate functioning of the body.
Scientists had assumed that urine is a totally useless and
obnoxious 'dirt/ liquid that has been rejected by the body. This has
been and is even now being hammered into the brains of people.
Frequent repetition lends credibility to even the most blatant lie. This
is the reason why people have acquired false notions about urine, and
have come to regard it with disgust.
Lord Shiva has extolled the virtues of urine in His composition
The great Indian physicians of yore have also identified the merits and
demerits of the urine of various, animals, and in fact have utilised
urine successfully in the treatment of various diseases, as has been
documented in ancient works. Allusions to the use of human urine are
found not only in ancient Hindu scriptures, but also in those of other
We can recall instances of the use of urine for therapeutic
purposes which we have personally witnessed some 50-60 years
back in our villages. The first person to present this subject in a
modern systematic scientific manner was the learned American, John
Armstrong. He has demonstrated to the world the efficacy and
propriety of auto-urine therapy, by using it in the treatment of almost

all diseases. He has established that auto-urine therapy is

beneficial in any of the diseases that afflict mankind. Self-urine
possesses not only the virtue of curing diseases, but also an
astonishing power of maintaining and enhancing health. No
other tonic can rival it in efficacy. And it is so easy to obtain this
remedy! There is no need to go anywhere, no need to get the
disorder diagnosed. No physician has to be consulted, no
expense has to be incurred. It is ready to hand where and when
you want it!
In the past this was not looked down on, but as other
therapeutic systems came into existence, the tendency to
regard it with disgust became stronger. With the development
of the Western allopathic system, all other therapeutic systems
including auto-urine therapy came to be neglected.
Allopathy proved to be a limitless source of wealth to its
practitioners. In consequence, it acquired prestige and status.
Now if such a free treatment as auto-urine therapy gains wide
acceptance, what would happen to their source of income? And
where can one exhibit one's skill and competence? People
have also been fascinated by the glitter of various equipment,
instruments, methods of testing and treatment. They have
become so entangled in the rounds of tests and treatments,
that they have no inclination for the consideration of simple and
straightforward remedies. But how long is it possible to keep
the sun hidden? The time has come now for this universal
remedy to come into its own, for all men to start treading the
path to perfect health, for getting rid of misguided disgust and
for reducing all afflictions of mankind to the minimum.
It should by no means be assumed that auto-urine
therapy will keep us perpetually free from all disorders. If the
rightdiet is not taken, if irresponsibility and insalubrious habits
are not abjured, if all rules nf fond, drink and sensible ways of life
are constantly contravened, no remedy on earth can ensure the
continuance of a healthy condition. The three r's of rules,
regulation and regularity are the sine qua non of health.
If diseases and disorders are to be reduced in this world,
care will have to be taken to take preventive measures. And
perfect health cannot be attained simply by medication. Even
an infallible remedy like auto-urine therapy will prove
powerless. It is not the limitations of auto-urine therapy that are

responsible for all this, but the uncontrollability of the human mind. If,
however, our way of life is governed by sound rules of diet and
lifestyle, this infallible remedy is most certainly capable of helping us
to get rid of any minor disorders that may arise.
Moreover, this is a science that is easy to study. The semi-literate
and even the illiterate can easily master it. And when such a simple
and effective system is accessible to us, why should we futilely run
about looking for anything better?
Get rid of the disgust of urine that has established itself in our
minds due to misguided conceptions. Consider the matter with a calm
and clear mind. Try the therapy out scientifically. There is no
possibility of failure. Auto-urine therapy will definitely yield results that
cannot be obtained by any other system in the world. We merely urge
you to give an opportunity to this harmless and marvellous remedy
before trying any other one.
Accord some respect to this system as a science. Study it again
and again. Rise above prejudices. If we can persuade you to do this,
we shall deem the publication of this book worthwhile.
Our dear readers are cordially invited to write to us their
experiences and results obtained by practising auto-urine therapy.
We are grateful to Shri Ravjibhai Patel, Shri Jagdish Shah,
Vaidyashri Pragjibhai Mohanji Rathod, Dr. Shri Mugatlal Thanki and
Dr. John Armstrong for some of the case histories narrated in this


Introduction .............................................................
History of Auto-Urine Therapy ................................
Properties and Efficacy of Auto-Urine.....................
Auto-Urine Therapy: Objections and Clarifications
(In question-and-answer form) ................................ 20
5. Auto-Urine Therapy : Methods and Procedures .... 34
6. Auto-Urine Therapy : Some Probable
Untoward Effects ................................................... 50
7. Limitations of Auto-Urine Therapy ......................... 53
8. Some Practical Suggestions ................................... 54
9. Some Case Histories .............................................. 55
* Appendix 1 : Auto-Urine Therapy (Shivambu Kalpa):
The Indian Version, as Detailed in the
Damar Tantra ................................... 106
* Appendix 2 : Use of Magnetised Urine .................. 127

We are accustomed to entrust our health to physicians; or
to leave it in the hands of Fate. This is why the question of the
maintenance of health has not so far been even partially solved;
on the contrary, it keeps on growing more complex, and
Today the whole world is living under the shadow of the
threat of disease. Anyone may contract any disease at any time.
Indefatigable and unceasing efforts are being made to
overcome diseases that have already been contracted. Every
system of therapeutics is busy discovering various ways to bring
diseases under control, and enormous amounts of medicines
are being manufactured accordingly. Many therapeutic systems
have been evolved to this date. The sole purpose of each of the
systems is to secure freedom from all diseases for all mankind.
But the prevalence of diseases has not been reduced in spite of
all those efforts, and in fact there are as yet no signs of success
in this direction. Today in fact physicians are being
overwhelmed by the numbers of patients, and of diseases. This
is the situation everywhere. It appears that our hopes of
eliminating diseases by medication are illusory.
The extent of our present ignorance about health can
hardly be matched by our ignorance in any other field. We have
become no more than mere listless and inactive spectators in
matters relating to preservation and maintenance of health. Not
only do we refuse to actively consider or take adequate
measures for the maintenance of our health, but it does not
even occur to us that this is something which we should apply
our minds to. Our total indifference towards health is really
shocking. We have placed all questions of health in the hands
of Fate. If we are blessed with normal health, well and good; if
not, we shall resort to treatment with drugs and medicines. Such
an attitude


There exists a large amount of evidence to show that autourine therapy was in vogue even in ancient times.
Drinking of his own urine by a patient is mentioned in
Ayurveda and other ancient works. Some of the references are
quoted below:

The most important and detailed discussion of autorine therapy

is to be found in
under the heading of
. The original verses (shlokas) and a free
rendering of their meaning have been given in Appendix 1 in
this book. The reader is earnestly enjoined to go through the
appendix. Lord Shivas discourse to Parvati about the proper
manner of drinking urine and of using it for massage, what
disorders can be cured by means of the auto-urine treatment,

what other therapeutic agents can be added with

advantage has made us completely dependent on our
physicians and surgeons; we have handed over the keys
of our store of health to the doctors.
This has resulted in a continual increase in the
workload of the doctors. Every day as the sun rises,
hundreds and thousands of doctors get ready to begin
their daily arduous duties; but the demand for more and
more doctors keeps on increasing every day. This is a
conclusive and incontrovertible proof of the fact that it is
just not possible to control diseases by mere medication.
Thus neither doctors nor medicines will be able to
reduce the incidence of diseases in the world. It is the
people, humanity as a whole, that will have to address
themselves to this task. Fortunately nature has made the
means of regaining and maintaining health easily
available to every one of us : one's own urine!
Another term used for human urine (or rather one's
own urine) is 'shivambu'. 'Shiva' means beneficial,
salubrious, and 'ambu' means water. The combined
Sanskrit word 'shivambu' (beneficial water) has been
formed from these two words.
Auto-urine or self-urine has been used for healing
and cure of diseases for centuries. Auto-urine therapy
suffered an eclipse for some years some time ago. But
ever since Dr John Armstrong of America re-established
its credibility in the beginning of this century, auto-urine
therapy has been continually scaling new peaks of

1. In matters of our health, we have become silent
spectators. We make no effort to understand our bodies,
the processes going on in them, and the origins of
2. Even minor disorders cause us to panic, and we start
knocking at the doors of doctors in desperation.

3. In fact the remedy for nearly all disorders of man is right at hand
and easily available to him : his own urine.

to urine for the purpose of massage and external application/

and, what is most important how , a complete regeneration and
revitalization of the whole body, can be effected by the use of
urine, etc., are given in the 'shivambu kalpa' section of 'Damar
Drinking the urine of a white bull forms an important step
in the ceremonies connected with the first shaving of a male
child (the Navajot ceremony), and those connected with
marriages, among the Parsis.
According to Dr. John Armstrong, the chief proponent of
Auto-Urine Therapy in modern times, there are clearly worded
exhortations in the Holy Bible enjoining people to drink their
own urine and to use it for external applications and massage :
(1) 'Drink waters out of thine own cistern/ (Old Testament) (2)
'When thou* fastest, anoint thy head and wash your face/ (New
Testament, Mathew 6-17)
Shlokas 41 and 42 of 'Vyavahaarsutra' by the learned Jain
Acharya Bhadrabahu also mention that one must drink one's
own urine while taking a vow or undertaking the regular
performance of a religious ritual.
The great Tibetan Yogi Milarepa has stated that the
Tibetan Buddhist monks and Lamas are able to perform
exacting penances and live long healthy lives by drinking their
own urine, (G.C.C. Chang : Milarepa in Ragma, The Hundred
Thousand Songs of Milarepa, Boulder and London, 1977.)
Much information regarding the prophylactic and healing
properties of auto-urine has been given in the English treatise
on therapeutics, 'Salmon's English Physician', published in
The eighteenth-century French dentists used
recommend rubbine one's urine on the teeth and garoling


Gypsies and sailors have for centuries been using

auto-urine for maintenance of health, preservation of
youth, increasing their life span and healing wounds
quickly. In the same way they were able to cope
successfully with emergencies arising during their travels
taking the help of auto-urine.
It is also well-known everywhere that thieves, dacoits,
tramps and other criminal elements make a practice of
drinking their own urine to maintain their health and
strength, to survive ill-treatment and to recover quickly
from the beatings they receive at the hands of the
guardians of the law.
Even today it is easy to find people who were
instructed by their elders to treat cuts and wounds by
passing urine on the injured parts, and who had in fact
acted according to these instructions.
Auto-urine Therapy in Modern Times : The
contribution of Dr John Armstrong of U. S. A. in restoring
the credibility and prestige of auto-urine therapy is unique.
The whole medical world was thrown into turmoil when his
book 'Water of Life', based on his own personal
experiences, was published. There was strong opposition.
But as the numerous patients who had been snatched
from the jaws of death by Dr Armstrong constituted living
and weighty evidence of the efficacy and harmlessness of
auto-urine therapy, the good doctor did not yield even an
After this 'Shivambu Shastra', auto-urine therapy,
spread all over the world with the speed of a tornado, as
was inevitable.
In India Shri Ravjibhai Patel of Ahmadabad, Dr
Paragji Desai, M. B. B. S., of Valsad, and many other



It is difficult to convince a majority of people that drinking
one's own urine can cure a number of disorders. The reason is
that modern medical science has hammered it into our heads
that urine is a liquid containing useless and even harmful
substances that have been rejected by the body. Traditional
cultural influence has also nurtured a kind of disgust for urine in
our minds.
Before discussing the effects of urine on our bodies and
our disorders, let us first consider the composition of urine.
Normally a man passes 750 to 1500 millilitres of urine in a
day. The requirements of water increase after consumption of
fried or highly spiced foods. This will result in an increase in the
total quantity of urine. On the other hand, in summer a large
proportion of body water is lost through perspiration, thus
decreasing the amount of urine. More urine is passed during the
colder periods of the year than during the hotter periods.
Generally urine is clear like pure water, or there may be a
tinge of yellow in it. When the quantity of urine decreases, due
to hot weather or for any other reason, the concentration of
substances in the urine increases, in which case it will probably
be of a deeper yellow or orange colour. The urine of a person
suffering from jaundice is generally as yellow as turmeric, and
that of a feverish person has a reddish tinge. Disorders of the
kidneys or the urinary tract may cause urine to become turbid
and red in colour.
The urine of a healthy person is a little salty in taste. If the
urine is of a more intense yellow colour, it may be a little saltier
in taste. If there is a reddish tinge in the urine/ it may have a
slightly bitter taste. Variations in the intake of solids and liquids
as well as variations in the weather cause corresponding
variations in the colour and taste of urine.
The following are the average quantities of the various

substances listed below, in 100 millilitres of urine as

reported In Introduction to Biochemistry' by Dr Pharon :
(1 ) Urea nitrogen
(2) Urea
(3 ) Creatinin nitrogen
(4) Creatinin
(5 ) Uric acid nitrogen
(6 ) Uric acid
(7) Amino nitrogen
(8) Ammonia nitrogen
(9) Sodium
(10) Potassium
(11) Calcium
(12) Magnesium
(13) Chloride
(14) Total sulphate
(15) Inorganic Sulphate
(16) Inorganic phosphate
(17) N/10 acid
Some other important constituents of shivambu are
follows :
(1 ) Enzymes :
(a ) Amylase (diastase)
(b) Lactic dehydrogenase (L. D. H.)
(c) Leucine amino-peptidase (L. A. P.)
(d) Urokin
ase (2)
Hormones :
a) Catechol amines
b) Hydroxy-steroids
c) 17-Catosteroids
ylate cyclase

(f) Prostaglandins
(g) Sex hormones
(3) Miscellaneous :
(a) Copper
( b ) Urobilinogen
As a knowledgeable qualified doctor has pointed out, there
is a strong possibility of there being several other beneficial
substances not yet known to science, in addition to the above
substances, present in urine.
Urokinase, an enzyme present in urine, prevents the
formation of blood clots in the blood vessels, and is even
capable of dissolving clots already formed. When such blood
clots obstruct the flow of blood in the blood vessels of the heart
a heart attack may be precipitated. Dr Mezel of the Edgewater
Hospital in Chicago, U. S. A., injects urokinase into the bodies
of victims of heart attacks thus aborting the attack and saving
the life of the patient. Dr Salaria, an eminent surgeon of
Ahmadabad, too, makes it a practice to give an injection of the
patients' own urine before undertaking surgery so as to forestall
any risk of overburdening or harming the heart during or after
the operation.
The hormone erythropoietine, one of the substances
usually present in urine, stimulates the bone marrow to increase
the rate of production of erythrocytes (red blood corpuscles).
This is the reason why a patient of anaemia derives substantial
benefit from auto-urine therapy.
Another hormone present in urine, adenylate cyclase, coordinates the actions of all hormones in the body through the
production of a substance known as cyclic A. M. P.
Prostaglandin is a hormone that is essential for the
contraction of the muscles of the uterus. Many scientists are of
the opinion that this hormone can act as a contraceptive.
Urine contains sex hormones, insulin and growth
hormones as well.
The Nobel Laureate Albert Sczent Georgyi has carried out
a number of experiments testing the effect of methyl glyoxal, a
constituent of urine, on cancer patients, and has in addition to

the above, one must not lose sight of the high probability
of the presence of many substances in urine which are as
yet unknown to science.
All these beneficial substances are present in urine in
very finely divided and highly potentised forms. As a result
they are quickly absorbed from the stomach and the
intestines within a short time following the imbibing of
urine. And despite the extremely small quantities in which
they are present in the urine, they have been found to be
of great benefits to the body.
Dr Dharmadhikari of Pune in Maharashtra state has
tried auto-urine therapy on more than two hundred
patients, and has carried out scientific investigations
related to this therapy. Here are the conclusions he has
arrived at as a result of these researches :
(1 ) The body begins to absorb more oxygen from the
atmosphere after the commencement of auto-urine
therapy, and the metabolic reactions are speeded up. The
results of a large number of experiments support this
(2) The commmencement of auto-urine therapy is
invariably followed by a slow but definite increase in the
number of red blood corpuscles in and the haemoglobin
content of the blood.
Dr Dharmadhikari believes that these changes in the
body functions play a very important role in curing
In the book 'Yoga' published by the Bihar School of
Yoga, Monghyr, a knowledgeable and learned doctor has
ascribed the efficacy of urine to the following reasons :
(1 ) Urine supplements the essential nutrients and
makes up the deficiency of any nutrient in the body.
(2) Urine contains highly active enzymes, that have a
salutary effect on all the physiological reactions taking

place in the body.


Urine contains valuable salts necessary for the body.*

(4) The hormones contained in urine are of great benefit

to the body.
(5) Urine possesses bacteriocidal properties. It therefore
destroys the disease-causing bacteria in the body, especially
those infecting the digestive tract.
(6) The substances present in the urine augment and
sharpen the body's natural powers of resistance to diseases.
(7) The substance called 'urea' present in urine is a
diuretic and increases the efficiency of the kidneys.
(8) Urine is a tonic that strengthens the body, and an
'elixir' that confers longevity.
Ayurveda and other ancient works on medicinal science
have accorded their approval to the drinking of urine as a
therapeutic measure. Ayurveda regards urine as an effective
antidote against the harmful confluence of excesses of the three
It is believed by some researchers that urine acts like a
vaccine, promoting the generation of antibodies that fight and
overcome the agencies that cause disorders, thus resisting and
curing diseases.
The sum and substance of the above discussion is that
urine has an undoubtedly salutary effect on the body, but that
the details of exactly how it acts in the body have not yet been
worked out sufficiently clearly to command universal agreement
among the experts.
How far would it be proper to recommend or adopt a
remedy, the mode of action of which has not yet been
completely understood? The answer to this objection is simple
and straightforward. To this day the mode of action of a number
of drugs and therapeutic procedures such as aspirin,
acupuncture, electric shock treatment, etc., has not been
worked out satisfactorily. But this in no way reduces their

efficacy. The doctor knows well what effects aspirin will

produce in the body after being ingested orally, and
accordingly prescribes aspirin* for the patient as and
when necessary. Knowledge of its mode of action is not
essential for the doctor. In the same way, innumerable
experiments have established the actual effect of autourine on the body. It has always been found to have
favourable effects, not a single case of an untoward effect
having been recorded so far.
There is a mass of documentary evidence
establishing the fact that imbibing of one's own urine has
been and is being resorted to by criminal elements to
obviate physical damage and to-augment their powers of
endurance of pain inflicted by beatings; by mountaineers
to maintain their vigour and to fight adverse atmospheric
conditions; and by numerous monks and ascetics to
develop the capacity to complete their penances
Briefly, it is nothing more than a conjecture that urine
is a useless fluid that has been rejected by the body; no
instances of urine having a seriously, or even mildly,
harmful effect on the body have been recorded. A
renowned heart specialist of Mumbai once issued an
appeal through a newspaper to the members of the public,
inviting them to write to him about their experiences of
auto-urine therapy, especially about cases of adverse
effects. His purpose was to demonstrate that drinking urine
is harmful.
Soon there was a deluge of hundreds of letters in
response to his appeal; but there was not a single letter
among them that reported any adverse effect.
He had expected to be able to build up a case against
the therapy on the basis of reports of adverse effects in a
large number of cases, and thus brine auto-urine therapy
into disrepute; but his high hopes were doomed to dis-

appointment. However, he refused to give due credence to the

hundreds of letters testifying to the immense benefits of the
therapy, because these claims were not supported by detailed
reports of blood tests, urine tests, electrocardiograms, etc.,
before and after contracting the illness and after recovery! It is
most surprising that he did not feel the necessity of personally
interviewing either the persons who had been cured by autourine therapy or the practitioners of the system. Thus the
purported interest of the gentleman in research stands exposed
as a hollow sham.
Summary :
1. There are numerous valuable constituents such as salts,
enzymes, hormones, etc., in human urine.
2. The natural resistive powers of the body are augmented by these
substances with their healing properties. As a result, old ailments
are cured and new ailments averted.
3. Not a single instance of harm or of untoward effects caused by
drinking one's own urine has so far been recorded.


