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SINCE 2002


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Optimization of parameters for spot welding process by experimentation

Experimental investigation to determine optimum welding parameters for MIG welding
Computer Aided Simulation to improve product design quality in metal casting process
Improving surface finishing quality by using radius carbide tips
Design of fixture layout to reduce defects in milling
Experimental investigation for optimum process parameters in wire cut EDM process using
Taguchi method
7. Improving productivity and quality by changing feeding system in an injection moulding
8. Reducing wear and tear of the carbide tip cutters by controlling machining parameters
9. Experimental and analytical Investigations on Surface Roughness, Material Removal
Rate and Tool Wear of Nickel alloy in End Milling Using Taguchi Method
10. Experimental investigation to predict tool life in face milling of Aluminum alloys using
Design of Experiments
11. Improving productivity and quality in milling using process modeling
12. Experimental investigation to optimize process parameters in drilling operation for
composite materials
13. Optimization of machining parameters to achieve maximum material removal rate in
drilling process
14. Optimization of process parameters to minimize surface roughness in turned parts by
experimentation and analytical
15. Optimization of Process Parameters for Bead Geometry during Cladding by MIG Welding
Process by response surface methodology

16. Influence of mould temperature and melt temperature variation on quality of injection
moulded part using mould flow analysis
17. Experimental investigation to determine performance characteristics during sinking
electrical discharge machining of Ti-6Al-4V thin sheet
18. Experimental investigation for improvement of sculptured surface machining through a
feed rate modification using Taguchi technique
19. Experimental investigation to determine influence of process parameters on surface
quality and MRR in Wire Cut EDM.
20. Experimental comparison of copper and graphite electrodes in die sinking edm process
for maximum material removal rates.
21. Analysis of loader arm of pneumatic high speed loader
22. Analysis of ring stiffened cylindrical shells using functionally graded material
23. Finite element analysis to determine effect of weld efficiency on pressure vessel
24. Random vibration analysis of delaminated composite beams
25. Random vibration analysis and fatigue life evaluation of automotive chassis
26. Analysis of polymer matrix composites for beams and plates in first order shear
deformation theory
27. Finite element analysis of centrifugal pump guide vanes by varying design parameters
28. CFD analysis of flow through venturi of a carburetor
29. Design optimization of hydrofoil using CFD
30. Design and optimization of axial flow compressor
31. Optimizing the product development time by using advance manufacturing softwares
32. Selection of a manufacturing process for customer requirement
33. Vibration and CFD analysis of aircraft composite wing in subsonic air flow
34. Manifold optimization of an internal combustion engine by using CFD analysis
35. Structural and modal analysis of composite material shaft with damping material
36. Design 0and analysis of helicopter rotor blade