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Thaddaeus Brown

Add: 9 Blackwell Close E5 0TA

Tel: 02085109938 Mob: 07508911783
Currently on BCE Apprenticeship seeking to gain experience in a music business role a
dynamic, wise and determined individual who can undertake any task demanded with
confidence and focus. One who enjoys all types of sports, especially football and tries to
practice it at least once a week. Passionate about music, I produce for a hobby and I actively
seek out what's new and creative. One who actively enjoys conversing and debating with
people. A team leader and event planner, good with completing tasks under pressure,
compromising and motivating as well as eager to learn.
Technical Skills
IT Skills (Microsoft word, PowerPoint, Excel)
Music production/ composition (FL Studio, Logic)
Media skills (Editing video, creating blogs, etc.)
Journalist Skills (Adhere to relevant information quickly, writing an article)
Amateur camera operator
Essay, blog and case study writing
Personal Skills
Communication skills both verbal & listening
Good time management
Problem solving skills
Improvisation under pressure
Verbal presentations
Team leading, role delegation
Event Planning
Social Media Networking (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Soundcloud, Tumblr)


I love music I actively produce in my free time. I actively seek out new music, new potential,
and new challenging experiences. I plan to study the details of music culture and business, to
improve my insight to both the theoretical and practical processes. I plan to create a platform
for undiscovered talent. Simultaneously I will continue my personal development volunteering,
by completing an Action at Home project, and by taking up the UK - US YDP by the Windsor
Fellowship the following summer.
SEPTEMBER 2013 Present:
College: City and Islington Sixth Form College - Islington, London EC1V 7LA
2013/2014: AS Levels in English literature and Language (C), Sociology (C), Spanish (D) and
Economics (D).

2014/2015: A2 Levels in English literature and Language (C), Sociology (B), Economics (E)
and an Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) (D).
Secondary School: Islington Arts and Media School - Islington, London N4 3LS
Achieved 11 A - C GCSEs including an A in English and a B in Maths.
I am a dedicated voluntary member to WORLDWRITE, a local charity closely
associated with Citizen TV. My work there has included filming a part of a webseries
tackling current social issues. My most recent work has been filming my and other
volunteers' views on the 'no touching' rule, recently implemented in some schools in
Through my volunteering with WORLDWRITE, I had the chance to volunteer for
Bloomberg's masterclasses on journalism. In which I learned the basic skills of
20/06/2015 - 29/08/15: Raleigh ICS
I volunteered for 10 weeks as part of Raleigh ICS in Nicaragua with a sustainable
development project. I helped to construct 14 eco-latrines, 12 eco-ovens and
raise awareness about waste management, hygiene, higher education and
organic farming in the a local community called El Pajarito, Achuapa. This
involved writing blogs, case studies, posters, letters, invitations and creating
informational videos. As well as being a team leader, with the responsibilities of
event planning, team motivating and translating. I also improved my
understanding of Spanish, especially speaking, to a competent level.

Sixth Form Tutor: Toby Tanner

Work No.: 020 7520 0624

WorldWrite Director/ Production Co-ordinator: Ceri Dingle/ Marisa Pereira

Office No.: 020 8985 5435