(In Question-And-Answer Form)
Many objections and arguments against auto-urine therapy
are put forward not only by laymen but also by doctors trained in
the modern system of medicine. Clarifications refuting the
objections and arguments are being presented here in the form
of questions and answers.
Objection 1 : Urine is something that has been rejected
(excreted) by the body as a useless or even toxic material.
How can such a fluid be once again useful to the body?
Clarification : That urine has been rejected by the body
There are numerous hormones as well as substances
useful or beneficial to the body in urine. In fact the hormones,
electrolytes and water that are present i n the body i n excess of
its requirements are eliminated through urine. This is no way
implies that these substances are useless or harmful to the
That there are toxic substances in urine is also a baseless
conjecture or a figment of imagination. If the body is in fact
eliminating toxic substances in this manner- in other words, if
the body is capable of freeing itself from toxins through this
simple process-no one would ever fall ill. Really speaking urine
is merely water that has been separated from the blood. If blood
is not toxic, how is it possible for urine to be toxic ?
Even if it is assumed for a moment that there actually are
toxic substances present in urine, it does not follow that they are
harmful to the body. No animal is harmed by its own poison. Do
snakes and scorpions fall victims to disorders or death because
of the poisons carried in their bodies ? Another fact also must be
clearly understood : only those substances that the body needs
will be absorbed in the stomach or intestines from urine that has

been ingested. All other substances will be eliminated in

the stools.
It is only because of traditional cultural influences that
we regard urine with disgust. A kind of complex of
revulsion has been formed in our minds. But little children
not yet conditioned by our cultural influences experience
nothing but pleasure in splashing their urine about.
Objection 2 : There are pathogenic bacteria in urine.
Clarification : That the urine of ninety out of a
hundred persons is completely free from all kinds of
bacteria is an incontrovertible fact. Even doctors and
pathologists will testify to the validity of this statement.
The reason is plain : Urine does not come in contact with
the external atmosohere at all persons whose urine shows
the presence of some kinds of micro-organisms. Drinking
such urine containing bacteria should have no harmful
effects. Actually the atmosphere around us, the air we
inhale, the food we eat and the water we drink-all these
harbour micro-organisms. But the natural resistive powers
of the body destroy these micro-organisms. In fact the
belief that diseases are caused by infection with microorganisms does not rest on solid foundations. The microorganisms that are supposed to cause various diseases
are always present in our surroundings, our saliva, and in
all parts of our bodies. But we do not suffer from all these
diseases all the time. Moreover, the drugs used in the
Ayurvedic, Homeopathic or Unani systems of medicine
possess no antibiotic properties, but they do successfully
cure diseases. Other therapeutic systems such as Nature
cure, Acupuncture, Acupressure, Magnetotherapy, etc.,
are not based on the mass destruction of bacteria, but
they are unquestionably effective in curing diseases.
The fact is that the bugbear of micro-organisms has
been raised by doctors to keep up the demands for their
services, and by manufacturers of phamaceuticals to

keep their industries running. The theory that diseases are

caused by micro-organisms fills the pockets of doctors with
money and the homes of the manufacturers of pharmaceuticals
with affluence, keeps innumerable scientists busy in carrying
out their so-called 'research' or investigations, and provides an
abundant source of wealth for the directors of the pathological
laboratories that have sprung up everywhere with the help of
the physicians. All these interests constitute a very strong chain
that cannot be broken.
There would have been some consolation if all these
activities had been successful in reducing the incidence of
diseases. But the sad fact is that even after these herculean
efforts, the incidence of diseases has been increasing at pace.
The micro-organisms become immune to the drugs in a very
short time and the scientists have to go on looking for ever
newer or stronger drugs. No way of breaking this vicious circle
is within sight.
At the same time, it is an experimentally well-established
truth that even patients suffering from venereal diseases or
diseases of the urinary tract, whose urine is most certainly full of
micro-organisms, are in fact cured by drinking this urine despite
the presence of the micro-organisms.
Objection 3 : Drinking urine leads in the long run to
serious diseases, especially diseases of the kidneys, or to
Clarification : Numerous instances have been observed of
crippling disabilities, insanity or other serious diseases caused
by the side-effects of the powerful drugs in vogue these days. It
is usually very difficult to cure such iatrogenic (i. e. those
caused by drugs) disorders.
Innumerable women who had used the sedative called
'thalidomide' during their pregnancies gave births to babies with
serious congenital defects. The world has not been able to

forget that tragedy even today. Do the allopathic doctors

and their science acknowledge that they are responsible
for crippling future citizens and leaders?
According to Dr Howard Winstein, the Director of the
'Food and Drug Administration' department of the
American government, some four to five thousand
persons become the victims of severe reactions caused
by penicillin every year. About 500 of these lose their lives
as a result of such reactions. These are official figures. The
real figures of such cases of reactions and consequent
deaths may be much greater. And penicillin is not used in
the U. S. A. alone, but everywhere in the world.The worldwide figures relating to such

tragic cases can only be

(Thalidomide Tragedy)

Do only thalidomide and penicillin cause such sideeffects? Are all other drugs safe ? No doctor can answer
these questions in the affirmative. The American Medical
Association has published a list of 72 drugs that are
potentially harmful. The list includes sulpha drugs,

soporific drugs, sedatives, anti-rheumatic drugs, cortisones,

analgesics, diuretics, drugs that prevent fainting fits, drugs that
affect the thyroid gland, anti-coagulants, etc.
It is worth noting the undesirable side-effects of cortisones,
a group of drugs widely used for the treatment of disorders of
the joints, rheumatism in particular. Continued use of these
drugs over long periods may cause duodenal ulcers, a relapse
of tuberculosis, diabetes or psychosis. Treatment of children
suffering from rheumatism or allied disorders with steroids often
leads to extreme softening of the bones, sometimes to such an
extent that the bones give way even under the strains caused by
the simple act of walking. The breasts of men taking steroid
drugs get enlarged. Many women who had taken these druus
during pregnancy have given birth to girl babies with male
These doctors who play around with nature and even the
human chromosomes, totally disregard the side-effects of their
own drugs. But they do not hesitate to criticize and decry autourine therapy of which they have no experience and which they
have not studied. For them to raise the bugbear of imagined
side-effects of auto-urine therapy is not better than the
proverbial stone throwing by those who live in glass houses.
Objection 4 : The reason that there are no untoward
effects of drinking urine is simply the fact that the human
body is like a very durable machine with a vast capacity to
absorb abuse and the unlimited capacity of the kidneys to
throw out toxins.
Clarification : This is a criticism levelled mainly by
doctors. The capacity of the kidneys to deal with toxins is
indeed unlimited. It is the allopathic medical science that has
derived the maximum benefit of this capacity of the kidneys.
The very thought of the terrible toll of innocent lives that
allopathic drugs would have taken if the kidneys did not
possess this miraculous capacity is sufficient to send shivers
down our spines. One must always be mindful of the fact that

when one points an accusing finger at someone else, the

three remaining fingers are pointing at ourselves.
Objection 5 : H urine is so beneficial and useful
to the body, why does the body eliminate it?
Clarification : Let us consider a dam in the course of a
river. If the water level rises above a certain limit, the
excess water begins to flow out of the specially
constructed flood gates of the dam. Ttiis of course does
not imply that water is of no use, and serves no purpose in
the dam. In exactly the same way excess water and salts
are permitted to flow out by the kindneys. If more water is
drunk, more urine is formed, and if less water is taken
less urine is formed.. This is the experience of every one
of us.
Objection 6 : If drinking one's own urine is so
beneficial, why does obstruction or absence of the
urine (anuria) harm the body?
Clarification: However beneficial a substance may
be, if it accumulates in amounts in excess of the
requirements of the body, it is bound to cause harm. If
excess salts or even excess water is not removed from
the blood, harm may result. How is urine to be blamed for
The matter can be understood in another way. Very
often harm is caused to the body if respiration is
obstructed or the supply of blood to an organ is
interrupted. Is air or blood to be blamed for this?
One may raise the question as to the advisability or
utility of pouring back into the body what has been
eliminated by it as being in excess of its requirements.
The obvious reply is that urine is the result of excess of
water and salts in the blood. And the drinker of urine is
pouring it into the stomach, not into the blood. The body
will absorb the subst< nces and the amount of water it

needs from the urine in the stomach, and what it does not need
will be disposed of by the digestive system in the usual way.
It has been observed in many cases that giving the urine
of another healthy person to a patient suffering from anuria, or
lack of urine, results in the removal of the obstruction and leads
to a free flow of urine.
Objection 7 : Auto-urine therapy has not been tried in
experiments on animals, nor have its advantages and
disadvantages been studied scientifically in such
experiments, as is usual in medical research.
Clarification : Modern drugs are highly potent and their
effects are drastic. It would therefore perhaps be logical to try
them out on animals in preliminary studies; but urine is not such
a powerful and potentially lethal chemical as to necessitate
experimentation on animals in a preliminary study. And to those
who insist on such studies it may be pointed out that some
animals instinctively do lick their own urine or that of others of
their species. Many of us have been witnesses to such
It cannot be assumed that a substance or a drug will have
the same effects on human beings as it has on other animals.
Let us not forget that thalidomide had been tested on animals
and was found to be harmless in those studies. This very drug
had to be withdrawn from the market overnight, when women
who had been using it during their pregnancies began to give
births to terribly defective babies, leading to a massive agitation
demanding the banning of the drug. This is an incident that has
become known all over the world. The victims of this drug are
even today leading helpless and dependent lives.
No one can confidently state that the drugs approved as
safe today will still prove safe five, ten or fifteen years from now.
Dr Dale Friend, head of the Department of Pharmacology at the
Bridham Hospital in Boston, states unequivocally : "No drug can
be considered entirely safe." The implication of this statement is

that the doctors who are so vociferous about the necessity

of testing the effects of drugs on animals first, before
undertaking trials on human beings, are the very ones
who keep filling up the bodies of their patients with drugs
which undoubtedly cause side-effects of varying severity.
In point of fact 'research' is the handy weapon of the
allopathic system of medicine, which it can use to lash out
against other therapeutic systems under the pretense of
being the only 'scientific' system.
Auto-urine therapy is not an innovation of recent
origin; urine has been used therapeutically for thousands
of years. And still not a single instance of untoward sideeffects or of barm caused by the therapy has ever been
observed or reported.
Objection 8 : It is quite possible that the condition
of a patient under auto-urine therapy improves by
adoption of a regimen of salubrious diet, healthy habits
and exercise, but the improvement is attributed to
Clarification : It is undoubtedly true that practitioners
of auto-urine therapy do suggest certain changes in diet
and habits. But it is a common experience that such
advice is heeded only temporarily, if at all. Despite all this,
cures are effected through auto-urine therapy. This is
proof enough that this therapy is effective in and by itself,
i.e., even if it is not supported by changes in diet and
Allopathic doctors and practitioners of other systems
also suggest certain changes in diet, directing the patient
for instance to eat green leafy vegetables and fruits, to eat
less of spiced and fried foods, to reduce smoking and
drinking, etc. But they attribute the cures to the drugs and
treatment, and not to dietary restrictions or changes in life-

Objection 9 : Is it not likely that the benefits attributed
to auto-urine therapy are actually due to auto-suggestion or

Clarification : Really speaking, this is an argument that
applies more appropriately to allopathic drugs. The string of
letters following the doctor's name signifying highly impressive
degrees, his attractive personality set off by the westernised
dress, the dispensary or the consulting room with its carpet,
curtains, air-conditioner, etc., the waiting room humming with the
sotto voce conversations of the patients, all these are sufficient
to make a deep impression on the patient. The patient really
comes to believe that his disease will necessarily have to flee. If
such confidence were not inspired, there would have existed
only a small hut where the palace or success of allopathy stands
today. Dr William Osier, whose name is inscribed in golden
letters in the recent history of modern therapeutics, has stated
very unambiguously that the history of modern therapeutics is in
reality the history of the placebo', i.e. of tablets that contain no
therapeutic agent or drug but are given to the patient to reassure
him that he is being given medicines. Thus even Dr Osier
acknowledges that faith has been more effective than drugs in
the cures effected by allopathy. And perhaps no other person
can express an opinion about drugs with greater authority than
Dr Osier.
No practitioner or adherent of auto-urine therapy can
inspire the faith and confidence that an allopathic doctor can
inspire with his pomp and parapharnalia.
The patients who resort to auto-urine therapy have usually
tried the allopathic, homeopathic, ayurvedic and other systems
beforehand. To say that all these patients have been cured
merely by faith is to argue that faith is a more effective curative
agency than the drugs and treatments of all these systems. The
implication is that all these patients could have been cured

merely by faith healing. If that is so, the poisons that had

previously been poured into their bodies in the name of
the drugs are proved to have been useless, and the
treatments meaningless.
In fact auto-urine therapy has been observed to
prove beneficial in the treatment of people in a state of
unconsciousness, people who lack the power of logical
thought, mentally retarded people, children and animals.
Where does the question of faith healing arise in such
Objection 10 : To drink urine, or to induce others
to drink urine is an immoral and mean act.
Clarification : All the world knows about such
malpractices as giving drugs and injections even when
they are not necessary, taking unfair advantage of the
worries and fears of the patient forcing the patient to
undergo various unnecessary tests or sending him to
various specialists for earning commissions, getting the
patient admitted to private nursing homes for 'general
check-up' or for 'rest', performing caesarian sections even
when the baby would or could have been delivered
normally, removing the appendix of the patient a second
(!) time, and countless others.
It would be more appropriate for the doctors who
allege that the auto-urine therapists are indulging in
immoral practices or that they are perpetrating a hoax on
the gullible public for making money, to free their own
houses of all this dirt.
Objection 11 : If auto-urine therapy is so natural and
beneficial, why is it that nature has not endowed human
beings with an instinct for it?
Clarification : Logic and materialism have suppressed
man's natural instincts today. All animals avoid eating
during any type of illness : in other words, they fast. This is

the natural instinct. Many illnesses can be cured by fasting for

short periods. But a man suffering from an illness will continue to
eat, and keep on eating despite the total lack of appetite. In
reality appetite is lost in any state of ill health, and recovered
when the illness is cured. But modern man is no longer sensitive
to the signals of instincts; or perhaps the notion has been
hammered into his mind by frequent repetition that it is neither
necessary nor advisable to go hungry; fasting will merely
weaken him, and there are drugs that will make everything all
Health can be maintained by taking proper balanced diet,
taking exercise or doing things that require physical exertion,
adopting proper mental attitudes, keeping the mind free from
tension and cultivating such other good habits. But does man
really possess an instinct for them ? And is it instinct that makes
man take to alcohol, tobacco, narcotics and useless drugs?
That man does not possess the instinct to drink his own
urine is no proof that it is useless or harmful.
Objection 12 : Auto-urine therapy is nothing but a
sham, a deceptive hoax perpetrated on the public, inspired
by jealousy and mischievous tendencies of certain people
bent on discrediting the modern therapeutic system and
the drugs it uses.
Clarification : Auto-urine therapy is not a modern
development. Allusions to it, and discussion of its effects are
found in many ancient works on medicine and healing.
It is not proper to allege that auto-urine therapy is merely a
holiow sham, a false and deceptive system created by jealous
physicians. The truth is that more and more people have begun
to understand the limitations of pharmacological science, have
come to realize the dangers of the side-effects of drugs, and it is
only because of these reasons that they are turning towards
novel or harmless therpeutic systems.
Objection 13 : It is claimed that auto-urine therapy enjoyed
great popularity in ancient times. If it is really of such great

benefit, how did it come to be neglected ? Why did it

suffer an eclipse?
Clarification : With the development of culture and socalled progress, man gradually turned away from nature. It
is understandable that this resulted in the gradual
abandonment of auto-urine therapy too. He developed a
fascination for pomp and show. At the same time the
nature of economic activity and people's tastes also
changed. What could not be valued in terms of money
came to be looked upon as useless and lacking in
It is very difficult-or indeed impossible-to derive
economic advantages from treating people by auto-urine
therapy, whereas considerable economic benefits can be
derived through the other therapeutic systems. It is
therefore natural to conclude that people have been led
away from this therapeutic system under such economic
Objection 14 : Why should auto-urine therapy be
resorted to when so many highly effective
therapeutic systems are available today?
Clarification : It is exactly when the other available
systems fail to fulfil expectations that disappointment and
disillusionment with them forces people to turn to autourine therapy as a last resort. And as successes are
achieved even in very difficult and intractable cases, one
has got to concede that it is a perfectly efficacious
There are some special advantages attached to
auto-urine therapy. Despite its efficacy and freedom from
harm, it is totally inexpensive. One of the most important
considerations is that there is no need of diagnosis, as all
disorders are to be treated in more or less the same
manner. The system is at the same time so simple that a
large number of difficulties can be obviated, or avoided.

Moreover there is no need to run hither and thither for the

Objection 15 : Urine tastes and smells abominably.
Wouldn't drinking it be a difficult task?
Clarification : Our disgust for urine is the result of
prejudice and conditioned by cultural influences. Otherwise its
taste is not so very unpalatable. In fact we often take, willy nilly,
many kinds of medicines with bitter, sharp, strange or
nauseating tastes. Alcoholic drinks are hardly pleasant in taste.
In comparison with these, urine has a very mild taste. Drinking
urine is not a very difficult task. The only requirement is that we
should get rid of the artificially cultivated sense of disgust.
Within a few days of the commencement of the therapy,
drinking it would be as easy as drinking water.
In reality it is only the mistaken belief of the doctors that
the privilege of treating the diseases belongs solely to them,
that induces them to level allegations and criticisms at autourine and other traditional therapies. Thev forget that their duty
lies in restoring the health of the patient. It is not at all proper
for them to boost one therapeutic system at the cost of another.
To evaluate remedial procedures of other systems by the
criteria of one's own system and to ridicule those remedies that
fail to fit into the framework of the principles of ihe only science
one has studied would be the height of absurdity, as
exemplified in the adage 'the pain is in the belly, but the blows
are directed at the head for relief.
If all the criticisms of the so-called experts are to be
answered in just a few words, perhaps this would be the most
appropriate reply : 'An ounce of experience is more valuable and
more convincing than a ton of conjectures, concepts or

Summary :
1. The belief that urine is no more than a fluid vehicle for substances
that are useless, alien and toxic to the body, cannot be justified.
2. As urine does not come in contact with the external atmosphere,

no pathogenic bacteria contaminate it.

3. The allegation that drinking urine causes serious disorders
in the long run is unfounded.
4. Auto-urine therapy has been tried successfully on so
many persons that it is no longer necessary to carry out
experiments on lower animals to establish its efficacy and
5. 'Auto-urine therapy is just a deceptive hoax aimed at
discrediting the modern drugs/ This allegation is totally
unjustified. When all other systems, all other remedies
have failed, people take resort to auto-urine therapy. People
who have tried all other therapeutic systems, who have
reduced the resistive powers of their bodies to the point of
extinction by pouring various poisons in the form of drugs
into their stomachs, and who have despaired of life itself,
have adopted auto-urine therapy as a last resort, and have
freed themselves from the disorders.
6. Auto-urine therapy offers many advantages as compared to
other systems. It is simple, convenient, it involves no
expense, it can be practised anywhere any time, and needs
no prior investigation to arrive at an exact diagnosis for
7. The belief that the taste or smell of urine is disgusting is merely
the result of our prejudices and cultural influences.


Prior preparation : Some prior preparation is desirable
before the commencement of auto-urine therapy.
It is also necessary to resolve questions regarding the
manner, timings and frequency of taking the treatment.
The first thing to do is to read a few authoritative books on
auto-urine therapy for detailed information about the system, its
efficacy and its scientific nature, as well as the exact methods
to be adopted. This will have the effect of gradually reducing
the intensity of feelings of disgust in our minds.
Those who find it difficult to overcome the feelings of
disgust towards urine should begin by massaging the fingers,
palms and feet with urine.
A day or two later, they should massage the gums and rub
the teeth with fresh urine, gargle with it and try to drink a little of
The feelings of revulsion inspired by urine will subside in
two to four days time by adopting the above measures, and the
possibility of nausea while drinking urine or of vomiting after
drinking it will be greatly reduced.
These preliminary measures may be taken at any time of
the day.
When preparing to drink one's urine, one must reject the
initial portion as well as the last portion, and collect only the
middle portion in a cup or glass, and drink it while it is fresh.
You will find that it is free from any sharp or unpleasant smell.
No food or drink should be taken for half an hour or so after
drinking urine.
Auto-urine therapy for maintenance of health : If the
purpose is simply maintenance of health, drinking a cupful (150
to 200 ml) of one's own urine once in a day is quite adequate.

The urine passed on waking up in the morning is relatively

more salty and possesses a strong odour. People who are
not accustomed to drinking urine may not find it easily
acceptable. Such persons should make a beginning by
taking for a few days the urine passed in the evening when
the stomach is empty. The best time for this would be
between four o'clock to six o'clock in the evening.
Alternatively it can be taken at the time of going to bed,
provided one has taken one's evening meal comparatively
Once one has got habituated to drinking urine in the
evenings, one can begin drinking it in the morning on an
empty stomach. Normally there is no difficulty in the
change-over at this stage. But if the urine is still felt to be
too strong, it can be diluted with a little water.
Within a very few days of beginning the ingestion of
urine, the urine will begin to get progressively purer, and
its pungency and saltiness will begin to decrease. Once
one is accustomed to it, even the morning urine can be
drunk as easily as one drinks water. An influx of new
vigour in the body will also be experienced within a few
days of the commencement of the auto-urine regimen, and
even work of a very strenuous type will not cause fatigue.
People who drink their own urine regularly fall ill very
rarely. They can continue to enjoy freedom from diseases
like the 'flu or hepatitis, etc., even during epidemics of the
diseases, because the natural powers of the body to resist
diseases are greatly strengthened.
Common disorders like colds and coughs : Prompt
relief can be obtained in case of such common disorders
as colds and coughs by drinking a cup, or a cup and a
half, of fresh auto-urine once in the morning. If necessary,
the treatment can be repeated twice or thrice in a day.
Relief is quicker if diet is restricted to easily digestible
foods or fruits during the treatment.

