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As everyone says it was incredibly am biguous and the wording was incredibly poor on some
questions making them nearly im possible to answer.
W hat would you do if a patient presented a script for Inderal 60m g #20 1qid on Jan. 20th,
2006. W hat Inderal you have in stock expires on Jan. 31st, 2006. How m any tabs do you
dispense? All 20, they would only last 5 days at a dose of 4 tabs a day.
Adulterated and m isbranded as always
W ho can approve refills for a MD who is out of town?
A) an authorized agent of the MD
B) the physicians nurse
C) another MD who is seeing patient I go for C
W hich Rx. requires the MD's original signature? A) Oxycontin B) Meperidine C) Vicodin K-type
A and B are both C-II drugs
W hat form s are required for the return of a C-II or C-III or C-V prescription? DEA 41
Registrants Inventory of Controlled Substance Drugs Surrendered used to return drugs to the
DEA or other acceptable recipient.
W hat is required on the outside label of an emergency kit? Yes, the question was that vague.
Contents of the kit and expiration date are the answer.
W hat may be left off Rx. label if requested by MD? Nam e of the drug.
W ho determ ines what m ay be in an em ergency kit? A) Director of Pharm acy B) Medical staff C)
Director of Hospital K-type go for A and B; but Medical Staff if only one choice
W hat type of drugs may be used in a m ulti-drug, single-dose container? Orals only
W hat prescribing rights does an optham ologist have? All, that is a physician
How many people m ay have power of attorney for use of the DEA 222 form s? I cannot find any
lim it in the law.
W hat form s of m edication m ust be prepared as a sterile product? A) Parenteral meds B)
Ophthalm ic C) Inhalation K-type all three
W ho m ust you notify of change in Pharm acist in Charge? Board of Pharm acy
W here can Rx be delivered? A) Patients hospital B) Patients physician's office C) Patients home
K-type I just love these kind, but I think it would have to be all three
W hen may you apply for an intern license? After you have enrolled in school
W ho fits the definition of pharmacy tech? Anyone working in the pharm acy department ans
assisting in the dispensing of RXs who is not a RPh, intern or extern
How often is a pharm acy inspected?
Can you take back a Rx after it has left you pharm acy, and if so under what conditions? NO,
assum ing you mean retail. Hospital would be okay if unit-dose package.
Insulins that require Rx all but Regular and NPH
Aerocham ber require Rx? YES
Questions upon whom to contact about petitioning to get license back. Board of Pharm acy
W ho m ust apply for a wholesaler license? a wholesaler -AND- any retail pharm acy that sells
m ore than 5% of its inventory to other pharm acies, physicians, hospitals, etc
How long do you have to return your pharm acy license when the store closes? I cannot find
this one anywhere but would guess no more than 10 days
W ho has to com ply with good m anufacturing practice rules and regulations? only
m anufacturers
Questions very similar to #14, 16, 26, 31, 32, 37, 58, 61, 62, 67, 68, 79, 85, 88, 90, 99, 102,
106, 107, 189, 237, 243, 247, 269, 274, 285, 287, 291, 294, 296, 300, 373, and 402 in the
Additional Review Material packet
Two questions about how refill inform ation can be documented(on the prescription and in the
computer)and accessed.
Out of state MD prescribes Tranxene 7.5 m g (no brand necessary label) - how would pharm acist
in GA dispense? (not a k-type) A. dispense the most cost-saving generic B. contact prescriber
to dispense generic C. ask patient if he/she wants generic D. dispense brand nam e product E.
Can't remem ber (A) would be correct but I hate this because the patient has the right to refuse
a generic so I would put (C) for my answer.
A pharm acy must close because it does not have a licensed pharm acist to work. A licensed
pharm acist will be available in 28 days and the pharm acy will reopen. Options included posting

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a sign, reopening under existing license, reapplying for new license I think you can reopen
under the existing license just by changing the pharm acist in charge.
W hat does a pharm acist need to do to get a license that has been inactive for 5 years
W hich are covered under the PPPA (k-type) I. aspirin II. m ethyl alcohol? III. acetam inophen
W hat does a pharm acist need to have to adm inister influenza vaccinations? (k-type)
I. authorization from a prescriber II. proper docum entation of training
III. CPR certificate
Several HIPPA questions including if MD can access drug history from pharm acy for his patient
(I said yes)
Lots of questions on child-proof caps - can patient give a verbal blanket statem ent for all scripts
to have E-Z open caps.
Rx for sim vastatin 20m g. Pharm acy only has 10's and 40's. Options include giving 10mg and
changing instructions; contacting prescriber for verbal authorization; give 40's and tell pt to cut
tablets in half
To expand on question # 274 - how much Dilantin can be prescribed for an epileptic dog? My
question asked how much Dilantin could a PHYSICIAN prescribe for an epileptic animal.
How m any refills are allowed on dronabinol? ketam ine? lorazepam ?
Use what form to return percocet?
How do physicians acquire controlled substances for office use?
W hat m edication could be dispensed in a non child resistant container? Isosorbide dinitrite
W hat agency regulates OTC advertising? FTC
How m any years must a pharm acist keep records of com pleted CE?
Pt brings rx to pharm acy for thalidom ide with 3 refills. W hich is incorrect? A)The pharm acy
m ust first register with the m anufacter before ordering the drug B) the pharm acist cannot order
the drug yet because a thalidom ide rx with refills is invalid
Rx for lasix #30 with 4 refills. How m any tablets can the pharm acist dispense the day the
patient brings the RX in? 150 the original and all four refills of 30
Ipecac: 1 ounce max? child resistant container?
W ho assigns the middle NDC num bers? Manufacturer
W hat is the max num ber of workers a prison pharm acist can supervise?
W hat is required when selling a poison? A) a prescription B) a dose of at least 60 gm is fatal
Pt brings back an rx for a drug dispensed yesterday and demands a refund. What should you
do? A) give refund and then destroy drug B) refuse to take back the drug
No questions about partial C2 filling, clinical trials, history of laws/acts
Several questions about inspections, licencing: both RPh and pharm acy, m oving locations,
expired license, PIC changing
Law about patient counseling
W hat requires sterile conditions to com pound? (K type) parenteral drugs, sterile ophthalmic
drops, nasal spray
Least acceptable way to label an RX for lasix and drug given is furosem ide? A) furosemide B)
furosem ide (Lasix) C) furosem ide substituted for Lasix D) furosem ide generic for Lasix E)
furosem ide substituted as Lasix would be (B) because one could interpret that as simply
listing both generic and brand nam e drug for the Lasix that is being dispensed.
W hat should the drug inspector not inspect? Em ployment records, sales records, financial
records, dispensing records
Too m uch water added to an antibiotic - K type so the answer had to be m isbranded and
adulterated because adulterated alone was not an option.
How m any techs can a prison pharm acist have? I put the sam e as anywhere else 3 if one is a
CPhT or 2 regular ones. Not sure if there is som e different law for prisons though
How to return an outdated C-II to a m anufacturer (which form to use, supplied by whom?) DEA
222? (outdated part threw me a bit) DEA Form 41 is correct.
Poison what needs to be on label
W ho can authorize non child safety tops? Patient and physician
3-4 questions tops that I had to know what the drugs really were (either control status or OTC
vs RX).
Had the hom e health care NS for irrigation question

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which is an rx insulin
a couple what has to be done if your license is inactive both <4yrs and >4yrs
LTC questions
W hat can a consulting pharm acist do? this was tricky because not k type and 2 answers
seem ed correct one said m ake therapeutic changes under a collaborative agreem ent and the
other was write therapy suggestions in chart for doctor to review
How to handle refills on controls, noncontrols
out of state prescriber question on C-III (the traxene 7.5m g question) word for word.
how to label a vet med
when to contact the board questions (tim e fram e) - several
Marketing act question
when can you get an intern license
several misbrand/adulterated questions
repackaging question for multidose packets
I felt that the test wasn't that bad there w ere about 20 questions I really had to think on.
Besides that I felt that knowing the packet and the boards status on inactive licenses was good
enough. I might spend m ore tim e look at speciality situations ie. LTCF, Prisons, Consulting now
in retospect but I grazed over it and still feel that I didn't miss enough to make a difference.
1.8 gram s of codeine in 100m L is what schedule? C-III, but only if other active ingredients are
included and cherry syrup would not be an active ingredient.
W hich requires a prescription? (k-type) Novolin-N no; Hum alog yes; Lantus yes
Have a prescription for thorazine . (k-type)***have to know that thorazine is not controlled***
I. Fill the rx for the quantity prescribed
II. Cannot be refilled more than 5 tim es or after 6 m onths
III. Requires Federal Caution transfer label
A pharm acy intern has a request for Novolin 70/30 and syringes (answ er was can sell them
both without a prescription, other choices were neither w/o rx, one or the other w/o rx)
W hat can the Board of Pharm acy prom ulgate
A. A law
B. An ordinance C. A regulation
D. An injunction
One other choice I cant rem ember (I put a regulation b/c the other choices I thought had to be
put through either the legislature or through a judge) you are correct in that
A prescription for a dog for Dilantin 30mg 1 TID, what is the max that can be dispensed?
0, 15, 30, 90, 120 (I put this b/c it didnt specify a quantity on the RX and I didnt think
there was a lim it)
Dr. Sm ith calls your pharm acy and inform s you that he has discharged one of his patients from
the hospital back to the nursing home. He is faxing over three new prescription orders, you can
accept the fax as the original rx for: (k-type) YES to all 3 because the physician is doing the
faxing and a FAX can serve as the original on a C-II to a LTCF.
I. Some controlled substance a C-III or C-IV I cant remember
II. Morphine for a PCA
III. Methylphenidate to counteract drowsiness from m orphine
Question about Ipecac (k-type) and selling OTC not more than 1 oz, requires child-proof
container, and requires a signature to buy ( I chose all 3)
Couple of questions about returning drugs
The manager of a facility that runs an independent living center, assisted living center, and a
skilled nursing bed facility calls the pharm acy and asks that starter kits be provided for
frequently prescribed drugs, the pharm acist can:
A. Can only provide for the skilled nursing bed facility (I put this but not sure)
B. Must call medical director and receive a prescription order for all controlled
substances in the starter kits
C. Must call medical director and receive a purchase order for all drugs including
controlled drugs
D. Can provide starter kits for all centers provided that kits contain only one dose of
each controlled substance
E. Can provide for the assisted living center and skilled nursing bed
Definition of a technician

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W hen required inventory of controlled substances is done, this includes (this question was
VERY vague and I wasnt sure what the right answer was, I chose e). W RONG - correct answer
is D because you do not have any Schedule I drugs in a retail pharm acy perm it.
A. Schedule III and IV only
B. Schedule III, IV, and V
D. Schedule II through V
C. Schedule II only
E. Schedule I through V
Receive a rx for valium that reads in the directions for detoxification and the choices were about
if a pharm acy could dispense it. I chose the choice that was pharm acy could dispense if the
pharm acy was part of a narcotic treatm ent program . The other choices were could dispense if
patient was part of narcotic treatment program , could dispense as written, refuse to dispense
Question about a retail pharm acy having to close b/c it no longer has a pharm acist, how long
to notify board (I chose 10 days but I wasnt sure)
About 4 to 5 questions that included som e elem ent of knowing the regulations for repackaging
Pharmacy A wants to buy Inderal #300 from Pharmacy B that only has in stock Inderal #1000
in an unopened manufacturer sealed bottle, the question was pretty m uch can Pharm acy B sell
to Pharm acy A the #300 and repackage and what goes on the label
One question about what was OTCthe answer was loratidine 10m g
If a pharm acist for any reason voluntarily gives the Board his license, when can he apply for
reinstatement? I chose im m ediately, but the other choices were like 30 days, 60 days, 90 days,
120 days (not sure on this)
Couple of questions about an inactive license, like if a license is inactive if the CE is still
An agent from the Board of Pharm acy wants to inspect one of your patients records, do you let
him and does he need a search warrant (I put that he can w/o a warrant b/c I know that GDNA
dont need one, but I didnt know if he needs one or not) an agent from the Board of Pharm acy
would be a GDNA agent
Couple of questions about counseling requirem ents, one was cant charge for counseling
actually there is a line in the law/rule that says nothing prevents a pharm acist from being
reimbursed for counseling.
No questions on any acts or DEA form s
Several questions about adulterated/m isbranded
One was about an unopened bottle not being directly burned in a pharm acy fire if that was
adulterated/m isbranded/contam inated
One about manufacturer being left off label of an OTC
A manufacturer license expires at m idnight on what date?
W hat is the maxim um tech to pharmacist ratio that can occur in a prison pharmacy (I put 3:1)
One question where you had to know the difference in definition of m anufacturer, distributor,
Can only transfer a C-IV RX once
W ho can request non-child proof caps
Question about RPh practicing w/ an expired license answer was cease practice im mediately,
contact the board, and may be subject to penalty
Question asking how much CE per year of an inactive license m ust be done (I chose 15 hours
per year)
Also question on how much CE necessary for each license renewal period (30 hrs)
Bulk transfer of pharm acy m erchandise between two stores with com m on ownership, who if
anyone m ust be notified? Choices were no one, notify board 5 days after transfer, notify board
10 days after transfer, notify board prior to the transfer (this is what I chose).
A very tricky one that several people got - A PHYSICIAN wants to prescribe phenobarb for a dog.
How m uch can he prescribe? None - only vets can prescribe for anim als
K type question about what must be on an Rx for an anim al
Question about the FDC Act of 1906 - what it set forth
No questions about who can prescribe - MDs, PAs, NPs, etc
If a pharm acist voluntarily surrenders his license, when can he request reinstatem ent?

