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1.sin x[n]=cos(pi/4) has a period of. .

2In continuous time Laplace Transform is used to convert signal from
time domain to frequency domain.
3.FIR filters can be designed to achieve
4. One of the properties of FIR filters is thatFeedback . Is not required FIR filters.
5.diode limiters are used to Limit Both negative as well as Positive cycles..
6. due to velocity saturation MOSFET enters insarution region (Process Start
7. Which Of the following iS not Advantage of FET( Smaller Gain* bandwith
8. Vce velocity of transistors is very important in checking whether transistors is
9. circuits that produces and output wave form without any external signal
10. oscillator whose frequency can be change by variable DC control voltage
is.Voltage Controlled Ossilator
11. for RLC circuit at low frequency which thing Is larger Load Current
12. Accuracy_______ refers to measurements is freedom from error.
13. Z transform is use when signal is not.All Of the Above
14. Any constant of time domain is an impulse in frequency domain with.Infinite
Hieght,zero width And unit area
15. Circuit current is _Maximum___ at resonance
16. net reactance is ____ when RLC circuit is in resonance.
17. _____ is product of RMS value of applied voltage and circuit current.
18. power which is actually dissipated in circuit resistance is called Real or Active
19. Power in inductive reactants pf circuit is called __Reactive Power____
20. Current________ is maximum when RLC circuit is in resonance.
21. The main feature of crystal ossilator is Stability
22. For an alternator when power factor of load is unity.Cross magnetization
23. light is produced in electric discharge lamp by .. Ionization in vapor or gas
24. Common base amplifier is similar to _Common Gate___ in case of FET.

25. Main use of common emitter amplifier is to amplify____Power__ but question

was not this
56. Which configuration can be used to convert high impedance into low by using
operational amplifier.
27.ReverseBiase Of JFET produces a depletion region within the channel thus .
28. stability of LC tuned circuit in oscillator is dependant on its __Q factor___
29. Type of load protection ____
30. Transmission lines mostly used high voltage __3 phase 2 Volages___ alternated
current (question not correct)
31. Desirable quantities of power system are _High Fiedility AND HIGH _____
32. DC to DC convertor with hihj voltage gain is used for _______
33. SCR goes into saturation when gate cathode junction is _____
34. Descrete devise FET are classified on the bases of there_____
35. If all conductor object are bonded to same earth grounding system risk of
electric shock is Increased_____
36. A series DC motors has highest Torque
37. therippel frequency of bridge rectifiere _____ frequency
38. Property of material in super conductor state have _____
39.Main purpose of disturbance monitoring equipement___option C__
40. primary and secondary winding of ordinary two winding transformer always
have _____
41. For Common amplifier in BJT we mostly used _____
42. In a transformer leakage flux of each winding is proportional to current in that
winding beacause ____
43. Every pre amplifier is a system is ____ amplifier to achieve high linearity.
44. If poles lies on left half of S plane then system is __Stable___
45. In a stepper motor How is speed of rotation determined.
46. Max acceptable range of biasing voltage for operational amplifier is ___+- 18V
47. DC operating point of an amplifier spacified by voltage and current valueQ
48.a superconductor has special properties which might be used for generating.
49. In a sub marine power system power is transmitted through ______ cable.

50. parameter hfe corresponds to __BETA dc______.