Irrigating the nasal and oral passages (a process known as

'neti' in Yogic literature) with a mixture of one part of shivambu
(auto-urine) and two parts of lukewarm water affords immediate
Method of taking 'neti' : Prepare about a glassful of a
mixture of fresh urine and lukewarm water
in the desired proportion. Fill a small bowl,
or a small katori, almost to the brim with
this mixture. Dip your nose into the liquid
and without a moment's delay draw as
much of the liquid into the nose as you
can. Open your mouth immediately and
let the liquid drawn in through the nose
(Methods of taking neti! drain out of the
mouth. Fill the bowl again and repeat this procedure till you
have used up the glassful of the mixture. Blow your nose well to
expel the liquid remaining in the nasal passages. Make sure that
not even a drop is inadvertently left in the passages.
Note : You may experience a feeling of suffocation for two
or three days while taking the neti. There may also be a feeling
of heaviness in the head. But you must continue the process
without allowing yourself to get discouraged or worried by these
effects. In two or three days you will become accustomed to the
process, and will feel absolutely no discomfort.
By repeating this process frequently, you will be able to rid
yourself of the common cold for good.
Dressing boils and wounds : Apply a strip oi cloth soaked
in your own urine for 10 to 15 minutes twice or thrice in a day.
Take care to remove the strip before it gets dry.
There is no need to massage the whole body with autourine in cases of minor disorders.
Auto-urine therapy in acute disorders : In case of acute
conditions such as fevers, diarrhoea, vomiting, severe coughs,
constipation, etc., quick relief is obtained by fasting for a day or

two, in addition to drinking one's own urine regularly.

Immediately on getting up in the morning, clean your
mouth as usual and drink one or one and a half cups of
freshly passed urine.
That should be followed by an enema of either a
mixture of one part of urine and two parts of water, or of
water to which the juice of a large lemon has been added.
Equipment : The equipmen* for taking an enema is
illustrated here. Generally tb. apparatus is supplied with
a small bakellite catheter auacfv d to the tube. But it
would be more advisable to purchase a plastic
catheter of the type designated no. 24 in place
of the bakellite one. The plastic catheter is
much more convenient. Fill the enema can
with about a litre of a lukewarm mixture of
shivambu and water, or of water to which
lemon juice has been added.
(Equipment for
taking enemas)

Method : Place the enema can at a height of about a

metre from the floor, or suspend it from a nail in the wall at
this height Open the tap and allow some water to flow out,
so as to remove air bubbles from the tube. No>v lie down
face up on the floor. Place a support under the hip so that
the trunk inclines downwards from the hips to the head.
Lubricate the anal orifice well with oil or bathing soap.
Lubricate the end of the catheter also in a similar way.
Now insert the catheter into the rectum through the
anus to the extent of 10 to 12 centimetres (3 to 4 inches).
Open the tap gradually, allowing the water to flow gently.
Keep the rate of flow moderate.
If there is an urge to defecate (empty the bowels)
during the process of taking the enema, stop the flow of

water for 10 to 12 seconds. If the urge subs ides, start the flow
again. But

(Method of taking an enema)

if it becomes more urgent, it would be best to visit the lavatory

and empty the bowels. In that case, continue the process of
taking the enema after the visit to the lavatory, but in any case
all the water taken in the can must be used up. After emptying
the can, control yourself for some time so as to retain the water
in the intestines for a few minutes. Meanwhile, turn so as to lie
on the right side of the body and on the left side alternately.
This will help the wastes to get detached from the walls of the
intestines. After retaining the water for a few minutes, visit the
lavatory. Let the water flow out spontaneously. On no account
should you exert yourself. All the accumulated wastes also will
flow out with the water. Sometimes the amount of wastes thus
eliminated exceeds all expectations. The whole process is
comoleted in 10 to 15 mnutes.
Note : Do not let yourself develop a habit of taking
enemas. People who normally engagae in work requiring

physical exertion as well as those whose diet includes

plenty of fibrous materials and roughage do not need
frequent enemas.
Benefits : This is an infallible and quick-acting
remedy for the ailments mentioned above. As no drugs
are used, there is absolutely no danger of side-effects.
The enemas effect a thorough cleaning of the intestines.
Even after relief has been obtained from the
ailments, you would be well advised to continue drinking
a cup or a cup and a half of fresh urine three to four times
a day. If you feel thirsty in between, plain water may be
This regimen of fasting combined with auto-urine
therapy will help you to get rid of acute disorders within
two to four days.
If there is an excessive loss of water from the body
due to diarrhoea or vomiting, the patient should be given
water with a little fruit juice or saline water from time to
time in addition to urine.
Preparation of saline water : Dissolve four
spoonfuls of glucose, half a spoonful of baking soda and a
quarter spoonful of potassium chloride in a litre of water.
Drinking such saline water from time to time replenishes
the water and salts being lost from the body.
In cases of acute diseases, recovery is hastened by
lightly massaging with fresh urine for 30 to 60 minutes
once a day or so. (Stale urine which has been stroed for
about four days, and urine which has been boiled till
three-fourths of it is left, have also been recommended for
If the patient is suffering from anuria or is unable to
pass urine for any reason whatsoever, he should be
given the urine of a healthy person to drink. A man should
be given the urine of another man. and if a woman, the
urine of another woman, as long as it is necessary.

If the patient is unconscious or semi-conscious, no

attempt should be made to make him or her drink urine, as that
entails the danger of the urine going into the lungs : such an
event may have grave consequences. In such cases,
massaging with urine should be taken as adequate, but in
more serious cases, the urine of the patient can be injected
One of the staunchest proponents of auto-urine therapy,
Dr Paragji Desai, M. B. B. S., advocated the injection of 2 to 10
millilitres of the patient's own fresh urine, the amount
depending on the constitution and physique of the patient. Dr
Desai has cured innumerable patients by injecting them with
their own urine. Dr Shivanandiyam also gives asthma patients
injections of their own urine.
Auto-urine therapy in cases of chronic disorders : The real
efficacy of auto-urine therapy is exhibited most impressively in
the treatment of chronic asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, cancer,
skin diseases, and such other diseases deemed incurable or
requiring long and drastic treatment by other therapeutic
systems. Astonishing results are obtained by fasting on autourine and massaging with it. Such fasts may be continued for
eight to fifteen days. Before embarking on auto-urine therapy for
the treatment of such difficulty curable or incurable diseases,
some prior preparatory steps are necessary.
Before commencing a regimen of fasting on urine, light
and easily digestible food should be taken for a period of about
a week, a prominent place in the diet being given to raw
uncooked vegetables and fruits. This will result in the gradual
accumulation of vitamins and salts in the body, which will come
in useful during the period of fasting. In addition to this, it is
necessary to massage the body with stale urine which has been
stored for about four days. For this purpose, some seven or
eight bottles should be kept ready, numbered 1, 2, 3 etc. in
sequence. One or two of these bottles must be filled daily for
some days before embarking on the fast. Each bottle must be
marked with the date of filling as well as the number. The

bottles must be properly stoppered after filling.

On the first day of the fast, immediately on getting up
In the morning and cleaning the mouth, all the urine that is
passed that morning must be drunk up. After that an
enema of urine mixed with water should be taken.
Now the bottle of stale urine numbered I should be
opened. The whole body
should be massaged for
about an hour with the
urine contained in that
bottle. Stale urine usually
has a strong and unpleasant odour, but do not
let that disturb you. The
sequence of movements to
be followed in massaging
the body is indicated with
numbers in the figure on
the right.
When the urine in a bottle is used up, the bottle
should be washed thoroughly the same day, should be
filled afresh, and should be marked with the next
appropriate number and the date of filling.
A bath should be taken after the lapse of one hour
from the time of the completion of the massage. If there is
a wound or a boil on any part of the body, massaging the
surrounding area should be avoided, and a strip of cloth
soaked in urine applied instead.
During the period of fasting, it is necessary that the
entire quantity of urine that is passed throughout the dav
and night should be drunk. If one is thirsty in the
intervening period, it is permissible to drink water, either
plain or with lemon juice. Complete rest must be taken
during the treatment.

This regimen should be continued for 8 to 12 days as

necessary. It would be advisable to carry out the treatment
under the supervision of a qualified doctor who is an expert in
this type of treatment, in order that his guidance may be
available whenever it becomes necessary.
Termination of the urine fast : Generally one experiences
feelings of hunger in greater than normal strengths during the
first two or three days of the fast. But this hunger is caused by
habit, and is spurious, not genuine natural hunger. These
feelings will disappear in two to three days. Later on when the
task of purifying the body has been accomplished, genuine
hunger begins to be felt. This should be taken to mean that the
required period of fasting has ended. If no food is taken even
after this stage, starvation will start showing its effects. But it is
very difficult to distinguish between genuine hunger and
starvation. Hunger is a very personal feeling. When the mind is
occupied in some interesting task, one does not become aware
of hunger. On the other hand, even the thoughts or sight of a
favourite dish arouses hunger immediately. Because of such
complications, one cannot rest secure in the assumption that so
long as genuine hunger is not felt, the effects of malnutrition due
to starvation are not likely to occur. Nor can the arousal of
feelings of hunger due to some special circumstances be taken
as proof that the proper period of fasting is over and the adverse
effects of starvation are likely to set in.
The conditions of fasting on the one hand and starvation
on the other can be reliably distinguished on the basis of
human physiology and certain investigations.
During fasting the body obtains the necessary nutrition by the
combustion of ferign materials and tixins present in the body.
Simultaneously the catabolism of boold sugar and fats also
commences to a small extent. If fasting is continued even after
the store of fats in the body is exhausted, the cells and fibres of
various tissues in the body begin to get consumed in an attempt
to supply nutritive materials needed by the body.
Ketone bodies are produced in the body as products of ihe

combustion of fats in the body. These ketone bodies enter

the blood stream, and make the blood acidic. As more and
more fats are broken down, the blood becomes more and
more acidic. When the proportion of the ketone bodies in
the blood exceeds 2.4 milligrammes in 100 ml of blood,-a
condition termed ketosis-they overflow into the urine.
The presence of ketone bodies in the urine is a
danger signal, because ketosis leads to acidosis, resulting
in a crisis for life itself. This condition is generally
produced only after a long period of fasting, viz. a period
of 40 to 50 days.
The patient who is fasting, and the physician who is
supervising the fast, must keep a close watch on the
external signs of acidosis, which include nausea, vomiting,
laboured breathing (as if the patient is struggling for more
oxygen), arhythmic pulse, dehydration, altered states of
consciousness (as for example drowsiness or loss of
consciousness), etc.
A chemical examination of urine becomes necessary
on the very first appearance of any one of thes%e signs,
and if it reveals the presence of ketone bodies in the
blood, an immediate termination of the fast is indicated.1
As a general rule fasting for 10 to 12 days is
completely safe, and even such a short period of fasting is
generally of considerable benefit.
The fast must be broken at the appropriate time as
ascertained on the basis of the above considerations. The
fast may be repeated after some days if necessary.
Repeated short-period fasting is better, and safer, than a
single prolonged period of fasting.
Those who are desirous of knowing more about the
science of fasting should consult the book The Efficacy of
Fasting' by Dr Dhanlal Gala and Dr Dhiren Gala.
The presence of ketone bodies in the urine can be detected by
chemical examination of urine by Rotheras or Garhardts method.

Termination of urine-fast and diet for the succeeding

period : The breaking or termination of a fast is perhaps of
greater importance than the fast itself. It may happen that the
benefits of fasting are not apparent during the period of fasting.
But the benefits will become easily discernible within a few days
of the termination of the fast.
Extra care has to be exercised and additional precautions
need to be taken at the time of termination of fasts. Patience
and self-control are also equally important. The benefits
conferred by the fast can be consolidated and renewed fasting
is not required only if all these factors are accorded due care. At
the crucial time of the termination of a fast, it is necessary to
bear in mind that the digestive system has been slowed down
during the fast to the point of being rendered almost inactive.
The glands associated with the process of digestion have
become dormant. The intestines too have become shrivelled to
some extent. Great care must be taken in imposing the strain of
digestion once again on all these organs. Each of the organs
must be given a chance to reactivate itself in a certain definite
In the opinion of experts, fasts should be terminated, i.e.
'broken', with a very small amount of the sweet-sour juice of
oranges or other similar citrous fruits. A fairly long interval must
separate two successive ingestions of even these small
quantities of the juices. The intervals can then be decreased
and the amounts of the juices taken can be increased
gradually. A bowel movement three to four hours after the
termination of the fast with the juice is desirable.
For the first three or four days only liquid diet such as fruit
juices or the juices of the ereen leafv vegetables should be
taken, and that too in fairly small quantities, which must be
gradually increased. After four or five days of this regimen, it is
permissible to include soft and juicy fruits, boiled vegetables,
milk, buttermilk, small quantities of dry fruits, etc., in the daily
diet. Normally a fairly long period should be allowed to elapse

before resuming the normal diet of cooked food.

Being in a hurry to recoup the energy and the weight
lost during the fast by taking more concentrated, more
nutritious and fatty food is not only absurd, it is
thoughtless and positively harmful. Diet following a fast
must be rigidly controlled. As a thumb rule, it can be
stated, that the number of days taken in gradual
resumption of normal diet should ideally equal or exceed
the number of days for which the fast lasted. Harmful
effects may ensue if this rule is not strictly adhered to.
The necessity of fasti ng is itself due to a fai lure to
observe regularity, propriety and proportion in food habits.
If the same lack of control in the food habits is to be
exhibited after the fast as before it, the body will once
again become a storehouse of insalubrious wastes and
toxins, giving rise to serious diseases.
Fasting is nothing but a purificatory, health-restoring
and temporary expedient. A person who is regular in his
food habits and leads a life of moderation and self-control
would rarely need long periods of fasting. For such
persons, fasting for one day or missing one meal every
week or fortnight would be quite adequate.
Some people may experience weakness or lassitude
for a week or so after the terminaion of a fast. But this is
generally only a temporary phase. When blood sugar
levels that have been lowered during the fast rise to
normal values as stocks of sugar build up to original
levels, these feelings of weakness will disappear by
If on termination of a fast, the body temperature rises
and one feels feverish, this must be interpreted as an
indication of undue haste in terminating the fast and
resumption of normal diet, or some lapse or
carelessness at some stage. But this is no cause for

worry. All that is required is an immediate reduction in the

amount of food being taken, or resuming the fast for a day
or two.
Work involving physical exertion should be resumed only
gradually, after resting for a week following the termination of a
fast. While resuming one's activity, one must pay due attention
to the condition of one's body and the experiences one had
during the fast.
Other applications of auto-urine therapy : There are two
main divisions of auto-urine therapy: drinking urine, and
massaging with urine. But urine can be employed for
therapeutic purposes in other ways too.
Ailments of the eyes and the ears can be successfully
treated with urine drops.
Eyes can be cleaned and the conjunctive strengthened by
the following procedure : fill a katori or a specially designed eyecup up to the brim with urine. Immerse each eye in the urine by
bending over the cup, and open and close the eye several times
while it is under the surface.
If a piece of cloth soaked in urine is placed over the stings of
insects or bites of other animals, it will assuage the pain and the
burning sensation, and the severity of the poison will also be
reduced. It is necessary to change the cloth frequently. If the
poison or venom is virulent, it would be advisable to drink urine,
in addition to the external application.
Application of cloth soaked in one's urine to cuts, wounds
and sores helps them to heal quickly. The cloth should be
removed before it dries.
The use of urine diluted with water for taking enemas and neti
has already been discussed.
Auto-urine therapy in the treatment of disorders of the
various systems of the body :

Disorders of the digestive system :

(1 ) Gargling with auto-urine is recommended in the
treatment of ulcers on the lips or the tongue, irritation of
the mucous membrane of the oral cavity, and sore throat.
{2) Application of wads of cotton soaked in autourine is beneficial in disorders of the teeth and gums.
(3 ) If suffering from stomach ulcer, drink urine
diluted with a moderate amount of water. If the burning
sensation in the stomach persists even after you have
drunk such diluted urine, mixing a little honey with the
urine will help.
(4) In disorders of the digestive system,
considerable benefit is derived from the application of a
paste made by mixing urine with clay, or using this paste
as a mud pack, on the lower abdomen. This mud pack
should be applied once every day for the duration of half
an hour to one hour.
(5) In all disorders of the digestive system, and
especially in cases of constipation, enemas of urine
diluted with water are essential.
(6) Magnetised urine is especially beneficial in the
treatment of disorders of the digestive system.
Disorders of the respiratory system :
(1 ) Neti with urine, or with urine mixed with water,
should be taken to obtain relief from the distress caused
by the common cold. After taking neti, the nasal passages
must be freed completely from any urine or water
remaining in them.
(2) Gargling with urine is of help in disorders of the
respiratory system also.
(3) Relatively more frequent and more prolonged
massages are recommended for the treatment of
respiratory disorders.

(4) Application of chest packs using cloch soaked in

urine is also greatly beneficial in such cases. The chest pack
should be applied once every day for the duration of half an
hour to one hour.
Venereal diseases and disorders of the genital system :
(1) Urine must be filtered before use.
(2) The T-pack using cloth soaked in urine should be
applied to the genitalia once every day for the duration of half
an hour to one hour.
Disorders of the urinary system :
(1 ) In such disorders, auto-urine therapy should be used
very circumspectly, under the supervision of experts.
(2) Despite the disorder, urine can still be used
therapeutically, after filtering it.
(3) Magnetised urine is especially beneficial in the
treatment of disorders of the urinary system.
Disorder of the heart and the circulatory system : In
cases of such disorders auto-urine therapy should be
used with great circumspection, and only under the
supervision of experts.
Skin diseases :
(1 ) Wet packs using cloch soaked in urine are highly
efficacious in the treatment of skin diseases.
(2) The affected parts should be massaged very lightly
and cautiously with urine.
(3) White patches due to leucoderma should first be
massaged with urine, and then exposed to direct sunlight for a
short period.
Note : The views of the practitioners of auto-urine
therapy in the western countries differ in some respects from
those expounded in the ancient Indian works on the subject.
The main difference in the two systems are set out lit the
following table.
Recommendations regarding auto-urine therapy
Sr. No.

Eastern System

Western System

Amount of urine to be Normally only once a All the urine passed

taken, and time
day, in the morning, during the day and
the night.
about 200 to 300
mill i litres.

Portion of urine

Initial and final

portions of the urine

No portion is to be
rejected. All the urine

passed are to be

that is passed is to be


Simple, easily
digestible foods
permissible during

No food is
permissible during

Addition of other
substances of

Addition of specific
substances of thera-

Addition of other
substances is totally

therapeutic value

peutic value is prescribed in the

Shivambu Kalpa


Vidhi in Damar

Urine for massages

Urine stored for

four days, and then
boiled till it is
reduced to - of its
original amount, is to
be used for

Urine stored for

eight days is to be
used for massages
without boiling it or
treating it in any
other way.

Both the above systems have proved equally

effective in practice. Experience has shown that the
process of healing is accelerated if auto-urine therapy is
accompanied by fasting.
1. Drinking one cup of one's own urine in the morning is
adequate for the maintenance of health.

2. Minor and acute disorders should be treated by drinking one or

one and a half cupfuls of one's own urine three times a day.
3. In cases of major and chronic disorders/ there should be total
abstention from food, and all the urine passed during 24 hours
should be ingested.
4. The benefits accruing from drinking one's own urine are accelerated and augmented by massages with stale (aged) urine.
5. Wounds and sores should be treated by application of strips of
cloth soaked in urine. Disorders of the eyes and ears should be
treated by instillation of drops of urine.
6. No adverse effects are caused by any variations in the amounts of
urine ingested or applied.


The very moment that symptoms of even a minor disorder
are noticed, measures are taken to suppress them with the help
of medicines. This is the invariable practice of all of us, as every
one wants to free himself from disease at the earliest possible
stage. As a matter of fact, the symptoms of an acute disease are
indicative of the struggle of the body against the disease. In an
effort to bum off the toxins or alien substances that have
accumulated in the body, it raises its temperature. This is what
we know as 'fever'. The efforts made by the body to eject
foreign matter accumulated in the respiratory organs are known
as 'cough' to the average man, who promptly adopts measures
to suppress the cough. Because the body utilises all its energy
in fighting the disease, it has no energy to spare for digestive
processes during an illness. The result is a more or less
complete loss of appetite. But we regard loss of appetite itself
as one more disorder in need of a cure!
Thus ordinarily our treatment of disorders is directed at the
suppression of precisely those efforts which the body is making
to rid itself of the disorders! Worse still, we pour additional
poisons into the body in the form of the 'medicines'. The natural
consequence is that the internal balance of the body is upset,
and the normal processes taking place in the body are also
seriously interefered with. With the passage of time, the acute
disease is transformed into a chronic one. Acute diseases
exhibit violent and distressing symptoms, but the symptoms
disappear spontaneously when the disturbance or the toxins
causing the disorder are removed, and the body once again
resumes its normal functions. The symptoms of a chronic
disease may not be so violent, but the body is consumed from
within in such cases, like wood infested with termites.

