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1. Why do you want to pursue an MS-MIS degree at Mays Business School?

The Master of Information Systems program at Mays Business School is designed to develop
versatile professionals with competencies and expertise in the primary field of Information
Technology, who can appreciate and exploit the transformational impacts of the IT industry,
who understand the complexity associated with managing the IT resources, and who can
contribute effectively to add value to the IT investments in organizations.
The MS-MIS comprehensive course structure at Mays Business School has been designed in
such a way that it adds on significantly to the knowledge of an experienced IT professional.
The curriculum consists of all the subjects from accounting to database management. It also
covers Project Management and Corporate Planning. These credits would inculcate the
knowledge essential to determine solutions to complex IT problems. Also the wide range of
electives offered allows students to explore vast possibilities when it comes to specialization.
Such an extensive curriculum would enable me to gain advanced level knowledge and
competencies in information. Moreover, the subjects thought, the case studies as well as
assignments are designed such that it will help me develop strategic thinking and project
management skills.
As quoted by Mr. Karl A. Menninger
What the teacher is, is more important than what he teaches.
The faculty at Mays business school has literally given the business world people who have
changed the face of the IT industry. Many of faculty members are editors in reputed
journals. Who would not want to learn from the best in the business? With the expertise and
knowledge the faculty offers, one can surely reach the zenith of his/her ability.
Also the class of the MS-MIS course at Mays Business School consists of students with high
academic excellence. Also since the batch has considerable work experience, I would say
that a class of 60 students with an average experience of 2 years would mean a class with a
cumulative experience of 120 years (60 students * 2 yrs each) growing together. Learning
from each others experiences would surely enhance our skills in resolving issues in
business. Also interacting with students from diverse background would augment my cross
cultural communication and provide me with an international exposure. The internship
opportunities during the courseware, not to mention are unparalleled.
Its a general trend for the employers to hire employees who understand both business and
technology issues and have the skills and knowledge to contribute to the shaping of their
organizations Information Systems strategy and planning. With the learning environment at
the Mays business school I believe I can inculcate the above qualities so as to be a strong
candidate in the IT market.


But the most important reason is what Mays Business School stands for... It stands for
creating a global society by mentoring individuals and empowering them to change and lead
the modern world...With Ethics.
I mean the mission says it all...

And I would be humbled to play my part in this vision...


2. What are your career goals, and how will this degree help you achieve those

I have a few career milestones which I believe once achieved will take me closer to my
ultimate goal in life.
One of the milestones is to get my Masters education from one of the most reputed
business schools in the country. The reason behind it is the holistic development regime I
would be undergoing at the school, be it socially, culturally or academically. I have a
professional background in IT and this degree will enable me to delve deep and provide me
with the necessary base for my future Endeavor. I believe that one should be a perpetual
learner and completing this milestone just open doors to learn more.
Following it, my next career goal is to secure a job which will give me a platform and act as
a portal for constructive contribution to the industry. In the digital economy, data drives
business and information is king. It would be safe to say that just about every product or
service you encounter in your daily life is linked to an IT process or application. Therefore
obtaining a job after completing MS-MIS degree from Mays Business School with excellent
academics will not be difficult.
My next milestone is to apply the knowledge that I have gathered from my Alma mater into
the world and contribute to the much needed change in the industry. With the technological
knowhow of IT at my disposal and with the management lessons from the school, I am sure
to make a difference in my field of expertise. Moreover companies that offer placements
post the Masters are the Companies like IBM, apple, Microsoft... Who have actually brought
the IT field into existence, working in such firms will surely help me learn more and access
my full potential.
But my ultimate goal resides in giving back to the society in whatever way I can. My plans
are to foster young brains from rural India (I am not sure if this would go against me...but
my heart says to keep it) and make technological education available more easily.
Whatever I have learnt from the Mays Business School and from my experience I want to
make it available for those who were not as fortunate as me to be a part of the education
I am a firm believer of education is the need to the day I might be an IT professional by
mind but I am a teacher at heart and I plan to impart education as my ultimate career goal.
I have always believed Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity. After a
thorough preparation with good undergrad CGPA and GRE combining with more than two
and a half years of IT experience in Accenture, if I get an opportunity to enhance my
knowledge repository by being a part of the MS-MIS batch of fall 2014, it would be the
biggest luck ever!
MIS as I said earlier would provide me with the necessary arsenal on my mission. With solid
base of management and a strong technological knowhow I get from Mays business school
would surely help me achieve my goals.


3. Describe your background and personal/professional accomplishments, and

how they demonstrate your potential for success in this degree and your career.

I am an Engineering graduate who hails from Mumbai, India. I have completed my

bachelors degree in Electronics and telecommunication from Mumbai University with
Distinction in 2011. During this period not only consistently topped my class throughout all
the 4 years but also got involved in many extracurricular activities.
A few key activities I accomplished during my Graduate program are as follows.

Secured first rank in college in all four years of engineering.

Successfully held the post of Student Councils-General Secretory for tenure of
one year.
Organized the college festival ENSEMBLE10 & the Annual function thereafter.
Held the post of IETE sub-committee member in the second year.
Held the post of Asst.Technical Secretary of the Students Council successfully in
the second year.
Conducted a technical paper presentation at the National Entrepreneurship
Network, India at Watumull Institute
Passed B.E in Electronics and Telecommunication with First Class With Distinction
with an aggregate of 75.3% in the year 2011
Secured campus placements in 4 top IT based companies which included
Accenture, now my work place.

