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Why Was ISIS Terror Operative

Nihad Rosic Arrested in Plainfield,
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Six individuals of Bosnian origin from St. Louis; Rockford, Illinois; and Utica, New
York, were indicted last month on charges of supplying money and equipment to
the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS).
And yet late last week it was revealed that one of those terror suspects, Nihad
Rosic, who is also one of two suspects additionally charged with conspiring to
kill and maim others in a foreign country and had attempted to board a plane
back in July 2014 to fly to Syria to join ISIS, had actually been apprehended in the
small town of Plainfield, Indiana, right outside Indianapolis.

As the Indianapolis Star reported on Friday:

A Bosnian national indicted on charges of funneling resources to terrorists
overseas was arrested earlier this month in Plainfield, officials confirmed Friday,
but it was unclear why the man was in Indiana.
U.S. marshals booked Nihad Rosic, 26, in the Marion County Jail on Feb. 6, jail
records show, though his connections to the state appear to be minimal.
A federal indictment alleges that Rosic and five others communicated on social
media with coded language to organize financial support and send equipment to
terrorist organizations in Syria and Iraq.

Jan Diltz, a spokeswoman for the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Eastern District of
Missouri, where the indictment was handed up, said she doesn't know why Rosic
was in Indiana.
While at first glance it may seem odd that Plainfield, Indiana, might be a haunt for
an international terror operative for perhaps the most dangerous Islamic terrorist
group in the world today, it perhaps might be more clear when considering
thatPlainfield is the headquarters of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA),
one of the most terror-tied Islamic organizations in American history.
As one former federal law enforcement official told me this weekend, if Rosic was
not in Plainfield related to ISNA it would be an "extreme coincidence bordering on
the unbelievable."
ISNA's ties to terrorism go back even before its founding in the early 1980s when
the organization was operating in the Indianapolis area as an amalgam of Muslim
Brotherhood front organizations, including the North American Islamic Trust
(NAIT), the Islamic Teaching Center (ITC) and the Muslim Student Association
(MSA). I've previously reported on the MSA's extensive terrorist lineup here at PJ
Two of the visitors to the area in those early days included Al-Qaeda founder
Abdullah Azzam and his protege, Osama bin Laden.
According to a book published by Bin Laden's first wife, Najwa, the Al-Qaeda
leaders and the Bin Laden family visited the U.S. for two weeks in 1979 with stops
in Los Angeles, and yes, Indianapolis. A clue why Bin Laden and Azzam might
have been in the area might be an ITC newsletter dated February 1978 I
uncovered that documents a previous visit to their Indianapolis offices in January
of that year by Azzam and several other well-known extremist Islamic clerics. ITC
now operates as a subsidiary of ISNA.
From its earliest days ISNA was a hub for international Islamic terrorists. Terrorist
figures associated with ISNA include:

Al-Qaeda financier Abdurahman Alamoudi, who started ISNA's political

action committee in November 1988 and who was convicted in 2004 for his
role in an international assassination plot targeting then-Saudi Crown

Prince Abdullah. In 2005, the U.S. Treasury Department admitted that

Alamoudi had operated as one of the top Al-Qaeda fundraisers in North

Senior Palestinian Islamic Jihad leader Sami Al-Arian, one of ISNA's selfadmitted founders, was convicted in 2006 for his role in supporting the
terrorist organization and was deported from the U.S. last month. Prior to
his indictment, Al-Arian was deeply involved in numerous ISNA activities
and organizations, and was a regular speaker at the ISNA annual

Pakistani intelligence agent Ghulam Nabi Fai, who not only worked for
ISNA but also served for years on ISNA's shura council, was convicted in
2012 for failing to disclose nearly $4 million he had received from the
Pakistani ISI intelligence service to influence members of Congress on
behalf of the Muslim separatist cause in Kashmir (I reported on Fai's
operation in a two-part series here at PJ Media, noting that Fai spoke at
ISNA's annual convention two weeks before his arrest). Fai's coconspirator, Zaheer Ahmad,reportedly met with both Bin Laden and
Zawahiri just weeks before 9/11 to discuss their weapons of mass
destruction program. As reported in an in-depth ProPublica expose of Fai's
activites, not only was Fai working for Pakistani intelligence at the same
time he was working for ISNA, but key ISNA figures and affiliates helped
start his Kashmir American Center.

