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DC DC Power module selection guide

1. Determine the specifications of the power supply:

In accordance with the requirements of customers to confirmed use of standard typical
modules or customization.
First step: Selection dimensions:
The power module should be reserved enough space to consider dissipate for heat
Interference of signal acquisition and effect of other circuit components.So need take into
size cost and reliability etc.
Second step: whether need isolation:
Isolation characteristics refer that the input and output of the module are independent(Not
altogether) power. In the industrial bus system, Safety isolation in the face of harsh
environment (lightning, arc interference);in mix circuit. could be achieved noise isolation of
sensitive analog circuit and digital circuit . Also can be voltage conversion in multi voltage
power supply system.
Third step :choose type of power module
Please confirmed input is AC or DC ,if it is AC ,choose AC to DC converter ;if it is DC , use DC
to DC converter.
Fourth step: Determine output current or output power.
The load current is the key to determine output power, meanwhile and directly affects the
reliability and price of the module. The Power module is best applied to 30%-80% of total
load. Too big maybe lead to loss money, too small maybe lead to low reliability.
Please note: If supply power for optocoupler and relay or RS232/485CAN bus voltage
reference, may be occur small of load current or no load application. Recommended adding
dummy load to improve reliability of power module. If there is a large load current instability
or wide load changes range. The dummy load need choose 10%-100%,avoid light load or
over load application.
At the high temperature. Power module should be reducing Rating to use. Could choose to
reduce 30%-40% power reducing Rating and Priority to choose more big size.
The fifth step: According to the input voltage range to choose our products series.
1) 3.3V5V9V12V15V24V input voltage range is 10%,if you need Non regulated output,
please choose DY series; if you need high isolation, please choose GDY series, typical
isolation is 1500V,high isolation is 3000V;if you need regulated output, please choose
WDY series
2) 5V4.5-9V 12V9-18V 24V18-36V 48V36-75Vinput voltage range
is 2:1,please choose KW series.

24V9-36V 48V18-75V 110V40-160Vinput voltage range is 4:1, please

choose KH series.
For example: 24V industrial bus power supply; 48V communication bus power supply;
110V railway power supply;220V transformer-rectif output and kinds of batteries, lithium
batteries, dry batteries and long distance transmission and so on, please choose KH
series. If face more than output 3W power module, in order to improve efficiency ,advise
choose KW or KH series.
The sixth step: According to the type of load to select suitable the power module.
1) output voltage is determined by the type of load circuit, such as typical digital circuit,
amplifying dc or low frequency signal working, RS232/485CAN bus etc(not high
requirements accuracy place), better choose non regulated output series module(DY
series).But if need high accuracy and low ripple , better choose regulated output series
or wide input series (WDY ,KW ,KH series).
2Under meeting cost and efficiency conditions, could consider non regulated series
power module and linear voltage regulator used in combination.
When the load has positive and negative voltage or multi voltage supply demand. Can be
considered positive negative output or dual and multi output, as far as possible to
reduce the number of output. Bigger output power and higher accuracy as the main
output, determine the voltage accuracy requirements of the subordinate output, so that
the module design more reliable to meet the requirements
3Typical output voltage including:3.3V5V9V12V15V24V5V12V
15V etc
4if you need high accuracy of the output and low the ripple(typical 100mV),maybe lead
to cost large increase .
As far as possible to choose typical power module, this way could meet purpose for the
low cost, mature technology, reduce the R&D of resistance and save time etc .
If you need EMCUL CE certificate, please contact our sales.

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