Commencement of auto-urine therapy initiates the

process of purification of the body. The efforts at the
elimination of the toxins from the body may sometimes
cause temporary distress, and the condition of the patient
may seem to worsen. But the patients who understand the
real nature of these manifestations of the action of the
curative powers of the body are mentally prepared to put
up with these temporary discomforts, and are not in the
least frightened by them.
These distressful conditions arising in the initial
stages of auto-urine therapy include headaches,
excessive dripping of fluids from the nose, swollen gums,
mild irritation of the throat, diarrhoea, eruptions of
furuncles all over the body, or fever. Such experiences will
vary from person to person, as the constitution of every
person naturally differs from that of another.
In such cases, the patient should avoid all foods,
take complete rest, drink diluted urine and occasionally
take some water to which the juice of a lemon or an
orange has been added. If one feels excessively weak,
honey can be used to supplement the juices. Complete
abstention from food may cause constipation. A daily
enema of dilute urine is therefore advisable.
Skin eruptions or furuncles should not be massaged
with urine. A wet pack of urine should be applied over
them instead.
The important thing is to continue the treatment
without losing faith, patience or peace of mind. These
discomforts subside spontaneously in two or at the most
four days. And this subsidence is an indication of the
purification of the body and the elimination of the disease.
It is only in less than fifty per cent of cases of the
adoption of auto-urine therapy that such distressful
conditions arise. However, everyone embarking on a

course of auto-urine therapy must be prepared to face them.

Adoption of external therapeutic procedures such as
magnetotherapy, acupressure or hydropathy (hydrotherapy) in
conjunction with auto-urine therapy can help in controlling such
distressful conditions, keeping them relatively mild, and
shortening their duration considerably.
1. If the disease assumes a more acute or virulent form following the
commencement of auto-urine theory, there is no need to panic. This
is only an indication that the natural protective vital force of the body
has been activated and it is making efforts to free the ( body of the
disease. Everything will settle down in a day or two.
2. The subsidence of the discomforts occasioned by the initiation of
auto-urine therapy can be taken as an indication that the body
has been purified.


To claim that 'auto-urine therapy is a fail-proof remedy for
each and every disorder that afflicts mankind' would be both
extravagant and misleading.
Actually there is no therapy, no medicine that can cure all
disorders. Even the medicine that has been proved to be
efficacious for a particular disease does not prove equally
beneficial to all patients suffering from that disease. Moreover,
even in the case of a patient subject to recurring attacks of the
same disease, no drug proves equally effective every time. If it is
claimed that' auto-urine therapy is an infallible remedy for each
and every disorder, such a claim merely exposes the lack of a
scientific viewpoint. Perhaps this is the reason why people tend
to mistrust or lack confidence in the therapy.
If the natural resistive powers of the body have been
rendered moribund, and so beyond reactivation, it is hardly
possible that auto-urine therapy (or indeed any other therapy)
would prove beneficial.
Auto-urine therapy is best avoided, or applied with great
circumspection, in cases of the following disorders :
(1 ) Diabetes.
(2) All disorders in which salt is contra-indicated;
e.g.hypertension (high blood pressure), oedema, etc.
(3) Kidney disorders.
The belief that one's own urine is invariably beneficial under
all conditions is based on mere blind faith. For instance, if a
person has been given a (non-lethal) poison, most of the poison
will be eliminated through the urine. If this urine is drunk by that
person, is it possible that it will act as amrit, nectar, the water of
life? The urine of a diabetic contains sugar in the form of
glucose. If drinking the urine containing sugar does not harm the
diabetes patient, this cannot be regarded as anything short of a

1. Auto-urine therapy is indisputably beneficial in the
treatment of numerous disorders. But it would not be
proper to claim that it is a fail-proof remedy for all
2. Treatment with self urine is inadvisable in disorders such
as diabetes, high blood pressure and kidney failure.
3. In case the condition of the patient is found to
deteriorate after commencement of auto-urine therapy,
consult an expert in this system of therapy.


(1) The mind plays a very important part in the
causation and cure of diseases. 'When the mind awakens,
diseases flee/ Treatment undertaken and remedies adopted
with deep-seated faith take effect very quickly. On the other
hand, treatment undertaken unwillingly or in a lackadaisical
spirit does not yield the expected benefits.
In order to develop faith and confidence in auto-urine
therapy, begin by reading the literature dealing with it. Do not
commence treatment until you have acquired this faith.
(2) Adopt the procedures prescribed by the therapy
strictly in accordance with the recommendations and
instructions, and with absolute regularity. Half-hearted and
irregular measures may prove of little or no use.
(3) The dosage of urine should be increased gradually
during the course of treatment. This will helo to forestall
undesirable or allergic reactions and other discomforts.
(4) If the urine is found to contain suspended impurities,
strain or filter it before use.
(5) No food or drink should be taken within an hour
before or after drinking urine.
(6) It is advisable to discontinue other treatments
involving the use of medicines during the course of auto-urine
therapy. External therapeutic measures such as magnetotherapy, acupressure, acupuncture or naturopathic treatment
may however be continued without harm. On the contrary, they
may help in quicker recovery.
(7) Self urine is a revivifier and an elixir of life. But there
is no need to assume that it absolves you from the necessity to
observe the rules of sensible food habits and life-style. No

therapeutic measures can benefit a person who

these rules. How is auto-urine therapy to be blamed if the
expected benefits fail to materialise owing to improper
habits and life-style? It is equally true that a flagrant
of these basic rules regarding food and life-style even
acquisition of robust health through auto-urine therapy
bring on a relapse of the disease.


The magazine 'Bhoomiputra' features discussions on
nature cure (naturopathy). It carries articles on many other
therapeutic systems. The experiences of patients and the
opinions of experts are also featured. I find some of the details
reported very amusing. As against the purely theoretical
arguments without any factual basis, I wish to present my own
experience here.
My name is Nanubhai Kalidas Chitalia. I am 53 years old.
I live at present on the fourth floor of Kapadia Building No. 2,
Near G. T. School, Malharrao Wadi, Kalbadevi, Mumbai.
I believe that the story of my illness and my recovery to
the extent of being able to lead a completely normal life, is of
considerable interest, and may prove a source of inspiration to
many who have lost all hope. It may rekindle the vital spark in
the hearts of those who have lost the will to live.
One unlucky day in February 1976, while I was shaving myself,
I discovered a small lump under the lobe of my right ear-a hard
movable lump that shifted up or down under pressure. No
similar lump was found on the left side. I showed it to my family
doctor, who did not attach much importance to my complaint. He
commenced treatment, attributing the lump to 'weakness'. As
there was no improvement, I approached a consultant
Physician. 'Deficiency of vitamins/ he diagnosed, and prescribed
injections and medicines. A month passed without any
improvement. Another doctor was consulted. He listened
patiently and attentively, and went through the details of the
injections and medicines. He suspected cancer and advised me
to go to the Tata Hospital* I saw Dr J. J. Vyas of the Tata
Hospital on 19 March 1976. He works in association with Dr
Paymaster. He examined me thoroughly, and administered

certain tests. There was no pain when the lump was

pressed. The test reports came in : I had cancer. The
hospital card was issued to me on 19 March 1976, and
bore the number AH-3603.
Treatment for cancer was commenced. 200-watt
irradiations were given on alternate days, 20 in all, over a
period of about a month and a half. A check showed no
appreciable improvement. Another course of ten 200watt exposures was commenced. This time there were
indications of irritation on my neck. My throat began to
feel parched. The sense of taste was lost. The irradiated
area was scorched.
Some skin was excised. There was some relief, though it
proved to be temporary.
I had contracted some bad habits in my childhood.
Including smoking 20-25 biris or cigarettes, chewing 4 to
5 betel leaves with tobacco and drinking 5 to 6 cups of
strong tea every day, I weighed 62 kilograms. But after
contracting cancer, I began to lose weight. There was no
discomfort after the treatment at the Tata Hospital. Things
were all right till near the end of the year 1977. In
Decemeber 1977, a lump was noticed on my abdomen. I
began to have fever, the temperature ranging from 101 F
to 103*F. I lost appetite completely. Lassitude invaded my
body. I went to the Tata Hospital again in February 1978,
and saw Dr Vyas. The family doctor had been treating me
during this period, but the fever did not respond to the
treatment. There was another round of tests and
investigations. I was told that I had cancer of the liver.
There were growths on three sides of the liver. No
operation or radiation therapy was possible.
A course of medicines was initiated. Ten injections
costing Rs 50 each were given, on alternate days. As

there was no improvement, ten more injections, costing Rs 140

each this time, were given. Despite all this, there was no
improvement! I got weaker and weaker. My weight dropped to
30-32 kg. I had no appetite. There was a nauseating bad taste
in my mouth. On the top of all this, I developed piles. Lumps,
fever and piles! I was getting desperate. There was persistent,
nagging pain. Dr Vyas gave his final opinion, 'Take rest now.
There is nothing more we can do for you/ Treatment was
Our family doctor suggested removal of the piles by an
operation. But I was in extreme distress because of the pains
inflicted by a triplet of diseases. Dr Vyas called for another
consultation at my home. After a detailed examination, he
asked the members of my family to 'finish all important tasks
expeditiously'. As we belong to the Vaishnav sect, the donation
of a cow in alms was attended to immediately. Preparations for
the ultimate journey were diligently taken on hand. These
included pooja worship in the Haveli temple and other religious
ceremonies. The proposal of operating for piles was rejected
summarily. When death was imminent, what was the sense in
having the operation?
These events took place in April 1978.
The spirit was impatient to escape from the body. But my
will to live was not yet prepared to submit so easily. My will
power was continually inducing me to entertain no other
thoughts except those of survival. And one day it was as if the
Messiah Himself came to our door. Our next-door neighbour
Ramdasbhai stepped into my house, and very gently placed a
book in my hands. It was 'Manav Mootra' (Human Urine) by
Ravjibhai Patel. Like a drowning man clutching at a straw, I
began to read it avidly and with rekindled hope. I went straight
to the chapter on piles. I saw light at the end of the tunnel. As
death was staring me in the face why shouldn't this free
treatment be tried? Accordingly, I commenced auto-urine

therapy for the treatment of piles.

I began to wash the piles 8 to 10 times a day with
fresh urine. There was some improvement in about 15
One day two of the excrescences dropped away
while cleaning! My surprise and joy knew no bounds! The
third one also fell out after four days. The bleeding
stopped, the pain simply disappeared. As I had
succeeded in freeing myself from one of the three
disorders, my confidence grew, and my faith in this
therapy deepened. I reported this development to the
doctor who had recommended an operation. He could not
give credence to such an unconventional cure, so he
came and examined me. He was astonished when he
saw the results.
Now I decided to commence treatment of the other
two complaints, fever and the tumours of the liver, and
began drinking my urine on the auspicious day of
Dasserah, 1978. I began with half a glass, that is about 4
ounces, of fresh urine in the morning. Meanwhile I
continued to take the medicines prescribed by the Tata
Hospital authorities. I had been suffering from asthma,
which was inherited from my parents. After eight to ten
days of auto-urine therapy, I noted assuagement of the
symptoms of asthma. So I increased the frequency of my
intake of urine to twice a day. Again in a period of 8 to 10
days, I began to recover my appetite. The sense of taste
which had been lost completely was regained to some
extent. I began to feel a little stronger and more active. I
became more enthusiastic, and increased the frequency of
the intake of urine from twice a day to three, four and more
times a day. About 24 ounces of urine were now to be
taken everyday. The fever now freed me from its clutches,
thus greatly augmenting both my joy and my enthusiasm. I
began to drink plenty of water. I began to pass 7 or 8

glassfuls of water in a day, and my total intake reached 48

ounces a day.
About one and a half months from the commencement of
this therapy, I had a sudden severe attack of colic at night. I ran
to the lavatory. I was feeling so sick that I decided not to lock
the lavatory from inside, and asked my wife to stand near the
door. I passed very foul smelling stool in a few moments. A
highly malodorous liquid containing fibrous materials, red in
colour resembling that of flesh, was forcibly expelled in great
quantity, followed by black lumpy matter. The smell was so
intolerable that it was not possible to continue to sit or even
stand Ihere. All at once I felt extremely weak. My wife cleaned
me up, and led me to my bed. I was fast asleep in five minutes.
Because of my various diseases, I had never before slept so
soundly. I began to feel better from the next day. After another
15 days, I had the severe abdominal pains once again, and foul
smelling lumps were passed in the stool as before. Such lumps
continued to be excreted for the following ten days or so, in
smaller amounts. After that I began to feel much better. The
cancerous tumours could not be detected on examination of the
abdomen. My intake of food increased, and so did my weight. I
had stopped taking the medicines prescribed by the doctors at
the Tata Hospital. After about two or two and a half months, I
had recovered completely. The doctor who had been treating
me was struck with wonder. After about six months, I went to
the Tata Hospital to see Dr Vyas. He was stunned on seeing
me. He could not trust his eyes. He had put my file away on the
shelf six months ago, when he had found that I had only 10 or
15 days to live. He looked at me incredulously, and asked, 'You
are Chitalia? You yourself! You are still alive? I laughed and
said, 'Yes, sir, I am the very same Nanubhai Chitalia, alive and
kicking. I am not a ghost!' He called for my file immediately,
and examined me. He called his assistant too, and recounted to
him all that had happened. He also apprised Dr Prafulla Desai,
the Head of the Institution, of all the details. Dr Ashok Mehta, Dr
S. R. Rao, all gathered there. They went through my records.

They simply could not understand how those tumours

had disappeared. I told them about the auto-urine
therapy, with all the details. But the doctors asked, 'What
is the proof that it was auto-urine therapy that has
effected the cure?' Their medical science had
reservations about the efficacy of this therapy. I
challenged them to place four of their patients in my
charge, assuring them that I would cure them while they
stayed in that very hospital. They were not legally in a
position to permit me to undertake such an experiment.
Thinking of the great responsibility which would rest on
their heads in case anything should happen to any of the
patients, they expressed their inability to take up the
Today at the age of 53 years, I am perfectly healthy,
take normal food, and am holding a job. There is no trace
of disease in my body. I do not take any medicines
whatsoever now.
True, drinking of urine continues. I drink my own urine
seven or eight times a day. I am greatly indebted to the
gentleman who lent me the book 'Manav Mootra'.
(Bhoomiputra, 1 - 2 - '84)
Nanubhai Kalidas


At the time of the incident, I was totally ignorant of
auto-urine therapy. The incident took place in 1954. It
concerns a resident of Ahmadabad, Shri Chhannalal
Tulsidas Patel. He is 51 years old, and serves at present
as muneem, or office supervisor, in the firm known as Shri
Chimanlal Mangaldas and Company, having its office at
Lai Darwaja. He had cancer of the uvula. A young man
working in the same firm, Shri Babubhai Soni, was greatly

interested in medical science. During his search for all kinds of

curative and therapeutic procedures, he came across 'Water of
Life', a book written by the late Dr Armstrong, and studied the
book. He was convinced about the value of the therapy
recommended therein, and tried to persuade his colleague Shri
Chhannalal to try auto-urine therapy. Chhannalal was
convinced, and tried the therapy. He was cured. Later, after
three years or so, I wrote an account of my experience with the
system. Babubhai Soni read that, and came with Shri
Chhannalal to me. Shri Chhannalal recounted his experience
regarding auto-urine therapy with great conviction and
confidence. Here is his account in his own words :
"It was in 1954 that I found that an ulcer had developed on
my uvula. I had a burning sensation when I took any food, and
when I drank water. I consulted a specialist, folowed his
instructions and took the prescribed medicines, but found no
noticeable improvement. I consulted various experts on
different occasions; but none of them could tell me what exactly
was wrong. Thereafter Shri Babubhai Ochchhavlai Soni sent
me an English book about the great importance of urine, and
advised me to drink my own urine. Initially I was quite reluctant
because of the disgust, but he continued his efforts to convince
me. After his strenuous efforts for three months, I agreed to
drink urine. This auto-urine therapy did give me some relief
from the burning, and I regained some strength too. Seeking a
complete cure, I consulted Dr Haribhakti. He recommended an
operation. He also said that radiotherapy will become
necessary after the operation, for healing. As I had been fed up
for quite some time with the pain associated with the disease, I
promptly agreed to the operation. The doctor sent the excised
partion to the Civil Hospital for examination. Shri Babubhai Soni
met me on the very day I had the operation, and again exhorted
me to drink my own urine. As in any case I was not to be
allowed to take any food for 3-4 days, I got the benefits of
fasting. I took advantage of this fasting period to drink the

maximum amounts of urine I could. The wound left by the

operation healed very quickly, in just three days. I went to
the doctor frequently for check-ups. Even the doctor was
at a loss to understand the miraculous rapidity with which
the cut had healed and the pain had subsided. My
employer, Sheth Shri Madanmohan Mangaldas, has
great affection for me. So he graciously inquired about
my ailment. I informed him that on the basis of the report
from the Civil Hospital, the doctor had diagnosed cancer.
Sheth Saheb instructed me to go to Mumbai and
undergo a thorough examination at the Tata Hospital.
Now I of course knew that the rapid healing was the
result of drinking urine. I therefore continued to drink as
much urine as I could. But I honoured the wishes of my
employer and went to the Tata Hospital. There they
insisted on applying radium on the part that had been
operated upon, in accordance with the doctor's report.
Actually I needed no such thing, as the cut had healed
competely and there was no pain. The hospital authorities
asked me to report again after a month. Drinking urine
had resulted in my putting on 13 pounds (about 6 kg)
during this time. When I reported back, the doctors at the
Tata Hospital were astonished. They did not prescribe
any medicines or radiotherapy, but asked me to
return for a check-up after two months' time. During this
period, I put on additional weight amounting to 23 pounds
(more than 10 kg). I was able to take adequate food, and I
was strong as I had never been before. More than two and
a half or possibly three years have passed after that. The
weight I had put on at that time has been retained.
Though I am now 51, I have the strength and energy of a
41-year old man. I have to thank Shri Babubhai
Ochchhavlai Soni for all this. If he
had not obtained this book of auto-urine therapy for me,
and had not taken the trouble to persuade me to give it a
trial it was really difficult to say which world I would

have been inhabiting now."