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115. A patient presents an order for Tylenol liquid #120 m l with directions take 1 tablespoon by GI
tube TID for stomach pain. How do you fill it?
A - Sell the patient the tylenol.
B - Prepare a label with directions and serial num ber
C. Dispense a prescription for Tylenol #3 elixir
D. Tell the patient to follow the instructions on the bottle
E. Refuse to fill the Rx.
I put to fill in like an Rx (B) since the OTC labels do not contain adequate directions for use with
a GI tube. There is a note in Flynn's m aterial about this. ANS: Do B since you received a RX
for the drug, you fill it like any other RX.
116. Question on who can have sam ples
117. Two separate questions on who regulates advertising - wanted to know if we knew that a legend
drug and a prescription drug were the sam e
118. K type question on when a board inspector may seize medications
I - with an adm inistrative inspection warrant
II - if the drugs pose an imm inent danger to public health
III - under order of state police.
FW W : I and II are definitely correct and I would likely say no about the state police but will have
to look for this one.
119. Question about what form to fill out for expired Percodan - DEA-41 and who fills it out
120. A-E type question of a patient requesting Novolin 70/30 and syringes to the intern and what
the intern could sell. None of the options mentioned under direct supervision...etc, etc. Answers
were like can sell syringes but not insulin, can't sell either, can sell insulin but not syringes,
insist on a Rx. I wasn't sure b/c the question specifically said the request was m ade to the
intern, but I assum ed they were testing what could be sold without an Rx instead of what had
to be sold under RPh supervision. That could be wrong though. FW W : I would choose that can
sell both and not try to worry about the failure to see the direct supervision stuff.
121. A couple of questions about patients getting partial refills on controls, how m any pills can they
get, etc. Easy math. Questions are worded very strangely so read carefully.
122. Questions about lam inar flow hoods, a couple. Both had an answer relating to when/how often
these are inspected. I didn't know, but thought the inform ation was irrelevant to the question.
It would be a good idea to know this, however.
123. A-E type question of if the PIC is going to change, how long do you have to notify the board.
124. Several questions on responsibilities of consulting pharm acists.
125. Do they have to notify the board where they are consulting? Are they responsible for syringe
disposal? Etc.
126. Question on when to inventory a drug if it becomes scheduled.
127. Couple of questions relating to how an MD should order drugs for office use.
128. One question about who a pharm acist should counsel K type I. caregiver, II. patient by
phone; III patient by writing. I put I only b/c that will fulfill the counseling requirement and
the other two were optional but not required. A question of sem antics really with a poorly
worded question. FW : I would go with I and II because the counseling is supposed to be oral
(in person or by phone would be oral).
129. K type question about where a medication may be delivered patient's hospital, prescribing
MD's office, patient's hom e all 3
130. Multiple questions about what to look for during a prospective DUR
131. I had m ore than enough tim e to take the test, so don't hurry and read each question carefully
as the wording is very vague. W hat helped m e m ost was keeping in mind what is in the best
interest of the patient and for the patient's safety, as well as what answers m ake sense for the
situation. Several questions had answers that were technically correct but irrelevant to the
132. I finished the MPJE today and it was very random -most of m y questions had nothing to do with
the actual practice of pharm acy and answers were so sim ilar they could alm ost m atch.
133. I did not have any questions on practical law (refill lim its, renewal dates, control classes,
transfers, emergency kits) so that m ade it very hard.

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134. To whom can a pharm acy NOT dispense sterile saline for irrigation to? I put A. since it is not
patient specific, but was not sure. A. nursing hom e B. hospital C. podiatrist D. cardiologist
E. pediatrician
135. W ho asigns the m iddle NDC num ber? I put C. that was in your packet. A.FDA B.DEA
C.manufacturer D.state board
136. A manufacturer has until midnight of what date to renew license? A. Nov 30 B. June 30 (this
is the usual renewal date for all licenses except personal license as a pharm acist which is Dec
31 st
C. Sep 1 D. Dec 31 E. Jan 31
137. W ho should a physician obtain DEA num ber from? I am guessing C. now but I put boad of
m edicine A. board of pharm acy B. board of medicine C. federal governm ent this is correct
because the DEA is a federal entity
138. Two questions on physicians wanting to order Valium for office use the only
answer was to sell it and form an invoice, the other answers involved filling it for "office use"
and I knew that was wrong
139. How long do you have to send DEA 222 copy to the DEA if you are issuing the C-II? End of the
present month
140. Can a pharmacy accept a patients drugs to dispose of if the patient has passed away? I am
assuming yes if proper disposal is done. Could not find this written in law-I tried to find the
answer before the exam because it has been on others. Because of the disposal, Flynn would
also say yes; but the devious m inds who create this test could just be trying to m ake the point
that you should not take drugs back from patients.
141. If a pharm acy is closing on March 15th when m ust they contact board? I put A. 2 weeks prior
to but not sure?
A. March 1 st
B. March 15 th you can wait until the day you close C.
february 15
D. February 1
142. How m any pharm acists are required to be a m em ber of the Georgia board? Six
143. Alabama Law seemed very sim ilar to Georgia law for MPJE purposes. First of all, that test was
very hard and am biguous! Terrible test...this is why I didn't go to law school!
144. Know what to do if MD dies and have an Rx from him /her
145. em ergency kits
146. OTC labeling (No NDC required)
147. what can do if pharm acist leaves pharm acy with tech in charge (can only give out alrerady filled
and checked prescriptions) this m ight be true for Alabam a but it IS NOT true for Georgia and
m ost other states
148. No DEA form s other than 222 were asked about
149. lots on controls,
150. how can a vet order Tylenol #3 write a prescription or do the sam e invoice thing as described
above for Valium
151. prospective drug review and when you DON"T have to do it? Mostly for those in some form of
institution (hospital, LTCF, etc)
152. what a tech can and cannot do,
153. OTC insulin--regular
154. W hat has to happen when the PIC leaves? (ex. Inventory controls, contact DEA, contact BOP)
155. W hat does not require RX? (1/8 grain codeine, 15m g/5m L codeine, 50 m g benadryl in a sleep
aid, soft lens contacts)
156. W hat do you do if a nurse wants to fax from her hom e office her personal RX for birth control?
(fill the order based on the fax but do not deliver the m edication to her until she delivers the

deliver the medication, I

was thinking that that did not mean dispense--, tell her that the fax cannot be consider as a valid
RX for dispensing the drug-I chose this one, however, it would have been valid if it had been
faxed from her doctors office--, some others I cant rem ember) this sounds to me like
actual RX--I would have chosen this one, except that it said do not

something that is not covered by GA law since this com es from AL

157. Multiple instances when pt brings in rx for OTC the rx should be honored as written because
either dose MD wrote was lower than OTC or had different directions
158. Pt bring in RX that looks to be subtherapeutic (call MD and tell him of his m istake-I wouldnt
do that b/c what if pt had medical condition that required decreased dose--, call MD and
discuss pharm acotherapy of patients disease-I chose this one--, tell patient to tell MD to

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prescribe something stronger-Pharmacist is responsible for com m unicating with the physician
at this point--, and another choice.
How long should prescription drug inform ation be kept on file? (2 years after last refill)
Som eone (not specified as the pts agent) brings in an Rx for som e HIV drug that I cant
remember and this person asks you to give them inform ation about the drug-I decided that
since the person wasnt specified as patients agent and this was a sensitive drug-for HIV- that
I should not discuss with the person who brought in the Rx until getting permission from
Pts agent brings in Rx for a penicillin antibiotic and pts agent does not know if pt has pen
allergy? (fill rx, tell agent you cant fill, or call patient or patients physician to find out if patient
has pen allergy-I chose this one)
Home health care nurse wants to get saline irrigation (the irrigation says RX only) she should.
. . (get from central supply and send Rx to pharm acy, dispense from pharm acy upon receiving
a RX, and som e others) (I was a little thrown off here b/c I only rem em ber reading about HHC
nurses getting kits for injectables (NS, sterile water, and heparin) in the board rules)
Pt has RX with #100 +5RF, gets the original rx for #100, gets #100 on two different occasions,
then gets #50 on two different occasions, how m any tablets are rem aining that the patient can
W hat should be done if a LTCF want the pharm acist to include m eperidine in the emergency
Can the LTCF becom e owner of the em ergency kit?
A few questions about transferring prescriptions that were not that difficult
Someone who has a severe injury that requires significant am ounts of opiods, becom es addicted
to morphine. The pharm acist m ust rem em ber (it is illegal to dispense morphine to a patient who
is addicted, the patient should be enrolled in a hospital m ethadone clinic, and som e others)
which of the following can authorize a non-child safety cap? The question had 5 answers, one
was patient, one was physician, and 3 other bad ones. You could only choose one so i stuck
with patient.
i had several questions about dea forms. Also, know who fills out what form s.
W hat form s can you use to order schedule II drugs? I. Electronic equiv. of a DEA 222 form II.
Faxed 222 form III. Telephone order after registration
First tim e Lipitor prescription. The offer to counsel m ay be m ade by a licensed: I. Pharm acist
II. Pharmacy Intern III. Pharmacy Technician
MD who wants to obtain repackaged OTC drugs can obtain from perm itted: I. Com m unity
pharm acy II. Hospital III. OTC m anufacturer
If a pharm acy closes perm anently, what should be done with the used DEA-222 forms? store
with pharm acy records? Return to DEA is correct.
W hich insulin requires Rx? Novolog mix 70/30
W hat is the m axim um qty of dilantin (1 capsule QID) a PHYSICIAN can prescribe for an epileptic
dog? 0, 30, 60, 90, 120 NONE, physicians cannot prescribe for anim als.
I finished the MPJE exam with 52 mins. left, so be sure to take your tim e and read the
questions carefully.
You receive an rx from an optician for prednisolone opth. soln. with 2 refills. The patient has
been instructed to not wear her contacts for three weeks during therapy. You should: fill the
rx, but only for the duration of therapy; fill the rx, allowing both refills (YES); not fill the rx,
since it is not allowed; only fill the original rx, and allow no refills
Compounding pharm acies can use products: approved by USP; drugs from manufacturers
approved by the FDA; drugs on DEA list
W holesaler licenses expire on m idnight of June 30
W hich product requires light protective packaging? (not K-type) M ethyldopa; Lasix YES);
Erythromycin; some sort of Manganese compound; (another-not sure of answer)
Question on responsibilities of pharmacist providing kits to LTCF, som e choices included:
regularly visit LTCF; provide consultant services to LTCF; others
You receive a request from the adm inistrator of a place that provides assisted living and skilled
nursing svcs, requesting starter packs for com m only prescribed drugs. You may provide the
kits, only to patients of the skilled nursing facility; provide the kits once you receive an rx for

