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PO Box: 140451

Amman 11814, Jordan


+962 779530708

Home Tel: +962 6 5820 769

Amer Abdullah Hwitat


Date & Place of Birth: June 15th 1973, Amman.

Martial status: Single.
Attitude: Self motivated, fast learner, creative.

To offer my background in management information systems design and implementation to
an organization that can use a resourceful technical expert with experience in UNIX programming,
Internet systems, network communications, and C++ programming and troubleshooting.


• B.Sc in Computer science, Aug 1995, University of Jordan (Jordanian University).

• Secondary School, 1991, Oroubah Secondary school.

• Since Oct 2009 Technical Project leader ( Image Technologies) – Doc1, Work flow (Pitney Bowes)
resigned on November 2009.
• since 1995 : Freelance Software Developer/ Graphic Designer / Professional Tourist Guide, Developed
some conferences Hardware for Audio visual Systems and Developed some interactive programs , Using
Visual Studio 2005 , 2008, with programming tools and languages like VC++, VB.NET, C#.NET,
ASP.NET--web, and Java J2ME (Mobile Edition), J2EE, and 3D Modeling / Texturing / Animation like
Maya 2008, Zbrush3 & participated in Graphic Designing, and software since 1995.

• From Sep 22nd 2004., To Oct 1st 2005: Management Information Systems Officer / Senior Systems
Analyst -- National Museum Project: , (Developing the Exhibit Audio/Visual System / Interactive
Systems/ Database (MS Access & Oracle 9i, 10g , Forms & Reports / Developer), and Security system
,Audio/Visual System , Used VB.NET, VC++, J2EE, JDeveloper, JBuilder , 3D planning (CAD , Maya
6,7,8 , & Zbrush 2 , DirectX 9 SDK– For Modeling Visual Objects), and Also Administered MS Servers Like
2003, 2000 ,& made the Network Infrastructure and Active Directory, File&Share Servers, Print Servers,
DataBase Systems, since Sep 22nd 2004., Until Oct 1st 2005 (One Year)- E-Government.

• From January 13th 2002 To Sep 22nd 2004 : Developer / Systems Analyst, Ministry of Finance, Amman –
Jordan (participated in Developing Expenditure System (Financial) , revenue (Financial) , HR
(Administrative) , Supplies systems (Administrative) ), Used 2003, 2000 MS Servers (Active Directory),
Unix HP 11.11, Tru64, and Oracle 10g,9i, 8i, 7.3, and Oracle JDeveloper , Oracle Ais, since January 13th
2002 (Three Years)- E-Government.
• From 1996 to 1998: Programmer / IT Hardware Technician , AlDar AlMutahedah Group: used to
program using MS Access , SQL Server (TSQL) , Oracle PL/SQL , and was a Computer Hardware
Technician / Network Technician.
• From 1995 To present: Professional Tourist Guide , Carried out schedules of tourist groups.

Professional Certification
• MCP, Dec 2000, Microsoft.(NT 4 Track- self paced)
• MCSE, Jan 2001, Microsoft.(NT 4 Track- self paced)

Certification & Courses

PO Box: 140451, Amman 11814, Jordan, Tel: +962 6 5820 769, E-mail: ,
Mobile +962 779530708

• 2389 – Programming with Microsoft ADO.NET Dec 14th 2003

• 2559-Introduction to Visual Basic.NET Nov 11th 2003
• Oracle 9iDS Reports: Build Internet Report Oct 2nd 2003
• Oracle 9iDS Forms: Build Internet Applications II st
Sep 21 2003
• Oracle 9iDS Forms: Build Internet Applications I Sep 11th 2003
• UNIX Administration Course Nov 28th 2002
• UNIX Commands & Utilities Course Nov 13th 2002
• Java Programming Structure Nov 15th 2001
• Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer Jan 15th 2001
• Microsoft Certified Professional Nov 23rd 2000