(Dt. 17-10-'58)
(Manav Mootra : Ravjibhai Patel)


I felt as if the very ground was falling away from beneath
my feet when I learnt that my wife Bakula had cancer. She was
hardly 30. We were a family of five, including two daughters
and one son. We were living happily together. In addition, as I
have no brother, my parents were also living with us. On
learning of Bakula's ailment, my father cried out, 'O God, for
which sins are you punishing my son Indravadan and his three
young children, along with Bakula? Take me away, but keep
Bakula alive, to take care of the family/ Her parents too were
shocked. We all girded our loins to snatch her back from jaws
of cancer.
The first lump on Bakula's neck was detected in January
1982. It subsided under the treatment of the family doctor, but
another one appeared in the armpit after three months. The
doctor had a suspicion/ and on his advice an operation was
performed after taking an X-ray photograph. We were all
shaken to the depths of our souls when we learnt that the
biopsy had revealed that the lumps were cancerous tumours.
We came to Ahmadabad from Baroda and contacted Dr
Pankaj Shah. Bakula was given radiation treatment in the
cancer hospital. There was some improvement. We had to
come to Ahmadabad every month for check-ups. This went on
for one and a half years. In January '84 another tumour was
noticed in the leg joint. Biopsy revealed that it was also a
cancerous tumour.
We were terrified by this revelation. In the hope of
preventing any serious consequences, we took her to the Tata
Cancer Hospital in Mumbai. Dr Advani instituted treatment. He
advised six ABVD courses over a period of six months, one
course every month. The first course was started on 18, August
'84. Five injections were given to her between the 18th and the

22nd of August. There was a violent reaction. There was

copious vomiting. Not even water could be retained.
There was a feeling of heaviness in the abdomen. The
vomiting continued even after the injections. After taking
Electral powder for five or six days, Bakula began to have
cold rigours.
This was the condition after just the first five
injections. The first course had still to be completed with
five more injections after fifteen days. But as the W.B.C.
count was found to be 2300 on 1 - 9 - '84, it was not
possible to give the injections. After five days or so, she
developed pain in the ribs, and on the sixth day there
were red patches on the back. A fresh examination of the
blood on the 7th showed that the white blood corpusle
(WBC) count had increased to 6200. Blisters of Herpes
broke out on the waist. There were shooting pains in the
body. It was not possible to sleep. Bakula was given
medicines for the vomiting and the pains. On the 11th
she had to be treated for fever. Vomiting started afresh
on the 15th. The temperature did not come down.
Administration of medicine on the 16th also failed to bring
the temperature down. Nothing could be retained in the
stomach, but would be thrown out in the vomits and
watery stools. For 20 days she had not been able to take
any substantial food. We went back to the Tata Hospital.
We had to stay there for a week for the treatment, which
gave relief from Herpes.
In spite of all this suffering caused by the first course,
there did not seem to be any other recourse, and as the
doctor advised, three more courses were completed.
Bakula did not have the courage or strength of mind to
commence the fourth and the last course. She weighed
44-45 kg before treatment, but her weight was reduced to
34 kg after four courses of ABVD. The incidental vomiting,
fever, aversion to food and other side-effects, were a

torture to her.
Bakula used to mumble now and again that it was better
that God should grant her death rather than make it necessary
to take those injections. But we had to force her to take the
injections, for her own good, as directed by the doctor. One day,
having come to the limits of her endurance due to the constant
stress of worrying about cancer on the one hand and the torture
of the injections on the other, Bakula attempted suicide. Her
condition brought tears of pity to our eyes. After all, we were not
her enemies. But we had no alternative except the treatment
prescribed by the doctor. But finally we decided not to force her
to complete the remaining two courses of ABVD. As there was
no possibility of freeing her from the clutches of cancer if the six
courses were not completed, there was now nothing to do
except wait for the inevitable end.
But either the prayers of my father bore fruit, or the luck of
the children exerted its influence. Whatever the reason, we
chanced upon the miraculous means of snatching Bakula back
from the very jaws of Death.
In a periodical run by the Bania (Vanik) community, an
account of how a cancer patient, Nanubhai Chitalia, was granted
a new lease of life, had been published. One of our well-wishers
recommended that we go through the account. My father-in-law
took Bakula with him to see Nanubhai Chitalia at his home in the
Kalbadevi area of Mumbai. Nanubhai asked her to take courage,
recounted his own experience, and persuaded her to forget her
disgust and courageously embark on a course of auto-urine
therapy. He gave her detailed instructions as to how to go about
Bakula prepared herself for the treatment in February 1985.
It was not at all easy for her to bring herself to drink her own
urine. But death was staring her in the face. There was also the
worry about the children and me. She was prepared to do
anything for us, if not for herself. She stopped taking spicy and

fried foods, and began to drink her own urine three times a
day. The effects were miraculous! What the doctors in
Ahmadabad and Mumbai could not do, what could not be
achieved even after spending thousands of rupees, was
effected easily and inexpensively by auto-urine therapy.
After about ten days, Baku la's fever subsided, her
appetite was restored, and she began to put on weight.
Gradually, as the months of March, April and May passed,
the hair which had been lost began to grow again, the
sunken cheeks began to fill out, her face acquired a new
radiance, her weight began to increase, and she began to
feel energetic. Bakula had returned to us after knocking at
the portals of death, and her health had been restored to
such an extent as to enable her to turn the tables, and
start taking care of the children and the family, who had
been taking care of her. Her weight used to be around 44
to 45 kg before her illness. It had dropped to 34 kg during
the illness. But now, in January '86, it has gone up to 51
Really, I wonder why people waste money on
doctors and treatments in cases of minor ailments, when
auto-urine therapy is available, which can effect a cure
even in cases of such terrible diseases as cancer?
- Indravadan Chandulal Patel
Dera Pole, Rajmahel Road,
(Swamootra Chikitsane Samjo : Jagdish

[Dr Natvarlal Shah, M.B.B.S. of Thasara, Dist. Kaira,
has written to us narrating how he managed to free
himself from chronic asthma, which had been troubling
him for 15 years, with the help of auto-urine therapy. His
account is being given here in its entirety.]

The President
The Auto-Urine Therapy Association,
I have come to know through my friend Dr Chhotubhai
Patel of Navagam that a meeting of your association is to be
held at the Ayurvedic College, Surat, under the chairmanship of
Shriyut Bapalal Vaidya.
I am therefore placing before the association this account
of my experience of auto-urine therapy in treating myself for
asthma. I am 47 years old. For fifteen years I have been having
attacks of asthma, which recur every monsoon. The trouble
starts as soon as there is an increase in the atmospheric
humidity, and continues with varying intensity throughout the
rainy reason. Sometimes the trouble becomes so severe that I
am confined to bed for days together. It is not at all possible for
me to venture outside my house while it is raining. I have tried
numerous Ayurvedic and Allopathic drugs and injections, often
obtaining temporary relief, but without any permanent benefit.
Last year, that is in 1960, the complaint persisted even
after the end of the monsoon, i.e. even in November and
December, though in a milder form. A mild attack of asthma
would come on every night, and I would have to take a tablet of
Uridrinal every morning and evening for relief.
In December 1960 i sent for a copy of your book 'Manav
Mootra' and studied it thoroughly. Under the influence of the
book, supported by the sincere and well-meaning persuasion of
two or three friends, I commenced auto-urine therapy from 31 12-'60, adopting the following procedure.
(1) Drinking of Urine: For the first ten days, I drank
three to four ounces of my own freshly passed urine every day in
the morning, noon, and evening. For a month after that, I
continued the treatment, though with a reduced frequency,

drinking it only in the mornings and evenings.

(2) Massage: I got my whole body massaged with
urine for two hours every day early in the morning as
recommended in the book, and would bathe in warm
water (without using soap) one or one and a half hours
after the massage.
The massages were continued for exactly one month.
(3) Diet: For the first 9 days I fasted, taking
except urine and water. For two days after that, I took
and dates soaked in water overnight and then mashed into
water, in the mornings. At noon and in the evenings I
cow's milk and ripe papaya. After two days of this
I began to take very light food, starting with khichdi
prepared from rice and moong dal (split green grams),
boiled in large amounts of water to give porridge-like
thick liquid. After two more days I changed over to normal
light foods. I take only manually de-husked rice rather
than the machine-polished rice usually sold in the market.
(During the course of the treatment, I used to take no
other milk except cow's milk, and no spices at all.)
(4) After one month's treatment as described
above, I have recovered completely now. There is no
trace of the asthma. I do not take, and am no longer
required to take, any drugs or tablets for asthma. Though
usually it is only during monsoons that the suffering
caused by asthma would become severe, nevertheless
some mild trouble would persist longer, and I was forced
to take tablets over longer periods because of the
continuing discomfort. But the discomfort has not
persisted after the treatment, and so there is no need for

me to take the tablets. Nor did I take any tablets or medicines

during the course of the treatment.
(5) Some physical ailments that caused trouble during
the therapy:
(a) Boils began to erupt, beginning from the third day of
the treatment, mostly below the waist. They continued to erupt
for about a month and a half. I did not take any Ayurvedic or
Allopathic treatment for the boils. When they became very
painful, I applied cotton soaked in my own urine to them, and
bandaged them up, which used to relieve the pain.
(b) I felt rather uneasy one day during the period of
fasting, but the feeling passed, and there was no serious
I took papaya during the two days following the initial
fast. The very day I took the fruit first, I had a prickly sensation in
my throat in the evening, which persisted through the night. Later
in the night I began to cough. Early next morning a difficulty in
breathing was experienced, in addition to the cough, but soon
phlegm began to be expectorated, and the discomfort
decreased. The whole sequence of discomfort and relief was
repeated the next day. I thought deeply about this trouble, and
decided to discontinue the ingestion of papaya. The cough
subsided that very evening; the difficulty in breathing did not
recur the next morning.
After that I began to change over to solid food. For two days
I took only semi-liquid khichdi of the consistency of porridge in
the mornings, and only cow's milk in the evenings. The third
evening I had a rotla (flat pancake) of bajri (millet) with the milk.
That night the cough recurred. Early next morning at about 3
o'clock along with the cough, I began to experience difficulty in
breathing. The difficulty was severe enough to force me to sit up
in bed. In about two hours the phlegm began to be loosened,
thus affording some relief. This experience, the next evening I
substituted wheat pancake for the millet pancake. This change

has a favourable effect: that night I was troubled less by

the cough, and did not experience the difficulty in
breathing the next morning. Accordingly I decided to
continue taking khichdi or rice and dal in the mornings and
wheat bhakhris (pancakes) with milk in the evenings. I
have had no such trouble since then.
I have gradually changed over to normal diet by now.
(Though, of course, I continue to avoid taking chillies and
fried preparations.) I take only manually de-husked rice.
This, then, is my experience with auto-urine therapy. I
am convinced that it is of great benefit in the treatment of
asthma. Of course, in the matter of diet, changes
appropriate to the constitution of the patient should be
made in each case.
I suppose I must have a constitution with bile as the
predominant humour, and that must be the reason why
papaya, millets and similar items of food did not agree
with me.
(Manav Mootra : Ravjibhai Patel)



Shri Laljibhai Heerabhai Patel, aged 43, hailing

from Aslali but now residing in Ahmadabad, read
accounts of my experiences concerning auto-urine
therapy, and decided to tackle his own troubles in his own
way, using his own ideas as to how to apply the principles
of the system. It was some two months after he had
recovered that he came to see me with one of my
acquaintances, and described the methods he had
adopted and the benefits he had obtained. Later on he
sent me a written account of his method of application of
urine therapy.
This gentleman, Laljibhai had been suffering from
weakness of the intestines and impaired digestive
function. Every year he would need treatment by a doctor.

One or two months' treatment would put him right, but soon the
same troubles would start again. The frequent treatment had
caused him considerable economic and bodily harm. Ultimately,
last Diwali, he decided to discontinue all treatment. But his
health deteriorated once again in the following summer.
Meanwhile my article narrating my experiences came to his
notice. He began to apply the principles explained therein,
without asking for my advice or instructions, to his own case,
and in exactly one and a half months, he recovered completely.
"I had a touch of asthma as well." he wrote. "Auto-urine
therapy has cured me of that too. The only thing that is required
in such matters is full faith in the system, and self-control. I feel,
on the basis of my own experience, that if I had followed the
advice and instructions given by respected Ravji Kaka in his
article regarding the system, it would not have taken so long for
me to get cured."
(Manav Mootra : Ravjibhai Patel)



36year old Gulab Bahen Pathak was suffering from

chronic cold. She also suffered from sore throat. She had
frequent bouts of coughing, and lassitude such as
caused by mild fevers was also experienced most of the
time. She had to rely on medicines to be able to cope
with her daily chores. Insomnia was another one of her
complaints. Often when she could not sleep, she used to
work at her embroidery and knitting till late in the night.
One of her acquaintances suggested that she try autourine therapy. She consulted her nephew, who was a qualified
doctor, about this. The doctor laughed the suggestion off,
advising her not to try such ridiculous remedies, but to consult a
specialist instead. She followed his suggestion, and underwent
treatment as advised by the specialist for about four months.
During the treatment, she found herself getting better for a time,
but relapsing back to the same old level of ill health, with the
same symptoms manifesting themselves again. Now she was

fed up. Gradually her health was deteriorating. She

decided to disregard the advice of her nephew, and to try
auto-urine therapy. She came to me for guidance. I
examined her thoroughly, and gave her a list of books on
the subject, with the intention that she should familiarise
herself thoroughly with the principles of the therapy and
thereby confirm her resolve. She obtained the books.
Within two days she had studied them and digested the
information. She embarked on a course of auto-urine
therapy in accordance with my instructions.
The cold became more severe the next day, but as
she found that she could sleep a little better, her faith in
the system was sustained. A definite improvement could
be observed in about a week. The cold was now much
less severe, and the cough and soreness of throat had
almost completely disappeared. She had also begun to
sleep well. All her ailments were cured within a month.
She derived an additional benefit from the treatment. As
her thin body filled out because of the increase in the
amount of blood in the body, her beauty had been

Note : The very first person on whom Dr J. W. Armstrong tried out his system of auto-urine therapy was he
himself. How he managed to cure himself of tuberculosis
which had reached its last stage is narrated here in his
own words :
"Although I should prefer to avoid the first person
pronoun ['I'] in this book, [I feel that] it is not possible to do
so in the circumstances if I am to carry conviction. For
one ounce of experience [of a system] outweighs a ton
of arguments!
"My first patient was myself. It happened in this way.

During the last war, at the age of thirtyfour, I presented myself

for medical examination under what was called the Derby
Scheme, and was rejected by the four examining doctors on the
grounds that I was consumptive. Moreover I was urged to put
myself under the care of a physician. Consequently I consulted
a specialist. He, however, treated my condition as not very
serious, told me I was more a catarrhal subject than a
consumptive one, and advised plenty of fresh air, sunshine and
a nourishing diet. I followed his advice, and in one year put on
28 pounds (about 13 kg) in weight. Nevertheless, not being
satisfied with my condition I consulted another specialist, who
informed me that both my lungs were affected, and despite what
the previous specialist had said, I was consumptive and must
keep up my strength on a diet rich in sugars and starches.
Finally, because of such intake of foods, diabetes set in, and I
was placed on an entirely new and drastic regime, which
consisted of fasting on six half-pints [about Si litres] a day of
cold water (sipped) during four days
of every week, whilst on the fifth and two following days I was
nprmitted a "snack" which onlv served to whet my appetite, not
to mention the fact that I was enjoined to chew every morsel of it
to such a degree that it only produced a very sore mouth, aching
teeth, swollen gums and a swollen tongue. In addition to these
discomforts, I was inflicted with insomnia, frayed nerves, and great
irritability of temper. The regime was continued for sixteen weeks
without a break, and although it resulted in the disappearance of my
cough and catarrhal condition, and also of painful sciatica from which
I had been suffering, none the less the treatment seemed more
unpleasant to me than the disease. The final upshot was that, after
two years of this treatments, I lost faith in ooctors and began a series
of ventures on my own, although much against their advice.
"..... ..... [When I became] very weak and ill, I recalled the text in
I)roverbs V [in the Bible} which runs, 'Drink waters out of thine own
cistern', a text which, in its turn, reminded me of the case of a young
girl whose father gave her her own urine to drink when she was

suffering from diphtheria, with the result that he cured her in three
days. Other cases also came to mind (jaundice was one) which
had been cured by the same means ....
[I remembered other facts, too. My doctor had told me after
examining my urine some years previously, that my lungs and
pancreas were diseased and wasting.] "I even remembered
saying to him in my then innocence: 'If I am losing vital tissue
and sugar through my urine, then why [should I] not drink the
urine and replace these elements in that way?' To which he
had replied that the organs could not assimilate 'dead matter'.
This, however, as I have proved since, was nothing but a
theoretical fallacy!
"..... ..... I grant that it is unwise dogmatically to assert that any
given text of Scripture [Bible] denotes this or that, for many
people read into the Bible exactly what they themselves wish to
find there. Nevertheless, I believed, and still believe, that the
text I have quoted, and many others also, bear reference to that
vital fluid which is within our own bodies' and believing it, I acted
in accordance with that belief, to find in the end that it proved to
be my physical salvation. Fortified by my faith in what I thought
to be the correct interpretation of the text, I fasted for forty-five
days on nothing but urine and tap water-and this, despite the
doctor's assertion that ele~en days without food was the limit to
which a hu~an being could go! I also rubbed urine on my bodya very Important factor in the cure. I finally broke my fast on raw
beef, and though it gave me no discomfort beyond a ravenous
hunger, ! none the less ate cautiously for a time, and continued
to drink my own urine, noticing that its changes in temperature,
quality, taste, etc., depended almost entirely on what I ate or
drank, and on the amount of exercise I took.
At the end of the treatment I felt, and was, Ian entirely new
man'. I weighed 140 pounds [about 63 kg], was full of vim,
looked about 11 years younger than I actually was, and had a
[smooth] skin like a young girl's. I was thirtysix at the time, and
am now over sixty. Yet by dint of drinking every drop of water
that I pass, living on a well-balanced diet, and never eating
more food per diem [per day] than I consider th~ body requires, I
look and feel much younger than most men ot my age, and [I]
keep [myself] free from those major and minor ailments to which
the body is said to be heir.
", .... Being convinced that knowledge [which we have acquired]
must not be selfishly 'hidden under a bushel', but should be
shared with one's fellows, I began to advise and supervise the

fasting of others [on urine] on the same lines [along which I had
regained my health]."

(Water of Life: Dr John Armstrong)

Shri G. B. Kelkar, a Maharashtrian gentleman residing in Shreemali
Society in the Navrangpura area of Ahmadabad, sent me an account
of his experience in May 1958. I present here extracts of the relevant
portion of his communication:
I used to have severe pains in the abdomen, and tremors of the
hands. A friend suggested that I try urine therapy. I decided to rub
urine on my palms. Two or three days' massage resulted in complete
cessation of the tremors. This gave me the confidence to continue
experimentation with this system. At that time I was suffering from
hyperacidity, and had developed peptic ulcers. I had been trying all
kinds of treatment for this condition (ailment) for twenty-five years but
there had been no improvement. I began to gargle with urine and to
massage my body with urine. Within a week I became noticeably more
energetic. This was an additional evidence of the efficacy of urine as a
therapeutic agent. It gave me an impetus to start drinking urine. I
began to drink a glassful of water a day, in three or four portions. The
relief I obtained as a result of this treatment in the short period of a
week was such as to defy description. I continued the practice for a
month. In consequence, today I am completely free from the incubus
of hyperacidity. The ulcers in the stomach have healed. My appetite
has been restored.
My experience has convinced me that urine is nothing less than the
elixir of life for those who desire to live a healthy and vigorous life till
the very end. Urine confers the gift of perfect health upon us. It guards
us against even the more virulent infectious diseases. And it costs us
nothing more than sincere belief and abiding faith. Thus it is a
medicine that is doubly beneficial to the poorer sections of the
population. And its benefits are not only quick but also permanent.
I am now 67 years old, but still strong enough to put in the normal
amount of work every day, which is undoubtedly the consequence of
auto-urine therapy.
(Manav Mootra : Ravjibhai Patel)

Shri M. A. Noorani, residing at 194, Nagdevi Street, Mumbai 3, is a
Muslim. Nevertheless, he has great faith and interest in auto-urine
therapy. He has been making laudable efforts to popularise the system

in Mumbai, by making books on the subject available to a

considerable number of people, and has induced many persons
to interest themselves in the system by providing detailed
guidance about the practical side of it. He presented the
following account of his experience at the Conference on Autourine Therapy convened at Surat on 15 June, 1981.
"Allopathic procedures for the diagnosis of serious diseases
entail considerable distress and financial outlay on the part of
the patients, and despite all the suffering involved, they are very
often found by doctors to be inconclusive, thus failing in their
"My son was suffering from duodenal ulcer. The
recurring abdominal pains caused by the ulcer necessitated an
operation. The operation was performed in 1950 in a hospital in
Mumbai. The pains started again in 1957. Many vaidyas ant'
doctors were consulted. Finally one of the doctors said that the
cause of the pains was intestinal TB. A course of 40
streptomycin injections and 6 tablets of Isonex a day was
instituted as advised by him. My son was to take complete rest
for the duration of the treatment. After thirty-five days of this
treatment, his feet were found to be swollen. The doctor was
consulted again. He advised immediate hospitalisation, as the
condition of my son was found to be critical. He was admitted
the very next day. Numerous injections and two or three blood
transfusions were given. The doctors tried their best for a month
and a half, but to no avai I. On the contrary, the swell i ng
spread from the feet to the entire legs. Finally the doctors
declared that there was nothing further that they could do, and
asked me to take the boy home. After that we had him treated
by a well-known Homeopath for about twenty days, again
without any improvement.