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all controlled drugs in the kits; provide the kits once you receive a purchase order for all the
drugs in the kit; cannot provide kits
A veterinarian presents an rx for lorazepam that says for office use, you can: dispense; sell
him the drugs once you receive a DEA 222; dispense when a patient nam e is provided;
dispense if the vet is nam ed as the patient
You are out of stock of an item, and receive a fax from a com pany selling lim ited quantities of
the drug at a substantially m arked up price. You m ust: verify the company is registered as a
wholesaler with the state and a manufacturer with the FDA; verify the company is registered
with the state as a wholesaler with the state and DEA; verify the company is registered as a
wholesaler with the state.
Question about a companys warehouse flooding and they are offering all drugs at discounted
prices. You have bought som e of these drugs. W hat m ust you do before dispensing them?
A sale of pseudoephedrine must be reported to the DEA if it is over: 17g 24g 30g 60g 90g
(I think these were the choices, not sure which is correct 90 gm )
Question about which products do not require tamper evident packaging, choices included
APAP, ASA, contact soln, etc
Question about schedule of Fiorinal w Cod, Fiorinal Caps, Fioricet, APAP w cod #3.
W hen sending C-IIs back for credit, what must be filled out? pharmacy filled out DEA 222;
pharm acy filled out DEA 104; pharm acy filled out DEA 41; W holesaler filled out DEA 222 (YES
on the assum ption that to get credit you would be returning them to the DEA) W holesaler filled
out DEA 104
Several questions about powers of the board, one concerning a pharm acist licensed in another
state, and what the board can do to them
Several questions about how long you have to notify board about different things, such as PIC
Question about how many techs are allowed to assist pharm acist in a prison clinic
K-type about which products can be used in narc treatm ent Subutex; Suboxone; Methadone
(all three)
Question about what the practice of pharm acy includes.
Question about what is part of DUR.
A couple of questions on the make up of the Board of Phcy.
Several questions about adulteration vs m isbranding (ie. 10% too much water to antibiotic, one
about capsules fused together, one about a product compounded with the wrong ingredients)
Question about requirem ents to get license back after 25 years of practicing as a physician.
Requirem ents to sell Ipecac. (a choice included requiring the patient to sign the poison log)
A patient comes in dem anding a refund for a prescription you filled for his daughter, because
it is for a m edication she is already on. You should: Give the refund and restock the item (NO
restock); Give the refund and destroy the item (YES); Refuse to give the refund (YES, would
also be legal)
Question on CE requirem ents
A physician wants you to return concentrated KCl to you, and he did not buy it from you, what
can you do? I would not take it from him .
Is it LEGAL to let another rxacy "borrow" C-II inventory? NO, but you can sell it to them with
a DEA222 form from the other pharm acy. Borrowing m eans that you would not be able to
account for an inventory shortage if an inspector cam e in.
Do you have to have a purchase order if another rxacy is borrowning stock? NO, but you need
a written record and I would get a PO if controlled substances are involved. (and see above)
W hat percentage of stock can you sell to another rxacy without a wholesaler licence? 5%
Can a retail pharm acy provide for LTCF? GA requires that the pharm acy that provides meds to
a LTCF must have a retail pharm acy perm it, so YES.
On my MPJE I had NO NUCLEAR, C-II partial fills
Several questions on Consultant RPh such as a Pharm acist has entered into a collaborative
agreem ent with a Physician, the RPh can...Change doses based on labs, order labs.
W hich insulin requires RX? Listed insulins by generic nam es i.e. R = Isophane Zinc, Humalog
= Lispro,

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210. Rules on changing CII's : RPh m ust contact MD to make any change. After counsultation can
change address, drug qty, drug strength. MAY NOT CHG Pt nam e, m edication nam e (except for
generic), or MD signature.
211. Dad wants you to chg RX from pills to susp for his kid.
212. Sm oke and water damage = adulterated (I had several adulterated)
213. Dad returns RX his daughter picked up the day before and he already had the m edication, you
tell him ...You cannot accept the drug back, but can give a refund.
214. Dog with epilepsy and PHYSICIAN writes Dilantin, how m uch can you dispense. 0 30 60 90 120
I choose 0. Doctors can't write RX's for anim als only people.
215. How long do you have to notify DEA of store closing?
216. Prospective DUR-I said idiosyncrasies
217. W hat do you do with DEA 222 when store closes. I said return to DEA. Another choice listed
said destroy.
218. Manufact. license expires midnight March 31 st?
219. A pharm acist becom es a doctor and lets her RPh license expired. 25 years later she decides she
wants to practice pharm acy. W hat m ust she do? I said contact board regarding reinstatem ent.
Other options were retake all exam s, she has enough m ed credits to allow for immediate
reinstatement, pay fines.
220. Under what circum stance can the BOP NOT take action: W hen a pharm acist is nam es as a
DEFENDENT. (NOT GUILTY until proven otherwise).
221. Ferrous Sulfate sold OTC should: Be in blister packaging
222. 1997 Modernization act - If you have com pounded RX's you m ust m eet USP/NF standards
223. The infam ous your pharm acy can com pound Rx's for...anticipation of RX's based on history of
prescriptions. Other answers were for another RX, for another pharm acy in your chain.
224. Pt has 'BINGO' card blister pack and is in Assisted Living Center. The m etoprolol has been
discontinued and the card returned to you. W hat do you do? I said rem ove the m etoprolol.
Another option listed was to destroy the card.
225. Dr uses a stam p to sign his RX's and you receive a Ritalin RX you....m ust have a authentically
signed RX
226. Internet RX transm itted for Tem azepam via fax is missing the physician's header (Date, time,
MD nam e, practice, etc), what do you do? Fill as is, Call and Verify RX, dispense a 7 day supply
and call, fill a 72 hours supply and call.
227. LTCF wants to add m eperidine to its Em ergency Kit, needs... DEA 222 filled out by the director,
DEA 222 to send to wholesaler, place in kit for use and bill when used. I said the last.
228. W hich is OTC? Loratadine
229. Pt recently in accident, has surgery, as a result becom es addicted to pain m eds, the pt must get
m orphine from ...I think I said treatm ent center. There was not a choice stating only a 24 hour
supply could be given.
230. How m uch paregoric can you sell OTC? None
231. Xanax 0.5mg #90 1 TID w/5 RF. Pt gets #30 at first fill. W hat is the MAX the pt can get total.
540 (90 x 6)
232. com pounding cytotoxic drugs - requirements
233. Pt caregiver picks up RX - counsel caregiver and that is all that is required
234. Pt can't make it in tim e to pick up RX, you....Leave at another RX, deliver to pt home. k-type
235. Doctor wants a C2 for office use, he must...Subm it a DEA 222 to pharmacy.
236. Podiatrist writes RX for Amoxil and Percocet, you...Fill both, Fill the Amoxil and disregard the
Percocet, Don't fill either b/c podiatrists can't prescribe....The answer is fill both
237. From the additional review packet for MPJE : 5, 6, 16, 20, 24, 25, 35, 53, 58, 78, 88, 104, 105,
186, 270, 316, 370, 372, 389 and also, look at 370 "MUST" versus "MAY" Key words to look for
238. Physicians, Dentists, Veterinarians, and Podiatrists have full prescribing rights in GA
239. Optom etrist (OD), nurse practitioners (NPs or APRNs) and PA(s) are mid-level providers and have
lim ited prescribing rights
240. PA(s) and NPs in GA can prescribe controls, but not CIIs in the state of GA. They need their own
DEA num bers to prescribe CIII V
241. You cannot fill and out of state PA or NP prescription

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242. You m ay dispense a 72-hour supply of a prescribed, non-controlled m edication if a prescriber

cannot be contacted for refill authorization.
243. If a physician dies all prescriptions are voided regardless of whether or not refilling
authorization have been granted; however, you may refill a prescription for up to six months
to give a patient tim e to find another physician.
244. Keep records for two years, Flynns m agic num ber, but financial records are 3 years and there
are others on page 10 of his M PJE packet.
245. One pharm acist in charge of one pharm acy at a tim e.
246. If you have an area that can be locked up, then a pharm acist can be absent for periods no
longer than 1.5 hours and no more than a total of 3 hours in a day.
247. A pharmacy license (Building) must be renewed for two year periods and expire on June 30 th
of each odd num bered year. IF not paid by Septem ber 1 st of the odd year than the license will
lapse and shall not be renewed, but have to apply for a new license for that business.
248. Only a pharm acist, extern or intern can take oral prescriptions or refills. Sam e goes for selling
a syringe
249. A pharm acist or pharm acy m ay receive eligible drugs for credit or reuse from long-term care
facilities provided that: The drugs were originally dispensed by the sam e entity; The pharm acist
has assurance that the drugs were properly stored; Package with expiration date and lot
number have been m aintained; Drugs have not expired and have a m inim um of 6 months
remaining before they do; and Judgm ent of the pharmacist as to the drugs being ok.
250. You can fill an out of state Rx, but not one from outside the US unless a doctor here signs off
on it
251. W hat m ust be on the prescription label: Nam e and address of the pharm acy, Telephone number
of the pharm acy, Expiration date of the drug, ID of dispensing pharm acist, Nam e of patient (if
pet then pets nam e), Serial num ber, Date it was filled, Nam e of the Doctor, Directions for use
252. You cannot sale or exchange m ore than 5% of your business with other pharm acies without
getting a distributors license.
253. GDNA does not need a warrant to inspect, but does to take records
254. You m ay counsel the patient, their caregiver, or agent.
255. W ho should be contacted if there is an im paired pharmacist?
256. Any pharm acist having knowledge that a pharm acist or drug store owner allows or encourages
any unlicensed person to illegally fill prescriptions or practice pharm acy while im paired shall
report such action within ten (10) days to the Director of the Georgia Drugs and Narcotics
Agency (GDNA) and upon his failure to report such acts to the director, which shall be grounds
for sanctions on such licensed person's license.
257. W ho can have an effect on your license? DEA and Board of Pharm acy
258. W hat is important to note when transferring a controlled substance? Num ber of refills
259. Gms of pseudoephedrine allowed to dispense without contacting the DEA? 24gm W arning from
Flynn these rules change on Sept 30, 2006
260. Rx calls for 20m g of drug x and you give them 30m g of drug x, is this m isbranded or
adulterated? Misbranded
261. You reconstitute an Antibiotic with to m uch water, is this misbranded or adulterated?
262. W hen subm itting out dated or adulterated drugs to a reverse distributor, what is required? A
return form (not an order form ), for controls, a DEA form 41 m ust be subm itted to the DEA (the
reverse distributor does this).
263. Not matter what the circum stances, a drug cannot be taken back by the pharmacist, you can
refund the money, but you cant take the medication back and send it to the manufacturer.
264. How m any techs can a prison pharm acist manage? 3 at the most, if one is certified
265. W hat is required for the dispensing of Poisons? Does it require a prescription, can you dispense
amounts which could kill a hum an, I dont know See in Flynns Handout
266. How long to keep records for CE? 2 years
267. One question will ask if all OTC liquids are required to be in a light sensitive bottle? The answer
m ust be no, because m y CVS benadryl is in a clear bottle and that stuff works good, chewable
ASA I believe can only be in 36 qty packages,
268. W hat can be left off the drug container label if requested by the MD? Drug nam e, formulation