I began my career as an Associate Software Engineer at Accenture Services Pvt Ltd in

October 2011 and currently my designation is of a Software Engineering Analyst. My choice
to get into Accenture, an Information Technology company was primarily to expose myself
to a new domain altogether that came up as a challenge to me. It helped me understand
the Information Processes, Software Development, Database Systems, Organizational
Processes and Hierarchy. Apart from the technical aspects it flourished qualities like
teamwork, corporate ethics, cross cultural communication.
I was trained in Core and Advanced JAVA in Accenture and then deployed on a project which
required Oracle Apps Development, PL/SQL also along with Java. I was very happy to add
these new technologies to my knowledge repository. Currently I work in the same Oracle
Apps Development Project and the domain of work is Supply Chain Management. I have
also completed the Oracle Certified Java Programmer 6 certification with 100% marks.
Along with this, I also completed Communication and Media Technology Generalist
Certification and Accenture Advanced Enterprise Solutions Certification in Accenture.


A few key activities I accomplished at my workplace are as follows.

Working as a Software Engineering Analyst on a project named Oracle Configurator

since January 2012. My responsibilities in the project primarily are development on
the Oracle Configurator Developer Structure, Rules, User Interface, Publications,
Configurator Extensions, BOM, Quoting, Istore, Usages. In addition to 11i, we also
use R12 environment wherein the data is available through migration from 11i to
R12, thereby I have sound knowledge of the Migration and publication process in
R12 environment as well. Apart from development on the tool, we also use core java
implementation and PL/SQL for Configurator Extensions.
Managing defect resolution and Change Requests through accurate prioritization and
alignment of resources
Successfully held the role of Development Lead for an upcoming product for the
client EMC Corporation, US. My responsibilities included leading a team of Developers
and testers, creating timelines, reviewing test scripts, preparing status reports,
resolving bugs and all end to end tasks of adding a new product in Configurator.
Currently I am working on configuring EMC products on SAP SSC Knowledge of
Eclipse Perspectives like SAP Modeling, SAP Testing and SVN Repository containing
Views (Characteristics View, Non-Part Instances View, Properties View,
Debug/Analysis views) and Editor (Configuration Editor).
Export and Testing KB, development in Solution Modeling Environment using model
elements such as classes, characteristics, variant table, ADTs, materials, BOM,
defining dependencies (constraints and rules) between model elements, components
of SSE namely DDB, PMS and TMS, Bottom-up configuration, Top down
configuration, Dynamic instantiation, Specialization, Inheritance, facets, pfunctions,
special Function.
I actively conduct trainings for new joiners in the Oracle Apps Development domain
on topics like Introduction to UI design, Windows, Web Interfaces, RIA, Mobile UI
Design, Containers and Framework.
Apart from this I am also a part of VAJRA (Volunteers Associated with Joining and
Recruitment of ASEs), a group that mentors all the new employees with the codes
and ethics of Accenture.
Received the RISING STAR at Accenture award for demonstrating excellent
performance and good learning curve in a short period of time.

As for my hobby of teaching, I take tuitions for higher secondary students for subjects like
Physics and Chemistry every weekend. This keeps me in touch with the one thing I love the
most, teaching which helps me relax. I firmly believe one should have both passion and
dispassion in ones life and I try to implement this in my life.


In India there is a saying, If you want to pluck a mango from the tree throws stones at the
branch and not at the mango. Efforts in the right direction always brings fruit be it any
action. All my accomplishments, personal and professional background are a result of
relentless effort in the right direction and an insatiable desire to learn. I firmly believe that
one should always be a perpetual student. My professional and personal backgrounds are a
result of simply pursuing excellence rather than success. Be it my academics or my
workplace, I have always pursued excellence... success has always followed. This simple
idea and its results above is what I would sum up as my potential to excel in this program
and ultimately in my career, and as I said earlier success will follow.


4. Describe an ethical dilemma that you have personally encountered. What

alternatives did you consider, and why? DO NOT tell us what you decided to do.

Recently I faced a situation that tested my professional ethics.

I had a good friend and colleague who recently left Accenture and joined another company
which happens to be one of the clients of Accenture. Not just that he was assigned the same
project on which I was working. Now Accenture has various clients and us as a workforce,
need to be involved in continual discussions with the client with respect to their projects.
In one such discussion with the above mentioned Ex- Accenture employee I was requested
by him to do a certain project modification as a personal favor.
Now this modification, in business terms, would be only done after client issues a purchase
order to Accenture and this would be financially beneficial for our company. However, if I
executed the modifications as a personal favor to the client (who happens to be an Ex
Accenture employee and a good friend) bypassing the formal procedure I would not be
faithful to my company.
On the other hand if I did not do it, it may lead to a sour friendship and also may end up
hurting the clients Ego, which may later affect a few upcoming deals.
I had to weigh the consequences of both the approaches and act as soon as possible. I did
take a decision and I am happy to say it worked out in favor of both the parties.
Such moral dilemmas teach us about how one can approach any problem in a holistic way
and emerge with a panacea that does the job and keeps the conscience spotless.