"Another Allopathic doctor was then consulted on

the advice of an intimate friend. The doctor was optimistic
about recovery after an examination. The boy was
therefore admitted toJiospital once again. But within just
five days, it is painful to me to have to relate, the
duodenal ulcer-for which he had been operated upon in
1950-burst, and he left this mortal world on 31 -8-'57.1
was deeply hurt and shocked, and depression set in.
"The event had a strongly adverse effect on my
health. I had just such a duodenal ulcer twenty-five years

prior to this event. No relief was obtained by medication, and

ultimately I had to have an operation. About a year and a half
after the demise of my son, I began to have pains in exactly the
same spot. The abdominal pains, bloody stools, retching, loose
stools after meals, indigestion, pain in the back and the base of
the spine, debility so pronounced that even climbing stairs would
make me pant, these and a host of other allied symptoms
developed. I was frightened by these developments, and
began to worry as to what I should do. The memory of my past
experiences discouraged me from approaching doctors. At this
juncture, some time in June 1959, one of my friends brought
Shri Ravjibhai Manibhai Patel's book 'Manav Mootra' to me, and
advised me to go through it. I read the book with great interest,
finishing it in two days.
"I decided to commence auto-urine therapy along the lines
indicated in the book, I have ascertained that the system does
not violate any of the precepts of Islam2, and on the basis of
my study of this question I can confidently state that the
practice of this therapy is neither morally wrong nor violative of
any religious principles.
"I began the treatment in strict accordance with the
instructions given in the book. I adhered rigidly to the
recommended diet too. Within the short period of forty days I
succeeded in freeing myself from all the distressing symptoms
(Manav Mootra : Ravjibhai Patel)

Shri Kalidas Shankarbhai Valand of Dabhoi (Dist.
Baroda) reports in his letter :
About four years ago I had acute appendicitis. I was
operated on in the famous Dufferin Hospital at Baroda. But the
pain persisted even after that. Later I was treated by some

That auto-urine therapy does not violate any of the principles and precepts of Islam, is
explained in detail in die book 'Manav Mootra'. Anyone interested in the question can
satisfy himself on this point by studying the discussion given therein.

doctors in Dabhoi; there was, however, no relief. A oneyear course of treatment including medicines and
injections under a well-known doctor in Baroda also failed
to effect any improvement.
A doctor in Anand was consulted, but his treatment
also proved ineffective. A jury (meeting for collective
consultation) consisting of a doctor residing at
Mahemedabad, a specialist and a surgeon, both from
Ahmadabad, was convened at the residence of the
Mahemedabad doctor. Treatment as prescribed by the
jury was tried for a time, once again without any
improvement. Ultimately all the doctors came to the
conclusion that another operation should be performed. I
was admitted to the nursing home of a prominent
surgeon. There infra-red rays were tried, which did afford
me some relief from the pain, but in about a month the
pain returned in all its former intensity. I was taken back to
the nursing home and the same treatment was instituted,
this time, however, without any resultant benefit. At last I
requested the doctor to operate, but he said he would like
to check by screening whether an onpration was needed.
I was given a barium enema, and every part of the
system examined thoroughly by screening.
The doctor returned on 'N. A. D.' report, and said, "There
is nothing wrong with your digestive system. I am
therefore discharging you from the nursing home.' I asked
him, "What am I to do now?" To which his reply was,
"Consult a physician. This is not a matter for surgeons."
The pain, of course, persisted. I returned home.
Treatment was resumed under the guidance of a
physician. A course often injections of Avofortin was
completed. It gave me complete relief. There was no pain
for about six weeks or so. Then it started again.
Meanwhile I chanced upon a copy of your book 'Manav

Mootra' which I read through. Having become fed up with

conventional medication, I began Urine Therapy, drinking urine
thrice a day, without fasting. There was noticeable relief in only
two days. However, there was intense pain at night on the third
day. It occurred to me to try massaging the painful area with
urine. The pain subsided within ten minutes and I fell asleep.
The next day I kept drinking urine the whole day, and at night I
had a urine massage. I felt better. The same regime was
continued. It took only five or six days of die treatment for the
pain to subside completely. It is now about five weeks since the
treatment was begun. I have no pain, I feel quite energetic, and
I have developed a healthy appetite.
(Manav Mootra : Ravjibhai Patel)

Abdominal pains are due in most cases to unsuitable diet.
Shri Yogendra Parikh, B. 5c. (Agriculture), of Khadi
Gramodyog Prayog Samiti, Harijan Ashram, Ahmadabad 13,
began to have severe abdominal pains which might have had
their origin in some such irregularity. He tried various
treatments for the pains, and maintained records of all the
types of treatments he tried. Allopathic and Homeopathic
treatments proved ineffective. At last he came to know of Urine
Therapy. He consulted Doctor Adal Behram. M D of Mumbai,
an acquaintance of his, about this system, and began treating
himself with urine. He wrote out a precise account of his
ailment and presented it at the Conference on Urine Therapy
held on 12th and 13th March 1960. As his account is 9lear and
precise in its details, I reproduce it here in the belief that it will
provide valuable guidance to many sufferers afflicted with
similar ailments :
I was feeling pysically ill at ease because of the intense
heat which is usual in Ahmadabad in April. I contracted influenza
on the 1st of April. After recovering from this illness I fell a victim
to enteric malarial fever in the first week of May. The fever lasted

over a week, during which period the weather continued to

be extremely hot, as a result I began to have as many as
five motions a day. The seasonal work pertaining to trees
and growing cotton plants was over, and I was now
engaged in analysis work that easily took up twelve to
fourteen hours of my time every day. The number of
motions per day increased. I began to suffer from
flatulence and abdominal pains, and began to pass blood
with stools.
As it became obvious that medical assistance was
required, I consulted a doctor who was a friend of mine.
He advised me to give up wheat, oil and chillies, and gave
me medicine. This medicine lasted for about fifteen days,
at the end of this period, having found no improvement in
my condition, I went back to the doctor. He changed the
medicine, and I began a course of injections of Emetine.
Despite this treatment, my condition kept worsening. So
on the 19th of June I went and had myself admitted to the
Civil Hospital. There, under the supervision of three
experienced physicians, the Emetine injections were
continued, and my blood, stool and urine were tested.
Amoebic dysentery had been suspected, but the reports
were negative. Blood was being passed with stools, but the
tests failed to reveal a cause. So the doctors examined the
stools again and again to cover all possible-causes of
colitis. Crystoids tablets were given in an attempt to get rid
of worms, if there were any, in the stomach or the
intestines. This resulted in a great increase in the number
of motions a day, but no definite indication could be found.
Sigmoidoscopic examination was used to ascertain the
cause of colitis. In the preliminary examination on the first
day, bleeding piles were tentatively diagnosed. The next
day, as a possible surgical case, I was examined again by
means of the sigmoidoscope by another doctor. He came
to the conclusion that I had ulcerative colitis. Some of the
lining of the colon and a sample of my blood were sent for

detailed examination, but the cause of the ulcerative colitis could

not be established. My case was no longer considered to be a
surgical one, but on the recommendation of another doctor who
was taking a friendly interest in the case, my doctor kept me
under his direct observation. During this period I left the hospital
and went to a private nursing home. Meanwhile the amount of
blood being passed with the stools showed a great increase,
and my weight went down from 127 pounds (about 57 kg) to 100
pounds (about 45 kg). The loss of blood from the body was
made good with the help of two blood transfusions as advised
by the doctor. This seemed to have a beneficial effect. No blood
was passed in the stools. But the effect proved to be temporary.
In two or three days after the second transfusion, there was a
relapse. During all this time, treatment with tablets of
sulphaguanidine and spasm indon, as well as injections of
ACTH, strementin, streptopenicillin, and biesteme forte were
contipued. When some improvement in health became evident, I
consulted Dr Nayar. He instructed me to take light food suited to
my constitution, and prescribed injections of Vitamin B. In the
end I asked him, "Even after all these investigations and
treatment, it appears that no one has really any clear idea as to
what the cause of my illness was. The reports give no definite
indication. What is your opinion?"
"Worry and anxiety can also by themselves cause
ulcerative colitis," he replied. "If therefore you can free your mind
from the burden of anxiety, you will be able to get rid of this
ailment much faster."
As I was going through the formalities of discharge from the
hospital, Dr N. C. Shah had a word of caution for me : "What we
have done is to arrest the progress of the disease. There is
every likelihood that there will be a relapse. Once that happens,
I am afraid there will be very little left that we shall be able to do
to help you."
All the members of my family were living in Mumbai. I was
feeling relatively well. So I went to Mumbai, In order to find out
the cause of the disorder if possible, and partly for my mental

satisfaction, I went to Dr Patel for a thorough examination.

All I got from this investigation was physical pain.
I found myself unable to decide whether to take
Allopathic treatment or Homeopathic treatment, and
decided to draw lots. I prepared two slips, one favouring
Allopathic, and the other favouring Homeopathic
treatment. I folded them up, put them together and picked
up one at random. It said 'Homeopathy'. So, I made up my
mind for it.
I called DrAdal Behram, who has been our family
doctor for years, and let him know my decision. He is a
Homeopath, and started a course of Homeopathic
medicines. Among these were tablets of Graphites, Merc
Sol, Nux Vomica, Merc Corrosive, Carbo Veg. etc. Before
this treatment, when I had arrived in Mumbai, my weight
had gone down to 94 pounds (about 43 kg). This means a
loss of 33 pounds (15 kg) in a month! The stools were
extremely viscous. Blood had again begun to pass with
the stools. Abdominal pains and flatulence persisted. I
had been having curds for such a long period that I had
developed a dislike for it. I had no appetite, and whatever
I forced myself to eat was thrown up again in vomits.
This was my condition when the Homeopathic
treatment was instituted. Mine was a chronic case. Dr
Adal Behram put me on a diet of the watery liquid that
separates from milk when it is coagulated, and the juice of
Bel fruits. From this simple fare I progressed stage by
stage to greengram soup and apples, and in 12 to 15 days
to porridge, khichdi and curry. The Homeopathic treatment
began to prove effective. The rapidity of improvement
during a month of the treatment led my doctor to
anticipate a relapse, though hopefully the last one. The
expectation was indeed realised. The rainy season
brought a cold, with concomitant fever, and blood began
to pass once again. But I got well again in a fortnight

Before leaving for Ahmadabad, I went and saw Dr Adal Behram.

During my stay in Mumbai, I came across a book on AutoUrine Therapy. I had been reading books on various therapeutic
systems, mainly on Ayurveda, in the hope of obtaining more
information on my ailment. So it was natural that I would glance
through the book. It gripped my attention and aroused my
curiosity. I finished the book at one sitting.
Accordingly when I went to see Dr Adal Behram on the eve
of my departure for Ahmadabad, I mentioned this book, as well
as 'Water of Life' by Dr Armstrong. He said, "I have met some of
his followers. I would advise you too to try out this system. I
believe it will be even more efficacious in your case than the
Homeopathic treatment/' I naturally asked why he had not given
me this advice earlier. He said, "I did not say anything about it,
mainly because I felt that your people would find the idea
revolting, and that you would not be prepared to give it a trial."
"Must all the urine that is passed be drunk?" I asked.
"No," said the doctor. "Drink a cupful three times a day.
Initially you had better dilute the urine with an equal quantity of
water. Later you can go on reducing the proportion of water.
"What about diet?" I asked.
"Light and simple," was the answer.
Dr Behram then told me that he himself had been
practising the Therapy, and used to recommend it to those of
his patients who in his opinion would be open to such a novel
system. He himself had been a practitioner of Allopathy for 22
years. After that he went to London to conduct research on
diabetes. While there, he began to study Homeopathy, and
began various investigations in the system. He earned a degree
in Homeopathy. Then he went over to France, where he
continued his investigations, and obtained another degree. On
his return to India, he.gavt up practice in Allopathy, began to
practise Homeopathv exclusively, and is working at present as
the Principal of the Homeopathy College in Mumbai.

After my return to Ahmadabad, I had one more

relapse in the unhealthy rainy season. Once again I
began to pass blood in stools, and to lose weight. I put in
a phone call to Dr Adal Behram, discussed the question of
Urine Therapy once more with him, and commenced the
therapy. My wife Neelam, too, had read the book on AutoUrine Therapy. With her encouragement and moral
support, I fasted for three days, during which I drank urine
three times a day as advised by the doctor, and had my
whole body massaged with urine in the manner described
in the book, on all three days. On the second day of this
regimen, the colour of urine changed. Now it was clear as
water, though it had a rather salty taste.
During this three-day period of fasting, the number of
motions increased to 7-8 a day. More blood was passed in
the stools. But by the end of a week, the proportion of
blood had fallen almost to zero. The number of motions
per day gradually reverted to normal during the second
week, and at the and of the third week i was on my feet and
resumed daily activity. I am perfectly well today. As far as diet
is concerned, I avoid taking fried and spicy preparations;

apart from this restriction, I can take all foodstuffs without

suffering any discomfort.
(Manav Mootra : Ravjibhai Patel)

Shri Bhikhalal Nathalal Kothari, a resident of
Ahmadabad (Madan Gopal's Haveli, House No. 250/2,
Nadawada Pole, Astodia) reports in his letter dated 14-3'61 as follows :
I had been suffering from abdominal pains for the
past 10 years. The pains became more severe with the
passage of time. Many specialists were consulted. I was
given hundreds of injections. As for tablets and medicines,

their number is beyond reckoning. Expenses far beyond my

means were incurred. Despite all these measures, my health
continued to deteriorate.
All the food I took would pass undigested through the
system and would get eliminated in the stools. I was afflicted
with dysentery. My weight went down from 176 pounds (80 kg)
to 126 pounds (about 57 kg).
I had to take medicines worth Re 1 every day just to keep
alive. [This was when the rupee was worth a rupee, and not 12
paise.] I was at my wits' end, not knowing what to do next. It
was at this time that a friend gave me a copy of 'Manav Mootra'
with a recommendation to go through it. I read it thoroughly with
the closest attention.
I commenced auto-urine therapy from 1 -5-'60. For a
month I massaged my body with urine. I fasted on urine for two
days, drinking up every drop of urine passed. The result was
favourable. Ten months have passed since then. My weight is
now 170 pounds (77 kg). I have not had an occasion even to
cast a glance at medicine. Now I drink about 40 oz (about 1.1
litres) of urine a day in three doses. I feel quite well now. If at all
there is anything wrong with me at any time, I can quickly bring
it under control with urine and fasting.
(Manav Mootra : Ravjibhai Patel)


The patient was about 60. He was suffering from chronic
dyspepsia complicated by hyperacidity. He could not digest
food, and had lost appetite. He would either be constipated, or
would have diarrhoea. Any attempt at controlling the diarrhoea
would result in constipation. Partial digestion of food would
result in inordinate accumulation of acids in the system. Worms
would be found extreted periodically in the stools. Ingestion of
sugar, grams, or sweets would exacerbate his symptoms and
cause a complete loss of appetite.

He had been X-rayed with Barium, and had tried all

kinds of medicines, but the disorder could not be
diagnosed properly, nor could it be brought under control.
Ultimately intestinal TB was tentatively diagnosed, and
treatment instituted accordingly.
About this time it was suggested to the patient that
he should take Ayurvedic treatment. Accordingly I was
called in for a consultation. I saw that all that was wrong
with him was chronic dysentery and worms. There did
not seem to be any other cause for his affliction.
The patient had been reduced to desperation and
was willing to try anything. I explained to him in detail the
restrictions on diet that were to be observed in cases of
dysentery and worms. I wrote out a list for him, showing
what he should take and what he should not take.
I had initially thought of giving him only three kinds
of tablets Kutajghanvati, Sanjeevani and Sanshamani.
But I felt like getting the patient to try Auto-Urine Therapy
before starting on a cours of medication. I explained the
system, and obtained his consent to give it a fair trial. I
advised to him to take 4 to 5 ounces of urine every
morning and evening, reassuring him that after four days
of this therapy, we would revert to medication.
The patient followed the instructions faithfully. After
two days, old, viscous, extremely malodorous matter
began to be excreted. The stools got thinner but more
copious. As the old decaying matter was eliminated, he
gradually began to recover his appetite. He also began
to feel stronger and more energetic. He was still keeping
to the prescribed diet.
At the end of the four days of trial, he expressed
satisfaction at the progress made so far. 'I am feeling
definitely better7, he declared. This encouraged me to
recommend 8 to 10 more days of Urine Therapy,

postponing the medication till that duration. The patient agreed

to continue the experiment. Gradually as the genuine appetite
was restored, the digestion improved, and the acidity
decreased, the complaints of the patient began to dwindle.
After 16 days, it was quite evident that the weight and strength
of the patient had begun to increase.
Now I advised the patient to continue the Urine Therapy,
without any medication. At the end of two months' treatment,
he had recovered completely, with no trace of the disorder,
and is now enjoying perfect health.
(Swamootra Chikitsa : Vaidya Pragji Mohanji Rathod)

Sudhabahen had been suffering from diarrhoea for two or
three years. She also used to have abdominal pains
frequently. All this time she had constantly been under
treatment. When she got tired of Allopathic treatment, she
would change over to Ayurvedic treatment. After a time she
would be fed up with Ayurvedic treatment, and abandon it to
try Homeopathy. This went on for a long time. Usually she
used to obtain some temporary relief by such treatment. But a
time came when no medicine could have any effect. The
diarrhoea could not be brought under control. She could not
digest any food. She became extremely weak. As a last resort
she decided to try Auto-Urine Therapy, and approached me for
On examination, it was found that her intestines had
become extremely weak. The body had become emaciated.
Despite the weakness, however, she was put on a urine fast. In
addition to drinking her own urine for four days, other
therapeutic procedures such as massages with urine,
applications of clay packs wetted with urine over the abdomen,
waist baths, etc., were also adopted. All this helped to give rest
to and strengthen the digestive organs. After four days, she was
given diluted orange juice thrice a day, in addition to the urine.

These juice-cum-urine fasts were continued for some

days, along with the external treatment, which was also
continued. Later she was allowed coconut milk, sweetlime juice, very thin de-fatted butter milk and such other
liquid foods as welL After fifteen days of this regimen, her
intestines had regained a large proportion of their
strength, and the abdominal pains had become a thing of
the past.
Gradually she was allowed solid food. To begin with,
fruits that do not contain fibres were given; then other
fruits, raw vegetables, sprouted cereals and pulses, etc.,
were successively introduced into her diet as found
appropriate. Sudhabahen was delighted to find that she
could now digest all these foods. Cooked food was now
included stage by stage in her daily fare, which was also
digested without any ill effects.
Now Sudhabahen is free from all complaints.


Shri Bhausaheb Vartak is a businessman of
Sholapur engaged in wholesale trade of bedsheets.
He goes to the office of his firm by car, transacts
business all day sitting on a mattress and leaning
against cushions, and returns home in the evening
by car.
Shri Vartak has had chronic constipation for years.
After meals he would find his abdomen distended with
gas. He had tried numerous Ayurvedic medicines. He
took purgatives frequently. All this would provide relief,
but the relief would always prove temporary.
Once he had occasion to come to Mumbai on
business. He had for some time been thinking of trying
out Auto-Urine Therapy. On the suggestion of someone
in his circle, he consulted me, seeking advice on the
practical aspects of the therapy.

I explained the system in complete detail, and at the same

time suggested a few changes in his food habits. He promised
me that he would follow all the instructions and observe all the
restrictions faithfully/ and returned to Sholapur.
After about fifteen days, I received a letter from him
reporting that the treatment had proved highly beneficial. He
was no longer troubled by constipation. His abdomen felt light
as a feather, and he had experienced a surge of vigour and
vitality in his body,


In 1974, a person named Anant Killekar of 40-year-old
came to our clinic. He was working as a typist in an Insurance
Company. Both his short-distance vision and long-distance
vision were impaired. The defect could not be corrected by
glasses, neither for short sight nor for long sight. He was
reduced to such a condition that he would stumble at every
step even on a level road. As for work near at hand, he was
completely helpless. He was not able to read the matter that he
was required to type. Matters had come to such a pass that the
company had arranged for someone to read aloud the matter to
him to enable him to type what was required. But they had also
made it cl^ar to him that if his vision did not improve within
three months, his services would be terminated.
One of Anant Killekar's friends, Prakash Mhatre, worked as a
Medical Representative for a large pharmaceuticals firm.
The firm used to market medicines for eye diseases, too. Thus
Prakash Mhatre had come to know many ophthalmologists in
Mumbai. He took Anant Killekar to some of them, but their
treatment failed to produce any improvement. One of them
went so far as to say that Anant would lose his vision
completely in a year or two, and there was no treatment, not
even surgery, that would arrest or reverse this deterioration.
As a Medical Representative Prakash Mhatre had come in
touch with me. He brought Anant to me. I examined Anant

minutely. Both his retinae had degenerated. There were

patches of discoloration scattered over them. In addition,
the lenses evinced signs of hardening.
I recommended certain exercises for strengthening
the eyes, some changes in the diet, palming of the eyes
and magnetotherapy, in addition to urine therapy. He was
to drink one cup of urine on an empty stomach in the
morning, one cup at the time of going to bed, wash his
eyes with urine thrice a day, and massage the whole
body with three-day-old urine every night.
In the beginning he was very reluctant to try urine
therapy, but the thought of complete loss of vision, the
subsequent helpless condition in which he would have to
pass his life, and the realization that he would lose his
service, which was his only means of livelihood,
compelled him to agree to give it a fair trial.
Hic vision improved in just three months. The
abnormality of sight was reduced to such an extent
that correction by means of lenses became
practicable; and with the use of spectacles he was
now able to handle work requiring clear vision at
long distances and also at short distances.
Soon he was able to read the matter for typing, and
thus could dispense with the help in his work. This
naturally had the happy result of the continuation of his
service. Life was now beginning to be joyful. He attributes
all the improvement in his condition to Auto-Urine
Therapy, and asserts that the Therapy has really given
him a new lease of life.