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269. Can a Central Fill Pharm acy operate in Georgia and can they only dispense long term care
m edications only? I dont know YES, they can
270. If the PCI leaves, How long do you have to notify the board? Every pharm acy shall be under the
direct charge of a registered pharm acist whose nam e shall appear on the license. In the event
such pharm acist whose nam e shall appear on said license shall no longer be in charge of a
pharm acy, the Board shall be notified im m ediately and shall be notified, at the sam e time, of
the successor registered pharm acist.
271. Once a pharm acy receives a patients prescription drug order, that pharm acy cannot forward
such prescription drug order to a second pharm acy in order for the second pharm acy to fill the
prescription drug order and return the filled drug container to the original pharm acy for
dispensing or delivery to the patient.
272. Act of 1906 (W iley-Heyburn act) or (Pure Food and Drug Act)? Prohibited foods and drugs that
were distributed through interstate com m erce to be adulterated or m isbranded
273. W ho can take pt inform ation? Tech, certified tech, cashier, (since there is little diff. Between all
three, I think it is all three) I also think Ive read som ew here that w hoever a pharm acist
designates to take pt inform ation, can take it
274. Prospective Drug Review? Make a reasonable effort to obtain any known allergies, drug
reactions, idiosyncrasies, and chronic conditions or disease states, otc use, rx use (I believe the
answer to this question is which one does not belong and its going to be food allergies). Note:
Pharm acist can counsel patients in person, over the phone, and may also supplem ent such with
written information, they are not required if the pt refuses, inm ates, in-patients etc .
275. How must pharm acies who deliver counsel patients? I dont know (either call on phone before
or after rx arrives, or 1-800 num ber, or package insert) one or all of these, I dont know
276. Xanax question, 90 with 5 refills, they get partial of 30, should be able to get the full amount
540, or rem ainder 510
277. FDA regulates the advertisem ent of prescription drugs and the FTC regulates OTC
advertisem ent
278. W ho can request a prescription to be dispensed in a unit-dose package? Prescriber, patient,
patient care giver, one or all, I dont know
279. IMDUR does not require a safety cap?
280. Pt request a non-safety cap for CII? Fill with their request, but it would be wise to record
281. W ho can request a safety cap? Patient, prescriber (but can not give blanket statem ent), patient
care giver
282. W ho can enter a hospital pharm acy when pharm acist not there? Director of Nursing assigned
by the Director of Pharm acy
283. W ho can have samples? MDs only, hospitals can store for M Ds, but in general, hospital
pharm acies should not contain, com m unity pharm acies should not either, nurses (I dont know)
Must be authorized to prescribe the drug that is the sam ple in order to have that drug as a
sam ple.
284. W ithin three (3) days following any dam age by fire and/or water to a building or storage area
in which any of the above said items are stored or retained, written notice shall be forwarded
to the Director of the Georgia Drugs and Narcotics Agency (GDNA) at his office, by the person
or his agent with custody or control of the said item s inform ing the Director of the GDNA of the
circum stances and requesting an im m ediate inspection of said items. W ithin three (3) days from
his receipt of such written notice the Director of the GDNA shall cause an inspection to be made
of said item s for the purpose of determ ining their suitability for use as intended and within a
reasonable tim e after the completion of said inspection, the Director of the GDNA shall forward
to the person from whom he received such notice a report of the result of said inspection and
an authorization to release said items for retail sale if the facts so indicate.
285. The theft, loss, or unaccounted for controlled substances m ust, within three (3) days of its
discovery, must be reported to the Drug Enforcement Adm inistration and the GDNA. A written
report must be made regarding any theft, loss or unaccounted for controlled substances by
completing a DEA Form 106. W ithin ten (10) days of receiving such DEA Form 106, the original
and one copy of the report must be sent to the Drug Enforcem ent Administration; and One copy
m ust be sent to the GDNA.
286. W hich of these is NOT a C-II answers included several kinds and nam es of opium, but one
was cam phorated tincture of opium aka paregoric (C-III)

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287. antibiotic reconstitution question about misbranding/adulteration

288. question about central-fill pharm acies, (I assum ed aka m ail-order pharm acies) which are not
allowed in GA
289. which of the following can be sold OTC, Benadryl 50 m g, VIT A 50,000, drug containing codeine
15 mg/5m L, 1/8 grain codeine, soft lens contacts (I chose Benadryl)
290. who determ ines em ergency kit contents, Director of Pharm acy and m edical staff
291. where can Rx be delivered
292. about technicians, the answer I thought best was "can be high school student interested in
being a pharmacist, other answers were tech m ust not have been convicted of a crim e, tech can
be an intern or extern
293. I wasn't sure what I should put for this one a father brings in a filled prescription from the
day before that was filled for his daughter and dem ands a refund because she is already taking
this med and has som e at hom e. The 2 answers I struggled between were, refuse to take the
drug back or give a refund and destroy the drug. I put refuse to take it back, because can't she
just use it later, so she doesn't have to com e back in for a refill!
294. One was worded strangely a pt com es in requesting hydrocodone 7.5 and APAP 500 mg, on
Septem ber 15. The prescription has 1 refill remaining. The original prescription was written for
#90 on July 1, and the patient has gotten 15 tablets every 15 days. W hat can the pharm acist
do? So on Sept 15, there are still 15 tabs (75 already given over the last 2 m onths) remaining
on the first #90, and one of the answers was you can still fill 15, but then that is it because
there are no more refills. But what about how it said that there is one refill rem aining? It was
not clear if the original prescription was written #90 with 1 RF, in which case the answer would
have been just give him the 15 tabs and he still has a full refill (this is the answer I chose).
295. Tranxene 7.5 mg question & out of state MD word for word
296. A couple of questions where you needed to make a change on a controlled prescription, what
should you do I chose contact the prescriber to authorize the change, other answers were just
m ake the change and let the prescriber know within 48 hours or 72 hours
297. Know that dronabinol and ketamine are C-III
298. If a drug is OTC, which requires tam per-resistant packaging, answers included Sucrets
lozenges, benadryl "sealed" capsules, ipecac
299. A physician calls you for a solution of cocaine, som ething, and som ething else do you mix it
up, ask for a request for "office use only" (NO), ask for an invoice, ask for a patient-specific
prescription (that's what I chose)
300. A pharm acy can distribute norm al saline to which of the following EXCEPT hospital, nursing
home, I don't remem ber the other choices
301. A laminar flow hood m ust be registered with the Board of Pharm acy, registered with the DEA,
certified (I chose certified)
302. Retail and hospital pharmacy license are renewed June 30 biannually.
303. How m uch of a controlled substance can you get OTC in 48 hours? 120 m L
304. Some of the questions were the sam e or very sim ilar to the ones in the law question packet and
the sam ple test on the CD-ROM. I read all of the law packets and went through the sample
test. I feel that I was as prepared as I could have been for the exam . I just pray that I did well
enough to pass.
305. How long to you have to tell the board that the pharmacist-in-charge has changed?
Imm ediately 10 days 5 days 7days etc
306. W ho is responsible for telling the Board that the pharmacist-in-charge has resigned?
Pharm acist-in-charge pharm acy owner store m anager etc
307. Some thing about what is required for a collaborative practice agreement. I didnt realize what
they were trying to ask until I spoke with others form our class. It did not say collaborative
practice agreem ent in the K-type question.
308. How m any hours of CE are required?
309. W hen does a pharm acy license expire and a pharm acist license expire?
310. How often should a pharmacy be inspected?
311. A strangely worded question about the medical director over a skilled nursing facility, assisted
living, etc obtaining starter kits for the patients.
312. A question where I had to pick out the non-OTC medication?

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313. W h i c h
R esistant
Clomid Prem pro prem arin estradiol
314. W hen do you need to record a poison purchase in a ledger? OTC sale vs. RX
315. W hat does the 1906 law state?
316. How can you change an Adderall XR 30m g RX to Adderall 20m g RX? Have the pt return to the
doctors office for a new RX when the MD approves the change by phone and you m ake a note
of the change on the original RX etc
317. A pharm acist knows that a wholesalers warehouse has been flooded, but orders drugs from
them anyway. How can a Pharm acist sell the m edication? After stability testing cannot sell
because of the Food and Drug Act etc
318. Manufacturing practices should be followed when a- Labeling or relabeling; b- Packaging or
repackaging; c- Production, preparation, propagation, or processing of drug (K style)
319. How m any days does a pharm acist have to renew their license without being penalized with a
fine? (Answer is 30 days)
320. If you have an inactive licence do you need to still do CE? NO
321. PIC resigns. W ho m ust notify the board? a- the PIC; b- the store m anager; don't rem ember the
322. Send m etoprolol m eds to LTCF for a patient in BINGO card pack. BINGO card is returned
unopened to your pharm acy. W hat do you do? a- Return pills to stock for reuse; b- Entire
BINGO card can be given to another LTCF patient; c- Must send to reverse distibutor
323. No pharm acist is available to work in the pharmacy for 28 days. W hat does ow ner do?
acontact board via certified m ail; b- close pharm acy and post a sign; c- request a variance; don't
remem ber the other options
324. W hich doesnt have to be in a child proof container? a- ortho novum 7/7/7; b- isordil
sublingual; c- questran (this was a k style)
325. Person wants to buy 2 robitussin AC for a m onth long trip they will be taking out of state. W hat
do you do? a- Have them sign 2 tim es and let them take both bottles; b- have them sign 1 time
and take both bottles; c- Sell them 1 bottle and tell them to com e back in 24 hrs to get the other
one; d- have them sign 2 tim es and pre-date one of the signatures; e- Sell only 4 oz to them
326. Pt has a prescription for insulin, syringes, and m eter and wants you to show them how to use
the insulin. Basically Can you do this or should you send them to a certified diabetes educator?
327. W hen does a manufacturers license expire?
328. All control records should be kept how long? 2 yrs
329. MPJE Questions from Alabam a thru num ber 361
330. In usual course of practice, optom etrist can prescribe: Isopto-Carbachol (yes), Erythromycin
tabs 250 mg (I put yes NO for Georgia), Ovral (no)
331. W hich can be given w/o Rx by intern? Syringes (yes?), Novolog (no)
332. Pharm acist must be licensed for 2 yrs before becom ing preceptor. (not true for GA)
333. W hich must be dispensed as brand? Phys wrote DAW ? DAW box checked? Signed on DAW line?
334. W ho controls OTC drug advertising? FTC
335. W hich is controlled? Fioricet or Rynatuss
336. W hich is not considered a technician? Intern (correct), Cashier (correct), Delivery person (I
think correct)
337. W hat should you do if you see another pharmacist put Xanax in pocket? Report to state board.
338. W hich are you required to do if you see a pharm acist breaking a regulation? State Board (yes),
em ployer (no), State Pharm acy Association (no)
339. Student pharmacist taking drug to patient is practicing drug ? delivery? Dispensing?
340. Optom etrists cannot execute DEA form 222. (B/c they cannot prescribe C- IIs!)
341. How can C-IIs be ordered? Electronic 222? Faxed 222? Telephone?
342. Does 222 order have to be signed by pharm acist? NO, by the DEA perm it holder or a person
given power of attorney to do so.
343. Does emergency kit have to be in secure place? Does it have to have list of drugs on it? Does
it have to be locked away in a nurses station?
344. Can techs m ake chem o? Yes. Does chem o have to be done in a separate place from other IV
345. W hich have to be com pounded to make sterile? Eye drops (yes), parenteral (yes), inhalation (?)

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346. How m any hrs of nuclear CE/yr? 1

347. Pharm acist late on CEs. W hat can happen? Fine? Reprim and? Probation?
348. Pt wants refill from Canadian physician and Rx for am iodarone. You need to tell pt to see their
fam ily physician for a new Rx.
349. Requirem ents for Rx label.
350. Requirem ents on OTC label.
351. Dosage in grams of pseudoephedrine that has to be reported to DEA? 17? 24? 30? 45? 60?
352. In AL, all C-Vs require a Rx.
17-yr old wants to get cough m ed w ith codeine and
pseudoephedrine? Which can you give him ?
353. Mother picks up Rx refill. Rx must offer to counsel.
354. Can products be compounded for future use?

PIC institutional Rx something about if not a 24-hr pharm acy what does he have to do?
Several on misbranding/adulteration
Several on not taking prescription back after it leaves.
Several on office use.

