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Order Options
If Routing or Pursuing, must check to Rally first; on failure continue to Rout/Pursue.
With Routing unit within 6 must check Morale first (Foot only check for Routing Foot units).
Commanders may give order to one unit before moving:
Brigade Commander to units of Brigade within 6;
C-in-C to any unit within 12 or by courier
Fire: is not an Order; it may happen before/after Order is executed (except after Charges).
Hold: No move. May try to Rally. May remove Reload marker if beyond 12 of any enemy.
Move: May Move up to full distance straight ahead.
Maneuver: May Change Face or Formation.
Change Face: pivot around units center point; if <45o and in open terrain, may make move straight ahead.
Change Formation: one stand remains stationary; others move into new Formation (see below).
Dragoons may mount/dismount and make move.
Charge: Target must be in chargers flank lines, i.e., directly ahead, and may not move across a linear obstacle.
Foot against Foot in Open Order, March Column, Shaken/Routing, defending an obstacle, or flank/rear, or
Horse engaged in Melee.
Horse must check Morale to charge Steady Horse/Foot, but not Shaken/Routing, Open Order, March Column
or flank/rear. Horse may not charge a defended obstacle.


Movement Rates
March Column
Charge Bonuses:
Rough Terrain
x (ex. OO)
- Gallopers
Linear Obstacle
- Trotters
Limbered guns6
Pike Stand
- Cuirassier +3
Commanders 12
Routing/Pursuing Units: Foot 2d6; Horse 3d6
Shaken units may not move closer to the enemy.

For to-hit # of 7+; roll dice as normal. Re-roll 6s. 7 hits on 4+; 8 on 5+; 9 on 6; cannot hit if to-hit is 10+.

Foot/Cavalry Fire
Fire at closest target unless pass Morale check.
Measure from center of stand to closest point.
Firelocks: +1d6/stand
Shaken: -1d6/stand
Pike Stand: 1d6 only
Saving Throws:
Cuirassier: 5+ Long,
6+ Medium
Horse: 6+ Long
Artillery: 5+
3 hits = Casualty Marker & Morale Test


Artillery Fire
Line of sight: +1d6
(thru 2+ stands of Column or Pike Stand)

Saves: Artillery
Open Order


1 hit = Morale Test; 3 hits = Casualty Marker

Saving Throws: Steady Pike 4+ Cuirassier 5+ Horse6+
On flank, only base-to-base stands fight (or ranks of horse)
Stand & Fire: Fire @ Foot 2D6, Trotters 1d6; Vets -2, Raw +2.
Result >charge distance or 12-Foot/8-Trotters then no Fire.
Charged on flank only fire one stand. If Hit, charger checks
Morale, failure= stop @ firing distance. 3+ Hits take second
Morale for Casualty Marker. All Hits carry into Melee.
Form Pike Stand: Foot charged by Horse > Charge Move away;
check Morale; pass= Change Formation and Fire as Pike Stand;
fail=reduce Morale one level and no formation change
Counter Charge: Steady Horse (Gallopers must) not to
Flank/Rear. Check Morale; success= move charger 2d6 (if
contact, target is at Halt), then pro-rate to contact; fail=Halt.
Evade: Steady Horse, move 3d6away from chargers, become Shaken. If contacted by charger then destroyed.
Continue to move 3d6 toward own table edge until Rallied. Non-Pike Foot in Open Order may evade 2d6.
Stand: Units without firearms may elect to stand their ground.
Artillery: Do not fight; if successfully charged they are overrun and removed.
Cavalry squadrons of regiment use single Morale check to Charge/Counter Charge. May charge in column of
squadrons. 1st sqd. fights first round; 2nd sqd. fights subsequent rounds (as Horse not Charging). Sqd.
closest to enemy suffers Casualty Markers. If they lose, each sqd. must check Morale (including additional
sqd. even though they do not fight right away), starting with sqd. in contact, with a -1 for each sqd. in front of
it that has failed its check. If a sqd. dies or Routs, the other sqds. move up.
Unit with most unsaved Hits checks Morale. If pass or Shaken, move Melee 2 along charge path. If Rout; Foot
2d6, Horse 3d6. If Rout, winner checks Morale, fail= Pursue; Foot 2d6, Horse 3d6 (less 1 die if loser
destroyed). Pursue roll higher than Rout, routing unit destroyed at Melee point. Rout directly away from
enemy. Friendly unit in Rout path? On 1d6, Rout stops in front of friend, else flows around. Pursue moves
full distance, if contact is made Melee is resolved on next appropriate card as a subsequent round.

Morale Tests
Test Morale when:
- Cavalry initiating a charge against Steady units
- Charged in rear (bef. reaction); if prev. engaged, fail=surrender
- Taking a Casualty Marker from Fire
- Taking one or more Hits from Artillery or when Charging
- Losing a Melee
- On Order Card with Routing unit within 6 (Foot only for Foot)
Failure? Steady becomes Shaken, Shaken unit Routs (except
on Rally attempts)