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Multimodal therapy - Behavior, Affect, Sensation, Imagery, Cognition,

Interpersonal, Drugs & biology
8-10. 3 classification of deviation biological, psychological, sociocultural
11. tends to be time-limited, direct, here-and-now focused behavior therapy
12. Focuses on using either reinforcement or punishment to increase or decrease a behavior.
Operant conditioning
13. Pioneer of person centered client therapy carl rogers
14. What theory is where Therapist conveys empathy, unconditional positive regard humanistic
15. A psychological dysfunction within an individual associated with distress or impairment in
functioning and a response that is not typical or culturally expected psychological disorder
16-18. major players on humanistic theory carl rogers, Abraham maslow, fritz perls
19-20. 2 pioneers on conditioning Pavlov and thorndike
21-25. early pioneers on behavior therapy wolpe, lazarus, eysenck, beck & bandura
26. Patients come to relate to the therapist much as they did to important figures in their childhood
resentment toward a parent. Transference
27. Therapists project some of their own personal issues and feelings, usually positive, onto the
patient. Countertransference
28. Unearth the hidden intrapsychic conflicts or The real problems talk therapy
29-33. Neo-Freudians or people who De-emphasized the sexual core of Freuds Theory - Carl Jung,
Alfred Adler, Karen Horney, Erich Fromm, and Erik Erickson
34. Emphasized how children incorporate (introject) objects - Melanie Klein, Otto Kernberg, and Object
Relations Theory
35. Emphasized the influence of the ego in defining behavior - Anna Freud and Self-Psychology
36-38. 3 Structure and Function of the Mind Id, Ego, Superego
39-40. early pioneers on moral therapy - Philippe Pinel and Jean-Baptiste Pussin
41. Led mental hygiene movement - Dorothea Dix
42. Sexually transmitted disease caused by a bacterial microorganism entering the brain - syphilis,
includes believing that everyone is plotting against you 43. delusion of persecution & that you are a
God 44. Delusion of grandeur
45. His position was that causes of insanity were always physical. Therefore, the mentally ill patient
should be treated as physical ill. The emphasis was again on rest, diet, and proper room temperature
and ventilation. John Grey
46-49. four bodily fluids blood, phlegm, blakcbile and yellowbile

50. Abnormal Behavior is a Physical Disease Hippocrates

51. Know known as somatoform disorder hysteria
52-54. causes of supernatural tradition - demonic possession, witchcraft, Movement of the moon and
55-57. Three Dominant Traditions Include Supernatural, Biological, Psychological
58. Study of origins, has to do with why a disorder begins (what causes it) and includes biological,
psychological, and social dimensions. Etiology
59. Aims to distinguish clinically significant dysfunction from common human experience - Clinical
60. Course of Disorders - Episodic, time-limited, or chronic
61. Onset of Disorders - Acute vs. insidious
62. 3 function of a scientist-practitioner consumer, evaluator, creator of science
63. Scientific study of psychological disorders psychopathology
64. Widely Accepted System to use to classify psychological problems and disorders DSM-IV-TR or
65. Breakdown in cognitive, emotional, or behavioral functioning - Psychological Dysfunction
BONUS question - Reaction is outside cultural norms - Atypical or Unexpected Cultural Response