359. W hat is required for you to obtain prior to dispensing oxandrolone? pregnancy test; lab results;
ID to pove patient is over 18; something else; no special requirements (YES). I had never heard
of this drug. I guessed and put e. It is a steroid and a C-3. I looked it up and could not find any
special requirem ents.
360. How m any board mem bers are pharm acists?
361. W here can you deliver an rx? (K-type) I. patient's hom e; II. caregiver's hom e where patient
resides; III. drop-off point I just put I and II, b/c it didn't give m e enough info. W here is the
drop-off point? If it's with another RPh, that's fine. If it's in a dark alley somewhere, that's not
362. Everything else was pretty m uch repeat questions or questions that were pretty straight
forward. Like everyone says, this is a very poorly written test. You will com e out thinking you
failed, but you probably passed, so don't fret.
363. LOUISIANA MPJE through Num ber
364. Im modium or Loperam ide is OTC at 2m g
365. Call for a refill on patients Xanax (no refills left) on Friday afternoon. Question specifically
stated that the MD is GONE FOR THE DAY. Nurse authorizes one refill: DO NOT REFILL .MD
out of town and she does not have the authority to do this even though it happens in real life.
366. W hich can a prescriber do: W rite for Tylenol #3 with 5 refills, norvasc 5m g with 11 refills,
m arinol with 3 refills: ALL ARE OKAY
367. The Board of Pharmacy (in virtually every state) can only prom ulgate a REGULATION; not an
injunction, law, ordinance
368. Insulin glargine(lantus) lispro and aspart(Hum alog and Novolog) are all RX
369. Do you have to notify the LABP before you enter in an Authority to Adm inister?
370. Pharm acy applies for relocation on April 5 th, 3 days later the PIC im m ediately resigns, when
does the board need to be notified by (April 18 th; 10 days)
371. W hen is pt. counseling for a ventolin inhaler NOT required? I put for an inpatient in a hospital.
372. If someone owns 3 pharm acies can they do their inventory of controls on different days for each
pharm acy? YES Do they all need to be m aintained together (ie. Not in one big file at ONE
pharm acy) Yes they all need to be separate
373. MD writes an order and indicates no drug product selection I was confused as to whether this
m eant he said you COULD NOT substitute or if it meant that he did not indicate a DAW ? Just
watch out for confusing wording m eans you cannot substitute
374. 1 CE Unit = 10 hours of CE
375. How m any collaborative practice agreements can a pharm acist be in? 1,2,3,4, as m any as he
can m anage? I put as many as he can m anage
376. W hat is an optician? You get an RX from him for prednisolone eye drops and pt is instructed
not to wear contacts for 3 weeks? I put opticians cant prescribe b/c nothing else seemed correct
(answers included put no refills, put 11 refills, put refills for 3 m onths) FLYNN NOTE: Opticians
m ake the lenses for glasses; they cannot prescribe m eds.
377. Do you need to notify the LABP before you start sterile com pounding in your pharm acy? I think
you do

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378. Can you transfer out of state controls? Yes you can?
379. Pharm acies sharing a real tim e database can transfer controls back and forth UP TO THE MAX
# of refills permitted.
380. One incorrect answer to an sim ilar but unrelated question included: control refills transferred
are only good for ONE refill? This would be incorrectthey are only allowed to be transferred
ONE tim e between pharm acies not sharing a real tim e database
381. A prescription transfer must be between two pharm acists. Duh
382. The label you put on the back of a W algreens Rx after it is filled? Does it need to include the
prescribers ADDRESS? Does it need to include the initials of the technician who assisted in
preparing? I dont think it needs the MDs address, not sure though FLYNN physicians
address m ust be on the RX somewhere
383. Board inspector com es in and wants to see an individual patient record .do you let him see it
or not? I put no he cant and that it would be a violation of HIPPA; other answer included calling
the patient to get consent) in m ost states the state drug inspector can see such a record.
384. Quantity is NOT required on the prescription label you put on the bottle
385. Rx for adderall XR 20m g #180 one bid, for a kid going away to school what is the max # of
days supply that you can fill this rx for? 90 days, that is what it is written for, there is no max
on a C2 quantity in LA.
386. Failing to give patient package insert with birth control is MISBRANDING.
387. Any tim e a drug is packaged whereby its strength/quality/purity is reduced is ADULTERATION
388. Can the LABP oversee enforcem ent of other agencies regulating drug law? Had no idea but I put
389. A non licensed pharm acy personnel delivers an rx to a patients home does he need to be A.
Bonded B. a certified technician C. Not included in the ratio of pharm acists to non-licensed
personnal? I put he needs to be bonded nothing else m ade sense, I think bonded means
insured by the pharm acy in case he gets hurt or som ething?
390. Do you need to include NDC#s on drugs that were stolen and reported on the DEA 106? I dont
think you need the NDC but you do need strength, nam e, and other stuff like that
391. Pharm acist MUST OFFER to counsel all patients on any new rx, Medicaid or not. I think you
m ay not have to counsel when the patient is an inpatient in a hospital where a nurse is
adm inistering m eds.
392. W hen an inspector com es in, the PIC or perm it holder does NOT need to be present to do the
inspection, just keep working, he will place a notice/evaluation of inspection in a conspicuous
place after he is done
393. You can NEVER accept drugs back to be put BACK IN STOCK even if they are topical drugs and
sealed, pills in a bottle or whatever
394. Expired drugs need to be taken off the shelf when they expire not within 30 days .not turning
the label around on the shelf so it cant be seen .not m arking EXPIRED on the bottle and
leaving on the shelf .they need to be REMOVED from the shelf and then placed in quarantine
away from the non-expired drugs.
395. On an rx from a vet. W hat needs to be on the Rx? Vets nam e, owners nam e, cats name .i put
all three.
396. If you substitute atenolol for tenorm in how can it look on the label atenolol Barr (yes) atenolol
substituted for Tenorm in (yes) .atenolol (tenorm in) NO, this could be m istaken for the brand
name product.
397. W ho can give a BLANKET authorization for non-safety caps? Only the patient; also the
prescribing MD can do so
398. Can an MD who specializes in arthritis request that all of his patients Rxs be in non-child proof
containers .NO he cannotbut he can per prescription (and associated refills)
399. Lomotil is a Schedule V drug that may is sold over the counter It is a C-V, but my books
indicate still a RX-only drug
400. Poison log register??? No idea required in m ost states for OTC sale of poisons.
401. A person delivering an rx to a nursing hom e is engaging in dispensing, deliverysome
others .answer is dispensing b/c the definition of dispensing includes the actual transfer of
the m edication
402. Custom er com es in with 5 packs of 60m g PSE #60, states that it is for an extended family
vacation ..sell it? No I put refuse sale and notify DEA

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403. Nothing on narcotic Tx programs or how m uch codeine/hydrocodone is in schedule 3/5

404. Rx prescription files must be kept on file for 2 years from the DATE OF LAST
DISPENSING/REFILL .watch out for wording
405. Before you return a C2 or controls to a Reverse Distributor, you need to make sure that they
are registered/allowed/perm itted by the DEA to do this .im pretty sure they do not have to
register with the LABP or anyone else, just the DEA
406. If you move your pharm acy to a new location in a reasonable distance, you do not need to get
a NEW perm it, you can reopen under the sam e one after letting the board know of the relocation
so they can re-issue you the SAME perm it with the new address/location
407. Xanax #100 5 refills .patient gets original 100, 2 refills of 100 each, 2 m ore refills of 50
each many are left? 200, sim ple m ath
408. W hen can you change Adderall XR 20m g to 30m g? If the patients records indicate that he has
been on XR 30m g? (NO), answer is only with authorization from the MD
409. Andrew Johnson, DPM = Doctor of Podiatric Medicine .he can prescribe whatever he wants in
the scope of his practice (ie not birth control)
410. If you get an rx for an OTC med that is lower than the so called usual dose Fill it, you dont
know what the MD is trying to treatdo not send the pt back to the m d for a new script or just
change it to the usual strength without MD approval
411. If you get an rx for OTC m edicine, like Tylenol liquid and the instructions say place 5ml in GI
tube TID DO NOT send the pt to the otc counter and just tell him the directions .you treat
this as a regular prescription, and label and fill as such,
412. If doctor gives pt a plain piece of paper that is not signed with OTC Ibuprofen 200mg with
directions of tk 2 now and 1 tid for ankle swelling what do you do? In this case, send the pt out
to OTC counter b/c that is OTC strength and the pt does not have a legitim ate prescription b/c
the question stated not signed and on a plain piece of paper like a note
413. Iron tablets OTC need to be in blister packaging .pretty sure
414. PDMA prescription drug m arketing act.regulates sam ples .state licensing of
wholesalers .know what else this amendm ent does .it seems to be popular
415. Only an MD can REQUEST sam ples m ust be a W RITTEN request and if they are stored in a
hospital, they must be separate from other inventory
416. A com m unity pharm acy CANNOT ever under any circum stance have Rx drug sam ples, so if a
salesm an in a question comes offering them, you do not accept them
417. The definition of samples does NOT include vouchers and starter packs, read up on this b/c
I think com m unity pharm acies are allowed to fill the vouchers for free m eds(we do this all the
tim e) and Im pretty sure that I read som ewhere that they can have these starter pack things
b/c they are NOT considered sam ples
418. If a drug purports to be a drug in the official com pendia and the strength/quality/purity falls
below the standard set forth in the com pendia or if it is packaged therewith to reduce its
quality, strength, or diluted it is adulterated ..if I were you I would know the definition of
Adultered and Misbranding very well ..they werent difficult ..i just kept in mind that
anything that has to do with the drugs strength/quality/purity is adulterated and anything to
do with what the m anufacturer represents on the label is misbranding .im itation drugs are
m isbranding
419. M A K E
ADULTERATION .definitely be fam iliar with how it is worded..diluted drugs(ie diluted abx
with too much water are adulterated b/c you decreased its strength by adding to m uch water)
420. Misbranding if you do not give the patient package insert with estrogens and the like .you done
m isbranded the drug
421. JCAHO, AHFS, college of accredited pharm acies
422. Prilosec 40mg OTC?? Or just 20mg?
423. Know otc doses of axid, cim etidine, loperam ide, prilosec
424. Know when a fax can serve as the original rx .the wording is straight out of the law book or
other pharm acy law references .i prom ise it was the EXACT wording out of the book
425. Sam ples cannot be traded, purchased or sold ..they can only be given free of charge to a
patient by an MD who is authorized to dispense those types of drugs
426. I think lomotil can be sold OTC in LA I dont know if anyone does it but it is legal I think .so
this would classify lomotil as an Schedule V drug that can be sold over the counter

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427. You CANNOT change DATE , DRUG, PATIENT NAME or SIGNATURE on a controlled drug
prescption .or any prescription but the question was only about a C-II.
428. If you get notice of a recall for duragesic patches .can you take the patches back from the
patient and replace them with new ones? I dont remember the answer, but I dont think you
can just replace them ? I didnt put this answer b/c another answer seemed better, but sorry
I cant rem ember what the answer was
429. If MD dies, can a patient still get any REFILLS left on that rx at your pharm acy? I put that you
could refill the Dyazide that tim e but that a new RX would be necessary to fill any m oreI read
som ewhere that you can fill up to 60 days worth to allow the pt to get a new doctor .seems fair,
doesnt it? In GA, you can fill for up to 6 m onths
430. Please watch out for wording when you use a DEA 222 form from Pharm acy A to pharm acy
B .if pharm acy A is supplier then Pharm acy B sends them the DEA 222 order form to fill. Just
watch for wording and then the question is easy
431. How m any people can have a power of attorney?? No where in the law is there a limit on
this .think about it W algreens and CVS have thousands of pharm acies with thousands of
PICs and pharmacists .there cant be a lim it .everything I read from other people said that
they cannot find a lim it, so: UNLIMITED
432. W hen can MULITPLE drugs be put in a single container? At the request of patient, caregiver,
or physician? I put the first two .b/c it is their m edicine but all three is the really correct
433. Does an em ergency drug kit need to ONLY be closed with paper or tape to allow for easy opening
in case of em ergency? I know they have to be in tam per-evident packaging, but I dont know if
they can ONLY be with paper or tape? I put yes
434. W here do unused DEA 222 form s go when you perm anently close your pharm acy? You return
them to the DEA .please do not m iss this and please do not send them to the LABP or any
body else they go to the DEA
435. Something like: In the absence of a com puter printout for the days controls/prescriptions, who
MUST sign the paper confirm ing that all info has been entered correct? One of the dispensing
pharm acists, Each dispensing pharm acist?(YES, there were three dispensing RPhs)
436. Patients must be INFORMED of and CONSENT to a generic m ake sure you ask
them first and they are okay with it dont just go giving them generics (as far as the MJPE
goes do whatever you want at your pharmacy after you get licensed)
437. If an MD wants to get a drug from your pharm acy for office use, he CANNOT just write a
prescription for it and you fill it.this is NOT legal .he needs to subm it an order form/invoice
type docum ent and you can sell it too him .
438. Im pretty sure you CANNOT take 300 tabs from an unopened bottle of 1000 tabs, repackage
them and sell them to an MD. This is the definition of m anufacturing packing or repacking,
labeling or relabeling, and preparing, producing, etc. Im pretty sure that you must sell that
doctor all 1000 tablets (according the MJPE type law), I know W algreens interstores stuff and
doesnt follow this rule, but if one independent wants to get a drug from another independent,
they must be sold in unopened bottles (ie not repackaged) with record of purchase like an
invoice/order form . FLYNN I cannot find a requirem ent that only unopened bottles can be
439. a DEA 222 m ust accompany any C2 transfer.
440. Look up something on patient med packs? Not sure what this question was asking for MD
wanted you to prepare m edpacks for patients (A-E type question)do they require additional
labeling, adherence to the strictest labeling and packaging requirem ents? Confusing I know.
441. The LABP can seize products if the pose im m inent danger to the public, investigate allegations,
but they CANNOT arrest you .or at least Im pretty sure they cant I put they cant arrest you
b/c Ive never heard of that happening ever before .i think you can only be arrested by the
442. You need to inventory all controls (but not legends too look this up) when a PIC leaves and
keep with inventory records.
443. If a patient is prescribed morphine or a narcotic and they becom e ADDICTED as a result of this
therapy, they are NOT considered to be an ADDICT you CAN still fill controls and narcotics for
them as long as the patient has pain .now if the patient is in your waiting area doing jumping
jacks while waiting for his rx for back pain .then you MUST call the MD and m ake sure it is

