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----------------------Built against Script Hook V for v1.0.393.4

This is a community work, coordinated by arewenotmen.
This is release #28 made at 15:00 on 2nd August 2015
Get Script Hook V from:
Unzip that into your game directory
Unzip this release s ASI file (EnhancedNativeTrainer.asi) into your game d
Optionally, unzip the XML file into your game directory if you want to e
dit the key/controller config
You re done!
Keyboard turn Num Lock on!
F4 show/hide menu
Numpad 8/2/4/6
menu up/down/left/right
Numpad 5 menu select
Numpad 0 menu back
Numpad-9 vehicle boost (if enabled)
Numpad-3 vehicle instant stop (if enabled)
Numpad-Add vehicle rockets (if enabled)
teleport forward slightly (i.e. through a door)
F6 airbrake mode (default controls for this explained onscreen)
Right shoulder + Y : activate menu
D-Pad : navigate menu
X : menu select
Y: menu back
Right shoulder + A : activate airbrake
Vehicle boost: L shoulder + L trigger
Vehicle stop: R shoulder + R trigger
Vehicle rockets: L shoulder + R shoulder
Power users can redefine these themselves using the XML file, which contains mor
e info and should be self-explanatory.
THIS RELEASE (#28, 2nd August)
Prop Spawner, with 3815 (mostly) named and categorised props to choose f
rom, all of which should work. Many options and features here
have a play around
Contributions that are wholly or mostly thanks to Robert Kwapisz:
Chauffeur to marker in Locations menu
Vehicle neon lights
Vehicle extra power feature replaced by detailed option
Weapons damage modifier
Contributions from sub205:
Option to fully upgrade cars, and spawn vehicles fully upgraded
Some more teleport locations
Weapon menu s No Reload feature is improved and now works better with rocket
s etc. Thanks to Shane Allgeier.
Blackout option added to World menu
Scenarios named and added to Animations menu
Ability to set custom skins by manually entering the name
Vehicles now spawn a distance from the player proportional to their size
, thereby avoiding spawning large planes etc on top of the player
Prevention against trainer working online; should still allow FiveM use
Support for nkjellman s Heist Map Updates in Single Player mod. Turn on the

teleportation options in Misc > Trainer Options. Thanks to sjaak for the coordin
Improvements to reset skin on death to remove version dependency and preve
nt game crashes.
Scrollable menu items now work by pressing Confirm first and then select
ing an option.
Never Wanted is rolled into Freeze Wanted Level
Marksman Pistol was missing tint options
Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements
THIS RELEASE (#27, 8th July)
Added Ill Gotten Gains II vehicles (six), weapons (Knuckle Duster, Marks
man Pistol) and horns (three)
Added Night Vision and Thermal Vision to Player Menu; also available as
hotkey functions
Added Extra Power option to Vehicles menu, which increases power and torqu
Hide HUD improved so that weapon & radio wheels still available
Returned spawned vehicles to having the default paint fade; they were pr
eviously set to no fade, but this hid military vehicles camouflage
PREVIOUS RELEASE (#26, 4th July)
Reminder: You need Script Hook v1.0.372.2a
Bug fix/improvement: dying as a non-player skin is now automatically all
owed in Director Mode, where nothing bad happens, but death is reset in normal m
ode, where you would otherwise get stuck in the loading screen. The option to ma
nually change this has now been removed.
Bug fix: if you died as a bird or a whale etc, then sometimes the game w
ould crash, and if not, then usually you would fade to black & go through the re
spawn process a little while after being reset. Both of these are probably resol
Improvement: if you have the latest version of the game, the above reset
-on-death restores you to the right character, not just always Michael.
Bug fix: Improvements to No Traffic and No Peds to try and avoid case where
they return after a while
Bug fix: if you had international characters (e.g. accented letters) in
your Windows username, the trainer would crash on loading
Bug fix: in hotkeys, teleport to vehicle and teleport to marker were mix
ed up
Bug fix: the metal/metallic vehicle paints, and some others, were missin
g the pearl coats that LSC gives them. Thanks to sjaak for highlighting this iss
Bug fix: in #25, vehicle rockets were broken and may have crashed the tr
Bug fix: some cars have more suspension options than expected, and these
had random/corrupt names in the mod menu
Further vehicle paint improvements: you can now add pearl to anything, i
ncluding matte. Where relevant, the menu jumps to the paint you already had appl
ied. There is still a little more to be done here in future.
Dirt Level added to vehicle paint menu
Next Radio Track added to hotkeys
Added ability to turn off game controller (i.e. XBox gamepad) support wi
thin the trainer. See Misc -> Trainer Options.
PREVIOUS RELEASE (#25, 29th June)
Updated ScriptHook library
you need the latest version
Added images to vehicle spawn menu. Hopefully everything is covered and
correct. Thanks to CrazyAGaming and Didjos for helping with sourcing images. PS:
this is why the ASI filesize has increased significantly.