Shri Bhikhaji Kalaji, aged 41, residing in the
Jamalpur area of Ahmadabad, who earns his living by dint
of hard labour, working day and night at hauling goods

from place to place in a handcart, came to me and handed me a

written statement on 3rd November, 1958. He used to have
sharp shooting pains in his temples. Headaches was a frequent
complaint. His vision had been impaired, making it difficult for
him to see clearly in the even ings or at night. His eyes used to be
bloodshot and watered continually. He had been troubled by
these symptoms for about a year. How much can a man earning
his living by hard labour afford to spend on treatment? Still, he
had spent some 500 rupees over the year. He began to worry
about a possible loss of sight. He consulted a reputed
Ophthalmologist. The Ophthalmologist told him that a toxic
liquid was accumulating in the eyeballs behind the pupils, and
that an improvement was possible if the liquid were to be
drained out. The poor, ignorant labourer was dismayed. He
began to worry as to what would happen to his wife and his
young children if something went wrong while needles were
being poked into his eyes for drawing out the liquid, and he went
blind. About this time be came into contact with the
Superintendent of the Municipal Store, Shri Ambalal Patel.
Ambalal Patel had personal experience of Auto-Urine Therapy,
with the help of which he had cured himself of headaches and
pains in the eyes. He, therefore, suggested that Bhikhaji should
try the same therapy. The handcart plier took his advice. He
began to wash his eyes two to three times a day with his own
urine, and to drink three to four ounces of urine twice a day. He
experienced relief from his pains in a week or so. So he
continued the experiment with greater faith. One month's
treatment cured him completely of headaches and pains in the
temples. His vision improved, pains in the eyes decreased, the
redness in the eyes disappeared, leaving the eyes clear, and he
was now able to see clearly even in the poor light of late
He got his eyes examined by the same Ophthalmologist
again, after this treatment. After carefully examining the eyes,
the doctor pronounced them to be completely cured.
(Manav Mootra : Ravjibhai Patel)

'Jain Hind' greetings from Prof, Shankarbhai Bhaijibhai,
writing from the township of Old Jithardi. l am in receipt of
the invitation to the Conference. Please accept my thanks
for it. The musk deer keeps wandering everywhere
looking for the source of the aroma of musk, though in
reality the source is in its own navel. In an exactly
analogous fashion, man in his ignorance keeps wasting
time and resources in searching for external means to
restore his health, even though Nature has endowed him
with an infallible means to cure disorders produced by
any cause whatsoever, and to restore him to perfect
health, in the form of his own urine. Often enough the
external means and medicines prove successful in the
treatment of common disorders. But in cases of serious
intractable disorders, man is fated to suffer in futile
wanderings, looking for cures at the expense of time,
energy and wealth-a truth which I have learnt the hard
way through my own experience.
It was about eight months ago that my troubles
began. Even a short walk with my shoes on would cause
my right foot to heat up. After a time, a bunion developed
on that foot, the skin got discoloured as if by suppuration,
and then began to darken. This process was accompanied
by excruciating pain, which became unbearable as time
passed. My doctor adjudged the condition to be
gangrenous. Two weeks of treatment with medicines and
injections as prescribed by him failed to show any
improvement. Two surgeons in Baroda were consulted.
The final diagnosis was gangrene, caused by obstruction
in the artery of the leg, resulting in poor supply of blood to
the big toe. There was a chance that an operation might
correct the condition. If that failed, the only alternative

would be amputation of the leg above the knee. Gambling on the

possibility that an operation 'might correct' the condition, I had
the operation performed. During the succeeding week, which I
spent in the nursing home, I did feel better. I was discharged
after the incision healed. The pain was less severe now, but the
progressive emaciation of the calf muscles was not arrested.
Medication and injections were continued after the operation as
advised by the doctors, but no notable improvement took place. I
went back to the surgeon. He advised me to continue the tablets
and injections for some more time, if they proved to be of
benefit, well and good. If not, amputation would be the only
alternative left. I began to feel that I would not get any peace till
the leg was amputated. The sharp shooting pains did not allow
me to sleep. I could not take adequate food. I had lost my
appetite. I began to consider seriously what I should do next.
I knew about your book Manav Mootra, but had not taken
any interest in this therapeutic system so far. But now I sent for
it, and its perusal heartened me. I gave considerable thought to
the matter for a few days, and then, some two months ago, I
visited the research centre. Under the guidance of Naranbhai at
the centre, I fasted completely for five days. The course of
treatment I followed consisted of drinking all the urine passed
during the day, and using the urine passed during the night for
massaging the body and wet applications on the toe. As the pain
was lessened by these measures, I began to entertain hopes
that Auto-Urine Therapy would effect a complete cure. The nail
of the big toe and the skin on the lower part of the toe had
turned black. Dr Maganbhai, who supervises the Urine-Therapy
Centre, advised me to get it excised, and at my request, he
excised them himself. Deciding that I would continue the
treatment at home, I consulted Naranbhai for advice regarding
the measures to be taken at home. I have continued Urine
Therapy after returning home, but now I allow myself simple and
light food twice a day. I use very little salt in my food even now.

Auto-Urine Therapy has effected a fifty to sixty per cent

improvement in these last two months. My general health
has also improved. I am confident that in about two or
three months more, a complete cure will be effected by
this therapy.
Note : This gentleman visited the Centre again on 1 4-'64, and submitted to an examination to demonstrate
that he has recovered completely. This case is the first of
its kind in India.
(Manav Mootra : Ravjibhai Patel)

Dr Armstrong was on one occasion introduced to a
42-year-old soldier whose account of his woes in
substance was as summarised below :
A year prior to his meeting Dr Armstrong, he had
been wounded in the arm near the elbow by a bullet.
The bullet had been removed, but the wound had not
healed. He used to go to the out-patients department
of the hospital every week for getting the wound
cleaned up and dressed. He used to experience
intense pain during the dressing. Frequently there
was suppuration in the wound despite the ongoing
treatment. The doctors feared that the wound might
ultimately turn gangrenous.
Dr Armstrong advised him to try Auto-Urine Therapy.
In spite of the objections of his wife, he got himself
admitted to Dr Armstrong's nursing home. He was fasted
for three days on his own urine (supplemented by water).
The wound was treated by application of wet packs
soaked in urine for the duration of one hour three times
every day and his whole body was massaged lightly with
three-day-old urine.
After three days the patient was allowed a little liquid
food. The urine applications and massages were

Only ten days' treatment with urine effected a complete
healing of the wound! What could not be achieved by medical
treatment and antiseptic ointments over a period of one year
was accomplished by means of Auto-Urine Therapy in just ten
days-an unforgettable miracle of healing.
(Water of Life : John Armstrong)

Shri Kanjibhai Mohanlal, aged 32, was working in the
weaving section of a textile mill in Ahmadabad. He had been
suffering from great pain in the right hand and arm for four
years. The skin of the hand had developed red patches which
were painful.
In the initial stages of the disorder, he consulted a skin
specialist whose consulting rooms were situated on Relief Road
in Ahmadabad citv. He diaenosed lenrosv and prescribed
certain tablets and a course of ten injections. This treatment
failed to effect any improvement. On the contrary, the pain
Later he consulted the skin specialist at the Gulab Bai
Hospital. This specialist, too, wrote out a prescription for a
course of medicines and injections. Kanjibhai used to go to a
nearby physician Dr Pushpendra Bhatt for the injections. This
course of treatment too failed to bring about any improvement.
To this patient, who was by now completely disheartened
by the repeated failures, Dr Pushpendra Bhatt sent for perusal
of Ravjibhai Patel's article on Urine Therapy. He was impressed
by the article, and began to treat himself by the method
described in it. Initially he fasted for three days on urine
supplemented by some water. After that the urine massages
were also included in the treatment. In the short period of only a
month or so, he noted considerable improvement.
One day he went to see Ravjibhai. Offering his thanks, he

gave an account of his experiences. In conclusion, he

said, 'The muscular pain in my right hand has
disappeared completely. The right arm, which had
become rigid, can now be flexed without discomfort. I was
not able to work with the right hand, but now I can do so
with ease. And though still there is a partial lack of
sensitivity in certain area of the skin, I am confident that
the sensitivity will be fully restored. I have derived great
benefit from Auto-Urine Therapy. The sore discolored
patches on the skin have also healed/'
(Manav Mootra : Ravjibhai Patel)

Shri Popatlal Govindji Lakhani, originally hailing
from Porbandar, had been practising as a solicitor in
Mumbai for twenty to twenty-five years, and is now
residing once again in Porbandar after retirement. He
suffered for almost twenty-five years from psoriasis. He
has sent me a detailed description of how painful the
disease was, and how a cure was effected through the
agency of Auto-Urine Therapy. I present here a slightly
abridged version of his account. His account was written
on 30-7-'60.
Respected Ravjibhai,
Slightly over twenty-five years ago, I contracted
psoriasis. This is a disease that is very slow in its
development in its initial stages. A blister similar to that
caused by a burn or the pinching of a shoe is formed. The
only difference is that unlike the one caused by a burn,
this blister is not filled with fluid. The outer skin of the
blister keeps peeling off and is continually replaced by a
new cover. Such blisters go on spreading almost
imperceptibly. They generally form on the skin over joints.
In my case they began to be formed on both legs just

below the knees. The skin felt as if it was drying up, and there
was uncontrollable itching. I took it to be eczema, but later as
the diseased area spread, I got more and more worried. On
scratching, fine silvery powder would come off. It was extremely
difficult to keep myself from scratching the affected parts. At that
time I was practising in the High Court in Mumbai. I consulted Dr
Rebello, who was a specialist in skin diseases. It was during this
consultation that I came to know that the disease is called
psoriasis. He prescribed injections, medicines and ointments. I
learnt that this disease is incurable, and though with luck, it can
be controlled and its spread arrested, a cure was out of the
question. Treatment as prescribed by Dr Rebello did arrest the
spread of the disease. Later my patience having been
exhausted, or perhaps because I had become used to the
discomforts caused by the disease, this treatment was
discontinued. But as the condition got
progressively worse,
I came to try Allopathic, Homeopathic, Ayurvedic and other
treatments as advised from time to time by various persons. In
fact, Ayurvedic treatment as prescribed by Vaidyaraaj Gadre,
who lives in a lane near Zaoba Temple, effected an almost
complete cure. But this happy state of affairs did not last long.
Soon the same skin areas began to itch with the same intensity,
causing once again the same harassment and the same
embarrassment. For the last few years, I had been applying
coconut oil to the skin on my hands, face, head, abdomen (i.e.
all areas affected by psoriasis), and that helped to keep the skin
soft and the itching under control. This ritual of application of
coconut oil had to be gone through three or four times a day.
Any omission in this matter would bring swift punishment in the
shape of increased discomfort. The skin on the back of the
hands would crack, blood would oose out, and such other
afflictions would start troubling me once again. But I had learnt
to tolerate all this, consoling myself that 'this disease is, after all,
incurable/ What with psoriasis affecting my hands, feet and face,
I presented a very ugly sight.

Last night, as I was discussing with my family how

psoriasis had tormented me, and how there had been a
sudden and almost miraculous cure, the memories of the
whole history of my disease over a period of exactly
twenty-nine years came flooding back to my mind. I have
suffered greatly from this disease. My skin had become so
vulnerable to the disease that even a slight bruise caused
by rubbing against a wall would cause it to bleed, and that
area would thenceforth become affected by the disease. I
find myself unable to express the agony caused by the
disease in words.
In spite of having been harassed for the span of more
than twenty-five years by the disease, and reduced to
desperate straits, I had sincerely given up all intentions of
treatment or hopes of improvement in the conviction that
the disease was incurable. But something happened,
which was to change this situation. I happened to see
your book at the residence of Dr Dattani of Porbandar. He
had begun a study of the book with the intention of
treating cases of cancer by the methods recommended
therein. I borrowed the book and read it through with close
attention in two days. I discussed it with him. I thought of
trying out the system on myself, primarily to enthuse his
cancer patients to adopt this method of treatment and to
inspire them with confidence and faith in the therapy.
On the 12th of June 1960,1 began to collect my
urine in bottles. When three half-litre bottles had been
filled with it, I began urine massages. As recommended
in your book, I got my whole body massaged with urine
that had been aged and warmed till comfortably
lukewarm. This was on the night of the 16th of June. To
my delighted astonishment, on the very next day, the
17th June, in the morning, I found my skin considerably
softer and smoother, the tendency of the skin to peel off

was found to have been reduced, and, as you have stated in

the book, the skin of the whole body was found to be smoother
and healthier after a bath. That day I brushed my teeth with
urine, as you have suggested, to prepare myself for drinking
urine. I began drinking 'Shivambu' from the 18th. On the 19th I
requested Dr Dattani to examine my body. He was even more
delighted than I had been at the improvement, and
experienced the thrill of success in the experiment to an even
greater extent in his professional capacity.
I have continued the drinking of 'Shivambu'
uninterruptedly from the 16th of June, 1960. I massage my
body from the top of my head to the soles of my feet with urine.
For an hour after that I engage in physical activity requiring
exertion, and follow it up with a bath. My skin is now
completely healthy. There is no peeling, and I do not recollect
having been troubled by the itching after the 16th of June. I am
convinced that psoriasis has finally bidden me good-bye.
However, I have not discontinued the massages as I cannot
bring myself to forego the sheer pleasure, and the smoothness
of the skin, that the massages bring. Constipation and other
minor ailments too seem to have been banished by
'Shivambu'. I feel fresh and energetic. I have a good appetite.
A sense of Joy and cheer pervades my mind.
I have been narrating my experiences and my successful
application of Auto-Urine Therapy to a large number of persons.
Some of them have begun to experiment with it in their own
cases, and have reported successes. The results in my own
case have amazed all my friends and relatives. And as for me,
when, if ever, am I going to have another more direct experience
of the miiaculous workings of the Almighty's will?
(Manav Mootra : Ravjibhai Patel)


The case of a certain gentleman residing in the Dharavi

area of Mumbai is an inspiring one. He came to me to

discuss Auto-Urine Therapy and to narrate his own
experience of it. I present his account here in his own
words :
It was in April 1982 that I first began to have an
itching sensation on the skin of my thigh. I did not pay any
special attention to it. Gradual ly the itch began to spread
over a larger area. The other thigh, the backs of the knees
and the soles of the feet came to be affected. Small
pustules began to be formed on these areas, and on
scratching, a sticky fluid would be exuded from them. The
affected areas began to darken in colour. I tried a few
ointments which are advertised in the papers, and some
others on the advice of friends. But the only result was an
increase in the trouble.
A number of eminent specialists in Mumbai were then
consulted, and tablets and injections as prescribed by
them were tried but none of them proved efficacious. I underwent
Homeopathic treatment for six months. But this only served to

exacerbate the condition. The itch went on spreading over

other parts of the body. Wherever the itch spread, the skin
would become brittle, hard and rough. At last, being fed
up with all these remedies, I discontinued all treatments.
A friend recommended Auto-Urine Therapy. But, I
thought, what probability was there of this Urine Therapy
succeeding where even the most modern treatments
prescribed by so many eminent physicians had failed?
However, believing that no harm was likely to be caused
by this therapy, I began the treatment on an experimental
The taste of urine was most repugnant to me.
Drinking it would induce retching. Often I would be
tempted to drop the treatment. But I continued to drink a

cupful of urine three times a day. At the end of the third week,
the first sign of improvement was exhibited : The sticky fluid
stopped oozing out of the skin. This encouraged me. My
aversion to the taste of urine had also decreased. I increased the
dosage. After another month, the affected areas stopped itching.
At the end of two months, scabs began to be shed from the
blackened and embrittled skin. The colour of the skin began to
lighten. This process was extremely slow. The skin took four
months to be restored to its healthy condition. My delight knew
no bounds.
As I became more enthusiastic about urine therapy, I began
to use urine as eye-drops too. My vision began to improve.
Before this treatment, I was not able to read fine print without
glasses. Now I could read such small letters without the use of
My hair began to turn grey. The treatment had the effect of
restoring its black colour. This was a matter of boundless
wonder and delight for me. I have come to believe that one's
own urine is a nectar on earth. Regular ingestion of urine has
reinvigorated and rejuvenated my body.

Narendra Gandhi, a young man of 25, used to have fever
every ten to twelve days. The temperature would rise to 102 or
103, and the fever would persist for three days or so. The
fever would subside on treatment, but it could not be eradicated
permanently. This state of affairs continued for about two and a
half years. His body had become emaciated under the effects
of the powerful toxic medicines he was required to take.
Various medicines and injections had been tried under the
instructions of doctors. He had X-ray photographs taken and
blood and spittle examined, but to no avail. A doctor suggested
tonsillectomy. So Narendra had his tonsils removed. But the
fever kept recurring. No one had been able to find out the root

cause of these fevers. Tired of all these futile treatments,

Narendra came to me. "Doctor," he said, "it has not been
possible to diagnose my malaise properly. Are you willing
to take up my case? Do you think Auto-Urine Therapy will
I replied with a smile, "There is no need of a
diagnosis in Urine Therapy. All you have got to do is to
drink your own urine regularly, with faith. You will
certainly get cured."
He was made to fast for two days on fruit juices, and
then he was put on urine fasts. The second day after the
commencement of the urine fast, he contracted a severe
cold, and he had a bitter taste in the mouth. Narendra got
frightened. But I consoled him, and encouraged him to
continue the experiment, assuring him that there was no
need to worry, and that he was definitely going to get
The cold disppeared completely in two days. On the
seventh day the bitter taste in the mouth was gone. As he
was fooling extremely weak i began to give him fruit juices
in a addition to the urine which he was to drink.
To his great surprise, it was some twenty days before
he had the next attack of fever, and even that attack was
so mild as to be no more than a vestigeal remnant. The
temperature rose only to 100 F and dropped to normal on
the very next day. When he came to see me after some six
months, he had a rosy complexion. "How are you keeping
now?" I asked. "Very well indeed," was the reply. "I have
not had fever since we parted."

Somabhai Patel had been having headaches for five
years. Though the headaches were never very severe, he
used to have a feeling of heaviness in the head. He was
unable to concentrate on his work. He was for this reason

in a constant state of agitated concern.

He underwent numerous tests and treatments, consulted
numerous specialists, had X-rays of his head taken, got his
sinuses cleaned, had a CAT-scan at a famous hospital in
Mumbai. Treatment would bring temporary relief, but as soon as
the effects of the medicines wore out, the headache would come
back, which meant that the headache was suppressed rather
than cured.
Once when he visited a friend, he chanced to see a book
on Auto-Urine Therapy. Reading it awakened the desire to try it
out in his own case. He came to me for guidance in the methods
of the system. I advised him to try simple fasts and
magnetotherapy, but Somabhai insisted on Auto-Urine Therapy.
Within ten days of initiating the treatment with a cupful (200
ml) of urine three times a day, the first signs of improvement
became apparent. The pain gradually lessened after that, and
after sixteen days of the treatment, there was no trace of the


Mansukhbhai was about fifty years old. His general health
was not bad. The weight too could be considered to lie within
reasonable limits. He was not suffering from any specific
disease. But he used to have muscular pains all over the body.
He would feel as if his muscles were undergoing contractions
time and again. There would frequently be pains experienced in
the lower part of the back. He would call for the services of a
massagist almost every day. He would take analgesic tablets
even more frequently. All this would have the effect of
alleviating the pain to some extent, and that too, only
temporarily. But not a single day would pass without some pain
or discomfort. He was reduced to desperate straits by this

Though his complaint could by no means be

considered a serious disease, he consulted a specialist.
The whole gamut of tests-blood, urine, stools, etc.-failed
to reveal the cause of the pains. He underwent one
month's treatment as prescribed by the specialist, without
any noticeable improvement. Later he tried both
Ayurvedic and Homeopathic treatment. There was
occasional remission, but the muscular pains could not be
banished permanently.
Mansukhbhai had read a little about Auto-Urine
Therapy. One of his neighbours had been able to get rid
of his rheumatic arthritis through this therapy.
Mansukhbhai decided to give the system a chance.
When he came to me and expressed his desire to try
Urine Therapy, I examined him thoroughly, and advised
urine fasts. He could not see why such drastic measures
were necessary for so ordinary a complaint. "There is," I
explained, "no other remedy so effective, so infallible as
urine fasts. So why shouldn't it be tried in preference to
other less certain measures?
In addition to his own urine, he was given only warm
water to drink. He was allowed cold water only
infrequently, if it became necessary. He was to take waist
baths everyday and enemas of diluted urine every
alternative day. The pain disappeared spontaneously as
early as the fourth day. This was nothing less than magic
for Mansukhbhai. He himself expressed a desire to
continue the fasts. He was on urine fasts for a total of ten
days. He broke his fast on the eleventh day with a little
fruit juice. He was allowed stage by stage to resume his
normal diet in eight more days. The muscular pains and
the pain in the lower back were completely eradicated by
this time, and have not recurred since then.