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not for treating/m aintaining addiction but if they becom e addicted as the result of therapy
that is just a consequence/side affect and they are not an addict so fill as long as pain is
W holesalers/distributors register with the state; m anufacturers with FDA
An optician is NOT an dont fill prescription medications from them (see
prednisolone question above)
Know the exact wording of the schedules ie C3 causes moderate to low physical
dependency .was on my test
Drugs in an em ergency drug kit can only be used pursuant to an ORDER from a doctorsome
answers included that they could be adm inistered w/o an order, if the MD is notified in 72
hours or 48 hours .these are all wrong
Dispensing includes transfer of possession to the ultim ate user (so if you deliver the m edicine
to M s. Mays hom e you are dispensing it)
W hich of the following is needed to m onitor or m odify a patient's drug therapy? a. specific
patient; b. specific pharm acist; c. independant healthcare practitioner (I put all of the above)
Owner of a pharmacy retires and closes the pharmacy. There are extra 222 form s remaining.
W hat do you do with the DEA 222 form s? send to the FDA NO, they are DEA form s; send to
the DEA YES; send to the FDC NO; throw the form s in the garbage
I studied the 49 page packet on LAW and the student questions...The test was so ambiguous,
thought I failed, but made a 90. Go with your first choice, do not overthink the answers.
Many questions on physicians ordering drugs from retail pharm acy...if it is a C-II must use DEA
222 form and if it is an non-control or C-III-C-V must treat like a sale and create an invoice.
Retail pharm acy never does this anyways.
How m any Pharm acists must make up the State Board of Pharm acy seven
The SC law portion was m uch more difficult and I passed with an 83. I dont remember m uch
from that b/c I guessed on most of m y answers.
I did have a few questions on the old pseudoephedrine laws
Know Lom otil control schedule C-V but still is RX only
Know C-IIs cannot be refilled
Dept. of Agriculutre does pesticides.
Dexedrine is C2
Stadol class is C-IV for all dosage form s in Georgia
They try to trick you with form s (exam ple..ordering C4 with 222 form ..wrong)
know the nam es of the ACTs!
max am ount of ipecac syrup in one bottle (30m l)
No questions about Acts/Am endm ents
Lot of nursing hom e, repackaging, sale, adulterating
W hich statem ent is right about a technician? intern/extern, high school student who wants to
be a pharm acist, need to be licensed, who has not been a crim inal (I chose high school student
and that is correct from that list)
W hich of the following is/are adulterated? Drop tablet on floor, patient bring back to pharmacy,
coloring which is not safe
W hich insulin need prescription? Hum ulin N, Novolin R, Novorin R penfill, hum ulin 70/30
W hich insulin need prescription(k-type) hum alog, humulin N, lantus
prospective review means
non-prescription drug is regulated under which organization- FTC
prescription drug is regulated under which organization-FDA
pharm acist filled Rx with norvasc10m g but Rx was written for norvasc 5m g. then did not offer
pt a counseling. what is this action? Adulterated, m isbranded, negligent, careless, did not do
a board requirem ent as a pharm acist?
if failed to finish CE (k-type) fine, revoke
Georgia Board of Pharm acy m ust include; 1 hospital pharm acist + 2 chain pharmacists, 7
pharm acists (correct answer), 8 pharm acists, 1 HP + 2CP + 2 independent pharm acists, 2 HP+2
controlled substance between pharm acies which use sam e database on line can transfer more
than 1 tim e? (2 sim ilar questions)
how long after flood pharmacy notify the board? im m ediately, within 10 days, 15, 20 ,30

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478. emergency verbal C-II order, maxim um dose- 2 doses, 24 hours, 48 hours, 72 hours, enough
dose depends on m eds
479. which case do NOT required counseling(2 questions)
480. which case you do NOT need to contact MD for m issing info strength, direction for use, patient
name, refill, date
481. only one question about NP
482. collaborative with MD what can pharm acist do? Adjust dosage, d/c, writing recom m endation
to M D, change m eds etc
483. 2 questions about returning of C-II DEA form 222
484. when you filled DEA form 222 5 C-II items, then you realized you dont need one of them. W hat
do you do? Erase 1 item from form with initial, void the form and discard, void then keep it with
C-II ordering files, void then keep 1 copy in the pharm acy then send 2 copies to DEA
485. which info you have to put the back of the original Rx when transfer? Phone no the pharm acy
you transferred , nam e of transferring pharm acist etc
486. Robitussin PE Rph must sell, need right labeling etc
487. can repeat use of a glass container? YES
488. a few questions about who or where can deliver Rx.
489. NO question about opioid treatment
490. CE question about how many hours per licensing period- 30 hours
491. CE question about how many years you have to keep a record of CE (I put 2years)
492. patient with Rx, you dont have meds but sam e chain pharm acy who use a com m on database
has the med. W hat do you do? Put order to the computer then call second pharmacy to fill, fax
Rx to second pharm acy then file the original, call second pharm acy to transfer, put order to the
computer then write info only give it to back pt.
493. what is appropriate to fill cytotoxic meds- lam inar hood, vertical flow cabinet, do not fill etc
494. vaccine question right statem ent(k-type) pharm acist can adm inister vaccine; with a protocol
order from MD, need appropriate training, CRP certified ( I had NO idea)
495. amphetam ine or amphetam ine like substance- which case is NOT allowed to prescribe? obesity,
ADD, depression, narcolepsy, hyperkinesia child
496. W hich is not C-II? Marinol was a choice
497. pharm acy license & manufacturing license when renew or expire? June 30 annually or
biannually (2 questions)
498. the other pharm acy want to buy propranolol 120m g #300 but container comes in #1000 you
can sell repackage with FDA approval labeling, you can sell if not exceeding FDA approval
am ount, you cannot sell ( sell #1000 wasnt a choice)
499. em ergency kit in nursing home belong to the NH, belong to the pharm acy, use for heart attach
patient(I thought this was too specific) 2 m ore choices
500. C-II nursing home partially fill within 60 days
501. requirem ents of a LTC pharm acist
502. 2 questions about calculate # Rx what to tell or do
503. about DUR only for Medicare pt, only for Medicaid pt, done upon receipt of prescription
504. Not DUR- drug-age, drug-drug, drug-food, contraindication
505. expand pharm acy(k-type) need notify the board prior to moving, get approval, inventory
controlled substances
506. how to deal with OTC C-V purchase- need keep record? With the other controlled substances
record? Just with easy to review file?
507. MD prescribed Adderall 240mg but supposed to be Adderall XR 360 mg. which case is right...(pt
to go back to get the right rx was not a choice) with MDs authorization-correct on a hard copy,
call MD to adjust this is the correct choice Flynn, ok if pt history shows
508. original rx with 2 refills on 7/1/05, filled on 7/10, 8/10, 9/10/05 you file RX till when?
9/10/07 (no 7/1/07, 7/10/07)
509. NO thalidom ide & accutane
510. pts father got Rx but pt already taking the m eds. Father brought m eds back and demand
refund! W hat can you do? Refund back then put m eds to shelf, refund and send m eds to
wholesaler, refuse to accept return, refund but discard meds

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511. return policy- when you can accept return- unopen m eds, pt was allergic to meds, MD changed
m eds, under no circum stances (a lot of question dont say what kind of pharm acy it is. It would
be different if this is a LTC, I thought)
512. a few question about computer system need to notify the board? W hat a requirement to doprint out everyday?
513. you can take off drug nam e from label when MD asked
514. filled generic coumadin 5m g
what label could be?(k-type) warfarin(coum adin)5mg,
coumadin5m g, warfarin5m g
515. a agent of GDNA(I think) inspects a patients Rx. What do you do? As requested(I chose this),
after asked pt, etc
516. one sterile compounding- which is NOT right statem ent- lam inar hood, USP 797, fill for another
pharm acy, etc
517. Rx for non-controlled substances is valid for 1 year- how many refills? 5, 6, 10, 12,
unlim ited(yes)
518. hospital pt get prem arin- give PPI with the first dose, give PPI when discharged, dont need to
give if pt sign a waver agreement (every 30days wasnt a choice)
519. vet asked com pound #2000 of som ething(I dont rem em ber) choose right statem ent; compound
only #1000, fill for the vets prescription, you need to get patients list, etc
520. inactive license- do not need CE, do discounted number of CE, need to take the board again,
521. several substitution questions
522. Rx for tablet but pt want liquid in hospital - what a pharm acist should do? All choices are
523. right statem ent about a board- a board set form ulary for optom etrist to prescribe? a board
check right usage?- issue intern/extern license
524. pharm acy has a license try to add 3 satellites and outpatient pharm acy how m any licenses
need add? one for the outpatient pharm acy only, if the satellites are in the pharm acy
525. no trial questions
526. need to keep purchase (invoice?) form for ; only C-II, C-II+III, C-III-V, C-II-V, legend drug and
controlled substances(I chose C-II-V but I am not sure) Need to keep ALL invoices for drug
purchases regardless of drug class
527. violation of state pharm acy law; tech or clerk fill Rx- who is responsible this action (pharm acistin-charge was not a choice) I choose all of them
528. pt travels internationally and need m eds for sleep for business trip tom orrow. Dr called
pharm acy to fill halcion 0.12m g(Im not sure about strength) I did not know meds class to
529. W hich of the following medications do not require a child resistant container under the Poision
Prevention Act?
Clom id Tablets, Prem pro Tablets, Ovral tablets, Estrace Tablets, Premarin
Tablets ANS: Birth control pills, and other carded tablets/capsules are considered to be child
resistant and do no require special packaging.
530. How m any Dilantin 30 m g capsules can you dispense if a physician writes a prescription for a
dog with epilepsy with the directions take 1 TID? NONE, because a physician cannot prescribe
for a dog; that is lim ited to a veterinarian
531. W hich of the following recalls require getting the m edication back from the patient? (k-type)
Class I, Class II, Class III
ANS: I cannot find a clear law stating that this is ever required
but the Class I and II would be the only ones such a recall can include.
532. A pharmacy supplies a nursing hom e with m edications. The nursing home is requesting an
initial stock of meperidine vials. W hat must the pharmacist do?
Obtain a 222 form the NH
(not likely unless the NH has a DEA perm it); Send a 222 form to the wholesaler and have the
wholesaler supply the meperidine (no, wholesalers cannot send drugs to LTCFs, only to a
pharm acy; if the LTCF included a pharm acy, then the drugs could go to the pharm acy at the
LTCF); Have the medical director write out a prescription then supply the m eperidine (the RX
would have to be for a specific patient); fill out a written record and supply the m eperidine (this
would be a proof-of-use form that is used to record adm inistration of controlled substances and
would seem to be the best answer); supply the m eperidine and get a prescription once it is
administered (you need the RX when you dispense because it m ight be that the m eperidine
would never be adm inistered).

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533. W hich of the following do not require a prescription?

