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March 1999

Identity Strategy
Quick Reference Guide
The Top 10 Ways You Can Help Enhance and Protect
Our Company’s Image

Get These 10 Right and You’re Well on Your Way

We have opportunities every day to will show how you can help enhance help build customer loyalty to 3M
consistently communicate our unique and protect our company’s image. and to our brands, products and
and innovative 3M personality. services. By building customer loyalty,
Consistency in all our communications, every one of us can have an impact on
Whether you are communicating from business letters and Web pages achieving our key objective – sustained,
internally or externally, this overview to technical papers and brochures, will profitable growth.

Handle Our Logo with Care
Because the 3M logo is one of our most
valuable and recognized assets, it must
• Do not use the logo as part of any
other symbol or enclose it in a shape.
• Limit its use to one logo per viewing
page or surface.
be used with care. It is a custom-crafted • Never use the logo for personal,

piece of art and should be reproduced political or nonbusiness purposes.
using only the approved artwork.
• Never use the logo within a sentence.
Any reference to 3M should appear
• Do not scan or create the logo from in the same typeface as the rest of
ordinary type. the sentence.

Use 3M Red
The 3M logo is most recognizable when The 3M logo should always appear in
it appears in our signature color, 3M red. The only exceptions are when
Red. Red is associated with excitement one-color printing is used and when
and new ideas. It is bold and reflects printing is done in two colors and the
our global reputation for innovation. second color is used for functional
3M Red is a custom color – always color coding. In these cases, the logo Red
match it to a 3M Red color swatch. may be printed in black. ted P

Measure the “M”
⁄2 M 1
⁄2 M

⁄2 M
The height of the letter “M” in the equal to at least half the height of the
3M logo acts as an important unit of “M” in the logo. This space around the
measure. Separate the logo from all logo helps make it more prominent and M
other text and graphics by a space enhances its visibility.
⁄2 M

Bring Meaning to the Logo
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March 1999

Linking the 3M logo to our core

attribute – Innovation helps to define
There are special cases in which the logo
can stand alone, such as on 3M signs, 1
⁄2 M
3 M
our company image and distinctive
personality. The logo can also be linked
stationery and branded merchandise. Resource Guide
to a title or product name. The logo
should not be linked to operating unit
names except when it is part of the
3I 1
⁄2 M
Any type linked to the logo is set in
Times Roman.

address system.
Our core attribute – Innovation is always set
in Times Roman Italic non-bold.

Position it Properly
It’s easier to recognize our logo when it An example of 3
e Guide
An example of Workin
Togethe g
appears consistently and prominently. the upper left the lower right r
The logo linked to a product name or placement of the placement of the
title generally appears in the upper left 3M logo linked 3M logo linked
corner of communications. to a title. to innovation.

The logo linked to innovation appears

as a “signature” on communications 3I
and generally appears in the lower
right corner.

Use Our Type 6

Typography helps bring a consistent Primary Typefaces: Secondary Typefaces:
3M image to our communications.
Times Roman is the primary typeface
Times Roman Helvetica Light
we use. Helvetica is the secondary Times Roman Italic Helvetica Light Italic
typeface. These typefaces were chosen Times Bold Helvetica Regular
because of their clarity, legibility and Times Bold Italic Helvetica Regular Italic
availability worldwide. In general, use
uppercase and lowercase type, as studies Helvetica Bold
Note: Times New Roman is an Helvetica Bold Italic
show type set in all uppercase is more acceptable alternative for Times
difficult to read. Roman. Arial is the functional Helvetica Black
equivelent of Helvetica. Verdana Helvetica Black Italic
is recommended for Web text.
Helvetica Regular Condensed
Helvetica Bold Condensed
Helvetica Black Condensed

Communicate Positive Messages
The right words can create positive
impressions. They can enhance our
creativity and given
3M’s culture has fostered
company image and personality. There
are specific 3M Key Messages that have
take risks and try
been developed to help us communicate employees the freedom to
our distinctive personality. daries to imagination
new ideas. With no boun
ation, one innovative
Our Key Messages give people a consistent
impression of our company.
and no barriers to cooper
idea leads to another.

Visually Express Our Personality
Images can help us communicate our whether social, intellectual, emotional
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March 1999

innovative 3M personality. Choose or functional. Good images communicate

photographs or illustrations that appeal in ways that are familiar and down-to-earth.
to your audience and show benefits –

Protect Our Trademarks
Proper use of our 3M trademarks is • Always use a trademark as an adjective The 3M Product and Service Directory,
the key to legally protecting these followed by a noun which is approved available in print or electronic form,
valuable assets and achieving a consistent for the trademark. is another resource to use for finding
expression of 3M products and services • Model or product numbers follow accurate trademark names.
worldwide. The only way to protect our the full product name.
trademarks is to use them properly and in • To ensure that we do this correctly, refer
the manner in which they are registered. to the 3M Trademark Usage Guidelines
when creating any communications –
print, verbal or electronic – in which
3M trademarks appear.
™ ®
Need to Know More?
3M Identity Strategy Resources Printed Version Note: Only 3M employees can order
Whether you need guidance in To order the printed version of the from Central Supply. Suppliers must
applying 3M’s Identity Strategy, Quick Reference Guide, 78-6900- ask their 3M contact to order items.
are looking for examples of 8321-3, use a 3M Central Supply Store Route all international orders through
communications excellence, or Requisition Form 8804 or order on- your local export representative.
just need to download the logo, line via OSOP (Office Supply Order
access the URL below. Procedure).

Internet Site
The 3M Identity Strategy and
Standards Web site contains the most
up-to-date information you’ll need.
Additional help is available from or the Corporate Identity, Design
your local 3M corporate identity and Communications Department at
representative, marketing 651 733-5417 or fax 651 737-9903.
communications department

Corporate Identity, Design and Communications
3M Public Relations and Corporate Communications
3M Center, Building 0225-01-S-05
St. Paul, MN 55144-1000