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Shannon Molander

Profiles in Humanity
RA Brown
UWRT 1103
November 17, 2015
A contemporary literacy is an action or concept that a person is particularly gifted or
skilled at doing/using. My subject is Sarah Smith. She is my dads cousin and she is a huge
inspiration to me. One of the biggest personality traits I would use to describe Sarah is cunning.
She is a bonds broker, and she reached this title by working her way up from a summer intern.
Sarahs particularly gifted at being quick-witted or cunning. She used her natural talent to obtain
the professional status she has today. Sarahs resourcefulness is considered a literacy because it is
something she uses daily, and is something she excels at greatly. Sarah began learning this skill
while growing up in Maspeth NY, and continued to learn more while working at many different
securities agencies. Sarah became a bonds broker when the head of the trade floor approached
her. He praised her because she didnt take no for an answer while interacting with the traders, so
he gave Sarah the opportunity to try out the sales floor. Ultimately, being sharp and savvy opened
many doors for Sarah to move up to being a bonds broker.
In the future I aspire to become a bonds broker, and if I cannot reach that status I hope to
excel in the career I am hired for. The knowledge of how to be quick-witted and resourceful
would greatly help my odds at reaching my goals of being a financial broker. To get the
opportunity for promotion Sarah showed she had the resourcefulness and work ethic to handle
the stressful task of working on the sales floor. Being cunning is a great attribute to have in any

job. Employers are always looking for people who can provide quick and sensible work. As a
student being cunning would enhance my whole college experience. While being interviewed for
clubs, jobs, and interviews being quick-witted would be extremely beneficial to show potential
organizations that I am able to make quick, decisive action aligned with my goals. Sarah has
given me the opportunity to interview her via email, and these questions have helped me begin to
learn how to better myself as a potential worker and a person. I have known Sarah my entire life.
She has always been an inspiration to me not only because of her business success but because of
her personality and demeanor. After interviewing her I have become more determined to reach
my goal.
To be cunning is an essential thing to master in any business field, so this has become
imperative to me because of my aspirations to excel in the corporate world. Before interviewing
Sarah I followed the common ideology, and believed that without a college degree I wouldnt be
able to survive in todays world. If I am able to master this literacy, then I would hope to market
it to others as a necessary tool in the business world. Clearly, Sarah has always impacted my life,
but after interviewing her I am even more inspired to reach my goals. To reach these objectives, I
now understand, I will need to be sharp minded, resourceful, sensible, and clever. All of these
words are synonymous of Sarahs contemporary literacy, the concept of being cunning.