Prevacid, Flom ax, Diasorb (does
not, OTC antidiarrheal), Hum alog, Trilisate
534. A known heroin addict com es into your pharm acy with a prescription for m ethadone 10 mg one
tab q 3-4h #100 with no refills. W hat m ust the pharm acist do before filling this prescription?
The RPh can fill as is; the doctor needs to register as a narcotic addiction treatm ent clinic
physician; the pharm acy needs to register as a narcotic addiction treatm ent clinic pharmacy;
the RPh m ust believe the Rx is for pain (m ost logical choice since days w ould be needed for
either MD or pharm acy to register); the RPh can only fill for 30 tablets
535. These are the questions that I rem em ber com pletely. Everything else was exactly from Flynns
review handouts questions about emergency kits, OTC insulins, license renewal, etc. I was not
surprised by a single question topic, it was the answer selections that confused m e. Best advice
is to answer the question before you even look at the answer selections.
536. W ithin how m any days should a pharm acist notify the board of Pharm acy of an address change?
I chose 10 days. That is correct FW W
537. W hat is the Pharm acist to Tech. ratio in a prison pharm acy? a. 1: 1
b. 1: 2
c. 1: 3 (This is what i chose, don`t know if it`s right) d. 1: 4
e. 1: 5
Tech ratios do not change based on site or type of practice.
538. Know that anabolic steroids are C-IIIs. E.g nandrolone
539. Know what constitutes the practice of pharmacy.
I. Patient counseling
II. Dispensing of m edications
III. Distribution of drugs
I chose I and II only
540. Know the requirem ents of an emergency kit (Contents and labeling).
541. Know that the board of pharm acy consists of 7 pharm acists (regardless of setting) and 1
consum er.
542. W ho receive call-in prescriptions? (I and II only)
I. Pharm acists
II. Intern
III. Pharm acy technicians
543. Know the difference between misbranding and adulteration. I had several questions on that.
544. If the pharm acist-in-charge decides to quit who notifies the board of pharmacy?
a. Pharm acy technician
b. Store m anager
c. Pharm acy supervisor d. Pharm acist
e. don`t rem em ber
I chose C (I`m not sure) Should be pharm acist in charge FWW
545. Know the laws/rules of dispensing C-IIs (I have several questions on that) such as Partial
refills can be done for LTCF,Hospice and term inally ill (m ust be completed in 60 days)
546. Refilling C-IIs is prohibited
547. If a pharmacy doesnt have a com plete amt of a C-II, It can be partially filled, but must be
com pleted within 3 days (72hrs)
548. Know requirem ents for C-IIs that are called in for em ergency reasons
549. W hich of the following are controlled substances?
I. Robitussin AC.
II. Lom otil
III. Clom id
I chose I and II only (correct - FW W )
550. Know the requirem ents for transferring prescriptions between pharm acies.
551. If som eone is picking up a rx for Enfuvirtide (HIV m ed) for his friend and requests info on that
m edication. what should you do? I chose contact the pt for authorization.
552. Know which m edications are OTCs and does that aren`t. (This info is on the disk that Flynn
gave to us. I don`t rem em ber under what heading though)
553. There`s also some info about which class each controls substance belong to on the disk under
"Georgia control substance act".
554. How m any CE credits are required of a pharmacist in 2 yrs? 30
555. W hen does a pharm acist license expire? December 31st of even num bered years
556. W hen does a Pharm acy license expire? June 30 of odd num bered years
557. Alright,this all i can rem em ber. I hope this is helpful. I studied the packet that Flynn gave to
us at the review. I also studied the 174 pages and 120 questions on the disc. The questions
that our classm ates sent out were also helpful. I passed. I wish all of you the very best. I more
thing, read the question carefully. Som e questions ask about Pharm acy and others
pharmacists. Don`t get them mixed up.
558. W hat is not part of a DUR.. answ. drug-food allergies
559. Something about what the R.Ph should do if the MD says DO NOT that case you do
not put the nam e and strength of the drug on the label. You can cut it off or m ark over it.

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How soon after a pharmacy closes perm anently should the license be turned in to the board?
Know everything about " unprofessional conduct"
Know about " authority to adm inister" what it is and who fills it
How can controls be returned>.. US m ail would be an acceptable answer
If repackaging OTC and m aking a label in the pharm acy.... no need to list the inactive ingredients
on the label.
Know about Ipecac.. what's on the label, how how it's packaged..
few things listed about OTC Fe, which one is true? keep out of reach of children. Fe does not
have to dispensed in blister packs anym ore...
If a new R.Ph in charge is appointed in the pharmacy what should be done? must notify board,
need to do controlled subst. inventory, notify DEA? You do not need to notify the DEA unless
that pharm acist is the nam e of the DEA perm it.
If a pharm acist uses another pharm acist initials is that illigal, or unprofessional or something
W hat are duties of the R.Ph in charge?
If a drug changes schedule and becomes controlled substance, how fast should the inventory
be done? im m ediately, within 7 days, 30 days, on the effective date? Effective date is most
correct. If you do it before the effective date, then you m ust treat that drug as a controlled
substance once you have done the inventory.
How long before a stat order does doctor have to give a written order to the pharm acist?
48hours, 24hours, 72hours etc? (I put 48 hours, but I think it is 72hours; please check!)
If refill authorization called in for Metform in 500 m g for patient on m essage line, and you check
the patient profile to find that he has been taking Metform in ER 500 mg (RX expired), what
would you do? a. do not fill RX and call doctor
b. Give 72 hour supply of Metformin ER
500mg and wait for doctor to verify order c. Fill for Metform in 500mg d. other choices that
m ade no sense (I put give 72hr supply and wait for doctor)
Suspect fellow pharmacist stealing and using for personal use, what MUST you do (K-type) a.
report to BOP
b. report to local police
c. suggest pharm acist get rehab
(I picked a. only
since the question stated what MUST you do and you only suspect the act)
If a hospital has onc central and 2 pharmacy satellites, how do you handle inventory? a. do
inventory for all pharm acies on sam e day and as ONE inventory
b. do inventory on separate
days as ONE inventory
c. do inventory on same day and as SEPARATE inventories
d. do
inventory on separate says as SEPARATE inventories (I picked a. since I know that you do not
have to get separate licenses for satellite pharm acies, I assum e inventory could be combines,
however, thinking about it, d would m ake m ore sense)?
Max pseudophed? 24g
max supply of codeine for OTC sales? (i.e. CV)
W hich is not a Type B poison?
(cant rem em ber the choices but I put tartar since I dont
remem ber it being an A or B poison)
At what institution can you give sam ples to patient?
a. hospice
b. nursing homes
different variations of retail pharm acies (I know that you cannot dispense sam ples unless you
can prescribe so NO retail pharmacies can give samples, therefore I chose a. I assum ed that
hospice have term inally ill patients, and therefore ALW AYS have doctors on staff since there is
comm on use of narcotics (but w hen does patients in hospice need sam ples?). However, one
could argue that nursing homes would have doctors on staff too? Not sure but still feel
HOSPICE would be more logical).
Had question about naproxen 250m g being RX and 220m g being OTC?
How soon does the pharm acy have to send DEA 222 form to DEA if they were acting as the
m anufacturer? a. by end of m onth b. by the 15 th of next m onth
c. 30 days
d. 60 days
(I chose a. since I rem em ber reading this, however, what if it occurred on last day of month?
RX for patient who needs adderall for 90 days, but know ins will only cover 30 days at one time,
how should you suggest that doctor write RX for patient?
a. 3 RXs with sam e date; have
patient bring back new one every m onth b. 3 rxs with dates of m onth when due c. 1 rx with
2 refills (I chose a. Remember, pre or post dating RXs is against the law; doctor m ay write that
the Rx is not due until a certain date on the RX but the date cannot from the date it was

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582. PHYSICIAN writes for Phenobarbital for dog: 1 tab TID. W hat is the m ax quantity he can write
a. 0
b. 90
c. 30
d. 120
(I chose 120 since no m ax on the quantity of a
prescription and no mention of insurance, however, if the key word here is physician. Is this
physician or a veterinarian? And arent vets physicians? If only hum an doc, then outside scope
of his practice and therefore answer is 0. If vet then, 120 (no max). Tricky!)? From FW W ,
veterinarians are designated as veterinary physicians. Physician means an MD or DO unless
there is an adjective in front to clarify.
583. Check the process of verifying controlled substances in retail setting (i.e. verify and sign by
pharm acist of the refills and fills of CS every week; print out the CS usage everyday and log in
a binder; etc)? Cant remem ber the exact wording but question was K-type.
584. W hat does retail pharm acy have to do if want to repackage OTCs for resale?
a. get license
b. m ay be done if between pharm acy with sam e ownership c. etc. but nothing about 5% rule
(I chose a. seemed m ost obvious but not sure. Know 5% rule)
585. what happens if you get RX that says for personal use from a vet? a. send m eds to vet along
with invoice
b. do not fill
c. fill as a RX if call and get the vet to put the RX in her name
d. fill as is for personal use
(I chose a. send m eds along with invoice to vet)
586. A consultant pharm acists can practice at a nursing home and (Ktype)
a. m onitor drug
utilization on ALL residents at facility b. participate in nursing hom e activities (or something
silly like that)
c. be a licensed pharm acist
(I chose c. only since ALL seem ed like such a
strong word; ideally though, the pharm acist would check everyone)?
587. To be a director of pharmacy?
a. practice in retail setting for 5 years
b. have clinical
c. be a licensed pharm acist
d. have experience as consultant
(I chose c. most
588. W ho cannot inspect a nuclear pharm acy? Cannot rem em ber choices but I chose BOP
(BOPharm acy can inspect any and all pharm acies FW W ) since it seemed the most logical since
there are radioactive materials since all other choices seem appropriate (however, would have
to see the other choices for you to com m ent).
589. How soon can you apply for license if inactive due to voluntary surrender?
a. im mediately
b. 30 days
c. other variations of tim e frame
(I chose im m ediately since it was voluntary)
590. Pharmacist has a suspended license in another state, what can GA do?
a. m ay chose to do
the sam e
b. autom atically revoke the license in GA
c. others that did not m ake sense (I
chose a. since the suspension m ay be due to non-renewal; however, could be b. but not
autom atically?)
591. W hat has to be on script from vet for a cat? (KType) a. owners nam e
b. vet nam e c. cat
name (I chose all of the above, however, do not believe that owners nam e need to be on RX
though we do this in practice norm ally?)
592. W hich DEA from doctor indicates he can write for subutex? a. AB0000000 b. AB0000000
c. BB0000000
d. MB0000000
c. XB0000000
(I initially chose c. because I know that
doctors have to register for narcotic treatment program s to dispense such m eds; however, after,
I have never seen a DEA with X in it so I checked to see what of the AB or BB DEAs were valid,
only one so that was my choice. Definitely not the MB)
593. W hat do you do if RX for thalidom ide x 2 refills?
a. Fill rx with 2 refills
b. do not fill rx
because RX not valid due to having refills c. pharm acy m ust be registered with m anufacturer
to fill
d. patient must prove negative pregnancy to pharm acist before RX filled
(I chose c.
since I know the pharm acy must be registered and no other option m ade sense except the do
NOT fill because RX invalid? Technically not invalid, just dont put refills)
594. W ho can obtain patient information? (KType) a. certified pharm acy technician b. pharm acy
c. pharmacy cashier
(I chose a and b only but not sure?)
595. W hat m ust be done on a DUR?
a. therapeutic appropriateness
b. DDI
c. Medication
overusage d. m edication underusage
e. contradictions? (I chose a. since all others made
sense. W e should check for appropriateness, however, m ore doctors responsibility I think since
we are not diagnosing and there are NON-FDA approved uses; however, now that I am thinking
about it, under usage m ay be m ore appropriate since would not know if patient is actually using
it before it has been dispensed!)? Over usage would be checked with DUR for appropriate dosing
I assum e.
596. How does a doctor get m eds for office use?
a. invoice
b. DEA 222
c. write RX for office
d. others that did not make sense
(I chose a since it did not specify CIIs)

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597. Spillage of CIIs would be reported on what form ?

