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STUDENTS NAME: Damian Saenz Antony


Cesar Martinez



Conversation II


I dedicate this work
A God who has given me life and strength
to finish this research project,
My parents for being there when I needed them
most; in
especially my mother for her constant support
and cooperation and
My boyfriend Jose for supporting me and helping
me in
most difficult moments.

Are we alone in the universe?
This monograph has been made due to the interest
and concerns that I have about UFOs and aliens as a
few years ago I read information, seen movies and
documentaries on the subject. This monograph will be
able to judge whether the existence of UFOs and
extraterrestrials is real or not.
The objectives of my memory are:
- Define the UFO phenomenon.
- Investigate alleged sightings and contacts with


An unidentified flying object or UFO, UFOs are
associated with visits by extraterrestrial life or
theories related with the government, and have
become popular subjects in fiction.
During the late 1940s and through the 1950s,
UFOs were called popularly as "flying saucers" or
"flying discs".
When a UFO is identified as a known object (such
as an airplane or a balloon-catheter weather),
longer and becomes UFO unidentified flying
object. In such cases it is inaccurate to continue
using the term to describe the object.
Studies have established that the majority of
UFO observations are misidentified:
Commonly with aircraft, balloons, comets, etc.


As noctilucent clouds, shooting stars, meteors,



3.1 Research lines:
Donald Keyhoe: Aeronautical engineer and
postulator of the hypothesis according to which
the US air force had evidence of the arrival of
extraterrestrial beings.
Carl Sagan: Astrobiologist and advocate of
extraterrestrial life, and says that Earth has been
visited sometime in the past

Donald Menzel: He agreed with Sagan, saying

that UFOs were not just objects.

3.2 Classification of UFOs in phases:

First phase: is when you see a flying object not
Second phase: for Hynek, occurs when the object
leave a kind of mark, as burnt vegetation or
marks on the land.

Third phase: occurs when you see a crew

Fourth phase: When a person enters the ship, as
in cases of abduction.

Fifth phase: Telepathic contacts, from mind to

Sixth fase: Radio signals or radioastronmies.
3.3 Relationship UFO with aliens.:
Intraterrestrial hypothesis: Says that the
Earth is almost hollow and inside there is a
civilization much more advanced than the human.
Interdimensional hypothesis: scientists say
that UFOs are other dimensions of the universe.
The crew would be
beings belonging to
those dimensions
hypothesis: Say that UFOs would be of times
past or future. They could travel in time.
Hypothesis of the secret projects: say that
the unexplained observations could be
aeronautical technology prototypes, with
hyperdrive and other advances.

3.4 Four wonders that could have

extraterrestrial origin:
Pyramids of Egypt:
The most famous buildings in the world.
Archaeologists claim that arose around 2700
How to raise such heavy stones without
machines so high? Does using the brute force
of hundreds of workers as suggested by
These imposing stone sculptures were
created in the year 2500 BC in England. It is
still unknown exactly why were built and
purpose: Prayer Temple, astronomical
observatory or cemetery? It is believed to be

of alien origin, because it is very difficult to

transport and place huge rocks on top of
others, and even more so at the time.

Nazca Lines:
Supposedly, they were made
by the ancient civilization of
Nazca, but UFO believers
think that may have
represented constellations or
could be landing strips for
Machu Picchu:
The striking resemblance of the mountain
mass with a gigantic human face, make it
difficult to explain its construction by human
hands. members of the international scientific
community have taken up with the theory of

course force extraterrestrial origin of the Inca


3.5 Classification of the ufos by its way:

Foo fighters: its origin goes back to the Second
World War, "the pilots observed this phenomenon
and their surprise was that the objects were not
detected by the radar".
Sphere: Phenomenon that generally is observed
like solid and opaque body, although has been
observed translucent or luminous spheres.

Disk: Phenomenon of a flat form, sometimes

swollen in the Middle, light or with a metallic
Cigar: Objects or with cylindrical form, elongated,
bright and commonly one larger size to the other
forms described.

On January 25, 1878, John Martin, a local farmer,
reported seeing a large, dark, circular object
similar a balloon flying "at wonderful speed."
On April 1897 thousands of people reported
seeing "airships" in various parts of the United
On February 28, 1904, Schofield wrote of three
bright red circular objects flying in formation, then
changed course and "soared" above the clouds.


Area 51 is a territorial extension in Nevada,

United States, owned by the U.S. Government. It
is very popular because for years, secret
technologies and new military aircraft test
experiments have been developed.
In addition, the site has security measures unique
characteristics, which attracts the attention of
millions of people around the world, as it is
heavily guarded by a large number of men with
full armament military helicopters art and selfpropelled artillery.


In the field of "ufology" and in the "science

fiction" is called abduction to the Act in which one
or more extraterrestrial beings take to a living
being terrestrial, they kidnap him and take him
given somewhere, usually their own spacecraft.
Other points in common are:
Repetitive nightmares.
Scars or marks on the body of unknown origin.
Sudden phobias to objects, smells, or sounds.
Thomas E. Bullard conducted a study on 309 cases
of this type, showing that they follow a certain order
and which include several episodes key:
Excursion or journey to other worlds

Some items do not appear in all cases but there

are 84% of situations in which the order is

Many UFO researchers argue that this
phenomenon has existed throughout history.
You can find many myths, legends and stories
that tell of strange things seen in the sky or
beings who came from the sky to help humans
develop civilization although it is impossible to
determine if these are accurate reports of true
Inside the UFO phenomenon must differentiate if
it is a common object or something "weird"