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Tourist Places in North Sumatra - Indonesia is a country that is very rich in a

variety of ways, ranging from the number of the island until diverse cultures.
Not to mention that Indonesia has many beautiful and interesting places that can
elongate you and eliminate boredom you after you indulge after a full day. It
will of course be berakitan with tourist spot, where indeed every region has
tourist attractions, each with its own beauty.
This guide to visit Medan, North Sumatra region and vacation in the tourist
place of interest. This region became world famous for many things. There are
many interesting objects that are worth visiting here. There cool plateau,
waterfalls, historic sites, unique museums, religious buildings are often the
object photography and other objects that you must visit while on vacation in
North Sumatra.
Capital of North Sumatra province is Medan. Medan is the largest metropolitan
city outside of Java and is the third largest city in Indonesia after Jakarta and
Surabaya. Medan into the gate region of western Indonesia. In the city of
Medan can be found several large buildings and magnificent which will keep
the legacy of history and noble religious values. The attractiveness of the city of
Medan make this city as one of the most popular tourist spots across the
Medan is one of the largest cities in Sumatra, even in Indonesia. Medan is the
capital of the province of North Sumatra. cities including major cities in

Indonesia which is inhabited by various ethnic groups. As a major city, Medan

has many interesting tourist places. One of the tourist spots in the field are very
popular even abroad namely Lake Toba. infrastructure development is very
influential in stretching in the field of tourism. Natural attractions is the
mainstay tour packages offered in Medan.
Medan, capital of North Sumatra, is an economic and commercial center of the
city the largest in Sumatra. This city continues to grow into a business center
and became the gateway to North Sumatra, where tourists come to experience
the highlands of Lake Toba or enter the wild dense forests of Sumatra.
Previously, Medan is home to merchants and sailors. They take shelter under the
rule of the Malay Islamic kingdom until finally managed to conquer the
Sultanate of Aceh Darussalam. During the conflict, the location of the land is
used as a battlefield between the two kingdoms there is an assumption that the
word "field" is literally translated from the word field or fields.
Medan modern history had begun in the 1860s when the pendagang realize the
potential of the rich volcanic soil for plantation. In 1865 a Dutch entrepreneur
introduced tobacco in the area that deliver field during kemakmuranya. These
reasons led to an influx of foreign investment and the flow of European
capitalists. Tobacco, rubber, oil palm and tea grown hapir in all areas in Medan.
From a small village next Medan grew into a prosperous colonial city. In 1886
the Dutch made Medan capital of North Sumatra as to make the population field

swelled to about 80,000. Now the population is diverse field, almost every
ethnic exist here, such as Batak, Malay, Javanese, Minang, Acehnese, India and
Now the third largest city in Indonesia. The influence of the glorious past as a
producer of plantation leaves a trail of European architecture in various
buildings of the city. As a result, the current field into a city with a mix of
modern lifestyle and colonial heritage.
Like most food in Medan in Sumatra food is spicy flavor. However, if you do
not like spicy food then still be able to find food that suits your taste. From road
side stalls low prices to the Chinese restaurant, Japanese and Korean, is
available here. On Jalan Ahmad Yani, Tip Top Caf is a well-known cafe
society. This cafe is a cozy place to relax and menikati Durth style cakes. Field
decorated by street vendors offering a wide variety of traditional dishes.
Although this place does not look fancy but serves local food is cheap and
delicious. Find other popular eating places in alan Selat Panjang that crowded in
the evening with food ready to satisfy the tongue.
You can go to Jalan Merdeka is located right in the heart of Medan. Location fit
in Merdeka Square neighborhood, not far from Medan City Government offices.
This place is a hangout of the most attractive young man field with many
choices of cafes and restaurants.

Durian which is popular throughout Indonesia is the durian of Medan. sumatra

tours . Spiny fruit has a taste and a very distinctive smell are available in various
corners of the city. Sit with the locals at a roadside stall and enjoy some durian
appetite. If it tastes too strong for you, you might want to try durian cake
instead. Dried fruit for a snack with a sprinkling of sugar can be found in Rame
Market is open from morning until evening. Discover this place beside Plaza
Thamrin. Thank You. sumatra travel

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