As I reported exclusively here at PJ Media in September 2012, one speaker

featured at ISNA's 2001 annual conference held just days prior to the 9/11
attacks was Al-Qaeda cleric Anwar al-Awlaki, who was killed in a CIA drone
strike in Yemen in September 2011. For years Awlaki's ISNA speech had
been cited, but we were the first to actual provide the video to the Al-Qaeda
operative's ISNA conference talk.

One other senior terror leader with deep ties to ISNA is current Hamas
deputy head Mousa Abu-Marzook. I'll elaborate on the ISNA/Hamas ties
below, but will note here that when Marzook was arrested in the U.S. in
1995 and designated a global terrorist by the Clinton administration, and
was later deported in 1997, Marzook took out an advertisement in the
Washington Report for Middle East Affairs thanking his supporters,
including ISNA:

In October 2014, Mohammed Hamzah Khan was arrested trying to board a flight
to travel to Turkey to join ISIS. According to postings on Khan's Instagram
account, he had attended ISNA's annual convention held in Detroit less than a
month before.
But ISNA's role in the international Islamic terror network isn't just associational.
Rather, it has taken a much direct role in supporting international terrorism.
According to forms filed with the IRS, ISNA provided $170,000 in start-up funds
for the Islamic African Relief Agency (IARA), which was designated a global
terrorist organization by the U.S. Treasury in October 2004 for supporting Osama
bin Laden, Al-Qaeda, the Taliban, Hamas, and other Islamic terrorist
organizations. Exhibits entered into trial evidence in court by federal
prosecutors showed extensive payments from ISNA to IARA over the years in
increments of tens of thousands of dollars. According to the Justice Department,
IARA sent at least $130,000 to Al-Qaeda and the Taliban.
Another ISNA-supported Islamic terror charity was the Third World Relief Agency
(TWRA). As reported by Thomas Jocelyn at the Weekly Standard, German
investigators found transactions between ISNA and TWRA in 1992 at the same

time that TWRA was financing the U.S.-based terror cell that conducted the 1993
World Trade Center bombing and the planned "Day of Terror" attacks targeting
New York City landmarks.
Despite evidence of ISNA's support of a long list of Islamic charities tagged by
the U.S. government and the United Nations as terrorist organizations, ISNA's
most notorious role in supporting international terrorism came up in the largest
terrorism financing trial in American history in the successful prosecution of the
executives of the Holy Land Foundation (HLF) for supporting Hamas.
Not only did HLF receive ISNA's longtime support, but it began as the Occupied
Land Fund as an arm of ISNA operated out of the group's Plainfield headquarters.
ISNA was named unindicted co-conspirator in the case, and extensive
documentation entered into trial evidence by federal prosecutors (available on
the Texas federal court's website) shows that even after HLF was spun off of
ISNA, the money transferred by the HLF to Hamas actually was moved by ISNA
and the ISNA-affiliated North American Islamic Trust (NAIT) and payments made
directly by ISNA to Hamas officials, including Mousa Abu-Marzook.
So intertwined was ISNA in conspiracy by the international Muslim Brotherhood
to finance Hamas, in one court filing federal prosecutors lay out ISNA's role in
providing "media, money and men" to Hamas (page 13 in the file):

The federal judge in the case, Jorge Solis, agreed with the prosecutors about
ISNA's role, stating in a ruling that was later unsealed that there was "ample
evidence" that ISNA and other U.S. Muslim Brotherhood groups had supported
ISNA's terror support was even profiled by Indianapolis NBC affiliate WTHR in a
2003 two-part series entitled "Images in Conflict":

But if it is the case that ISIS operative Nihad Rosic was in Plainfield meeting with
ISNA officials it is highly unlikely that the Justice Department would ever admit to
it since ISNA has been the closest Islamic group to the Obama White House.
That's right, despite what federal prosecutors have said in federal court about
ISNA's role in supporting international terrorism, its ties to convicted terror
leaders and supporting designated global terrorist organizations, and even
Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez under the Bush administration cancelling
meetings because of the presence of ISNA officials, as I noted here at PJ Media in
the early days of this administration, ISNA has been openly embraced by the
Obama White House.
In 2013, Obama even provided a video greeting to open ISNA's annual
So what is the connection between Nihad Rosic and ISNA, and why exactly was
he arrested in Plainfield, Indiana? Most likely federal authorities will never say,
but an educated guess about the possible involvement of ISNA given their
lengthy track record on these types of activities is hardly out-of-order.