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Quality, Safety and the

Fastest Response
in the Construction Industry

Professional Engineers
Certified Welders
Licensed Electricians
Licensed Electrician Helpers
Core Values
Employee Protection Justice
Our employees are our We seek to obtain proper
most valuable resource. compensation from our
clients based on legitimate
Environmental Commitment and transparent processes.
We protect the environment
Professional Ethics
through purposeful use of our
resources. We act in accordance with
the highest standards of our
Excellence profession.
We do not limit ourselves to
doing good, we strive to be
Vision the best. We maintain a high level
of communication among
To be the leader in the construction industry within the industrial ourselves, our clients and
sector of Puerto Rico.
We always speak the truth.
Mission Social Responsibility
Integrity and Verticality
We actively participate with
To perform construction work in the industrial sector, complying We perform all of our work integrity in the development
with strict requirements of quality, safety, budget and time. At the in function with what is right. of our community.
same time, we’ll provide the value added of performing all disciplines
within our organization. We commit ourselves to being respectful,
reliable and professional towards our colleagues and furthermore
our society.
Company Facts Our technical know-how and equipment enable us to offer
superior project construction and management services with little
• Full construction service company which started or no subcontracting. We manage multidisciplinary projects with
operations in 1998 with sustained growth ever since the fastest response in the industry and minimal downtime; never
• Self performed capabilities of all our services, compromising quality and safety.
providing faster responses than anybody else in the
industry Our clients enjoy peace of mind with solutions built
• Operating from a central office and fabrication shop of on efficiency and total commitment to quality.
10,000 sq ft.
• Ability to deliver turn-key projects to our clients from
concept to its full implementation
• Strong Health, Safety and Environmental Program From design to delivery, our ability to offer our clients turn-key
(EMR = .63) projects is what sets us apart. From the conceptual stage to its
• 200+ employees with a balanced distribution and a completion - including design, management, construction and
high retention rate (> 90%) commissioning - every project is catered to the client’s specific
• Certified Minority Business Enterprise, SBA Hub Zone needs. Our solutions are lean, energy-efficient and follow best
management practices. Key information is readily accessible
on site. With our multidisciplinary capabilities, our clients
enjoy direct control over the project. By eliminating a layer of
supervision, we streamline the process and increase the level of
safety and precision. This is far more efficient than having to
monitor multiple subcontractors for each discipline.
• Less Downtime
• Better Control
• Better Communication
• Full Commitment
Health, Safety and Environment We aim to operate incident and injury-free at all sites by following a robust
risk management system. These innovative safety processes allow us to detect
ALPROEM Engineering Contractors, Corp. has adopted an Injury potential workplace hazards at an early stage.
and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP), which describes specific re-
quirements for program responsibility, compliance, communications, We are committed to:
hazard assessment, accident/exposure investigations, hazard correc-
tion, training, and recordkeeping. • Incorporate Safety and Occupational Health management into
Our company strives to maintain a safe and healthy working all aspects of our operations.
environment. Safety and health must be a part of every operation, • Communicate effectively our safety & environmental policies
and we are very proud of Alproem’s record and achievements relating and procedures to all stakeholders.
to health, safety and the environment in all of our projects. • Provide appropriate safety & environmental training and
awareness to our construction team.
Our Safety Program includes: • Comply with all regulatory obligations.

