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Tuesday 5/6/08


“Behold I stand at the door and knock; if anyone hears My

voice and opens the door, I will come in to him, and will dine
with him and he with Me.” [Rev. 3:20].

I saw a vision of Jesus standing at the door. Jesus said, “IF” anyone hears
“His” voice (you must first want and desire to hear His voice) and opens the
door. Not anyone’s voice but “His”. The Lord told me recently that too many
people are following other people and listening to other voices instead of
picking up their cross and following Him. Faith comes by hearing and hearing
by the word of God. There is an intimate communion that hungers for the
Lord and what He has to say. The most important relationship we will ever
have is the one with the Father. This is why Jesus often times would leave His
own disciples to go off and pray. “Blessed are those who hunger and thirsts
for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied.” [Matt. 5:6]. Mick Jagger’s
song, “I can’t get no satisfaction” is the attitude of man. Always empty,
always searching, and never satisfied. It depends on what we are searching
for and to who, what, or where lies our devotion. When we love someone we
want this devotion to be reciprocal---so does God. I don’t want God to knock,
I want to invite Him in daily so that we can devote ourselves to one another.


Follow the way of Ruth. Mothers, whether they are biological or spiritual,
mother-in-laws, foster mother, etc. are to be celebrated. If you suffer from
the loss of a husband, a friend, grab hold to the mother God has chosen for
you. I was blessed to have a mother who is devoted to Jesus Christ and
prayer and she is what Jesus called the meek of the earth. She is also a
peacemaker. Thank you Lord for the mother you gave to me. My biological
father is dead but My Abba Father lives forever. If you don’t have a mother,
pray for one. Ruth didn’t just follow a woman named Naomi who was her
mother-in-law she followed the road to salvation and her DNA through
generations birthed ours in Jesus Christ. Mothers are like shepherds tending
their young, teaching, training them up in the way they should go, praying for
them, keeping them safe. A laborious task from the time of conception until
now. Even after a child is grown, they seek counsel from their mother on
occasion. During this time and season hunger for intimacy with the Father
and thank Him for giving us the greatest gift of all Jesus His Son and birthing
mothers who populate the earth and feed and nurture her own.


“I complete the family through loss or gain (through death or additions

to the family---household or extended family). Celebrate your own birth—be
born again through My Spirit.”

I just recently saw myself coming out of a womb with water going through a
birth canal. The Body of Christ will experience a ‘new birth’ that will usher in
a new move of God. How do we prepare? Intimacy with God, daily word, and
prayer. Through all the pains of the past God is bringing forth new fire, new
fruit and maturity in His word. Cut the cord of a checkered and wounded past
and be born again with the life giving Spirit of the Living God. God is about to
reposition and hand out new seats of power and authority. Pick yourselves up
by the bootstrap, seek heaven, open the door and when you hear His voice
harden not your hearts. Enjoy the sweet communion of His presence.

Pastor Regina Brent

Extended Hands of Jesus Ministry