[The DAMAR TANTRA is an ancient Sanskrit work. It contains a
detailed description of tile system of therapeutics utilising 'Shivarnbu',
i.e. of Auto-Urine Therapy, as expounded by Lord Shiva to His Divine
Consort, the Goddess Parvati. There are 107 shlokas or verses in the
meter called 'anushtup chhandas'. It is asserted in the Damar Tantra
that all diseases can be cured by Shivambu (one's own urine), and all
mankind can retain health and strength through the regular use of
Shivambu. For the convenience of the interested readers, we present
here the original Sanskrit verses of the Tantra with an English

o Parvati! I shall expound to you the recommended actions and rituals

of Shivambu Kalpa that confer numerous benefits. Those well versed
in the scriptures have carefully specified certain vessels for the
purpose. (1)

Utensils made from the following materials are recommended: Gold,

Silver, Copper, Bronze, Brass, Iron, Clay, Ivory, Glass, Wood from
sacred trees, Bones, Leather and Leaves. (2, 3)

The Shivambu (one's own urine) should be collected in a utensil made

of any. of these materials. Among them, clay utensils are better, and
copper ones are by far the best. (4)

The intending practitioner of the therapy should abjure salty or

bitter foods, should not over-exert himself, should take a light
meal in the evening, should sleep on the ground, and should
control and master his senses. (5)

The sagacious practitioner should get up when three quarters of

the night have elapsed, and should pass urine while facing the
east. (6)

The wise one should leave out the first and the last portions of
the urine, and collect only the middle portion. This is considered
the best procedure. (7)

Just as there is poison in the mouth and the tail of the serpent, 0
Parvati, it is even so in the case of the flow of Shivambu. (8)

Shivambu (auto-urine) is a heavenly nectar, which is capable of

destroying senil ity and diseases. The practitioner of Yoga
should take it before proceeding with his other rituals. (9)

After cleaning the mouth, and performing the other essential

morning functions, one should drink one's own clear urine,
which is the annihilator of senility and diseases. (10)

One who drinks Shivambu for the duration of a month will be

purified internally. Drinking it for two months stimulates and
energises the senses. (11)

Drinking it for three months destroys all diseases and frees one from
all troubles. By drinking it for five months, one acquires divine vision
and freedom from all diseases. (12)

Conti nuation of the practice for six months makes the practitioner
highly intelligent and proficient in the scriptures, and if the duration is
seven months, the practitioner acquires extraordinary strength. (13)

If the practice is continued for eight months, one acquires a permanent

glow like that of gold, and if it is continued for nine months, one is
freed from tuberculosis and leprosy. (14)

Ten months of this practice makes one a veritable treasury of lustre.

Eleven months of it would purify all the organs of the body. (15)

A man who has continued the practice for a year becomes the equal of
the sun in radiance. He who has continued it for two years conquers
the element Earth. (16)

If the practice is continued for three years, one conquers the element
Water, and if it is continued for four years, the element Ligj,t is also
conquered. (17)

He who continues the practice for five years conquers the element Air,
and he who continues it for seven years conquers pride. (18)

Continuation of the practice for eight years enables one to conquer all
the important elements of Nature, and continuation of it for nine years

frees one from the cycle of birth and death. (19)

One who has continued the practice for ten years can fly
through the air without effort. One who has continued it for
eleven years is able to hear the voice of his soul (his inner self).

He who has continued the practice for twelve years will live so
long as the moon and the stars last. He is not troubled by
dangerous animals such as snakes, and no poisons can kill
him. He cannot be consumed by fire, and can float on water just
like wood. (21)

O Goddess! I shall tell you now about other variants of the therapy. Please
listen attentively. He who takes powdered amrita (gaduchi, Tinospora
Condifolia) mixed with Auto-Urine habitually for six months, is freed from
all disorders, and acquires happiness. (22, 23 contd.)

Powdered Haritaki (harade, Terminalia Chebula) should be

assiduously taken with Shivambu. This combination destroys
senile degeneration and all diseases. If this practice is
continued for a year, it makes one exceptionally strong.
(23, 24)

One masha (about one gramme) of sulphur should be taken

along with Shivambu every morning. He who continues this
practice for three years will live as long as the moon and the

stars last. His urine and faeces will whiten gold. (25)

The powder of the Koshtha fruit should be mixed properly with

Shivambu and taken in the prescribed manner. If this practice is
continued for twelve years, one's body will be free from the ravages of
old age such as wrinkles on the skin and whitening of the hair. One
acquires the strength of a thousand elephants, and lives as long as the
moon and the stars continue to exist. (26)

If powdered pepper and Tripha/a Choorna (mixed powder of

Terminalia Belavica, Terminalia Chebula and Phylonthus Emblica)
mixed with Shivambu are taken regularly, one acquires a radiance like
that of the gods. (27)

The essence (bhasma) of mica and sulphur should be taken with

Shivambu along with a little water. This cures all disorders caused by
malfunctioning of the digestive system and all disorders caused by the
Vata humour. He who takes such a mixture regularly becomes strong,
acquires a divine radiance, and can cheat time (escape the ravages of
time). (28, 29)

He who takes Shivambu daily and excludes salty, sour and bitter foods
from his diet acquires divine accomplishments quickly. Freed from all
ailments, and possessing a body comparable to that of Shiva Himself,
he disports himself like the gods in the Universe for an eternity. (30,

He who regularly takes the juice of the leaves of the neem tree
by itself as well as mixed with Shivambu, attains the state of a
Yogi, and acquires splendour comparabie to that of the gods.

Anyone can rid himself of all physical ailments by taking

Shivambu regularly with the powdered bark of the neem tree
and powdered pumpkin for the duration of a year. (33)

Shivambu should be taken with lotus seeds, honey and mustard

seeds. This will assuredly produce lightness of the body,
rendering it energetic. (34)

Equal quantities of Mahua fruit seeds and Triphala Choorna

(see verse 27) taken daily with Shivambu will eliminate the
possibility of senile degeneration and all diseases. (35)

He who takes rock salt mixed with an equal quantity of honey

every morning, and follows it up with Shivambu, comes to
possess a body with divine attributes. (36)

A mixture of equal parts of sulphur, powdered anvla

(Phylonthus Emblica) fruits and powdered nutmeg (Myristica
Beddornci) should first be taken, and that should be followed by
a drink of Shivambu. This will eliminate all diseases. (37)

A daily diet of milk accompanied by the drinking of Shivambu,

continued uninterruptedly for seven years, not only eliminates
all diseases, but also nourishes and strengthens the body. (38)

And he who takes the powdered amritaka (vachhnag, Tinospora

Condifolia) following it up with drinking of Shivambu can certainly
conquer death. (39)

And he who drinks his own urine to which honey and crystal sugar
have been added is relieved of all diseases in six months. His speech
becomes pleasing and he becomes clear-headed. (40)

He who first takes pieces or powder of dry ginger, and drinks

Shivambu after that, certainly conquers diseases. (41)

By drinking Shivambu every morning, and chewing leaves of Nirgundi

(Viter Nirgundo) after the drink, a Yogi attains strength, becomes farsighted and succeeds in all his undertakings. (42)

The Yogi who applies a paste of Mansheel ground with Shivambu

allover his body frees himselffrom diseases and his hair becomes
black (i.e. in spite of age). (43)


And now 0 Parvati, I shall explain to you the process of massaging

with Shivambu. Such massage carried out according to the prescribed
procedure enables the Yogi to attain success in his practice of Yoga
(i.e, in his endeavours towards spiritual development). (44)

Shivambu should first be taken in an earthen pot, and stored. When

only one-fourth of it is left, the cool concentrate should be used to

massage the body. (45)

There are certain mantras which are to be recited while

accepting, drinking and producing (passing) it, of which I am
now apprising you. While taking Shivambu into your hands, this
mantra should be recited:
Mantra: Aum Hrim Klim Bhairavaaya Namaha. This mantra
should be recited while drinking it :
Mantra: Aum
And this is the mantra to be recited while passing urine:
Mantra: Aum Sarvashristiprabhave Rudraaya Namaha. (46, 47)

Having thus taken Shivarnbu, the Yogi should apply it to the

body, which action abundantly nourishes the limbs, and cures
all disorders. The Yogi who follows these instructions achieves
pre-eminence among all Yogis, and his movements become
totally unrestricted. He acquires the strength of a thousand
elephants, and is able to obtain (and digest) an. food which he
desires. (48, 49)

He who foolishly uses urine that has not been matured as

instructed for massaging the body, finds that his disorders get
worsened, and all his limbs become weakened due to loss of

muscular tone. (50)

Therefore urine that has not been matured or aged should never be
used' for massaging the body. On the other hand, 0 Goddess, if
properly matured urine is used for the purpose, all attainments are
within one's grasp. (51)

By drinking Shivambu and using it for massage in accordance with the

prescribed procedure, the practitioner is freed from aging and death.

The urine and faeces of one who drinks Shivambu regularly can impart
a white colour to gold. The practitioner who uses a mixture of Shiroemtit. dew and Shivambu for massaging his body acquires great
strength, and freedom from all ailments, (53)

The Yogi who drinks his own urine every morning regularly for three
years, and abjures salty, hot and bitter foods for that period wi II conq
uer I ust, and be the master of his desires. (54)

o Dear One! He who is unyielding in his practice of taking roasted

grams with jaggery, drinking Shivambu and massaging his body with it
for six months acquires the ability to see clearly things situated at
great distances, to be able to smell them from great distances; he is
not subject to ailments, and his body becomes light 'ind supple. (55,

o Consort of the Chief among the Gods! He who takes one

grarnme of Piper Longum and one gramme of black pepper
every day, and follows it up with a drink of Shivambu, will, in
only a month, acquire a pleasing voice, and conquer all bodily
ailments. (57)

The outstanding practitioner who regularly takes powdered dry

ginger, and then drinks Shivambu, becomes exceptionally
strong and capable of great exploits. He becomes as strong as
thousand elephants, and his youth will tempt even the Apsaras
to entreat for his favours. (58)

o Consort of Shiva! One who drinks Shivambu after taking

roasted and powdered Abhaya (Haritaki, Terminalia Chebula)
succeeds in purifying his whole body, his body comes to
resemble the bodies of gods, and he acquires a cheerful frame
of mind. (59)

And he who sedulously drinks Shivambu after taking a mixture

of equal parts of the powders of Amrita, Triphala (see verse
27), Kadu, dry ginger, cumin seeds and the roots of Piper
Longum, and keeps to a diet of only rice and milk, will within a
year develop an understanding of the Scriptures. (60)

One who follows this practice for three years acquires great
strength and valour; he becomes a veritable god on Earth. He

becomes omniscient, acquires all spiritual attainments, can expound

even the Scriptures and Sciences which he has not studied, and all
the three worlds are visible to him. (61)

The practitioner who drinks Shivambu with the powder of the five parts
of the Sharapunkha (Oevnaa~ plant, acquires pre-eminence among
the Yogis, and enjoys spiritual ecstasy. (62)

o Great Goddess! Powders of dry ginger, and crystal sugar should be

mixed with ghee and honey, and taken with the juice of Nargundi
(Vitex Nirgundo) leaves, followed by a drink of Shivambu. If this is
done for a month, one becomes strong in one's limbs and acquires
immeasurable physical
prowess. After one year of this practice, one enjoys all the beneficial
fruits of Yoga. (63, 64)

Equal amounts of black and white seasame seeds should be taken

with Karanj (Pongamia Glabvi) seeds and the juice of Neem leaves,
and this should be followed by a drink of Shivambu. The practitioner
who follows these instructions will, within a fortnight, achieve
perfection of body. (65)

Having drunk 1/32 gramme of opium roasted on an open fire with

Shivambu, the wise man can enjoy sexual intercourse as and when he
pleases. One who takes this drink regularly acquires complete control
over the ejaculation of semen, over his breathing, and over the strong
passions of lust and anger; he will be able to travel over the whole

earth for a long time (i.e. he will live a long and active life). (66,

o Goddess! Triphala Choorna (see verse 27) mixed with

Nirgundi (Vitex Nirgundo) and both the varieties of turmeric
should be taken with Shivambu. He who does this for three
months becomes omniscient, capable of discerning fine
distinctions, and as lustrous as a crore of Kamadevas. (68)

One who regularly follows the practice of Iicking a paste of

Bhringaraj (Eclipta Errecra) and honey, and drinking Shivambu
after that, will in six months be able to cheat time (become free
from the ravages of age) and will become far-sighted. (69)

He who regularly takes a powder of the bark of the Neem tree,

the roots of Chitraka (Plumago Zeylancia) and the root of Piper
l.ongum with Shivambu attains such spiritual eminence as to
deserve to be worshipped even by the gods. (70)

The root of red Apamarg (Achyranthus Aspara), and the root of

Chakramarda (Chenopadium Albium) should be drunk with
Neem juice, and this should be followed by a drink of Shivambu.
One who does this regularly will remain free from all diseases,
and he will not be subject to the effects of old age such as
wrinkles or greying of hair, which will remain black. He will be
able to walk a distance of ten yojanas (125 ki lornetres) without
effort. He wi II be able to hear sounds from great distances and
thus come to know about distant events. He will be able to

divine other people's thoughts, and a Goddess! Young women of royal

blood with faces rivalling the moon in beauty will be attracted towards
him. (71, 72, 73)

He who licks a grain of the juice of white Kaner (Nerium Odorurn) and
then takes a drink of Shivambu every day will be free from epilepsy
(and mental disorders) within a year. (74)

The juice of white Gunja (Abrus Precatorius) seeds, the juice of

Sharapunkha (Oevala) leaves, the powdered seeds of Chakramarda
(Chenopadium Album) and the powdered roots of Matulung
(Mahalung) should be taken in equal quantities, and wetted with
Shivambu to prepare a paste. This paste should be rolled into peasized pills. One of these pills should be taken every day, and
Shivambu taken after that. If this practice is continued for a month, the
practitioner, pre-eminent among the Yogis, will achieve such a
purification of his body as to render it free from all ailments.
(75, 76, 77)

Powdered seeds of Karanja (Pongamia Glabra), the gum of the

Banian tree (Ficus Bengalensis) and a little opium should be mixed
and licked every morning, and this should be followed by a drink of
Shivambu. The Yogi who follows this practice will in six months
acquire the youthfulness of a sixteen-year old boy. He can become
invisible when he chooses, and can become visible at his will. (78, 79)

The juice of the leaves of Keveli should be mixed with the juice of

Bhringaraaj leaves, and taken with honey, crystal sugar and

ghee. The mixture is like a thick paste, and has to be licked.
One who takes this mixture regularly will be free from the signs
of old age, and his hair will remain black. (80)

White Mustard seeds and Turmeric mixed with both kinds of

cumin seeds should be powdered together, and taken regularly.
This will free one from all signs of old age within a month. (81)

Drumsticks, Jatamansi and white Mustard seeds should be

powdered, mixed with honey and ghee. This should be taken
regularly. This practice causes one's body to become as comely
as that of the demi-gods known as Gandharvas. (82)

Kalanemi (Guggul) and Bhargika (Clerodendron Serrotum)

should be powdered and made into a paste by mixing with
butter. If this is taken regularly with Shivambu, the practitioner
acquires a pleasing personality. (83)

The variety of Moss known as Jalakesar and the seeds of

Sapindus Laurifolius should be powdered and mixed with
Shivambu. He who takes this mixture regularly acquires the
charming personality of the famous King Udayan, the King of
the Vatsas, and will not be subjecttothe process of aging. (84)

o Goddess, if the Yogi takes Nasya (cleans his nasal

passages) with Shivambu every morning, he will be cured of all
diseases which are caused by the excess of any or all of the
three humours Kapha (phlegm), Vaata (Air), and Pitta (Bile).
His appetite will be stimulated, and if his body is weak, it will be

greatly strengthened. (85)

If the practitioner of the system massages his body thrice during the
day and thrice during the night with Shivambu, longevity will be
conferred upon him. (86)

If he massages his body with Shivambu three times in every period of

a day and a night (24 hours), he will be strong in his body and in all the
joints of the body, he will constantly be in a state of ecstatic happiness,
he will always have friendly feelings for ali, and his body will shine with
a golden lustre.

Even if he drinks Shivambu only once a day and massages his body
with it once a day, he becomes capable of great exploits. If this
practice is followed for three years, his body will acquire radiance, he
will become the master of all arts and sciences, he will acquire veracity
and felicity of speech, and he will live so long as the moon and the
stars continue to exist. (88, 89)

And now, 0 Goddess, I shall expound the various practices to be

followed during each of the six seasons. The Yogi who adopts the
practices as described will not be troubled by diseases. (90)

o Parvati! During the Spring, powdered Haritaki (Terminalia Chebula)

should be taken with honey; and similarly powdered dry ginger

should be taken with honey. This should be followed by a drink
of Shivambu. This practice will assuredly free one from twenty
disorders caused by excess of Kapha (Phlegm), forty disorders
caused by excess of Pitta (Bile), and eighty disorders caused
by excess of Vata (Air). (91, 92)

And 0 Great Goddess, bitter and pungent foods should be

avoided during the Spring. This will ensure the proper
nourishment and development of all the limbs. (93)

o Great Goddess! During the summer, equal quantities of

powdered Haritaki (Terrninalia Chebula) and peepadPiper
Longum) should be taken with jaggery, and this should be
followed by a drink of Shivambu. This will restore the body to its
normal state, cure all diseases, confer acuity of vision and
lightness of the body, and bestow upon the practitioner the
capability of travelling through the air. (94, 95)

During the rainy season (around July-August), powdered

Heriteki (Terminalia Chebula) should be taken with powdered
roots of peeper (Piper Longum) and Saindhav salt. After that,
Shivambu should be drunk. The Yogi who follows this practice
will become free from diseases and his body will become
radiant. If he takes the powder along with milk, he will not be
consumed by, or even touched by, fire. (96, 97)

During the Sharad season (September-October), powdered Haritaki

(Terminalia Chebula), powdered fruits of Terrninalia Belavica, and
powdered crystal sugar mixed together should be taken, and a drink of
Shivambu taken after that. This practice will purify the body, free it
from diseases, and impart the capability of very quick motion over the
ground. And 0 Consort of the chief among the Gods, all the
attainments conferred by Yoga will be acquired in a very short period.
(98, 99)

During the Hemanta season (November-December) {powdered dry

ginger, powdered anvla (fruit of Phylonthus Embica) and powdered
Haritaki (Terminalia Chebula) should be mixed together and taken
before drinking Shivambu. The Yogi who follows this practice becomes
free from all diseases, all dirorders resulting from abnormalities of
body fluids are corrected, sharpness of vision of improved fel icitous
speech and knowledge of all sciences are acquired without any effort.
(100. 10n

During the Shishir season (January-February), mixed powder of

peepar (Piper Longum) roots, Haritaki (Terminalia Chebula) and dry
ginger should be taken before drinking Shivambu. This purifies the
body, confers the strength of a hundred elephants, and prevents the
ravages of old age. The practitioner becomes omniscient, and the
object of affection of all living entities. (102, 103)

o Goddess, during the period of the regular ingestion of Shivambu,

one must sedulously abjure the following : Vegetables

consisting either of leaves or flowers, grams and pulses such as
Kodre, Horse grams, Lentils, Black Grams, etc.; cereals that are
I ikely to cause flatulence; pungent, sharp, bitter, salty and sour
foods; sexual intercourse. Avoidance of all these will help the
success of Yogic practices, Any relaxation of this abstinence is
likely to cause harm. (104, 105, 106)

o Dear one! I have expounded the therapeutic system called

Shivambu Kalpa to you. This is secret knowledge that is to be
sedulously guarded. It should not be imparted to all and sundry
(but only to the deserving). (107)
Here ends the discussion of Shivambu Kalpa Vidhi, as
expounded in the Damar Tantra.


URINE Among the more recently

developed therapeutic systems, Magnetotherapy
holds an important position. Innumerable patients
who have been disappointed by the Western
Allopathic System of Medicine are turning towards
Magnetotherapy in the expectation of cures.
Magnets are used in two ways for therapeutic
(1) Method of Direct Application : In this
magnets of definite pole strengths and shapes are kept

in direct contact with the affected parts of the body for

specified periods of time. It is not possible to give here detailed
information as to what sort of magnets are to be placed in
contact with which parts of the body for what periods. For such
information the interested readers are invited to refer to the
book on 'Magnetotherapy' by Dr Gala.
(2) Method of Indirect Application : Use is made in
this method of water, urine, milk, etc., which have been
previously magnetised by exposing them to the action of
magnetic fields.
If the urine to be drunk or used for massage has been
magnetised prior to utilization, quicker and better results are
For magnetising urine that is to be drunk, place two
powerful magnets on the two sides, or under the bottom, of the
glass or bottle holding the urine for 15 to 20 minutes (see the
figures). The urine gets quite sufficiently magnetised in this

[Method of magnetising urine]

If the urine is to be used for massage, the bottles

containing it should be left in continuous contact with the
magnets for three or four days prior to use.
Urine to be used as eye-drops, or for instilling into the

ears or nostrils, should also be used after magnetising it.

For this purpose, fresh urine should be used.