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First of all, I would like to thank to Allah swt for giving me a good
health everyday so I could write well in my story writing on Life through University. I am
not a good writer. And even when you read mine, you might found a lot of mistakes in my
storyline. I am sorry. Insha Allah, I am trying my best at least you could understand what I
am going to share and express my feelings through this writing. To be here, not to provoke
anyone. I hope misunderstanding wont happen. Lets start. Alhamdulillah! I passed my Sijil
Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) with flying colours. My family were so happy. I hope I could
make them feel that way in my future. Who doesnt want to see their son or daughter to be a
successful person in future life? Every parents want. So, we as their children must obey them.
Try the best to score well. This is just the way to repay all their kindness they gave to us since
we were born. They raised us well, bought us pretty clothes and gave us delicious foods to
eat. Why not we repay all that by giving them our success. Too meaningful for them. For
now, we dont feel so because we are not either a mother or father. But trust me, once you
grown up you will understand. Maturity will make you think more wisely not like a
kindergarten kids anymore. I used to be a stubborn daughter before. I didnt obey my parents
instructions. What they said not to do, I did. What they said to do, I never did. I always mad if
they didnt give me what I want. I end by crying and said to myself If Abah & Mama love
me, they wont scold me. I were totally wrong! They loved me so much. Sometimes, they
didnt give me what I want because they know my weaknesses and for certain things they
limit me to do so I wont go over limit. Now, I am a student in a university. In university life,
there are so many hard times I have to go through. I realised that. I thought it was going to be
easy and fine. I would thanked to my parents so much. Because of them, I could be an
independent, which sometimes I couldnt see in myself. I starting to stay in hostel when I
were in Form 4. At that time, only Allah knows how stressful Abah was to handle me. I keep
on crying and calling them for thousand times to pick me up at hostel. I couldnt stand
staying there. While they keep ignoring me, I try my best to get place in hostel and
Alhamdulillah I managed to suit myself there. Until now, even I am studying far from my
parents, I still can cooperate with the situations. Probably, you think this is the end of my
story. Not yet. Have you heard this malay phrase, Jangan bercinta zaman sekolah, tu semua
dongeng. Cari la dekat university, yang si dia dan kamu akan cuba bina masa hadapan yang
cerah sama sama. And guess what? I accidentally fell for a guy. Hes in an opposite course
from mine. We met in the bus during Hari Raya Aidilfitri holiday. He was sitting next to me
and I were the one, who started to talk to him first. We have a short conversation because Im
shy. His smile was the cutest. I keep approaching him day by day. Almost everyday I texted
him. How I got his number? Hes in the same class with my housemate, so I asked her for his
number. Everyweek, I will gave him something. I made non bake oreo cheesecake, kek batik
and I bought his favourite food, char koey teow (if I am the one, who cooked char koey teow,
it might be worst). Everyday I told Allah to keep him for me. Besides, I never told him that I
loved him. However, from my reaction actually I did give him some hints. But he seems like
dont understand me or pretending. Sometimes he acts like he loves me and some were not. It
was really complicated until we had a fight. Suddenly, he said he doesnt love me. He just
want to play around me. Until today, I still stick on those hurtful words from him. I was fine
if hes going to tell me that he doesnt love me. Its okay. But, I was too mad when he lied
everything. Those gifts that I gave to him, he gave to his friends. He never took once. Am I
loving him too much? Or he was cruel too much? I loved people too mmuch. Till I forget to
love myself. He was happy and fine without me. Still can laughed even he did hurt me so
much. Few days later, I found out that he proposed my friend to be his girlfriend. Later, I

found out that he said, he was on crush with my bestfriend. She is my housemate. What is my
reaction? I am sure if other girls were in my shoes, they would felt the same. My heart bleed
a lot but I have to pretend to be stronger. The truth always hurt. I am not going to blame
him 100% because at the other side, I was wrong too. Wrong by falling in love into false
people. To find the matching puzzle, I have to go through and try to fit the wrong ones. So
thats happening to me and this is my halfway story life through university. As the
conclusion, I will advised to my juniors, study first and get the best result. Life through
university was not easy. Dramas lies. Many challenges you have to face when you are in it.
Those emotions could make you stress and think unwanted things. Too much of those
unwanted, will caused distracted on your results. Life must go on. Keep moving and shine
brightly in the name of Allah. In sha Allah everything would be fine.