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Caffie 1

Hailey Caffie
Professor Mary Hays
Rhetoric 105
31 August 2015
The Importance of Respecting Differences
Respect comes in many forms. In an article titled, The Power of Hello, Howard
White, the vice president of the Jordan brand of Nike, emphasizes that respect develops
through simple acknowledgements and greetings to anyone on the street. This article in
conjunction with the universitys student code highlights the importance of respect
despite differences of religion, race, socioeconomic standing or even opinion.
You let that be the last time you ever walk by somebody and not open up your
mouth to speak, because even a dog can wag its tail when it passes you on the street.
Through this phrase, Howard Whites mother taught him that acknowledgment is a sign
of respect. White built his life around the phrase and made it to the top of the corporate
ladder. White and his reader can conclude that if respect is given to those around you,
respect will ultimately come your way and manifest itself into success.
The articles of the University of Illinois carry the principles of Whites essay.
Here, respect comes in the form of rights and responsibilities. In the Religious Beliefs,
Observances, and Practices rights, Illinois law requires the University to reasonably
accommodate students religious beliefs, observances and practices in regard to
admissions, class attendance and the scheduling of examinations and work requirements.
By respecting a students private beliefs, the university is able to create a healthy learning
environment with no discrimination. No one should be afraid to speak up in a learning

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community. The University prides itself on being open to anyones ideas no matter their
religious beliefs. The Campus Expression rights states that discussion and expression
of all views is permitted within the University subject only to requirements for the
maintenance of order. With these rights, students will be able to voice their opinion more
openly and move a class, or even the university into a different direction. An essential
part of learning is bringing a diverse set of ideas, analyzing and applying them to come
up with a solution.
Both White and the writers of the Universitys student code share one prime
belief: everyone deserves respect. Here at the University, shaking someones hand at the
Union, or simply saying Hello! to your classmates, are forms of respect. Who knows,
the people you shake hands with can potentially help you in your pathway to success.
Another belief both White and the writers of the Universitys student code share is
everyones ideas, regardless of race, gender, socioeconomic status, or religion, should
have the opportunity to be acknowledged by someone. The idea of academic freedom is
crucial to success of the Universitys students. Without it, some ideas or philosophies
would never be put into a community and the University would not move forward.