• An Environmental, Health and Safety Manager. At ALPROEM we are dedicated to preserving the environment. All construc-
• A full time safety inspector assigned for each project. tion activity is based on this unbending commitment and follows a strict Envi-
• Weekly safety tool box meetings for all employees ronmental Management Plan. The plan outlines best practices and compliance
and sub-contractors. guidelines.
• Daily Safety Task Assessment program.
At ALPROEM, we are advocates for the recognized principles of Sustainable
• Weekly Safety Inspection by Alproem’s Site Safety Inspector. Development in relation to Waste Minimization, Pollution Control, Energy
• Drug compliance system program. and Resource Conservation and preservation of ecological systems, flora and
fauna. We are committed to the environment and we will not allow it to be
Our incident rate is significantly lower than the Puerto Rico average Compromised by our activities.
incident rate for construction. Our OSHA recordable incident rate
for the last five (5) years ranges below 1.0.
Testimonials Awards
Corporate Social Responsibility
Having ALPROEM Engineering in our projects always eases the ALPROEM has been recognized on multiple occasions by
prestigious organizations in the construction industry for its
execution of the job. My experience with them is that they assure having Our values embody the importance of social responsibility as a
commitment to the highest standards of service, quality, personal
an excellent core of employees, responsible supervision and dependable means to connect with the communities we do business with.
attention to clients, and integrity.
safety department. Their top management is always available and quick
   We truly believe that no business can be fully successful if there
to respond to any recommendation that could improve their performance, 2008 – “Construction Company of the Year ‘08”,
while assisting the client. Instead of the “we could” mindset, ALPROEM is no return to society.
Puerto Rico Sector by the Minority Business Enterprise
has the “we will” attitude. Certainly I will always consider and recommend   Examples of our Corporate Social Responsibility
ALPROEM as a Contractor to work with.  2008 – “Service Company of the Year ‘08”,
ROBERT A. RIVERA US Northeast Sector by the Minority “Hogar Forjadores de Esperanza” (residence for boys from
Project Manager Skanska USA Building Business Enterprise 10-18 years who have being physically and/or emotionally
_______________________________________________   abused) - we adopted this nonprofit organization and all our
2008 – “Capital Project Partner of the Year ‘08”
“In our latest award winning Expansion project, a $100MM investment, by Johnson and Johnson Co. employees and management perform a monthly donation to it.
ALPROEM received the highest rating out of 32 contractors   We also sponsor special activities for HFE such as the summer
evaluated.” 2006 – “First Place” working program at our offices and special trips, among others.
ALBERTO TIRADO, MSME, PE among 32 contractor companies on Customer Survey
Project Director / Worldwide Engineering / Johnson & Johnson WHQ performed by J&J and Skanska Sports Funds - we have established a sports fund to support
_______________________________________________ different sports activities in which our employees’ sons and
2005 – “Mechanical Project of the Year”
daughters participate. It is our strong belief that involvement
We have worked multiple projects with ALPROEM since 2005. All by the College of Engineers and Land Surveyors
projects are managed within time, quality and budget. Their dedication with sports now will create better leaders for our future society.
to understand the scope of work and our company needs, make everything
“Fundación Dr. Carlos López Somolinos” (foundation that
simpler. Their staff and management are first class. We acknowledge
them for contributing to the success of our company. provides scholarships to economically disadvantaged boys and
girls) - we actively participate on the Board of Directors and also
QA Manager / CIBA Vision Puerto Rico Inc. sponsor scholarships for this nonprofit organization.
• Merck Sharp & Dohmne
• Ortho Biologics
• Amgen Manufacturing
• Ortho McNeil
• Bristol Myers Squibb • Patheon Puerto Rico

• Caribbean Medical • Pfizer Pharmaceuticals

Systems • St. Jude Medical

• Ciba Vision • TAPI of Puerto Rico

• Cooper Vision • Warner Chilcott

• Cordis • Wyeth Consumer Products

• Eli-Lilly
• Ethicon ALPROEM also works on critical
• Janssen Pharmaceuticals projects for the United States
• Lifescan Products Government and public and
• Medtronics private hospitals.

Memberships  PMB #419, 2135 Carr. #2, Suite 15

Bayamon, PR 00959-5259
General Contractors Association, Puerto Rico Chapter
College of Engineers and Land Surveyors, Puerto Rico Chapter tel. 787-995-0309/0310
Puerto Rico Manufacturers Association fax. 787-288-3674
Construction Cluster of Puerto Rico Manufacturer Association