a. DEA 222
b. DEA 41
c. DEA 106
d. DEA 224
(I chose b. since spillage is NOT considered a theft/stolen)
598. How many days to report theft to DEA?
7 days I believe was the correct answer; if not
im mediately
599. How soon to update Computer Prescription System with m anual inform ation after hurricane?
a. within 30 days
b. within 60 days
c. other longer tim e frames
(I chose a since it was
the shortest tim e frame (ideally would update info im m ediately)
600. W hen to provide information to DEA if when requested no printer available? Ans: 48 hours
601. question about collaborative practice and flu vaccine
602. lots on LTCF/repackaging
603. W ho can restock em ergency kits (K-type: nurses, pharm acist, pharm acist technician)
604. Lam inar hood requirem ents in com pounding pharm acy:
(A) in clean room (B) CERTIFIED
(C) Others that did not m ake sense (I chose b since specifications said you m ay have a clean
room OR a laminar hood)
605. How often does a lam inar hood need to be certified?
yearly; every 2 years; others that did
not m ake sense to me; (I chose 2 years? Not sure) Should be every year Flynn
606. W hat makes up the board? Ans: 7 m embers pharm acist (one reserved for hospital, one for
retail) and 1 consum er mem ber who cannot vote on certain m atters
607. Know tim e line in Flynns review notes
608. W here can parenterals be m ade?
(A) in room separate from rest of pharm acy with aseptic
technique (B) in sam e area as pharm acy stock
(C) with vertical hood
(D) others that did
not m ake sense to me
(I chose a. self explanatory?)
609. Suggestion: Read every question at least 2 tim es; look for key words in the question (may,
m ust). Also, read the question and take the question for face value. For exam ple, if you narrow
the question down to two choices and it w as you thinking but what If that m ade you chose
one choice one of the two choices, this is probably NOT the right answer.
610. Only answer the question with the statem ent the exam gives and do not try to add anything to
it (natural for us to want to relate situations to what happens in practice). Look for words that
seem redundant. For exam ple, the Metform in question above: if did not say REFILL, I would
not have chose to give a 72 hour supply of Metform in ER. And the question on the
pharnobarbital without saying specifically that it was a vet (said physician), the answer can be
either 120 or 0 based on how you interpret it.
611. W hen you get a question and narrow the answer down to two choices, read the question
CAREFULLY dissecting every word. You will usually find a word or statement that will make
one choice the definite answer .but with all this said, I probably failed!! =( Hope this helps!
Good luck to you all. (W atch your tim e; I had only 4 m ins remaining)
612. Em ergency fill RX, how long do u have to get script? 1 week I believe, but the answers were all
given in hours. So 168 hours.
613. Patient get a script for 25 Tylenol No. 3, next day com e back and Dr authorized for m ore. W hat
do you do?
614. Several questions on repacking OTC stuff make sure you know the ins and outs.
615. I got the epileptic dog question, that Thao subm itted earlier. Physician write for Phenobarbital
1 TID what is the max quanity he can write for? 0, 90, 30, 120?
616. Know the 1987 Prescription Drug Marketing Act. Several questions about that. There was no
clear cut choice on mine.
617. A nursing hom e director requests em ergency kits for there patients, the have 3 types of nursing
home: 1) independent, 2) assisted, 3) can't remember the wording for the 3rd type.
618. W hen a pharm acy closes how long do they have to send the board their license? As soon as
possible, so I would pick the shortest tim e offered if that is not a choice.
619. A pharm acy gets inspected? is it yearly - YES
620. W hen the Rx com puter crashes how long do you have to get the inform ation back into the
system ? 48 hours after the system com es back up
621. W ho does a pharm acy initial control drug count? The person whose nam e is on the DEA permit
and the pharm acist in charge. If that would be the sam e person, then a 2nd pharm acist does
the count.

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622. If an RPh has not worked for 25 years they have to: do so m any intern hours, so uch CE and
reapply for licensure with the baord and take the exam s again. Is this correct - YES, and you
can find the policy on this by going to the Board website and looking under Policies.
623. On Thalidom ide dispensing:: there IS NO refills and it m ust be dispensed within 7 days ofthe
written RX . IS there anything else? Lim it of a 28 day supply
624. W hat has to happen when a PIC leaves and who is required to notify the board? The PIC notifies
and som eone else has to becom e the PIC.
625. If a pharmacist voluntarily gives the board his license when can he apply for reinstatement?
That has a whole lot of catches, but see the Board Policies referred to earlier.
626. W ho can a pharm acy NOT dispense norm al saline for irrigation to? nursing hom e, hospital,
podiatrist, cardiologist, pediatrician - hospitals would buy their own. Nursing Homes also
usually buy their own.
627. W hat form s can you use to order c-II's? electronic version of dea 222, faxed 222 form , telephone
order (NO). There is a provision for an electronic DEA 222 or a paper original; no other methods
are approved.
628. Also where on the law cd is the best place to read about consultant pharm acist. Section on Long
Term Care Pharm acies in the file on RULES.
629. Pregnancy Ratings described:
Category A: Studies have shown no increased risk of fetal abnorm alities
Category B: Studies have not been able to prove an increased risk of fetal abnorm alities
Category C: Studies in anim als have shown an adverse effect but no studies have been done on
pregnant women or no animal studies have been done and there are no adequate studies
in pregnant wom en.
Category D: Studies have shown that there is a risk to the fetus
Category X: Studies clearly show a risk of abnorm alities to the fetus
630. W hich of the following is/are adulterated? (k-type)
I. Patient brings drug back to the pharmacy
II. Drug dropped on the floor
III. unapproved color additive
(I put all of the above)
631. W hich of the following can request a non-safety cap?
A. Patient B. Physician
C. Patient's spouse
D. Patient's caregiver
(More than one answer is correct, but I could only choose one, so I picked A-patient)
632. Know what im portant event in pharm acy law occurred in 1987. Passed bill relating to marketing
of drug products Prescription Drug Marketing Act of 1987 was based on cases m ade in GA.
633. Know when a pharm acy license expires (June 30 odd years)
634. Know when a pharm acist's license expire (Dec 31 even years)
635. W hich of the following is not part of a DUR?
A. drug/drug interactions
B. chronic diseases
C. idiosyncracies
D. food allergies
636. I also had a lot of questions on long term care facilities (m ost of the questions came from your
review material)
637. Physicians, Dentists, Veterinarians, and Podiatrists have full prescribing rights in GA
638. Optom etrist (OD), Nurse Practitioners and PA(s) are m id-level providers and have limited
prescribing rights
639. Optom etrist (OD), Nurse Practitioners and PA(s) cannot prescribe a CII.
640. PA(s) in GA can prescribe controls, but not CIIs in the state of GA. They need their own DEA
num bers to prescribe CIII V; sam e for Nurse Practitioners and Optom etrists.
641. In Georgia, you cannot fill and out of state PA prescription; sam e for nurse practitioners.
642. You m ay dispense a 72-hour supply of a prescribed, non-controlled m edication if a prescriber
cannot be contacted for refill authorization.
643. If a physician dies all prescriptions are voided regardless of whether or not refilling
authorization have been granted; however, you m ay refill a prescription for up to six months
to give a patient tim e to find another physician.
644. Keep records for two years, Flynns m agic num ber, but financial records are 3 years and there
are others on page 10 of his M PJE packet.
645. One pharm acist in charge of one pharm acy at a tim e.

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646. If you have an area that can be locked up, then a pharmacist can be absent for no m ore than
a total of 3 hours in a day for periods no longer than 1.5 hours.
647. A pharm acy license (Building) must be renewed for two year periods and expire on June 30 th
of each odd num bered year. If not paid by Septem ber 1 st of the odd year than the license will
lapse and shall not be renewed, but have to apply for a new license for that business.
648. Only a pharm acist, extern or intern can take oral prescriptions or refills. Sam e goes for selling
a syringe.
649. A pharm acist or pharm acy m ay receive eligible drugs for credit or reuse from long-term care
facilities provided that:
The drugs were originally dispensed by the sam e entity
The pharm acist has assurance that the drugs were properly stored
Package with expiration date and lot num ber have been m aintained
Drugs have not expired and have a minim um of 6 months rem aining before they do
Judgm ent of the pharm acist as to the drugs being ok
652. You can fill an out of state Rx, but not one from outside the US unless a doctor here signs it
653. W hat must be on the prescription label:
Nam e and address of the pharm acy
Telephone num ber of the pharm acy
Expiration date
ID of dispensing pharm acist
Nam e of patient, if pet then pets nam e
Serial num ber
Date it was dispensed
Nam e of the Doctor
Directions for use
654. You cannot sale or exchange m ore than 5% of your business with other pharm acies without
getting a distributors license.
655. GDNA does not need a warrant to inspect, but does to take records.
656. You m ay counsel the patient, their caregiver, or agent.
657. How long m ust you keep CE records? 2 years
658. W hat is it called when you put a brand nam e on the label, but a generic product in the bottle
that is given to the patient? Misbranded
659. If a patient has a Rx for 90 Xanax with 5 refills and only gets 30 tablets originally, how many
tablets total can the patient receive? 540 tablets; the trick here is that 90 tabs, no m atter how
m any tim es they come in to get them, only counts for one filling or refilling.
660. Some question about controls, it had Tylox, Percocet, and Vicodin as answers so I think that
it had som ething to do with a CII vs. a CIII.
661. How long does a pharm acy have to notify the board of a bulk transfer? Dont have to,
im mediately, 5 days, or 10 days
662. W hat is not part of a prospective DUR? W e have it down to Food Allergies or Inappropriate use,
but I think that the consensus is Inappropriate use
663. How can the DPH affect pharm acist? A better question is what is the DPH? It is the
Department of Public Health YES, and they have controls over things like m ethadone clinics.
664. W hat is the CSA?
Controlled Substances Act
665. There was a, who do you contact question? DEA, GDNA, and Board
666. How long does a pharmacy have to report a fire or flood to the board? 3 days
667. Patient request two bottles for a Ritalin Rx; one for school and one for hom e. W e have all seen
this, but what are you suppose to do? You can do this. Depending on the specific choices given,
you could print a second label, or copy the original label, and place it on the second bottle and
split the meds as requested. There is another answer that says obey the patients request, but
that seems a bit vague and the explanation above covers that answer.
668. Note that Halcion (triazolam ) is a C-III benzodiazepine not Federal or Georgia; this m ust come
from some other state with that rule.
669. W hat insulins require a Rx?
Glargine (Lantus), Lispro (Hum alog), and Aspart (Novolog) were given as choices
Logs and Lantus also do

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670. Humulin 70/30 does not require a Rx.

671. A non-pharm acist who owns a drug store would get in trouble for what?
Down to two choices; selling syringes or having keys to the pharm acy. The consensus is
that the syringes, which also said som ething about selling to a Heroin addict is wrong and
I am not sure that if I owned a pharmacy and was not a pharmacist that it would make
sense that I could not have keys to m y own property. FW W : only a pharm acist, intern or
extern can sell syringes. Only a pharm acist can have access to the prescription
departm ent, but a non-pharm acist could have the keys to the front door. So watch the
specific wording.
672. There was a question that asked about drugs that does not require a Rx, but could not
rem em ber choice.
673. W hat is required of Ipecac?
1 oz container only (OTC), requires safety cap
Sign off book is a choice, but this is not necessary
674. Pharm acy or Pharm acist license has expired for som e tim e, what must be done to get it
reinstated? All the above was chosen, exam ples of these choices are; pay fines, CE, application
fees, and m aybe som ething else.
675. W ho can summ it an e-prescription? People are choosing practitioner only but an agent who
was so identified can do so.
676. W hat must be done for fax num bers or something along this line? Call back and verify validly,
take it as valid, or look up fax num ber log in your computer system. I believe that it would be
the first and the last parts as this is written.
677. W here can collaborative practices exist? Hospitals, Nursing Hom e, and Outpatient clinics: the
answer is all the above.
678. Computer Printout question
679. W hat m ust a pharm acist do in term s of counseling a caregiver? The clue here is must, and
m ust is counsel the caregiver. The other options are give written literature and provide a 1-800
num ber. All are good things to do, but the first is the only m ust according to our interpretation
of the law.
680. Can a control substance be transferred from an out of state pharm acy? Yes
681. Some question that asked what m ust you do with a control transfer. The answer chosen was
send all the refills with it.
682. W atch out for must and may in the questions!!!
683. Med Packs? 90 days was chosen
684. W hat does not have to be on an accountability sheet? Probably referring to record of controlled
substance administration in a hospital and the pharmacist nam e is not required.
685. W hat must be on a crash cart?
Drug Nam e, quantity, strength, and exp date on the outside then the law says whatever
else the facility deem s appropriate on the meds inside the cabinet. All the above was
chosen with included; drug nam e, quantity, and strength on the outside and expiration
dates on the m eds inside the cart.
686. Know 1906 law, it must be on every test every tim e.
687. There is a question about mandatory items for OTC m edications. There is an obvious correct
choice, but we cannot think of what it was; however it was not alone, but instead with a choice
that we are not certain about; that OTCs m ust be in USP approved packaging. Based on the
way the answer could be chosen, this must be true.
688. There are com pounding questions
Not a m anufacturer if less than 5% of you total business (including com pounds are sold
to other entities, rather than patients)? This is really a question, does this m ake sense
and or is it true?
Does a pharm acy that com pounds have to abide by GMPs?
NO, those are for
m anufacturers only.
689. You can prepare large quantities of com pounds only if it is based on your expectation of future
business needs.
690. W hat does the board not have to audit? W ould have to see a list, but financial records would
be a good guess.

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