• A/V and interactive Systems: Planned and Configured DVD Players/Computers linked with Sensors /
infrared Signaling Multiplexers to produce a theme to the Museum Exhibit (National Museum of Jordan
Project/Japanese Project).
• Security: Configuration of Security Cameras that is linked to a mpg hard drive recorder, capable of 80 GB
of MPG recording.
• Analysis using Oracle Designer, UML tools like rational tools, modeling business requirements for the
clients of various systems including SQL server Databases
• Administration of most known Databases like SQL 2000/2005, Oracle 9i, 10g.
• UNIX Administration for HP True64, HP unix, Redhat linux
• interface Programming/ Development for Database systems (RDBMS), VB.Net, C#.Net, J2ME, JBuilder
11,Portal Configuration of Oracle 9iAS, also for interactive Systems – Touch Screens – Infrared
• Database Development and Administration for Oracle 10g,9i,8i,7.3 using Forms Developer and visual
studio components
• Installation, Configuration, Tuning, & troubleshooting Microsoft windows OS including W9x, ME,NT
workstation, NT server, W2k Professional, W2k Servers, 2003 Servers, Domain structure and Network
Infrastructure (Active Directory).
• Networking infrastructures of Microsoft platforms / DNS / DHCP/WINS
• Hardware Assembling, installation, troubleshooting.
Installed and supervised others in the installation of RF towers; skilled in planning and installing RF sites.
Experienced in working with switched and routed networks.• Proficient in working with running, splicing,
and termination of network and telecommunications cabling including all copper, coaxial and UTP; have
installed and monitored digital packet switched networks. Became skilled in working over wide geographic
areas• Offer hands-on experience in training and supervising others in team environments to install, operate,
and maintain network equipment, patch panels, voice and data switching equipment, half and full duplex RF
and wire communication components, Ethernet bus segments, junction boxes, and subscriber voice lines.
• Knowledge of and experience with network protocols. Monitored networks on a UNIX based systems
which utilized X.25 protocols and Ethernet standards.
• Networks hardware installation (Hubs, switches), cabling, troubleshooting of data flow, TCP/IP, Routing
• Database operation maintenance & troubleshooting / DBA, including Oracle 9i, 10g, Developer.
• Heterogeneous OS platforms (UNIX, Novell 3.x-4-5,HP UX 11.11, Compaq Tru64, Microsoft systems).
• Network Administration, Local Printers maintenance & troubleshooting.
• Graphic Design using Adobe CS4 Suite (Photoshop-illustrator-aftereffects-Acrobat-Indesign)
• Maya 3D Modeling – Zbrush 3.1 (Modeling / Texturing (UV Maps – Displacement Maps – Normal Maps –
Bump Maps – Specular) / Animation ( Rigging , Linear – Nonlinear Animation).

Arabic (Native) - English (Fluent) , Hebrew (Fluent)
TRAINING I Have Performed training courses at the Ministry of Finance Training Facility, Amman - Jordan
Introduction to LAN NT Server 4 “Enterprise” Windows NT Workstation, Windows NT Server 4 , 2000, 2k3 TCP/IP,
UNIX Operating System / Commands and Utilities / Administration. Internet Information Server (IIS) , MS Exchange
E-mail Server , Web Publishing, Excelled in training for computer programmers in a course which emphasized
database programming and development, computer application development and processing, and software
troubleshooting techniques, 2000 . MCSE NT4 Certification.

Cover Letter:

Dear Sir/Mdm

I would appreciate an opportunity to talk with you soon concerning how I could contribute
to your organization through my technical expertise with management information
systems as well as through the management experience I have gained as a junior
Programmer / Systems Analyst.

You will see that I earned my B.S. in Computer Science at The Jordanian University in
Amman Faculty of Science, since my graduation, have served as a Prgrammer /Systems
A certified Information Systems Security Officer and MCSE (Microsoft Systems Engineer

PO Box: 140451, Amman 11814, Jordan, Tel: +962 6 5820 769, E-mail: ,
Mobile +962 779530708

on NT4 Systems); I am skilled in working with network systems, with client-based server
programs, with various software programs, and as a programmer. During my time in the
Ministries (Finance and Tourism and Antiquities) I have been involved in fielding and
integrating sophisticated equipment into existing systems and have become recognized
as a technical expert.

In my present and Past job as a Senior Systems Analyst, I played a key role in establishing
a Local Area Network (LAN) consisting of more than 1000 PCs, 20 servers, and
hubs/Switches with backbone fiber-optic switches as well as serving as point-of-contact
for the integration of a personnel and finance systems (Oracle – MS SQL) considered the
largest advancement in database technology the Jordanian Government has experienced
to date.
Earlier as a Management Information Systems Officer, I provided my technical expertise
while planning, coordinating and managing administrative and logistical support for
information management operations. In this capacity I was credited as a major
contributor to the success of efforts to advance the utilization of information technology
throughout the Ministry of Finance, the parent organization of all the Government of
Jordan Financial Systems.

As you will see, I am becoming proficient in numerous aspects of Computer

programming/Network / Systems Analysis and operations, I have completed training of
Sun MicroSystems related to computer programming and Java, and I have also completed
training related to HTML. Knowledgeable of PhotoShop and Microsoft Office (Access,
Excel, PowerPoint, Word) , I have studied Solaris UNIX, Java J2ME, and J2EE.

During the past ten years while working in full-time jobs, I used my spare time to gain
knowledge and certifications related to the computer software and hardware field, I am
currently MCSE NT4 Certified and am working toward my Certified CISCO Network
Associate (CCNA) certification. With long-range plans to earn credentials as a network
engineer, one of my immediate goals is to obtain the Microsoft Certified Systems
Certificate (MICT 2008).

If you can use a results-oriented manager with a strong background in management

information systems operations, then I look forward to hearing from you soon to arrange a
time when we might meet to discuss your needs. I can assure you in advance that I have
an excellent reputation and could quickly become a valuable asset to your company.

Amer Hwitat

PO Box: 140451, Amman 11814, Jordan, Tel: +962 6 5820 769, E-mail: ,
Mobile +962 779530708