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What is the free will? We are going to explain this clear concept there is that free
will has to see with the freedom, but it is interesting to discover the concept across
a definition because there is a difference between the freedom and the free will, at
the time we can establish the following difference, on the one hand the free will
decides the possibility of being able to choose between the good and evil, and the
freedom for your part and is here the difference it is that the freedom is the good
use of the free will.
Then we understand that the man not always is free, because if we become
attached to the original sense of the concept of freedom we understand then that
the man enjoys this free will but always it depends on the good use of the free will,
this possibility of choosing between the good and evil likewise we can establish
that the free will does not have to see directly with the human will if not that the will
is an act or action and the free will we must understand it as a faculty of the human


Free of will
To begin to treat the question of the free will of the man, it is necessary to define
what commonly is understood by this one, being the aptitude to act for reflection
and choice, deciding his way, his own destination. It is necessary to begin
wondering up to what point the environment in which a person lives can affect her.
Can this one define the thought of a person, his own identity and his acts?
Certainly that yes can since we meet constant threatened with stereotypes, labels
and ways of life, which many of us are accepted by us like ours. Even for those
that do not agree with this it can be said that they have met influenced by others
that reject them, or that they do it for pure need. In these cases the free will shines
for his absence, only it seems to appreciate a response of the individuals to his
environment, the need to fit, to survive. Saying in other words, we are not what we
want to be, are what the environment us induces to be.
Then that is really the free will, the free will or free choice is the belief of those
philosophical doctrines that hold that the persons have the power to choose and
take his own decisions. But actually have we a good time the human beings of this
faculty? Many have supported this belief whereas others have criticized her It has
turned into mode to say that the people they do not have free will, the investigators
of the brain say that the brain is only a heap of nervous cells that are activated as a
direct result of the chemical and electrical events, without space for the free will.
Others indicate that the persons are conscious of some of the reasons of his
behavior, such as unconscious signs or genetic predispositions, and they suggest
that any behavior can owe this way to him, for what the conscious choice is an
The contradictions on if we have the faculty to have free will they are great more
but in my opinion I defend that if such freedom exists, is true we are influenced
most of the time but there are in the habit of being moments in we as individual
manage to take dictions of what it are nice and it will give us benefits and also we
manage to take wrong ways but, to it the free will refers to choose between what it
are nice and what not and every day appear different circumstances in that this
concept is demonstrated.

It will begin my conclusions, does free will exist? For my if the majority affirms that
this is an illusion that we cannot think even that such a thing exists, but is there the
point we are taking a decision on the division on if such a concept exists or not and
it is a freedom. We are in a world full of influences, stereotypes and others that
affect our decisions but again all that guides us to taking the decisions that we
want and it for me is a free will, Because we can leave ourselves influence and
simultaneously also we do not allow it, then we are in a world where daily we take
choices that will give us benefit or not and it continues being a freedom, there will
have the one who commits an outrage against this freedom but in this
circumstance but everything is a part of the life.

Revista Libertas 2 (Mayo 19Revista Libertas 2 (Mayo 1985) Instituto

Universitario ESEADE 85) Instituto Universitario ESE