Vehicle invulnerability on/off replaced by four stages: Off, Mechanical,

Mechanical + Visual, and then Mechanical + Visual + Cosmetic. Be aware that you
can sometimes still explode your car with Mechanical Only .
Added hotkeys. Define 1-9 of these in the XML, then set their function i
n-game in the Misc -> Trainer Options menu. Only a few functions are available f
or now, suggestions welcome.
Added No Pedestrians and No Traffic to the World menu. For now, these are ap
plied once on selection, so other things may disrupt them.
Added Chrome to available wheel colours. Thanks to sjaak for pointing ou
t how this works.
Introduced paint fade to paint menu. This only applies to some vehicles,
and unfortunately the trainer can t identify which.
Added teleport to last vehicle to teleport menu.
Added convertible state to vehicle door menu, when in convertible
Added dirt, paint fade, neon lights, tyre smoke and convertible roof sta
te to saved vehicles. You cannot currently edit neon lights or tyre smoke in thi
s trainer, but you can save and restore whatever you do at LSC.
For the feature slow motion whilst aiming , it now incrementally slows down
to the target speed over a couple of seconds, giving the player chance to raise
their weapon at reasonable speed.
Various bug fixes and improvements to Vehicle Paint; hopefully this matc
hes LSC behaviours now
Added Primary and Secondary paint option to change both to same colour at
once for convenience
Spawned cars (not the saved ones) were randomly dirty/faded; they are no
w clean
Movement clipsets (rather than individual walk/run/etc) added to animati
ons menu. This is still experimental and many don t load
it times out after 5 seco
Bug fix: vehicle door menu left/right didn t seem to match which door it a
Bug fix: The game feature of slow motion whilst selecting a character wa
s being overridden
Bug fix: Pause Time was not being re-applied if anything else disabled it
Performance improvement: animation tree parsing (slow) done on separate
thread, may reduce startup crashes for some people
Various bug fixes, especially features not applying while in wait loops
(this caused e.g. flickering HUD when HUD was off and menu key pressed)
THIS RELEASE (#24, 18th June)
Radio always off feature added to Misc menu
Seatbelt-in-car feature improved; thanks to Alexander Blade for the code
Menu items that involve left/right selection made a little clearer
Slow-mo-whilst-aiming now doesn t apply in cutscenes
Added Freeze Wanted Level , thanks to sondaismith! Note: for now, this is n
ot saved or reapplied on restart.
Drunk Mode, added to end of Player menu.
Teleportation location fixes or additions: Humane Labs Underwater Tunnel
, Stadium, Max Renda, Simeon s Showroom
When saving & restoring cars repainted at Los Santos Customs, paint now
matches better, possibly perfectly
Now able to spawn vehicles by manually entering the model name. This is
useful if you ve added content yourself.
Ability to set walk/run/idle movement anims. This whole anim thing is st
ill experimental.
Wow, you actually do read these release notes. We should give you a priz
Airbrake mode help text can be toggled. Default key: H.
Added NOT_BOUND and VK_NOTHING to controller & keyboard mapping possibil
ities. This allows you to assign no controller buttons and/or keys to a function


Bug fix: sometimes experienced stuck keyboard keys

Bug fix: Sorted out the mismatched horns in vehicle mod menu, after they
changed recently
Bug fix: Various options weren t reset to proper state when selecting Rese
t All Settings
Bug fix: Various settings and values weren t saving properly
Various minor fixes & UI improvements
THIS RELEASE (#23, 14th June)
Xbox/XInput controller support. See the XML file for the default map.
By default, game input disabled whilst in the menu/airbrake. You ll find y
ou want this if you re primarily using a gamepad. However, it can be turned off vi
a the Misc menu.
The Update 22 feature, Vehicle invincibility covering cosmetic damage, i
s also now optional in the Misc menu.
Ill Gotten Gains weapon skins added to weapons mod menu
Keyboard support overhaul
now supports Ctrl/Alt/Shift modifiers. The tele
port slightly forward key is therefore changed to Ctrl-Numpad-Divide.
Extra time options: move forward/backwards a day, or five minutes. Thank
s to dratom for this work.
Extra time option: slow motion only whilst aiming
Workaround for frozen weather, which using previous API calls causes a p
ermanently flat ocean (no waves) in the new game version. This is probably a gam
e bug.
No helmet option in vehicle menu, thanks to sondaismith
Bug fix: Moon Gravity wasn t working
Bug fix: Couldn t change wheel colour on vehicle with matte paint
Bug fix: Slight movement in Airbrake mode removed
Various minor bug fixes & optimisations
World/time menu reorganised
PREVIOUS RELEASE (#22, 11th June)
Ill Gotten Gains vehicles (6 cars, 1 plane, 1 helo) and weapon (Combat PDW
) added. The new weapon tints are not yet added.
Anims added
second page of player menu. They re broken down into a tree, e
.g. @amb@bagels@male@walking static becomes a six level menu of amb -> bagels etc. Thi
s feature is experimental and may not work properly.
Database performance improvements: connection always open, transactions
and mutexes added
Minor tweaks to vehicle names etc.
Bug fix: armour changes weren t applied in vehicle mod menu
Vehicle invulnerability now prevents visual damage
Configurable value for slow motion in the time menu; use menu left/right
to select
Airbrake mode now has toggle freeze time (almost) key
by default this is T
Minor graphical tweaks
Produces error message on trying to change colour of default wheels, whi
ch game does not allow
Bug fix: custom tyres were missing from vehicle save/restore
PREVIOUS RELEASE (#21, 8th June)
Skins can be saved/restored, just like vehicles
Minor bug fixes to vehicle save
PREVIOUS RELEASE (#20, 8th June)
Because of varying write permissions on the game folder when in use in t
he wild, the database file has been moved to %APPDATA% and the GTAV Enhanced Nati
ve Trainer directory within it. If you run into problems you may need/want to del
ete this.

Ability to change number plate text. This is in the Vehicle Mods menu, a
t the end.
Ability to save and restore vehicles, and manage the save slots. This is
in the Vehicle menu. This should save and restore mods, extras, paint etc, but
there are probably issues and imperfections yet to be found.
Most status messages moved to new mechanism that displays in bottom left
thanks to qaisjp
Updated ScriptHook to the B release, which you should have
PREVIOUS RELEASE (#19, 6th June)
Database stability fixes
Added Restricted Zones to World Menu. Turn this off to allow easy access t
o Fort Zancudo etc.
PREVIOUS RELEASE (#18, 26th May)
Bug fix: infinite ammo was still broken
Various scenery-based locations added; e.g. hospital, LifeInvader, sunke
n cargo ship, etc
Another attempt at fixing cash text comma bug on foreign locales
Various minor fixes